Victory XXXIX

9 Oct 2015

The O2, London (seats 20,000)

Welcome Back!

As the stream fades up from black, the Monday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across the arena.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Dick Fury and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another exciting episode of Monday Night Victory. I'm Jennifer Williams and with me as always, none other than Dick Fury.

Fury: Dick is back in the UK!

The drums and the guitar hits. The sounds of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys pipe into the PA system, and in the cloud of smoke that follows a brief pyro explosion, Will "the THRILL" Haynes steps out of the back.

Williams: Ladies and gentlement, Will Haynes is in the building.

Fury: Shame.

Williams: Save it Dick. Will Haynes is back and the UTA Universe has been buzzing like a bee over what's going to happen here tonight between him and the Greatest Entertainer in the World, Mikey Unlikely.

Fury: Let Dick tell you what's going to happen. Will is going to get sent back to the hospital when Mikey goes nuts on him. 

Williams: Let's hope not, Dick.

Fury: Don't say Dick didn't warn ya, Jennifer.

The fans are on their feet showing their excitement at Haynes being back. Haynes revs them up. He spins around, glad to be back in the swing of the things. All the while Brooklyn's finest rap over the turntable scratches, and rock beats.

Confidently Haynes strolls down the ramp to the ring, dressed in a pair of black atheltic shorts, and his black wrestling boots. Haynes completes the looks with a t-shirt, "Not Dead Yet" written in black bold lettering on a white base. He points to it, causing the fans to cheer. Some snap pictures to post on social media.

Williams: Haynes' shirt seems like a hit with the London audience, Dick.

Fury: Not Dead Yet? Again, shame.

Haynes climbs the ring stairs, pausing before entering the ring. He nods his head, reving the crowd to a fever pitch yet again. Flashbulbs everywhere. 

Williams: And I'm sure some of these fans did NOT expect to see the THRILLmaker tonight. Especially with the reports about his comeback being delayed. Got to be a real treat for them here tonight.

Fury: This isn't a treat at all, Jennifer. The real treat is later on tonight when Mikey Unlikely finally kills this poor guy! Do you think they'll fine us for that?

Haynes mock wipes his feet on the outside of the ring, before stepping through the ropes. Once in the ring he spins around, with his arms to the side taking it all in. He calls for a microphone from the Announcer who walks over and hands one to the THRILL. 

Williams: Looks like we're going to be treated to a few words from Haynes. Maybe he'll explain exactly what was going on with his lengthy abscence. 

Fury: Maybe he'll choke on his own saliva and drop dead right here. Thay way we don't have to wait until later.

Haynes raises the microphone to his mouth to speak but he's met with a chant from the crowd.

Welcome back!
Welcome back!
Welcome back!
Welcome back!

Haynes smiles, pulling the mic away from his mouth. He lets the chant develop for a few seconds, before putting the microphone to his mouth and talking straight away.

Haynes: LONDON, ENGLAND. Tonight we make history!

The crowd pops once again. Loudly.

Williams: I've gotta say these international fans have been bringing it, each and every show on this tour. This is amazing.

Fury: UTA is huge around the world, Jennifer. Almost as huge as Dick.

Haynes: Tonight in this very ring, in front a' all a' you, n' the world I finally get to put down Mikey Unlikely.

The crowd roars yet again, some boos break out at the mere mention of Unlikely's name.

Haynes: When I was in that hospital bed gettin' operated on, tryin' t' come back. You wanna know what drove me? You wanna know what pushed me t' comeback? Fueld my desire t' get back in this ring.

Haynes points down to the ring beneath his feet. He nods his head, still in doubt that he's actually back.

Williams: You gotta imagine someone like Haynes is thankful for a moment like this. To come out, on your first show back and address the international fans like this - it sends a great message.

Fury: A message that it's OK to be a failure, Jennifer. Haynes has held what ONE belt in the UTA? And his title wasn't as prestigious as Dick's. Ask yourself who the real star here is. 

Haynes: It wasn't Mary Jane. It wasn't the thought of wiping that smirk off Eric Dane's face. It wasn't the World's Greatest Entertainer, Mikey Unlikely. No it wasn't none a' them. It was YOU. 

The crowd once again pops.

Haynes: Each. And everyone one. Of you.

Haynes doesn't let them take center stage though, quickly talking over them.

Haynes: You, the fans, who managed to sell out the O2 Arena here tonight you deserved t' see the BEST the UTA has t' offer n' lemme tell ya somethin' he's standing RIGHT HERE.

Haynes stabs a thumb into his own chest, fired up. The crowd explodes. Flashbulbs go off, Snapchats are getting sent out. The whole nine yards.

Fury: And people say Chris Hopper is full of himself!

Williams: Oh come on Dick. Haynes is fired up, excited to be back. Imagine you were in his position.

Fury: It's hard to do, Jennifer. Don't know if I can get my head that far up my own ass.

As Haynes brings the microphone to his mouth to speak again, "Blunt Blowin'" by Lil Wayne fills the arena. The fans begin to boo as loud as they can. 

Live it up like these are my last days; if time is money I'm an hour past paid

Out of the back walks Mikey Unlikely, the World's Greatest Entertainer. By his side, is the luscious Mary Jane. Mikey has a pair of Oakley's on and a beautifully tailored luxury suit. Mary Jane is dressed to the nines as well, but a little more tastefully than some of her past wardrobe choices.

Fury: NOW the party has started, Jennifer. Mikey Unlikely out to save the day.

Williams: He can't let Haynes have five minutes? Has to come out here and flex like this? It makes me sick. 

Mikey has his own mic and brings it to his mouth.

Unlikely: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down there Lil Willy. The best the UTA has to offer is standing out here tonight, but sure as hell ain't in that ring. 

The boos come reigning down once again. Mikey shakes his head and continues talking.

Unlikely: Boo me all you want but the BEST thing in the UTA is standing right up here on this ramp. 

Williams: You wanna talk about full of himself, Dick. Get a load of this guy.

Suddenly in the midst of all the booing Mikey drops to one knee in front of Mary Jane. 

Williams: Is he doing what I think he's doing?

Fury: Oh my God, in front of Haynes? WHAT? THIS IS CHRISTMAS COME EARLY.

Haynes moves closer to the ropes, his eyes bugged out wide. 

Mikey reaches into his pocket, pulling out a ring. A gaudy looking diamond on top.

Unlikely: The best thing in the UTA, MJ is you. These past few months have meant a lot to me. Will you marry me?

Fury: And what should be a nice momement for this set of lovers is being ruined by this crowd!

The crowd boos, as loud as they can get. Some jaws are left wide open, some people left without a thing to say. None perhaps more so than Will Haynes, standing in the ring.

Mary Jane: Yes! Yes! God yes!

Mikey and MJ embrace. They kiss. Some people in the audience actually applaud.

Williams: I can't even imagine what is going through Haynes' head right now. I can't imagine.

Fury: Probably blind rage, Jennifer. If he's smart. That's what Dick would be thinking about. And how good MJ is gonna look in a wedding dress.

​Suddenly over the PA system the Bridal Chorus by Wagner starts. The crowd is unsure of what to do. MJ and Mikey share another kiss and head towards the back, leaving a stunned Haynes still standing in the ring. 

Fury: Well that's gotta be the first proposal on UTA television, Jennifer.

Williams: And hopefully the last one. I think I might be sick after that. Poor Will Haynes.

Fury: He got what was coming to him. Should've married the girl when he had the chance.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Perfection vs. Lew Smith

Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the into to If You Want Peace...Prepare For War by Children of Bodom.

Williams: Lew Smith looking to kick off tonight's show with a win over the returning Perfection.

Fury: Lew Smith is always looking for a win Jennifer, but it's not often Dick sees him get one.

Lights flicker quick with the addition of the upbeat, fast guitar. More pyro hits as the song kicks into gear with the word, "GO!" Lew is quick out of the back, he tears down the ramp, and slides into the ring on his stomach. He vaults to his feet, back flips, and takes to the nearest turnbuckle holding his hands out.

Announcer: From Frimley, England, weighing in at two hundred and sixteen pounds, standing at six feet one inch tall, he is the OMINOUS ANGEL...

Lew raises his hands.


The crowd applauds.

Williams: The crowd hot for Lew Smith, who returns to his home country here tonight.

Fury: Can he be left here?

Perfect Gentleman by Helloween begins to play.

The crowd immediately responds with jeers a boos. The one and only Perfection exits from behind the curtain raising his arms accepting the crowds reaction to his wonderfulness.

♫There is no doubt about it
I'm one of kind, baby
I am le d'Artagnan de coeur
As you may see, candy.

Fury: Perfection looking better than ever Jennifer.

Williams: Well, he's had plenty of time to rest.

Perfection makes his way towards the ring taking his time to jaw-jack with fans near the rails. He walks up the stairs to enter the ring. He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Announcer: Making his return to the ring tonight... he hails from Los Angeles, California

And I'm talking with my eyes
and I walk in different styles

Announcer: Standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two-hundred twenty-two pounds...

I'm a genuine man

Perfection grabs the middle rope leaning over it and yelling at fans in the front row.

Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am, I am, yes I am


He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Williams: The last we saw Perfection was June eighth when he and Chris Hopper tore the roof off of The Wrestlezone.

Now he mounts the turnbuckle to yell at the fans some more before giving one last pose and jumping down from the turnbuckle

Williams: This should be a good match.

As the bell sounds to begin the match, Perfection walks near the edge of the ring, holding the top rope before jogging out and around. Lew Smith circles in and the two lock up.

Williams: Our first lock up tonight as Perfection and Lew Smith compete for control.

Perfection uses his strength to push Lew back and into the ropes where he holds him. The referee begins to count.

Williams: Perfection backing away, looking to not get disqualified early in this match up.

Fury: Yea, that comes later.

As Lew shakes it off and starts to come forward, he is met with a boot to the mid section by Perfection who then grabs the back of his head.

Williams: Perfection in control, spins Lew Smith around and sends him into the corner.

As Lew's back hits the corner, Perfection grabs the top ropes around him and begins to bring his foot in.

Williams: Perfection now with vicious boots to the midsection of Lew Smith in the corner here.

Fury: Still as vicious as ever.

Lew drops to a seated position.

Williams: Perfection continues to stomp away at Lew.

The referee gets between the two, throwing his arm into Perfection's chest and pushing him away from Lew Smith.

Williams: The referee trying to get Perfection to allow Lew Smith a moment.

Fury: Why? If you can't hang then you shouldn't be in the ring.

Lew throws his arms up, grabbing the ropes and using them to pull himself up in the corner.

Williams: Perfection rushing Lew Smith.

Lew turns sideways and throws his elbow up catching Perfection in the jaw. The fans cheer.

Williams: Caught by the elbow!

Perfection holds his mouth as he stumbles away.

Williams: Perfection turning back to Smith now, rushes forward.

Lew grabs the top ropes and uses them to leverage himself pushing his body upward as he throws a foot up, catching Perfection in the face again.

The fans go crazy as Perfection hits the canvas.

Williams: Lew Smith takes Perfection off of his feet.

Fury: Not something Dick would have ever expected.

Williams: Maybe because you don't show Lew Smith the respect he deserves.

Fury: When you show Dick something to respect Lew Smith for, he will.

Perfection rolls over to a knee. As he does, Lew comes in with a swift kick to his side, followed by another.

Williams: Lew Smith with those deadly accurate kicks there.. follows up with one to the side of Perfection's head.

The fans cheer. Perfection falls to the side. As he does, Lew Smith runs back and hits the ropes.

Williams: Smith off of the ropes.

He flips forward and drops a leg down across the back of Perfection's neck.

Williams: Running leg drop there connects. Impressed yet Dick?

Fury: No.

Lew slides around, grabbing Perfection by the head as he pulls his arm back.

Williams: Now into a arm bar chin lock, Lew Smith looking to make the former UTA Champion submit.

Fury: Perfection doesn't submit Jennifer.

Williams: He may very well tonight.

The referee ask Perfection if he gives up. Perfection yells no as he struggles to get free.

Williams: Perfection trying to get free, but unable to.

He moves his free arm back, ripping at Lew's hair before getting a thumb into his eye. Lew has to let go, causing the fans to begin to boo.

Williams: This may be Perfection's chance here to get some breathing room.

Lew rolls over and into a sitting position holding his eyes as Perfection rolls to the edge of the ring himself.

Williams: This match has now slowed down a bit.

Lew rolls over and pushes up. He looks across the ring at Perfection and runs forward. As he approaches, Perfection sees him and quickly slides out of the ring. The fans boo as Lew grabs the top rope and looks down at Perfection looking back up at him from a kneeling position and smiling.

Williams: Quick thinking by Perfection may have just saved him.

Fury: The man is smart, that's never been questioned. His ring awareness is top notch.

Perfection begins to stand up. As he does, holding onto the top rope Lew looks around. Finally, he leans down and uses the ropes to lunge himself up and over. The fans cheer as Lew Smith flies through the air... until Perfection sidesteps and he slams down to the floor.

Williams: Perfection moved!

Fury: That's what Dick is talking about. It's hard to catch Perfection off guard. This match is now his.

Williams: Lew Smith fails to connect with that high risk move and it may very well have cost him this match.

Perfection leans down and with both hands grabs the back of Lew Smith's head. He violently pulls him up before spinning him around and slamming him back first into the edge of the ring apron. Lew lets out a yell of pain. As he des, Perfection raises his hand and comes forward with a hard chop across the chest of Lew.

Williams: Knife edge chop there by Perfection.

Fury: One of the hardest hitting chops in the industry right there.

Williams: Perfection grabbing Lew Smith and rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope.

He reaches up and grabs the middle rope, using it to pull himself to the apron. The fans boo Perfection who taunts them, causing them to boo louder.

Williams: Perfection wasting time here.

He waves them off and steps into the ring between the mid and top rope. He casually walks over to where Lew Smith is laying on his back. As he reaches down to grab Smith, Lew reaches up and grabs him before rolling Perfection forward and down.


The fans cheer as the referee slides into position and begins to count.

Williams: Two... thr--- NO! Kick out by Perfection. That was a close one there Dick. Are you impressed yet?

Fury: Why would that impress Dick? He didn't get the win so it was a waste of time.

Perfection rolls over and slides back, on one knee looking forward with shock at Lew Smith. Smith rolls over and begins to push himself to his feet.

Williams: Smith getting up now.

Perfection quickly stands and charges forward. As he approaches Lew who is still getting up, Perfection brings a knee up, catching him in the temple.

Lew's body flops over and to the canvas as Perfection slows down and then moves to a stop before posing. The fans send hate his direction and he just takes it in.

Williams: Perfection continuing to gloat after that knee to the temple of Lew Smith.

Fury: He should. It was a beautiful strike.

As he turns back to Lew, he sees him getting to his feet. Perfection quickly moves forward and grabs Lew by his arms, placing his head into his upper back before turning Lew around followed by dropping down.


The fans boo. Perfection turns Lew over and covers him as the referee moves into position. As his hand his the canvas for a third and final time, the referee gets to his knees and calls for the bell which begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall.... PERFECTIOOOONNNNN!!!!!

The fans boo louudly.

Williams: Perfection wins his return match here as he puts away Lew Smith in his home country.

Fury: Now that, Dick can respect.

Williams: Only you. To me it's sickening.

Perfection pushes to his feet and heads to a nearby corner. he climbs up and poses on the turnbuckle to his music as the fans continue to boo.

A Proper Memorial

A Proper Memorial

The scene turns to backstage where Rumor Man Stan and Kate Kincaid are standing in front of Lisil Jackson's locker room. Smoke is coming out from underneath the door and most noteworthy a symbol is painted on the door with some sort of white substance. 

Kincaid: Oh no Stan! I I dealt with him last time! That guy is the definition of creepy! Besides you're always looking for a good story for your report! 

Stan looks at the door tilting his head to the side. 

Stan: Was it really that bad Jennifer?!

Kate puts her hands to her hips. 

Kincaid: Stan! The guy is talking to a statue and is going on and on about spirits and....

Kate shivers not even coming up with the right words. 

Stan: Oh for the love of... What in the hell is that on the door anyway?! 

Kincaid: I don't know! Why don't you go ask him! 

Stan sighs bracing himself. 

Stan: It's moments like this that make me wish Jamie Sawyers wasn't drafted to Wrestleshow! 

Kincaid: Just go in there you baby! 

Stan adjusts his shirt collar before he opens the door. He walks in waving his hand in front of his face from the smoke. 

Stan: Lisil Jackson? What in the world...

Stan says as he stands in front of a wall that has pictures of Stephen Greer taped to it. The two tiki statues of Loa and Bondye stand on each corner of the wall and in the middle is a third tiki statue a depiction of a heavy set woman with a bold smile on her face. Sitting in front of the statues are all sorts of tropical flowers in the form of almost like a memorial. Stan stands there dumbfounded before he's startled by a voice behind him. 

L. Jackson: Bootiful don't ya tink mon? 

Stan jumps taking a few steps back. 

Stan: Lisil! What in the world is this?! Why do you have all these pictures of Stephen Greer on this wall?!

L. Jackson: Ahhhhhh it be a memorial! A tribute to dee life o' mista Greer! A final tribute to a brudda who had a glorious career since Tee Dee is no mo! 

Stan tilts his head sideways. 

Stan: Ummmmmm Team Danger technically isn't dead... Eric Dane is still very much around........ 

Lisil puts a finger to Stan's lips. 

L. Jackson: Don't ya mention dat bumbaclot's name! Dee spirits don't like Eric Dane... He is dead ta dem!!! 

Lisil Jackson lets out a sneer looking around the room. 

Stan: Ummmmmm..... Ok....... Except he is wrestling tonight.... 

L. Jackson: Listen here mon... When I faced Eric Dane... I seen dat look in his eyes... It was a look o' desperation... A look like he was lookin fo an easy way out.... 

The Jamaican Inspiration turns looking back at the wall. 

L. Jackson: He knew dat he couldn't beat Lisil Jackson clean... And ya know what? I may not have won but one ting remains! I took part o' his soul dat night! I own a part o' Eric Dane! 

The Jamaican laughs a sinister laugh. 

L. Jackson: But as far as Mista Greer goes.... Dey say dat dee eyes are dee portal ta a mon's soul... And I looked inta dat brudda's soul! What did I see? I see everyting dat I seen in Eric Dane dat night! And tonight... Dee great spirit Brigitte will take Stephen Greer by dee hand and take im ta dee afta life! 

Lisil says as he breathes in the smoke from the burning white sage branches on each side of the other walls. 

Stan: O........... K.......... Ummmmmmm..... One last question.... What the hell is on that door? 

Lisil Jackson smiles boldly as he walks over to a basket sitting on a bench. He reaches into it and pulls out a snake. 

L. Jackson: Some o' dis fella's venom! A lil extra somethin ta keep dee evil spirits away! 

Stan's eyes grow wide as Lisil Jackson holds a Lance Snake in his hands. Stan backs up clearly terrified of the snake 

Stan: Okay! Interview over! 

The Jamaican laughs stroking the snake's head with a finger as Stan storms out the door where Kate Kincaid is standing by the door.

Stan: Nope! Nope! Nope! 

Kincaid: What happened?! 

Stan turns to Kate. 

Stan: THAT GUY HAS A SNAKE IN THERE! I'm done! If you need me I need to change my pants now! 

Kincaid: Can't say I didn't warn you! 

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Two Minutes


Two Minutes


Cameras are rolling behind the scenes. A row of doors hits your HD TV screen. One door opens and in walks the UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca. He is wearing a fresh suit with a black designer duffle bag slung over his shoulder.

The crowd inside the O2 Arena sees this and boos immediately. We keep following the champion as he makes his way through the back of the O2 Arena. Suddenly he is joined by one of the usual suspects, this time by Kate Kincaid, the former Dynasty interviewer.

She goes step for step continuing with La Flama Blanca, trying to put her microphone close to pick up his voice. Blanca closes his eyes and shakes his head, putting his hand up trying to blow her off.

Kinkaid: Champ, champ… can we have a word?

Blanca stops and comes back at her in a surly tone.

La Flama Blanca: I’ll give you… Two Minutes…

The Cruiserweight takes a look at his incredibly expensive wristwatch. Kinkaid seems thrown off by Blanca’s remarks.

LFB: You’re wasting my time, Kate.

Kinkaid: Next week in Dublin, Ireland at Wrestleshow you defend your UTA World Championship against Zhalia Fears-

In classic LFB fashion he cuts her off from speaking and dominates the interaction.

LFB: Kate… did you forget how these interviews go? I speak and you look pretty for the mouth breathers at home.

Kate Kinkaid rolls her eyes and keeps holding the microphone to pick up La Flama Blanca’s words.

LFB: Zhalia Fears couldn’t become Number One Contender for the Legacy title… what makes anyone think she’ll win the big one? I think I know, because the FANS want her to be the UTA World Champion. They BELIEVE in Zhalia Fears.

The UTA World Champion stops for a moment. Thinking about his opponent.

LFB: The idiots who believe in Zhalia Fears are the same beat nuts that think Santa Claus is real. These are the same people who think the Chicago Cubs are going to win the World Series this year… idiots, beat nuts, mouth breathers, bellends… all of them.

Kate changes the topic of discussion.

Kinkaid: Tonight we are going to see The Gauntlet match, the winner becomes the Number One Contender for your UTA World title. Care to make a comment.

Blanca looks off and then locks eyes with the camera.

LFB: Hmph. I do actually… It’s a freakin’ joke.

LFB looks at his watch, noticing the time.

LFB: That’s two minutes.

The Luchador starts back up and leaves Kate Kinkaid standing by some ladders and stage equipment. Cameras stay with her as she stares off in the direction of the UTA World Champion. We now focus our attention on ringside and the Victory play by play team of WIlliams and Fury.

Williams: La Flama Blanca, as you can see, folks, is here in the O2 Arena. Whether or not he will be keeping a close eye on the Number One Contender's Gauntlet match remains to be seen.

Fury: The Champ is in the arena, he might even make his presence felt later on here in Victory.

Cameras pan and cross the arena and stop on a familiar face in the crowd.

Williams: Zhalia Fears is here?! At Victory?!

Zhalia Fears is surrounded by ecstatic fans going wild.

Fury: Dick doesn’t understand. Dick doesn’t think this is kosher.

Fears makes a fist and poses for the cameras. She smiles and waves, giving all the fans around her a story to tell for a long time.

Williams: This is a homecoming for Fears. She grew up not too far from the O2 Arena. Looks like Zhalia is here as an observer tonight.

We cut back to Williams and Fury.

Fury: We see Zhalia Fears in attendance, and we know that La Flama Blanca, the UTA World Champion is ALSO here. Things could get very interesting.

Williams: Dick, we are gonna have to wait and see on that. Coming up next… the UTA Hall Of Famer, the legend Ron Hall goes up against a newcomer to the UTA. Tonight we see the debut of Yeshua Pandemonium.

Fury: From THE luchador to a new one, a lot of Mexican talent making some noise in the UTA. Can Yeahsure Pandamodium defeat the Hall Of Famer?

Williams raises an eyebrow.

Williams: Did you just say Yeah-sure Panda-Modium?

Fury: That’s his name isn’t it Jennifer? Yeahsure Pandamodium?

Williams: No, it’s Yeshua Pandemonium.

Fury: How come it doesn’t sound like that when Dick says it?

Williams: I just don’t know. Anyway, don’t go anywhere folks, Victory will be right back!

Ron Hall vs. Yeshua Pandemonium

The Big Screen comes to life with just static. The static seems to zoom back, revealing a television. A midget in a filthy bunny costume, sits looking at the television. He seems mesmerized by the static on his television. Mindy and Sindy the conjoined sisters are standing behind him. He slowly raises his hands and places them on the screen of the television.

The midget slowly turns his head back to them.

Midget: It’s time...

Deep shadow covers the screen.

Parts of the screen slowly lighten up to reveal what appears to be a silhouette.

In darkness, a blood curdling cacophony: the squeal of unoiled winches, the rasp of hooks and razors being sharpened; and worse, and the howl of tormented souls. Above this din one particular victim yells for an encore with a mixture of tears and roars of rage.

Williams: This is...

Fury: Weird. Weird is what this is Jennifer.

Now the Screen is awash in people, crawling, scrabbling, and shambling masses, some of them moving in reverse. A sound like moaning accompanies them. The picture switches again. A figure stands in a carnival tent, its face shrouded. It points accusingly, not towards the screen, but at something unseen off to one side. The insect-like screeching sounds louder.

On the screen is a close up of a twisted smile. Inside that mouth is two words: "Yeshua Pandemonium" The mouth closes once, twice. The word remains. Suddenly the lights go out. Suddenly the screen seems to clear, what looks like the moon appears on it. Chanting begins from what seems nowhere.

It's not the moon at all, they realize. The shape is round like a full moon, but it seems to be made up of thin ribbons of cloud streaking against a night sky. And there's a face, we see, a face hidden in shadows, looking down from above. The picture has a grainy look to it as it changes. The scene is of the conjoined girls sitting in a chair in a straight-jacket behind them stood to their left is a reptilian figure. The nerve-wracking grating as if of some giant metallic insect sounds in the background, but the young girls don't seem to notice. The figure stood to the left of the girls suddenly changes position from the left part of the picture, to the right. Almost instantly the figure returns to its original position, but in that one moment in its changed location we see a huge man with a shadow covering his face. The young girls turns towards where that figure stood, and smiles.

Announcer: Hailing from the wrong side of the Apocalypse via Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.......

The stadium drops into darkness as this weird movie is playing out on the big screen. Suddenly pyros explode in front of the big screen, as the fans literally jump from the shock. The roving arm of the overhead camera picks out people in the crowd. As they realize there on the screen they hold the signs higher. Orange strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The whole top of the entrance way bursts into a circle of flames.

Slowly rising directly through the flames in a huge throne; the throne seems to be made of bones all fused together with heat forming the chair itself. Sitting atop the throne is a masked man dressed entirely in black.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 2 inches and weighing in at 242 ibs........

The throne rises fully onto the ramp way. It is none other than the Demon Ringmaster, Yeshua Pandemonium. He then raises his arms above his head in an age-old gesture of defiance and supremacy as phosphorus flames blast in twin columns to the heavens behind the throne. Flames surround the throne.

He sits motionless, emotionless. Then on some unseen signal he launches himself forward into the flames without a seconds thought, his dark eyes glaze over. He stands with his arms outstretched like a crucifixion; Flames lick around his mask and engulfs his clothing, yet he emerges from the other side unscathed. Justin Bieber vs Slipknot’s Psychosocial Baby starts blaring out.

Announcer: ........................YESHUA... PANDEMONIUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!

Laughing sadistically as he slowly walks towards the ring ignoring the cheers from the crowd. Yeshua, dressed in his black and yellow clothes. As he passes a camera he stops and looks directly into the lens. He cocks his head to the side, pauses and took it all in.

Williams: The UTA has been bringing in some of the most unique superstars in the industry over the last few months, but none as colorful as the man we see in front of us now.

Yeshua climbs between the ropes and strides to the far side of the ring. Climbing the turnbuckle he lifts his arms up high to the cheers of the crowd. Flash bulbs blink from all around the arena catching this moment in history.

He gets down and stomps to the middle of the ring. He nods his head and stands in the middle of the ring whilst pyros explode behind him.

Williams: Ron Hall has a huge obstacle in his way here tonight.

Fury: Dick wouldn't be caught dead in a match with a guy who looks like this.

As Yeshua removes the bottom garment from his attire, Gold Medal by Tha Trademarc hits the PA.

Announcer: and his opponent….

Williams: Ron Hall has not had the best of luck in recent months other than defeating James Wingate at Ring King, but looking to turn that around tonight.

Announcer: Standing five foot eleven inches.  Weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds!

Ron Hall steps from backstage looking out at the fans.

Announcer:  “The Southern Rebel” Rooonnnn Hallll!!!!

Fury: All of the other Hall of Fame members are gone, why can't Ron do the same?

Williams: There's still a lot of fight in Ron Hall, as we should see here tonight.

Hall reaches the ring absorbing the huge ovation for him.

Williams: This will be interesting with the conflicting styles.

The two men begin to circle as the bell sounds to start the match.

Williams: Here we go.. both men move in to lock up.

Yeshua moves under Ron's arms and rolls behind him wrapping his arms around Hall's waist and sliding backward.

Williams: Quick belly to back suplex there by Yesua catching Ron Hall off guard in the early moments of this match.

Pandemonium rolls over, still holding Ron and pushes his way up. As the two men get to their feet, Yeshua turns Ron around and grabs his arm, yanking back.

Williams: Yeshua keeping the fast paced action going as he sends Ron Hall across the ring.

Fury: No way Hall will be able to keep up with Pandemonium's speed. This one is going to end quick.

Williams: Hall off the ropes and on the return, big arm drag by Yeshua.

Hall slams into the canvas and rolls over and up. he takes off toward Yeshua to try and catch him off guard but is caught by another arm drag.

Williams: Hall sent to the canvas again.

Yeshua quickly gets to his feet and runs forward. he leaps over Ron and continues toward the ropes.

Williams: Pandemonium jumps up to the second rope, leaps back... MOONSAULT! He hits his target!

Yeshua quickly covers Hall, lifting his leg.

Williams: This one looks to be over already.

Fury: Told you. Dick just doesn't see Ron Hall keeping up with someone like this.

The referee's hand raises a third time, but Hall is able to kick out last moment.

Williams: Ron Hall not out yet.

Fury: You asked Dick earlier tonight what would impress him. Well, Ron Hall kicking out after that does a bit.

Williams: Really?

Fury: Just a bit.

Yeshua rolls off of Ron and begins to get up, pulling Ron with him. Halfway up, Ron throws a fist into the gut of Pandemonium.

Williams: Ron Hall now trying to use old fashion hard hitting punches to take control of this again.

He grabs the arm of Yeshua and pushes him back into the ropes.

Williams: Hall with the whi- NO! Yeshua reverses. Ron Hall sent into the ropes yet again. On the return.

As Ron approaches, Yeshua leans down and grabs his lower body before lifting up and dropping backward, sending Hall to the canvas face first. The fans boo.

Williams: Flapjack by Yeshua Pandemonium.

Yeshua kips up to his feet before running toward the ropes. Behind him, Ron begins to push his way up, turning around.

Williams: Pandemonium off of the ropes.. on the return. Hall almost to his feet... Yeshua crashes through Hall... Shining Wizard!

Fury: Just stay down. That's the only advice Dick has for Ron Hall at this moment.

Yeshua makeshis way over to the corner quickly.

Willams: Yeshua Pandemonium now beginning to climb in the corner. Ron Hall is moving, but looks out of it.

Fury: Of course he is. He's been out everythinged since this began

Ron sits up. As Yeshua gets to the top he turns around to face Hall's back before leaping with a both feet coming down toward Ron's head. However, Hall rolls to the side and avoids the impact.

Williams: Yeshua misses with Sorrow's Fall as he was looking to try and put Hall away.

Fury: He's been trying to put Hall away since the bell rang Jennifer.

Ron pushes up to his knees. As he does, Pandemonium turns around and begins to bring swift kicks across his chest, alternating between lefts and rights. After a few, he takes a few steps back and comes forward with one more side kick that catches Ron in the side of the head, sending him face first to the canvas.

Williams: Ron Hall has been down for most of this match. After that series of kicks, nothing has changed.

Fury: At one time in his career, Hall may have stood a fighting chance. But not today Jennifer. Not tonight.

Williams: I am starting to actually feel you may be right Dick. We have seen barely any fight from Ron Hall here tonight in front of the fans at the O2.

Yeshua bends down and grabs Ron by the head. As he begins to pull him to his feet, Hall reaches forward and grabs his legs. Yanking back as hard as he can, Ron sends Yeshua back first to the canvas as he stands, holding his legs up. The fans start to rumble.

Williams: Ron Hall hoping now to turn things around as he begins to stomp the inner thigh of Yeshua Pandemonium.

Fury: Maybe, just maybe, if he can take Pandemonium's legs out, Hall may have a fighting chance.

Williams: Ron Hall has one of the most next give up attitudes in our industry.

Ron steps over Yeshua's leg, crossing them together. The fans start to get louder.

Williams: Look at this Dick! Ron Hall looks like he may be about to lock on that patented Sharpshooter of his!

Ron tightens his hold on the legs of Yeshua before he begins to turn over. However, he is unable to get Pandemonium fully locked in as Yeshua reaches up and grabs the arms of Hall and pushes forward, rolling Hall backward to the canvas as Yeshua moves into a seated position and continues up, standing while pulling one of Ron's legs up with him.

Williams: NO! Denied and reversed! Yeshua Pandemonium with that leg... and yanks it hard to the side, trying to remove it from Ron Hall's body.

Fury: It was a valiant effort, it really was. But Dick has to call this like he sees it, Ron Hall has no chance.

Yeshua drops to a knee and begins to slam his fist into the side of Ron's head. The referee starts to warn him.

Williams: Pandemonium just vicious.

He grabs Ron's head and begins to pull him up as he stands again.

Williams: Yeshua takes off, using the ropes for momentum. On the return now... he leaps up..

Throwing his legs around Ron's neck, Yeshua spins around and drops.

Williams: Hurricaranna takes Hall down.

Fury: This is just cringe worthy to watch.

Yeshua rolls over to his knees and throws his arms out as the fans boo before getting to his feet. He looks down at Ron and then to the corner.

Williams: Yeshua Pandemonium heading back to the corner now.

He grabs the ropes and begins to climb yet again. Hall just lays on the canvas.

Fury: This is what the future of the UTA looks like as the last remaining of the old guard is about to be ushered out.

Williams: Ron Hall had a great run, but he has proven that there is a time for everyone to hang up their boots as much as I hate to say it.

Yeshua turns and begins to stand on the top rope, making sure to keep his balance as he looks down at Hall.

Williams: High risk move coming here.

Fury: Not sure how much of a risk it is, Ron is all but dead.

Yeshua bends his knees slightly before leaping up and forward with a 630 Senton. However, at the last moment, Ron rolls out of the way and Pandemonium lands hard on the canvas. The fans go crazy.


Ron begins to push him self up. As he does, Pandemonium turns to the side and starts to get up as well, however, slower than he had been. As both men stand, Ron charges forward, and slams into the midsection of Yeshua, pushing him back and into the ropes before following up with a multitude of hard fist to his mid section.

Williams: Hall now fighting back again as he has what seems to be a second wind!

Fury: By Dick's count, this may be his first wind.

Williams: Hall now with a couple of forearm shots to the face of yeshua, grabs the arm.... Pandemonium sent across the ring and into the ropes. hall runs behind him.. Yeshua on the return.. Hall leaps.. BIG PRESS!

As he catches Yeshua, the two men go down. Hall stays mounted on top of pandemonium and begins to send rights and lefts into his head. The fans continue to go crazy.

Williams: Ron Hall refuses to go out like this!

Hall unmounts Yeshua and stands up. he throws his arms out and spins around as the fans show him love.

Fury: That gloating wont do him any good.

Yeshua rolls over and begins to get up behind Ron.

Williams: Pandemonium to his feet... Hall turns and sees him.. it may be too late... NO! IT ISN'T!

Ron steps back and comes forward, throwing his leg up with his foot catching Yeshua in the jaw.


Ron quickly covers Pandemonium as the referee slides into position and begins to count. The fans are on their feet.

Fury: Where did that come from?

Williams: I don't know but... here it is.. THREE! RON HALL DOES IT! RON HALL DOES IT!

The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall.... RON.... HAAAAALLLL!!!!

Williams: Ron Hall took a beating this entire match, but in the end he was able to somehow push through and with Country Chin Music connecting, pull off a huge victory here.

Fury: Dick thought for sure this one was over.

Ron rolls over, breathing heavy before getting to his feet. He holds an arm across his stomach as the referee grabs his other wrist and raises it for the fans to see.

Williams: Congratulations Ron, you earned this one.

Fury: After that beating, he sure did.

Ron winces in pain as he moves around.



We cut away from the ringside area and find ourselves amidst the fans in between matches as they rush to and from the concessions and merchandise booths. To the left you have rabid fans purchasing their new Cayle Murray, Bobby Dean, Lew Smith and Dynasty shirts and apparel, while a younger fan pays for a original Sanctus keychain.

To the right you have the long winding lines to the concessions. Someone paying for their hot dog and soda, another nachos, another with a bag of skittles, twix and three soda’s in a carrier.

Off to the side of all this is a young woman signing autographs and taking selfies with some lucky fans. ‘Rumor Man’ Stan Davis walks up to her and after a brief few words she steps off to the side with him while the fans return to their lines and parents.

Davis: I was hoping I would find you tonight, Zhalia. Ms. Sinclair mentioned she saw you and your friend out there earlier. Then we had Dick complaining on the headset. So here I am. Do you have a few moments?

Fears smiles and turns back to the front of the line where her friend April is now second in line.

Fears: Sure, just getting some snacks before the next match here. Not here as a Wrestler, but just as a fan like the old days. Will have some fun with the good folk here later tonight. So, whacha need Stanman?

Davis: Wrestleshow. You and the gold standard of-

Fears: That would be John Sektor.

Davis: Well the current reigning UTA World Champion - La Flama Blanca. A man that has not been without gold all year, except for All or Nothing where he, like you, relinquished his title at the time.

Fears: To be honest Stan, we could be here all night talking about the accomplishments of that young man. It may save the fans from having to watch the likes of Eric Dane wrestling in several matches, all for the UTA’s most prized possession, but then we would miss out on seeing Will Haynes finally dril Mikey into the mat.

She grins and continues.

Fears: It is a shame to you know. Guys like Jack, Skylar, could probably steal the show given time. Amy has proven she can get the job done when it comes to it; same with B.R.. But knowing Eric and his belief that since he drafted Victory, he runs the plans, not Micheal, he probably has already asked or made demands of each of those guys tonight so he has it easy. Hopefully somebody steps up. Somebody like Cayle Murray.

Davis: Well you know my job. Rumors and breaking news, which occasionally may center around the champ. What I want to know, as do your fans, are you ready for LFB?

Fears: Excuse me?

Taken back a bit Zhalia seems to no longer be smiling.

Fears: I have been ready for this opportunity since I beat Sean Jackson, the then UTA World Champion, in non-title action. He knows this, as much as I do, that the win was due to disqualification. Sean knows though. He knows that I know.

Davis: That you know what? And aside of that, is it wise to still try and coerce him? You already have your hands full with Blanca, and Dynasty at that.

Zhalia grins and gives a curt nod.

Fears: This is a opportunity… no, this is THE opportunity of a lifetime. I would be insane to look at my match next week as a straight up one on one match. LFB has Dynasty in his corner. When they see things not going his way they will surely make their presence known. And…

She pauses and looks past Stan to the counter where April is now ordering.

Fears: And… I know that Sean will want to cash in as soon as I pin Blanca’s shoulders to the mat. That Jason guy may try and stop him, which good on him, but in this industry one thing I have learned is that you always look forward, and be at the ready.

Davis: I’m not sure that means how you want it to mean. Aside from that you are talking a large numbers game.

Fears: United Toughness Alliance is Dynasty.

She can hear the boos in the arena but simply smirks with a shrug in response.

Fears: Since their formation, they have ran everything. Done everything. Held everything. Dominated everyone. To think anything else is expected next week, would just be silly Stan.

Zhalia steps forward past Stan and takes one of the sodas from her friend who continues on towards the arena seating. Taking a long gulp she focuses back.

Fears: LFB has his accomplices. But see, in my near year here in the UTA I have made some friends of my own-

Off-Camera: Friends?

The camera pulls back to reveal the UTA champion, belt over his shoulder, stepping into the wingspan of Davis from the other side.

LFB: All your “FRIENDS” are gone. I ended the career of one and got tired of the other riding my coattails. You… are ALL alone.

Zhalia smiles and steps past Stan and chest to chest with LFB.

Fears: Eduardo, figured you would be here tonight. You ready to blow the roof off next week? Hopefully no hard feelings once everything is said and done, alright?

LFB takes a step back, lightly dusting his chest off, and the title faceplate as well.

LFB: No, there will be hard feelings. I’m not going to let you take what is mine. I’m not going to let anyone take what is mine. No one.

Fears: Look, we both dislike Sean Jackson. I am not asking you to turn the other cheek or anything like that here. Just that we give the fans their money's worth - may the best person win.

LFB: There’s a reason WHY I Main Event around here Zhalia… you know that. Only reason why a Colton Thorpe closes the show on Victory is because I’m not competing on Victory. I’ve had World Champions warm crowds up before I sent them home crying.

His face gets closer to Zhalia’s. Stan Davis looks unsure of what is going to happen here in the next few moments as he stands next to the two.

Fears: I could stand here and listen to you elevate yourself and Dynasty even more, Blanca. Which trust me, it is not needed. We all know who you are, what you have done. I for one will never take that from you. But Stan here has places to be, and the next match is about to start.

Smiling Zhalia steps up to LFB again but this time continues on past him.

Fears: So, see you next Monday man. Hope you enjoy your time here in my home, the best city in the world - London.

With her back to the camera, the cheers of the fans in the arena sound out, you can picture her smiling while she starts to walk away.

LFB: Wait, Zhalia...

Blanca calls out, stopping her in her tracks. She turns around, straw hanging out of the mouth, cup clutched just below her chin, as LFB launches forward with the right fist stopping just short of connection. Her hair is forced back by the blow. Eyes forward, she smirks and starts to turn back around.

LFB: You know what?

LFB extends his hand to her.

LFB: May the best person win...

Zhalia does likewise much to the shock of Davis. But all is set right in the world when she releases her grip and LFB strikes using his UTA World Championship belt - this time connecting. Standing over her, he leans down, holding the title against his shoulder and tapping on it.

LFB: And that’s going… to be me. That is as CLOSE to my title that you will EVER get.

La Flama Blanca lets out a sickening laugh as he walks backward out of the picture. Stan Davis shocked by all this, kneels down to check on Fears.

Davis: I need some help! Get a medic!

Cameras get a close up on the unconscious face of Zhalia Fears.

Have some words.

Have Some Words

Backstage, there’s a Home Country Hero prowling through the corridors. The roof, of course, damn near comes-off the building when Cayle Murray appears on-screen, but even though his popularity is significantly enhanced by geography tonight, his facial expression suggests nothing but serious business.

Dressed in a plain black tee and his wrestling tights, Murray rounds a corner, his boots thudding heavily against the concrete floor as he goes. Clearly, this is something he’s been building-up to all week, but not necessarily looking forward to. Then, in his haste, he catches a glimpse of his very target.

Murray: Hey. Dane.

As Murray closes the gap it becomes apparent that The Only Star is on the phone, speaking to God knows who about God knows what. He holds up a dismissive finger to the Hometown Hero.

Murray: Hey man, I’m talking to you!

Dane darts his blue eyes at the younger Murray in a way that says “If the  Force were a real thing, I’d be choking you to death right now.” He finishes his conversation without paying another bit of attention to Murray.

Dane: No office this week, just a regular dressing room.


Dane: I’m on my way now.


Dane: Yeah, go on in, I’ll meet you there.

He presses a button and slides the phone into a pocket before turning to face Cayle Murray for the first time. He cocks an eyebrow that puts an exclamation point on the unimpressed expression on his face.

Dane: Can I help you?

A deep, elongated sigh passes through Cayle’s lips.

Murray: Yes. Yes you can.

His muscles tighten, his brows furrow: standing in The Only Star’s presence, alone, is never the most pleasant of experiences, especially when you’ve got a bone to pick.

Murray: I think you know what I’m talking about, too. Last time round in Johannesburg: Hussain, Hall, Thorpe, Murray. Four names. Not five.

Cayle holds the required number of fingers up, then shakes his head.

Murray: I know niceties are wasted on you, Mr. Dane, so I’ll cut to the chase. That was the biggest match of my career, and I was on the verge of winning it. You ruined it.

Eric mulls this over.

Dane: First thing’s first, Cayle, I don’t think you really quite understand the gravity of our business.

The future UTA World Champion Sneers. Cayle stands his ground.

Dane: To that point, I didn’t ruin anything for you. The fact of the matter is that you were unprepared for the task set in front of you. That being said, you lost the match that you had put so much importance on.

Murray: What exactly do you mean unprepared?

Dane: You knew it was a fatal four way match, correct?

Murray rolls his eyes. This doesn’t go unnoticed.

Murray: Of course..

Dane: And you knew I was sitting at ringside, right there on commentary?

Murray: Look, Eric..

He sighs again.

Murray: Please, don’t insult my intelligence. You’re the grizzled vet, the “seen it all/done it all” force of nature, “Mr. Victory,” the cult of personality. I get it, lad. I’d appreciate you cutting the chaff, please.

Dane smirks at the balls on this one.

Dane: Alright then, kid, Here’s the deal. There are no disqualifications in a Three-Way or a Four-Way match. Them’s the breaks. As such, no one cheated anyone. You were outsmarted, and you lost fair in the center of the ring.

Dane takes a step into Cayle’s personal space. Things are escalating.

Dane: But I can tell you’re one of those do-gooder types who believe in Truth, Justice, and the American Way and all that other bulls[censored] that comes with it. Just like your brother, if I remember correctly. And that’s all fine and good, gives you some ammo to fire off at the lesser types who might actually give a crap about what you have to say.

He pauses to let that last bit sink in.

Dane: I, on the other hand, do not. If you’ve got a problem with me, then I’m begging you, right here and right now. Do something about it.

Murray: You’re missing the goddamn point, Eric!

Even with The Only Star bearing down on him, Cayle doesn’t flinch.


Murray: You’re right, I was unprepared to fight four men in Joburg… because I’d prepared to fight three. Relaxed rules be damned, Eric: you had no business sticking your nose in my business, and that’s the problem… and the way you treat this business? That’s something I just can’t abide.

Eric contemplates this for one quarter of one second. That is also precisely the amount of time it takes for young Cayle Murray to find himself grabbed from behind, flung backwards into a wall and then lifted up just high enough that his feet no longer touch the ground by the combined might of the UTA Eternal Tag Team Champions, Tyrone Walker and Stephen Greer.

Eric steps in.

Dane: It seems to me like your major and recurring problem is an inability to understand your surroundings. Nobody cares how much heart and emotion you throw down, they only care about the winner. This business.

He spits the word out with venom.

Dane: This business is everything to me and I’ll protect it to my grave. This business has given me everything that I have and made me everything that I am. If it weren’t for this business then nobody would have ever heard my name, and you for damn sure would have never made it past a McJob somewhere in the suburbs.

Murray tries to say something but Dane grabs his face, digging his fingers deep into the flesh.

Dane: You don’t speak when I’m speaking, boy. You haven’t drawn fifteen dollars in this business, you’re only barely starting to figure out how to put an ass in a seat, and you’ve got the absolute balls to accost me? DO YOU KNOW WHO THE F[censored] I AM? Do you have any idea what I could do to you?

Cayle struggles.

Dane: I snap my fingers and these two take you out back, break your legs, and leave you in a dumpster, DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW?

Dane slaps him hard across the face.

Dane: As it stands, Colton Thorpe has become a major piece of my business, which puts you directly at the epicenter of my business, and maybe it’s becoming a little bit clearer for you now, but my business supersedes any sort of nonsense butthurt feelings you may have over my raining on your big parade.

He motions at his Team Danger compatriots to loosen their grip. They drop him to the floor and it’s everything Cayle can do to keep from falling on his face. Eric reaches up and straightens him out a bit, fixing his ruffled t-shirt and whatnot.

Dane: Do yourself a favor, kid. Figure out who I am before you walk up on me like that again. Because I’m such a nice guy, I’m gonna forget about this little incident, but if you pull this bulls[censored] ever again, I can’t be held responsible for what happens to you, you insignificant little prick.

Dane gives him another, more gentlemanly and playful slap on the face as he walks away off-screen. Walker and Greer hang back for a moment, mean-mugging and grimacing and being all manners of menacing before they walk off to catch up with The Only Star.

On the floor, Cayle searches for his lost pride, wearing a face flush with red anger. He watches his assailants trudge off down the corridor, and pulls himself to his feet.

A roar.

Then two clenched fists crashing into the wall.

The home country boy hadn’t had the best of starts to his evening.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Stephen Greer vs. Lisil Jackson

Better Must Come by Geego begins to play over the PA system and almost immediately out of the back steps Lisil Jackson, with a smile on his face ranging ear to ear.

Williams: And here is Lisil Jackson, Dick. A large task on his hands tonight as he takes on the King of Pain, Stephen Greer.

Lisil walks down the ramp, slapping hands with some of the fans on either side of the rail. 

Williams: These international fans showing their support here tonight.

Announcer: Hailing from Kingston, Jamacia, standing at six feet and three inches, weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds...

Lisil slides into the ring on his chest, he rolls up to his knee and stands. Hitting the turnbuckle as he's announced, taking off his sunglasses in the progress.


Jackson hops down off the turnbuckle, nodding his head confidently. 

Williams: Jackson feeling good tonight, Dick.

Fury: Guy is always feeling good. Must be on that good stuff down in Jamacia.

Simon Says by DTH rings out over the PA system. Fans rise to their feet to get a glimpse of Black Jesus, the Plague of the Hydra - Stephen Greer. Greer is out fairly quick. He's dressed for his match, his assorted braces and pads. He adjusts them as he walks down the ramp.

Fury: Greer is a big boy, Jackson is gonna have his hands full here.

Williams: Jackson isn't a slouch either, Dick. This one could go either way.

Greer climbs the steel steps. He steps into the ring, his eyes trained on Jackson.

Announcer: Hailing from the Murder City, Detroit, Michigan. Standing six feet, three inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and fifty one pounds. He is the KING OF PAIN - STEPHENNNNNNNN GREER.

Greer throws a massive arm into the air and the British crowd cheers. The official calls for the bell and both men step forward. Jackson snapping his fingers, grooving to the beat in his head. The fans showing love for that. When they get square, eye to eye Jackson puts his hands up, drawing his fingers towards his palms. 

Williams: And Greer wants a test of strength here, Dick.

Fury: He better watch out. He's got those old brittle bones. They could snap in half at any moment.

Jackson accepts and the two men lock hands. Greer lunging forward first, then Jackson moving Greer onto his back foot. Then Greer surging forward again. The fans responding each time with cheers in either direction. 

Williams: They look evenly match here, Dick.

Fury: Suppose your right, Jennifer. Dick simply doesn't care.

Jackson is able to push Greer back on his back foot, and moves through with it. He uses that momentum forward to send the King of Pain across the ring and off the ropes, Greer cocks the Lariat but Jackson showcases some of the quickness and agility and hits the mat, sliding through Greer's legs. 

Williams: Jackson up to some trickery, here early.

Jackson pops up and when Greer comes off the far side he's greeted with a dropkick right into the chest, that sends Greer stumbling backwards into the ropes.

Williams: Lisil showing some height on that one. Impressive stuff.

Fury: Yay, he can jump. Is Dick supposed to be impressed?

Greer stumbles forward as Jackson exceutes a fine looking Drop Toe Hold that causes KoP to fall to the mat. 

Williams: Jackson refusing almost to breathe here to start this one. That speed is something else.

Jackson runs, vaults himself off the second rope, leaping off before driving his knee into the back of Greer's skull. Causing his face to bounce off the mat. Lisil drops to a knee, rolls him over, presses his shoulders down. The official slides in for the count.


Fury: Greer powers out. Gonna take more than a Flying Jamican Knee to keep KoP down. 

Williams: Thought you didn't care?

Fury: Still don't. Dick was just sayin'.

Jackson is up quickly. Greer rolls to his feet shaking the head, knocking a cobweb or two lose. Lisil slips in behind Greer and wraps his waist.

Greer chucks an elbow, but Lisil ducks it. Another elbow and another duck. A third elbow and this time it catches Jackson right on the chin and sends him back, freeing KoP's waist.

Williams: Brutal elbow there by Greer, really threw his weight behind that one. Lisil might've lost a tooth.

Fury: Just what we need, add to the sterotype!

Jackson stumbles back checking his mouth and Greer closes the gap on him quickly. Hammers away with an over head chop, a chop to the chest, all the while using his frame to drive Jackson back into the ropes. Greer whips Jackson across, Jackson reversal. Greer off the far side, again for the Lariat and again Jackson ducks it.

Williams: Jackson well scouted on that Hellfire Lariat, Dick. Saved his hind twice so far in this one.

Fury: Smart of Jackson I guess, doesn't change the fact that he sucks. Watch a little tape, learn your opponents. That's what Dick does.

Greer is past Jackson and off the ropes, Jackson crouches down, Greer throws on the breaks expecting a dropkick like before when Jackson explodes up and grabbing Greer by the neck. 

Williams: Look at the explosiveness here by Jackson.

Jackson drives Greer's neck down into his own shoulder with a Stunner that stands Greer straight up in the air, gasping for breath. 

Fury: Stunner. 

Williams: Greer is feeling that one.

Greer stumbles forward, still a bit dazed. Jackson gribs his wrist and lands a huge Monkey Toss on King of Pain and again falls on top of him for a pin.

Williams: Lisil trying to steal one here tonight.


Fury: Greer powers out, again. This idiot is gonna need more than that to win..

Williams: How much more? Lisil is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Greer. Chaining these moves together, making their impact more meaningful. Jackson really knows what he's doing.

Fury: But Greer is a legend. Sooner or later this one might turn.

Jackson pulls Greer to his feet, an elbow shot to the shoulder area of the right arm by Jackson. Greer with pain, written on his face. Another short elbow. Jackson pulls back, looking for an Arm Breaker. Greer palms Jackson straight in the chest, pushing him away. Jackson takes a big step back.

Williams: Greer clearing space with nothing but brute force. 

Greer stands, and drives his palm into the center of Jackson's chest. Jackson gasps for air, stumbling forward. Greer launches himself off the far side ropes, on the come back he drives Jackson's face into the mat with a Facebuster. 

Williams: Greer coming alive now. King of Pain is feeling it, let me tell you. 

Fury: Looks like he caught his second wind here. 

Jackson stumbles to his feet, rubbing his neck. Greer slips in behind the Jamaican and pulls Jackson's arms flat across his own chest, before lifting him into the air and sending him crashing back to the ground with an Aztec Suplex.The crowd roars with their seal of approval.

Fury: That woke Dick up a bit.

Williams: Greer showcasing that strength here tonight. No easy feat to lift Jackson like that.

Greer bends down and delivers a shot with his knee right to the side of Jackson's ribs, before dumping him over, pulling the leg up and attempting a pin.


Williams: Jackson gets the shoulder up! Jackson gets the shoulder up! We continue on.

Fury: Thought Greer had that one.

Greer argues with the official very briefly over the count, before pulling Jackson up to his feet. A huge chop to the chest drives Jackson back, a huge over the head chop, sends him down a bit. Greer scoops Jackson and stalls him in the air, a straight lift. Letting the blood rush to his head before dumping him onto the mat, mostly on his neck.

Williams: Again with the strength there. Imagine holding Lisil in the air that long.

Fury: Yeah, no thanks. Dick'll pass on that one, Jennifer.

Greer rolls him over and pins.


The ref is up and waving the count off, Lisil's foot is on the ropes.

Williams: Oh wow the in ring awareness by Lisil right there. I don't know if he had enough to kick out but he was smart enough to get his foot on the ropes. 

Greer can't believe it. He doesn't argue this time he just shakes his head. Greer moves into the corner turnbuckle as Jackson begins to stir.

Fury: King of Pain looking to bring that Pain.

Williams: Hellfire Lariat should be considered cocked and loaded.

Fury: Just like Dick baby!

Jackson gets to his feet, stumbles. Greer charges.

Fury: And here it comes, Jackson is gonna get his head taken off.

Greer goes to bring it forward, Jackson hits him with a perfectly placed kick to Greer's chest. KoP feels the quick loss of breath almost immedatiely and staggers backward.

Willams: Lisil Jackson, stopping Greer dead in his tracks.

Jackson rushes forward, throws an arm around Greer's neck and brings him down with a DDT.

Fury: Ouch.

Jackson pushes into a pin.


Williams: Greer powers out. He won't go down without a fight. He's been showcasing that trademark strength throughout this one.

Fury: Yeah Greer is a big fella.

Jackson angry rolls to his feet. Greer rolls to a knee in the corner. 

Williams: Looks like this one is back at square one.

Fury: Yeah, looks that way.

Greer pulls himself up, slouching on the turnbuckle, trying to catch his breath. Jackson rushes him.

Williams: Jackson taking this one right to Greer's door.

Jackson pushes off his feet, launching himself into the air looking to bring a flying punch down on the King of Pain. Greer turns and throws a massive punch of his own, an uppercut that catches Jackson square on the chin.

Fury: That was a closed fist uppercut. Dick thinks he saw Jackson's lights go out on that one.

Williams: I wouldn't be surprised, they don't call Greer the King of Pain for nothing.

Jackson's attack halted, he stumbles back. That's all the opening that Greer needs. He steam rolls forward, the look in his eyes.

Fury: Watch out, freight train coming through.

Lisil ducks as Greer misses the Hellfire Lariat.


Suddenly the fans erupt as the lights go out in the arena. 

Fury: What the hell is going on?! Dick can't see anything! Did someone forget to pay the electric bill again?! 

Willians: I don't know Dick but I don't like this! Lisil Jackson is still in the ring! 

Fury: If Lysol was smart he'd get out of that ring now while he has a chance! 

After a few seconds the lights come back on and the fans scream out as Brother Judas and The Good Reverend are standing behind an unsuspecting Lisil Jackson. Stephen Greer has made his way out of the ring, backing away and shaking his head, not wanting anything to do with what's about to happen.

Williams: Oh my god! Lisil behind you! 

Fury: Who the hell let these two mongoloids in the building?! 

Lisil Jackson turns around and with a sickening crack is completely leveled with a steel chair shot that can be heard all the way into the nose bleed section of the arena. Jackson immediately crumples to the ground in a heap as The Good Reverend is handed a microphone. 

Reverend: Yes Brother Jackson! Let HIM compell you! LET HIM INTO YOUR LIFE!!!! 

Judas reaches down and scoops Lisil Jackson off the ground by his neck. 

Reverend: And now Brother Jackson! You will feel the pain that Judas has felt before he let HIM into his life! 

Judas lifts Jackson up and slams him down onto the chair with a bone crunching choke slam. 

Williams: Stop this! Someone stop this! Where is security?! 

Fury: Serves Lisinopril right for wandering off onto the B show! 

Williams: Lisinopril?! 

Judas grabs Jackson and hoists him up over his head letting out a barbaric scream and like a lawn dart throws him over the top rope where he lands in a sickening thud. 

Williams: Enough already! You made your point! 

Fury: Could someone please explain to Dick why Judas looks as if he headbutted a belt sander? 

Reverend: It will be over soon Brother Jackson! For you see... This will be your Crucifiction! Judas... Do it! 

Brother Judas storms out of the ring and grabs Lisil Jackson by the hair and slams his head into the announce table. 

Williams: My god Lisil Jackson is bleeding! He needs medical attention! 

Fury: He better not get blood on Dick's good shirt! 

Williams: What is wrong with you!? 

Judas bends Jackson over and looks up to the sky. 

Williams: Oh hell no! I am out of here! 

Fury: Don't touch Dick!!!!

The announcers scatter as Judas hoists Lisil Jackson up and slams him through the announce table. The Good Reverend walks over with Lisil Jackson's fedora. 

Reverend: Consider your sins forgiven Brother Jackson....

The Good Reverend places the fedora over Jackson's face covering it before Judas and The Good Reverend walk away from the scene. Dick Fury and Jennifer Williams sit back down to the broken wood and humanity that is Lisil Jackson. 

Williams: Cut to a commercial damnit! Lisil Jackson is hurt damnit! 

Fury: Awe man! Dick got Lysol in his drink!!! 

Williams: SHUT THE HELL UP DICK!!!!!!! 

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Special Guest

Special Guest

As we return from commercial we land on Jennifer and Dick.

Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, I am being told that we have a very special guest in the building tonight.

Fury: Special is one way to put it.

Williams: Currently in London on business, he decided to catch the show tonight. We're about to take you to the O2 blueroom now.

Fury: Yipee.

As we fade into a shot of the blueroom we see him standing there in his trademark mask and a suit.

Williams: Former UTA Champion, Madman Szalinski is here tonight.

The fans can be heard cheering as Madman smiles and waves to the camera.

Szalinski: I want to thank Mr. Lorenzo for inviting me to here tonight to catch some of the best wrestling action out there!

He touches his ear as if listening into an ear piece.

Williams: Madman, can you hear me?

Szalinski: I sure can Jennifer.

Williams: It's good to see you tonight. Tell us and the fans, how has your health been doing the past nine months?

Madman smiles.

Szalinski: I've never felt better Jennifer.

Williams: That's good to hear! How are you enjoying the show so far?

Madman laughs.

Szalinski: Anytime Will Haynes is one up'd you know I love it Jen! But for real, the show tonight is going great.

Williams: Are you looking forward to the main event tonight?

Szalinski: Of course I am! Bobby Dean finally gets a shot at a title and it's going to be great to see Bobby take it home. I'm also excited for the gauntlet match.

Williams: Who do you think will win that one?

Szalinski: It's hard to say Jennifer. If I was putting money down, I'd have to go with Eric Dane though.

Williams: Before we let you go, will the fans be seeing you back in the ring any time soon?

Madman laughs again.

Szalinski: It's hard to say Jennifer. I am in London listening to some offers. While I miss it, it feels good to just kick back and do my thing you know?

Williams: I'm sure it does. Well, thank you Madman for giving us a few moments of your time and we hope you enjoy the show.

Szalinski: One last thing?

Williams: Sure!

Szalinski: God Damn Son!

The fans can be heard blowing the roof off as we fade from the blueroom.



The scene opens to the locker room of Mikey Unlikely. He sits on a nice sofa. His suit still tight to his body. Mary Jane sits on his lap. She leans back against him and admires her new ring!

Unlikely grabs a bottle of champagne out of the bucket of ice that rests beside them on the end table.  He grabs the two flutes that come with it. He begins to unwrap the gold wrapping on the end of the bottle, but M.J. stops him with a hand on his.

Mary Jane: Wait, what about your match later?

Mikey gives her a wide eyed look, like she just smacked an old lady.

Unlikely: Mary Jane, I have matches every week sweetheart! You only get married once! THIS IS A CELEBRATION!

She smiles and blushes.

Mary Jane: But Mikey, its Will….

He nods knowingly.

Unlikely: I know. I know. You come first though baby! Besides I’ve thought this all out well in advance! Haynes will get his match tonight! Mikey always has a plan!

He points to his head and smiles before shrugging.

Unlikely: Now come here and give me some sugar!

He kisses her, and pops open the champagne. He shakes it and it goes all over the two. Mikey smiles as she screams with excitement. He finally fills the two flutes as the scene fades.

Marie Van Claudio vs. Cayle Murray

Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she walks onto the ramp while flipping her hair around. Marie takes a crack at her neck and walks down to the ring. The reaction is still very mixed, but the jeering side is significantly louder tonight.

Williams: Here comes Marie Van Claudio for the evening’s next match and wow, Dick, would you listen to this reaction!

Fury: She’s fighting Cayle Murray, the company’s new golden child, in his home country… of course they’re gonna give her a bit more bile than usual! This London crowd would boo the goddamn Easter Bunny if he was fighting Cayle tonight!

Marie totally disregards the crowd’s reaction, and just keeps making her way to the ring.

Announcer: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Marie gets right in the ring and looks at everyone looking at her as Marie walks right in the ring before looking at the referee

Announcer: Standing at 5’7 and weighing in at 127 pounds...

Marie looks at the referee and yells at him that he better not mess up her match.


Moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song playing.

Williams: This is a huge opportunity for Marie, y’know. She took a hugely disappointing loss to Amy Harrison two weeks ago, and she’s in real need of a rebound tonight.

Marie moves back and forth while waiting for her opponent.

Fury: Dick will gladly be there for Marie anytime she needs a rebound.

Williams (sighing): That’s not what I meant…

Elton John is replaced by a burst of TV static, before the breakneck punk explosion of Bad Religion’s Sinister Rouge takes over. Smoke billows out from the stage, lasers dart around the arena, and when it all clears, the O2’s roof damn near blows off.

Williams: What a noise, Dick! This British crowd is absolutely losing it!

Fury: I can’t hear myself think, let alone hear what you’re saying, Jen!

Full of pride, Cayle Murray stands atop the ramp with a Union Jack flag draped over his shoulders and a mile-wide smile on his face. He takes a moment to soak-in his home country’s atmosphere, before jogging down the ramp, slapping hands as he goes.

Announcer: Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland…

Finally at the ring, Cayle slides under the bottom rope.

Announcer: Standing at 6’1”, and weighing in at 220lbs…

He pulls himself up onto the turnbuckles, hoisting the flag in the air with one hand, and beating the other against his chest.


Williams: Cayle Murray is fired-up and ready to dazzle! I don’t think we’ve ever seen him this “ready to go” before!

Fury: Even his run-in with Eric Dane earlier hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm! This can’t wait to perform for his fellow Brits, here in the land of tea, crumpets, and bad teeth!

Cayle balls the flag up and throws it into the crowd, before removing his hoodie and dropping it in the corner. As a distinctly unimpressed Marie Van Claudio rolls her eyes, Cayle hops down from the turnbuckle, offering her a quick nod.

Williams: I don’t think Marie’s best pleased with this song and dance. She just wants to wrestle tonight, but she’s gonna have to endure all kinds of noise from a hugely partisan crowd.

Fury: Say what you want about the limeys, but they’re loyal to their own.

Williams: And when you consider just how quickly Murray’s popularity is growing anyway, it’s hardly a surprise. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go to his head.

The bell rings and the two grapplers tie-up at the collar-and-elbow, right in the centre of the ring.

Fury: Oh come on, Jen! Don’t tell me it wouldn’t be hilarious to see the hero fall flat on his face in-front of his own people…

Williams: Maybe for you and Marie, Dick… I don’t think anyone else here tonight would enjoy that.

Cayle, being the larger and stronger of the two, wins-out and transitions to a side headlock.

Fury: I think Colton Thorpe and Eric Dane would disagree with you there.

With a tightened grip, Murray whips MVC to the mat with a snapmare, before running for the ropes. From a seated position, Marie ducks under the rebounding Scot’s running knee and springs up to her feet. She catches Cayle with an arm drag but he rolls right through it, and when they both pop back up, Marie’s not quite quick enough to avoid the dropkick.

Williams: Quick start here!

Cayle gets-up just that little bit quicker than Marie and has time to steady himself as MVC rises. When she does, Cayle hits her with a second, lower dropkick to the gut that sends her stumbling back into the corner. With a considerable run-up, Cayle charges forward with a running high knee, before taking MVC’s head and running out of the corner with a bulldog! The fans pop, and Cayle jumps to his feet,beating his chest.

Williams: Great little sequence from Cayle Murray, and this sold-out UK crowd is showing him some love!

Fury: This is a real response to what happened earlier! Eric Dane absolutely ethered this kid, but he’s coming-out with a bang here.

Williams: One of the many reasons why it’s so easy to get behind this guy! He gets knocked down, and he pops right back up again with confidence, enthusiasm and a zest for life.

His pageantry has allowed MVC a longer recovery time than he’d have probably liked, and she’s pulling herself up with the ropes by the time Cayle’s done. He claps his hands together, prompting her to turn, and beckons his opponent forward. Marie does so, and is happy to tie-up at the elbow and collar again.

Williams: They lock-up, but wait, Marie transitions!

MVC quickly slips behind Murray and wraps both arms around his waist. Larger and stronger than his though, Cayle pulls away at her grasp, and eventually loosens it. Marie relents, but keeps wrist control, and after momentarily pushing Cayle away, she pulls him in quick…

Williams: Short-arm clothesl--

Fury: No! Cayle ducks!

He does, then throws a clothesline of his own. It’s MVC’s turn to duck, and she charges to the ropes. She baseball slides between Cayle’s legs on the rebound, then front dropkicks him in the small of the back, sending him forward to the ropes. Murray rebounds, turns around, and moves forward, rolling right the way through Marie’s arm drag and back to his feet.

Williams: What a pace these two are setting!

Fury: A second arm drag!

Cayle can’t roll through this one, and Marie keeps control of his arm. She doesn’t have enough time to do significant damage, however, as Cayle summons his supreme athleticism to lift his lower body off the mat, before effortlessly springing back to his feet. Back up, an MVC forearm staggers Cayle, and she runs the ropes again.

Williams: Hurricanrana!

MVC hops onto Murray’s shoulders, but the Scot makes his torso as rigid as possible, preventing the flip. He puts his arms up, grabbing Marie’s waistband, but when he goes for the powerbomb, MVC drives her fist into his skull a couple of times and slips behind his back. Both wrestlers turn and stand prone simultaneously, and applause ripples around the arena as they loosen-off.

Fury: Looks like we’ve got ourselves a stand-off.

Williams: So our opening sequence ends in a stalemate. Great back-and-forth action from these two, which is exactly what we expected, given their similar skillsets.

Fury: These two are going hard! Just like Dick when MVC gets to that yoga stretching…

Williams: … great. Just great.

Cayle and MVC get back to competing. They’re circling the ring, eyeing each other intently, both seeking an opportunity to make the first move. Chants of Cayle’s name reverberate around the arena, which doesn’t sit too well with MVC, who shakes her head and calls Murray forward. No lock-up this time, just a knee to the gut by Marie, who takes Cayle by the back of the head and drops an elbow across his neck. With Cayle on one knee, MVC runs to the ropes again, but Cayle grabs her on the return and launches her through the air with a big back body drop.

Williams: Big move from Cayle! Now he’s got a real chance to build some momentum and inflict some real damage.

Fury: MVC’s coped with everything Cayle’s thrown at her so far, but that’ll drive the wind from her lungs. Let’s see what Calamurray can do with it.

His first port of call is to attempt the match’s first pinfall attempt.


But Marie kicks-out very, very quickly.

The Scot brings Marie back to her feet and whips her into the corner. He follows up with a big rolling wheel kick, before putting his hands behind her head, hopping up, and monkey flipping her into the centre of the ring. With Marie down, Cayle charges forward and lands a Senton!

Williams: Now he’s taking control! Another quick flurry from Murray leaves Marie on her back.

Fury: A situation she’s more than used to, Jen-Jen.

He doesn’t relent, Cayle: just rolls Marie onto her front, puts her arm behind her back, and lifts her to her feet while maintaining the Hammerlock. Murray wraps an arm around her neck, looking for the Reverse DDT, but a desperation elbow catches him in the ribs and he’s forced to break. Despite this, Marie can’t quite take advantage. Cayle’s forearm leaves her reeling, and he’s soon charging at her…

Williams: SLING BLADE! Big move from Cayle Murray!

Fury: This crowd’s starting to get a little rowdy! The Home Country Hero is puttin’ in work!

A mile-wide smile stretches across Cayle’s face and he holds his arms out to his sides, soaking-in every last drop of the atmosphere. Eric Dane’s verbal beatdown feels a million miles away in this moment. He doesn’t linger too long, however, and is soon on his feet, climbing out of the ring.

Fury: Looks like Cayle’s going to grab a quick hotdog.

Williams: … what are you talking about?

Fury: He’s leaving the ring, Jen! Aren’t you watching?!

Williams: He’s going to the apron, you idiot.

Fury: … oh.

Cayle slaps his hands together once, twice, thrice, and soon has the whole building in the palm of his hands, clapping in unison. It takes MVC a while to get-up, and she’s groggy when she finally gets there, which is exactly what Cayle had hopped for.

On the apron, he hops onto the second rope. This gives him the spring to hop to the top one, which he pushes his feet down upon, before propelling himself towards the turning MVC…



Williams: What a move, Dick! Cayle just sprung his way up the ropes, then flew-off with one of the most spectacular springboard ranas you’ll ever see! And now the cover!



NO! Marie throws a shoulder up.

Williams: Such balance, agility and and coordination from Cayle Murray, who aside from being among the most likeable wrestlers in the UTA, has really established himself as one of the company’s premier athletes.

Sensing that the end may be within touching distance, Murray climbs back up, taking MVC with him again. He takes a few moments to catch his breath, then throws her head under his arm.

Fury: Looks like Marie’s about to go for a ride!

Williams: This doesn’t look great for her, Dick! Cayle might be able to put her away here.

Grabbing a handful of waistband, Cayle pulls her high into the air and keeps her dangling…

Williams: Hanging vertical…

… for just a second too wrong.


Fury: DDT!

In a move that drains her almost as much as it does Cayle, Marie whips her body downwards, driving his head into the mat with a stiff DDT.

Williams: Outstanding move from Marie Van Claudio! She’s just spent a good chunk of the match on the backfoot, but that gets her right back into it!

Fury: Coal Murray dwelled just a moment too long, he should’ve dropped her on her head when he had the chance!

Williams: Now MVC’s looks to be in-control, but it’s not going to be easy! She’s a fine wrestler in how own right, but she’s taken a lot of punishment, and Murray looks absolutely buoyant in-front of “his” people.

The arena swells with chants, claps and cheers, driving the wrestlers to dig deep and recover. It’s Marie who shows the first signs of life, crawling towards the bottom rope and planting a hand. Soon she’s on her knees, then her feet, and she’s shaking the cobwebs away. She looks across to the stirring Murray, and walks over. Dropping to the mat, Marie shoves him right out of the ring.

Williams: What’s she gonna do here?

Fury: Snail Murray is on his feet, but that head’s a-hurtin’...

In the ring, Marie’s charging something up. Outside of it, Cayle’s holding his head, still sore from the DDT. He doesn’t even hear the calls of “LOOK OUT” until it’s too late. He turns, and Marie’s already flying through the air.


MVC lands right on-top of the Brit, leaving him a crumpled heap on the floor.

Fury: OH MYYYYY! These flippydoos are going all-out!

Williams: Absolutely, Dick! Murray’s giving it 110% for his fellow Brits, but Marie’s really going full-on to try and gain some respect from this audience! That early reaction lit a fire under her, and instead of reacting like a sourpuss, she’s showing great heart, grit and athleticism.

Fury: Yoga sure does pay-off, Jen-Jen. The things this lady can do with her body are astounding… Dick would like to learn more.

Though their hero is down, the crowd can’t help but be impressed by MVC’s capabilities, and she offers them a quick bow on the outside before rolling Cayle back inside, halting the ten count.

Williams: And now the cover!



No! Cayle rolls his shoulder up.

Feeling her energy spike and knowing this is her chance, MVC is soon back up, lining Cayle-up parallel with the ropes. Stomping his chest to prevent him from rising, Marie walks across the ring, then twirls back across with a handspring right into a moonsault! A thousand flashbulbs go off as he lands the move, and MVC’s finally smiling!

Williams: Another flashbulb-worthy moment, and this match has been an absolute sprint, folks!

Fury: There’s been no real slowdown, no real opportunities to stop for breath, and no rests. They’re throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other!

Williams: That’s what happens when you combine two flashy, competitive athletes who’re both desperate to prove themselves. What a match!

Instead of going for the pinfall, however, Marie rolls Cayle onto his stomach and grabs both of his legs. Like a good Canadian, she ties him into a Sharpshooter.

Williams: Sharpshooter! Sharpshooter! Can Murray escape?!

Cayle wails in pain as Marie pulls back, tightening the hold as she does. He clenches a fist and bashes it into the mat.

Fury: I can think of worse people than Marie to be wrapped-up with, that’s for sure.

Williams: Would you just stop for a moment and give this girl her due?! She’s got the UTA’s Golden Boy all tied-up with nowhere to go, and she might be about to put him away…

Fury: Oh I’m more than happy to give her her due, if you catch my drift. Giggidy.

Williams: Did you just…?! Oh, forget it!

The Scot fights with everything he’s got, battling against the pain and digging his hands into the rough canvas. He plants his elbows down for extra traction, and one mighty heave brings him within touching distance of the ropes.

Williams: Can he do it?!

A desperate claw fails, and his fingers swoosh by, just millimetres from the ropes. It’s gonna take another big pull, so Cayle grits his teeth, clamps his eyes shut, and drags himself forward…

Fury: HE GOT IT!

Williams: Pure, unfiltered determination, Dick! That’s what got him there, and now Marie’s gotta break it up.

She complies straight away, not wanting to push things too far, before arching over in the ring, hands on her thighs.

Williams: Torquing that Sharpshooter has taken a lot out of Marie too, and she might have had him on any other night, but not here in London.

Fury: She’s doing well, but now’s the time to capitalise. The Sharpshooter failed: let’s see what else she has, because you know Cayle’s not short of ingenuity.

Feeling fair and competitive rather than snide and nasty, Marie backs off, and allows Cayle the time to rise on his own accord. It takes him some time to do so, but he gets there eventually. Murray throws his hair behind his head and nods to Marie, asking if she’s “ready to do this?!” She replies in the affirmative.

Williams: Looks like we’re set for one last go-around!

His legs are suffering from the submission, and Cayle struggles for leverage when they tie-up. This lets MVC take control, but when she tries to sweep his weakened legs away, Cayle’s got a little something up his sleeve…

Fury: Small package!



Williams: NO! What a kick-out!

Fury: I thought he had her!

The Scot’s guile hasn’t shaken Marie, however. She chooses not to let Cayle get up on his own this time, taken his head, and tucking her skull beneath his jaw. The jawbreaker sends him down to the mat, and MVC darts towards the corner.

Fury: What’s this?!

Williams: Marie’s looking to end things! She’s going up-top!

MVC climbs up onto the top turnbuckle and turns around. Poised, she takes a moment to steady herself, then rises to her full height.

Williams: Here comes the Montreal Spinout!

Fury: Don’t turn around, Fail Murray!

Inevitably, however, he does.

Marie Van Claudio flies off the top rope…


Fury: OH MY GOD!

Williams: WHAT. A. COUNTER!


The crowd’s popping for the move, but Cayle knows he can’t allow a moment’s lapse. He gets up on his wobbly legs and lets his eyes dart around his surroundings, before taking Marie up, putting a hand in the air, and calling-out.

Williams: Here it comes!

He pulls her up with the Vertical Suplex, but doesn’t linger too longer this time. The sitout side slam comes quickly and unavoidably, and soon Cayle’s draped over Marie’s downed torso.






Williams: WHAT A MATCH!

“Sinister Rouge” belts out of the arena and an absolutely exhausted Cayle Murray rolls off his opponent, letting the referee help him to his feet and hoist his arm in the air.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner… CAAAAAAAYLE MURRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!

Williams: A truly outstanding performance from both of these wrestlers, but Cayle ends-up edging this one out! He was just that little bit sharper, and it shone through.

Fury: Looks like there’s more to MVC than yoga and good looks after all.

Williams: We’ve always known that, Dick! Her attitude can get in the way, but she’s one hell of a wrestler. She proved it against LFB, and she proved it again tonight… but this moment belongs to Cayle Murray.

Or does it? Instead of basking in the glory, Cayle moves away from the referee, and aids MVC in getting to her feet. She asks if she’s okay, then takes her to the referee, instructing him to throw her hand in the air too. As he does this, Cayle backs out of the ring, and hits the floor, applauding her efforts.

Williams: And there’s the sportsmanship we’ve come to expect from this young man! Hats off to both of these wrestlers: they busted their backsides and put-on one hell of a performance.

Fury: Good damn match, Jen. Good. Damn. Match.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Who's the new kid?

Who's the New kid?

Backstage, we catch up with Colton Thorpe walking down a corridor, proudly displaying the Wildfire Championship he walked out of Johannesburg with. Proceeding with a cocky strut, he seems to have purpose, in search of something.

Or Someone.

Coming upon a door to his right, he loudly knocks with an annoying repetition. Backing away from the threshold, the nameplate on the front of the door is revealed to the audience.

Eric Dane.

After a very brief wait, no one answers the door. Colt impatiently pounds on the door again, but opens it this time to let himself in.

Thorpe: Yo Dane, where you at?

The camera follows Colt into Eric Dane’s locker room, who stops dead in his tracks. The camera view peers overtop Colt’s shoulder, revealing not Eric Dane, but Tyrone Walker and Stephen Greer instead. They look none too impressed.

Thorpe: Oh...hey boys. What’s happenin’?

Colt is met with silence.

Thorpe: seen Dane around here?

Walker: Ain’t no Dane here, nucca. Just us. An’ you.

Greer: And you, young padawan, are trespassing.

Somehow the UTA Eternal Tag Team Champions are all over Colt, both men nose to nose with the Wildfire champion with nothing in their eyes but bad intentions. Thorpe takes as neutral a stance as possible as he tries to back up a step.

Thorpe: Easy now, fellas. No trouble needed here…

Walker: Too late for all a’ that, bruh. You come through here, you pay tax, you dig?

Thorpe: But… I don’t…

Greer: Look at this nice, shiny belt. What’s that say, Hellfire Champion? Gimmie that!

The King of Pain snatches the Wildfire Championship off the shoulder of its holder. Thorpe’s eyes flash in anger and just as he’s about to do something stupid, another voice cuts through the room.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Eric Dane’s sheer force of presence fills the ring.

Dane: What’s goin’ on here?

All three men look over at Dane, and immediately Colt’s trademark grin breaks through. The slight uneasiness in his eyes remains, but his cockiness grows with Dane’s presence.

Thorpe: What’s going on is your boys obviously don’t share the same respect for me that you do.

Colt reaches forward and takes back the Championship Greer has in his clutches.

Thorpe: I mean, damn! Didn’t you thugs see that birthday celebration two weeks ago?

Again, Colt is met with silence from the two bruisers. Colt looks at Dane, and flashes a ‘what the hell’ type look at him. For his part Dane can only shake his head.

Dane: Boys?


Dane: Ty?

Walker: Don’t look at me, I was at Taco Bell.

Dane: Stephen?

Greer: I… ah… don’t pay attention to anything that doesn’t directly translate into my business.

The Only Star crosses his arms, impatience growing on his face.

Thorpe: Well this is your business now. I am a part of your business now.

Tyrone Walkers’ afro is not impressed.

Walker: Who’s the new kid, anyhow? Walkin’ ‘round here like he owns the joint!

Greer: Yeah, that’s how you get killed. Who are you?

The Only Star interjects.

Dane: Gentlemen. This is Colton Thorpe. He’s the Wildfire Champion. Recently his and my interests have been aligned and I’ve been, how do I say this, guiding his career.

Greer: You trying to replace Uncle Tom Walker already?

Walker smacks Greer upside the head before returning to the subject at hand.

Walker: Yeah, this kid ain’t no Team Danger material.

Greer: Pssh. You don’t even work here. TRESPASSER!

Walker: Negro, is you high?

Stephen Greer is actually white. Colton Thorpe is all the way confused.

Thorpe: Guys, guys. Ain’t nobody being replaced, or trying to take anyone’s place in your group. Just friends here, that’s all. And it doesn’t hurt to have enough friends ‘round here, does it?

Colt pats Walker on the shoulder, who doesn’t seem the most receptive of the gesture. Colt then pats Greer on his shoulder, who looks like he wants to crush said hand.

Thorpe: Best of luck out there tonight.

Colt pats Dane on his shoulder in passing, leaving the locker room. The three members of Team Danger exchange looks for an odd moment.

Greer: He ever touches me again, I’m gonna break his neck.

Walker: Sho’ you right.

Dane: What did he even want? Did he say anything?

Greer and Walker shrug. Dane facepalms.


Will Haynes vs. Mikey Unlikely

Williams: Well folks, it’s finally time! We’ve been waiting weeks for this battle, and finally Mikey Unlikely and Will Haynes will go head to head, coming up next!

Fury: Mikey is going to have two reasons to celebrate after this match Jennifer. His recent engagement and a victory over Will Haynes.

The beginnings of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys begins to play as the fans climb to their feet. They are ready to see the returning superstar!

Williams: Listen to that reaction!

Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp, the song reaches the beginning of the first verse just as Will Haynes steps through the curtain.

Williams: There he is! The man who spent most of the last eight weeks in the hospital.

Fury: Tonight Mikey sends him back!

Will begins to walk down the aisle, nodding his head to the music. He slaps the hands of some fans along the ramp as he continues to the ring.

Announcer: Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Standing at six foot two and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds...

Haynes jumps onto the ring cover, pulls down the middle rope and climbs in. He bounces off the far side, then the near side, and then back off the far side testing the ropes.

Announcer: Will "the THRILL" Haynes

Williams: The fans are ready for this one Dick!

Fury: Dick hopes Haynes is ready for the beat down of a lifetime!

Williams: I don’t know Dick, Thrill has a fire in his eyes we’ve never seen before.

Fury: Hashtag Mikey Money Jennifer.

Blunt Blowin by Lil Wayne hits the pa system and the fans boo vehemently.

I live it up like these are my last days.
If time is money, I'm an hour past paid.

It takes a while but finally Mikey and Mary Jane walk through the curtain.

Fury: Congratulate the man Jennifer, He’s getting married!

Williams: I will try to curtail my excitement Dick, but Mikey is still dressed in that suit and he’s got a mic!

Fury: And M.J. is still in that dress! Dick thinks it would look great at the end of his bed.

Unlikely is indeed still dressed in his suit from earlier. He comes out onto the stage and makes a cut motion across his throat.

The music stops.

He looks around as the fans boo him, he just soaks it all in. Finally once they relax Mikey puts his lips to the microphone.

Unlikely: Hey Will! Just thought now would be a good time to come out here and let you know, this match is not happening tonight!

The fans explode in boos. Mikey drops his arm away from his mouth and waits out the reaction.

Unlikely: I know all you Londoners thought you were going to see Mikey in action! Hell I don’t blame you, I would be disappointed too!

The people don’t like the words coming from Mikey, they let him have it one more time. Haynes in the ring, steps towards the ropes! He waves Mikey in.

Williams: I don’t think disappointment is the right word Dick.

Fury: These people don’t deserve to see Mikey!

Unlikely:  To be honest, everyone in here already knows how this match would end. Mikey comes to the ring, hits Will Haynes in the head, Backstory, and hospital visit!

Haynes sits on the second rope and pushes the top one up, giving Mikey an entrance into the ring, but the duo stays at the top of the ramp for now.

Williams: I don’t know if I believe that one!

Unlikely: Thrilliam, A lot has changed since the last time we saw that ugly face of yours. Turns out while you were gone, Mikey rose to the top of the planet! I am THE World's Greatest Entertainer!...

He pauses

Unlikely: IN THE WORLD!!!!

He loses it laughing. Mary Jane cannot stop staring at the enormous ring on her hand, she shows it to some fans without letting them get close.

Unlikely: I am high profile now! A certified main eventer! You’ve heard of the A list? I’m on a list the A listers wish they could be on! Wooooooooooo!

He starts slowly walking toward the ring, Mary Jane just behind him. His shoulders swaying with his walk.

Unlikely: That being said… You Will Haynes, are a nobody now! A cliff note, an EXTRA! In what is the movie of Mikey Unlikely’s career. The only notoriety you had was being a member of that god awful group WTFC.

The fans pop at the mention of the now defunct stable.

Unlikely: A group that I put on the map, by the way! So Will, before you get to fight the Greatest Entertainer in the World, You have to prove to me and to these people that you even deserve a chance! Prove to me that you are healthy! Because if there is one thing Mikey is NOT! Its an Opportunist!

Williams: What a sack of….


Mikey gets to the middle of the ramp and is looking up at Haynes in the ring.

Unlikely: While you were away Haynes I had to fight some hellacious battles! Some serious contenders. The Legacy title classic with John Sektor, Cayle Murray and I tore the house down, I broke the back of Marie Van Claudio. But tonight....Tonight you will face the toughest of all my opponents!

He pauses, pulls his legs apart a bit and straightens his back and shoulders until he assumes the announcer position.

Unlikely: Hailing from Orlando, Florida!

Williams: Oh no…

Unlikely: Weighing in at a lean and intimidating one hundred and thirty pounds...

Williams: It can’t be.

Unlikely: Standing in at a gravity defying five feet nine inches tall!

Williams: It is…

Unlikely: LONDON! Put your worthless hands together…. For BILLY THE KID!!!!!!

Mikey's theme comes back on, and from the curtain comes Billy the Kid! He is jumping around, extremely excited to be here on Victory. He runs up to Mikey and high fives him. Before heading down the ramp pointing at Haynes and running his mouth.

Williams: Here’s Billy the Kid, last seen on Proving Grounds. And he’s charging at Haynes right off the bat.

Billy the Kid runs towards Haynes, looking for a clothesline. Haynes simply side steps the smaller amount and lets him bounce off the ropes. Haynes looks confused, as Mikey waves to him from the stage and disappears with Mary Jane to the back. Haynes turns around to an attempted shoulder block from Billy the Kid. The shoulder block does very little but send Billy stumbling back himself. Haynes looks at him confused.

Fury: This one should be….exciting?

Williams: I don’t know what to make of this. On one hand, very excited to see Will Haynes back in the ring. On the other, Billy the Kid? This is hardly the match we thought we were going to see tonight.

Haynes stops, extends his hand to Billy, as a sign of respect. The fans applaud the move. Billy the Kid looks at Haynes’ hand, then up at Haynes, back to the hand, back to Haynes. He sticks his own hand out, grips Haynes, pulls him close and wraps his arms around Haynes’ waist and tries to lift Will with a Belly to Belly, but to no avail.

Williams: Billy the Kid can’t even get Haynes up, this one is unfair!

Fury: If this gets too out of hand Dick should get in there and mix it up.

Haynes throws an elbow, catching Billy in the head. Haynes took a little off of the elbow and it only dazes Billy. He rubs at the spot where the elbow connected and eyes up Haynes. Haynes shakes his head.

Williams: Haynes wants no part of Billy the Kid it seems. And I don’t blame him - he came out here looking to finally get even with Mikey Unlikely and this is what he gets!

Fury: Yeah, Dick has gotta say - as much as Dick liked Mikey’s reasoning Dick would’ve also liked to see these two go at it.

Billy snarls and charges at Haynes again. Haynes throws an uppercut and catches Billy under the chin with a forearm that sends him stumbling. Haynes charges in fast, slipping around and grabbing Billy from behind bending him backward.

 He then brings Billy crashing down to the mat with a textbook Lifting Rolling Cutter.

Williams: ThrillRide! THRILLRIDE! This one is over.

Fury: What a grueling match!

Haynes presses into a pin.


Announcer: And here is your winner, Willlllll Haynnnnnessss.

The official goes to raise Haynes’ hand but Hayne’s refuses to take credit for the win. Haynes drops to one knee and helps Billy to his feet, pointing at the smaller man, urging the crowd to show appreciation for his effort. Haynes offers a hand to shake, Billy who is holding his neck after taking the Thrill Ride a little hard, rolls out of the ring without shaking it.

Williams: Not what we expected at all, Dick.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Ill-Gotten Gains

Ill-Gotten Gains

Backstage, we reconnect with a man who’s had a decidedly mixed evening on his return to British soil: Cayle Murray.

Sat on a bench in his locker-room, the spirited Scot has had more than enough time to shower and change after a hotly-contested clash with Marie Van Claudio. He’s gone from ring attire to street clothes, and is lacing-up a pair of cocaine white Air Forces when a knock at the door startles his calm.

Murray: Y--

Unfortunately, his visitor isn’t keen on waiting for his approval.

Thorpe: Oh Muuuuuuurray!

Colton Thorpe calls out to his nemesis as the door to Cayle's locker room forcefully swings open. Strutting into the enclosed space, Colt is beaming ear to ear, proudly displaying his Wildfire Championship.

Thorpe: There you are! I've been looking all over for you.

Cayle has turned five different shades of red in a matter of seconds, and is clearly fighting back the urge to do some complimentary dentistry work for Colt.

Murray: Think it’d be a good idea if you left, Colt. Trying to enjoy the rest of my night here.

Cayle stands up from his seated position, and as he does so, Colt takes a step backwards.

Thorpe: Hold your horses fella, you had your shot last week and failed miserably. This week is Bobby's turn, and I'm sure you'd just feel awful if you did anything to compromise his long overdue opportunity, wouldncha?

Cayle takes another step forward.

Thorpe: Seriously, I'm only here to extend an olive branch. No twelve packs, ringside tickets, or cheap shots. No nonsense, just pleasantries.

Cayle's fists clinched, every vein through his arms have risen to the surface. Colt straightens his back, closes his eyes, and clears his throat. After a brief moment, he opens his eyes and fights to hold back his trademark grin.

Thorpe: Thanks for the match, lad. You definitely belong in that ring.

Colt spits the sentence in an absolutely atrocious Scottish accent, laughter muffling the last few words. He sticks his hand out for Cayle to shake, who doesn't break his eye lock with Colt.

Thorpe: Aww c'mon! That's exactly what you said to me after that triple threat, wasn't it? And you expected me to shake your hand then, right? Don't be a hypocrite, Cayle. Prove you're the bigger man.

And he does.

Murray: I hope you’re satisfied.

As Cayle’s shaking Colt’s hand, a little part of him dies inside.

Murray: I hope you got everything you wanted, Colt, because you didn’t just cheat me in Johannesburg...

He doesn’t let go.

Murray: You cheated yourself. There’s no value in ill-gotten gains, Colt, but it looks like you’re gonna have to find that out the hard way. Things aren’t going to end well for you if you keep chipping little pieces of your soul away like this. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Finally, Cayle breaks his grasp of Thorpe’s hand.

Murray: Men like you--

Thorpe: Oh stop, Murray. Nobody wants to hear another spiel from you. Didn’t you learn anything earlier?!

As Colt flashes him a mouthful of pearly whites, Cayle stews.

Thorpe: Men like me make this world go round, Cayle! Men like me aren’t content to sit around and wait for opportunity, so we rise-up and take it while men like you stay stuck at the bottom of the pile, rambling about “moral victories” and “codes of honour” while the real go-getters -- the Thorpes, the Danes, the Greers, the Walkers -- savour the spoils of war...

Murray: Colt…

Thorpe: … and dine on the hopes and dreams of poor, deluded lambs like you. So you’ve got morals, ethics and a legion of sheep to chant your name. That’s nice. You know what I have?

Murray: Colt.

Thorpe: Gold. Glory. Victory. Three things that elude you, and will continue to do so until you--

Murray: COLT!

It takes a full-bloodied roar to cut through Colt’s ego-driven diatribe, but a fuming Cayle Murray eventually does what’s needed to grab his attention.

Murray: I don’t need this. I’ve already taken both barrels from your Daddy tonight, and I’ve just wrestled my heart out. You’re not just a pain my arse now: you’re a goddamn stain on everything I do, but we can’t settle our differences standing here in a locker-room. You’ll get your comeuppance, cheater, but for now… you leave. Immediately.

He takes a step closer to Colt, and now stands just a few inches away from the Wildfire champion’s nauseating grin.

Thorpe: Oh Cayle, you’re never any fun. Why won’t you just play this little game with me?

A callous laugh escapes his lips.

Thorpe: But fine. You want breathing space, and I’m in a charitable mood. I guess you need some time alone to look for the dignity that Dane scared out of you earlier, but don’t forget about me either, friend. Keep me in-mind, because as long as I’m in the UTA, you’ll never amount to anything.

Colt pushes his finger into Cayle’s chest.

Thorpe: Because I’ve..


Thorpe: Got.

And again.

Thorpe: Your.

One final time.

Thorpe: Number.

Finally, the champion pushes away from the Scot.

Thorpe: Take it easy, buddy. You’ve got a lot of soul-searching to do.

And for the second time this evening, Cayle Murray is left reeling from a crash course in verbal savagery. As Thorpe steams out of the room, Cayle raises a hand to his head and presses his fingers into his temples. He lets out a long, slow deep breath to came his nerves.

Murray: That’s it. Time to do something about this guy.

As he turns and leaves the room himself, heading in the opposite direction to Thorpe, the scene cuts

The Gauntlet

The bell sounds one time.

Announcer: The following match is for the number one contendership to the UTA World Championship.

The fans go crazy.

Announcer: This match will consist of five participants in the form of a gauntlet. Upon the elimination of a participant, the next will come out and the match will continue.

The Lights drop.

The crowd starts to buzz.

Announcer: Making his way first to the ring tonight...

A bluesy bass-riff plays over the P.A. system, as it comes to a crescendo it's accompanied by a pyrotechnic explosion as Heavy is the Head gets to the chorus and "The Only Star" bursts onto the stage to a thunderous reaction from the London crowd.

Announcer: Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds.

Eric Dane makes his way toward the ring as Zac Brown and Chris Cornell work their way through the song.

Announcer: He hails from New Orleans, Lousianna...

The Only Star comes to a stop at the ringside area before entering the ring proper. He slaps a few more hands at ringside before continuing to the steps.

Announcer: The Only Star..... ERIC... DAAANNNNEEEE!!!!

Dane smiles and makes for the apron, entering into the ring.

Williams: Eric Dane must defeat four other superstars one after another if he wants to secure the title shot for the UTA World Championship.

Fury: Dick would hardly call the people he needs to beat as superstars.

Williams: That is just rude Dick.

Everyone's attention is sent to the big screen as Michael Lorenzo is shown sitting on his desk.

Lorenzo: Mr. Dane....

Dane looks up at the screen, pointing at it and saying something to the referee with what seems to be an attitude.

Lorenzo: I've been monitoring you this week and, well, your attitude has been a bit... lets say, inappropriate.

The fans react as does Eric, who stomps around.

Lorenzo: It seems that you feel you must always portray yourself with an ego.

Williams: He's right there.

Lorenzo: Well, Mr. Dane... that's fine.... as long as you can back it up.

Eric leans over the ropes, rolling his eyes at the screen.

Lorenzo: Since you see yourself as superior to your opponents tonight, then you wont mind if I make a small change to the match.

The fans go crazy. Eric stomps in anger.

Lorenzo: Each fall tonight will be a match that your opponent specializes in.

Fury: It's a bit last minute to be adding stipulations, don't you think?

Williams: Mr. Lorenzo can do what he wants Dick.

Lorenzo: Tonight you will face Jack Hunter in a.... STREET FIGHT MATCH!

The fans cheer.

Lorenzo: After that, if you can pass Mr. Hunter and his skills.... you will face B.R. Ellis in a submission match!

The fans continue to go crazy. Eric Dane's face tells a story of irritation.

Lorenzo: The third opponent tonight loves to use weapons, especially fo the glass type....

The fans get even louder.

Lorenzo: Skylar Montgomery will meet you in a hardcore rules match!

More cheers.

Williams: Wow. A hardcore match on Victory!

Lorenzo: Last, but certainly not least Mr. Dane... if you are still standing, you will face Ms. Amy Harrison in an intergender match.

Fury: Well, that just seems lackluster.

Michael places a finger up.

Lorenzo: With one hand tied behind your back to help offset the size difference.

Eric goes absolutely berserk at this revelation as the fans get into it even more.

Lorenzo: So I say to you sir, good luck tonight!

An Instrumental version of This Fire Burns plays throughout the PA boxes as Jack Hunter walks to the ring with his black hoodie on.

Announcer: The following fall will be a street fight! Making his way to the ring now, from Queens, New York...

Jack punches the air as he begins down the ramp.

Announcer: Standing six foot three and weighing in at two hundred and  twenty three pounds...

Jack walks up the steps and across the apron as he undoes his hoodie.

Announcer: JACK.... HUUUNNTTTEERRR!!!!

Williams: Street fight coming your way!

As Jack throws his hoodie down and begins to get into the ring, Eric rushes him, instantly slamming his fist into Hunter, causing him to fall through the ropes and to the floor outside. the referee calls for the bell to start the match.

Williams: Eric Dane not wasting any time.

Fury: No need to. It's a street fight! This one is anything goes Jennifer!

Eric steps through the ropes and leaps to the floor. As Jack begins to get to his feet, Eric grabs his head and takes him toward the barricade.

Williams: No count outs ina  street fight as Eric Dane slams the head of Jack Hunter into that barricade.

The fans in the front row try to touch Hunter and Dane, but Eric is not phased as he throws a fist into the gut of Jack before grabbing his arm.

Williams: Eric Dane sends Jack Hunter running and hard into those steel steps!

A loud clang can be heard throughout the O2.

Fury: Eric Dane doing what Eric Dane does best... kicking ass!

Eric runs toward Jack hunter, throwing a foot up and slamming it into his head, causing it to bounce off of the steps.

Williams: Just brutal.

Fury: Eric Dane lives for this!

He grabs Jack's head and rolls his body away from the steps and onto the floor fully. Dane then grabs the steps.

Williams: My lord, no.

Fury: Yes!

Eric picks the steps up, turning toward Jack Hunter before bringing them down on top of him.

Williams: I don't think I can watch this.

Fury: Hey Jack... Dick thinks you need to activate your Pepsi powers!

Williams: Jack Hunter has been a street fighter since a hung age.

Fury: That is correct. As he tells it, he has street fighted since then.

Williams: But tonight he seems to be no match for Eric Dane.

Fury: Not tonight. Not tomorrow. Not ever Jennifer.

Eric rolls the steps off of Jack Hunter before reaching down and grabbing his head, pulling his motionless bdy to his feet.

Williams: Eric Dane with a forearm to the face of Hunter.

Jack's body spins away and falls forward. It lands on the edge of the ring which barely props him up.

Williams: Dane now with direct shots to Jack Hunter's kidneys.

Hunter's back arches before he crumbles to the floor.

Fury: He's going to be seeing red in the toilet for days after that.

Williams: Eric Dane just toying with Jack Hunter is seems, trying to send those in the back a message. Especially Michael Lorenzo and La Flama Blanca.

Dane stomps the lower back of Jack Hunter before walking away from him and yelling into the camera I just street fighted the hell out of him!

Williams: Eric Dane now heading back to Jack Hunter.

He bends down and grabs his head, pulling him up.

Williams: Rolling Hunter into the ring now for the first time since this match has begun.

Fury: Match? It's more like an execution.

Dane grabs the ropes and pulls himself to the apron before entering the ring. He uses his foot to roll Hunter over to his back and places his foot on Hunter's chest.

Williams: Eric Dane looking to end the first fall now.

The referee drops down and begins to count.

Williams: And this first fall will end here.

The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this fall... ERIC.... DAAANNNEEE!!!!

We cut back to the stage as the theme song of B.R. Ellis rings out around the arena. The fans cheer the newcomer as he comes through the curtain and onto the stage.

Williams: B.R. Ellis not wasting any time coming out now.

He is marching directly towards the ring. Dane uses his foot to roll Jack Hunter's body out of the ring and to the floor with full disregard for his safety

Announcer: Hailing from El Paso, Texas.

He slides into the ring, bypassing the steps.

Announcer: He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall, and weighing in at 252 lbs.

Ellis walks over to the nearest turnbuckle and stops and waits for his opponent, he signals to the crowd one more time as the announcer says his name.


B.R. stomps his feet as he starts toward the center of the ring. Dane just smiles and moves in himself as the bell sounds.

Williams: This fall will be contested by submission only.

Fury: So if Eric Dane beats B.R Ellis into a coma and he can't verbally submit, does he still win?

Both men come forward and lock up.

Williams: Collar to elbow tie up. Eric Dane using his slight size advantage to push Ellis back.

He forces Ellis into the ropes, causing him to put his hands up. The referee warns Dane who releases him and takes one step back.

Williams: Dane releasing Ellis now... quick jab to the eyes of Eric Dane by B.R Ellis!

Fury: Cheater!

Williams: Not cheating in this type of match! The only way to win, or lose, is by submission!

Dane grabs his eyes and stumbles as he turns away from Ellis who comes forward with a couple of heavy forearms across his back.

Williams: B.R Ellis taking control now as he brings his arm across the back of a temporarily blinded Eric Dane.

Fury: At least he's putting more of a fight up than Jack Hunter did.

Williams: Ellis now standing Dane up. He pulls back.. heavy chop across the chest of Eric Dane.

Ellis follows up with another big chop causing Eric Dane to stumble back a bit.

Williams: A third big chop... now B.R. Ellis takes off. Off of the ropes and on the return... big boot crashes into the face of Eric Dane, sending him to the canvas.

Fury: Dick is surprised that B.R. Ellis is holding his own with Eric Dane here.

Williams: Ellis with a couple of hard stomps to the lower back of Eric Dane before grabbing him by the head, and lifting Dane to his feet.

Fury: Can you imagine if B.R. Ellis is able to beat Eric Dane here and move on instead of Eric?

Williams: That would be huge, and with how this is going it is very plausible.

Ellis drags Dane over, pushing him back first into the corner. Ellis grabs the middle ropes and uses them to pull himself into the mid section of Dane.

Williams: Ellis with those shoulders into Eric Dane's gut, trying to wear the veteran down.

B.R. Ellis comes forward with yet another huge chop across the chest of Eric Dane who is still stuck in the corner.

Williams: Those chops, leaving Eric Dane's chest glowing.

B.R. Ellis now begins to climb the ropes around Eric Dane, stopping on the middle. He holds Eric's head with his left hand as he brings his right fist down into the forehead of Dane.

Williams: B.R. Ellis with repeated punches into the head of Eric Dane now.

The referee warns Ellis who leaps back down to the canvas and turns toward him, throwing his hands up.

Williams: B.R. Ellis complying with the referee's wishes here.

Fury: Why? It's no disqualification.

Williams: The referee as well as B.R. Ellis caught up in the moment.

Fury: That zebra is going to be looking for a job tomorrow.

Eric shakes off the punches and a fire lights within him. He comes forward and punches B.R. Ellis directly in the back of the head, sending him to one knee.

Williams: Eric Dane taking the brief moment given to get back in this.

Dane leaps forward, grabbing Ellis' head and slamming him face first to the canvas. He doesn't let up, repeatedly slamming B.R.'s face into the canvas.

Williams: Just ruthless.

Eric stands over B.R. and bends down, locking his fingers underneath of B.R.'s chin. He begins to lean back, securing the Camel Clutch.

Williams: Eric Dane taking a page out of Bronson Box's book there as he locks in The Boston Massacre on B.R. Ellis!

Fury: Well, B.R. Ellis' offense didn't last long.

Ellis begins to submit and the referee calls for the bell.

Announcer: The winner of this fall... ERIC... DAAAANNNEEE!!!!

Dane lets go of Ellis and stands up, holding his arms in the air.

Williams: Eric Dane continues through the gauntlet

Fury: You thought any different?

The infectious opening cry of Papa Roach's Last Resort serenades the arena as Suicidal Skylar Montgomery steps out onto the stage with a shopping cart of weapons. Although he is from London, the fans boos him.

Williams: Skylar returns home tonight!

Fury: He's so bad, his own people don't even like him.

Williams: Never anywhere without them, Skylar has a cart full of weapons for this match.

Announcer:  And his opponent....

SkyMont walks down the ramp pushing the cart.

Announcer:  Hailing from The backyard; in London, England.

Skylar begins throwing things into the ring such as a trash can, steel chair, and barbedwire wrapped baseball bat.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 1 inches and weighing in at 190 pounds...

Grabbing a fluorescent light tube he holds it high before sliding into the ring.


SkyMont drops the light tube in his corner and begins testing the elasticity of the ropes.

Fury: This guy is just weird.

As his music begins to fade out, Skylar looks up to see Eric Dane come forward with the trash can, slamming it into his head as the bell sounds.

Williams: Once again, Eric Dane not waiting to get things started here.

Skylar rolls over and pushes to a knee looking at the broken light tube. He screams a high pitched shrill before grabbing the lid of the can and leaping to his feet.

Williams: Skylar Montgomery swinging that trash can lid at Eric Dane now who is bobbing and weaving.

Eric pushes forward, but Skylar side steps and slams the top of the trash can into the upper back of Eric Dane. Dane just stops and stands up straight, turning slowly to look at Skylar Montgomery who drops the lid and puts his hands up, backing away.

Williams: SkyMont realizing he may have made a mistake.

Fury: Like showing up?

Skylar drops to his knees, begging Eric to show mercy. Dane just smirks and looks around.

Williams: Even Eric Dane can not believe how much of a wimp Skylar Montgomery is!

Eric laughs, but as his attention is elsewhere, Skylar grabs the steel chair and comes up, putting it into Eric's gut. He then lifts it, bringing it down upon Eric's back.

Williams: He was just faking! Skylar Montgomery now with that chair!

Fury: That's the only way he'll be able to win this one.

Eric looks up, as he does, Skylar swings again and cracks him right in the head. Montgomery holds the chair up as the fans boo and Eric Dane goes down.

Williams: Skylar Montgomery has put Eric Dane down! He's done it!

Fury: Doesn't matter how tough you are, a steel chair hurts Jennifer.

SkyMont tosses the chair to the side and covers Eric Dane.

Williams: He's going for the cover! SkyMont looking to put Eric Dane away!

Before the referee can get to two, Dane almost throws Skylar Montgomery up and off of him.

Williams: Eric Dane just too powerful.

Skylar rolls over and pushes his way up. As he does, Eric stands as well, shaking off the chair shots. He looks straight ahead at SkyMont who pumps his chest out toward him. Dane just nods before looking around.

Williams: Skylar Montgomery just has no sense.

Dane bends down and grabs the barbed wire baseball bat, picking it up. He grips the handle and smiles as he looks at Skylar who begins to tremble, backing away in fear.

Williams: What could he be thinking?!

Fury: What do you think?! He's going to destroy Skylar Montgomery with that baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire!

Eric swings the bat as SkyMont ducks. He swings again, and once again, SkyMont moves.

Williams: Skylar Montgomery avoiding that bat as well as he can!

As Eric swings again, Skylar rolls down, grabbing half of the light tube on the canvas and rolls up. He points the broken edge toward Eric Dane, begging him to come forward.

Williams: Light tube versus baseball bat!

Fury: It's as uneven of a fight as Skylar Montgomery and Eric Dane.


Dane side steps the light tube and swings the bat, slamming Skylar Montgomery in the back. The barbed wire sticks into his skin. His shirt is tore away as Eric pulls the bat back and Skylar goes down. Dane holds the bat in the air as the fans screen.

Williams: He just hit SkyMont with that bat! My God! Barbed wire tore his flesh!

Eric kicks Skylar in the ribs turning him over. He kneels down and scrapes the barbed wire across Skylar's face, his flesh being cut by the edges. Skylar screams.

Williams: This is disgusting!

Dane tosses the bat away, pulls his hand up and brings a fist down hitting Skylar square in the face knocking him out. He then covers him as the referee slides into place.

Williams: Eric Dane looking to get the win.. referee counts... he did it!

The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this pin fall... ERIC... DAAAANNNNEEEE!!!!!

The ringside doctor slides into the ring checking on SkyMont as the referee begins clearing the ring of the weapons.

Williams: Clearing the ring as we prepare for the last fall of this gauntlet match. If Eric Dane is able to put Amy Harrison away, all while having one hand tied behind his back, he will go on to International Affair to face the UTA World Champion for the title!

Fury: One handed or not, Eric has this!

Trouble by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison comes out to a chorus of boos. Amy looks out to the crowd and starts to yell back at them.

Williams: Amy Harrison bringing a rope out here.

Fury: Kinky!

Williams: It's to tie Eric's hand behind his back you sicko.

Amy walks down the aisle determined, while stopping to yell at a few fans in the crowd. Inside the ring, the doctor gets Skylar out as the referee uses his foot to brush the pieces of the light tube out of the ring.

Announcer: Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, and tells everyone that she's the best, before getting in the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 5'4 and weighing in at 114 pounds...

Amy looks right at the crowd and tells them to Shut the hell up!


Amy shakes her head at the crowd as she hands the referee the rope.

Williams: The referee checking on Eric Dane now, making sure he is ready to continue.

Dane tells him to wrap it up. The referee places the rope around him, tying one arm behind his back.

Williams: His last hurdle about to begin.

The referee ensures the rope is tight and calls for the bell. As he does, Amy steps forward yelling at Eric how she is the best and she will beat him like she did Ron Hall. Eric just smirks back at her.

Harrison yanks her hand back and brings it forward and across Eric's face as hard as she can.

Williams: Huge slap by Amy Harrison!

Fury: That's a good way to make Eric Dane mad.

Eric runs his tongue across his lips tasting for blood before smiling back at her. Suddenly, he comes forward with a head butt connecting with Amy Harrison's head.

Williams: It's begun!

Amy stumbles back and around. As she does, Eric throws a boot up and kicks her in the back. Harrison lets out a yell before falling forward and into the ropes which cause her body to bounce back and to the canvas. Dane immediately begins to stomp her.

Williams: Eric Dane with no remorse as he stomps the female, Amy Harrison.

Fury: Look, he isn't Chris Hopper. Eric Dane doesn't see chi chi's when he's in the ring. he sees someone who wants to take something away from him. Why show mercy?

Williams: look at his size compared to her!

Fury: Oh come on, he has an arm tied behind his back.

Williams: Yea, that really makes a difference.

Eric reaches down with his free arm and grabs Amy by the hair, pulling her to her feet. He pushes her back slightly before throwing his arm out and charging forward and through her.

Williams: Oh! Huge clothesline by Eric Dane, taking Amy Harrison off of her feet again.

He drops to his knees and with his free hand covers Amy, yelling at the referee to count. Reluctantly, the referee does.

Williams: Just sickening.

Fury: Sickening? Sickening is the fact Eric Dane had to just have four matches ina  row, each more dangerous than the last!

Williams: You have to be kidding me.

The referee's hand hits the canvas for the third time. he gets to his knees and call for the bell.

Announcer: The winner of this match and neeeewwww..... number one contender... ERIC... DAAANNNEEEE!!!!

Eric Dane begins to get up. As he does, he yells at the referee to untie him.

Williams: Eric Dane has done it folks, he will be going to International Affair on November 15th to face either Zhalia Fears or La Flama Blanca for the UTA World Championship!

Fury: That right there could be our new World Champion Jennifer.

Williams: It very well could be Dick. It very well could be.

As the rope comes off, Eric rubs his wrist that had been tied before raising his other arm in the air. He turns and looks at the camera, yelling I'm Coming For You Blanca! as we fade.


Brought to You By

Brought to You By

International Affair Tour Continues!!!!!

International Affair Tour Continues!!!!!

Following the on-going action throughout the night the tron screen lights up to the UTA logo and then fades on in to the studio shot of UTA's Hall of Famer Dr. Emo. Standing center of his circular room, the Victory logo shines behind him across the wall.

Dr. Emo: Evening once again fans! Dr. Emo here to bring you the pops and tops from last week. So how best to start out than talking about the Legacy Championship tournament.

Behind him the six involved took a section of the wall. Kendrix, Hopper, CBR, Ahad, Fears, and Box.

Dr. Emo: Anytime you see more than one member of Dynasty involved, you may be able to guess what direction the matches will take. Our first triple threat would see Hopper with the upper hand only to have Kendrix add in another chair shot on the King of Cool for his resume, leading to CBR pinning Box to move on. That's one.

Holding out his hand and extending his pointer finger, he continues.

Dr. Emo: In our next of two triple threats, after Abdul Ahad took out Fears, Kendrix would capitalize and clinch the victory. Setting up one of the most feared matches in UTA. Dynasty vs Dynasty.

As to express this fact, behind him multiple clips play out from the various Dynasty vs Dynasty matches in the last two years.

Dr. Emo: So it came down to this. The longest reigning Internet Champion, CBR, against his brother in Dynasty, Kendrix. A battle of honor among men.

Behind him we see as Chris Hopper has both at the ropes and trips up CBR then proceeds to lay into him with a heavy right hand. Immediately the echo of the bell ringing fills the studio while Dr. Emo stands there, arms crossed, shaking his head.

Dr. Emo: Thanks to Hopper, what could have been a five star match ended with a disqualification. His hatred for CBR, after their rumbles in the past, no doubt having added pleasure of attacking CBR. We do however have to look at this from all angles. Kendrix cost Hopper the match with CBR, and Hopper did the same to Kendrix.

The clips fade on out behind him.

Dr. Emo: Last week we also saw the return to action by the Legacy Champion John Sektor. A tough match with Brother Judas that ended in a disqualification, however before any post match beatings could go down Lisil Jackson made the save and two stood their ground. Lisil has his hands full with The Truth, however Sektor's attention needs to steer into focus now to one who will be his toughest challenge to date - CBR.

Dr. Emo: And finally our Main Event would see La Flama Blanca successful defeat Santa Claus to close out the show on a high note-

Behind him the screen lit up to the arrival of Sean Jackson as his music played out.

Dr. Emo: Okay, almost close out the show. First we have Mr. Ace in the Hole arriving to make good on his promises and cash in to take back what was his. That very well could have been the result in Cairo just the same. However-

The clip cuts forward to Jackson getting laid out by some hoodie wearing fan.

Dr. Emo: Sean Jackson's cash in attempt was thwarted this night by some hobo too-hobofied for the states and living in Egypt of all places. Believe his name is Jason Cashe, but what we take from this is that Jackson was beaten down by a hobo in Egypt.

With a sly smirk the footage behind him faded out and into the Wrestleuta website, onto the booking sheet.

Dr. Emo: There was of course much more that went down, and for that I recommend grabbing some dinner, fix a mug or two, and watch the replay on the UTA's Network. As for Next week, Wrestleshow comes to you from Dublin, Ireland! The currently scheduled matches are:

Sabrina Baker vs Abdul Ahad
Lucius Jones vs Brother Judas
Duke&Luke Dibbins vs CBR and Kendrix
Chris Hopper vs Quinlan
John Sektor vs Sean Jackson
Zhalia Fears vs La Flama Blanca for the UTA World Championship

Dr. Emo: That will do it for me. See you all next week, and remember hashtag FreeMikeyUnlikely.

The studio drops dark and the tron fades out to blackness as the feed comes to an end.

Bobby Dean vs. Colton Thorpe

I’m the Best Around by Joe Esposito hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to their feet. Through the curtain comes ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, riding on his blue scooter. He is not alone however because sitting on his lap is his daughter Brittney Jean Dean.

Williams: Here comes ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean for tonight's main event, and the opportunity he has been petitioning oh so long for.

Fury: And again, with his ‘daughter’ Brittney Jean Dean by his side. Or better yet, on his lap.

The pair stop at the top of the stage and wave to the fans. Bobby puts his arms out, and hugs his daughter from behind. She leans back and asks a question. Dean nods quickly and dramatically.

Announcer: Now making his way to the ring, hailing from Houston, Texas….

BJ Dean smiles and takes the handles of the scooter.

Williams: Do you hear the fans Dick? They have completely gotten behind Bobby and his quest for the Wildfire Championship.

Fury: Pity cheers, Jenn. That’s all this is.

Williams: Well those ‘pity’ cheers are borderline deafening.

They slowly make their way down the ramp. BJ holding the handles nervously as Bobby rides smiling. They weave a little going down the ramp, almost falling off of one edge, before Bobby reaches up and corrects her steering.

Announcer: He stands six feet tall, and weighs in at 399 and a half pounds….

They get to the ring and bump it slightly.

Williams: Bobby really needs to get those brakes checked. It’s getting to be unsafe.

Fury: Or maybe check the scale. His weight is what’s getting to be unsafe.

The two climb off the scooter, and walk to the ring stairs. Slapping hands all the way, while the fans dance to the theme song. They slowly climb the steps and make their way into the ring where they stand in the center and hug before putting their arms up in the air.

Announcer: This is ‘Beautiful’ Bobby DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

BJ helps him take off his robe, as the fans let out a collective “ugh”. She then takes the coat and exits the ring with it.


The opening instrumentals to Skillet’s Monster pounds through the sound system, the audience erupting with boos, jeers, and an overall displeasure. The rampway flashes red and white lights, while a spotlight rests on the top of the stage.

Fury: Now this guy right here, he is the type of superstar these people should be cheering for.

Williams: A superstar who relies on the assistance of others to keep that championship around his waist?

Fury: A win is a win Jennifer. You need to let it go, and appreciate our champion.

The audience’s noise level climbs a few decibels as Colton Thorpe saunters out from behind the curtain, his trademark cheshire grin smeared ear to ear. In his right hand, he has a firm grip on the strap of his new championship, the other end of it dragging across the metal grating of the stage.

♫ The secret side of me, I never let you see. I keep it caged, but I can't control it. ♫

Stepping into the center of the circle the spotlight has created, he grabs onto the other end of the strap. Raising the title high and proud above his head, the red and white lights flash overtop his picturesque pose.

Fury: What a sight. You can see the pride beaming from this young man.

Williams: He certainly has plenty to be proud of…

Fury: Do I sense a bit of jealousy, Jenn?

Williams: That would be sarcasm...

♫ So stay away from me, the beast is ugly. I feel the rage, and I just can't hold it  ♫

Walking down the rampway, he has a newfound swagger to his step. Ignoring the fans as he passes by, he tosses his belt into the ring before rolling underneath the bottom rope himself.

Williams: Let’s hope tonight is relegated to just Bobby and Colt from bell to bell.

Fury: Yeah! Adams apple over there better let her dad fight his own battle.

The music begins to fade out as Colt walks to the center of the ring, staring at Bobby who is positioned in his corner. Reaching down, he grabs his title off the canvas, and hold it high in the air for Bobby to see.

Fury: Take a long look at it Bobby, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to it.

Colt hands his championship over to referee, and takes position in the corner opposite of Bobby. The referee walks over towards the announcers side of the ring, and hands the title off to a member of the ring crew on the outside, calling for the bell after doing so.


Williams: And this one is underway!

Colt and Bobby walk towards the centre of the ring, both men smiling, for very different reasons. Bobby is happy to have this opportunity, whereas Colt is happy thinking about crushing the big mans dreams. Few words are spoken, then out of nowhere...


Fury: Colt just slapped the taste out of Bobby's mouth! Dick thinks he saw a chiclet or two fly out of the ring.

Williams: How disrespectful! This is what I'm talking about when it comes to Colt, he is so disrespectful.

Fury: Need Dick remind you Bobby started this four weeks ago with his smelly, crusty sock.

BJ is shouting ringside for her dad to retaliate. A seriousness quickly falls over Bobby's face, and he begins to breath a bit heavier. Not heart attack heavy, but angry heavy. That's when it happens again.


Williams: Come on now!

Colt laughs as the red streak on Bobby's cheek grows deeper. BJ is still yelling at her dad, and this time he listens. Left, right. Right, left. Bobby tosses wild shots at Colt, backing him up against the ropes.

Williams: Bobby has had enough and is unloading on Colt!

Fury: Eww, gross.

Williams: Grow up, Dick.

Bobby grabs onto Colt's wrist and whips him across the ring, moving closer towards the center himself. As Colt rebounds, Bobby tries to take his head off with a clothesline that is easily ducked underneath. Bobby turns around towards Colt who has already bounced off the opposite ropes, and leaps towards him.

Fury: Shoulder block!

Williams: Bobby didn't even budge!

Colt's eyes widen, as he gets back to his feet. Bobby stares at him, wagging and index finger back and forth as if to say 'not in my house'. Colt takes off towards the ropes, catching some top speed coming back, and leaves his feet once more.

Williams: Again, Bobby stands tall, unwavering.

Fury: Not only is he not going down, but isn't even weebling or wobbling.

Colt gets back to his feet, frustrated as the much larger Bobby begins to laugh at him. After a bit of yap flapping between the two, Colt has convinced Bobby to try his luck. Colt stiffens up, and Bobby takes off for the ropes.

Williams: Bobby off the ropes, and...

Fury: Is he asking the referee for a timeout?!

After flashing the 'T' symbol to the referee, Bobby leans forward, placing his hands on his knees. His face is red, his breaths are laboured, and Colt doesn't know what to do.

Fury: Cow tip him, Colt! End it now!

Williams: What is Thorpe doing?

Colt has left the ring, and approaches the fans at the ringside barrier. Without asking, he snatches the soft drink out of the hand of a particularly chubby audience member, and heads back towards the ring.

Fury: Is he getting Bobby a refreshment?

Colt walks over to Bobby, and checks on the big man. The fans begin to cheer slightly as Colt offers the drink to a parched Bobby.

Williams: I can't believe my eyes right now.

Fury: You should feel terrible about all the negative Colt nonsense you spew! What a stand up guy!

Bobby stands up, both his paws holding onto the cup. He leans back, and raises it towards  his lips. As the rims makes contact with his bottom lip...


The sold out arena erupts into boos as Colt swats the soda out of Bobby's hands, sending the cola splashing onto the canvas.

Williams: What were you saying, Dick?

Colt hooks onto Bobby's head, and squeezes tightly. As the boos cover him like a warm blanket of hatred, Colt snaps back, falling to the canvas while driving Bobby's near four hundred pounds onto the top of his head.

Fury: What a snap DDT!

Williams: He ought to be ashamed of himself?

Fury: For what? Wrestling?

Colt struggles to roll Bobby onto his back, but is eventually successful. BJ plays the role of cheerleader outside the ring, hooting and hollering for her daddy as Colt goes for the pin.


Williams: Bobby got a shoulder up!

Fury: What a crock! I swear a flap of skin was still on the mat! Conspiracy!

Initially frustrated by what he thought was a certain three count, Colt wastes little time arguing with the referee. Bobby slowly begins a rise to his hands and knees, while Colt takes position in one of the corners. Colt is hunched over, yelling at Bobby to rise up.

Fury: Are we going to see it, Jennifer?

Williams: Don't say it, Dick…

Fury: Could it be?

Williams: I’m serious…

Bobby sits back on his knees, his eyes eventually locking onto Colt. Colt shuffles forwards, and launches his size twelve at Bobby.


Williams: No! Bobby caught him!

Bobby has both hands clasped onto Colt’s ankle. He appears to be feeding off of the fans raucous cheers for him, and begins to rise to his feet. Colt on one leg hops around, swinging lefts and rights that miss. Once vertical, leaving Colt no chance at an offensive maneuver, he yanks the brash superstar forward, connecting with a hard hitting clothesline.

Fury: doh…

Colt hops back to his feet, only to be grounded with another clothesline. Back to feet, repeat. Back to feet, repeat. The fourth time up, Bobby pushes Colt up against the ropes, and unloads with multiple meaty body shots. As Colt does his best to protect from the onslaught, Bobby switches back to a clothesline, this time send Colt overtop the ropes, outside the ring.

Williams: The fans are going nuts for Bobby!

Fury: Where in the hell did that come from!

Williams: Bobby fighting like a man who’s possessed now!

The fans roar with their approval, as Bobby looks at Colt on the outside of the ring. He goes to split the ropes, but BJ hops onto the apron, and has a few words with her dad. Bobby seems reluctant, until she gives him a motivational slap to knock some sense into him.

Fury: I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

Williams: What’s Bobby doing?

Bobby points out towards Colt, who is starting to get up. BJ stands onto the middle rope, and pulls up on the top rope.

Fury: No…

Williams: Bobby takes off for the ropes!


The fans are at their loudest as Bobby rebounds off the far ropes. Colt, now to his feet, sees the large man running his way, and is frozen in fear. As Bobby inches closer to the gaping hole, he leaps forward, and surely Colt’s life is flashing before his eyes!

Williams: Suicide dive!

Fury: Get the paramedics out here, stat!

Williams: Wait...oh no…

The fans can’t help but erupt into laughter as Bobby is stuck. Wedged between the top and middle rope, there just wasn’t enough room for him to make it through. The impact against the ropes sends BJ flying into the barricade, while Colt still has his hands covering his face.

Fury: Divine intervention! Praise the lord!

Williams: Bobby can’t get free!

Colt, hearing the arena’s laughter, slowly pulls his hands away from his face. Looking around, he brushes himself off, before joining the audience with laughter. Briefly…

Williams: Stop it ref! This is uncalled for.

Colt’s laughter is replaced with lefts and rights. They start out as slaps as Bobby flails, then quickly evolve into hard haymakers the quickly take the life out of his flailing limbs. The referee does eventually interject, warning Colt to get in the ring or he’ll be disqualified.

Williams: Bobby is hurt.

Fury: Boohoo! He tried to murder Colt a few moments ago. Did you forget that?

Colt rolls into the ring, and brushes the ref out of the way. He runs towards the opposite ropes, and on his way back leaps towards Bobby, bringing a leg across the back of his shoulders and neck. He grabs onto his shoulders, and yanks back back into the ring, who falls flat on his back.

Williams: Bobby is knocked silly.

Fury: His daughter too. BJ hasn’t moved since crashing into that barricade.

Colt looks down at the near motionless Bobby, and bypasses the pin attempt. Going out onto the ring apron, Colt approaches the closest corner, and ascends to its top. Standing tall, he points at Bobby, then takes flight.


The sound of the elbow into Bobby’s chest is loud, and certainly painful.

Fury: Dick thinks Colt drove his elbow through Bobby’s sternum right there.

Williams: This one could be over.


Fury: Yes!

Williams: No! Look, it isn’t over! His foot is on the ropes!

Fury: NO!

Colt is beside himself as the referee is pointing the Bobby’s foot on the ropes. Colt swipes the leg off, and covers Bobby again. Before the ref can count, Bobby puts his leg back up. Colt swipes again, Bobby puts his leg up. They repeat this a few more times before Colt snaps.


Williams: Colt is throwing a tantrum!

Colt is up, pacing back and forth. Bobby rolls in towards the center, and starts to get up. Wanted to stay on top of things, Colt walks towards Bobby, who catches him off guard…

Williams: Small package from Bobby!

Fury: No! NOOOO!


Fury: YES!

Williams: The referee’s hand was millimeters away from the three count. We almost had a new champion!

Colt looks at the referee, wide eyed, realizing he just almost lost his championship. With the agility that no one knew Bobby possessed, he rolls through onto his feet, and Colt is shocked when he stands up and Bobby is staring him in the eye.

Fury: What the? How the? Where the fu…

Williams: PG DICK!

Colt rifles a backhanded chop off Bobby’s chest.


The crowd collectively ‘oooooooohs’ on the impact. Bobby’s turn now.


A louder ‘ooooooooooh’ from the depths of the audience. Colt staggers back, holding onto his chest, sucking for wind.

Williams: Vicious chops from these two men.

They back and forth with the chops, each SLAP! louder than the last, as is each ‘oooooooh’ in the crowd. Colt finally breaks trend, and lands a stiff right into Bobby’s jaw. Staggering into the ropes, as he springs forward, Colt attempts to lift him up.

Williams: No...he can’t…

Fury: He can! And he did!

Colt struggled mightily, but manages to get Bobby up into a fallaway position. Trying lift him that extra bit to land a scoop slam, Colt huffs and puffs to no avail. Js when it looks like he might be able to do it, the hand of BJ Dean grabs onto his ankle, causing him to trip and fall backwards, Bobby crashing hard across his chest.

Fury: Disqualify him ref! That’s outside interference! No, No!

Williams: The ref didn’t see, and he’s going for the count!

BJ Dean has her back to the ring ring, pre celebrating with the ringside fans. The referee drops to the mat for the pin, while Colt flails his arms and legs, desperately trying to get out from underneath the ‘Beautiful One’.


Williams: No! Colt’s foot is on the ropes!

Fury: Sweet happenstance! Karma rewards Colt!

BJ Dean turns around, and is shocked to see Colt’s foot on the ropes. The referee informs Bobby to get off Colt, and he reluctantly complies.

Williams: Bobby was so close to becoming a champion, again.

Fury: He should be disqualified because of that daughter of his!

Williams: As my esteemed broadcast partner recently stated, “Karma rewards Colt.”

Fury: Oh pick a side you flip flopper. Cheating is either good or bad, pick one, stick with it.

Bobby has rolled towards the center of the ring, whereas Colt has rolled under the bottom rope to the outside. He begins to crawl past the announcer table towards the timekeeper.

Williams: Where is Colt going?

On his knees, he begins yelling at timekeeper, demanding his belt. Reluctantly, he hands the Wildfire Championship over to Colt, who pulls himself to his feet.

Fury: Dick thinks Colt is taking a rain cheque on this match.

The referee yells at Colt to get back in the ring, who dismissively waves his hands and continues walking around ringside. Turning the corner, he is almost home free, or so he thinks. Lifting his head up, BJ Dean has taken position between Colt and the entrance ramp, and seems intent on not letting Colt pass by.

Fury: Mind your business BJ, get outta his way!

Williams: This is her business, Dick. She’ll be damned if she watches her father's championship dreams end this way.

Colt laughs at the broad shouldered daughter of Bobby Dean. He goes to walk past her, and as their shoulders meet, she shoves him backwards, sending him stumbling back towards the ring apron. Colt looks at the referee, who at this point is at six in his count.

Fury: That’s a disqualification! What is this referee doing? She put her hands on Colt.

Williams: Referee's discretion, Dick. She was only helping Colt find his way back to the ring.

Fury: That is the biggest load of sh...COLT! LOOK OUT!

As Colt yells at BJ, Bobby reaches overtop the top rope, and latches his meaty fist onto Colt’s hair. Pulling up, Colt has no choice but to climb up onto the apron or lose his hair. As he turns towards Bobby, he hooks onto his right arm…

Williams: Hip Toss into the ring! Oh no!

Fury: Oh yes! That zebra deserved that one, maybe it’ll knock some sense into him.

As Colt is flipped into the ring, the heel to one of his flailing legs cracks the referee across the head, sending him spilling to the canvas. As Colt lands on his back, his grip on the Wildfire Championship is released, and it lay beside him. The fans are going nuts, as Bobby picks up the title.

Fury: Get your stinking paws off that belt! Wait, what is he doing?

Bobby holds onto the belt tightly, and shifts his gaze towards Colt, who is stirring on the mat.

Fury: Don’t you do it!

Bobby holds the belt up shoulder level, while Colt rolls over onto his stomach, starting to get up. The fans cheer wildly as Bobby waits to pounce on Colt with a taste of his own medicine.

Williams: Don't stoop to his level, Bobby. You don't need to.

Bobby delays, and clearly is having an internal battle whether or not to cheat. Having come to a decision, Bobby lowers his arms, releasing his grip on the title letting it fall to the canvas. The fans boo, not because they are disappointed in Bobby, but more so because they badly want to see Colt’s facial features readjusted. Bobby bends over, and does his best to try and shake the referee back to life.

Williams: Bobby doing the honourable thing. He doesn’t want to win the championship like that.

Fury: Yeah, he’s just a regular knight in shining armour, isn’t he?

As Bobby continues to help the referee regain his bearings, Colt has crawled over to the Wildfire title, and grabbed onto it. He pulls himself to his knees, and kicks a leg forward to try and stand up. As he does so, BJ yells at her father from the outside, trying to get his attention. She points towards to the center of the ring, and Bobby finally acknowledging her, turns around…


Fury: Woah! Ha, did you hear that Jennifer!

Williams: No, Dick! Not like this!

Colt introduces the bronzed center plate to Bobby’s face, creating a sickening sound of impact that collapses Bobby to the canvas. Colt rolls over, and climbs ontop of Bobby, not even attempting to lift one of his tree trunk legs. The referee having finally composed himself, turns around and begins the slow count.




Fury: What a match! Colt with another successful title defence!

Williams: Are you kidding me? This is a complete disgrace. The means by which that man remains champion are completely despicable!

Finally, A One On One

Finally, A One on One

Colt rolls off of Bobby, and is quick to grab his championship. After a brief struggle to his feet, he raises the belt high and proud as the O2 arena blankets him with a chorus of boos and unflattering chants. BJ has made her way into the ring, and helps her father sit up. Bobby rotates his neck a bit, and tries to shake the cobwebs loose.

But it’s all for nothing.



Colt connects with his signature kick, rattling Bobby’s jaw in the process of dropping him back to the mat. BJ screams at Colt as she holds onto her dad, while the referee steps between the two men.

Williams: How can you honestly route for this man, Dick. He is a complete disgrace as a Champion, and as a superstar in this company.

Fury: Dick sees it the other way, Jennifer. This man is a great champion who is sending a message week in and week out to the members of the Victory roster. Colton Thorpe is not a man to be messed with.

While Jennifer and Dick bicker on commentary, Colt has left the ring, grabbed a steel chair, and is in the process of rolling back into the ring with it.

Williams: You've done enough already! Enough is enough!

Colt slowly begins his walk towards Bobby, like a predator stalking it's prey. The referee tries to intervene by block by his path, but is shoved off to the side. BJ steps forward, and after brief contemplation on Colt's part, she is shoved to the mat by Colt too, which elicits the loudest boos and jeers we’ve heard tonight.

Fury: Get out of the way or get run over.

Williams: He just put his hands on Bobby’s daughter!

Fury: Debateable…

Colt stands above Bobby, who isn’t moving. As the smile spreads across his face, Colt raises his arms in the air, bringing the steel chair to it’s highest possible point. Just when it looks like Colt is about to slam down…

Bad Religion. Sinister Rouge.

Cayle Murray’s sprint matches the song’s breakneck pace, and he’s halfway down the ramp before Thorpe can even realise what’s going on.

Fury: NO! NO, NO, NO!


Jarred by his nemesis’ sudden arrival, Colt drops the chair and turns on his heels. Cayle slides into the ring just as Colt is slipping out and immediately attends to Bobby Dean, following Colt’s retreat with both eyes.

Williams: Thank God for Cayle Murray! He might’ve just saved Bobby Dean’s livelihood, Dick!

Fury: As sure as death and taxes, here’s Cayle to ruin everyone’s fun. Such a spoilsport!

Having ensured Bobby’s safety, Cayle hops to his feet and calls for a microphone from the technical area. It’s soon thrown to him, and he parts his lift.

Murray: COLT!

The thoroughly pissed-off Wildfire Champion is already halfway up the ramp, but turns when he hears Cayle’s voice.

Murray: That’s it! No more!

BJ’s working on helping the defeated BBD up as Murray speaks, but the Scot’s sight is hawk-like in its focus.

Murray: International Affair. Tokyo Dome. November 25th. We end this!


A big roar goes-up from the partisan crowd. Murray paces back and forth inside the ring, consumed by his own adrenaline, while Colton Thorpe’s expression turns sour. The Champ yells and throws accusatory fingers at Cayle, but he has no mic to respond with.

Murray: No more games, Colt! No more smoke and mirrors! At International Affair, I’m pulling this thorn out of my side once and for all!

Thorpe’s head starts shaking, but Murray’s having none of it.

Murray: Oh no, you can’t talk your way out of this one. I don’t need your consent, Colt! I’ve already been to see Lorenzo. We’ve already had that conversation. So put the date in your diary, start counting down the days, ‘cause I’m willing to break myself in half to stop you!

Sinister Rouge blares through the PA system as soon as Murray spits his last word out, and the look on Colt’s face is that of a man besmirched. Cayle leans over the top rope, eyeing his rival’s every move as he slowly backs his way up the ramp.

Williams: Can you believe it, Dick?! Murray vs. Thorpe at International Affair!

Fury: Finally these two are going to throw down one-on-one, and I can’t shake the feeling that Cayle Murray just signed his own death warrant!

Williams: On a difficult night here in the United Kingdom, Cayle Murray has played his strongest hand yet and sealed that elusive showdown! Folks, we’re running out of time here… see you next week!

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