After Hours ep.1

24 Nov 2015

FWF Studios, Las Vegas, NV (seats 350)


The scene opens to a backstage studio area. Monitors cover our screen, showing multiple events and matches going on at once. Jason Blackfront walks in from the right side of the screen. He is wearing a blue button up with a dark jacket over top.

He looks directly at the camera before speaking.

Blackfront: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first episode of After Hours! The new UTA TV show, where the rules are thrown out, and anything goes.

He smiles wide, excited by the prospect. A “After Hours” logo pops up next to him on our screens.

Blackfront: I am your host, Jason Blackfront!  We have a huge night ahead, including a Hardcore title match, in our main event! We have Luke Dibbins defending his newly won Hardcore title against the up and coming Sexton Hardon.

He pauses as the screen shows the two competitors in a promotional picture for the main event.

Blackfront: We also have Xander Hayes making his long awaited return to the UTA ring. He takes on the debuting Kodo Dragon, in what promises to be an exciting bout!

Xander’s face pops up as Blackfront continues.

Blackfront: AND prepare to be street fighted as we begin the show with Jack Hunter vs newcomer, the Blue Scorpion.

The scene cuts directly into the first match.

Jack Hunter vs. Blue Scorpion


Blackfront is show on camera once again, this time looking down at his notes.

Blackfront: Up next was an exciting match that pitted the King of the Street Fight, Jack Hunter against UTA newcomer, Blue Scorpion. The lead up to this one was...interesting to say the least. Let’s take a look at what happened.

The footage begins to roll. Blue Scorpion is already in the ring as Jack Hunter begins his marvelous entrance to the ring. “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage playing as he makes his way to the ring. Hunter stands outside the ring, pointing to Blue Scorpion, and then making a cutting motion across his neck. Hunter doesn’t go into the ring, he just continues to stare down Scorpion.

Blackfront: Jack Hunter would spend a few moments outside the ring attempt to intimidate Blue Scorpion, but when the action finally got underway it was Scorpion who would rise to answer Hunter’s challenge.

The footage cuts to Blue Scorpion collecting Jack Hunter off the ropes and dropping him with a Spinebuster before pushing into a pin attempt that only merits him a two count. Scorpion rolls to his feet, Jack to his as well. Jack charges, Scorpion ducks a clothesline, Jack Hunter off the far side of the ropes towards Hunter who brings him up and over with a Hip Toss.

Blackfront: In the early goings of this one, the match was entirely in Scorpion’s hands.

Cut to Scorpion wrapping his arms around Jack Hunter’s waist and lifting him into the air before bringing him back down with a huge Belly to Belly. Scorpion floats over into a pin attempt but Hunter is able to turn the shoulders.

Blackfront: Eventually though, Hunter would strike.

Another jump cut and this time Scorpion has Hunter up in a Fireman’s Carry. Hunter throws an elbow catching Scorpion in the head. Dazed, Hunter is able to drop to his feet. He pulls Scorpion towards the ropes more and leaps up into them, grabbing Scorpion’s head and dropping him with a Tornado DDT off the ropes. After hitting it Hunter pops to his feet and lets out a large, “MOOOOOO!” before dropping into a cover.

Blackfront: It would take more than that to silence the Blue Scorpion who was able to power out and surprisingly enough, regain the upperhand.

More footage of Blue Scorpion dominating Jack Hunter plays. Scorpion delivers a nasty chop, driving Jack back into the corner. Scorpion climbs the corner, mounting Jack Hunter and delivering a ten count punch, leaving Hunter to fall into a heap back to the mat.

Blackfront: Eventually, Scorpion’s tricks wouldn’t hold up.

Scorpion has Hunter backed into the ropes and sends him across for the ride. Jack reverses it in the middle, Scorpion connects hard and stumbles out of the turnbuckle. Hunter levels him, sending the wind out of his sails with a Lungblower. Both men down to the ring, tired.

Blackfront: Both men would answer the ten count, but the action took a tumble outside.

Cut to Scorpion on the mat as Jack Hunter charges him with a forearm that sends him crashing to the ring floor. Jack Hunter slides out of the ring and picks up Scorpion, bounching his head off the steel steps. Scorpion grabs the barricade for relief but Hunter brings a knee up high, bends him over, positions him how he wants and delivers a HUGE Powerbomb onto the apron. Scorpion feeling it right in the small of his back.

Blackfront: Through the power of the Street Fight, Jack Hunter would gain the upper hand.

In the ring now as Hunter throws a jab at a woozy Scorpion. The punch backs him up. Hunter charges for a clothesline and levels Scorpion, letting out another “MOOOO!” before dropping to cover him. Scorpion gets the shoulder turned.

Blackfront: Scorpion would mount one last comeback attempt!

Hunter has Scorpion sitting on the turnbuckle, dazed, and waiting. Hunter climbs the turnbuckle, throwing an arm over Scorpion trying to Superplex him down to the ring. Scorpion throws a forearm shot that catches Hunter before pushing him back to the mat. Hunter rolls to a knee and takes a step forward as Scorpion jumps off catching him a Double Ax Handle knocking Jack Hunter to the match.

Blackfront: But could Scorpion capitalize?

Scorpion picks Hunter up and lifts him in the air looking for the Scorpion Claw but Hunter shifts and lands on his feet.

Blackfront: The answer would be no.

Hunter throws a high knee and shoves Scorpion beneath his legs.

Blackfront: In the end the King of the Street Fight would hit his Real Attack.

Hunter hits his version of the Tiger Driver ‘91, which isn’t that pretty at all. Scorpion is out cold. Hunter presses into a cover.

Blackfront: And the worst streak in UTA history would roll on.

Planting A Flag


After Hour cuts backstage to a pair of scantily clad burlesque women, hired to sell the unratedness of this new UTA endeavor. The pair of pale, succulent women notice the camera and begin to pose for it until, from off-screen, a green and black cloth is carried across the bottom of the screen. This accidential censor bar turns out to be a flag, carried by none other than El Trébol Jr who basically waddles across the room, oblivious to the women beside him. The camera, in turn, focuses on the little luchador as he makes his way to the center of the room, where staff and a few of the enrichment talent stand around, enjoying the free food and the other . . . well, the delicacies like the two that had just been passed. It was here that El Trébol plants his flag (the center of the room, not in the delicacies), clapping his now free hands to draw their attention to him.

El Trébol: Here thee, here thee! I have a proclamation to declare to you all.

The little man gestures widely to the room around him.

El Trébol: I have officially claimed After Hours as my domain.

The other people just stare at him, unsure as what to make of this statement from the luchador. Jamie Sawyers, who had been helping himself to a cupcake in the corner, speaks up.

Sawyers: How could you possibly do something like that?

El Trébol stares hard at the interviewer. It was obvious if he wasn't wearing the mask, he'd be wearing a face of pure annoyance at a question with such an obvious answer.

El Trébol: Check the flag, Jaime. The United States have placed flags on Iwo Jima and the moon for goodness sake. I placed my flag, thus I own it.

Sawyers: But the United States don't own either of those places. . .

Of course, the little guy completely ignores him.

El Trébol: Now, I'm well aware that this show has been billed as a home for the most hardcore of hardcore. But if my win over Skylar Montgomery three days ago was of any indication, I can hang with the best of these men. Thus, as my first order of business as Lord Trébol . . .

The little guy steps away from the flag, heading over to the corner of the room where various "hardcore" items had been placed as decorations. Snatching up a strand of barbed wire, El Trébol wrapped it around until he formed a crown of sorts of the barbed wire. Holding it above his head, he looked around at those gathered for suspense.

El Trébol: Forget your Kings. From this day forth, you may call me your Messiah of Hardcore.

To the surprise of many, the little guy jams the crown across his brow, yelping in pain almost immediately.

El Trébol: Holy [Redacted]! How the hell did Jesus do this?!

As quickly as he arrived, the luchador runs off-screen. The flag remained, though, along with the message that it sent: El Trébol was in charge, at least in his eyes.

So, How Does That Restraining Order Work Again?


Standing backstage in front of a UTA banner, Mr. Ace In The Hole is holding the Ace in the hole briefcase with both hands, tightly to his chest. The former Dynasty member is wearing an expensive suit and is standing like he is being interviewed. As the camera pans back, standing up in a chair is none other than Teddy, the former teddy bear of Xander.

Yes, the same Teddy that Sean Jackson stole during Xander's last run in UTA. But now the teddy bear looked different, now he has a toy microphone taped to his paw. The microphone was definitely out of place, but the obvious was only the beginning.

A clearing of the throat from off camera really turns this segment strange as the camera zooms in on Teddy.

Teddy: Welcome Mr. Jackson to After Hours Episode 1.

The voice of Teddy is being played by an unknown actor with a raspy voice. Probably has something to do with the stitches running across the throat, but you can tell that the Texas native spent Cecilworth's eighteen dollars on securing somebody for this skit. As the Mental Rapist goes to answer, the camera changes it's angle to a close up on the former World Champion.

Jackson: Why thank you Teddy, as always it is a pleasure to speak with you. How is life treating you without that loser Xander?

The camera goes back to the teddy bear.

Teddy: It was going good until I found out the idiot is back.

Fake crying is heard, followed by sniffles.

Teddy: I don't want to go back, I don't like it with him. He...he...

Kneeling down, the Mental Rapist tries to console him. It is easy to see what Sean is up to, trying to get in Xander's head to screw him up, to cause him to lose to Kodo Dragon.

Jackson: I know, I know Teddy. We all know he abused you, that he tortured you. Well it just so happens that I know the best attorney in the world and he can make sure you never go back to Xander.

The sniffling stops, as does the fake tears.

Teddy: Really?

As Mr. Ace In The Hole looks over his shoulder, Marshall Owens steps into the scene, and hovers just behind the Dallas, Texas native.

Owens: Hello Teddy, my name is Marshall Owens and I'm the attorney to the stars. If you tell me all the ways that Xander abused you, all the ways he made you feel uncomfortable, I can make sure you never have to worry about him again.

Teddy: Really?

Marshall and Sean both nod their heads.

Owens: Absolutely.

Jackson: See Teddy, I can make sure you never have to worry about him again. We can put a restraining order against him, hell if it gets bad enough, we can make it where he can't be in the same arena as you.

Teddy: Really?

Again Marshall and Sean nod their heads.

Owens and Jackson: Absolutely.

Teddy: That's great news, let's go somewhere private and talk about it.

Jackson: But what about our interview?

As the camera focuses on the attorney and his client, they both share a nod and wink before looking back towards the chair. However, the camera switches back to the chair and when Teddy isn't there, their eyes go wide. Confusion mounts until...

Teddy: Come on, I don't have all day.

The camera angle changes to down the hall where Teddy is seen propped up against the wall.

Jackson: Um, weren't we going to do an interview?

Teddy: I told you, I don't have all day.

Shrugging Sean and Marshall follow down the hall and towards the teddy bear when the last thing heard is....

Teddy: So how does that restraining order work again?


Xander Hayes vs. Kodo Dragon


We cut to Blackfront once again in the studio. He is adjusting his attire, as he realizes he is on air.

Blackfront: Our second match of the evening, would feature the surprising return of Xander Hayes to the UTA. He would take on newcomer Kodo Dragon. For those of you who don't remember Xander from his first run, it won’t take you long for him to jog your memory.

“Dance of the Crazy Pill” by X blares throughout the arena, and Xander Hayes appears from behind the curtain. The fans cheer loudly for the return of the UTA’s resident loon. He slaps hands on his way to the ring talking to himself all the way.

The entrance music changes over, and the fans immediately begin to boo the newcomer. Dragon appears on top of the stage with an American Flag. He smiles and carries it to the ring, as the fans reign down on him. Finally in the middle of the ring, he pulls out a lighter and tries to set the flag on fire.

Blackfront: Kodo Dragon attempting to offend every single american tonight, with this act of disrespect. Xander Hayes, wasn't about to allow this.

Back to the action Hayes is pulling on his own hair as Kodo still tries to light the flag. From out of nowhere Xander screams and runs at Dragon. With a hard lariat he knocks both the lighter and the flag from the hands of Kodo. The referee scoots the objects from the ring with his foot.

Hayes is heated, he is dropping boots and elbows as fast as possible as Dragon tries to cover himself.

X gets up and yells, the fans go nuts again, supporting the superstar. Back to the studio.

Blackfront: What we thought was going to be a pretty even matchup turned into the Xander Hayes show.

X whips Kodo across the ring and off the ropes, on the return he catches him with a back elbow. Xander walks to his turnbuckle and bashes his own head off of it a few times, before turning and seeing Kodo getting up. Taking off in a full sprint before spearing Kodo to the ground with authority!

The fans “oooooooooh” at it.

Hayes without delay grabs dragon and lifts him to his feet again before backing him into the turnbuckle. X picks up his opponent and turns him over into a tree of woe. He grabs the top rope, and uses it for leverage as he applies his boot to the face of Dragon, rubbing it back and forth forcefully.

Off the ropes now, Hayes jumps and dives with a basement dropkick to the head of Kodo Dragon. He pulls him away from the corner and goes for the cover.



Kick out!

Blackfront: Just because Hayes dominated the match does not mean that Dragon did not show off any of his skill. The young high flyer had plenty left in the tank. When he went for it… he went big!

We see Dragon dazed against the ropes, Hayes stops in the middle of the ring, and tries to clothesline Dragon up and over. At the last moment, Dragon drops to the mat pulling down the top rope. Xander cannot stop the momentum, and lands on the outside with a hard thud.

Dragon wastes no time as he gets up, runs off the ropes, and vaults himself over the top rope and to the outside with a springboard tope con hilo!

The fans go ballistic. Dragon gets up and tries to taunt Hayes, the crowd turns on him quickly.

Blackfront: In the end the unpredictable Hayes pulled off the win, in impressive fashion.

Dragon with a kick to the midsection in the middle of the ring! He locks X in position to deliver a vertical suplex. He lifts but Hayes feet stay planted. Again he lifts, and again the bigger superstar does not leave his feet. In one quick motion, Hayes rolls through the suplex attempt and lays out with the Extacy DDT!

Dragon seems to be out of it after that move. Wasting no time X picks him back up and sets him up…. here it comes…

He sets him up in the pump handle position before lifting and sitting out into a powerbomb!


Hayes smiles, then screams as the referee slides into position.




Announcer: And the winner of this match: Xander Hayesssssssssssssssssssssss!

Hayes just sits there, still in the pin position staring off into space. The referee shakes him a few time before he explodes with energy. Tossing Dragon off, he runs around the ring with his arms raised. The fans are loving it.

He rolls out through the middle ropes and looks around wildly as he heads back up the ramp.

Hardcore 4 life


All you can see is a black backdrop with the UTA logo plastered on it every six inches in either direction. There is an empty stool in front of the backdrop.

A few seconds pass before we see Jarvis Valentine come in from the right and set down on the stool. He has hair that is smashed to his skull from all the sweat from his match.

Jarvis: I must admit, I had my hesitations facing a women for the first time. Then I stepped in that ring tonight. Sabrina Baker and I gave it all we had, and she proved to me, that she deserves my respect.

He nods slowly. The sweat pours from his head.

Jarvis: Now that I have won my second match, I can begin to look forward to my next challenge in the UTA, Because in one short week, I take on Duke Dibbins!

Valentine smirks, and sarcastically begins to clap.

Jarvis: I have to applaud you sir. You have came into UTA without any training or sense of wrestling and yet, you have been able to succeed . Your brother was able to capture what I want, and that is the UTA Hardcore Championship!

Valentine pauses to let that sink in. He wants everyone to know what he is after.

Jarvis: Duke, as a wrestling fan, I think you guys are great. However as a competitor, I can’t give you any slack. I am working my way through the Hardcore ranks, and you clearly stand in my way of reaching that championship.  You are my third opponent here in UTA and I have to win!

He wipes away a few stray hairs that have fallen on his face, as he grows more serious by the second.

Jarvis: Duke, I can already tell you are going to put up one hell of a fight. You are a man, who like me, can take a beating. I think we can give these people their money's worth, I think we can blow the roof off After Hours.

He scoots closer to the camera, excited.

Javis: Come the next After Hours Duke, be prepared, because i need this win more than you need a shower. I want to give the fans of UTA what they want, and that is someone they can look upto as champion. A proud champion!  I can’t lose this match. I won’t lose! Because i'm not only doing this for myself, I'm doing it for every single fan out there.

Jarvis gets up and walks out the same way he came in to take his seat to reveal the backdrop and stool as the scene fades.

Luke Dibbins vs. Sexton Hardon


The scene opens to Jason Blackfront standing in the UTA Headquarters. All around him are TV monitors showing different UTA Events and matches. He is looking directly into the camera.

Blackfront: The main event of the evening was Luke Dibbins taking on edgy newcomer Sexton Hardon. In a match that featured the newly recommissioned UTA Hardcore Championship. Luke won it just before International Affair on Proving Grounds, beating out Jack Hunter, Skylar Montgomery, and his very own brother Duke Dibbins.

The scene cuts to show Sexton Hardon making his way to the ring. He’s doing his signature wiggle all the way down the ramp. Dancing very seductively towards members of the female audience. Jason's voiceover remains.

Blackfront: First off we had Sexton coming to the ring, the former GCW Prodigy looking to make a big impact here in the UTA and walk away with the Hardcore title.

Next we see the Dibbins making the way to the ring together. Luke holds up his championship, as Duke looks around, he shrugs looking for the second title.

Blackfront: Next up was Luke Dibbins, and what we thought was his support team in his brother Duke, but the two had other plans.

The referee calls for the bell and Duke exits the ring, but not the apron. As the referee asks him to get down, he grabs the tag rope and remains. The referee calls for the bell, and the two competitors take off for the center of the ring.

A quick tie up as Sexton tries to push Luke towards the turnbuckle. Luke counters by using his strength to toss Sexton to his back. Hardon quickly rises to his feet and smiles.

The scene cuts back to Jason Blackfront in the studio.

Blackfront: These two would continue to get more and more violent and finally Sexton would get the upper hand.

We cut back to the match, as the ring is now cluttered with weapons. We see Sexton and Luke both getting to their feet. Hardon grabs a Light tube. He yells to Luke who looks over, Sexton tosses the lighttube at him, and immediately runs towards him.

Luke's reflexes kick in, and he catches the light tube careful not to break it, then he sees Sexton but it's too late. Hardon with a running crossbody block. The two go down with the tube in between them. As they land the loud POP can be heard. Sexton rises quickly to his feet, holding his chest and yelling out. Luke is down and out.

Sexton goes for the cover.




The scene cuts back to Blackfront in the studio.

Blackfront: That wouldn't be enough to take down the backwoods brawler! It wouldn't take Luke long to find his best weapon in this match, His brother Duke.

Back to the match, we see Hardon trying to deliver a piledriver onto a steel chair. He lifts but Luke won't budge. His weight a little too much for Hardon. Luke reverses the piledriver into an Alabama slam onto that same chair. He slowly crawls towards his corner.

Duke sees him coming, and begins to get excited on the outside. His feet pump up and down as he jumps on the apron waiting for the tag. The fans go nuts laughing at the pair as once again believe they are under tag team rules.

With the diving tag Duke comes into the match as a ball of fire, the ref tries to wave him off, but it is a hardcore match after all. Duke with right hand after right hand, reigning down on Sexton. Off the ropes goes Duke coming back with a clothesline.

Blackfront: These two would continue to tag in and out throughout the match, but Sexton Hardon would hold his own pretty well.

We cut back to the match and Sexton is pounding away at Duke on the outside of the ring. Hardon now grabs the Hardcore title from the timekeeper. As Duke turns around, Hardon levels him with the title. Luke hops off the ring apron and runs around the ring where the action is. Hardon sees him coming and once again surprises a Dibbins with gold to the face.

Both men lie on the ground holding their faces. Sexton takes the opportunity to showboat.

He straps on the title and poses to the fans. He walks up to a young lady in her early 20’s and gives her a little wiggle dance and points to the belt. She smiles as the Dibbins slowly get to their feet behind Sexton.

Duke goes to grab Hardon from behind, Luke stops him and puts his finger to his lips, telling Duke to keep quiet. Hardon oblivious to his opponent keeps dancing.

Luke from behind lifts his foot in between Hardons legs. LOW BLOW!

Blackfront: That would not be the last cheap shot in this match either, these two...or should I say three… competitors would go at it for over 20 minutes of intense hardcore action!

Back to the match, a table is set up in the ring. Both Dibbins have Sexton Hardon in the turnbuckle, they both deliver the boots to the midsection of the challenger.

Finally Sexton blocks one, then another, the fans come alive as he starts coming back.

Duke swings wildly, Hardon ducks underneath, grabs Duke by the waist and tosses him over the top to the floor.

Luke tries to kick at Sexton but it's caught, Sexton spins Luke into the corner now and lights him up with a barrage of fists.

He lifts Luke to the top turnbuckle, no easy task. He begins to climb himself, he turns on the second turnbuckle and hoists Luke on to his shoulder… The fans hush.

The Dirty Dangler from the middle rope through the table!!!

The crowd explodes as Hardon turns him over and covers…






Announcer: your winner, and NEWWW UTA Hardcore Champion…. SEXXXXTON HARDON!!!!!

Hardon jumps up and looks for the title, The referee hands it to him, and he quickly rolls out of the ring as the Dibbins are coming to.

On the ramp, he holds his head with one hand, the other holds the title straight up in the air. He gyrates around with it, as he walks away. The camera fades on two angry Dibbins in the ring.

We cut back to the studio, and Jason Blackfront.

Blackfront: There you go ladies and gentlemen. Your new UTA Hardcore Champion Sexton Hardon! What a vicious match! Well that wraps it up for the first edition of After Hours, I’m your host Jason Blackfront!.

The scene fades away.

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