Victory XLI

30 Nov 2015

Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec (seats 21,273)



As the stream fades up from black, the Monday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across the arena.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Dr. Emo and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to Monday Night Victory! I'm Jennifer Williams, alongside me for the very first time, it's former UTA World Champion... Dr. Emo!

Emo: Thank you, Jennifer! It's good to be hear, good to be in this chair, and good to be alive! 

Williams: We are two weeks removed from an Earth-shaking night in Tokyo! International Affair saw a dramatic shift in the UTA's landscape, and tonight, the fallout begins!

Emo: What a card we have ahead of us, headlined by two blockbuster match-ups! Amy Harrison will defend here newly-won UTA Prodigy Title against the always-game Lew Smith...

Williams: ... and Will Haynes takes on Perfection in a battle between two of the most tenured wrestlers on the roster!

Emo: Not only that, but we've got the returning former champion, Yoshii, taking on Black Gu--... Lisil Jackson!

Williams: Plus Cayle Murray vs. B.R. Ellis, and the debuting Jeff Andrews vs. Santa Claus! Let's dive right into it!

Gods Among Insects

Gods Among Insects

The opening chords to Queens seminal classic begin to filter through the speakers throughout the arena. As this song doesn’t belong to anyone, it can only mean one thing. The crowd gives a cheer, not yet knowing just exactly how this was going to land.

I've paid my dues
Time after time

Williams: What the... ?

Emo: It's Queen, Jennifer. Jeez. 

Williams: I know that, Doc, but why's it... ohhhh, wait!

The curtain hanging in the entranceway of the stage splits open. Out walks Colton Thorpe, decked out in a grey pinstripe three piece suit, but with an alteration only he is capable of pulling off: both sleeves to the jacket have been cut off. Hiding underneath the jacket, but it’s center plate visible in the opening, the Wildfire Championship stares at the raucous Montreal crowd.

I've done my sentence
But committed no crime

Each step Colt takes is with a slight limp, and it it is very evident to the faithful that even two weeks later, he is still recovering from the war he waged with one, Cayle Murray.

And bad mistakes
I've made a few

Opposed to walking down the rampway, he veers off towards his left, stopping short of the edge of the rampway. As he stands there, he looks out into the crowd, allowing their boos to engulf him. Little do they realize, it’s music to his ears.

I've had my share of sand
Kicked in my face
But I've come through

Turning back ever so slightly to look at the curtain he just walked through, he can’t help but smile as confetti from the rafter slowly begins to trickle downwards.

And we mean to go on and on and on and on

As the final word prior to the chorus is sung, the confetti from above transitions into a full blown downpour, littering the seventeen plus thousand fans in attendance. It is also in that moment that a clean shaven Eric Dane emerges from behind the curtain, wearing his three piece suit, sleeves attached, and his new UTA World Heavyweight Championship shining ever so brightly around his waist.

We are the champions - my friends

Dane’s Championship may shine brighter than nearly everything else within the arena, but it can easily be argued that his knowing smile easily rivals it. His presence is met with a mixed reaction, for no other reason than his Championship victory is the lesser of two evils when it came to Blanca’s much despised reign.

And we'll keep on fighting
Till the end

Taking a similar route to Thorpe, Dane veers off to his right, also stopping at the edge of the rampway. With a microphone in his hand, Thorpe and himself share a glance of mutual respect prior to shifting their focus towards the entranceway.

We are the champions
We are the champions

As the second ‘Champions’ echoes throughout in the Bell Centre, it acts as a rub in the face to the entire United Toughness Alliance, from the top levels of management, to the fans who scrounged their last loonies and toonies together for a ticket. Simultaneously, Thorpe and Dane throw their arms back towards the entrance way, and on cue, the one and only Madman Szalinski emerges, similarly dressed to kill like the two men prior.

No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions of the World

Madman walks out to a mixed reaction as well, as the world is still left in shock at his return after a near year absence from the company. Madman walks between the two men, as Eric pulls the microphone in his hand towards his lips.

Dane: Now play our f(redacted)ckin’ music!

Bypassing the opening instrumentals and lead in lyrics, Marilyn Manson’s Arma-Goddamn-Mother***kin-geddon jumps right into it’s main chorus, blasting through the overhead speakers.

It's arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon
(Fuck! Eat! Kill! Now do it again!)

All three men walk with a jaunty pace towards the ring, their contrast in entrances mirroring the contrasts in the two songs. Strutting towards the ring, Thorpe, Szalinski and Dane ignore all the ringside fans.

Emo: Thorpe! Madman! Dane! Three of the UTA's biggest movers and shakers are in the building, Jennifer! What a time to believe alive!

Williams: At International Affair, Eric Dane completed his quest to become UTA World Champion, and these two men had significant roles to play along the way. 

Emo: These are three of the most talented grapplers the UTA has ever seen, Jen. Who knows what their alignment means for the rest of the roster, but I guess we're about to find out!

It's arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon
(Fuck! Eat! Kill! [etc])

Szalanski veers to the left, heading for the ring steps, while Dane stays right, making sure that the main camera angle gets the proper view of the crown jewel of the United Toughness Alliance. Colt, on the other hand, being new to suits and all, rolls underneath the bottom rope, wrinkling the shit out of it in the process.

First, you try to fuck it
Then, you try to eat it
If it hasn't learned your name
You'd better kill it before they see it

Szalinski and Thorpe stand tall in the ring, while Dane stands on the apron, staring out into the audience, clearly enjoying the ensuing coronation as new champion.

It's arma-goddamn-mother-fuckin-geddon

After a brief delay, he splits the middle ropes, entering the ring as the music begins to fade out and all that is left from preventing complete silence is the various crowd noises. The three of them come together at center-ring and face the hard camera, all manners of smirk plastered across all three of their faces.

The World Champion speaks.

Dane: How does it feel…?

They want to cheer him, and they do....

Dane: How does it feel to finally be in the presence of a real World Champion?

The problem is, they know him. His arrogance is just too much for the casual fan to swallow. The cheering goes South in a hurry, replaced by hooting and hollering, booing and cursing, and the occasional tossed cup full of beer.

Dane: Now I could wax poetic about how great it is to be The Man until the cows come home, and I probably will before this is all said and done, but first…

More boos. The look on his face is enough to elicit it.

Dane: First let me introduce the man of the hour, the masked man with the power, the guy who provided me with the hammer and nails to single-handedly nail the lid shut on the coffin that was The Year of the Luchador…

Beside him Szalinski smirks.  


The Champ passes the microphone. The crowd does the reverse of eating this up. They’re goin’ bananas out there  tonight, Brain!


He stops himself.

Madman: Nah, not for you people. You ain’t worth it.

Even though the blue in his trademark mask is now black, the laugh is still the same.

Madman: Not anymore. No. You don’t get that Madman anymore.

Szalinski stops laughing. He points back towards Eric and Colt, but keeps his eyes and attention on the crowd.

Madman: I don’t want to take anything from these two… they are the stars of the show. They are the future of UTA… and they are the ones you have to thank for seeing me here in this ring. Not James Wingate. Not Michael Lorenzo. And not anyone here. It was Eric… he gave me something. Something more than a second chance to come home… something even more than a front row seat to the end of Dynasty. He let me pull the trigger. He let me do to La Flama Blanca what Dynasty had done to me… what they had done to everybody that came against them. And I do not care what anyone outside of this ring right now thinks about it. Actually, let me tell you people something.

Madman leans through the ropes, pointing out at the crowd.

Madman: Thinking about you all when I should have been thinking about myself is how I got into this mess in the first place!

The former UTA Champion swings his head back into the ring, underneath the bottom rope. The crowd begins to boo and jeer at him, many still confused at what they are hearing from the perennial fan-favorite.

Madman: I should have just went ahead with my first instinct and fought fire with fire. I stayed away for ten months and watched you people try to pretend I didn’t exist. You tried to erase my name from history and nullify my accomplishments. You can’t ignore me anymore! I’m back! I’ll be here as long as I want to be! I’ll stay here… my home… until the end of

Suddenly, Szalinski darts out of the ring mid-sentence. He  paces around the barricade, looking back and forth at different people in sections of the crowd.

Madman: You know something? What the hell have ANY of you done for me? Ever? I don’t need your money, and I don’t need your approval! Come to think of it, catering to you bastards and bitches out there is what’s made life so hard for me the past four years! And it got me nowhere! I defied the odds and beat La Flama Blanca, in the middle of this ring, when everyone in the world thought for sure I was done. I did it on my own, no tricks, no excuses. Where were all of you then? All you had to do was demand my return! All you had to do was make your voices heard! Tell them “this guy is a loser, we want the REAL greatest masked champion in UTA history!” But NO! You sat back and let Dynasty run over the UTA, the company you claim to love so damn much! Did you really think Mikey Unlikely was gonna fill my boots? Will Haynes? You stupid people cheer for WILL HAYNES NOW? HOW DUMB CAN YOU GET?

The boos are no longer confused, and the Montreal crowd has no trouble finding its voice tonight. Madman points out a single fan in the front row, who is sporting a Will Haynes T-shirt.

Madman: You love the UTA so much, you bought a T-shirt with one of the biggest schmucks in this place on it, for a kid that probably ain’t even yours.

The male fan (with a woman and young boy) is highly offended at Madman’s comment and Szalinski has to lean back and dodge a swipe taken at him by another member of the crowd.

Madman: Sorry, I don’t speak French. Voulez vous dou-che?

Madman rolls into the ring, avoiding a thrown cup. He cannot avoid the audible tsunami of boos. Eric and Colt appear rather amused by this. Sitting on his posterior, Madman points around the crowd with a wild look on his face and points directly at the fan who threw the cup, grinning and winking in their direction.

Madman: I’m not done with you…

Madman hops back up to his feet, dusting himself off in an attempt to appear normal, and approaches Colt.

Madman: Sorry if that took too long. I just don’t want to tell these sheep TOO much, you know? This is your moment. I’ll get mine later. Just...thanks for having me and all that. It’s a pleasure to help you take over the world. Getting back at these two-faced people is just a little bonus.

Despite handing the microphone to Colt afterwards, Madman’s last trio of sentences was directed at Eric Dane. Colt unfastens the Wildfire Championship that was once secured around his waist. Holding it in his right hand, he slowly raises the microphone in his left towards his lips. As he does so, the rumbling in the audience grows.

Thorpe: Comeuppance.

Colt lets out a smug, brief snicker.

Thorpe: That was what he promised you, the faithful, was it not? Cayle Murray promised all of you that the final scene of our five month story would see Colton Thorpe get his comeuppance. Well…

Colt raises his right arm high into the air, his hand firmly gripped on the leather strap to the Wildfire Championship. The boo-birds make their presence felt again, serenading the brash young superstar.

Thorpe: How does it feel to be lied to? How does it feel to realize that the man you’ve cheered and revered was nothing more than a mouthpiece that had nothing to back his words? How does it feel to discover that Cayle Murray is nothing more than an empty promise?

Lowering his arm, the championships strap reaches down the canvas. That smile on his face, he continues.

Thorpe: Say what you will about me, but since day number one, I’ve done everything I said I was going to. I’ve made outlandish claims, but I’ve always backed them up. I’ve been put in less than ideal situations, and I’ve flourished. I said I was going to beat Cayle Murray at International Affair, and I did. I’ve validated my proclamation of being the greatest Wildfire Champion this company has ever had, or will ever see. I’ve shown all of you what it takes to be a champion. I’ve shown all of you what a true champion is…

Colt looks over at Eric, unable to keep the arrogant grin off his face.

Thorpe: And speaking of a quality champion. Speaking of a true champion. Ladies and gentleman, it’s my great honour to introduce to you, the man who ended the “Year Of The Luchador”. The man who proved that just because someone has a championship in their physical possession, it doesn’t mean they are of championship caliber.

Colt again snickers.

Thorpe: Lackluster, was it?

It is the one thing that Colt says that isn’t met with incessant boos. The pot shot at La Flama Blanca and his championship reign is met with a mixed reaction from the rowdy Montreal crowd (and an audible “HAAAAA!” from Madman off-mic).

Thorpe: I present a new era for the United Toughness Alliance, and it’s World Heavyweight Championship. I present the champion, Eric Dane.

The Thorpedo hands the microphone back to the smiling champion. He takes a step forward, obviously the forefront of this grouping of men and the entire promotion beneath them.

The awkward silence that hails him is bittersweet.

Dane: I came to this place six months ago a hardened, jaded man. I’d given up on wrestling as a profession years ago, turning my attention to promoting instead. I’d conquered the world of wrestling six times over in the past, and I’d made DEFIANCE into the powerhouse that it is today, so I came to the UTA.

He begins pacing.

Dane: I tried to shed the trappings of my previous run in the business. I tried as hard as I could to be the new and improved Eric Dane, now with 100% less psychopathy and violence.

More pacing as he mulls over what to say next.

Dane: Needless to say, it didn’t take.

He shrugs, apathetically.

Dane: And here I stand, Heavyweight Champion of the World. Beside me stands the man who broke the Wildfire curse, and the man who’s been out-maneuvering La Flama Blanca since before it was cool. We stand here, the only men of consequence left in the UTA.

The boos start coming down again, hard and heavy.

Dane: We stand in front of you as Gods among Insects.

The pacing stops. His smile widens to near fatal levels.

Dane: As such, you may now address us as The Pantheon of the UTA. Wrestling Gods mingling with our subjects for amusement and sport.

Here come the beer cups again.

Dane: And if anybody wants to stand against us… Please, I beg of you, bring everything that you’ve got, because much like the WTFC found out, Dynasty found out, and the World found out at International Affair, we make it a habit to put the Proud back into their place, and to crush the weak beneath our boots.

His statement of intent finished, The Champion drops the mic. Marilyn Manson claws his way through the sound system again and The Pantheon wallow in a sea of confetti and contempt.

Emo: Wooow, Jen! I guess we now know just how deeply this affiliation runs! Madman, Thorpe, Dane... together?! Look-out, UTA, things just got very, very dangerous!

Williams: LFB's title loss leaves Dynasty all but neutered on Victory, but a new power has emerged, Doc. God help anyone who stands in their way...



A black Lincoln Town Car pulls up outside of the arena. The driver is quickly around to the back passenger side door, opening it. The camera starts from the bottom, building the drama of this reveal.

Brown dress shoes, polished nicely. Gray dress pants, freshly ironed. A light blue dress shirt, not tucked in but falling just at the waist. And finally, the shaved head, the ice blue eyes - the face of the one and only, Will "the THRILL" Haynes.

The crowd responds positively to the images shown on the screen in the arena, their screams for the fan favorite reaching a high pitch.

Emo: We were told that Will Haynes will have a one on one later on this evening with Rumor Man Stan.

Williams: I'm sure they'll address Haynes' actions at the International Affair Pay Per View, more specificly the "chair shot heard around the world." Should be pretty interesting.

Haynes makes his way into the area between the barricades, reserved for Superstars and the like. Some of the crowd give him cheers of support, other members of the UTA universe don't even make eye contact with him.

Emo: Looks like some members of the UTA Universe are giving Haynes the silent treatment. Maybe they don't agree with his actions at International Affair.

Williams: It wasn't his fault that Mikey used Mary Jane as a human shield. He wasn't trying to intentionally hit her.

Emo: I agree, Jennifer. But he didn't excatly show a lot of remorse this week, in the lead up to his match with Perfection here tonight.

Williams: Everyone deals with things in a different way. You should know that, you're a Doctor.

Emo: Touche.

Haynes nods to the head security guard who recognizes him and lets him by without incident. Haynes steps inside as we transition back to ring side. 

Jeff Andrews vs. Santa Claus

Jeff Andrews vs. Santa Claus

Williams: Well folks, after all that, it's time for our first match of the night! 

Emo: I'm excited about this one! Santa's... Santa, but he's been around the block a bit, and Jeff Andrews is carrying a big reputation into the UTA. This should be fun!

The big screen fades in to show a giant red sleigh being pulled by eight reindeer pull out behind the black curtain that separates the backstage area from the center of the arena. The air conditioning kicks on in the arena, and soon, all of the fans are plunged into a cold, chilly atmosphere. A light snow begins to fall from the rafters (blatantly shaved pieces of ice). Sitting inside the sleigh is the impressively huge mass of Santa Claus and his beautiful, young, hot wife Mrs. Claus, who smiles warmly at Santa as he drops the reigns and stands up in the sleigh. He looks around and smiles as he now hops down quite spryly for an "old" man. His false beard whips around in the wind.. giving quite a strange and bizarre look to a man wearing a Christmas outfit.

Announcer: Hailing from the North Pole, and weighing in at 700 lbs! SAAANTAA! CLAAUUSSS!

Santa holds up his hand and helps his wife step down from the sleigh. Santa now reaches inside his sleigh and grabs one red and one black Christmas sack made out of crushed red and black velvet material, respectively. Santa chuckles to himself as he slings the sack around himself and catching it on the side of his back around his shoulder. He now hums a merry little Christmas tune as his face tics up into a friendly, yet mischievous smile. Mrs. Claus comes to a standing position next to her husband as he now climbs into the ring. He opens the crushed red velvet Christmas sack and begins to toss red and green wrapped Christmas gifts out into the fans. They rabidly stomp, shove and trample over one another just to get one of the gifts. Santa just chuckles inside the ring.

Emo: Do you feel like a kid at Christmas, Jennifer?

Williams: No, Why?

Emo: Because you look like one! You look ridiculous!

The black Christmas sack, however, remains closed and is currently resting in Santa's corner. He now pulls on the ropes and bellows out a mighty "HO...... HO...... HO!" at the top of his voice.. with the fans all chiming in right along with him. He now leans over in his corner as the big breasted Mrs. Claus whispers something to him.

Williams: A pre-match talk with Mrs Claus.

Announcer: And his opponent, making his Ultimate Toughness Alliance debut!

Cue “Gods and Punks” by Monster Magnet

♫ I’m a stoned jet fighter with a heart of gold ♫
♫ Well I’m really mad and I’m really old ♫
♫ And I rule this planet from high above ♫
♫ And it’s time I sacrificed all my love ♫

A wide-shouldered bald man in colorful fighting shorts and a ratty black leather jacket walks his way through the curtains and out onto the stage.  With a smile on his face, he looks around the arena.

Announcer: He is a former four-time World Champion!  Hailing from Deadman Crossing, Ohio, by way of Baltimore, Maryland, and weighing in at 263 lbs!

♫ And if you don’t like what you see ♫
♫ Go ahead and take it out on me ♫
♫ I’m the Big Pig Apocalypse - ♫
♫ - and I ain’t hard to please! ♫

He spreads his arms out to his sides.

Announcer:  He is the King of the Bittermen, the Cross-Wired Time Bomb, and He Who Once Was Dubbed ‘The Man’.  Introducing… JEFFFFF…. AAAAAANNNNNDDDRREEEWWWSSSS!!!

Andrews snaps his fingers.

Flashpots explode all over the stage as Andrews begins marching down to ringside.

Emo: Y'know, I've been wondering for quite some time if Jeff Andrews would ever get off his ass and join the UTA, and it has finally happened. This is a good day.

Williams: He seems pretty happy and laid back right now, but let me say, he earned his moniker of The Cross-Wired Time Bomb for good reason.  It’s not a question of if he’s going to explode, it’s when, and over what.

Emo: And of whether he’s going to explode for a good reason, or over something stupid that wouldn’t piss anyone besides him off.

Andrews whips his leather jacket off at ringside and rolls into the ring.  He bolts madly across the ring, running the ropes, and then jumps to the middle rope, raising his fists over his head.

♫ I’m a stoned jet fighter with a heart of gold ♫
♫ And I rule this planet from high above ♫
♫ And I take what I take because I want what I want ♫
♫ And tonight I’m gonna rock with the Gods and Punks! ♫

Williams: A great reaction for Jeff from these fans so far, but let’s see how he handles himself in the ring.

As soon as the bell rings, Jeff Andrews comes running with clotheslines and drops Santa Claus hard to the mat. He grabs Santa Claus by the neck and pulls him up quickly.

Williams: Andrews is trying to make this a short match!

Emo: Jeff just went Full Grinch.  You don’t ever go Full Grinch.

Jeff Andrews grabs Santa Claus around the neck, with a headlock. He squeezes tightly and Santa Claus pushes Andrews back into the ropes and bounces him off. Andrews goes across the ring to the other side. He meets Santa in the middle of the ring only to be taken down with an arm drag, straight into an armbar.

Williams: Santa showing some good strategy there, using his weight to his advantage and slowing his notoriously easily frustratrated opponent.

With Andrews down on the canvas Santa begins to apply some pressure. Santa brings Andrews up to his feet, with the arm bar still applied. Andrews pushes Santa back into the ropes and bounces him off. Santa releases the arm bar and comes off the ropes, Andrews comes at Santa with a shoulder tackle only to fall back himself.

Williams: What was he thinking?

Emo: He didn't think that move through, surely he doesn't think it will faze Santa.

Andrews quickly gets to his feet. Santa comes at him with jabs - lefts and rights. Andrews manages to duck the last one and get behind Santa. Santa turns around into a big knife edge chop. Followed by another, and another. Andrews picks up Santa and drops him with a quick scoop slam.

Williams: What show of strength from Andrews!

Emo: Dick admits that he is impressed.

Santa holds his arm to his back and is screaming in pain. Andrews starts to stomp away at the chest and mid-section of Santa. Andrews then mounts Santa and starts hitting him with right hands. The referee begins his count as Andrews carries on his assault. As the referee is about to say five Andrews stops and gets to his feet.

Williams: What is he doing? He almost got himself disqualified.

Emo: He isn't letting up, he's not here to just win. He wants to finish of Santa.

Williams: Maybe he didn't get what he wanted for Christmas when he was a kid.

Andrews drags Santa up by the arm and locks up, ready for a suplex. Andrews goes to lift Santa up but Santa blocks. Andrews attempts it again but Santa blocks again. Santa lifts Andrews up in to the air and slams him down hard with a suplex of his own. Santa slowly gets up to his feet and drops down on Andrews with a leg drop and goes for the cover.




Emo: Andrews just managed to kick out before the three there!

Williams: It could have all been over.

Santa gets to his feet and leans down and drags Andrews to his feet. He lifts Andrews up for another suplex but Andrews manages to get out and drop behind Santa. He rolls Santa up with a school boy cover.



Santa kicks out!

Emo: Andrews almost stole a victory there!

Williams: This match is too close to call!

Andrews and Santa both get to their feet at the same time. Santa kicks Andrews in to gut. Santa grabs Andrews head and puts in between his thighs.

Emo: He's going for it! He's going for the Sleigh Ride!

Williams: If he hits this, it's all over folks!

Santa goes to hook Andrews arms but Andrews drops to his knees and hits Santa with a clean shot to the jaw. Andrews gets to his feet as Santa has his back to him. Andrews hooks Santas head and drops him down hard with a reverse DDT. He slowly gets to his feet and goes to the outside of the ring. 

Emo: He's going to finish off Santa Claus here.

Williams: We've seen him finish off matches with this move!

Andrews climbs to the top turnbuckle and is perched. He slowly stands up and jumps off, flipping in mid-air. He comes crashing down on Santa with a Senton Splash off the top rope.


Williams: This match is over.

Andrews quickly goes for a cover, hooking the leg of Santa.




Williams: He did it! It's a debut victory for Jeff Andrews!

Monster Magnet hits the PA system once again, and a victorious Jeff Andrews slowly rises to his feet. The referee takes his hand and hoists it high.

Emo: Santa thought his usual fight, but it just wasn't enough! Trust me, guys: Jeff Andrews is serious, serious business. Things just got a whole lot more interesting around here!

Williams: Big performance, big win! Can't ask for much more than that on your first night in the company! Welcome to the UTA, Mr. Andrews!

Far From Finished

Far From Finished

A UTA backdrop hangs from a wall backstage. We won’t been needing anything fancy for this one.

Murray: Thank you, Colton Thorpe, for the match of my life.

The former Wildfire Title contender, Cayle Murray, stands before the backdrop.

Murray: We really tore the house down, didn’t we? We gave ‘em exactly the kinda match I knew we could deliver. It was the kind of match people will be talking about for years, and I know I’ll never forget…

He’s wearing a zipped-up grey hoodie with his black and red wrestling tights. Aside from his signature gloves, Cayle’s all-set for his match with B.R. Ellis.

Murray: I’ll never forget my music hitting, and walking-out in front of 60,000 friends. I’ll never forget the fans catching me when I fell from the tower, or kicking-out of your Thorpedo. I’ll never forget the feeling of imminent victory…

Cayle’s tone, expression and posture noticeably sour.

Murray: … and I’ll sure as daylight never forget the low blow and the handful of tights.

The head bows for a brief moment. Cayle shakes it before looking back to the camera.

Murray: I’ve dealt with a lot of thoughts this week, and not all of ‘em positive. Truth is, International Affair was the biggest night of my career, and I couldn’t pull it off. That night, I just wasn’t strong enough to overcome Thorpe’s lack of honour, and it hurt, my friends. It hurt more than anything in the world.

He pauses.

Murray: But it happened, and I can’t escape that. I walked into the Tokyo Dome and fell by Colton Thorpe’s hand.

A chorus of jeers resonates through the walls, catching Cayle’s ears.

Murray: No, I don’t like it either… but that’s the truth of it. You heard him earlier, didn’t you? “Murray failed, he couldn’t deliver on his promise, he’s finished.”

A smile starts forming from one corner of his mouth.

Murray: I’m here to tell you I’m far from finished, my friends. On the contrary: I’ve never felt more alive!

The expression stretches wide across his face now.

Murray: It took a lot of soul-searching, but I’ve come to terms with it. That match meant the world to me, but I’ve dug deep, confronted my shortcomings and start making sense of what happened. I’ve been knocked down, but I stand here twice as strong as the man I was before. I walk these halls not with shame, but with my head held high because I’ve learned from it. I’ve grown. I lost to Colton Thorpe, but a loss only means defeat if don’t react the right way.

Another quick pause.

Murray: So thank you, Colton Thorpe, for making me better.

The smile returns.

Murray: Tonight, we soldier on and push forward, because I will never stop fighting men like Dane, Thorpe and their “Pantheon.” I came here to stand for what I believe in, and I’ll keep going ‘til my lungs collapses and my heart stops dead in my chest!

Passion flows through his words, reflecting on his face and body language.

Murray: You’re not gonna see a broken down, diminished Cayle Murray wrestling B.R. Ellis tonight: you’re gonna get the strongest Cayle Murray you’ve ever seen, and it’s all because of Colton Thorpe. The journey’s not over yet, my friends. Keep the faith, because I’m just getting started.

Williams: Cayle Murray is on fire, Doc! Disappointed, but not defeated, he sounds dead-set on moving things forward tonight!

Emo: Exactly the kind of passion we expect from Murray, but it's gonna take a big effort to revound from such a crushing loss, Jen. We'll find-out if he's got what it takes a little later on.


Montreal Warning

Montreal Warning

Back at ringside, the uppity tempo to “The Bitch is Back” by Elton John kicks in as the fans are cheering.

Williams: Wait a second, I thought Marie Van Claudio wasn’t supposed to appear.

Emo: This is her hometown and she has every right to appear unless someone’s playing a joke.

Soon enough she does come out of the back to loud cheers. She opens up her hands and leans back to soak in her hometown crowd’s cheers.

Williams: Ladies and Gentlemen, Marie Van Claudio has returned!

Emo: As I said, this is her hometown, but what is the reason why she’s back so soon?

Marie walks to the ring, shaking the hands of the fans that are greeting her and signing some stuff. She carefully gets in the ring and grabs a microphone as the fans are chanting for her.

Crowd: Welcome Home! Welcome Home!

Marie smiles at the crowd chanting for her. She goes to raise the microphone and begins to speak.

Van Claudio: Montréal, je suis à la maison!

The fans let out a louder cheer as a smirk comes across Marie’s face.

Williams: The fans here are happy to have Marie home!

Emo: Even though I’m not a BIG fan of her, I admire the fact that she’s been here as long as she could, but still there has to be a reason why she’s here.

The fans chanting dies down as she goes back to speak.

Van Claudio: I’m sure a lot of you are surprised to see me on Victory this week, but considering that this is Montreal, I wanted to come on and address something.

The fans want to know what’s going on, making them lean in.

Van Claudio: At International Affair, I had a mission and that mission was to become champion, however, it wasn’t my night.

The fans are booing as she’s not champion.

Van Claudio: And in that match, I suffered a couple of injuries, one of them being a knee injury that I suffered.

The fans keep on booing.

Williams: Knee injuries aren’t fun to have, but I really hope this is not serious.

Emo: Well she managed to walk down to the ring, didn't she...?

Marie takes a deep breath.

Van Claudio: However, there’s good news to this and it was the best present that I received this year.

Fans want to know what it is as they lean in

Van Claudio: I don’t need to have surgery, and I can resume activities this week!

Fans explode in cheers knowing that she doesn’t need to have surgery at all.

Van Claudio: Hold on, there’s another thing I have to address and it’s regarding our NEW Prodigy Champion, Amy Harrison.

The fans let out boos so loud it reaches new heights in the Bell Centre

Williams: Amy Harrison seems to be Montreal’s Most Hated after her win and actions at International Affair.

Marie holds her ear out so she can hear it louder.

Van Claudio: Boo her. Give her your thoughts because she has to hear it from you guys. You guys deserve to have better than her.

Crowd: Amy Sucks! Amy Sucks! Amy Sucks!

Marie nods in agreement.

Van Claudio: Let her hear it. Tell her that she sucks and I don’t mean anything else. Amy, I have to say, I was pretty impressed with your come back and how you won the match, but I have to ask you this.

Emo:: Not going to lie, that was pretty impressive.

Marie stands in the ring and pauses.

Van Claudio: Who the hell you think YOU are hitting me in the face like that?!

The fans are booing at the statement.

Van Claudio: I don’t care if you are champion or not, hitting me in the face with a title doesn’t SUIT well with me!

The fans are cheering for this as Marie gets fired up.

Van Claudio: I’m going to give you warning right now, hussy...

Williams: Marie’s sending a warning out to Amy.

Emo: This could also backfire on her!

Marie tells the camera to come closer

Van Claudio You better have one eye open because you’re a MARKED women and if I have to EARN my shot at the championship you are holding, if you can make it out alive tonight against Lew Smith, I will do it!

The crowd begins chanting for MVC as she smirks.

Van Claudio: Amy, I wish you luck in your title defense. You’re DEFINITELY going to need it.

She drops the microphone as her theme song kicks in while the fans begin clapping as we fade out.

Williams: Em-Vee-Cee is here, Doc, and she's primed and ready!

Emo: This adds a whole new flavour to Amy's defence against Lew Smith tonight, Jen! Marie's pissed at Amy's actions in Tokyo!

Williams: The bad blood between these two just keeps brewing, and things are finally reaching boiling point. Marie--... hey, hold on! I'm hearing Amy Harrison is backstage, ready to speak! Let's cut there now!

Crushing Dreams

Crushing Dreams

The scene fades to the back as we see Kate Kincaid standing in front of the Victory backdrop with a smile on her face.

Kincaid: Thank you, Jennifer! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, Amy Harrison.

Amy walks up, holding her title around her shoulder and looks at Kate.

Kincaid: Amy, a lot of people are shocked about how you wo-

Amy puts her hand in the face of Kate as puts a finger on her lips.

Harrison: I’m going to stop you right there, because I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to talk about how I won the ladder match, how I’m Prodigy Champion and what I’m going to do against Lew Smith tonight, is that right?

Kate nods, Amy shakes her head

Harrison: I’ve already said tons about what has happened at International Affair, how I nearly broke my back, how I soldiered myself to climb the ladder and become champion, and how I smashed a certain Montreal native in the face with my title.

She gets a devilish glare on her face, knowing that Montreal hasn’t won anything in years.

Harrison: I was doing her a favor, because that’s the closest anyone from Montreal will get to winning a championship.

She keeps on smirking and takes a look at her title to pat it.

Harrison: Now, as for tonight, I’m going into this match fully focused, and I really hope that Mr. Smith does not take me lightly. Actually, I wouldn’t mind it, because it would just make the job a lot easier.

Kate goes to talk again, but Amy cuts her off.

Harrison: Either way, I’m going to prove a point tonight, prove that I’m not a pushover, I’m not going to just step aside and let others take all the glory, and I’m not going to let anyone take this title away from me.

Kincaid: Amy, Lew doesn’t go down without a fight. You should be rea-

Amy gets pissed off as she glares at her.

Harrison: I DON’T CARE! I don’t care if he says he doesn’t go down without a fight. Guess what? NEITHER DO I!

Kate jumps back as Amy keeps on glaring at her.

Harrison: When tonight is over, everybody here is going to finally get to see what a true champion looks like.

Amy takes one more time to look at her belt and back at Kate.

Harrison: If anyone here still doesn’t understand what I’m saying, just compare me to the Tampa Bay Lightning, and I’m here the crush all of your dreams.

Amy chuckles as she walks away leaving Kincaid in disgust.

Emo: Jeesh, that was just nasty from Amy Harrison!

Williams: She's not playing around, Emo! There's clearly no love lost between her and MVC, but she's primed and focus on Lew Smith, as she should be!

Lisil Jackson vs. Yoshii

Lisil Jackson vs. Yoshii

Emo: Welcome to back to ringside, folks! Now this should be a good one!

Williams: Yessir! The ever-rising Lisil Jackson vs. Yoshii, the former World Champ?! This is a potential barnburner!

Emo: The crowd is anticipating the arrival of both of our next competitors.

Better Must come by Geego begins to play over the loudspeakers and Lisil Jackson walks out with a bold smile on his face raising his arms up bobbing his head to the music.

Williams: Here comes The Jamaican Ninja Warrior!

Emo: This should be interesting.

Lisil walks down the ramp slapping the hands of many fans as he does.

Announcer: Hailing from Kingston Jamaica.,,,,

Announcer: Standing at six feet and three inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds...

Lisil slides into the ring and gets on the top rope and points out to all of the fans before he slides off his sunglasses.

Announcer: He is the Jamaican Inspiration! Lisil Jackson!

Lisil slides off his Hawaiian Shirt, gold chain, and his fedora setting them down on the ring apron.

Williams: Lisil looks to be all business.

Emo: He will have to be.

Lisil throws a few punches in the air with a bold smile ready for the match.

Emo: Lisil is ranked in the top ten now. He is climbing the proverbial ladder.

Williams: A win here would be huge for Lisil Jackson. He will have a real test here tonight.

The lights dim just a bit and a tint of red light fulfills the entry ramp right as Japanese "Bushido" plays over the sound system.

Out steps Jed Dye on to the stage. He stops and straightens his tie then turns around and hosts both hands toward the entrance to introduce the monster sumo mammoth from Japan, Yoshii.

Out steps Yoshii as he walks and stands next to Jed Dye, focused on the ring. Jed rubs Yoshii's shoulders to prep him for the battle that's ahead.

Emo: FORMER UTA WORLD CHAMPION, YOSHII! He is huge. Five. Hundred. Pounds.

Williams: Yoshii returns after a year long absence.

They both start walking towards the ring as Jed ignores the 'loser' fans who hold their hands out, while Yoshii high fives all of them while never losing his focus on the ring.

Announcer: Hailing from Tokyo, Japan...

The Japanese Godzilla enters the ring and leans against the turnbuckle as Jed Dye remains on the outside of the ring apron.

Announcer: Standing at six foot four inches and weighing in at five hundred-thirty-nine pounds...

The sumo crouches pounding his left leg to the mat, then his right. Slaps his chest with each hand.


Yoshii sprints out of his stance and halts in the middle of the ring. He thrusts his hands into the air and yells to the crowd "YOOOSSHIIIIIIIIII!!!"

Williams: The UTA faithful sure love Yoshii. He has got them riled up!

Emo: This is going to be a good one and they all know it.

Yoshii then heads to his corner and looks at Jed Dye. Jed Dye makes eye contact, just as both men give each other a nod. Game face time.

Emo: Jed has Yoshii focused and ready.

The referee calls for the bell as the two men square off. Lisil strikes first with a sharp kick. He catches Yoshii in the side. Lisil backs away then comes back in for another kick to his opponents opposite side. Yoshi catches his foot on this attempt and pulls him in for a clothesline!

Williams: Nasty clothesline! He just pulled Lisil in just to chop him down!

Yoshii follows up with a knee drop but Lisil rolls out of the way. Before Yoshi can get back to both feet, Lisil catches him with a big kick behind the ear. The swinging kick sends the big man to one knee.

Williams: Yoshii is shaken up and still on one knee. Lisil is has now positioned himself behind Yoshi...

Emo: Rear Naked Choke! Lisil could cause Yoshii to tap here!

Williams: No Way!

Yoshi attempts to get to the ropes to break the hold. Dye beats on the apron with real concern. Yoshi uses his weight to push the two men towards the ropes. Lisil continues to apply pressure.

Williams: Yoshi reaches for the ropes! Almost there…

Emo: Yoshi reaches the ropes! The referee breaks the hold.

The referee resumes the match. Jackson rushes Yoshii but he counters with a vicious spear! The whole ring shakes from the impact.

Emo: Wow. He nearly cut Lisil in half with that spear. Jackson is now holding his ribs flat on his back!

Williams: Yoshii rolls over draping his left arm over Lisil for the pin!

Emo: Jackson kicks out! Quick kickout by Lisil.

Jackson beats Yoshii back to his feet still favoring his ribs. Lisil works the crowd then hammers Yoshii in the forehead with a violent strike. Yoshii is still on one knee attempting to get back to his feet. Jackson balls his fist then hammers his opponent once more. Yoshii thrusts forward with a backhand chop across Lisil’s chest.

Williams: Yoshii counters! Lisil has gotten Yoshii to one knee twice in this bout. Both times he was unable to capitalize.

Yoshii again with a huge slap across the chest of Lisil Jackson. The slap echoes and awes the crowd.

Emo: Jackson is in trouble. He continues to backpaddle now finding himself in the corner.

Williams: Yoshii is cornering up Lisil and begins to close in.

Yoshii pushes Jackson up against the turnbuckle. Lisil gets turned around facing the crowd now. Yoshii wraps both of his massive arms around him. Lisil however attempts to counter, he extends his hands out latching on to the ropes at the turnbuckle. Yoshii uses his weight to lift up and over his head. The Jamaican Ninja Warrior thrashes for the ropes but is pulled away into a vicious german suplex.

Williams:  The crowd is loving this one.

Emo: Yoshi goes for the pin!

Williams: Jackson kicks out at one!

Emo: Both men are now back to their feet and looking for a fight. The atmosphere is electric here.

Yoshi charges Lisil but he counters with a sharp kick. Jackson continues to kick and strike Yoshi using his speed to do damage.

Emo: Lisil using his speed to change the pace of this matchup. He needs to stay on him.

Williams: Speed is one weakness of Yoshii but his power often compensates. Jackson is nailing Yoshi with those Muay Thai knee shots now.

Jackson continues his assault. Lisil grapples Yoshii into an irish whip. He sends him into the ropes and he nails on the return with a flying elbow. The shot sends Yoshi back towards the ropes and he falls out of the ring to the outside. Jed Dye confers with Yoshii on the outside as the referee begins his count.

Williams: Jackson is rolling now. Yoshii needs a moment to talk it over with Dye.

Emo: Jackson is now climbing the turnbuckle. Look out!

Yoshii and Dye are completely unaware of this as the referee’s count reaches three. Lisil steadies himself on the top turnbuckle then whistles loudly. Both men turn towards him as he dives off. He kicks Yoshii in the mouth with vicious kick avoiding Jed completely.

Emo: Wow. That kick from the top turnbuckle was righteous.

Williams: Yoshii caught himself on the announce table here before he could fall to the floor. Jackson is taking the fight to Yoshi.

Emo: Yoshii is staggering now. That kick took so much out him. Did you see how Lisil completely avoided Jed there? Amazing athleticism on the part of Lisil Jackson.

Jackson pushes Yoshii towards the ring but he spins around suddenly. He headbutts Lisil causing him to stagger backwards. The referee’s count has reached 8 as Yoshi rolls in the ring. Lisil gathers himself quickly then chases after Yoshi. He slides back in the ring. Before he can get to his feet, Yoshii drops down on him. Lisil feels the full weight of Yoshii ontop of him pinning both shoulders flat to the mat. The referee rushes in for the count.

Williams: Two and three quarters! Jackson powers out at the very last second.

Emo: The full five hundred pounds of Yoshii was ontop of him. I’m surprised he got out of that. Close one there for Lisil.

Yoshii pulls Jackson to his feet standing behind him. Yoshii wraps both arms around him hoisting him up in the air. He squeezes Lisil in a bear hug. Yoshii continues to apply pressure while Jackson squirms to escape. The referee comes in close to watch for a tap.

Emo: Lisil Jackson is in a tough spot here. Yoshii is trying to squeeze the life right out of him. The former champion could be looking to finish this one.

Williams: Lisil’s eyes are now bulging as Yoshii continues to apply pressure..

Jackson continues to squirm looking for a way out while Yoshii squeezes with all his might. The hope of his people is all that wills on Lisil now. Jackson begins slamming the back of his head into Yoshii’s face. Yoshii is relentless with the hold and continues to squeeze. Lisil continues to snap his head back, finally he busts Yoshii’s nose causing his eyes well up. He releases the hold to clear his eyes.

Williams: Lisil continues to counter the much larger Yoshii. No real height advantage when you are outweighed by this much. Lisil has refused to back down and this crowd loves it.

Emo: The Jamaican Inspiration continues to thwart the plans of Yoshii.

Yoshii has a small spot of blood dripping from his nose.  The referee checks the nose before he signals to continue on.

Williams: Dye has real concern across his face. Yoshii has been unable to put Jackson away. Lisil is using his brains and speed to combat the former world champion.

Yoshii clears his eyes then slaps his chest indicating he is ready to go. The Jamaican Ninja Warrior charges but misses Yoshii and hits the ropes of the opposite side. Lisil bounces off the ropes as Yoshii turns around to face him. Jackson flies back at Yoshii nailing him with the Jamaican Comet!

Emo: The Jamaican Comet! The Jamaican Comet!

Williams: Yoshii hits both knees after the violent shot!

Emo: The Jamaican Ninja Warrior is yet to get Yoshii down but he has took the fight to him in this one. The crowd is on their feet!

Yoshii looks up at Lisil while Jed bangs on the apron attempting to get Yoshii back to his feet. Jackson rushes in but Yoshii counters once more with a scoop slam! Yoshii goes for a quick pin.

Williams: Kickout by Lisil Jackson! Yoshii continues to counter Jackson’s unique offense.

Emo: Yoshii has the heart of a champion and will not quit. Lisil is now back to his feet as Yoshii circles him. He looks like a wild animal circling its prey.

Williams: Yoshi rushes in for a quick headlock!

Yoshii locks in the side headlock. Jackson continues to twist and squirm attempting to escape. Lisil braces himself in position to break the hold. He pushes Yoshii off towards the ropes. Yoshii whips around as Jed watches on from ringside. Lisil grapples him into an irish whip. Yoshii bounces off the ropes and Jackson nails him with a thrusting push kick to the chest! Yoshii falls flat on his back searching for air.

Emo: Lisil Jackson with The Tsunami Kick!

Williams: Yoshii shook the whole ring when he hit the mat! Lisil is looking to pin here.

Emo: No he’s not…

Lisil walks towards Yoshii but takes no chances here, he heads for the corner turnbuckle. The crowd are all standing as he climbs to the turnbuckle. Jackson stands up on the turnbuckle as flashes light up all around the ring from cameras. Lisil leaps off…

Williams: The Bird of Paradise! The Bird of Paradise!

Emo: He’s going for the pin!

Williams: One!

Emo: Two!

Williams: Three! Lisil Jackson has just defeated a former world champion!

Emo: I thought Yoshii had him a time or two. The speed of The Jamaican Ninja Warrior was too much in the end for Yoshii.

Announcer: And your winner….. Lissssssssillllll Jackkkkkssssoooon!

Jackson looks over at Yoshi breathing heavy as the crowd praise both men with cheers. Lisil walks over to the former world champion and extends a hand towards him. Yoshii reaches up and grabs it. Lisil then helps him up with Dye on the outside condemning the gesture.

Williams: Both of these men are class acts and the crowd loves it.

Emo: Dye appears not to care much for it. 

Williams: Regardless, this is a career-making win for Lisil Jackson! He just defeated one of the biggest -- pun intended -- stars in UTA history!

Emo: You're not wrong at all. Lisil's career trajectory has been pointing upwards since the day he arrived, but it's about to sky-rocket. What a performance!

A Sit Down with Stan

A Sit Down with Stan

We head away from ringside. Two chairs, a small table between them, and the cameras are rolling. Rumor Man Stan is the first to speak.

Stan: Hello UTA Universe. I am of course your Rumor Man himself, Stan. And tonight, I have a special treat for all of you. I'm here with none other than Will "the THRILL" Haynes. And Will, forgive the lack of softballs here but I'm just gonna jump right in.

The camera widens to show Haynes in his attire from earlier - brown dress shoes, gray dress pants, and a light blue dress shirt. He nods his head indicating he's fine with the hard hitting brand of journalism Stan is trying to show tonight.

Stan: Will, you didn't make Mikey Unlikely say "I Quit." Do you feel as if you truley won that match? Do you feel like you perhaps cheated the fans out of a decesive finish?

Next to him, Will's face scrunches into a ball. The question clearly catching him off guard. He runs his hand over the back of his neck and answers.

Haynes: I think everyone who purchased International Affair, everyone who saw that match knows that neither Mikey or I held anythin' back. Every punch, every move we delivered was as stiff, as hard as we could make it. There wasn't any love lost in that one.

Stan: But Mikey didn't say the words, he never said, "I Quit."

Haynes shrugs his shoulders.

Haynes: Nah he didn't. But Mary Jane, she threw in the towel on 'em. Couldn't stand to see the blood pour down his face like that. Frank Knoxx called the match too. Soon as Mikey couldn't answer the call. Did Mikey a favor if you ask me, I could've done some real damage with that Backstory. Not that I wanted to, a' course.

Stan smirks a bit.

Stan: About that, Will, did you go into this one to try to intentionally cause as much damage as you could to either Mikey or even Mary Jane? 

Haynes: God no. Look, whatever happened in Japan, can't we just keep it there? Do I got t' really sit here n' answer these questions? I've got a match here tonight. Let's talk 'bout that.

Stan holds his hands up, trying to get back the interview.

Stan: All in good time my friend, all in good time. A lot of folks want to know more about your mental state in this "I Quit" Match. Can you please tell us if it was your goal to create as much damage as you could as it pertains to Mikey or Mary Jane?

Haynes: I didn't mean t' crack Mary Jane with that chair. I didn't mean t' toss Mikey n' myself off the stage. Everything that happened was a result of me being pushed t' the edge. Being pushed too far. I worked hard t' get back in ring shape for that one. I worked hard t' be able to walk into International Affair n' kick the snot outta Mikey. N' I won't let people's wild conspiracy theories take that WIN away from me.

He nods his head. This is all said as a matter of fact, not opinion.

Stan: Fair enough, Will. I guess this is as good a time as any to tell everyone that on the NEXT Victory I will be sitting down with Frank Knoxx. He's set to explain his decision to call the match. 

Haynes: I'm sure Frank will have a good explination. He's one a' the best in this business.

Stan: Truer words have never been spoen. But like you said earlier, you have a match here tonight. You're taking on the Number One Contender to the World Title, Perfection. Thoughts on this one, Will.

Haynes: Another matchup for the ages. Perfection is a house hold name. He's held the UTA World Title. He's climbed the mountain. You've got t' respect that. I just wish, like most a' the world, his attitude was a bit different. 

Stan: I'm right there with ya.

Haynes: It's not about talent with him. He's got talent in spades. It's about his attitude. No one owes him anything because of what he ONCE did. It's all about what you're doing NOW, what you can do in the future. He'd do well to keep that in mind heading int' this one. Don't want him lookin' back only to finally look up n' me t' catch him in the THRILL Ride. Be a real shame.

There's the smirk on Haynes' face again.

Stan: I mean, Will, would that really be the worst thing?

Haynes laughs a bit.

Haynes: Nope, wouldn't be the worst thing at all.

Stan: You have a bit of history with Eric Dane. Do you think if you beat Perfection tonight you should have a shot at Dane's World Title?

Haynes pauses before answering.

Haynes: I mean I already got a pin fall over the guy, what more do I need to do?

Haynes scoffs.

Haynes: I don't know if it elevates me that high, Stan. Perfection ain't gonna be an easy task. Let's just concentrate on one thing at a time. What do ya say about that?

Stan: Sounds good t' me, Will. Thanks for your time.

Haynes: Hey thanks for having me.

Haynes shakes Stan's hand and the interview is over.

Williams: Victory's night of fired-up good guys continues, Doc! Haynes'll never be the same after that clash with Mikey, but he's more than ready to fight Perfection!

Emo: This is a PPV-calibre match, Jen, and we're getting it tonight! Our employers sure are good to us!

United by Circumstance

United by Circumstance

Cut to the backstage area. Cayle Murray’s walking with a spring in his step and a spark in his eyes: fired-up by his loss to Colton Thorpe, and determined to notch another W.

Williams: Murray vs. B.R. Ellis ups up next, and boy, does Cayle look ready...

Emo: He sure sounded it when we heard from him earlier, Jen. Let’s see if that spirit translates into a big in-ring performance tonight.

He passes crews of staff members on his way to the gorilla position, then rounds a corner. The area’s set-up just as he expects it, with the usual cluster of technicians and production staff keeping everything in-order. Cayle nods in their general direction at first, but something -- someone -- catches his eye. He stops in his tracks, tensing-up.

“Not here to fight with you, son.”

And there stands the King of the Bittermen himself, kicked up against the wall staring off into the ether. His business for the evening had been concluded over an hour ago and he looks fresh from the shower, nevermind that ratty leather jacket. Jeff Andrews addresses Cayle Murray again.

Andrews: But if you got a quick minute, I got some words of wisdom to share..

The deposed former DEFIANCE Boss and World Champion stands to his full height, looming over the smaller Cayle Murray. Still tense, the Scot tightens his gaze, unsure of what to make of a fresh face in a locker-room full of wolves.

Murray: Depends how long it takes these guys to call my name.

Cayle thumbs towards the crew.

Andrews: They’ll wait. I’m important.

Cayle’s eyebrow arches.

Murray: Really, now?

Andrews: Kinda sorta maybe.  I used to be.  I’m not sure how many Important Points I’ve got left, nor what they’re worth here in UTA.  But I have been around long enough to know a few things about a few things, know what I mean?

Murray: What do you want, Jeff? Did Dane send you to tune me up?

Jeff shakes his head.  It’s an odd sort of thing, like a split between amusement and fury that balances out at tranquility.  An odd moment passes before he answers.

Andrews: Let’s say I know your brother, and I’ve got respect for him. Furthermore, I know Eric Dane, and I know how he does business. Probably better than anyone in UTA, actually.  He and I’ve got a lot of history.

Murray: I suppose you do. Can’t say I’ve got encyclopedic knowledge on Eric Dane’s career, but I do my homework. I know who you are, I know the ins and outs…

Little by little, the tenses in Cayle’s muscles starts to ease. He takes a long, deep breath.

Murray: Sorry, I’m just trying to keep my guard-up. I’ve got a lot of guns aimed at me at the moment and one of ‘em belongs to your former compadre.Seeing a former Eric Dane “associate” standing in my way en route to the ring didn’t exactly fill me with the joys of spring...

The Jeffer chuckles.

Andrews: I get it. But listen, here’s the deal. I saw what happened in Japan. I heard you back there earlier. I can’t help but be reminded of a much younger, much less jaded, still-having-hair Jeff Andrews. I know where you stand with your honor.  This rotten world has a way of beating people down, you know, but you’re still standing, and I respect that.

He snorts.

Andrews: And I know what kind of disadvantage that puts you at.

Murray: And so?

Andrews: What I’m saying is, if you get yourself in a jam and you ain’t sure how to get out, or if you need a little backup when things go sideways… Well, I’m here.

He extends a hand. Not used to being on the other side of such a gesture, and pondering whether or not to put his trust in a man he’s just met, Cayle takes a moment...

Murray: I hope I don’t live to regret this.

… then shakes Jeff Andrews’ hand firmly.

Murray: But if you wanna stand-up and fight the good fight, you’re welcome to stand with me.

A slight smile creases Jeff’s features, and the camera cuts away.

Emo: Huh. Now this is interesting, Jen...

Williams: Jeff Andrews is planting his seeds already, Doc. Is this a wise move from Cayle's POV, though? Andrews and Dane do have extensive history, and Cayle's had plenty of issues with Dane as of late.

Emo: I guess we'll find-out! In any case, it's time for the Scot to throw down with B.R. Ellis! Let's hit it!

Cayle Murray vs. B.R. Ellis

Cayle Murray vs. B.R. Ellis

We cut back to ringside, where B.R. Ellis stands in the middle of the ring, ready to go.

Announcer: The following match is set for ONE FALL. In the ring hailing from El Paso, Texas. Standing six feet, two inches tall. Weighing in at two hundred and fifty two pounds. Ladies and gentlement, he is B. R. ELLLLLLLLLIS!

Ellis steps forward giving a slight wave.

Williams: B.R. Ellis in the ring here as we get ready for this one.

Emo: Cayle Murray set to take on Ellis and Murray so close to capturing that Wildfire Title at International Affair. 

Williams: One of the matches that stole the show in my opinon.

Emo: In mine as well. Cayle just needs to keep his head on straight and keep working hard. It'll pay off for him, just you see.

On cue the start of "Sinster Rouge" by Bad Religion brings the fans to their feet.Strobes take over the crowd. Smoke forms around the stage.

BAM! Explosion and as the first verse hits, Cayle Murray steps through the fog and lets out a roar!

Emo: Murray fired up here tonight, Jennifer. Could mean curtains for Ellis.

Williams: And Murray is taking off heading right down to the ring.

Murray takes off at break neck speed, he slides into the ring under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, before climbing a turnbuckle.

Announcer: From Aberdeen, Scotland. Standing six feet once inch tall, and weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds...CAYLLLLLE MURRRRRAY!

Murray encourages the crowd to make some noise and they return in kind. Murray nods his head and hops down off the turnbuckle, working quickly on loosing himself up in the ring. 

Emo: And Murray stepping forward here, sticking out his hand. Great show of respect from Murray here, and the fans applauding his efforts.

Williams: As they should.

Ellis briefly touches Cayle's hand, the official calls for the bell. The two men circle up and lunge forward.

Emo: Collar elbow lock up here, as Cayle pushes forward.

Williams: Cayle Murray slips Ellis to his backside, dipping down and...

Emo: Murray with a quick School Boy roll up. Could be it!

The official slides into position. 


Emo: Ellis easily powering out of that one. And they circle up again.

Williams: Cayle jumping in place, working on staying loose. You know two in a row, that's a losing streak, Doc.

Emo: You don't worry about that kind of stuff right now if you're, Murray. You focus on what's right here in front of you.

Both men back up a bit but quickly close the space between the two of them, locking up. Murray goes right for Ellis' neck and is able to lock him in a hold, before ducking down once again and rolling Ellis so he's flat on his back with his side headlock still firmly applied. The fans applaud.

Williams: Impressive moves here by Murray. Showcasing some of that trademark speed and finesse.

Emo: For sure, there's a reason Cayle Murray is exploding into a huge star here in the UTA, Jennifer.

Ellis uses his legs and wraps them around the neck of Murray, Murray releases the hold briefly, his back falling flat onto the mat. Worried about a pinning attempt, Murray quickly whips himself up with his feet.

Emo: Murray has impressive leg strength, no doubt about that. Not every guy on the roster can do that. Something as simple as vaulting himself up like that, it takes skill.

Quickly in the ring, Ellis and Murray lock up. Ellis is able to slap on his side head lock and force Murray down to one knee. Ellis then brings his knee up bringing a furry of strikes to Murray's ribs.

Williams: Ellis working over those ribs that were injured at International Affair. Someone read the scouting report, I'm sure.

Emo: No secret that Cayle just went through a war, Jennifer. Ellis using that to his advantage in the early goings here.

Murray fights through the pain throwing a forearm into Ellis' side. Another forearm buys Murray time to get to his feet, limiting the damage from those knee strikes. Murray brings his hands up, trying to free himself of the headlock hold Ellis has managed to maintain. Murray pushes himself and Ellis into the ropes.

Emo: Murray sending B.R. across for the ride.

Murray dips down intending on tripping, Ellis. Ellis catches at the last moment and hops over Murray, Murray presses up and dead pan stares at Ellis.

Williams: That one didn't go as planned for Cayle.

Emo: Not at all.

Murray shrugs his shoulder and fires himself toward Ellis.

Emo: Ellis ducks underneath a running clothesline. Murray off the far side now.

Ellis scoops Murray and holds him in the air for a second before powering up, turning himself and Cayle and bringing him down to the mat hard with a Spinebuster.

Emo: Delayed Spinebuster there from Ellis showcasing that impressive strength. 

Williams: And that Spinebuster, the way Ellis held it like that, the delay, it really had to put pressure on those ribs.

Emo: Murray holding his ribs and his back right now as Ellis presses into a pin.

Official is over to count.


Williams: Murray kicks out. 

Murray to a knee and backs himself into the turnbuckle, clutching at his ribs. Ellis rolls to a knee and charges, hitting a huge body splash that stumbles Murray right out of the corner.

Emo: Murray seeing stars here a bit, as Ellis off the ropes again.

Williams: Murray explodes up!


Murray rattles Ellis' dome with a drop kick as Ellis falls to the ground in a seated position. Murray pulls B.R.'s shoulders down and picks up the leg for a pin.


Williams: Ellis kicks out.

Murray lets out a yell.

Emo: Murray a bit hard on himself for not ending that one right there.

Murray picks Ellis' head up and locks in a headlock, grounding him. Murray floats over top, as the official checks to see if Ellis submits. 

Williams: Murray trying to wear down B.R. Ellis here. Not his usual style, but trying to recover perhaps. After all a lot of wear and tear on those ribs tonight.

Emo: For sure, Jennifer. Cayle is a smart cookie. He's got a plan.

Ellis finds his second wind and is able to fight to his feet. A confident Murray throws an arm over his shoulder but it's Ellis who lifts Murray into the air, holding him there, letting the blood flow to his head.

Emo: Murray is fighting through it.

Williams: And Ellis is quick to send him to the mat.

Both men hit the mat, the move attacking the back of Murray, bringing pain to the ribs as well. Ellis pushes into a cover.


Emo: Murray kicks out!

Ellis is up to his feet quickly, he pushes off the ropes and drops an elbow, except no one is home!

Emo: Murray rolls quickly out of the way. Ellis sits up and here's the charging Murray.

Murray delivers a hard kick right to the pectoral of Ellis, bulldozing him to the mat. 

Williams: What a kick!

Murray pushes into a cover.


Emo: Not enough to put away Ellis. Murray rolls to his feet.

Murray backs away for a moment letting Ellis get to a kneeling position before slipping behind him and applying a Sleeper Hold, pulling back on Ellis stretching him out.

Williams: Ellis being contorted here, as Murray continues to try to wear him down. 

Emo: And recover himself.

Murray wrenches the hold tighter as Ellis fights to his feet. Murray bends Ellis over and Ellis responds with a hard elbow right into the ribs, causing Murray to instantly break the hold.

Emo: Ellis targeting those ribs again. Smart move there. Murray had to break the hold. 

Williams: And Ellis backing Murray up into the ropes now.

Murray is sent across, Ellis bends down and Murray leaps over the top, slips in underneath and rolls up Ellis with a Sunset Flip.

Emo: Sunset Flip. Official slides in!


Emo: Ellis kicks out! 

Williams: Another close call there. These two are bringing it tonight, much to the delight of this crowd.

The applause picks up after the latest near fall as Murray again applies the Sleeper Hold.

Emo: Murray wearing down Ellis when he can. Giving himself some time to recover. Those ribs are in constant use in this one. Every move he makes probably causes those things to ache. 

Murray rolls Ellis to the mat and keeps the hold applied tight, wrenching Ellis' neck. 

Williams: Ellis fighting through it.

Ellis is able to drop down and scoop Murray onto his shoulders and send him to the mat with an unstable Death Valley Driver.

Emo: Murray takes one on his head, and falls to the mat. Ellis into the cover. Here we go.


Williams: Murray gets the shoulder up! Incredible.

Emo: Murray to his feet, Ellis to his feet. They charge.

Williams: Ellis dropping Murray with a huge clothesline.

Murray is quick to his feet after, Ellis backs into the rope and propels himself off of them again, he connects with another clothesline that levels Murray.

Williams: And Ellis is running hard tonight.

Murray is to a knee and walks himself into a corner, taking deep breaths. Ellis makes his move connecting with a HUGE SPLASH. He takes Murray's arm and quickly whips him across the ring, into the opposite turnbuckle.

Emo: And Murray across for the ride. He vaults up and over!

Murray pushes off the ropes landing on the back side of Ellis. Murray backs up and charges Ellis who puts up a boot high enough to catch Cayle right in the kisser.

Williams: Right in the mouth with that boot, stopping Cayle in his tracks.

Emo: Ellis showing some fight here tonight. I'm impressed.

Ellis pulls himself up sitting on the top of the turnbuckle.

Emo: What's Ellis gonna do here, Murray stumbling.

Murray sees what's happening and he acts quickly. He runs forward he pushes himself off the turnbuckle with his legs and he connects.


Emo: Ellis falls to the ring in a heap!

Williams: But Murray's not done! Here it comes!

Having hopped to his feet, Cayle immediately dashes towards the ropes, jumps up, and springboards back...


The springboard corkscrew 450 lands perfectly, with a thousand flashbulbs illuminating the Scot's landing. Cayle recoils momentary, holding his ribs, before reaching down and hooking the leg.

Williams: This one's over!




Emo: And Calamurray rebounds! What a performance!

Arm wrapped around his torso, Cayle rises with the referee's assistance. "Sinister Rouge" bursts through the arena, and Cayle's soon on the turnbuckles, saluting the fans, thanking them for their support.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner... CAYLE MURRRRRAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!

Williams: A textbook Murray performance characterised by speed and athleticism! He's not just one of the most popular men in the UTA, but one of the most impressive athletes.

Emo: Say what you will about his methods, but Cayle is a phenomenally skilled competitor. Ellis is no slouch, but he just couldn't keep-up with the Scot.

Hopping down from the corner, Cayle turns around to watch B.R. Ellis' rise. As Ellis shakes the grog away, Cayle calls to him, then extends a hand. Ellis shakes without hesitation.

Williams: Always good to see the sportsmanship as well!

Emo: A fun, entertaining match. But let's take it backstage! I'm told our General Manager... Comissioner... err, boss has an announcement to make!

Shaking Things Up

Shaking Things Up

Sure enough, just as the Good Doctor told us, we cut to Michael Lorenzo backstage. Victory's head honco is dressed in a fine black pinstriped three-piece, with a blood-red tie and pocket square combo. Standing in a sleek office furnished with mahogany furniture and gold fittings, he's side-by-side with Stan Davis.

Stan: Ladies and Gents, I'm here with Michael Lorenzo... and boss, you must be pretty pleased with how things are going tonight!

Lorenzo: That I am, Stan! The Pantheon, MVC, Harrison, Andrews... we've got people making waves all over the place. It's great to see, and the best is yet to come!

The Rumour Man smiles.

Stan: Absolutely, and up next, we've got Amy Harrison's first Prodigy title defence! I understand you've got a little announcement to make regarding that one...

Lorenzo: I do indeed. After hearing Marie's words earlier this evening, and Amy's quick-fire follow-up, I can tell there's still a lot of animosity between these two. So being an opportunist, I saw a chance to shake things up a little...

Michael pauses for a moment, building suspense.

Lorenzo: So tonight, Amy Harrison vs. Lew Smith goes ahead as planned, but with one caveat. Marie Van Claudio. Special guest referee!

Williams: Whoa!

Emo: Wait... how is that fair?!

stan: There you have it, folks! MVC will officiate her rival's first title defence, and we are just minutes away from seeing that match kick-off! Thank you, Michael.

Lorenzo nods as the camera cuts away.

Emo: Come on, Mike! We know MVC's got a big axe to grind with Amy Harrison! There's no way she doesn't find a way to screw Amy out of the title tonight!

Williams: I don't know about that, Doc. We're in Marie's hometown! She's a big favourite here, and she seems desperate to turn over a new leaf here in the UTA! I'm not saying I know for a fact she'll call it straight down the middle, but there's a decent chance.

Make it Quick

Make it Quick

We fade into Perfection’s locker room where he stands next to the one and only Kate Kincaid. James stands tall his arms crossed and hair wet, he stands in his ring attire. It’s the first time since his return to the UTA that he’s done an interview.

Kincaid: Greetings UTA fans and I want to thank you, Perfection, for allowing me to interview you. It's been some time…

Perfection: Get to the point already. The Ungratefuls have the attention span of a fish.

Her head begins to nods as she pulls the microphone closely to her lips.

Kincaid: First, congratulations on your win at International Affairs, Perfection. A lot of people including me thought things would have ended up differently…

He talks loud enough for the microphone to pick up his voice.

Perfection: Because you're all idiots.

Kate stops confused on if to put the microphone front of him or not so she settles for in between both of them.

Perfection: Well?! Go on!

Kincaid: Right. Well, how does it feel to be once again on a rise back to the top?

James begins to shake his head. His eyes rolling partially before he answers.

Perfection: A rise back to the top? Wow, I knew you were dense, Kate…but really? I've always been at the top despite a large piece of gold being absent from MY waist! International Affairs…beating those three clowns…it was my guaranteed ticket to take what should be mine…The UTA Championship!

She nods.

Kincaid: Speaking of which, any words for Eric Dane?

Perfection: No.

Kate nods and follows up with another question.

Kincaid: Okay, how about we talk about Yoshii who made his return…

Witherhold cuts her off immediately.

Perfection: How about not. That fat body is a waste of UTA programing time. Not a single person on this roster wants anything to do with him. Hell, me speaking about him right now is as close anyone will ever be to giving a single damn about him.

Kincaid: Madman Szalinski is back…

James’ arms come up like he can't believe it. He's overselling it on purpose.

Perfection: Oh for the love of Christ- who cares?! The man doesn't know when to quit, Kate. He's obsessed with being relevant, but he never is. He shows up and people care for roughly about a minute. Then it's the same ol’ story. Bad wrestling, terrible diatribes, and eventually sobbing around because people are once again TIRED of Jeremy Cundiff. Then he'll decide to retire…again. Rinse and repeat.

Kincaid: Some are saying that this may be a rebirth of his career.

Perfection: His career?! I call it a "pathetic piece of history," Kate. Let's move on.

Kincaid: Wow...okay, Sean Jackson also has a world title shot, any chance we'll see you cross over to Wrestleshow…

Perfection cuts her off.

Perfection: Nobody watches Wrestleshow, so don't waste your breath talking about it, Kate. If Sean Jackson wants to talk to me, he knows where to find me. Now, I think you're done here.

Kincaid: Well, thank you…

Perfection: Thank your employer, get lost.

Perfection's hand comes up showing Kate towards the door as we cut out from his locker room.

Williams: Death, taxes, and Perfection behaving like owns the place. Life's three certainties.

Emo: Kinda hard to argue against him owning the place at the moment! This guy's on a hell of a run, and he's out to continue it against will Haynes tonight!

Williams: Either way, it's Prodigy Title time! Let's take it to ringside!

Lew Smith vs. Amy Harrison

Lew Smith vs. Amy Harrison

Back at ringside, Elton John’s “The Bitch is Back” starts bleeding from the speaker system. For the second time tonight, Marie Van Claudio steps out onto the stage, this time clad in a referee’s shirt. She pauses at the top of the ramp, twirls to flaunt her new material, and then makes her way to the ring.

Williams:  Another big reaction for Marie here in her hometown, and this is an exciting new twist.

Emo:  She’s already pissed with Amy Harrison, and now she has the Prodigy Champion’s fate in her hands. I don’t think it’s fair at all, Jen, but the cards are drawn now. Let’s see what goes down.

Announcer:  Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the UTA Prodigy Championship! Introducing first, our special guest referee… MARIE! VAN! CLAUDIO!

A big pop goes up as Marie’s name is read-out. She reaches the ring and climbs in through the top and middle ropes, before loosening-up her arm muscles.

Williams:  She’s ready for this, Doc, and the smile she’s wearing says it all!

Emo:  Look at her, Jen! She just can’t wait to mess Amy Harrison’s life up!

Williams:  I think you’re greatly overstating her callousness, Doc, but regardless…

Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the intro. Lights flicker along with the addition of fast guitar. Both pyro and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epic colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses heavily on the word "GO!".

Williams:  Lew Smith, the perennial underdog, came quite close to winning the Prodigy Title at International Affair! Tonight, he has a second chance at the gold!

Emo:  Yeah, he was doing fine until he “sensitive male region” on the top rope! I’d be surprised if there’s anything left down there! Rumour is he’s like a Ken doll now...

The house lights gently rise as a figure quickly paces towards the ring, pointing out to the crowd both ways before turning a light jog into a sprint.

Announcer:  … and the challenger! Making his way to the ring from Frimley, England, weighing in at 216lbs… please welcome “THE OMINOUS ANGEL”... LEW! SMIIIIIIIITTTTTTTHHHHHHH!

The Ominous cloaked figure dives through the bottom of the ropes and slides to the centre to stand still during the verse, looking around scouting his fans, his critics, he removes the hood and unties the rope connecting the cape-like robe and chucks it out the ring. Clicking his neck, shoulders and fingers, he assumes a stance, ready to fight.

Williams:  It feels like Lew is always on the cusp of breaking-out here in the UTA, but he can never quite reach-out and grab the proverbial brass ring. Tonight’s a huge opportunity for him to do just that.

Emo:  He technically defeated La Flama Blanca for the UTA Championship a few months ago, Jen. Let’s not forget that. Lew might not have a set of testicles any more, but he’s a great competitor.

“Trouble” by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison comes out to a chorus of boos. Amy looks out to the crowd and starts to yell back at them.

Emo:  This crowd is full of venom for Amy Harrison tonight, and she’s throwing it all right back at them!

Williams:  This is her biggest enemy’s hometown, and not only that, but Amy is fast becoming one of the most widely disliked competitors in the company! I bet she wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Amy walks down the aisle determined, flaunting her championship belt in the fan’s faces. Inside the ring, Marie Van Claudio cringes and shakes her head.

Announcers: And the champion! Making her way to the ring, from Belfast, Northern Ireland...

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, and tells everyone that she's the best, before getting in the ring.

Announcer:  Standing at 5'4 and weighing in at 114 pounds...

Done with the crowd, she looks over at Lew Smith, then to Marie Van Claudio, and her lips curl into a wide sneer. She hoists the belt high in the air, looking directly into MVC’s eyes.


Williams:  I sense that things are about to get a little heated…

Emo:  Really, Sherlock?! Good work!

Marie, to her credit, does her absolute best to resist Amy’s trolling. She holds out her hand, asking for the belt so that the match can begin, but Amy just laughs.

Williams:  C’mon, Amy! You’ve got to give the belt to the referee! That’s how it works!

Emo:  Do you really think she’s just gonna hand it to MVC, though?! I certainly don’t…

Amy is still mouthing-off. Clearly unhappy at MVC’s appointment as referee, she holds the belt away from her as the music fades out. Lew Smith, however, just wants to get the match started. Amy’s too focused on Marie to see him coming, and he slips the belt out of her unprepared hands with relative easy, before handing it to Marie.

Williams:  There we go! Thank you, Lew Smith! Common sense prevails!

Holding the belt up high for all to see, Marie soon hands it to the ringside crew and calls for the bell. Now, Amy turns her ire towards Smith. She’s practically barking in his face when the bell rings.

Emo:  Daaayum, Amy is full of venom tonight! Look at this, Jen!

Amy’s just inches from Lew Smith’s face, but the challenger doesn’t take the bait. He shakes his head and backs off, before putting his dukes up and calling for her to just fight.

Williams:  Smith just wants to wrestle, but Amy’s still not done giving him a piece of her mind!

Emo:  I’d be annoyed too, but her voice is really starting to grate on me now. She’s barely had her mouth shut since her music hit!

She switches lanes, Amy: laughing, and pointing towards Lew’s groin, asking him how he’s doing after the rope incident. Lew’s still not biting however, so Amy lunges forward, throwing a big kick between his legs… but no! Lew catches it, and Dragon Screws her to the mat!

Williams:  Here we go!

Harrison rolls through the move and hops right back to her feet, but Lew’s already prepared. He peppers her with a couple of leg kicks, following-up with a body kick that staggers her, before moving-in with a series of open-hand palm strikes. With the Champion backed against the ropes, Lew grabs an arm and judo tosses her to the mat.

Emo:  Lew is really going to work here! His counter-striking game is really off the chart, and that was a clear mistake from Amy to open the match!

Williams:  I think her anger got the better of her, and Lew kept a cool head as she tried to mock him. Now Lew’s got her on the mat, and he’s tightening a chinlock!

Amy, however, battles back. A quick elbow catches Lew and loosens his grip. Amy breaks free, and pops to her feet. Lew’s already waiting for her, and pulls her round by the shoulder. The champion ducks the attempted clothesline, however, and stomps Lew hard in the back of the knee. Lew falls down to one knee, allowing Amy to knee him between the shoulder blades. With her challenge knelt, Amy goes to the ropes, rebounds, and hits a front dropkick! She makes the cover…



But Lew kicks-out!

Williams:  See, Doc? That was a nice, fair count from MVC.

Emo:  Sure enough, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it… Amy’s still gonna complain, though.

Like clockwork, Amy flashes a gurn at MVC, before taking Lew to his feet with a handful of blonde hair. She grits her teeth and pulls back to slap Lew across the face, but again the champion counters! His right forearm blocks the slap, and his left catches Amy in the jaw!

Emo:  Big hit from Lew! And now he’s looking to capitalise!

Amy’s daze allows Lew time to recover and shake his own fatigue away. When Amy does turn, she dashes at Lew, and gets hip tossed to the mat. As her back hits the hard canvas, Lew follows-up with a quick leg drop, before popping to his feet. Across the ring, MVC applauds his effort.

Emo:  See! Look at that bias, Jen!

Williams:  Marie’s made it very clear that she doesn’t like seeing that belt around Amy’s waist, Doc, but her officiating -- what little we’ve seen of it thus far -- has been right down the middle thus far.

Emo:  Meh. We’ll see how long that continues! I’m still convinced she’s gonna screw Amy here…

Lew slaps his hands together, attempting to get the fans going, and they’re soon clapping along with him. They fill his sails with wind, and as Amy pulls herself to his feet, Lew clinches and lands with quick knees to the stomach.

Williams:  We’ve seen this before!

Emo:  Here comes the suplex!

Sure enough, Lew grabs Amy’s skimpy waistband and pulls her into the air.

Williams:  Raging Angel!

But Amy counters! She slips out the back, pulls Lew around…

Emo:  No! Eye gouge!

Harrison dashes quickly across the ring before MVC can step in and admonish her, but Lew recovers, and ducks beneath. Amy hits the ropes on the other side and comes back… her momentum carrying her right into a huge spear from Lew Smith!

Williams:  Spear! Spear! Spear! What impact!

Emo:  They just collided like oncoming traffic, Jen! This could be over!

Smith hooks the leg, and Marie counts.



No! Amy kicks-out!

Williams:  Close one, Doc, but that was another fair, measured count from Marie Van Claudio! She’s putting her feelings for Amy to the side and calling it right down the middle!

Emo:  Just wait, Jen. It’s only a matter before she flips the switch. Marie’s an emotional competitor: there’s no way she can keep her frustrations bottled-up for too long…

Back on his feet, Lew throws an arm in the air, calling for the end. He pulls Harrison up and skips behind her, locking his arms beneath hers…

Williams:  This could be it, folks! Lew’s applying the Masterlock!

But just as Smith looks like he’s locked her up, Amy throws a desperate heel between his legs…

… and he drops like a sack.

Emo:  Ha! I guess there is still something down there!

The crowd jeers heavily as Smith hits the mat, and Marie, doing her job properly, steps to Amy immediately. She gets in Amy’s face, warning her of the consequences of her actions…

Williams:  Uh-oh…

Emo:  Here we go!

MVC waves her arms, calling for Amy to “cut it out,” but the champion just laughs in her face. Taking a step away from the appointed referee, Harrison stops to blow her a kiss, and the fans don’t like it one bit.

Williams:  Come on! That’s just disrespectful!

Emo:  And Marie can’t do a damn thing about it, Jen! Amy’s gonna troll her, but unless she does something to warrant a disqualification, it’s all fair and legal!

The time hasn’t allowed Lew enough time to recover, and he’s still on the floor when Amy goes back to him. Grabbing one of his legs, Amy stomps down hard on his knee joint once, twice, thrice, before dropping to the mat and trying it up. She wrenches back hard on the leg, trying to stretch a few ligaments as Lew writhes in agony.

Emo:  Smart tactics from Amy, though. Say what you will about her mouthy veneer, but the girl’s showing a good head by attacking Lew’s striking base.

Williams:  Absolutely. Lew is the cleanest striker in the fed, and if Amy can take away one of his legs, it blows his gameplan to pieces. Smith’s fighting it, though! He’s battling!

Digging his elbows into the rough canvas, Lew’s able to use his significant size advantage and pull both of them a foot across the ring, towards the ropes. He glances over his shoulder, and after a second mighty heave, finds himself able to roll over and plant a hand on the bottom rope. MVC immediately drops, calling for Amy to break.

Williams:  Looks like Amy’s holding on a little longer than necessary here.

Realising that she’s gonna get in trouble, Amy eventually breaks the hold, then sits-up, flashing Marie another icy glare.

Williams:  This really has added a new dynamic to the match, Doc! Amy’s dirty tactics just aren’t going to work with MVC around!

Emo:  Exactly! It’s a conspiracy! Totally unfair!

Williams:  … it’s unfair that Marie Van Claudio is making this a fair fight? You’re gonna have to explain that one to me.

Dr. Emo, however, chooses not to elaborate. Back inside, Amy continues her assault. She “helps” Lew up and pushes him into the corner, before screaming something inaudible in his face and booting him hard in the gut. Backing off a few steps, Harrison then comes forward. She cartwheels across the ring and backsprings into a corner elbow splash, before grabbing Lew’s head and running out with a bulldog! She makes the cover, and Marie doesn’t hesitate to count.



No! Lew kicks out!

Emo:  Damn, maybe is gonna keep this one fair. Nothing wrong with that count at all.

Williams:  I told you, Doc. Marie wants to get her hands on Amy, but she’s not gonna compromise herself in her hometown!

Amy’s frustration at not being able to pin Lew yet manifests physically, and she screams, punching her fists into the mat. She looks over at Marie, then hops to her feet, getting in the referee’s face. With Amy bawling, all MVC does is point to the rising Lew Smith, and Harrison snaps back into action. She boots the side of Lew’s head as he gets up, and sends him back to the mat.

Williams:  Amy’s an interesting competitor, Doc. It’s almost like this is more about flexing her apparent superiority over her opponent at times. She’s not just wrestling Lew Smith, she’s rubbing his face in it.

Emo:  Correct. This chick’s got a huge chip on her shoulder, and that’s why she’s one of the fastest rising wrestlers on the roster! It’s the reason she’s Prodigy Champion, Jen, and a heavy favourite to retain tonight.

With Lew down on his back, Amy mounts and goes into a flurry. Slap after slap connects with Lew’s face, before she grabs two handfuls of hair and slams his head down into the mat again and again and again. With Lew hazy, Harrison hops up, grabs the top rope, swings herself into the then comes into the air with a big knee drop!

Williams:  Circumstances aside, this is an impressive showing from Amy.

Emo:  She’s been in-control for most of the match, Jen. There’s no getting around that.

Williams:  Lew had his head flurry, and he’s far from out of it, but something tells me Amy’s trying to end this now. The match rolls on!

The action correlates with the dialogue. Back inside, Amy assists Lew’s rise, but the Englishman battles back! A couple of quick elbows catch Amy.

Williams:  Here comes Lew!

… but she ducks the spinning backfist!


The low kick catches Lew in the gut, but he’s too close to the ropes to hit the mat. Instead, he slumps back against them, and Amy’s able to grab his arm.

Williams:  Smith goes across the ring…

Emo:  Amy pops him up…

Williams:  FACEBUSTER! FACEBUSTER! That could be it!

Lew’s face hits the mat, and though it kills MVC to see Amy so close to victory, she does her job.





Lew gets a shoulder up!

Williams:  Lew Smith stays alive!

Emo:  Wow! Don’t question Lew Smith’s heart, folks! I thought for sure he was done there!

The champion, of course, screams injustice. She pulls away from Lew Smith and gets to her feet. This time, she actually puts hands on Marie Van Claudio, pushing her back against the ropes.

Williams:  Be very, very careful Amy!

Emo:  She’s about to get herself disqualified, which isn’t exactly the worst idea in the world! She’ll still retain the belt!

Williams:  She wants to prove a point, though. She wants to beat Lew Smith in front of MVC, and force her to make the count, but this isn’t good…

Marie raises a hand, warning Amy, but Harrison’s having none of it. She pulls away, shaking her head, then raises her hand to strike…

Williams:  Uh oh!


As Amy’s pulling back, Lew grabs one arm, then the other. He quickly takes the Masterlock to the mat, and wraps his legs around the torso.


Emo:  Smith takes advantage! And he’s got it locked-in TIGHT, Jen!

Williams:  Can she escape?!

Harrison thrusts and kicks, but Lew’s got the move in deep. He has complete control of her body, and there’s nowhere to go…

Williams:  Amy’s fading!

Emo:  She’s fighting, but almost every limb is tied-up!

… and in the end, she has no choice but to tap.


Emo:  Lew has done it! The Sack-less Wonder has defeated Amy Harrison!

The bell rings, and Lew releases the defeated Harrison as soon as it does. As Children of Bodom blasts, Lew rises to his feet, and Marie Van Claudio hands him in the Prodigy Championship.

Williams:  Amy looked to have this one in the bag, but her emotions of her! She was more concerned with complaining to Marie than getting on with the match, and she’s lost her belt because of it.

Emo:  I’ll hold my hands-up, Jen. I thought MVC was gonna do a horrible job, but she called it straight down the line. She is not to blame for this. Not at all!

Lew beats his chest, soaking-in the adulation and holding the belt in the air, before rolling out of the ring and heading to the back. Inside, Amy slowly starts getting back to her feet, and when she does, Marie Van Claudio is the first thing she sees.

Williams:  Oh no…

Fortunately, there are a couple of other officials at ringside, ready to intervene. They hop into the ring on-cue, but they can’t keek Amy’s running high kick from catching Marie’s jaw. They get their just in-time to peel her off MVC, and restrain her against the ropes.

Emo:  Amy is furious, Jen! She’s absolutely livid!

Williams:  Her sense of entitlement runs deep! She got the cheap shot off on MVC, but the anger between these two continues to grow!

Emo:  Either way, Amy Harrison is no longer the Prodigy Champion! She’s gonna blame MVC and Michael Lorenzo, and this rivalry’s a million miles from being resolved!

Williams:  What a turn of events, Doc! Let’s take a break and head elsewhere...

Strange Bedfellows.

Strange Bedfellows

The scene cuts to the usual UTA Backdrop. Rumor man stan is poised to deliver the next great Victory interview. With a smile on his face a mile wide, he introduces his next guest.

Davis: I am “Rumor Man” Stan Davis, and joining me now is The World’s Greatest Entertainer, Mikey Unlikely.

Mikey and Mary Jane walk into view. Mikey wearing bandages and his neck in a soft brace. He looks very angry. Mary Jane seems a bit skittish.  Mikey looks over his shoulder at her, and looks at her disapprovingly.

Davis:  Mikey, just a few short weeks ago, you went one on one with Will Haynes in an I qui….

Mikey holds up his hand, stopping Davis. He gives him a glare that would freeze Madusa. David points the microphone his way.

Unlikely:  Do yourself a favor Stan, and close your trap, before I do it for you.

Mikey cocks a fist. Davis jumps.

Unlikely: International Affair was a joke. I lost a match against Will Haynes, without so much as batting an eye. Without so much as tapping my hand, nor even coming REMOTELY CLOSE… To saying I quit.

He waits and lets it sink in.

Unlikely: That match should have never ended that way. The fact that it did, just further backs my point that this company is inept and corrupt in their BLATANT disdain for Dynasty!

Mikey holds up one finger… not that one.

Unlikely: Frank Knoxx, you sir, should be ashamed of yourself. You are both a grown man, and paid to do a job. That job is to officiate a match within a specific set of rules. In this case, the match does not end until one man is so battered… so bruised, that he has no choice but to give up…

He breaths heavily

Unlikely: Now answer me this Stan my man? Did that happen?

Mikey sarcastically leans towards stan. who whispers his response. Unlikely steps in closer.

Unlikely: What was that? Couldn’t hear you?

Davis: No, No, that did not happen.

Unlikely brings the mic back to himself.

Unlikely: No! Frank Knoxx committed an act of Terrorism on the UTA!!! And Abroad!!! He allowed a simple toss of a towel…

He looks back at M.J. who looks away.

Unlikely: ...end a match, that was not over. Which brings me to my second point.

He holds up two fingers this time. He slowly turns and takes a step back, now facing Mary Jane.

Unlikely: You! You threw the towel in for me, when I never told you, you had any responsibility over. You don’t have a right to cost me matches? Who are you to quit for me? Are you kidding me…

He points at her with every accusations.

Unlikely: I am a star… I am the reason you are here… not the other way around.

He steps close to her, she tries to shy away but has nowhere to go.

Unlikely: Don’t you ever….ever… try that again, or I swear to…

OSV: Eyyyyyyy mon! Why don’t ya pick a fight wit someone who can actually put up a fight huh?

Lisil Jackson steps into the picture and gets in Mikey’s face.The crowd can be heard cheering as the two are face to face. Mikey slowly fades into a shit eating grin.

Unlikely: Eyyyyyyy Mon!

His accent is awful.

Unlikely: Why don’t ya mind your own business?

He pokes Lisil’s chest now. Lisil looks down at Mikey’s finger and smiles.

L. Jackson: If ya tink Imma stand by and let ya pick a fight wit dis lady den ya got anotha ting comin! Ya be bullyin Stan and now ya gonna make threats to ya woman?! I suggest ya be careful bout where ya be stickin dat finga!

Slowly Lisil pushes Mikey's hand away.

Unlikely:  I don’t know if you know “Mon”, but I am a star. i don’t have time for…

He looks Lisil up and down.

Unlikely: Anybody less… Mary Jane, Lets get the hell outta here.

Mikey walks off pulling Mary Jane by the arm. MJ looks back over her shoulder and smiles at Jackson. Clearly not wanting Mikey to see.

Lisil smiles back  and half waves as the scene fades.

Emo: Ayyyy mon! Why de Lysol Jackson be interferin' with Mikey's bidness?!

Williams: ... Emo?

Emo: Jen?

Williams: Never do that again. Please

Emo: The question's legit, though. Is Mikey Unlikely really a guy Lisil wants to get involved with?! We saw some of the things Mikey put Will Haynes through...

Williams: He wouldn't be the Jamaican Inspiration if he just sat around and let guys like Mikey push people around, Doc!

Will Haynes vs. Perfection

Will Haynes vs. Perfection

The announcers’ bantering ceases, and we cut back to the arena. The beginnings of "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys begins to play as the fans climb to their feet. Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp, the song reaches the beginning of the first verse just as Will Haynes steps through the curtain.

♫ I can’t stand it, I know you planned it ♫
♫ I’m gonna set it straight, this Watergate ♫
♫ I can’t stand rocking when I’m in here ♫
♫ Because your crystal ball ain’t so clear ♫

Williams: It’s main event time, Ladies and Gents, and here comes the first combatant!

Emo: Fresh off wrestling a stone cold classic at International Affair, Will Haynes jumps right back into the fire. These are two of the most tenured grapplers in the company: Haynes summoned some real darkness to “beat” Mikey Unlikely, and he might just have to repeat that tonight.

Williams: That was a life-altering match for Haynes, and one that came after a savage five-month blood feud. I’d be surprised if tonight’s as gruelling, but we all know what Perfection is capable of. Whoever wins this, wins big.

Will begins to walk down the aisle, nod his head to the music. He slaps the hands of some fans along the ramp as he continues to the ring.

Stacy Sinclair: The following contest is set for one fall, with no time limit!  Introducing first!  Hailing from Athens, Georgia, standing at six foot two and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… WILL! THE THRILL! HAYYYYNES!!!

Haynes jumps onto the ring cover, pulls down the middle rope and climbs in. He bounces off the far side, then the near side, and then back off the far side testing the ropes.

♫ Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage... ♫
♫ Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage... ♫
♫ Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage... ♫
♫ Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage! ♫

Williams: Haynes has made his thoughts on Perfection very clear tonight: he admires the talent, but loathes the attitude. Two vastly contrasting sets of ideals are about to go to battle.

Emo: That attitude that Haynes “loathes” so much has made Perfection a legend in this company, Jen, and I don’t see any UTA World Titles on Haynes’ record. Maybe he’ll learn a trick or two tonight.

“Sabotage” fades, and is replaced with “Perfect Gentleman” by Helloween.

The crowd immediately responds with jeers as the one and only Perfection exits from behind the curtain. He raises his arms accepting the crowds reaction to his wonderfulness.

♫ There is no doubt about it ♫
♫ I'm one of kind, baby ♫
♫ I am le d'Artagnan de coeur ♫
♫ As you may see, candy ♫

Emo: Two words spring to mind with this guy, Jen: making moves. Perfection’s only been back in the UTA for a couple of months, but he’s already number one contender to Eric Dane’s World Title.

Williams: Love him or hate him, you can’t deny him. Perfection’s been on one hell of a tear since returning, but Haynes is a stern, stern test for him! Will isn’t just one of the most popular wrestlers in the UTA, but also one of the best.

Perfection makes his way towards the ring taking his time to jaw-jack with fans near the rails. He walks up the stairs to enter the ring. He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Stacy Sinclair: And his opponent!  Hailing from Los Angeles, California...

♫ And I'm talking with my eyes ♫
♫ and I walk in different styles ♫

Stacy Sinclair: Standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two-hundred twenty-two pounds...

♫ I'm a genuine man ♫

Perfection grabs the middle rope leaning over it and yelling at fans in the front row.

♫ Yes I am ♫
♫ I am a perfect gentleman ♫
♫ Yes I am ♫
♫ I am a perfect gentleman ♫
♫ Yes I am, I am, yes I am ♫
♫ (perfect) ♫


He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Emo: Everything about this guy is impressive… even the dental work.

Williams: Especially the dental work.

Now he mounts the turnbuckle to yell at the fans some more before giving one last pose and jumping down from the turnbuckle

Williams: There’s the Bell, and we’re about to get started here.

Perfection is all smug smiles as he circles and offers a knuckle lock.  Haynes shakes his head and keeps circling.

Emo: At least Haynes is smart enough to know he’s no match for Perfection on the mat, he wants no part of that tie-up.

Perfection feints at Haynes’ legs, Haynes spins and darts in for a rear waistlock, but Perfection’s quickly up, facing him and smirking.  It’s a stalemate for a bit, and before anything else has a chance to happen a familiar, bluesy bass-riff begins to play over the sound system.

Williams: Oh come on now! What’s this all about?

Emo: With our World Champion, you never do know!

Dr. Emo is correct, that bluesy bassline is the lead-in to “Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown,” the Champ’s entrance music. Zac Brown barely has time to get into the lyrics before the Champion is through the curtain and on his way down to the ring.

♫ Heavy is the head that wears the crown ♫

Inside the ring neither grappler seems to know what’s going on, but both men seem eager for the Champion to involve himself. Especially Will Haynes, who by all rights may be the only man in the UTA who has Dane’s number.

Williams: Wait a minute, is he…

Dr. Emo: He is.

Dane cuts a line around the ring, ignoring its occupants, and makes his way to the commentary table where he takes a seat beside Jennifer Williams. Reluctantly, she hands over a spare headset.

Dane: Why thanks, Jen! It’s great to be out here!

Dr. Emo: It’s great to have you, Champ!

Williams: Yeah, sure, great to have you here. I guess.

Haynes turns to Dane at the announce table, his mouth running.  The cameras don’t catch exactly what he’s saying, but it’s enough for Dane to point a finger in his direction.  

And Perfection comes running up from behind.

Williams: Pearl Harbor!

And somehow Haynes senses him and moves!

Dane: Not today! Haynes is a quick little bugger when he wants to be!

Perfection’s neck bounces off the top rope, and he stumbles back into a hard dropkick from Haynes!  Perfection takes a tumble and rolls up to one knee, but Haynes is moving like lightning, leaping up the turnbuckle behind him to the middle rope, then jumping off over his head and catching him with an arm whip that throws Perfection into the middle of the ring!

Williams: Haynes is showing off his speed now!

Dane: Yeah, showing off, he does that a lot.

Emo: He’s gonna have to stay on Perfection if he wants to win this one!

Perfection intercepts Haynes with a quick boot, but Haynes cartwheels out of the wristlock and arm mares Perfection again!  Haynes runs the ropes, rebounds, leapfrogs Perfection and lands another arm mare!  Perfection lands hard, slams the mat with both hands and backs into the corner.

Williams: Kind of like that?

Emo: Yeah. I guess. Shut up.

Haynes follows up, and Perfection tries to slow things down by clinching.  Haynes isn’t having it, and manages to force Perfection back into the turnbuckles.  Haynes doesn’t want to break, the referee tries to force him back, and Perfection finds an opening.

Dane: Haynes is too excited, he’s either gonna get himself disqualified or he’s gonna make a mistake.

Grabbing the wrist he pulls forward on Haynes and combines this with a drop toe hold, dropping Haynes on the bottom rope.  

Dane: I rest my case.

Emo: Wow! That’s gonna leave a mark!

Instead of following up on the neck, Perfection jumps off the bottom rope and hip stomps Haynes on the back of the knee!

Williams: And Perfection now is moving in for the kill!

The Thrill howls in pain and grabs his leg, but now that Perfection’s got the match moving the way he wants it to, he’s relentless.  So. Many.  Stomps.  The referee finally pushes Perfection back, insisting that he actually do wrestling moves or something.  Haynes can do nothing but cover up, and Perfection opts to leave the ring and swagger on over to the announce desk where he swipes a bottle of water and takes a swig.

Williams: Hey! That’s mine!

Once finished Perfection tosses it at Dane.holy fuck

Emo: Ho-boy…

The Champion stands.

Dane: You don’t wanna do this now, hot shot!

Perfection laughs in his face and turns around, scampering back into the ring before hostilities on the outside can be furthered.

Williams: What was that about?

Dane: That was a little boy, testing his elder. He’ll learn.

The Only Star sits back down, control remains in place.

Back in the ring, Haynes crabwalks trying to keep space, but Perfection knows how to grab an ankle without getting kicked.  He twists Haynes’ leg around his own, drops a knee on Haynes’ knee, then pulls up on the leg.  He paintbrushes Haynes’ face.

And doesn’t get his own face out of the way in time, as Haynes responds with a big elbow!

Williams: Ha! He earned that one!

Dane: He really did.

Perfection drops the hold and falls back clutching his nose, and Haynes uses Perfection’s neck to pull himself up.  He jumps, plants both feet in Perfection’s breadbasket, and jumps and flips him over backwards!  Perfection goes a bit lopsided in the air and lands heavily on his right side and shoulder.

Emo: Shesus! That’s gotta hurt!

On his feet again, Haynes claps.  Once he has the fans going, he takes another running start that isn’t as fast as it was at the beginning of the match.  

Williams: Here goes The Thrill!

Perfection grabs him out of the run and drops him with a shinbreaker.  Without letting go of the leg, he combos it into a dragonscrew leg whip!

Emo: Ha! That’s what you thought!

Dane: Haynes really is dense, you know.

Williams: Yeah, that’s how you beat him, right?

Emo: JENNIFER! Show some respect!

Perfection drags Haynes to the middle of the ring by that battered leg, then sinks in a heel hook.  Gritting his teeth Haynes tries to boot scrape his way out of it, but Perfection leans back on it.  Turning over, Haynes slowly claws his way across the mat.  Perfection cracks the hold even harder, but with a dive Haynes drapes his hand over the bottom rope.

Emo: That one was close!

Williams: Perfection is quick to follow up though!

Perfection shifts Haynes’ weight and drapes his neck over the rope, then shifts himself and starts choking Haynes. The referee begins the count but Perfection lets go long enough to break it and hops right back into the choke.

Emo: What’s this now?

Not only is he ignoring the referee, but he’s taunting The World Champion again! Perfection screams about Dane being next and how the belt is coming home. This does not sit well with the Champion.

Dane: Alright. I’ve had enough.

A thump is heard as Dane drops his headset and stands up, grabbing the championship title from the table. He approaches Perfection, but the referee begins immediately chastising him Dane smirks, acts like he’s going to back off…


Williams: Dane clobbered Perfection with the title!

The referee immediately calls for the bell. Haynes, with a monument of effort, rolls himself out from under Perfection and scrambles across the ring. Once he shakes the cobwebs loose he’s quickly into the face of the referee, demanding an explanation.

Stacy Sinclair: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by Disqualification, PERFECTION!

“Perfect Gentlemen” plays again and Will Haynes is LIVID inside the ring. Finally he turns his attention on the World Champion, laughing at him from ringside. The music stops as Haynes leans over the ropes and takes a swipe at Dane, who’s smile only widens.

Emo: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Williams: Are you kidding me?

Dane continues to taunt Haynes as his Pantheon cohorts make their way quickly and quietly down the ramp and into the ring behind Haynes.

Emo: It’s about to go from bad to worse for the Thrill.


He does. Rather than back down he immediately gets into the face of Madman Szalinski. Shoves are exchanged, but before anything else can happen Eric Dane, having slipped into the ring himself, takes a K.O. shot on the back of Haynes’ head with the title belt. Immediately The Only Star starts barking instructions at Thorpe and Szalinski who go to work on the fallen Will Haynes.

Emo: He’s done it! Eric Dane has taken out both Perfection and Will Haynes! All by himself and all in one fell swoop!

Williams: All by himself? Are you high?

Emo: Hey! Where’s he going?

Perfection, having regained enough of his bearings to recognize a bad scene rising, quickly rolls out of the ring and makes his way the hell as far out of Dodge as is humanly possible.

Williams: That coward! He could help even the odds!

Emo: Psssh! Live to fight another day! That’s a way better plan than get your ass kicked by three guys!

Williams: UGH!

Like a pack of dogs The Pantheon take Will Haynes apart.


“You’re the Greatest Around” plays over the P.A. system.

Emo: Wait, what?

Williams: Are you kidding me?

Emo: Is that-

Williams: Is he-

The answer to all of those questions are yes. Except the kidding part. Yes, that is “Beautiful” Bobby Dean. Yes, he is sprinting down the ramp! And furthermore…

He slides into the ring…


He stands tall against The Pantheon, and he looks a full two-hundred pounds lighter than the last time he was seen on UTA Television.

Williams: Bobby Dean is back! And he’s in shape!

Emo: Dat liposuction though!

There’s still a fair amount of beef there, but he’s definitely cut some weight. He wags a finger at Eric Dane, who’s last words to Dean were to leave and never come back. The Champ’s eyes are wide in fury as Dean helps his former WTFC mate and best friend up to his feet.

Williams: It’s the return of the WTFC!

Emo: Come on, really?

Haynes, trying to make heads or tails of the situation, stands in utter shock at Bobby Dean’s outstretched hand in front of him. Dean points at Dane and crew, talks about showing them how to party WTFC style!

Will Haynes accepts the hand.

Williams: NO! I KNEW IT!


Dean brings a stiff kick to the Thrill’s gut, his head into his own tights, gyrates a little bit too creepily, and lifts Haynes up and drops him with a Danshuko Driver.

Emo: Happy Ending! Happy Ending! Will Haynes is dead! Bobby Dean has joined The Pantheon and humped Will Haynes to death!

Williams: This is the grossest thing I’ve ever seen.

Emo: Didn’t you sit next to Dick Fury for months?

Williams: I did.  The statement remains. Grossest. Thing. Ever.

Bobby Dean gets to his feet, repositions his business inside of those powder blue tights, and he hugs Eric Dane before raising the Champ’s hand for all to see. Szalinski grabs Dane’s other hand and raises it, and before it’s all done all four men stand over a beaten and mocked Will Haynes, raised arm in raised arm in celebration.

Williams: This is despicable!  It’s four on one!

Emo: What, and you think they should take turns fighting him? Haynes made his choice.

As Dane gives directions, Thorpe and BBD pull Haynes to his feet, holding him up by his arms.  Dane shouts something in his face, when -

Williams: Cayle Murray! Jeff Andrews!

Emo: Oh c’mon, they don’t have -

Dane flings Haynes to the side and shouts “Get them!” loud enough to be picked up.   Thorpe and BBD both get in position… but stopping Jeff Andrews when he’s on a roll is like trying to stop a 4 ton CAT tractor.

Williams: High kick to Bobby Dean!

Andrews’ kick extends his leg so far that he’s down to one knee, and Thorpe turns to attack him, but before he can unleash a Thorpedo on the Cross-Wired Time Bomb, Murray’s in there as well.

Williams: Slingblade on Colton Thorpe!  Murray just got himself some badly needed retribution!

Thorpe splats at ringside, BBD at least has the state of mind to keep his feet, even though he’s nursing his head and wobbling.  Andrews is up and he throws a superkick straight at Dane’s head - Dane almost casually steps to the side and back so the kick only catches thin air, and he rolls out of the ring before Andrews’ foot returns to the mat.  His eyes, however, remain locked on Andrews as he backs up the ramp.  Murray is up to his feet in a flash, but Madman has also bailed, and he joins Dane on the ramp.  

Emo: A cheap shot from Murray, and Jeff Andrews sticking his nose into stuff he has no business in.  Despicable.

Williams: What in… they just saved Will Haynes from a four on one beatdown!

Thorpe has an arm over Madman’s shoulders, and the Pantheon slowly backs up the ramp.  Dane points into the ring, then down at his title.  Murray helps Haynes to his feet while Andrews grandstands on the ropes.

Williams: Who could’ve predicted how this night would’ve panned-out, Doc! Just when it looked like the bad guys were taking over, Cayle Murray, Will Haynes, and Jeff Andrews have seemingly come together!

Emo: The repercussions will be heavy, Jen! Eric Dane won’t let them get away with this! They’ve chased them off for now, but Murray, Haynes and Andrews might have just dug their own graves!

With one of Haynes’ arms over his shoulder, Cayle finally has Will back on two wobbly legs. His glare, however, doesn’t waver. It’s locked tightly on The Pantheon, and it’s laser-sharp.

Williams: Tonight, the good guys stood up! Murray outlined his intentions earlier, Andrews extended the olive branch, and they might’ve just saved Will Haynes from another extended spell on the sidelines!

Emo: Perfection wins, and the landscape is shifting once again! But remember, The Pantheon is four strong! Dane, Thorpe, Madman, and the returning Bobby Dean! That’s one hell of a team, and we don’t even know what the deal between Andrews, Haynes and Murray is.

Williams: We don’t even know if there’s a deal to begin with, Doc! Either way, we’re outta time here, folks! The Pantheon has been besmirched, and they won’t take this lying down! Good night!

The copyright logo appears in the bottom corner and as it does, Will Haynes finds the strength to break from Murray’s grip and bound towards the ropes. He hangs over the top rope, flashing fury at Eric Dane as we go off the air.

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