Victory XL

26 Oct 2015

Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris (seats 18,000)


As the stream fades up from black, the Monday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across the arena.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Dick Fury and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another exciting episode of Monday Night Victory. I'm Jennifer Williams and with me for the last time... Dick Fury.

Fury: That's right Jennifer, Dick is moving on.

He reaches below the table and lifts up a championship belt, placing it in front of him.

Fury: Dick has recently claimed the Midwest Wrestling Alliance Television Championship and will be heading back to the ring full time.

Williams: I want to say congratulations on the title win Dick, and let you know that while I never agree with your outlook, I hope you go far.

Dick just laughs.

Fury: Dick doesn't need to go far, Jenn. MWA needs to step up, and Dick is the one who will make them.

Jennifer just shakes her head.

Williams: This is also the final Victory before International Affair as our time slot will be filled with an extra special episode of Proving Grounds in two weeks. But for now, we are going to head backstage where Stand Davis is standing by with Victory's Mikey Unlikely.

A Few Choice Words.

A Few Choice Words

The scene opens up in front of a WrestleUTA Backdrop. There stands Rumor Man Stan, the Greatest Entertainer in the World - Mikey Unlikely, and Mikey’s Bride to Be - Mary Jane. Mikey wears a pair of jeans, a #FreeMikeyUnlikely t-shirt, and a pair of trainers. Mary Jane is dressed as usual in a long black dress. Her hair curled to perfection. Rumor Man Stan is making eyes at her as he starts.

Rumor Man Stan: Ladies and Gentleman, I am joined at this time by The World’s Greatest Entertainer and his fiance Mary Jane.

Mikey’s smile spreads ear to ear as the fans can be heard booing - seeing the footage broadcast to them on the big screen.

Rumor Man Stan: First off Mikey, allow me to congratulate you on the big news! I believe that was a first in the UTA, as we saw you propose to MJ, last week here on Victory.

Mikey takes his time to respond, watching Stan, before turning to the camera.

Unlikely: Thanks Stan! Much appreciated Bro-migo. I would tell you to watch your mail for an official invitation but I’m afraid you didn’t quit make the list.

Stan looks dejected.

Unlikely: Unfortunately an A-Lister like myself, can only invite so many people to his marital experience! A true celebrity affair! I’m afraid the attendees from Hollywood, far outweigh those of WrestleUTA.

Mikey smiles with excitement, he looks to MJ. MJ’s eyes are glossed over with dreams of their special day.

RMS: Well as unfortunate as that is, we are here tonight about the annoucement that was made last Monday Night on Wrestleshow. Will Haynes informed the world that the two of you will meet November 15th, live from the Tokyo Dome in an “I Quit” match.

Mikey nods along with the facts. The fans pop for the match, they’ve been waiting for this one for a long while.

Unlikely: It seems that Willie has taken it upon himself to just assign match stipulations! What a difference in the power structure from James Wingate to Michael Lorenzo! This place is a mad house!

He shakes his head, trying to get back on topic.

Unlikely: The only thing I can assume is that Will Haynes had a dream. The man brushed his teeth, got into his little footie pajamas, put the Boyz-In-The-Hood album on low, and dreamt.

Mary Jane laughs at his awful jokes.

Unlikely: He dreamt of some nefarious scenario where he, or anyone else on this planet for that matter, could make me, Mikey Unlikely, the GREATEST Entertainer in the World say “I quit.”

Stan rolls his eyes, after turning his head away from Mikey of course.

Unlikely: Well what Tokyo and the rest of the world is going to see, is what I’ve been saying all alon….

Suddenly from the right of the screen comes a charging Will Haynes. Mary Jane screams and jumps backwards as the Thrill drives Mikey right into the backdrop, causing it to crash down on top of the two men. Rumor Man Stan starts to go towards them to help, but quickly realizes Haynes is not done.

Haynes sits up, grabbing Mikey with his left hand to steady him. His right hand is busy firing punches off into the head of Unlikely.

Mary Jane: WILL! STOP IT!

Finally Mikey is able to defend himself. Unlikely swings with a hard forearm that catches Haynes in the jaw. Will is Dazed, and Mikey is able to squirm his way out from underneath. They both stand up and Haynes quickly continues his assault. Mikey tries to head down the hall but is caught from behind.

Haynes runs and Bulldogs Mikeyface first into the wall. Mikey smacks it loudly before falling to the ground. Haynes starts stomping a hole in the World’s Greatest Entertainer.

Mary Jane now takes off her heels, and runs from behind and jumps on the back of Will Haynes. She claws at his eyes as he yells out and tries to pry her arms off.

Mikey takes the opportunity to take off down the hall. Haynes finally shakes MJ loose, setting her on the ground carefully before taking off down the hall in pursuit of Unlikely.

The camera turns back to Rumor Man Stan who just stands there, Jaw dropped, and confused.

Marie Van Claudio vs. B.R. Ellis

Williams: Things are heating up between Mikey Unlikely and Will Haynes!

Fury: Haynes is just showing off as much as possible before Mikey puts him in his place and makes him scream that he quits.

We cut back to the stage as the theme song of B.R. Ellis rings out around the arena. The fans boo the newcomer as he comes through the curtain and onto the stage.

Williams: B.R. Ellis not getting too much of a welcome here in Paris.

Fury: French people never show any respect.

Ellis wastes no time at the top of the ramp, he is marching directly towards the ring. On the way down, he raises his arms into the air, as the crowd boos catching him off guard.

Announcer: Hailing from El Paso, Texas.

He slides into the ring, bypassing the steps.

Announcer: He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall, and weighing in at 252 lbs.

Ellis walks over to the nearest turnbuckle and stops and waits for his opponent, he signals to the crowd one more time as the announcer says his name.


B.R. stomps his feet as he awaits his opponent.

The Bitch Is Back By Elton John plays as the fans are cheering.

Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she walks onto the ramp while flipping her hair around. Marie takes a crack at her neck and walks down to the ring.

Williams: The Van Claudio's have a rich history here in Paris.

Marie keeps on walking to the ring as the fans are giving her applause.

Announcer: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Marie gets right into the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 5’7 and weighing in at 127 pounds...

Marie preps for the match.

Announcer: Marie Van Claudio

Moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song begins to fade out.

Williams:  This should be a good intergender match up.

As the bell sounds, both superstars begin to circle before locking up.

Williams: Her we go. Intergender action as we kick off another exciting episode of Victory.

Ellis overpowers MVC, bringing her into a side headlock.

Williams: Side headlock by B.R. Ellis. Marie pushes him off. Ellis into the ropes and now on the return.

Marie Van Claudio bends to catch the oncoming B.R. Ellis, but instead is caught in the face by a rising knee.

Williams: Ellis with a knee to Marie.

Fury: What was she going to do if she caught him anyways? He's a man and she is not.

Williams: When has that ever meant anything here in the UTA, Dick? Just look at Zhalia Fears taking La Flama Blanca to the limit on Wrestleshow last week.

Fury: Yea, but did she win?

Williams: Well... no.

Fury: Case in point.

Marie stumbles back holding her face. As she does, Ellis runs forward, leaping and grabbing the back of her head as he throws his legs out.

Williams: Running bulldog by B.R. Ellis.

Fury: This is pathetic.

Ellis turns Marie over and covers her. As the referee slides into place, he counts along with him.

Williams: Ellis with the cover.. two.. no! kick out by Marie Van Claudio at two.

B.R. gets to his knees and motions at the referee that it was three. The referee shakes his head No and waves two fingers in his face. Aggravated, B.R. grabs Marie by the head and pulls her to her feet as he stands.

Williams: B.R. Ellis grabs the arm of Marie Van Claudio now. Claudio sent running toward the corner.

Ellis runs behind her. As she approaches the corner, she grabs the top ropes and uses them to lift herself up and over the oncoming Ellis, who crashes hard into the turnbuckle.

Williams: Marie able to avoid a collision!

B.R. stumbles back, holding his chest. As he does, MVC pushes him back first into the turnbuckle. She slaps his hands away from his chest, placing them over the top ropes hooking them under by his elbows. She then raises her hand up high and comes down with a devastating chop across his chest.

Williams: What a chop!

Fury: That hurt Dick's chest just watching.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio following up with another one of those patented Van Claudio chops across the chest of B.R. Ellis, leaving his chest glowing.

As her hand connects, it is hard enough for him to kick his feet up as a reaction.

Williams: You were saying about women and men, Dick?

Fury: It's not over.

Marie grabs ahold of Ellis' head and turns. As she does, she pulls him face down and over her shoulder into a seated position on the canvas. The fans cheer a little.

Williams: Snapmare by Claudio, now into a sleeper hold.

She leans into the back of B.R. Ellis with the side of her leg as she holds tight around his neck.

Williams: If she is able to put B.R. out with this, it could be a huge win for Marie here in this opening match.

Fury: What a change for her. Dick heard it's usually Marie Van Claudio who is choked until she passes out. But usually because men get tired of her running her mouth and want to shut her up.

Williams: DICK! That is so uncalled for.

MVC moves in tighter, getting a firmer grip as B.R. raises his arms, his fingers barely moving as he begins to fade away.

Williams: B.R. Ellis trying to stay in this one, but I am unsure how long he can hold on.

He moves his hands up behind him, patting the head of MVC, trying to fight being put out. Finally he just grabs ahold of her hair with both hands and begins to pull. MVC lets out a shriek of pain as she loses her grip.

Williams: B.R. Ellis pulling Marie's hair to get free.

Fury: it worked didn't it?

As she loses her grip, Ellis pulls away and drops to the canvas, holding his throat as he rolls to his back. Angry, Marie turns and comes forward. As she reaches down in a forward momentum, B.R. throws a foot up, that catches her in the face, sending her twisting and down to the canvas. The fans boo.

Williams: An odd reaction here tonight as the fans who are usually behind B.R. Ellis and not Marie Van Claudio seem to be going the opposite.

Fury: It's France. People are just weird in France.

Ellis rolls up and to a knee, quickly grabbing MVC by her hair from behind and using it to repeatedly slam her face into the canvas before the referee can come to her aid and pull B.R. Ellis off of her.

Williams: A different B.R. Ellis than we are used to here tonight. Unforgiving... violent...

Fury: Dick's kind of guy!

The referee pushes B.R. back wagging his finger and making hair pulling motions as he can be seen warning Ellis to cut it out. While they argue, Marie crawls on her arms toward the the edge of the ring. She reaches up and grabs the middle rope. As she pulls her body up, holding onto it for leverage, B.R. runs past the referee and leaps up throwing his leg across her upper back, choking her on the middle rope. The fans boo as he pulls away and she flops back to the canvas.

Williams: Williams: I think ruthless is the perfect work to describe B.R. Ellis here tonight.

Fury: Dick loves it. The whole locker room should be taking notes.

Williams: B.R. Ellis stomping away at the ribs of Marie Van Claudio now.

After a few stomps, he grabs her by her hair, and pulls her halfway to her feet before shoving her head between his arm following up with a body shot to the ribs.

Williams: Ellis lifts for a supl- No!

Marie turns and slides down behind him.

Williams: Marie is able to escape. She pushes B.R. away.

He stumbles forward before stopping. As he turns, Marie runs and jumps up.

Williams: Dropkick connects!

The fans cheer as B.R. Ellis hits the canvas.

Williams: Marie needs to use this opportunity to turn things around.

Fury: Just buying herself a little time before Ellis gets his hands on her and ends this for good.

Williams: Can you not be a little more positive Dick?

Fury: Dick is positive.

Williams: I'm not talking about your HIV status.

Fury: Hardy har har Jennifer. No, Dick is positive that B.R. Ellis is finally going to be the one to put Marie Van Claudio in her place here tonight.

MVC quickly reaches down and lifts the legs of B.R. Ellis before immediately stomping his inner thigh. She screams at him with a very Matter-of-fact type of aggression afterwards.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio displaying her disdain for Ellis' actions so far tonight.

Marie looks at the corner before heading over.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio now climbing the corner turnbuckle. Ellis rolls over and starts to slowly push up.

Williams: B.R is up... Marie perched on that top turnbuckle...

Ellis turns. As he does, Marie leaps off, turning as she catches his head and hits the canvas. The fans scream.

Williams: MONTREAL SPIN OUT! She goes for the cover!

The referee slides into position and begins to count. The fans count along with him.

Williams: This one is over... three! Marie Van Claudio does it!

The bell starts to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... MARIE... VAN... CLAAAUUUDDDIIIOOOO!!!!

Williams: Marie Van Claudio with a huge win here tonight against B.R. Ellis.

Fury: Just luck.

Williams: Whatever you say Dick.

Marie gets to her feet and looks determined as the referee grabs her arm and raises it in victory.

Choice Words Part 2

Choice Words: Part 2

The scene reopens to the merchandise area. Fans are about buying t shirts, foam fingers, delicious treats, and overpriced alcoholic beverages.

Suddenly from one side of the crowd comes a commotion. Noise and cheers. The crowd moves with the commotion. Finally as the camera gets through the swarm of bodies, in the middle is Mikey Unlikely and Will Haynes. Still brawling.

Security holds back the fans in all directions as the Haynes lifts a tin napkin container from a table and smashes Mikey across the head with it.

Williams: Oh My! This fight is still going on! They have reached the concourse level of the arena. Haynes taking the fight right to Mikey now. These two aren’t going to wait for International Affair.

Fury: C’Mon Mikey!

Unlikely uses a nearby table to pull himself to his feet. He kicks at Haynes, and follows it up with a knee. Mikey continues to flee, he grabs a beer and throws it at Haynes, splashing everywhere. He continues to throw things behind him to thwart The Thrill’s pursuit.

He tosses a table…

He dumps a trashcan as he trips by…

knocks over a glass display case…

Williams: Who’s going to pay for that?

Fury: If there is one thing Mikey has Jennifer, its money!

Williams: Will Haynes wants to hurt Mikey Unlikely here tonight. He’s been waiting months for this moment! Sitting in a hospital bed, watching while Mikey beat down his friends, and take his girl.

Fury: Jealous Much?

Haynes pushing past everything is slowly catching up with Mikey as he is trying to hard to create obstacles. Finally as Haynes reaches out and grabs the short hair of Mikey, Unlikely lets out a scream that sounds much like one, that should come from Mary Jane.

Haynes drops some forearms into the head of Mikey. He is staggered as Haynes grabs a chair. He swings for Unlikely, but having regained his balance, he dodges the strike. Mikey crawls through a maintenance door that reads “Staff Only” Haynes follows.

Williamson: Will Haynes still has a match here tonight! How’s he going to be ready!?

We change scenes.

Brought to You By

Brought to you By

Thorpe vs Murray Contract Signing

Thorpe vs Murray Contract Signing

Back at ringside, the camera focuses on Jennifer Williams and the soon-to-be-departed Dick Fury at the announce table.

Williams: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen. We are just three weeks away from one of the biggest events in the UTA calendar, International Affair, and anticipation levels are about to hit the roof.

Fury: Blanca vs. Dane, Mikey vs. Haynes, Jackson vs. Cashe, Murray vs. Thorpe… Dick can hardly wait.

Williams: We have not one but two contract signings on the docket tonight, and it’s time to get on with the first one. Cayle Murray and Colton Thorpe have been at each other’s throats for nigh-on five months, and it all comes to a head in Tokyo! Let’s take it to Michael Lorenzo…

The camera swooshes away from the commentators and towards the ring, where Lorenzo stands, mic in hand. There’s a table in front of him, with no more than the match contract and a ballpoint pen on its surface.

Lorenzo: Good evening one and all and welcome to Victory XL!

A nice cheap pop goes up.

Lorenzo: International Affair will see the culmination of one of the most personal feuds of the United Toughness Alliance’s modern era, and it’s time to make the match official. First, ladies and gents, allow me to introduce the challenger to Colton Thorpe’s UTA Wildfire Championship… CAYLE MURRAY!

A quick burst of TV static rips through the arena, before Bad Religion’s breakneck “Sinister Rouge” kicks-in with full force. The rising Scot steps out from the backstage area to a hefty roar from the crowd, and he pauses at the top of the ramp, putting a hand to his brow and using his eyes to scan the arena like a lookout.

Williams: Take a look at one of the most popular young men on the UTA roster! Cayle Murray has really captured the imagination of the UTA faithful, and he’s already defeated the likes of Chris Hopper and Mikey Unlikely on the road to superstardom.

Fury: But can he get the job done against a guy like Thorpe, who’s shown he’ll do anything -- and Dick means anything -- to get the all-important W? Will he swing that steel chair if it comes down to it? Will he dent it against Thorpe’s skull? Dick has his doubts.

Williams: You can call his code of morals a weakness, Dick, but I’d argue it’s his greatest strength. If he’s gonna beat Colton Thorpe, he’s gonna beat him his way, and that’s why people find it so easy to get behind him. The guy’s as honest as they come.

Fury: Honesty and approval don’t win matches though, Jen. Calamurray would do well to remember that going into International Affair.

Finally ready to leave the stage, Murray starts a slow stroll down to the ring. He immediately heads for one side and starts slapping hands as soon as he reaches floor-level.

Williams: This is exactly what I was talk-- HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!

Before Cayle has a chance to reach the ring, his lights go out.


The blaring punk rock is replaced by the crowd’s jeers as Colt stands proud over his fallen challenger, raising his weapon -- the Wildfire Championship -- in the air. Behind him, Eric Dane is full of approval.

Williams: This isn’t right.

Fury: Colt isn’t waiting for International Affairs!

Cayle is seeing a few birdies that the rest of the arena can’t as he pulls himself up to all fours. It isn’t too long he spends in that position as a swift kick to the stomach helps lift him off the metal ramp, sending him rolling down towards the ring. Michael Lorenzo walks over towards the ropes, leaning overtop of them.

Lorenzo: Enough! Stop it now!

Eric Dane smiles as Lorenzo attempts to halt the two men as they assist Murray to the ring, and his reply is an unflattering flip of the bird that the entire arena can see. Colt and Eric each grab an arm of the Scot, lifting him with ease en route to rolling him into the ring.

Williams: These two men ought to be ashamed of themselves. Attacking Cayle from behind is such a cowardly thing to do.

Fury: Murray should've learned by now to enter the arena second. Really, this one is on him.

Colt rolls in behind Cayle, while Eric takes the long route, heading for the steps. Walking up to Lorenzo, Colt rips the microphone from his hand before walking over to the table. He looks down at the contract and the executive pen resting on top of it, before looking back at Cayle who has risen to his knees. That’s when…



Cayle finds himself flat on his back, once again, after Colt connects with the jaw rattling kick. Walking along the apron, Eric sits on the middle rope, pushing up on the top as he stares at Lorenzo. Tilting his head towards the outside of the ring, he signals for the boss to exit the ring as Lorenzo stares back at him defiantly.

Thorpe: Hey! You remember what that man did inside The Chamber? Or what he did in that gauntlet match you thought was a good idea? I’d suggest you don’t disrespect him and his kind gesture.

Lorenzo pauses briefly, before obliging to Dane and his rope holding gesture. After hopping off the apron to the outside, Lorenzo walks over towards the announcers table as Dane enters the ring. Colt having turned his attention back to the contract, wastes little time picking the pen up and scribbling his signature down on the legal document.

Thorpe: I beat you Cayle, fair and square. You had an opportunity, and you lost. I offered you my hand, and you spit on it. And I’m the bad guy...

The crowd continues to boo as Eric grabs onto the back of Cayle’s shirt, dragging him closer towards the table.

Thorpe: You just couldn’t accept that I beat you. My victory and successful championship defense was an ‘ill-gotten gain’, according to you. I’ve been chipping away pieces of my soul in the name of success, according to you. Hell, according to you, Colton Thorpe is the Cayle Murray of yesterday.

Colt looks out into the crowd, holding his free hand out to his side.

Thorpe: I don’t know if it’s just me, but those sound like the words of a jealous man. A man who just can’t accept that there is someone better than him. And he is the man you people choose to cheer and rever, week in and week out.

The crowd boos, trying their best to drown out Colt. Walking around to the other side of the table, Colt leans against the ropes as Eric hoists Cayle up, plopping his upper body up onto the table top, facedown.

Thorpe: You cried cheater. You had to make an excuse for your loss, so I was unfairly pegged a cheater by you and your followers. Then, in the fashion of a true bitch, you went running to his office…

Colt points over the top rope at Lorenzo, who is still standing outside of the ring.

Thorpe: ...and begged and pleaded for one more chance to try and knock the big bad bully off his pedestal. And you got it. He actually gave you another, undeserved opportunity. But honestly, I’m not surprised. Not in the least bit. He’s had it in for me since the moment he took this show over.

Colt turns his attention to Lorenzo, only long enough to wink at Victory’s showrunner before looking back at Cayle and Eric.

Thorpe: But that’s okay. I’m a fighting champion, and I’ve never been one to turn down a fight. So please, sign the paper. Make it official, I insist. This is what you wanted, right?


Colt reaches overtop the table, and connects with a slap the echoes throughout the arena and onsets a series of boos and woos.


Colt takes the pen, and reaches forward, grabbing onto Cayles hand. Forcing the pen inside the grip of Cayle’s four fingers and thumb, he assists him in signing his name on the dotted line. When he is done, Dane let's go of Murray, letting him slump to the canvas.

Thorpe: There you have it! It’s official, people!  And this goes to show each and every one of you here and watching at home that when things don’t go your way in life, don’t employ hard work to turn your fortunes around. Oh no, alls you need to do is whine, bitch and moan until you get your own way.

Colt grabs the clipboard with the contract attached to it, and frisbee tosses it outside the ring in the direction of Lorenzo. Grabbing onto the edge of the table, Colt flips it over to the side, eliminating the barrier that existed between himself and Cayle.

Thorpe: Colton Thorpe versus Cayle Murray for the Wildfire Championship at International Affairs. Has a nice ring to it though, doesn’t it? What remains to be seen though is whether or not your beloved Cayle Murray makes it there...

Colt tosses the microphone outside the ring, a static spike echoing upon impact with the floor.

But his fun’s not over yet -- not by a longshot.

As Cayle struggles to the floor, Eric Dane reaches down into his boot...

Williams: Oh come on! You’ve done enough!

… and tosses him his favourite piece of cutlery.

Fury: Uh-oh, someone’s about to get a good forkin’...

Wearing a mask of pride, Eric Dane reaches down to the fallen Scot and grabs him by the hair, hauling him up unceremoniously. Wild-eyed and ready to strike, Colton Thorpe grips the fork tightly.

Williams: No! Not this! Somebody stop this!

Dane pulls Murray’s head back by the hair then slides one arm under his armpit. Before the Half Nelson can become Full, however, Cayle summons the very last of his energy. An elbow catches Dane straight in the ribs, and the second forces him to dislodge. As the wolf, Thorpe, closes in, Murray scrambles out of the ring to safety.

Williams: Thank GOD for that!

Fury: Damnit! Dick just wanted to see somebody get forked.

The Wildfire Champion’s face flushes with hot, red anger as Bad Religion plays over the PA system once again. Exhausted, battered and beaten, Cayle flops himself over the barricade and into the crowd, where an army of friends give him the breathing space he needs.

Williams: The match is official, and Cayle’s almost escaped in one piece… but wow, what an explosive way to set the tone.

Fury: Murray didn’t enter the ring on his own accord, but that was a cunning escape. He might not have even made it to International Affair if Dane and Thorpe had their way.

Williams: The Wildfire Title match is official, then. Let’s hope that Dane and LFB’s little inking sessions goes down a little quieter than this...

International Affair Tour Continues!!!!!!!

International Affair Tour Continues!!!!!!!

Following the ongoing action throughout the night the tron lights up for the  fans, with the UTA logo and into the greeting face of the UTA's Hall of Famer Dr. Emo. His back to the large screen that spans his studio room, he welcomes the viewers.

Dr. Emo: Evening all to another edition of Victory! I'm here once again with the quick recap of our latest event, Wrestleshow, out of Dublin last week. Tonight will just be a quick rundown and I urge you all to tune into the UTA Network to catch the show if you missed it live.

The screen behind him lights up to the face of the one and only-

Dr. Emo: Cecilworth Farthington. Wrestleshow has a face of power once more. Officially, according to Mr. Lorenzo. And yet even with this the case we still have some mice skirting under the door into the UTA, such as those Dibbins who took on Dynasty's CBR and Kendrix in their debut.

We switch to the Ace in the Hole briefcase.

Dr. Emo: Someone let the bum into the building again. Jason Cashe known elsewhere for other things learned why Sean Jackson is the top of the industry, and without a doubt, not the man to get into fisticuffs with.

Onwards to Will Haynes!

Dr. Emo: I Quit match. Haynes greeted us from Victory to announce that will be the end all for this ongoing rivalry with Michael Unlikely and Will Haynes, come the International Affair in Tokyo!

Cut to the UTA Championship.

Dr. Emo: And of course the Main Event saw the UTA world Championship defended against Zhalia Fears. A hard fought battle from bell to bell for both competitors but La Flama Blanca once more proved why he is, to quote myself earlier, the top of the industry. That boot of his can come out of nowhere and turn the tables on any of his opponents.

Smiling the screen fades out while Emo looks directly at the camera.

Dr. Emo: Tonight the contract signing between Dane and Blanca will occur but come International Affair we will again see Dynasty reign supreme. The young are just that much better than the old, folks.

Cue up the Wrestleshow preview page on the website behind him.

Dr. Emo: And as always coming up on the next Wrestleshow as we come to you from the Ethihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, there will be no nonsensical contract signings. Just action! Currently booked for the show:

OG Thumper vs Hardcore Ganster Ashley

CBR vs Tommy Gunner

Sexton Hardon vs Zhalia Fears

Chris Hopper vs Dan Benson

Sean Jackson vs Kendrix.

Dr. Emo: That last one is sure to be one hell of a main event! As always, enjoy the rest of the show and see you next time!

Emo turns and starts walking out of the camera view as the studio goes dark and the scene fades elsewhere.

Amy Harrison vs. Jack Hunter

Trouble by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison comes out to a chorus of boos. Amy looks out to the crowd and starts to yell back at them.

Williams: Amy Harrison is hoping for a win here tonight in Paris.

Fury: Dick thinks she's going to get street fighted!

Amy walks down the aisle determined, while stopping to yell at a few fans in the crowd.

Announcer: Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, and tells everyone that she's the best, before getting in the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 5'4 and weighing in at 114 pounds...

Amy looks right at the crowd and tells them to Shut the hell up!

Announcer: Amy Harrison

Amy shakes her head at the crowd as she starts to get ready for the match.

Williams: Amy is a bit rough around the edges, but has shown tremendous skill in the ring.

Amy then limbers up in the ring to get herself ready.

Fury: Dick would love to help her soften up those edges some.

Williams: Gross.

Announcer:  Introducing next, Weighing in at two-hundred, twenty pounds and fighting out of Queens, New is JACK HUNTER!!!

An Instrumental version of This Fire Burns plays throughout the PA boxes as Jack Hunter walks to the ring with his black hoodie on, he looks at the fans and shakes his head and gets on the steps. He taunts on the apron and gets in the ring, Hunter jumps on the top rope and taunts. He get's off the top rope and laughs, Jack sits in the corner as he takes off his hoodie.

As the bell sounds Jack Hunter rushes Amy Harrison.

Williams: Hunter charging first here.

He takes a swing at Amy's head. However, Amy ducks to the side and brings a flat open hand around, smacking him across the face.

Williams: Hard slap in return by Amy Harrison

She gets into Jack's face yelling about Why would you want to punch a woman in the face?!

Williams: Amy taking offense to Jack's out of the corner offense, and quite frankly I don't blame her. he tried to punch her in the face!

Fury: As opposed to what? Dropping her on her head? Look Jenny-poo, Jack has street fighted his entire life. Man, woman, dog, space alien, Kevin Costner.. it doesn't matter. Jack Hunter will street fighted the hell out of them. Amy Harrison is no exception.

Williams: Still, there are more tactful ways to handle intergender matches than Jack and even B.R. Ellis have displayed tonight.

Jack rubs his mouth and smiles, yelling for Amy to do it again. She complies with more force than the first time.

Williams: This sicko seems to enjoy being slapped by Amy Harrison.

Fury: It's sure a lot better than being given the clap by Amy Harrison. Dick knows.

Amy clinches her fist and charges forward, slamming it repeatedly into the side of Jack's face. As she connects, he stumbles back until he is in the ropes.

Williams: Amy Harrison showing that she isn't playing games here tonight.

The referee quickly moves in between the two pushing Amy back. As he does, Jack brings a right hand up and pushes past the referee aiming directly at Amy's face. She side steps and turns, grabbing his arm and dropping him to the canvas.

Williams: Harrison turns what could have been a bad situation into an arm bar.

Fury: Come on Jack! You can street fighted better than that!

Williams: Harrison applying pressure now.

Jack spins his body around, quickly throwing his leg over Amy's back as he breaks free. Straddling her, Jack begins to bring forearm shots down and across the front of her face as the fans boo.

Williams: This is just disgusting.

Fury: If it was so bad, Chris Hopper would be here to save her. Since he isn't, Dick just guesses it's OK.

Williams: This is not OK at all Dick.

Jack stands up, his legs still on each side of Amy. Reaching down, he grabs her by her head and steps back as he pulls her to her feet.

Williams: Tonight both B.R. Ellis and Jack hunter have shown a side of themselves that just sickens me.

Fury: What's that? Seeing anyone who gets in the ring with them as competitors? When you step into the ring with an UTA Superstar as an UTA Superstar, sex doesn't matter. How many times does Dick need to explain this?

Williams: It doesn't make this any more right.

Jack Hunter turns Amy around and grabs her arm. Yanking back, he sends her across the ring and into the ropes.

Williams: Harrison on the return now.

Jack throws his arm out for a clothesline.

Williams: Harrison ducks...

As she ducks his arm, Amy grabs his arm and uses it and her momentum to pull up and slide around his body from behind. As she does, she is able to swing her legs around his neck as she swerves to in front of him and leans down, bringing him over and to the canvas hard.


As his body hits the canvas Amy's is positioned with her body on his chest, legs bent at the knees. She comes down with forearms across Jack's jaw repeatedly.

Williams: Now Amy Harrison returning the same type of aggression Jack hunter gave her.

Fury: Oh, and that's OK for her to do it?

Williams: It's not even the same Dick!

Amy stands up and steps over from Jack Hunter, yelling to the crowd.

Williams: Amy Harrison may have gotten the momentum she needs to come back now.

Fury: By doing exactly what you said Jack shouldn't be.

Williams: Really Dick?

Fury: Hypocrite.

Williams: Amy Harrison now drops a knee to the forehead of Jack Hunter.

As she stands back up, she grabs his head, and pulls him up with her.

Williams: Harrison with a forearm to Jack now... and another.

She grabs his arm, and sends him toward the ropes.

Williams: Jack Hunter on the return now... spinning elbow catches him in the face.

As he connects with Amy's elbow, Jack Hunter's feet go up and his back down to the canvas. Amy looks to the side before taking off.

Williams: Amy Harrison now charges the ropes... she hits them, and now on the return...

She throws her legs up as she leaps, falling back first across his chest.

Williams: Running senton by Amy Harrison!

She rolls off of Jack Hunter and pops to her feet before backing into the ropes on the opposite side. Taking off, Amy does a forward facing cartwheel that results in her leg coming down across Jack's neck and chest as she turns.

Williams: What a divalicious leg drop by Amy Harrison!

Fury: Divalic- Are you kidding Dick?

Jack places his hands across his chest and on his neck as he gasp for air. Turning over he begins to push up with Amy standing behind him.

Williams: Amy Harrison waiting for the right moment to strike.. Hunter getting to his feet now.


Amy wiggles her fingers before grabbing Jack and turning him around. She grabs his left arm, and places her foot up to his chin before throwing her other leg up and dropping to the canvas. Hunter comes down and is shot up, his chin smashing on the bottom of her boot. As he hits the canvas, Amy quickly covers him.


The referee slides into position and begins to count.

Fury: Not like this Jack! NOT LIKE THIS!

As his hand hits the canvas for a third time, the referee gets to his knees and calls for the bell.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... AMY... HAAARRRIISSSOOONNN!!!!!

Williams: Amy Harrison was met by a tough opponent tonight who showed no remorse for his actions, but was able to overcome the odds and come out the winner.

Fury: Overcome the odds? Dick's glad after tonight he's gone if this is the kind of praise hypocrites get.

Williams: Me too Dick, me too.

Amy celebrates in the ring.



Cut once again to the backstage arena, where Victory’s GOAT Interviewer and all-round good guy Rumor Man Stan stands primed and ready, mic-in-hand.

Stan: Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier this evening we saw Cayle Murray and Colton Thorpe get together to sign the contract and make their International Affairs clash official, but things didn’t quite go to plan for one of the parties…

Stan’s image flips to a small box in the bottom right corner of the screen and highlights of the “contract signing” takeover the rest. Footage of Cayle Murray walking down the ramp before being clobbered by the Wildfire belt rolls, followed closely by the Thorpedo that knocked his marbles flying.

Stan: Murray was ambushed on the ramp, but that was only the start as Colton Thorpe – flanked by Eric Dane – delivered a typically hate-filled diatribe, and then…

Switch to the forced contract-signing, then Eric Dane pulling the infamous fork from his boot and tossing it to Thorpe. The last highlight we see is of Murray’s desperation elbows and escape to the crowd, followed by Thorpe’s gooseberry-red face.

Stan: Fortunately Cayle was able to escape before Thorpe and Dane could put him out of action, but the assault still necessitated a trip to the doctor’s office, and that’s where I am right now…

The highlights die, and Stan takes the screen over again. The closed door behind him has a big medical symbol plastered across it.

Stan: Let’s head inside for an update on Cayle’s cond—

Before Stan can action his plan, however, the door swings open, catching the intrepid Rumor Man off-guard. A weary-looking Cayle Murray emerges in his street clothes, clutching an ice pack tightly to his head. Though his privacy’s been interrupted, he clocks Stan with a polite smile and nod.

Stan: Oh, Cayle! Can I get a few words from you?

Murray: Of course.

Cayle pulls the ice away from his head as Stan speaks.

Stan: Things haven’t gone quite the way you’d planned this evening… how do you explain what happened earlier?

Murray: I got my arse kicked, that’s for sure.

The Scot laughs.

Murray: I should’ve seen it coming. These aren’t men, but cowards. You saw what happened out there, Stan: Dane and Thorpe know nothing of honour and integrity, and tonight proves it. Instead of meeting me face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball, Colt brought his Daddy with him and stuck a knife in my back. But that’s fine…

He pauses.

Murray: Even though I didn’t sign on my own accord, it’s official now. Cayle Murray. Colton Thorpe. International Affair. In three weeks’ time, Colt’s gotta get in that ring and do battle with everything he isn’t. Honesty, courage, strength, virtue: I’m carrying all these things and more to the Tokyo Dome. I’m gonna show that cheap-shotter the power of an iron will and a soul that can’t be broken.

Stan: This isn’t the first time Thorpe has put hands on you, yet you’ve shown a reluctance to strike back physically. Some say that this reticence is letting Colt build-up a significant advantage heading-in to International Affair. What do you think of this?

Murray: Maybe it does. I can lie: my head’s ringing at the moment, and it took a good 30 minutes after getting out of the ring before I was even able to stand-up straight, and the night’s not even over yet…

Cayle sighs, and presses the ice pack to his head once again.

Murray: … but I won’t betray who I am for the sake of revenge, Stan. I won’t violate my code of conduct, because that’s exactly what Thorpe wants. He needs me to stoop to his level, but I can’t just throw away everything I believe in, because the moment my resolve starts to crack is the moment he wins.

Now a slight smile pulls it’s away across Cayle’s features, and he’s powerless to resist.

Murray: Some call it a weakness, I say it’s my greatest strength. If I’m gonna succeed here, I’m gonna succeed my way, ‘cause winning is worthless if you sell your soul along the way. Besides, I don’t do this for wins and losses: I do this for every single person in this building or viewer at home, because they. Deserve. Better.

He hammers home each of the last three words with a finger point.

Murray: What kind of an example do I set by becoming the thing I hate? Everything I do is a “thank you” to anyone who’s ever shown faith in me – faith in this business – and to compromise myself would be nothing but a big slap in the face. Those fans have carried me so damn far, and I’ll never turn my back on them.

Stan nods approvingly.

Stan: Cayle, thanks for your time. I’ll let you head-off and recuperate, but I can’t let you go without asking about your rival’s newfound ally, Eric Dane.

The internal cogs start turning. It takes Cayle a little longer to think-up a response, and he speaks with little of the conviction present in his previous words.

Murray: Eric Dane…

His words drift away momentarily.

Murray: Uhh…

Cayle sighs, perhaps casting his mind back to their altercation two weeks ago.

Murray: Catch you later, Stan.

Cayle pats the interviewer’s shoulder before walking-off.

No bite.

This Is Victory!

This is Victory!

The outside of the arena looks bright despite the darkness in the skies. Some fans are seen walking the grounds, but they are few and far between. Cameras show the AccorHotels Arena, formerly known as the Palais Omnisports, at it’s best.  It then cuts back inside the arena's doors.

Williams: Victory is here LIVE in Paris, France, in the AccorHotels Arena. Still more to come folks… We take you to earlier today when UTA film crew captured footage of La Flama Blanca arriving to the arena.

A door opens, and in walks the UTA World Champion. He’s dressed sharply, carrying a duffle bag in his left hand. The sunlight from outside puts a glare on the camera but fades once the door is finally shut.

Fury: The Champ is looking good for tonight’s contract signing. Looking to get the first win in this war that has only just begun.

Williams: Indeed, Dick. Later on tonight is the first of our many contract signings for International Affair, which takes place live at the Tokyo Dome.

We move from what was taped prior and return to the inside the of arena. The lights are swinging around the room and the fans are loving Victory.

Williams: We’ll see Cayle Murray and Colton Thorpe meet in the ring for the Wildfire Championship and then...

Fury cuts Williams off.

Fury: Then the main event… Eric Dane and La Flama Blanca, and it’s for the Big Boy belt, you just gotta love it!

We cut to ringside to Jennifer Williams and Dick Fury. The fans behind them hold up their signs and one even puts bunny ears behind the head of Dick Fury.

Williams: Folks, coming up next we will see the UTA Hall Of Famer Ron Hall go one on one with Lisil Jackson.

A graphic with Hall and Jackson hits your screen. 

Fury: Big match for both men. Both of these guys have been on the wrong side of the last few decisions. Both men have big matches coming at the Pay Per View, a win here gets them on the right track.

Williams: Absolutely, Dick. Both Ron Hall and Lisil Jackson are fan favorites and I’m certain we are going to see a great match. The winner might get the momentum they need going into International Affair.

We go back to the play by play desk. Williams looks down and shuffles some papers around.

Williams: As Dick mentioned moments ago, both men have important matches at Tokyo, Japan the sight of International Affair. Jackson takes on Brother Judas and Ron Hall looks to become a two time Prodigy Champion.

Fury: The winner tonight has a good chance to walk out the winner at the Pay Per View.

Williams: Hall versus Jackson is coming up next! Don’t go anywhere! This is Victory!

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Choice Words: Part 3

Choice Words: Part 3

For the third time of the evening, The face of Mikey Unlikely crosses the screen. He is still on the run as now security have caught up with the two. Many WrestleUTA officials fill the backstage garage area as they try to restrain Will Haynes back from Mikey.

Williams: These two STILL not done here tonight.

Haynes breaks free from security and runs and dives on the back of Unlikely, driving him to the ground. Mikey covers up the back of his head as Haynes slams away.

Security once again pulls Haynes off Mikey, all of them encouraging the two stop.

Mary Jane: MIKEY!!! OVER HERE!!!

Finally Mikey sees it. The opening he’s been waiting for. While the crew has Haynes pulled back, he takes off for MJ and the limo she has waiting. He dives into the back door of the Limo, as she slams the door shut behind him.

The limo peels out as it leaves the arena, and heads up the loading ramp. Haynes follows on foot for just a moment, before turning back frustrated. He takes off one of his shoes and launches it after the limo. It grazes off the back bumper. For a second the THRILL looks depressed.

Will Haynes: At International Affair, there will be nowhere for him to run.

We fade as the referees stop to talk to him.

Ron Hall vs. Lisil Jackson

Gold Medal by Tha Trademarc hits the PA system, and the crowd’s reaction is as predictable as the song is recognisable. Ron Hall, UTA Hall-of-Famer, steps onto the stage to a huge reaction and starts making his way to the ring.

Williams: Out first in this upcoming singles match, we have ‘The Southern Rebel’ himself making his way to the ring.

Fury: Oh God, this ingrate? Dick sure as hell isn’t going to miss watching this chumpstain try and reclaim his glory days, week in and week out. Nope, not at all.

Williams: Ingrate? What are you talking about?

Fury: Need Dick remind you that this cowboy banished James Wingate, FOREVER?!

Ron finally reaches the bottom of the ramp and hops into the apron. He throws an arm in the air, garnering even more cheers from the fans.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is singles match with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from The Heart of the Appalachian Mountains…

Williams: Well get over it, Dick.

Fury: Dick will not get over it, nor will Dick ever forgive Ron Hall.

Entering the ring between the top two ropes, Hall takes his corner and starts running through a last minute warm-up routine.

Announcer: Weighing in at 225lbs, he is a UTA Hall-of-Famer… “THE SOUTHERN REBEL” RON HAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Better Must Come by Geego begins to play over the loudspeakers and Lisil Jackson walks out with a bold smile on his face raising his arms up as he bobs his head to the music. The Paris fans giving the young, Jamaican fighter a positive reaction with a surge of cheers.

Williams: And here comes Lisil Jackson, a young man who most certainly has to have The Truth lurking around inside the depths of his mind.

Fury: Yeah, well, Dick thinks Black Guy Jackson might be best suited to not waste much time in the ring tonight. That Brother Judas wacko could pop up at any minute.

Lisil walks down the ramp slapping the hands of many fans as he does.

Announcer: Hailing from Kingston Jamaica.

Excitedly the Jamaican Inspiration makes his way down toward the ring slapping the outreached hands of fans on the guardrail.

Announcer: Standing at six feet and three inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds…

Lisil slides into the ring and gets on the top rope and points out to all of the fans before he slides off his sunglasses.

Announcer: He is the Jamaican Inspiration! Lisil Jackson!

Lisil slides off his Hawaiian Shirt, gold chain, and his fedora setting them down on the ring apron.

Williams: Lisil looks not only prepared for Ron Hall, but any possible outside activity.

Fury: He should do us all a favor and end this match quickly. It’s a win win situation. He can in turn go focus on The Truth and International Affairs, and we don’t have to suffer near death from the boredom that is Ron Hall.

Lisil throws a few punches in the air with a bold smile ready for the match.

Williams: Will you stop it already?

Fury: I don’t have to do anything anymore, Jennifer.


Hall and Jackson both step towards the center of the ring, a competitive fire burning in each man's eyes. Giving a nod of approval to one another, the two men slaps hands at the ring's center, before each taking a step back, circling around the ring.

Williams: Nice sign of respect by both men before this one gets underway.

Fury: UGH!

Again stepping forward towards each other, this time mutual respect isn't their motive. Ron reaches forward attempting a collar elbow tie up. Lisil counters, lunging through around Hall's waist, taking a rear position.

Williams: Lisil takes Ron's rear, and has quite the grip around his waist.

Fury: Dick thinks Dick has seen a cowboy movie like this before.

Lisil wrenches Ron's waistline. Hall reaching behind him, looks for an opportunity to break Lisil's grip, but finds no such opening.

Williams: What are you talking about?

Fury: You know, that movie about those cowboys up in those mountains who willingly gave up their rears.

Williams: Ugh, Dick...

Lisil rushes Ron forward, belly first into the ropes. As the two men are about to rebound backwards, Hall hooks his arms underneath the top rope, sending Jackson spilling backwards to the canvas empty handed on his roll up attempt. As Lisil gets to his knees, Ron comes flying at the 'Jamaican Inspiration', missing with a clothesline attempt that's narrowly avoided by Lisil.

Williams: A near miss by Ron.

Fury: A statement that often times defines him too.

Ron runs through to the opposite side of the ring, rebounding off the ropes towards Lisil. What he didn’t expect was how quick and agile Jackson is, the Jamaican meeting him as he turns around, snapping him to the canvas with a snap powerslam.

Williams: What quickness and strength shown by Lisil there.

Opposed to going for the early pin, Lisil chooses to instead mount the cowboy, and begin to lay way with repeated, alternating forearm smashes. Ron tries his best to block the parade of shots, successful with some, not so much with others.

Fury: Thatta boy Lisil, make it rain!

Lisil is quick to transition, grabbing onto the right wrist of Ron, swinging his legs overtop his upper body, laying down perpendicularly to him. Stretching as far as he can, Lisil refuses to break his grip on Ron’s wrist while pushing down through his legs with all his might.

Williams: What an armbar! Look at the agony plastered all over Ron’s face! This one could be over quickly.

Fury: Tap Ron, tap! It can be your parting gift to Dick!

Ron does no such thing as he flails his legs around the ring. With the ring sense of a true veteran, he is able to locate the bottom rope with his right foot, which in turn forces Lisil to break the effective submission. Rolling through onto his feet, Lisil looks ready to pounce as Ron stands up, shaking his arm out as he does so.

Williams: Lisil shoots, taking the rear again.

Fury: Ha, remember…

Williams: Shut up, Dick.

Lisil tries to snap back, but Ron blocks the attempt. Again Lisil tries, and again Ron counters. Ron begins throwing wild elbows back at Lisil, connecting with almost every one until he loosens his grip. It’s the slight opening Ron needs, who flows through behind Lisil, wasting little time snapping back.

Williams: German Suplex! Wait, he’s not letting go.

As Lisil’s shoulders hit the mat, Ron twists to his left, not letting go of his waist. Helping him back to his feet, their time spent vertical lasts mere seconds as Ron lifts and slams Lisil overhead again.

Williams: Another German. He’s still not letting go of Lisil.

Fury: Dammit Ron!

Same as last time, his grip doesn’t loosen, and he leaves no time for Lisil to try and break or counter the move. Getting him to his feet one more time, there is a brief, exhausted delay this time before he snaps back to the canvas for a third and final time.

Williams: And one more for good measures!

Fury: Ron’s going for the pin here.


Williams: Kickout!

Fury: Gonna take a bit more than that, Ron.

Lisil rolls over onto his stomach, and begins crawling towards the ropes. Ron, now standing, halts Lisil’s progress by grabbing onto his right leg, lifting up. Securing a firm grip, Ron transitions and begins twisting Lisil’s ankle in a way it wasn’t meant to be.

Williams: Ron with a submission of his own! Look at Lisil.

Fury: Crawl big man, crawl. You’re almost there, don’t let Dick down. Not tonight!

Lisil scratches and claws at the canvas, trying to pull himself closer towards the ropes. Making progress bit by bit, Ron does his best to pull him back, but has little success in doing so. In a last ditch effort, Ron drops to the mat, wrapping both his legs around Lisil’s, focusing all his strength and energy on twisting his ankle.

Williams: Lisil might tap right here. And he is so close to the ropes!

Fury: And he got them! Make him break the hold ya silly zebra!

Lisil barely gets his fingertips on the ropes, but when he does, he holds on for dear life. The referee instructs Ron to break the hold, and with little delay, the Hall of Famer obliges. Lisil, pulls himself up, using the ropes for leverage, avoiding putting pressure on his right ankle.

Williams: Lisil may have broken the hold, but the damage has been done.

Ron walks in towards Lisil who rests against the ropes, but is caught off guard with a big knee to the stomach, sucking the wind out of him. Lisil grabs onto Ron’s shoulder, and again thrusts through with a big knee to the stomach. As he goes for a third, Ron drops both his arms to block the attack, which is the opening Lisil was looking for…


Williams: What a smart move by Lisil, getting Ron to let his guard down, leaving his neck open for the submission.

Lisil pulls up on Ron’s neck with all his might, lifting his feet off the ground. The blood is quickly rushing to his head, and his limbs gyrate as he begins to suffocate in the submission hold. Out of desperation, Ron throws lefts and rights, battering Lisil’s rib cage with every fibre of strength he has. As he loosens the grip slightly, Ron’s feet make contact with the mat, and it’s all the veteran needs…

Williams: Northern Lights Suplex! And he’s bridging it, the referee is down for the count.


Williams: Kickout at the last possible millisecond! What a counter by Ron to break the submission and almost win this match.

Fury: Dick may not like Ron, but credit where credit is due. Nifty reversal on that one.

Both men seem to be spent after an unrelenting series of maneuvers, and take their time getting to their feet, trying to suck some much needed wind in as they do so. Lisil takes position in one of the corners, and Ron gets to his feet with his back to his opponent. As he turns around…

Williams: The Jamaican Comet!

Fury: Wait, no! He missed! Ron ducked underneath the superman punch.

Williams: And he didn’t just dodge it, look!

After ducking underneath the flying superman punch from Lisil, Ron quickly turns around and pulls back on his head. Locking Lisil’s chin firmly underneath his armpit, Ron holds him there briefly, before finally dropping to the canvas. Lisil’s head makes a vicious impact with the canvas, and Ron quickly hooks a leg.


Williams: Kickout by Lisil, again! That is three close calls for Ron now. He has to be getting frustrated by now.

Fury: Da fightin’ spirit is strong in dat Jamaican mon!

Williams: Was that supposed to be a Jamaican accent?

Fury: Yeah, Dick nail it, right?

Williams: Yeah, no. Don’t do that anymore...

Ever the ring veteran, Ron does his best to try and avoid showing frustration with the resiliency of Lisil. After taking in a few deep breaths, he gets back to his feet, grabbing onto Lisil’s head, pulling him up too. Once up, Ron drives his shoulder into Jackson’s waist, and drives him across the ring, hard into the corner turnbuckles.

Williams: Shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust.

Fury: Looks like Ron might be on the verge of a meltdown here.

Ron hoists Lisil up onto the top turnbuckle, positioning his legs on the outer portions of the ropes. Climbing up after him, he is quick to lock Lisil’s head, and does his best to lift the big man up. No success though…

Fury: Ron can’t get him up!

Williams: Lisil with the wild shot shots out of desperation.

Lefts and rights to the body, each blow does their fair share of damage to the rib cage. With no alternative other than trying to stop the onslaught,  Ron drops his arms to protect his midsection, but leaves his face opening for a crushing blow.

Fury: What an elbow! I think I saw a tooth fly across the ring!

Williams: Ron goes crashing down to the canvas, hard!

The concussive blow sends Ron falling off the ropes, flat onto his back. He shows no signs of movement as Lisil ascends to the top rope. Oce balanced, he stands completely vertical as the fans in attendance rise to their feet, then takes flight…


Fury: This one's over, count it ref!

Almost immediately after connecting with his high flying finish, Lisil drapes himself overtop Ron and uses all his strength to hook both legs as the ref drops for the count.



Better Must Come by Geego begins to play over the arena's sound system as the fans in attendance cheer on the Inspirational Jamaican and his hard fought victory.

Williams: Big win by Lisil Jackson in a top notch match. This is the type of win he needed heading into his clash with Brother Judas at International Affairs.

Fury: And this is the type of loss Dick eeded to see Ron have on Dick’s final night on Victory. From the bottom of Dick’s heart, thank you Ron!

Brought to You By

Brought to you By

Give Me A Reason

Give Me a Reason

Backstage, Colton Thorpe is seen pacing back and forth between the walls of his locker room while Eric Dane sits calmly in one of the stalls. Colt’s face is still flush red with anger, steam practically blowing out of his ears. The pacing doesn’t stop, and Dane’s stoic demeanor doesn’t break.

Thorpe: I’m so Goddamned tired of that stupid Scot.

An unlucky chair that sits within his path of pacing gets swiped out of the way, slamming hard into the concrete wall.

Thorpe: I mean, what’s it gonna take to get that self righteous prick to just keel over and die already?

A gym bag, presumably his, is the next item sent crashing into the wall after a swift field goal style kick. The impact against the wall isn’t quite as thunderous as the steel chair cracking concrete moments prior to it.

Thorpe: And I was so close this time. We we’re so close. He was moments away from having that damned fork shoved deep between a couple of ribs, piercing that heart of gold of his. But like always, he just can’t let go.

Dane: Hey…

The gym bag that recently got booted across the room finds itself in the clutches of Colt’s hands, soon sailing towards the other side of the room. During it’s quick flight into the opposing concrete wall, a few articles of clothing flail out along the way.

Thorpe: He just won’t die.

Dane: Hey…

Still pacing, Colt’s eyes don’t leave the floor or whatever happens to lay within his path. Eric has shifted his gaze towards Colt, but hasn’t gotten his attention. Not yet at least.…

Thorpe: So close, Eric. So fuc…

Dane: HEY!

The booming voice is more than enough to bring Colt’s pacing to a screeching halt. He shifts his focus towards Eric, who remains seated between the wooden panels of the stall. The two men lock eyes with one another, and there is a brief moment of silence.

Dane: For starters, I’ll have my fork back.

Colt seems slightly taken aback by the request at first, but quickly remembers the sentimental value the piece of cutlery holds for Eric. After all, that four pronged utensil was the same one that created the highlight moment of The Chamber match at Ring King. Colt pats down his leather jacket, taking little time in locating the pocket that holds the fork before tossing it back to Dane.

Dane: And secondly, you need to take a step back and calm down. It’s early yet, understand?

Knock! Knock!

As soon as the words leave Eric's mouth, a knocking at the door catches both men's attention. Neither look too impressed at the source of the knocking, and Stan Davis soon walks forcefully into the frame, microphone in hand.

Davis: Eric. Colt. What was that about out there? What’s going on with you two?

Thorpe: Jesus Stan, keep up will ya? Murray ruined his birthday celebration, you remember?

Davis: That can’t be it. Seriously, what is…

Thorpe: Listen, I don’t have time for this. I’ve got some important, unfinished business that requires my undivided attention.

Colt pats Eric on the back of his shoulder, looking away from the pushy ‘Rumour Man’.

Thorpe: You got this one big guy.

As he walks past Stan, Colt indignantly bumps shoulders with the backstage interviewer sending him stumbling backwards a few steps. Staring daggers at Colt’s backside as he walks out of frame, he eventually looks back at Eric, still holding bracing his microphone.

Davis: Alrighty then, Eric?

Dane: You want your soundbyte? Fine, shut your mouth and hold the mic.

The Rumor man pushes the microphone in closer. Dane eyeballs the camera and a knowing smile comes to his face. A moment passes.

Dane: Do you hear that, Blanca?

He pauses, listening. The murmur of the crowd is all there is.

Dane: That’s thousands of fans right here in Paris waiting for you and I to step into that ring together. They’re not here for Will Haynes or Yeshua Pandemonium or Perfection or Marie Van Claudio, they’re here for me, and they’re here for you.

He sneers.

Dane: Understand this, though. They ain’t here to listen to me prattle on about twenty years of beating up muppets like you, and they sure as hell ain’t here to listen to you talk about almost being rich because you’re [finger quotes] “undefeated” for the year 2015.

Wagging a finger he continues.

Dane: Those people out there are here to see us tear eachother apart. And Blanca, you need to understand exactly how much I want you to give me a reason.

His smile widens.

Dane: Please, Blanca, just one itty bitty reason.

The Only Star is done and the Rumor Man knows it. He pulls the mic and wraps up.

Davis: There you have it folks, Eric Dane is ready for anything tonight for the contract setting! Dick, Jennifer, back to you guys at ringside!

Move Along

Move Along

The camera returns to the crowd, in fact, the camera is amongst the crowd and is moving forward. Fans are hanging their bodies into view cheering and waving their ecstatic hands trying to get in view and on TV.

Williams: Look at this fantastic crowd here in Paris. What a night so far as we are literally weeks away from International Affair.

As we move closer and closer towards the ring, there's a man that isn't standing and is still sitting in his chair. He seems to be scribbling on a notepad and looking at the screen of a cell phone. He seems to have little interest in enjoying the atmosphere around him.

As the camera moves in front of the man, it pans to face him and goes in for a close-up of the notepad, which is full of notes, and then a view of the phone's screen, which seems to be replaying video of the last match. The man is startled and shoots his head up...

...a perfectly ironed and wrinkle free buttoned up dress shirt. A miraculous tie. The thick black rimmed glasses. It's none other than Jed Dye, the 2014 UTA Manager of the Year.

Williams: What the-, that's...isn't that Jed Dye?

He immediately covers the camera lens and shoves it away some.

Dye: Hey! Get out of here you vultures! Nothing to see here! Scram!

Williams: Hah, well, I don't know what he's doing here but it looks like he's up to something.

He brings the notepad and phone to his chest. He looks to the fan next to him who is wearing a Paris Champions League hat and a pair of sun glasses. He yanks them off of the fan and puts them on himself trying to hide his identity.

Dye: Move along! Just an ordinary Frenchman here! Nothing to see! Bonjour!

The camera backs away and pans back around to the fans and heads back to ringside.

Williams: Not sure what that was about but I think it's about time we get back to the important stuff, which is UTA Victory!

Perfection vs. Stephen Greer

Perfect Gentleman by Helloween begins to play.

The crowd immediately responds with jeers a boos. The one and only Perfection exits from behind the curtain raising his arms accepting the crowds reaction to his wonderfulness.

There is no doubt about it
I'm one of kind, baby
I am le d'Artagnan de coeur
As you may see, candy.

Williams: Perfection looking to move back up the ranks after a hiatus from the ring. Putting away Stephen Greer tonight could help that.

Perfection makes his way towards the ring taking his time to jaw-jack with fans near the rails. He walks up the stairs to enter the ring. He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Announcer: Hailing from Los Angeles, California

And I'm talking with my eyes
and I walk in different styles

Announcer: Standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two-hundred twenty-two pounds...

I'm a genuine man

Perfection grabs the middle rope leaning over it and yelling at fans in the front row.

Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am, I am, yes I am


He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Fury: Perfection hasn't looked better.

Now he mounts the turnbuckle to yell at the fans some more before giving one last pose and jumping down from the turnbuckle

Williams: Big time match here on Victory.

Simon Says Die by DTH rings out over the PA system. Fans rise to their feet to get a glimpse of Black Jesus, the Plague of the Hydra - Stephen Greer. Greer is out fairly quick. He's dressed for his match, his assorted braces and pads. He adjusts them as he walks down the ramp.

Fury: Greer is a big boy, Perfection is gonna have his hands full here.

Williams: Perfection isn't a slouch either, Dick. This one could go either way.

Greer climbs the steel steps. He steps into the ring, his eyes trained on Perfection.

Announcer: Hailing from the Murder City, Detroit, Michigan. Standing six feet, three inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and fifty one pounds. He is the KING OF PAIN - STEPHENNNNNNNN GREER.

Greer throws a massive arm into the air and the French crowd cheers. As the bell sounds a few moments later, both men charge each other.

Williams: Here we go...

Stephen Greer swings wildly at Perfection.

Williams: Perfection ducks..

As they both turn, Perfection brings a right into Greer's jaw, followed by another.

Williams: The former UTA Champion tagging the King of Pain with a series of punches.

Fury: Nice and stiff, just the way Dick gives 'em.

Williams: Greer with the block, now replying with his own shots.

Perfection is rocked hard by the larger Greer's fist. He turns away, grabbing his jaw in pain.

Williams: Stephen Greer grabs Perfection from behind. Perfection tries to get free... elbow back and into the face of Stephen Greer.

Fury: Perfection is like a cat. It's tough to keep ahold of him.

Williams: Another elbow by Perfection and Greer has to let go.

Perfection turns and comes forward, raising his knee up as he grabs Greer by the shoulders, pulling him into the knee.

Williams: Knee to the gut of Stephen Greer there as the former UTA Champion takes charge.

Perfection runs back and hits the ropes.

Williams: Perfection off of the ropes...

He throws his arm out. However, Stephen Greer side steps and wraps his arm around his head as he passes before bringing him in close.

Williams: Stephen Greer able to catch Perfection.. now in a side headlock.

Perfection is looking for a reverse, but the King of Pain has switched up his holds into a hammerlock.

Williams: And now with the go behind.

Perfection is quick to drop to a knee and let Greer's momentum carry him over the top, but Greer still has a hold of his arm. Getting back up, Greer pulls Perfection in to light up his chest with a chop.

Fury: That's smarts.

Rolling around, Perfection reverses grip on the wrist lock and fires his own knife-edged chop. He tries for another, but Stephen Greer has pulled him in for a knee to the ribs.

Williams: Smart counter by the vet.

With the early momentum, Greer drives Perfection back into the corner. Keeping him trapped, Greer nails knee after knee in on Perfection. A back elbow crumples him down to the mat.

Williams: The King of Pain turning this match around now, beating on the former champion with those knees.

Fury: It's about time he uses his knees for something other than a precursor to pleasuring Eric Dane.

Williams: Just when I thought you couldn't be more vulgar.

Rolling away from the boots of Stephen Greer, Perfection has rolled to the apron. For what time it has bought him, Greer is pulling him back up to his feet by his head.

Williams: Pulls him to his feet.

Back to his feet, Perfection throws a series of forearm shots at Greer before he finally gets some separation.

Williams: Quick thinking there by Perfection.

Fury: Greer may be bigger and meaner, but Dick knows Perfection is smarter.

Shaking the cobwebs loose, Greer marches back toward Perfection, who is still trying to make it back through the ropes.

Williams: Not where you want to be... NO! TORNADO DDT!

Using the bottom rope as a spring, Perfection had nailed the desperation DDT, and was now crawling over for the first pin fall attempt.

Williams: A one count. This one is far from over. Perfection looking to pick up the pace here, dragging Greer back to his feet.

As Perfection has Greer nearly vertical, he is met with an uppercut that knocks him back a step. Stephen Greer leads in with another.

Williams: A series of uppercuts rocking Perfection here.

With Perfection doubled over at the ropes, Greer raises his lariat arm up.

Fury: Watch out Perfection!

As Greer charges in, Perfection ducks down and takes Greer up and over with the back body drop.

Williams: Greer sent to the outside! Perfection has the big man down on the outside.

Perfection looks at Stephen Greer already getting to his feet outside.

Williams: Greer not down long.. Perfection runs back toward the ropes.

Bouncing off the of the far ropes, Perfection has picked up a head of steam and rushes to the ropes, aimed squarely at huddle at ringside. He leaps over the ropes.

Williams: Vaulting Plancha! No! STEPHEN GREER MOVES!

Fury: Come on!

Rolling a shoulder, trying to loosen up any damage he might have taken falling outside, Greer again pulls Perfection up. With Perfection back to his feet, Greer digs a shoulder into his midsection and drives him into the barricade.

Williams: Slammed back first into that retaining barrier. And again. Stephen Greer has taken years of abuse, hitting the floor seemed like child's play to him.

Pulling Perfection off of the barricade, Greer nails the short-arm clothesline. With a display of force, he pulls Perfection up with one arm and drives him hard back to the thinly padded concrete with another short-arm clothesline.

Williams: Greer using his strength here in a dominating fashion.

With a heavy bang, Perfection is driven shoulder first into the steel steps after being pulled back to his feet.

Williams: Greer giving Perfection no time to recover here and he has yanked him away from those steps and rolls him back into the ring.

He reaches up, grabbing the middle rope and pulls himself to the apron before entering back into the ring.

Williams: Stephen Greer now back in the ring as Perfection looks to be crawling away.

Fury: Just relocating himself for optimal offense.

Williams: Sure... that's it.

Greer reaches down and grabs the legs of Perfection, yanking him back.

Williams: Greer has ahold of Perfection now.

Perfection rolls over to his back. he places his free leg up and pushes off, sending Greer stumbling back.

Williams: Perfection able to save himself!

Fury: Of course he was! Don't sound so surprised!

Perfection pushes up on his elbows before turning and raising fully up. Stephen Greer lets out a war yell and runs forward, his arm up.


Perfection turns in time to see the arm coming.

Williams: Perfection ducks..

As he ducks, he grabs his arm sliding over and grabbing his other from behind. He turns, spinning Stephen's body around, his head going down. Perfection then leaps up and forward, bringing Greer's head into the canvas hard. His neck bounces off of the canvas.

Williams: The Photo Finish! He hit the Photo Finish!

Perfection puts all of his strength into turning Greer over. Covering him, he hooks the leg as the referee slides into place.

Williams: This one may be over!

Fury: Of course it is!

Williams: Two.. three... PERFECTION DOES IT!

The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall.... PERFECTTTTIIIIOOONNN!!!!

Williams: Perfection with the big win here tonight.

Perfection celebrates as the referee checks on Stephen Greer in the ring who is holding his neck in pain.

Finishing the Job

Finishing the Job

Backstage, Cayle Murray is dropped Euro cents into a vending machine. Seen on-screen for the third time tonight, the crowd’s reaction is no duller than it was the first time around, and it reverberates through the walls as he makes his selection.

Cayle stands-up after retrieving his bottle of water, then starts walking down the corridor. A technician, who’d rounded a corridor too quickly, almost knocks the Scotsman off his feet.

Techy: Oh, damn! Sorry Mr. Murray…

Murray: It’s fine, lad. We’re all just trying to get somewhere, right?

The technician’s laugh is almost nervous.

Techy: I guess. Aren’t you worried about walking around like this though?

A quizzical look tightens Cayle’s face as he finishes gulping down a mouthful of water.

Murray: “Worried?”

Techy: Well, yeah. Didn’t you see what Thorpe said a while ago? Something about “finishing the job?”

Murray: I did, but if that guy thinks he’s gonna make me a prisoner on—


The sound of a steel chair hitting a Scottish back reverberates down the long, echoey corridor and brings Cayle to his knees.


The second shot levels him.

Thorpe: Good job, dumbass!

Startled by the UTA Wildfire Champion’s sudden assault and taken aback by his direct address, the techy breaks eye contact and flees down the corridor as fast as his legs will carry him.

Now alone with his adversary (and with the Wildfire belt strapped around his waist), Colt grins from ear-to-ear. He unfolds the now-dented chair beside the fallen Cayle, before sitting down, taking a looming perch over his imminent challenger.

Thorpe: So, friend…

Colt plants a boot on Murray’s back.

Thorpe: Quite the past four months we've had, huh?

Cayle tries to push himself up, but Colt forcefully thrusts down with his size twelve.

Thorpe: We've seen some ups, and well, we've certainly seen some downs. But we've stayed side by side the entire way. We've been the talk of company. This vile hatred that is Thorpe versus Murray.

Colt's smile slowly begins to fade as his diatribe continues on.

Thorpe: And the sad thing is, it didn't have to be like this. Now don't go getting me wrong, I've really enjoyed our battles together. Really, top notch stuff. But if you'd just pulled that stick outta your ass...

Colt pauses, temporarily losing himself in his words. He almost looks sad, remorseful if you will. That is if he was capable of such an emotion.

Thorpe: We could have been friends. We could have been like brothers. We could have been setting fires here together. But no. Not you. Not people pleaser Cayle. I set the fires, you try and put them out. That's the relationship you've chosen for us. Not me, you.

Cayle has made some progress army crawling forward, enough so that Colt isn't able to push him down again under his boot.

Thorpe: Hey, what do you think you’re doing?

As Cayle tries to scramble away, Colt rises to his full height and takes his boot off his back.

Thorpe: You’ll stay down if you know what’s good for you!

But Cayle doesn’t listen. Instead of submitting to his foe’s will, he recovers to an all-fours position, and that’s when Colton Thorpe decides he’s had enough. The Wildfire Champion shakes his head, then launches forward, soccer kicking Cayle in the gut.

Thorpe: I said STAY DOWN!

Colt practically spits the words out as Cayle rolls onto his back, winded. Instead of continuing the lecture, Thorpe grabs the steel chair, folds it up, and lifts it high.

Thorpe: Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


The chair’s edge comes down hard on Cayle’s ribs once.



… then two more times for good measure.

As jeers reverberate around the packed arena, Colton Thorpe kneels down and unfastens the Wildfire Belt to dangle it before the writhing Murray’s face. Battered, bruised and defeated, the fallen Scot can do naught but clutch his ribs and wince.

Thorpe: This here Cayle...this will be NOTHING in comparison to what I do to you at International Affairs. So you need to ask yourself, is this journey of retribution really worth it?

Colt stands up, his eyes never leaving his rival. After an awkward pause of nothingness, Colt commits one final act of disrespect: he spits on Cayle. Laughing after doing so, he walks out of frame.

Thorpe O/S: Think long and hard about that before you board your plane to Tokyo. Is it worth it...

The scene fades on Cayle, curled over on his side.

Brought to You By

Brought to you By

Injury Report

Injury Report

We head backstage where Rumor Man Stan Davis is standing in front of the UTA banner.

Stan: Folks I just got word during the break that Stephen Greer suffered some sort of neck injury in the last match.

He pauses.

Stan: In talking with Director of Talent Relations Michael Lorenzo, the extent of the injury is unknown but doctor's are saying that there is no way Greer will be able to perform at International Affair in three weeks.

He looks over.

Stan: Taking his place in the number one contender's fatal four way is the man joining me now... Greer's opponent tonight, Perfection.

Perfection steps into the scene smiling.

Stan: Perfection, this is your second match back and second win. Now you are being put into a position in which you are guaranteed a title shot at one of the four major titles, what are your thoughts?

He raises the microphone to Perfection who turns and looks into the camera. he cracks a smirk before answer.

Perfection: I think that it's just.... perfect.

He pushes Stan back and walks out of the scene as Stan is left speechless.

Will Haynes vs. Yeshua Pandemonium

Static fills the screen, then zooms back revealing a TV set. A midget bunny sits watching the TV. He's memorized. He slowly raises his hands and places them on the screen of the television.

The midget slowly turns his head back to them.

Midget: It’s time...

The screen goes black and then slowly lightens up with a tight shot of a silhouette. In darkness, a blood curdling cacophony: the squeal of unoiled winches, the rasp of hooks and razors being sharpened; and worse, and the howl of tormented souls. Above this din one particular victim yells for an encore with a mixture of tears and roars of rage.

Fury: Well Dick is creeped the hell out. I get that Halloween is this week but this is kind of over the top.

Williams: Yeshua certainly is marching to the tune of a different drummer here in the UTA.

The screen is awash in people, crawling, scrabbling, and shambling masses, some of them moving in reverse. A sound like moaning accompanies them. The picture switches again. A figure stands in a carnival tent, its face shrouded. It points accusingly, not towards the screen, but at something unseen off to one side. The insect-like screeching sounds louder.

On the screen is a close up of a twisted smile. Inside that mouth is two words: "Yeshua Pandemonium" The mouth closes once, twice. The word remains. Suddenly the lights go out. Suddenly the screen seems to clear, what looks like the moon appears on it. Chanting begins from what seems nowhere.

It's not the moon at all, they realize. The shape is round like a full moon, but it seems to be made up of thin ribbons of cloud streaking against a night sky. And there's a face, we see, a face hidden in shadows, looking down from above. The picture has a grainy look to it as it changes. The scene is of the conjoined girls sitting in a chair in a straight-jacket behind them stood to their left is a reptilian figure. The nerve-wracking grating as if of some giant metallic insect sounds in the background, but the young girls don't seem to notice. The figure stood to the left of the girls suddenly changes position from the left part of the picture, to the right. Almost instantly the figure returns to its original position, but in that one moment in its changed location we see a huge man with a shadow covering his face. The young girls turns towards where that figure stood, and smiles.

Announcer: Hailing from the wrong side of the Apocalypse via Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.......

The stadium drops into darkness as this weird movie is playing out on the big screen. Suddenly pyros explode in front of the big screen, as the fans literally jump from the shock. The roving arm of the overhead camera picks out people in the crowd. As they realize there on the screen they hold the signs higher. Orange strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The whole top of the entrance way bursts into a circle of flames.

Slowly rising directly through the flames in a huge throne; the throne seems to be made of bones all fused together with heat forming the chair itself. Sitting atop the throne is a masked man dressed entirely in black.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 2 inches and weighing in at 242 ibs........

The throne rises fully onto the ramp way. It is none other than the Demon Ringmaster, Yeshua Pandemonium. He then raises his arms above his head in an age-old gesture of defiance and supremacy as phosphorus flames blast in twin columns to the heavens behind the throne. Flames surround the throne.

He sits motionless, emotionless. Then on some unseen signal he launches himself forward into the flames without a seconds thought, his dark eyes glaze over. He stands with his arms outstretched like a crucifixion; Flames lick around his mask and engulfs his clothing, yet he emerges from the other side unscathed. Justin Bieber vs Slipknot’s "Psychosocial Baby" starts blaring out.

Announcer: ........................Yeshua Pandemonium!!!!!!!

Laughing sadistically as he slowly walks towards the ring ignoring the cheers from the crowd. Yeshua, dressed in his black and yellow clothes. As he passes a camera he stops and looks directly into the lens. He cocks his head to the side, pauses and took it all in.

Yeshua climbs between the ropes and strides to the far side of the ring. Climbing the turnbuckle he lifts his arms up high to the cheers of the crowd. Flash bulbs blink from all around the arena catching this moment in history.

He gets down and stomps to the middle of the ring. He nods his head and stands in the middle of the ring whilst pyros explode behind him.

Fury: Jesus, could this guy be any more of a nightmare?

Williams: I think that's the idea, Dick.

Without hesitation the PA system quickly switches to the lyrical stylings of the Beastie Boys as "Sabotage" comes to life. Out of the back steps Will Haynes. He throws his hands into the air to a roar from the crowd.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Athens, Georgia...standing at six feet two inches tall...weighing two hundred and forty pounds...he is WILLL....THE THRILLLL.... HAYNNNNNESSSS

Haynes runs full speed down the ramp, slides into the ring on his belly, pops to one knee and throws his hands up again, getting yet another pop.

Williams: Haynes already in one fight tonight, looking to take a home a victory here in the Main Event.

Fury: Getting involved with Mikey before the PPV was a bad idea, Jennifer. Dick thinks it was just stupid.

Williams: We shall see. We shall see.

Yeshua stomps the ring and pulls at the top rope, testing it's intergrity. Haynes waves to the fans ringside as he takes a step out of his corner. The official calls for the bell and this one is underway.

Fury: And away we go. Let's see if Will Haynes is showing any affects from his brawl all over this building here tonight with Mikey Unlikely.

Williams: Haynes and Mikey were holding nothing back. The Tokoyo Dome is going to see some real carnage in that one come International Affair.

Haynes is easily able to power Yeshua into a side headlock using his height and weight advantage. Haynes whips Yeshua off the ropes, Yeshua on the rebound ducks a clumsy clothesline from the THRILL, hits the opposite side of the ropes and leaps into the air. Yeshua plants a dropkick into the middle of Haynes' chest, which sends him to the mat.

Willaims: Yeshua showing off some of that Luchadore spirit he has so much of.

Fury: Dick hasn't ever really cared for the flipping stuff. 

Haynes is quick to a knee, Yeshua charges in, looking for a step up Enziguri. Haynes is up before he can mount Haynes' knee and Yeshua halts himself dead in his tracks. The fans give a bit of applause for the moment and the two once again cricle up.

They stagger forward again and again Haynes has no problems locking in the side headlock. Haynes wrenches the hold a little tighte and whips Yeshua into the ropes, harder this time than the first. Yeshua comes up, Haynes scoops and lifts Yeshua onto his shoulders. 

Williams: Haynes with Yeshua in a Fireman's Carry here. Impressive strength given the hell he's already been through tonight.

Fury: At this rate he might not have anything left for International Affair.

Haynes pauses, unsure of himself for just a second as Yeshua squirms. Yeshua kicks free, throws his weight to the side, and uses his own downward momentum to plant Will with a rather unconventional but effective DDT.

Williams: Wow, where did that come from? Talk about reversals, that was pretty amazing of Yeshua there.

Fury: Dick'll need to see more than that to really pump this guy's tire.

Yeshua is quick to a knee and stalks down Haynes. Haynes sits and tries to shake the cobwebs loose. Yeshua charges and brings a knee right to the back of the Thrill's head. Lurching him forward and collapsing him to the mat hard.

Fury: Why in the hell is everyone using knees anymore? That's Sean Jackson's move dammnit!

Yeshua presses into a pin. The official slides in. His hand comes down for the count.


Willams: Haynes able to turn the shoulder just in time and we continue on.

Fury: Shame, Dick would love to see Haynes lose this one after all the confidence he's shown headed into it. Maybe it even rattles his cage for that "I Quit" Match he's got coming up with Mikey.

Williams: Mikey Unlikely should be worried, Dick. He's driven Haynes to this point. Mikey has no one to blame but himself for what happens to him in Japan.

Back in the ring, Yeshua has picked up the groogy Haynes. A chop to the chest drives Haynes back into the ropes. Yeshua picks up the near arm and whips the Thrillmaker hard across the ropes. Will pops back, Yeshua jumps in the air bringing a knee up, he catches Will by the neck and pushes the THRILL's head down while bringing his knee up, rocking him in the face.

Williams: Another impressive move here by Yeshua as he continues to take the fight to Will Haynes here tonight in this Main Event.

Fury: Yeshua needs to put him away here.

Yeshua speeds into the corner and jumps to the top turnbuckle, steadying himself and waiting. Haynes is able to get up, Yeshua launches himself.


Yeshua, attempting a crossbody has been caught by Will Haynes. Haynes wastes no time in flipping Yeshua and sending him to the mat with a Powerslam..

Haynes presses into a cover.


Williams: Yeshua with the shoulder up.

Haynes rolls Yeshua to his feet, Yeshua ducks a clothesline, throws a blind superkick, Haynes backs off it as it doesn't connect. Yeshua storms forward Haynes drops the shoulder into a Hip Toss and sends Yeshua to the mat. Yeshua is quick to his feet, rolling to a knee, and charges again. Again Haynes able to drop quickly into a Hip Toss. Yeshua pops to a knee again and this time they circle. More applause from the crowd.

Williams: This one has been living up to top billing so far. Yeshua is bringing the kitchen sink and so far the THRILLmaker has been able to take it all.

Fury: Dick knows that Haynes is good at taking it all. That's what the dirt sheets say.

Williams: As always ladies and gent, Dick Fury, keeping it classy.

Haynes and Yeshua circle, circle again. They storm in, Haynes goes for the sideheadlock again but Yeshua slips underneath of Haynes' legs. He slides right out of the ring, actually.

Willaims: And where is Yeshua going?

Fury: Dick doesn't know but Yeshua likes to mix it up a bit, he could be trying to use the ring surroundings to his advantage. If so, good for him.

Haynes motions for Yeshua to get back in the ring.

Williams: Haynes has had enough of the brawling tonight, don't ya think Dick?

Fury: Maybe, but if Haynes is willing to give up chasing Yeshua here tonight then maybe he doesn't have enough to make Mikey say "I Quit." It kind of makes you wonder.

Yeshua motions for Haynes to come out and meet him. Haynes shrugs his shoulders and charges at Yeshua, lauching himself through the middle rope and colliding with Yeshua with what amounts to a tackle.

While on top of Yeshua, Haynes begins a series of forearm shots to the side of Yeshua's head.

Williams: Yeshua had that turned on him as Will Haynes went flying through the air. He's showing that he's got no quit, Dick. Something that will certainly help him at the International Affair Pay Per View.

Fury: Dick thinks that Haynes should be saving some of that for Mikey. No need to wear himself out here now.

Haynes rolls off Yeshua and picks him up. He takes Yeshua's head and bounes it off the barricade in front of some screaming fans. Yeshua stumbles away, bringing his hands to his mask in pain. Haynes again with another bounce this time off a piece of barricade on the other side, and again Yeshua stumbles away in pain.

Williams: And you've gotta imagine that Haynes isn't seeing Yeshua here tonight but rather visions of Mikey Unlikely are dancing in his head.

Haynes approaches Yeshua, looking for more of the same, but Yeshua is able to slip underneath's Haynes' arm, wrap his neck and deliver a Reverse DDT that catches the THRILL on Yeshua's own shoulder, leveling him on the outside.

Fury: That right there is why you keep this fight in the ring. Yeshua just leveled Haynes on the outside

Without hesitation Yeshua storms the barricade, launching himself backwards and connecting with a moonsault onto the fallen Haynes. The crowd roars at the effort.

Fury: And this one could be over, Jennifer.

Williams: High flying move there from Yeshua.

Yeshua rolls to his feet and picks up Haynes, who is reeling from the latest offensive from the Luchador.

Williams: Haynes seeing stars.

Yeshua rolls Haynes into the ring, and quickly climbs the ring steps, and scales to the top turnbuckle. He waits for a second.

Fury: High rent district.

Williams: Yeshua impressive here so far tonight, what's he got planned here.

Fury: Dick has no clue but Haynes is up.

Haynes is on his feet, he sees Yeshua on the turnbuckle. Yeshua pauses.

Williams: Why is Yeshua stopping? Guy should keep bringing the fight.

Fury: Recalculating Dick guesses.

Haynes is able to storm into the turnbuckle and climb. He quickly jabs at Yeshua's mid section, knocking some wind out of his sails.

Williams: Haynes combating Yeshua here in the turnbuckle. This is shaping up to be quite the Main Event.

Another quick jab from Haynes, as Yeshua is slumping.

Fury: Haynes on the top turbuckle now.

Haynes wraps his arms around Yeshua and leans back, nailing Yeshua to the mat with a Top Rope Exploder Suplex that shakes the ring.


Haynes drapes an arm across Yeshua.


Fury: Yeshua kicked out! Dick has no clue how but that Masked Idiot kicked the hell out!

The crowd is in disbelief. Haynes and Yeshua lay fallen in the ring. The ref beings his ten count.


Fury: Neither man stirring, Jennifer. Dick thinks this one is over. Call the fight. Both guys are punch drunk.

Williams: No movement from either man.


Williams: Haynes moving. Yeshua moving. We've got a contest here still.

Fury: Shame Dick was hoping Haynes would be ruled out for the Pay Per View. Maybe spend some more time at the hospital. Heard he had a frequent flyer card for that place.

Haynes is to a knee, Yeshua as well. Both men to their feet. Yeshua charges in, ducks underneath a sloppy clothesline. Yeshua bounches off the ropes and leaps into the air for a Forearm Smash.

Willaims: Haynes leaps into the air to meet Yeshua and .....

Haynes grabs Yeshua by the neck bringing him down with a seemingly out of nowhere Lifting Rolling Cutter.

Williams: ...THRILL RIDE!

Haynes covers Yeshua.


The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner fo this match via pin fall.... WILL... HAAAYYNNNEEESSS!!!!

Williams: Will Haynes able to put Yeshua Pandemonium away here tonight but will he have the same luck when he meets Mikey Unlikely at International Affair?

Fury: No.

Haynes celebrates.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Contract Signing

THE Contract Signing

As we return from commercial, the ring apron is now black and a wooden table is set up inside. Standing next to the table is the Director of Operations, Michael Lorenzo, with a microphone in one hand and a clipboard in his other.

Lorenzo: Ladies and gentlemen.... Tonight has been exciting.

The fans cheer.

Lorenzo: But now, history will be made as two of the greats in our industry come down and place their signatures on this contract.

He waves the clipboard in the air.

Lorenzo: I expect that these two men will act like professionals, unlike what we had earlier tonight.

Williams: He is referring to the Wildfire Championship contract signing between Cayle Murray and Colton Thorpe.

Fury: Really? Dick thought maybe he was talking about some other contract signing.

Lorenzo: One man will walk out of International Affair the UTA World Champion.

A bluesy bass-riff plays over the P.A. system, as it comes to a crescendo it's accompanied by a pyrotechnic explosion as Heavy is the Head gets to the chorus and "The Only Star" bursts onto the stage.

Williams: Eric Dane is ready to sign this contract and make it official.

Fury: It's not every day you sign the paper which says you get to lay down for the greatest champion of all time!

Eric Dane makes his way toward the ring as Zac Brown and Chris Cornell work their way through the song. He slides under the bottom rope and comes up spinning with both arms held out wide above his head, taking in the raucous reaction from the UTA fans in attendance.

Lorenzo: Mr. Dane.

Michael reaches out to shake Eric's hand. Dane just passes by him, heading over to corner and climbing before throwing both arms up.

As his music fades, Down by Yelawolf begins. Cameras turn towards the entrance ramp as the crowd starts to stir. The booing starts almost immediately.

The song is in full swing as La Flama Blanca walks through the curtain, with a probable big smile on his face. Flaunting his new LFB apparel and his UTA World Championship title belt around his waist, LFB stops putting his fist high into the air.

Williams: Here comes the UTA World Champion, La Flama Blanca. At almost one hundred and fifty days, the only main champion to retain his title during a pay per view defense in the new era after defeating Alex Beckman.

Fury: He will be the only champion to ever retire undefeated with the title too!

Williams: I'm not so sure of that Dick, but Blanca has been a great champion in terms of defenses.

La Flama Blanca walks up the steps and across the apron. He looks into the ring at Eric Dane before entering in between the ropes.

Williams: Things are a bit tense.

Fury: Just a bit?

Blanca takes the title from around his waist, throwing it over his shoulder as he approaches the table. Eric Dane moves in as well.

Lorenzo: Gentlemen, in three weeks you two are set to face each other one on one for that championship right there.

He points over at La Flama Blanca's title belt.

Lorenzo: Only one man will be able to claim themselves as the UTA World Champion after that match.

He turns to LFB.

Lorenzo: Blanca, you have proven yourself to be the dominant champion of two thousand and fifteen. You have overcome every adversary that has stood in your way... although, sometimes with questionable methods.

He turns to Eric Dane.

Lorenzo: Eric, you have lost only one match since debuting in the UTA. You have beaten some of the best of the best and by making it through a gauntlet, have secured your chance at becoming the next UTA World Champion.

He looks over at Blanca then back at Eric Dane.

Lorenzo: Gentlemen...

He lifts a pen off of the table and holds it up.

Lorenzo: Who would like to do the honors and sign first.

Eric Dane reaches forward, but before he can take the pen, La Flama Blanca rips it out of Michael Lorenzo's hand. Dane's veins begin to pulsate in his forehead as Blanca wags the pen at him before bending down and signing the contract.

Williams: La Flama Blanca has signed. once Eric Dane does, this is a done deal.

Blanca lifts the pen up, looking at it before looking at Eric Dane and throwing it into his chest. The pen hits Eric and falls to the canvas. At that moment, Eric Dane lunges forward and begins to slam rights and lefts into the head of La Flama Blanca. The UTA World Championship falls to the canvas.


Eric sends La Flama Blanca into the ropes.

Williams: Blanca on the return...

Eric grabs him, lifts and drops back bringing La Flama Blanca down face and chest first through the table which snaps in half. The fans cheer. Eric Dane begins yelling down at Blanca before picking the clipboard up and the pen, signing the paper violently before tossing it down on top of him.

Lorenzo: Eric... Eric.. STOP!

Michael Lorenzo throws a hand up in front of Eric Dane's face. Eric just smirks before bending down and grabbing the championship. He pulls it up and looks at it for a few moments before holding it high in the air.

Williams: Could that be our next UTA World CHA-

Paris... Can you feel it?

The fans start to go absolutely nuts as Phil Colins' In the Air begins to play.

Williams: That's Mr. Ace in the Hole's theme song! SEAN JACKSON IS HERE!

Eric Dane turns around, still holding the title. He looks up at the top of the stage where Sean Jackson steps out, briefcase in hand.

Williams: Is he cashing in now?!

Fury: No! Dick can't let this be the last thing he sees before he leaves Victory! Not like this!

Sean Jackson stares down at Eric Dane, who stares back. Neither man flinches. Finally, Jackson raises the briefcase up. Eric squints his eyes before raising the UTA World Championship in the air and we get a stare down of legends.

Williams: Both men just sending a signal to the other. Eric Dane knows that if he does in fact defeat La Flama Blanca at International Affair, he will have that man right there to watch out for.

Jackson smiles at Dane as the copyright comes up and we fade to black.


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