28 Sep 2015

Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg (seats 18,000)


As the stream fades up from black, the Monday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across the arena.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where Dick Fury and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another exciting episode of Monday Night Victory. I'm Jennifer Williams and with me as always, none other than Dick Fury.

Fury: Coming to you from Johannesburg of all places.

Williams: And these fans are excited as this is the first tim the UTA has ever traveled to South Africa.

Fury: This international tour is allowing the UTA to bring Dick to so many more across the globe!

Williams: International Affair is coming to you November 18th from the Tokyo Dome live on pay per view folks. Until then, both Victory and Wrestleshow are traveling across the world

Fury: But there's plenty of time for that, tonight there is such a big show in store.

Williams: You're right there Dick.

Fury: Dick's always right.

Williams: Tonight frenemies collide and the Wildfire Championship is defended. Right here on Victory!

It's a Celebration, bitches!

It's a Celebration, Bitches!

The lights inside the Coca Cola Dome begin to fade. A hush begins to fall over the eighteen thousand fans in attendance. All eyes are glued on the Victory set, the faithful silently waiting with anticipation.

That silence is soon erased with…


The opening instrumentals to Skillet’s Monster pounds through the sound system, the audience erupting with boos, jeers, and an overall displeasure. The rampway flashes red and white lights, while a spotlight rests on the top of the stage, awaiting our…

Fury: Here he comes, our new Wildfire Champion! What a way to kick off Victory!

Williams: He is brash, he is arrogant, but he did exactly what he told the world he would do: walk out of Rio a champion.

The audience’s noise level climbs a few decibels as Colton Thorpe saunters out from behind the curtain, his trademark cheshire grin smeared ear to ear. In his right hand, he has a firm grip on the strap of his new championship, the other end of it dragging across the metal grating of the stage.

♫ The secret side of me, I never let you see. I keep it caged, but I can't control it. ♫

Stepping into the center of the circle the spotlight has created, he grabs onto the other end of the strap. Raising the title high and proud above his head, the red and white lights flash overtop his picturesque pose.

Fury: What a sight. You can see the pride beaming from this young man.

Williams: He certainly has plenty to be proud of after his performance two weeks ago...

♫ So stay away from me, the beast is ugly. I feel the rage, and I just can't hold it  ♫

Walking down the rampway, he has a newfound swagger to his step. Ignoring the fans as he passes by, he tosses his belt into the ring before rolling underneath the bottom rope himself.

Williams: But I get the feeling he won’t be the most humble person about his victory.

The music begins to fade out as Colt brings forth a microphone from his jacket’s pocket. Both arms rising in unison, he raises the microphone in his left to his mouth, while raising the belt in his right high in the air.

Thorpe: Soak it Johannesburg. Embrace this moment, for a true champion is finally in your presence.

The crowds boos have yet to subside, as Colt lowers the belt to his side.

Thorpe: I know everyone here in attendance is waiting for it to happen. Everyone at home is on the edge of their seat, waiting for it to happen. The guys and gals in the back are searching for a monitor to see this moment, and are just waiting for it to happen.

Colts smile begins to fade.

Thorpe: The taunting. The bragging. The grandiose celebration where I stroke my ego and tell the world how great I am. But that’s not going to happen. I’m not insecure like some people around here, and I don’t need my peers to validate me. No, this right here, is validation enough.

Fury: Eat your words Jennifer!

Williams: I’m not too convinced yet.

Colt raises the title slightly, the middle bronze plate eye level as he stares at his prize. That smile beginning to reemerge.

Thorpe: And this is the part where I’m supposed to jump in and rant about tonight, right? Hussain and his rematch. Hall and his millionth opportunity in this company. Or Murray and our never ending saga, and the next chapter in our war. But no, that’s not going to happen either. Not right now.

Fury: Hmmmmmm? Now?

Williams: Nope

Thorpe: Good people of this impoverished country, this moment right here isn’t about me. I want to take the opportunity to show the world that Colton Thorpe, underneath all the venom spewing hatred and hard hitting cheap shots, is actually a half decent guy.

Fury: Oh come on Jennifer, how can you not buy this?

Williams: Venom spewing hatred plus hard hitting cheap shots does not equal half decent guy.

Thorpe: So right now, we are going to take ten minutes, and put all this wrestling business behind us. We are going to have a celebration of life today for one of our own who entered his forty fifth year this morning. Join me good people!

♫ Happy Birthday to you! ♫

The first sentence is mostly sung by Colt alone.

♫ Happy Birthday to you! ♫

The next line, there is more cooperation from the audience.

♫ Happy Birthday Dear...♫

Most of the arena is now singing, including a now standing Dick Fury.

♫ ...Eric Dane! Happy Birthday to yooooooooouuuuuuuuuu! ♫

On cue, the bluesy bass-riff stampedes its way through the sound system, causing the crowd in Johannesburg to transition from their singing voices to a raucous roar. Silver and red flashes begin strobing with the song, as Eric Dane pushes his way through the curtain.

♫ Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown ♫

Williams: Sit down, Dick.

Fury: Maybe you should stand up, Jennifer.

He stares at the clapping Colton Thorpe in the ring, and his reaction isn’t an easy one to decipher. Is he happy? Is he surprised? Could he possibly be angry? As he begins to walk towards the ramp, his progress is halted with an unexpected…


A loud explosion rumbles like thunder from above, and soon after a downpour of confetti drops from the ceilings rafters. Everyone in attendance looks above as multicoloured paper shreds gracefully trickle down, meanwhile Dane continues towards the ring.

Williams: Oh dear lord…

Fury: What is your issue with celebrating, Scrooge?

Williams: That's Christmas Dick

Colt is leaning against the ropes, pointing out towards ‘The Only Star’

Thorpe: Your birthday boy everybody! Get off your asses and show the man some respect!

Dane slaps a few hands at ringside before walking up the steel steps. Walking across the apron to it’s center, he splits the ropes to enter the ring. He looks briefly towards an again clapping Colt, then proceeds to leave scuff marks on the confetti littered canvas en route to grabbing a microphone from the time keeper.

Thorpe: Well? What do you think? Were you surprised or what?

Dane looks out into the crowd, as many in the audience are standing and clapping. Different happy birthday chants are scattered amongst the mass, as is the singing of the song. Eric begins to pulls the microphone to his lips, only to be cut off before he can speak.

Thorpe: Wait! I almost forgot. Before you answer, you might want your present first, right? So here you go…

Colt pulls his Wildfire Championship off his shoulder, taking a moment to look at it. Stepping towards Eric, Colt flings it overtop his left shoulder, patting down on the middle plate. Dane looks at the title on his shoulder, and the smallest hint of a smile cracks the corner of his mouth.

Thorpe: For your birthday, I am crowning you our honorary Wildfire Champion for the day!

The crowd, hating Eric Dane slightly less than they hate Colton Thorpe, give a good, if laughter-laden reaction to The Only Star standing there with the Wildfire Title. A moment passes tensely before Dane pulls the belt from his shoulder, looks at it with a hint of a smile, and then climbs the nearest turnbuckle, hoisting the belt up for everyone to see.

Fury: And there he is Jennifer! Our brand new Wildfire Champion for the day!

The crowd is split between cheers with laughter and boos.

Williams: I don’t know about all this, Dick. It doesn’t feel right.

The Only Star hops down and rejoins Thorpe at center ring. Before speaking he throws the title belt back over his shoulder.

Dane: I’ll be damned. It’s not every day a guy gets to fly to South Africa, have his 44th birthday, be thrown a surprise party, and be crowned Wildfire Champion! I don’t know what to say!

Thorpe grabs Dane’s wrist and hoists it in the air, pointing at him and cheesing. Some time passes and Dane finally brings the mic up to speak again.

Dane: It’s an honor, Colton, it truly is, but for as much as I’d love to carry this belt around for the night, I’ve got absolutely zero interest in fighting Cayle, Abdul, and Ron Hall. Especially not at the same time. Yer gonna have to deal with that clusterf(bleep) on your own, chief!

Eric hands the title back, Colton shrugs and takes back his title belt.

Thorpe: Ah, well, can’t blame a guy for trying, am I right? Besides, that’s not even the REAL birthday present! For the real one, I’ve prepared a wonderful video package for you! Eric Dane, THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

Beaming with pride, Colton swings his arm around to the big screen, but a burst of TV static rips through the arena, not the shmoozey footage that Thorpe was expecting. “Sinister Rouge” by Bad Religion bursts through the PA system, and the audience breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Williams: Thank God!

A casually-dressed Cayle Murray steps out onto the stage, clutching a microphone in one hand and a clump of small, white paper bags in the other.

Fury: Trust this guy to come-out and ruin everything!

Williams: Doesn’t sound like this capacity crowd agrees with you, Dick! Wait… are those sick bags?!

Indeed they are. Cayle works his way down the right hand side, dishing sick bags out to people in the front few rows. In the ring, Thorpe is fizzing: his face has turned a deep shade of red, and you can almost see the smoke coming out of his ears.

Thorpe: HEY! MURRAY!

He his spits over the breakneck entrance music before the production team finally cut it off.

Thorpe: What the hell are you doing?!

Now at the bottom of the ramp, Cayle Murray looks up to the ring.

Murray: What am I doing?

He smiles.

Murray: No, Colt -- what the hell are you doing?!

As Murray enters the ring, a distinctly unimpressed Eric Dane folds his arms across his chest, but lets the Scot approach. Thorpe has clenched a fist, and looks ready to explode.

Murray:  I’m sorry, Colt. I know you’ve probably been planning this skin-crawling reacharound-fest all week, but nobody in this building dropped 50 bucks on a ticket to watch this nonsense tonight. Johannesburg, is this really what you want to see tonight?!

A big, predictable jeer goes up.

Murray: Exactly, and I’m sorry to be the guy who has to rain on this parade, Mr. Dane, but me and my friends here aren’t gonna make it through another minute of this without throwing-up. Last time I checked, this was a wrestling show… and Colt, apparently you’ve got a pretty big match on your hands tonight.

Thorpe: It appears that way, don’t it ‘friend’. On the outside, that match seems to be of significant proportions, but I see no reason to fret or concern myself with it. You see, Ron Hall, Abdul bin Hussain, nor yourself, have yet to beat me yet, so why should I be too worried?

Fury: Exactly! Why should he be worried, Jenn?!

Williams: Because Cayle kind of has beat--

Fury: NOPE. Didn’t happen. Don’t remember it…

Murray: Well, if it’s reasons you want…

Cayle raises a finger.

Murray: 1. One of your opponents is a former UTA Champion, one of the most vitriolic guys in the company, and a surefire inclusion on the next Hall of Fame ballot…

The crowd boos at the mention of Abdul bin Hussain. Cayle holds another finger up.

Murray: 2. Another is a bona fide UTA legend… a guy who’s seen it all and done it all, and wrestled more high stakes matches than you’ve had hot dinners…

A big pop for Ron Hall, before Cayle raises a third finger, then points all three into his chest.

Murray: … and number 3? Standing right here, Colt.  

Colt begins pacing back and forth with in the ring. He first loses his championship, tossing it onto the canvas. Next is his jacket, as a wrestles the leather off his back, joing the championship below.

Fury: Things are boiling over Jenn! We’re going to see an early preview right here, right now!

Williams: Nope.

The crowd boos as Eric intercepts Colt in the middle of his power walk towards Cayle. He pushes Colt back creating distance between the rivals, and gets his attention. A brief exchange is between Colt and Eric goes unheard, and a slight smile begins to peer through Colt’s sharp features.

Fury: What is Dane doing? Let them go at it!

Colt seems to have composed himself after the pep talk from Dane. He rolls his shoulder, followed by his neck. Picking his microphone up off the canvas, he pulls it towards his mouth.

Thorpe: You know what Cayle, have your moment now. You couldn’t just leave well enough alone and let this man enjoy his birthday celebration. So enjoy this, enjoy your moment...because there won’t be one waiting for you when this show comes to a close tonight. It again will be another moment for me…

Murray: Maybe, Colt…

A smile stretches across his face, slowly.

Murray: Or maybe not. I can stand here and tell you how excited, motivated and well-prepared I think I am, but that should be obvious for all four of us. You’ve spent a lot of time talking about Colton Thorpe, what Colton Thorpe needs to do to win, and how Colton Thorpe’s gonna avoid being pinned…

He pauses.

Murray: … but, brother, you don’t need to be pinned to lose everything tonight. All it takes is for AbH to run-up and grab a handful of Ron Hall’s tights and bang, the jig is up. You might think you have all the answers, but the truth is, Colt, your destiny might not even be in your own hands tonight.

Cayle edges closer to the end of the ring, and steps through the top and middle ropes.

Murray: When that bell rings, I know what I’ll be focused on… and it sure as hell won’t be puckering-up for Eric Dane. See you in an hour or two.

Murray drops off the ring apron as “Sinister Rouge” begins to bellow through the arena's sound system. Colt scurries over to his championship belt, and is quick to snatch it off the canvas. Making his way back to the ropes, he leans against them, holding the title high for all to see while pointing at Cayle.


Colt spikes his microphone in the ring creating a static boom. The scene fades elsewhere as Eric attempts to calm Colton Thorpe in the ring, and Cayle exits through the curtain backstage.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Skylar Montgomery vs. Jack Hunter

Williams:  The next match could devolve into a brawl considering the men involved.

Fury:  It is the styles they employ. Dick knows styles like the back of his hand.

Williams:  I'm sure you do.

Fury:  Your words, much like other things about you, are not pleasing to Dick.

Williams:  Skylar Montgomery is not known for his technical prowess. In fact, some might call him a simple backyard brawler.

Fury:  It may not be a classic approach, but the way he fights is like a cornered animal. It is very exciting and Dick doesn't think the boring way Jack Hunter will try to employ will work.

Williams:  Hunter is yet another former mixed martial artist that has entered the wrestling ring and the only way we can know for certain how if he can slow down Montgomery's frenetic style is to send it to the ring and get this one started.

The view shows the UTA ring with the fans going nuts as the ring announcers lifts the microphone to his mouth.

Announcer:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our first match of the evening!

Crowd cheers the first match of the night.

Announcer:  Introducing first! Weighing in at two-hundred, twenty pounds and fighting out of Queens, New is JACK HUNTER!!!

An Instrumental version of "This Fire Burns" plays throughout the PA boxes as Jack Hunter walks to the ring with his black hoodie on, he looks at the fans and shakes his head and gets on the steps. He taunts on the apron and gets in the ring, Hunter jumps on the top rope and taunts. He get's off the top rope and laughs, Jack sits in the corner as he takes off his hoodie.

Williams:  Hunter looks focused, Dick.

Fury:  He should be. Where he came from, if you lost focus for a split second, you could end up tapping out.

The infectious opening cry of Papa Roach's 'Last Resort' serenades the arena as Suicidal Skylar Montgomery steps out onto the stage with a freaking fluorescent glass light tube slung over his shoulder!

Williams:  Here comes the wild man himself.

Fury:  The one who will have the toughest time is the referee. Dick foresees problems there.

Williams:  Have faith in the referee, saying he will struggle is a bit premature.

Fury:  Dick is never premature.....never.

Announcer:  And his opponent....

SkyMont walks down the ramp twirling the fragile pole like he was Donatello and this was teenage mutant ninja turtles or something.

Announcer:  Hailing from The backyard; in London, England.

Skylar slides into the ring with the glass rod still in his hand.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 1 inches and weighing in at 190 pounds...

He stands in the middle of the ring with the fluorescent glass light tube held aloft in his right hand and his stance wide as the crowd rain down boos upon him.


SkyMont drops the light tube in his corner and begins testing the elasticity of the ropes.

Fury:  It is funny to watch everyone stare at the light tube and not the man wielding it. That will be to his advantage.

'Last Resort' by Papa Roach fades out as Suicidal Skylar Montgomery begins biting his fingernails awaiting his opponent.

Williams:  The referee is pointing at the light tube in the corner and telling MOntgomery that he needs to remove it from the ring.

Fury:  He isn't holding it!  He isn't using it!  It is just sitting there!  This is already showing signs of being a set up against the backyard brawler.

Williams:  I would say that it is about safety for everyone in the area.

Fury:  They know the risks when they pay for those seats. Just like those who pay to see Dick perform know that the first few rows are always in play! It is common sense!

The referee is adamant about the tube being taken out of the ring and Montgomery finally slides it down to the arena floor. As he does this the referee calls for the bell.

Fury:  It is about damn time!  Let them fight for crying out loud!


Williams:  I'm just glad Skylar has decided to do what the referee asked because that could be dangerous.

Fury:  It is out of sight now, which may make it more dangerous.

Hunter begins pursuing as the bell sounds, but Montgomery catches him with a kick to the mid-section as he is coming around from getting rid of the tube.

Williams:  Cheap shot by Montgomery!

Fury:  Not at all! Hunter was advancing even while the back was turned. Dick admires Hunter's idea, but it was a flawed execution.

Montgomery runs off the ropes and Hunter recovers enough to throw a lariat, but Montgomery dodges and propels himself back into john with a Thesz Press.

Williams:  Thesz press and look at Montgomery lay those fists into the head of Jack Hunter!

Fury:  He's a wild beast!  Dick is always right about these things.

Montgomery is throwing wild punches on top of the former MMA performer and the referee is cautioning him against using closed fists.

Williams:  Once again Montgomery is scolded by the referee.

Fury:  This is awful. It is his backyard reputation that is causing this intrusion on his offense.

Williams:  The referee is just enforcing the rules and doing what he can to keep this a fair fight.

Fury:  There is no such thing, at least when the fight is truly a fight.

Montgomery to his feet and he taunts the crowd a little before running and stomping the side of Hunter's face. He is pointing at them and giving a finger gesture that incites them a little more.

Williams:  Skylar certainly loves getting the crowd angry, doesn't he?

Fury:  It works for him. A true warrior doesn't need the adulation of sheep.

Montgomery goes to Hunter and bends to pick him up, but Hunter catches him in a small package.

Williams:  Hunter with a small package!

Referee:  ONE...........TW.........KICKOUT!!!

Fury:  Montgomery not getting caught that easily.

Williams:  Perhaps not, but the MMA training is showing through and nearly grabbed a victory for Hunter.

Montgomery rolls through and gets up, laying a stomp to Hunter's head once again.

Fury:  Order restored.

Williams:  Hunter's head has taken quite a pounding already as Montgomery seems to be focused there.

Fury:  Montgomery is not a "plan it out" kind of guy. But he does seem to be attacking relentlessly.

Montgomery pulls Hunter up and goes to whip him into the corner, but Hunter reverses it sending Montgomery hard into the corner.

Williams:  Reversal by Hunter and Montgomery is in trouble!

Fury:  This is going to hurt!

Montgomery stumbles out of the corner into the waiting arms of Hunter and a massive German Suplex.

Williams:  German Suplex by Jack Hunter!  Skylar Montgomery may not be able to bounce back against someone as trained as Hunter.

Fury:  Don't say that just yet. Both of these men can find ways to turn the tide.

Williams:  You mean cheat to get ahead, Dick?

Fury:  You can call it whatever you want, but sometimes the difference between winning and losing is doing something someone else normally wouldn't.

Hunter pulls Montgomery up and whips him into the corner, following him in and grabbing his head, burying knees into the rib cage from both sides Brazilian Ju-Jitsu style.

Williams:  Hunter going to work on that ribcage!

Fury:  It is obvious that Hunter is a solid fighter in a cage, but I don't think it will work in the squared circle.

Williams:  Each knee is causing Montgomery to wince in pain, Dick. I'd say it is having the desired effect.

Fury:  Montgomery is just forcing Hunter to expend energy is all. Nothing to worry about.

Hunter finishes with the knees and quickly grabs a double-underhook on the arms and lists Montgomery for a suplex. Montgomery hits with a thud.

Williams:  Jack Hunter with a double-underhook suplex! My only question is why is he not trying to pin him?

Fury:  Why would he? Both of these men seek to hurt and embarrass the other. He will want to inflict more pain before he tries to finish.

Hunter pulls Montgomery up and whips him toward the corner, Montgomery does the flip over the corner and lands on the ring apron.

Williams:  Hunter having his way right now!  Look at how Skylar hit with that impact.

Fury:  Dick is beginning to enjoy both of these men. Can it just be a draw?

Hunter charges, but Montgomery dodges and Hunter ends up toppling over the top rope and down to the floor. Montgomery again taunts the fans by pointing to his head to signify he was smarter than to fall for that.

Williams:  Skylar Montgomery is turning into an annoying presence in UTA.

Fury:  And that is exactly how he wants it. He wants to be that fly in the ointment, the itch you can't scratch.

Williams:  That is a pleasant visual, Dick.

Fury:  Dick is all about the visuals, you've seen Dick's facebook account.

Hunter gets to his feet and Montgomery runs and leaps off the ring apron with a flipping back body drop that sends both men to the floor.

Williams:  Montgomery leaping into that running flipping plancha off the ring apron! Both men are down outside the ring!

Fury:  Maybe, but Skylar is already getting to his feet. He is on fire right now.

Montgomery gets to his feet with a sadistic grin and pulls Hunter up.

Williams:  What is he grinning at? Is it possible that he is truly that sick as to smile when causing pain?

Fury:  Probably. However, Dick thinks there is another reason right there!

Montgomery whips him into the ring steps where Hunter his that light tube head first!

Williams:  HUNTER SENT INTO THE LIGHT TUBE!!!  It shatters and glass is all around those steps!

Fury:  This is great! The referee can only blame himself!

Williams:  Montgomery knew he would have the chance to do that!  That is why he placed it the way he did!

Fury:  Give it a rest already! The referee could have let the tube stay in that corner and Hunter would never have been touched by it.

The referee yells about using an outside item, but Montgomery simply tells him that he didn't use it and it wouldn't have been there had the referee keep his mouth shut earlier.

Williams:  That is exactly what Skylar is telling the referee right now, but I doubt the referee is buying it.

Fury:  Just like the referees in the NFL, they never admit when they get it wrong. Stay out of the match and stuff like this won't happen!

Williams:  That isn't right, Dick.

Fury:  Wrong. Dick is always right! Learn the lesson already!

Montgomery pulls Hunter up and his head is cut open. He also has a small cut on his left shoulder form the impact into the light tube.Montgomery slams Hunter's head into the steel steps as the referee finally begins his ten count.

Williams:  Hunter is cut badly. He may need serious medical attention.

Fury:  If he was the fighter in the cage he claims to be, a little blood isn't going to stop him.

Williams:  Would it stop you?

Fury:  Dick has never been stopped by blood. In fact sometimes it helps lub......

Williams:  (interrupting) I'm just stopping you right there before you go too far on the cringe-meter, Dick.

Fury:  Just stating facts!

Montgomery goes for an Irish whip, but Hunter reverses it and sends Montgomery toward the steps. However, Montgomery leaps up and jumps onto the steps, running back toward Hunter and leaping for a high cross body, sending both men to the floor again.

Williams:  Skylar Montgomery turning the tide again with unconventional attacks!

Fury:  The kid has alligator blood and refuses to lose the advantage.

Montgomery finally pulls Hunter up and gets him into the ring, following in behind him and just beating the referee's count.

Williams:  Back inside the ring.

Fury:  Dick is willing to bet his contracted per diem for doing this match that it won't be the last time it happens. These two are virtually uncontrollable. Respect for that.

The referee is still telling Montgomery that using any of the remains of that tube would be automatic disqualification. Montgomery gives the referee a look of disgust and gets to his feet.

Williams:  The referee is again trying to reign this one in and cautioning Skylar about use of the tube's remains.

Fury:  Cry a river, ref-boy! You're fault and no yelling now will change that.

Williams:  Hunter's face is half covered in blood from our vantage point.

Fury:  It was a nasty hit and odds are there is some of that tube still stuck in his forehead!

Williams:  Ewww! That is disgusting to even think about!

Fury:  What?

Montgomery gets to his feet and goes for a spinning kick at his taunting opponent, Hunter dodges the kick and squarely plants his boot in the "nether regions," dropping Montgomery to his knees.

Williams:  Short cut by Hunter and neither man is willing to actually fight fair.

Fury:  Your lack of understanding sometimes drives Dick crazy. These two never fight fair. To expect them to abide by archaic rules is to expect them not to be the men they are.

Williams:  That was philosophical, Dick.

Fury:  Dick is versatile like that.

Williams:  Hunter wants to go for the "Real Attack" but it looks like Montgomery is not allowing him to get the right position.

Fury:  A fighter to the end!

Hunter quickly grabs Montgomery and sets up for his Tiger Driver finisher, but Montgomery is fighting still to get out of the hold, so instead, he simply hits a snap DDT and takes a little fight out of Montgomery.

Williams:  Hunter with a snap DDT. That was old school!

Fury:  He is a student of the game, for sure. If he ever gets the mix of MMA and wrestling down, he may be a force to be reckoned with.

Hunter looking very confident as he pulls Montgomery up and whips him across the ring into the corner. Montgomery hits hard, but Hunter had followed him in and crushed him into the turnbuckles right after initial impact.

Williams:  Hunter in control, as long as that bleeding doesn't impair his sight.

Fury:  It won't. He knows how to fight through it.

Hunter tells the ringside fans he is going to do it one more time, and the fans show they are not exactly fans of his.

Williams:  Hunter antagonizing the fans as well. Neither man caring about fan support at all.

Fury:  Why should they? The sheep cause more losses than any impact finisher in wrestling history.

Hunter grabs Montgomery and whips him across the ring again to the opposite corner and Hunter takes off to charge the corner again, but Montgomery moves and Hunter goes shoulder-first between the top and middle ropes and into the steel ring post.

Williams:  Hunter hits that ring post and the cage fighter may be injured.

Fury:  His adrenaline will keep him from feeling it though. That is a great equalizer inside the ring during a match. Adrenaline make your feel invincible.

Williams:  He better start using it then because the blood loss can't help that situation.

Fury:  For once, a good point. Nice to hear from you finally.

Hunter rolls off the middle rope and actually falls all the way out of the ring to the floor. Montgomery pulls himself up to his feet as he sees Hunter down and the referee begins the obligatory count.

Williams:  After all of this, the match might end on a count out!

Fury:  I sincerely doubt it.

Williams:  Why is that?

Fury:  Montgomery can't leave it alone long enough for that to happen. He's making his way for an attack.

Hunter is starting to stand as Montgomery steps through the ropes. Montgomery runs and leaps, hitting a drop kick on Hunter outside the ring. Hunter is sent hard into the guard rail as Montgomery begins getting to his feet.

Williams:  These two are back outside the ring and battling! Hunter hit that guard rail hard!

Fury:  Dick told you they wouldn't stay in the ring. Dick is always right.

Williams:  Now Skylar Montgomery is looking to make that cut on the forehead worse!

Fury:  Love it!

Montgomery walks over to Hunter and pulls him up. Montgomery sets up for a DDT, but before he can drop it, Hunter shoves Montgomery off him and into the ring post.

Williams:  Hunter avoids it and sends Montgomery into the post!

Fury:  Neither man giving an inch!

Williams:  This battle has been hard-hitting right from the opening bell.

Fury:  And it isn't stopping now.

Hunter smashes Montgomery's head off the ring steps and then looks to the fans before doing it again. He then rolls Montgomery back into the ring, following him in to break up the referee's count at 8.

Williams:  Finally they are both back in the ring.

Fury:  Of course. Neither wants this to end out there. They want their arm raised where it counts!

Montgomery slides up and is sitting in the corner when Hunter gets over to him and plants a boot to his chest. Hunter wastes no time in jumping on the back of Montgomery and locking on a guillotine choke.

Williams:  Hunter with the guillotine choke hold!

Fury:  That is a perfect way to take the fight out of your opponent.

Williams:  But he cannot win with it because it is an illegal choke hold!

Fury:  Who says he is trying to win with this hold?

With the hold in the corner, Montgomery's feet actually are around the bottom rope, with his right foot on top of that bottom rope so the referee begins trying to get a break.

Williams:  The referee is calling, in fact yelling for a break of this hold because that foot is on the rope. He is risking a disqualification at this point.

Fury:  Doesn't matter. He won't let it get to that, but the effects will change this match for good.

The referee continues to tell Hunter to let go of this hold, but he refuses. The referee begins to the break count of five.

Williams:  The referee still arguing with Hunter.

Fury:  That referee is sure getting involved in this match a lot tonight. And he has caused more harm than good, Hunter's face can tell you that.

Williams:  Referee counting again....

At the fifth count, Hunter releases the hold and then grabs him again with a rear-naked choke. Montgomery is straining, but oxygen loss is becoming an issue as the referee again attempts to force a break and begins another count.

Williams:  Finally a break only to grab another choke hold!

Fury:  Look at the color Skylar's face is turning! That is a nice shade of blue.

Williams:  The referee better get hold of this match quick before Hunter literally kills Skylar Montgomery!

This time at five, Hunter releases yet again, but the referee gets in his face and backs him off Montgomery. The referee tells him that if he does it again and refuses to listen, he would be disqualified.

Fury:  He has done exactly what he wanted to do. Montgomery is just happy to be breathing, winning the match is now secondary in his head. It is a great strategy.

Williams:  It is underhanded and sickening.

Fury:  It is one man beating another. Don't like it? Leave.

Hunter waves off the referee with an annoyed look and goes back to where Montgomery is in the corner. Hunter grabs Montgomery and has no issues at all nailing his Tiger Driver finisher.

Williams:  REAL ATTACK!  This one is over!

Fury:  Stick a fork in him!

Williams:  Hunter hooks a leg!

Referee:  ONE................TWO........................THREE!!!!

The bell sounds as our announcer is heard over the loud speakers.

Announcer:  Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner.....JACK HUNTER!!!

Williams:  Hunter with a hard fought victory tonight to kick off Wrestleshow.

Fury:  Montgomery just didn't have it in him and Hunter proved he was savvy enough to take advantage.

I Guarantee It


I Guarantee It


We cut to outside the Coca Cola Dome where we see approaching headlights. The car drives down the parking ramp, and underneath the overhead door. As the vehicle nears, we now see it is a stretch limousine. Black in color, accented everywhere by bright gold trim. The brake lights illuminate as it comes to stop in the loading area.

The driver exits the vehicle dressed in a black suit. He walks to the back as he adjusts his driving cap. He soon opens the door. First out is Mikey Unlikely, wearing a black polo and dark blue designer jeans. He reaches his hand back into the limo, and another grasps it.

Out steps Mary Jane in a short tight green dress. Her heels begin to click as soon as they meet pavement. Mikey looks MJ up and down and “woos”. The fans inside the arena already boo loudly enough that it can be heard.

A foot steps onto the pavement and it belongs to none other than the UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca. The crowd continues to go ballistic with boos. Blanca steps out and adjusts his fine suit before slipping the UTA World Championship over his shoulder. He looks over at Mikey.

La Flama Blanca: You ready for tonight?

Mikey nods. La Flama Blanca pats Mikey on the shoulder and gives a sarcastic laugh.

LFB: Of course you are.

Unlikely: Oh Yeah, Lew Smith is getting hurt tonight. I guarantee it. 

Mikey smiles and together the three begin to walk into the arena. “Rumor Man” Stan Davis is on the scene, he tries to get a quick word from the arriving Dynasty members.

Davis: Mikey! Mikey! Quick word about your match tonight against Lew Smith?

The trio continues to walk on, just before passing him Mikey looks over at Stan and replies.

Unlikely: No.

Mary Jane scoffs at Davis as she continues walking with Mikey Unlikely. Stan looks dejected as LFB stops and puts his arm around the "Rumor Man", pointing at his Dynasty brother.

LFB: That Stan... is a man who is locked in for his opponent. Mikey Unlikely is going to rip Lew Smith to pieces... much like I did when Lew THOUGHT he could become UTA World champion. 

Blanca shakes Davis around a bit, causing Stan to put a face on.

LFB: Lew Smith had his world destroyed and he... just hasn't been the same since. I guess he still hasn't woken up from that dream. I know the "World's Greatest Entertainer" is going to bring him back to reality and put him in a hospital bed just like he did Will Haynes.

La Flama Blanca lets out a laugh. Davis is let go by Blanca. 

LFB: Now I look forward to seeing Lew perform at that HIGH LEVEL we are all accustomed to because... The Champ is going to be at ring side tonight.

The fans inside the arena are heard booing the UTA World Champion.

LFB: I'm going to have the best seat in the house. I hope Lew Smith... doesn't lose his focus. 

Blanca begins his walk into the arena. Davis is left alone to stare off as cameras fade on him.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Who's Side Are You On?

Who's Side Are You On?

Ron Hall is seen walking through a back hall way, his bag in hand. As he turns a corner he nearly runs into Director of Talent Relations, Michael Lorenzo. Hall looks straight at Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Ron, good to see you.

Hall: Yea.

Ron tries to step to the side and continue on, but Michael places a hand up, his fingers into Ron's chest.

Lorenzo: Before you go...

Ron looks down at Michael's fingers, trailing up to him.

Lorenzo: Ron... We're not going to have any problems are we?

Hall: Maybe not, if you kindly remove your hand.

Michael does so, and smiles. He lets a little laugh out.

Lorenzo: You won your battle with Wingate, now it's time to move on. Go out there, entertain the kiddies and have fun. I mean... you know this can't last forever, right?

Ron says nothing, looking at Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: Ron... Who's side are you on? I mean, I DID put you into tonight's main event where you have a chance to walk out once again a champion.

Hall just smirks.

Hall: I'm on my side, that's who.

The two share an intense stare before we fade.

Amy Harrison vs. Marie Van Cladio

Trouble by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison comes out to a chorus of boos. Amy looks out to the crowd and starts to yell back at them.

Williams: Amy Harrison and Marie Van Claudio, somewhat frenemies, meeting here tonight.

Fury: Finally. Dick was wondering when they were either going to fight or...

Williams: DICK!

Amy walks down the aisle determined, while stopping to yell at a few fans in the crowd.

Announcer: Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, and tells everyone that she's the best, before getting in the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 5'4 and weighing in at 114 pounds...

Amy looks right at the crowd and tells them to "Shut the f*** up!"

Announcer: Amy Harrison

Amy shakes her head at the crowd as she starts to get ready for the match.

Williams: Amy Harrison wants to prove once and for all she is more than good looks.

Amy then limbers up in the ring to get herself ready.

Fury: Well, she needs to quick stretching like that then.

The Bitch Is Back By Elton John plays as the fans are booing

Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she walks onto the ramp while flipping her hair around. Marie takes a crack at her neck and walks down to the ring.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio possibly feeling threatened as Amy Harrison now has wins over some pretty big names.

Marie keeps on walking to the ring as the fans are giving her applause, but she keeps on walking down to the ring.

Announcer: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Marie gets right in the ring and looks at everyone looking at her as Marie walks right in the ring before looking at the referee

Announcer: Standing at 5’7 and weighing in at 127 pounds...

Marie looks at the referee and yells at him that he better not mess up her match this time.

Announcer: Marie Van Claudio

Moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song playing.

Williams: These two women look ready tonight.

Amy Harrison yells out to the crowd as Marie Van Claudio runs, throwing her forearm into the back of Harrison, sending her to a knee as the bell rings.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio not waiting for the bell to start this one.

Fury: Just like all women. You can't be friends for more than two seconds before something happens and you're clawing each other's eyes out.

Marie grabs the head of Amy Harrison pulling her up a bit, before slamming her face first into the canvas.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio has said she will be putting Amy Harrison in her place tonight and will make her take it to the limit.

Marie drops to her knees, grabbing the side of the head of Amy Harrison as she begins to slam the back of it repeatedly into the canvas.

Fury: This is what Dick likes to watch right here. he loves when women get on their knees and get rough!

As Marie stands up, Amy rolls over toward the ropes. MVC grabs the top rope and places her foot into the back of the neck of Amy Harrison, pressing it as the referee starts to count her.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio without remorse here, breaking away before she can be counted out.

Fury: She was here before Amy, but since, she feels like some of her shine has been taken away. Tonight she wants to change that perspective.

Amy rolls over, the back of her neck now hanging over the ropes as she sits. Marie Van Claudio comes back in, this time sitting to the side so her outer thigh goes into the throat of Amy Harrison on the ropes. The referee counts her again.

Williams: Marie breaking before the five again. I'm unsure if after this, these two can ever be friends again. So much hatred and bitterness coming out tonight.

Fury: You're a woman Jennifer, you know that it always just leads to this.

Amy tries to crawl away as Marie Van Claudio follows her. MVC brings a foot down that catches Amy in the side of the ribs. She rolls over and scoots back into the corner. Reaching up to grab the ropes, Amy tries to pull herself up as Marie Van Claudio comes in with a big open handed slap.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio adding insult to injury here tonight as she continues to dominate.

Marie turns Amy around, slamming her head first into the turnbuckle before immediately grabbing her arm and yanking back.

Williams: Amy Harrison sent across the ring. Marie Van Claudio following close behind.

Amy turns and hits the corner back first as Marie leaps up.

Williams: And a huge splash follows up by Marie Van Claudio.

Fury: This is probably the most focused Dick has ever seen Marie Van Claudio.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio once again whipping Amy Harrison across the ring and hard into the opposite corner!

MVC heads to the opposite corner. She raises her hands up before getting a running start. Claudio moves into a cartwheel. As she comes over, she straightens her body out. Her feet hit the canvas and she leaps forward with a forearm, however, Amy Harrison is able to get her feet up catching MVC in the jaw. The fans cheer.

Williams: Amy Harrison able to slow Marie Van Claudio down a bit there.

Fury: Kicking her right in the money maker.

Amy heads sideways toward the middle of the ring. She takes off forward, arm out.

Williams: Quick clothesline by Amy Harrison who is trying to build up some momentum. Marie Van Claudio getting right back up.

As she does, Amy yells for her to bring it. When Marie gets to her feet, Harrison comes forward taking her down with another clothesline. The fans clap at her coming back.

Williams: Amy Harrison now in control as she grabs Marie Van Claudio, pulling her to her feet.

As she comes up, MVC grabs Amy's arm, swinging it to the side, twisting it once into an arm ringer, moving behind and turning the wrist up into a hammerlock. Amy is quick to duck low and turn to the side, breaking loose and slipping Marie into a side headlock after spinning free.

Williams: Amy and Marie showing the world that the female superstars in the UTA are some of the most skilled athletes in the world.

Fury: And some of the sexiest.

During Jennifer and Dick's banter on commentary, Marie has broken out of the side headlock by putting the wristlock/hammerlock combination back on, switching back and forth between the two as Amy does not allow her to keep either hold in place for very long.

Williams: This match starting to slow down after an explosive beginning. Marie is working the arm, and it's like she's allowing Amy to move around, she's comfortable in this jockey for position...

With a side headlock being firmly applied onto her cranium, Claudio pulls Amy back to the ropes with her and pushes off, sending her opponent running to the ropes across the ring. Marie steps into Amy with her hip, grabbing her around the shoulders and flipping her over by hooking a leg with her foot and sweeping it out from underneath.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio with the judo takedown!

Marie goes to wrench on the head and arm together, but a head scissors with the legs brings her back down. Amy holds on, but Marie is about to move about and eventually headstand her way out of the move, landing back on her feet. MVC steps back, backpedaling all the way into the corner.

Williams: Marie backing away. I'm not sure she expected AMy to give this much of a fight.

Fury: There's a line between cockiness and confidence that Marie Van Claudio needs to learn.

Williams: Some could say the same thing about you Dick.

Amy wastes no time coming to her feet. Marie comes in to lock up, but her hands are slapped away roughly. Paying no mind, Claudio keeps coming in. Amy even jabs a slap towards her face, but Marie keeps moving in closer with the hands coming in. When Marie reaches in, Amy swims through her hands to break them, clinches in, and drives a European uppercut into Marie's upper chest.

Fury: Here we go!

Williams: Amy's coming with the offense again.

Amy uses the recoil to lock Marie in a front face lock, swinging the arm up and over the head quickly. she easily gets Claudio up and down with a loud snap suplex.

Fury: THERE we go! And she's hanging on...

Amy rolls the duo over, pulling Marie and himself to a standing base...only to slam Marie down with an even louder snap suplex, a slightly audible curse coming from Claudio when she hits the canvas.

Williams: Two! And she's going for the third one!

Fury: A hat trick of pain!

The crowd is cheering, split between both women and the action in the ring, as Amy prepares to snap MVC for a third suplex. She goes to bring Marie up, but Marie curls her knees and blocks the attempt. Marie then twirls Amy hard, dropping her quickly with a swinging neckbreaker out of nowhere.

Williams: Amazing reversal! These two women are not liked by many, but the fans tonight are buzzing because of the action they are witnessing. This is why the UTA is the best in the world!

Fury: Not bad, not bad..wait a second, does she still have her by the neck?

Marie pulls Amy up with the neck by using a three-quarter nelson, then a light front face lock to set up a second swinging neckbreaker, the crowd now stomping the ground with their support nearly equally divided.

Williams: Marie wants one more! She wants one more!

Marie points high into the air, but Amy escapes just as Marie starts turning her for the third swinging neckbreaker.

Williams: Amy gets out!

When MVC turns all the way around to face Amy, a standing dropkick awaits her. Marie stumbles back a bit against the ropes, but a two-step running clothesline flips her backwards, over and onto the floor where she lands onto her feet, falling back against the railing. Amy stays in the ring, getting a little bit of a bounce to her while turning her body towards the ropes across the ring, but keeping her eyes on Claudio as she pulls herself to her feet by using the railing.

Williams: What's Amy about to do here?

Amy runs across the ring, looking to hit a suicide dive. Marie pulls back at the last second, prompting Amy to grab the ropes and do the same.

Fury: Close!

Amy slides through underneath the bottom with a baseball slide anyway, but Marie sidesteps. Amy comes out onto the floor, where Marie meets her.

Williams: They're going at it on the floor now, not even slowing down...

Marie attempts to whip Amy into the ringpost, but Amy jukes around and leapfrogs onto the apron on the adjacent side of the ringpost. Marie comes around the ringpost, but Amy turns the corner with a springboard rounding crossbody from the apron.

Williams: What a move by Amy Harrison!

MVC and Amy move around on the floor, the ref now at two in his ten-count. Marie pulls himself to all fours with the bottom of the railing as Amy crawls up from the ring apron.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio getting to her feet...

Marie is leaning over the railing, now on her feet. Amy sits on the ring apron, swinging her legs through to break the count.

Williams: Now Marie is getting back into the ring....Amy is waiting for her to get back to her feet...

Amy shoves Marie back into the nearest corner, quickly whipping her across the ring into the opposite corner. Marie jumps up to the middle rope, but Amy ducks through underneath when she leaps off with an elbow.

Fury: Did she think that was gonna do any good?


Amy gets up quickly after missing the kick, but Marie does not miss when she throws a stiff open hand to Amy’s cheek. Marie uses a forearm to hit her again, and shove her back into the corner.

Williams: What a slap by Marie Van Claudio!

Marie attempts to whip Amy out, but Amy reverses and squashes Marie in the same corner, throwing a short right hand to the head after doing so. Amy jumps onto Marie, hooking her legs into the ropes while on the middle ropes with her knees, throwing more short punches.

Williams: Marie Van Claudio’s in BIG trouble now!

Amy widens her shots a little more, but Marie can do little to deflect them. Amy holds Claudio’s head back to hit her again.

Williams: Great action tonight by these two women.

Marie traps Amy’s arm, and pulls her in close. Amy loses balance, and one of her feet slips from being hooked on the rope. She walks out of the corner, holding Amy over her left shoulder.

Williams: How did Marie get out of that?

Marie takes a couple of steps forward, turning around and dropping back to put Amy down with a waterwheel suplex. Sitting up, MVC holds her head and falls over to one side, while Amy is still laid out.

Williams: And now we’ve got both of them down...the first one to make a mistake will lose this one.

The camera looks over at Marie, still holding her head while curled up on the canvas. Meanwhile, Amy rolls over to push herself up onto her knees.

Williams: This is still anybody’s match, but I have to admit, I don’t think it favors Marie Van Claudio as time goes on.

Fury: And Amy did seem to land some good punches in the corner…

Williams: How about that strength of Marie Van Claudio there?

Fury: Yeah, yeah.

Marie Van Claudio begins to get up as well.

Williams: Amy Harrison assisting Claudio up by the hair.

Fury: Dick loves when there's hair pulling involved in a cat fight.

Williams: Huge chop across the chest of Claudio. Harrison grabbing the arm of Marie... sends her into the ropes. Van Claudio on the return...

Marie stops quickly and boots Amy Harrison in the gut. She grabs her arm and pulls her back, but Amy Harrison ducks under and turns before raising her leg up, placing her foot under MVC's jaw. She drops back and down as Van Claudio's jaw smashes against the bottom of her foot.


Fury: Out of nowhere!

She quickly rolls over and leaps forward, covering MVC. The referee drops down and starts the count.


The bell starts to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... AMY... HAAARRIIISSSOOONN!!!

Williams: Amy Harrison making a point tonight as she defeats Marie Van Claudio.

The referee holds her arm in victory as she celebrates the win.

International Affair Tour Continues!!!

International Affair Tour Continues!!!

The screen fades from black to the UTA logo. A in-studio shot filmed earlier in the evening, greets UTA fans in the arena and watching at home. UTA Hall of Famer Dr. Emo stands in a circular room with a large hanging screen behind him showcasing the Victory logo.

Dr. Emo: Dr. Emo here asking you, have you had your dose of Wrestleshow yet?

The screen behind him illuminates to the Wrestleshow logo, overlay of Chris Hopper and Kendrix face to face.

Dr. Emo: If the past episode of Victory was the Colton Thorpe arrival, last week's Wrestleshow could very well have been the breakout of Dynasty's Kendrix. It's not often that you see one man stand up to the tower of cool known as Chris Hopper, win their match and make quite the mark in Hopper's own at the closure of the show.

Behind him the screen shows the tense confrontation from Kendrix and Hopper that opened the show - then cuts forward to the blindsided attack with the steel chair that ended the show on a sour note for King Cool.

Dr. Emo: From one Dynasty member to another, former that is -- Sean Jackson finally came clean about his exodus from the faction of power and if you can believe it, it all stems back to May 31st.

The screen focuses in on that very night's closing moments, replaying those last few minutes.

Jackson stomps over, grabbing La Flama Blanca.

Jump cut to:

Jackson grabs Blanca by the head, walking him around the ring.

Blackfront: Jackson slams La Flama Blanca's face into those steel steps.

Jump cut to:

We see Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace leap up and back as Sean Jackson charges La Flama Blanca.

Blackfront: Blanca catches Jackson... up and over.... THROUGH OUR TABLE!

La Flama Blanca drops to a knee as behind him, Sean Jackson lays in the desturction of what use to be the commentator's table.
Jump cut to:

Blackfront: Sean Jackson has to be at least ten feet from the ring.

The footage comes to a crawl for the next sequence.

The camera shows Jackson still laying on top of the table. Suddenly, La Flama Blanca leaps far and forward, tucking in as he begins to come down. His body spins around in a ball before he throws his limbs out and comes down, crashing hard on top of Sean Jackson.


La Flama Blanca rolls off of Jackson, the debris now even more spread out. Jackson rolls to his side, barely able to breath as La Flama Blanca holds his midsection.

Blackfront: Simply amazing. Ay Dios Mio connects from ten feet away. I can not believe what we just saw.

The referee checking on the two, moves over to Sean Jackson. Suddenly he begins to throw his fingers at the time keeper's table.

Blackfront: Wait... I think the referee is calling the match!

Ace: He is!

The referee heads over to inform the announcer of his decision as the camera moves behind to see the back of Sean Jackson, a gash seen coming across his back with blood pouring out.

Announcer: The winner of this match and NEEEEWWWW..... UTA WORLD CHAMPION..... LA FLAMA... BLANCA!


Dr. Emo: Did LFB steal the Championship away? Or was the Mental Rapist unable to one up his Dynasty brethren that night? The footage is here folks. Journey on over to WrestleUTA's vault and replay Black Horizon today and you be the judge.

Giving a pause Dr. Emo waits for the screen behind him to clear. Now showcasing a 'technical difficulties: courtesy of ninjas' poster.

Dr. Emo: Remember the announcement that all contested matches on Wrestleshow would be to ultimately determine a number one contender for the current Legacy Champion, John Sektor?

As if on cue behind him the screen lights up in a checker board pattern of profile shots from the UTA wrestlers involved. The center expands to a spinning rotation of two swirls of smoke before Abdul Ahad and Luscious Jones take center stage, only for Jones' to be crossed out with a red X while Ahab lights up the board.

Dr. Emo: Abdul Ahab continues forward, but his competition is some of the toughest seen in this business today.

Behind him in similar Sabrina Baker gets crossed out as Kendrix lights up. And like wise CBR lit up, leaving Quinlan crossed out.

Dr. Emo: Two of which are Dynasty's own new hotness and old, or rather classic, hotness in Kendrix and the longest reigning Internet Champion in UTA's history, CBR.

Bronson Box and Scott Stevenson take the center through the swirling smoke, with Box's profile lighting up and taking a square while Stevenson's is crossed off. The smoke grows in size for Brother Judas who is crossed off while Zhalia lights up to a square.

Dr. Emo: And of course as you learned earlier, Chris Hopper would go on to beat Dylan Windsor in the Main Event to secure his spot as well. Which leads us to next week's Wrestleshow coming to you from Cairo, Egypt! The Legacy Championship contendership gauntlet continues and comes to a hold as the night starts off with not one but two separate triple threat matches, the winner of both facing one another for to be the new number one contender.

Behind him the screen fades to black then illuminates to the website, focusing on the scheduled breakdown of Wrestleshow.

Chris Hopper vs Bronson Box vs CBR
Zhalia Fears vs Kendrix vs Abdul Ahab
Sabrina Baker vs Quinlan
Scott Stevens vs Luscious Jones
Legacy Round 1 vs Round 1 winner
John Sektor vs Brother Judas
La Flama Blanca vs Santa Claus.

The smile stretches across the face of Dr. Emo as the screen behind him fades out.

Dr. Emo: That's right folks. You heard right. Santa Claus has returned to the UTA. As the holidays draw near its time for ol' bowl of jelly to let off some steam before catering to you and your children's every wishes and desires. Only his return may be cut quite short courtesy of UTA's cornerstone.

The screen behind him once more lights up to the UTA logo as a slow beat starts to play him out.

Dr. Emo: That does it for this week. We will see you next week from Cairo for an all new Wrestleshow. And remember fans, the UTA World Champion goes WHERE he wants, WHEN he wants. Don't like it?

With a grin as the clip fades out.

Dr. Emo: Tough.

The clip comes to an end and goes elsewhere as the show continues.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Lisil Jackson vs. Bobby Dean

Better Must Come by Geego begins to play over the loud speakers and Lisil Jackson walks out with a bold smile on his face raising his arms up bobbing his head to the music.

Williams: Lisil Jackson hoping to put Bobby Deana way here tonight.

Fury: That's a lot to put away.

Lisil walks down the ramp slapping the hands of many fans as he does.

Announcer: Hailing from Kingston Jamaica.

Getting to and/or entering ring portion goes here.

Announcer: Standing at six feet and three inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds...

Lisil slides into the ring and gets on the top rope and points out to all of the fans before he slides off his sunglasses.

Announcer: He is the Jamaican Inspiration! Lisil Jackson!

Lisil slides off his Hawaiian Shirt, gold chain, and his fedora setting them down on the ring apron.

Williams: A win tonight could mean big things for Lisil.

Lisil throws a few punches in the air with a bold smile ready for the match.

I’m the Best Around by Joe Esposito hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to their feet. Through the curtain comes ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, riding on his blue scooter. He is not alone however because sitting on his lap is his daughter Brittney Jean Dean.

Williams: Here comes ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean and he is not alone! Brittney Jean Dean coming to the ring with her father again.

The pair stop at the top of the stage and wave to the fans. Bobby puts his arms out, and hugs his daughter from behind. She leans back and asks a question. Dean nods quickly and dramatically.

Announcer: Now making his way to the ring, hailing from Houston, Texas….

BJ Dean smiles and takes the handles of the scooter.

Williams: These two have so much fun together.

Fury: Hopefully not too much fun.

Williams: That's sick to even say.

The slowly make their way down the ramp. BJ holding the handles nervously as Bobby rides smiling. They weave a little going down the ramp, almost falling off of one edge, before Bobby reaches up and corrects her steering.

Announcer: He stands six feet tall, and weighs in at 399 and a half pounds….

They get to the ring and bump it slightly.

Williams: Bobby really needs to get those brakes checked.

Fury: Yea... the breaks.

The two climb off the scooter, and walk to the ring stairs. Slapping hands all the way, while the fans dance to the theme song. They slowly climb the steps and make their way into the ring where they stand in the center and hug before putting their arms up in the air.

Announcer: This is ‘Beautiful’ Bobby DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

BJ helps him take off his robe, as the fans let out a collective “ugh”. She then takes the coat and exits the ring with it.

Williams: This should be an interesting match.

Lisil smiles huge pointing at Bobby who smiles goofy back at him. Jackson heads toward Bobby as the bell sounds. He stops in front of his opponent and starts to dance. Bobby watches, smiling, before he starts to dance too.

Williams: It seems these two may rather have a dance off than a match.

Fury: Of course they would. Wake Dick when something interesting happens.

Both men continue to dance. Bobby's fat jiggles as his daughter watches in horror from outside of the ring. She slaps the edge of the apron, trying to get Bobby to focus.

Williams: Brittney wanting her dad to take this serious.

 Bobby looks at his daughter and the smile leaves his face as he realizes he doesn't want to let her down. As Lisil continues to dance, Bobby stops and looks at him. Slowly, Lisil realizes Bobby doesn't look to be in a playful mood anymore and he stops. As he does, Bobby swings an arm up toward him.

Williams: Bobby Dean making the first move.. Jackson blocks the punch, bringing one in that connects to Bobby. Fun time is over.

Fury: Finally.

Williams: Here we go. Lisil Jackson waste no time as he attacks Bobby Dean. Right, left, right, left... Bobby Dean being rocked by those big fist.

Lisil runs to the side, hitting the ropes. As he returns he leaps up, and right into the arms of Bobby Dean who grabs him and begins to squeeze.

Williams: Jackson caught by Dean... big bear hug.

Fury: No one wants to be in Bobby Dean's arms like that.

Bobby Dean squeezes as Lisil lets out a yell. BJ slaps the apron, cheering her daddy on.

Williams: The longer he holds on, the better Bobby Dean's chances become in winning this match tonight.

Fury: The longer he holds on, the more traumatized Lysol is going to be.

Lisil reaches past Bobby's shoulders toward the ropes which are way too far away. Finally, he focuses on Dean, bringing a couple of forearm shots into the side of Bobby's head. Bobby sits him down on his feet.

Williams: More forearms to the side of bobby Dean's head. Lisil Jackson, back, off the ropes. Bobby Dean comes forward... boot to the face of Lisil Jackson!

As Bobby's foot connect, Lisil falls back to the canvas. So does Bobby, who fails to keep his balance.


Lisil rolls out of the ring, stumbling around it. BJ Dean yells at him to quit being chicken.

Williams: Lisil Jackson rolling back into the ring now.

He uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. As Bobby comes toward him, Lisil comes forward and kicks Bobby Dean in the gut. He pulls back toward the corner. Bobby shakes off the kick and runs forward, slamming into Lisil Jackson.

Williams: Bobby Dean follows up squashing Lisil Jackson. Dean now steps back, pulling Lisil with him. Dean coming down across the back of Lisil Jackson with a multitude of forearm shots.

Lisil begins to slide down close to a sitting position as Bobby continues to slam a forearm down, before bringing a knee up to his face.

Williams: Lisil Jackson trying to fight back, but Bobby Dean is bringing it. Dean now pulling Jackson back up. Bobby Dean steps back... he comes forward with a boot... Lisil Jackson moves!

Bobby's leg goes up over the ropes. Jackson quickly comes forward, still holding the top rope, as he brings a kick up catching Bobby Dean underneath of his thigh. Bobby grabs under his leg, stumbling around.

Williams: Lisil Jackson pushes Bobby Dean back into the ropes. Grabs his arm.. whi... NO! Reversed by Dean. Bobby pulls Lisil into a clothesline! Lisil Jackson goes down!

Fury: Dick can't believe Bobby Dean tonight!

Williams: After his lost on the last Victory, Bobby Dean showing he has some fight in him.

Bobby stumbles forward, catching the top rope. He holds himself up, breathing heavy as Lisil Jackson rolls over to his stomach. BJ runs over, leaping to the apron checking on her dad.

Williams: Brittney telling Bobby that she's proud of him so far.

Bobby breathes hard. He starts to try to climb out of the ring, but BJ wont let him. She points at Lisil Jackson who is getting back to his feet and tells Bobby to finish the match before kissing him on the cheek and jumping back to the floor.

Williams: Jackson to his feet and heading toward Bobby Dean.

Lisil takes control pushing Bobby Dean back into the ropes as he turns around.

Williams: Lisil with a whi- NO! Reversal. Dean sends Jackson across the ring. Off of the ropes...

Jackson comes in with full force, leaping with a quick knee into the gut of Dean, grabbing the back of his head as he does. He brings another knee up. Still holding Dean's head, Lisil falls back to the canvas, throwing his knees into Dean's midsection, and pushing him up and over. Bobby Dean hits the canvas back first hard.

Williams: Wow! Lisil showing those Muay Thai skills of his with multiple knees into a toss.

Fury: WHAT A TOSS! He just got four hundred pounds over!

Williams: Lisil Jackson showing his power here tonight folks.

Lisil pushes to his feet as Bobby Dean rolls over and gets to his hands and knees. He runs forward, dropping down with a knee into the side of Dean.

Williams: Lisil Jackson bringing another knee down into the side of Dean.

Dean grabs his side and rolls over as Jackson rolls over and rises up, grabbing Dean's arm and pulling it up with him.

Williams: Lisil holding Dean's arm up.

He slides over above Dean, yanks back on his arm as he drops down, one leg covering Bobby Dean's throat.As he yanks back, Dean arches up, letting out a yell of pain, allowing Lisil to lock the move in even better using Dean's own leverage against him.

Williams: We've seen this arm bar choke from Lisil before. Very effective.

Fury: Yea, but he's too close to the ropes. You have to pull your opponent to the middle of the ring.

As Dick points out the obvious logic, Bobby Dean is able to throw his left leg over the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Lisil lets go almost immediately, rolling over and pushing to his feet, the fans cheering for him as Dean lays on the canvas, still in pain.

Williams: Lisil Jackson keeping control of this match.

As Dean begins to push up to his feet, Lisil grabs him, assisting him to his feet.

Williams: Jackson whips Black- NO! Reversal. Lisil Jackson sent into the ropes.

Fury: Cause this worked out so well last time for Bobby Dean.

As Lisil Jackson returns, he slides underneath the legs of Bobby.

Williams: Jackson slides.

He gets up as Dean turns around.

Williams: Jackson leaps, grabbing the head of Dean.

Lisil Jackson attempts to fall back for a DDT, but Dean just shoves him off and down to the canvas. He lets out a huge sigh as sweat pours down his brow. Bobby's eyes roll in the back of his head and he falls forward.


Fury: We've seen a lot of people fall to.. well, Bobby Dean falling!

The referee slides into position. BJ leaps up and down outside of the ring as he counts. Jackson tries to push Bobby Dean off of him, but can't before the referee's hand hits three and the bell sounds.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... BOBBY... DEEEEAAANNNN!!

BJ slides into the ring as Bobby rolls off of Lisil who gasp for air. She drops beside him and holds her daddy in her arms as Jackson rolls to the edge of the ring and to the floor.

Williams: Big win here tonight for Bobby Dean.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

In The Spirit of Giving

In The Spirit of Giving

We move backstage where Bobby Dean can be seen driving his scooter.

He honks the horn as he turns the corner. Passing through the hall, Bobby scoots along until a door opens behind where he just drove. Stepping out, Michael Lorenzo waves a hand up.

Lorenzo: Mr. Dean! Mr. Dean!

Bobby hits the breaks, his food shifting around in his scooter's cart. The beep of the scooter can be heard as he backs up until Lorenzo is in front of him.

Dean: How's it going bossman?

Michael smiles.

Lorenzo: I was just about to ask you the same thing. Nice win over Lisil Jackson tonight.

Dean: Aww... shucks.. thanks.

Lorenzo: Look, I know you lost a couple weeks ago and that probably had you down.

Bobby is taking a bite of chicken, speaking with his mouth full as he replies.

Dean: I find comfort in food.

Michael looks at him with disgust.

Lorenzo: I see that.

Bobby continues to eat his chicken leg.

Lorenzo: But, I am in the spirit of giving Bobby.

Dean: Like Santa? You know, on Wrestleshow?!

Michael just shakes his head.

Lorenzo: No. Like the man who knows a certain superstar has been trying t get a Wildfire Championship shot!

Dean: Cayle Murray is already in the main event.

Michael sighs.

Lorenzo: No! Bobby, listen to me!

Dean: I am.

Bits of chicken fly out of his mouth as he replies.

Lorenzo: Just forget it. Bobby, on the next Victory you get your shot and will face whomever walks out of tonight's main event for the Wildfire Championship.

Bobby Dean's face lights up.

Dean: Really? You mean it!

Michael just nods.

Lorenzo: Yea.

Dean: Thanks!

Lorenzo: Good luck Mr. Dean.

Bobby takes off, his scooter not quite peeling out as one would hope for dramatic effect. Honks can be heard in the background as Michael just looks in that direction, happy with his decision.

Stephen Greer vs. B.R. Ellis

The crowd is buzzing as Drain Sth’s Simon Says’ Die comes through the loudspeakers.

The curtains part and out steps on to the stage the King of Pain, Stephen Greer. He begins down the ramp.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Detroit, Michigan.

Nearing ringside, Stephen burst into a sprint, sliding into the ring under the bottom rope.

Announcer: Weighing in at Two Hundred and Forty pounds, he is the King of Pain, Stephen Greer!

Greer throws up his lariat arm and pounds his chest with the other.

Williams: This is no doubt a big one here tonight, as Stephen Greer says he sees himself in B.R. Ellis but will show him why he is still on top and that it's not Ellis' turn.

Fury: With Tyrone Walker gone, Dick doesn't care for Greer. Hopefully, B.R. Ellis will put him away quick.

Williams: A singles win here though could give Stephen Greer the confidence he needs to get through without his tag team partner.

Greer gets a little last minute stretching in.

We cut back to the stage as the theme song of B.R. Ellis rings out around the arena. The fans boo the newcomer as he comes through the curtain and onto the stage.

Williams: The fans here not behind B.R. Ellis tonight as they were two weeks ago.

Fury: They are just stupid. He has just as much time in the business as Greer, show the man some respect!

Ellis wastes no time at the top of the ramp, he is marching directly towards the ring. On the way down, he raises his arms into the air, as the crowd boos catching him off guard.

Announcer: Hailing from El Paso, Texas.

He slides into the ring, bypassing the steps.

Announcer: He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall, and weighing in at 252 lbs.

Ellis walks over to the nearest turnbuckle and stops and waits for his opponent, he signals to the crowd one more time as the announcer says his name.


B.R. stomps his feet as he starts toward the center of the ring, Greer doing the same. The bell sounds to start the match.

Williams:  There is the tie-up and now these evenly-built men have to vye for control of the other!

Fury: When men are similar size, Dick goes with the man willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Ellis manages to gain control and shifts Greer into a side head lock.

Fury:  See? Dick was right.

Williams: B.R. Ellis has the side control, but what we he do against someone as versatile as Greer?

Fury: Whatever he pleases is the answer to that.

Ellis shoves Greer into the ropes in an Irish whip, only to miss his lariat attempt. As Greer rebounds, B.R. Ellis has dipped his head and Greer goes for the boot to the chest only to have his foot caught by Ellis.

Williams: B.R. Ellis catches the foot of Stephen Greer.

Suddenly, Greer leaps into the air for a back flip, and kicks Ellis in the chin with the left foot as it passes by. The crowd erupts.

Williams: Greer catching B.R. Ellis off guard! Now Greer has Ellis reeling!

Fury:  No, he is mad!

B.R.Ellis rubs his chin and looks angry. He takes off to rush Greer, who answers with a perfectly times drop kick, sending Ellis to the mat.

Williams: Drop kick! What elevation from Greer on that move!

Ellis again to his feet quickly, but just in time to get hit by Greer's boot, sending him tumbling to the canvas again.

Williams: Stephen Greer is on a roll!  He has total control!

Greer over and he pulls Ellis up, grabbing him around the waist and lifting for a textbook belly-to-belly suplex.

Williams: Greer doing whatever he wants now!  That suplex looked almost perfect!

Stephen Greer looks at the crowd with a smile and runs toward his downed opponent, leaping into the air with his legs out.

Williams:  He hits a running leg drop! He hooks a leg for the cover!

Referee:  ONE.....TWO.......THR.....NO!!!

Fury:  Ellis gets the shoulder up without any problem at all!

Williams:  He barely escaped, Dick.

Fury:  Dick calls it as it happens.

Greer shakes his head after the near fall and gets to his feet. He looks at the ropes and gets that smile again.

Williams:  Greer is once again getting the groove and the fans are right behind him.

Stephen Greer takes off, using the ropes for momentum before leaping up to come down with a body splash....only to have B.R. Ellis lift his knees and cause major trauma to Stephen's ribs.

Fury: And he found those knees!  What an equalizer from Ellis!

Williams: That could seriously injure some ribs right there.

Both men are down and trying to get to their feet.

Fury:  Looks like it might have. Neither man is moving quickly.

Williams:  Both men struggling to reach the ropes and pull themselves up.

Fury:  And for Greer, that is more difficult if those ribs got cracked on that splash attempt.

On opposite sides of the ring, both men yank hard on the top rope and pull themselves to an upright, standing position.

Williams:  Both men are up!  They have taken some great shots from each other and still able to stay in this match.

Ellis is a tad faster on the draw this time and plants a boot into the lower mid-section of Greer. Without any delay, Ellis grabs Stephen's head and plants him with a DDT in the center of the ring.

Williams:  A DDT by B.R. Ellis and momentum has shifted!

Fury:  He was just faster than Stephen Greer.

Williams: B.R. Ellis is enjoying this limelight now, look at him give some noise back to the crowd.

Ellis pulls Greer to his feet and whips him with as much force as possible into the corner. Stephen hits the corner and flips up to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle, before rolling back and reversing the flip to stumble out of the corner.

Williams:  What an impact in the corner! Greer flipped up to the top of the turnbuckles!

Greer stumbles back right into the arms of Ellis, who lifts for a belly-to-belly suplex of his own.

Fury:  And right back down into that nasty suplex! This Ellis kid is in total control! Dick would shudder to be in Stephen Greer's shoes right now.

Ellis stands in a corner and is just waiting Stephen's next move. Greer gets to his knee and starts to get his bearings and Ellis takes off and lands a running knee to the face that drops Greer again.

Williams:  Good God!  He sized him up and that knee hit the bridge of the nose square on the...

Fury:  (interrupting)...on the nose?

Williams:  Shut up! B.R. Ellis hooks a leg for the cover!

Referee:  ONE........TWO.......THRE....NO!!!

Fury:  How did Greer escape that pin attempt?!?!

Williams: Stephen summoned all his might to get out of that pin.

B.R. Ellis drops down and tries to hook Stephen in with a crossface submission move, but Greer manages to fight off the arms before they are locked in.

Williams:  Look at the fight in Greer!  He refuses to allow Ellis any way to get that hold locked in.

Fury:  He will get it locked in eventually. Greer can only expend so much energy fighting it off before it becomes inevitable.

Ellis gets angry and clubs the back of Stephen's head several times. Then he yells and smashes Greer's face into the mat twice.

Williams: Stephen Greer not used to being out here alone, and it is showing.

Ellis again tries for the cross face finisher he loves so much and Greer again fights it off by grabbing the bottom rope and getting the referee to back Ellis off.

Williams:  That bottom rope saves Greer this time and you may be right on Stephen getting worn down fighting off Ellis' submission attempts.

Fury:  It is just physical law. You can only do so much with the energy you have and after that, you're toast like Greer is right now.

Williams:  Ellis is really giving an earful to the referee.

Ellis is angry at the referee, but doesn't challenge him much. Instead, he quickly throws a kick into the ribs of Greer, which gets him to roll over.

Fury:  He should. The referee got in the way.

Williams:  He had the bottom rope in hand. 

Ellis grabs Greer's legs and sets up for a slingshot. He drops back and slingshots Stephen's neck right up and into the bottom rope with a lot of torque. Stephen grabs his throat after the impact.

Williams:  Greer's neck sent right into the bottom rope! He could be seriously hurt now!

Fury: Well he loved the bottom rope so much, might as well use it against him. Ellis is really impressing with his performance tonight.

Ellis grabs Greer and locks on the the crossface hold and uses the bottom rope between his left arm and Stephen's neck. The fans are erupting at this blatant cheat and the referee goes biserk.

Williams:  Ellis is literally trying to kill him with the bottom rope!

Fury:  That is quite ingenious, if Dick may say so. Damn impressive, really.

Williams:  Greer can't breath!  There is no way he is getting any oxygen as Ellis ignores the referee!

The referee counts to five and forced Ellis to break. Ellis smiles at the referee and immediately grabs the hold again with that bottom rope in play against the neck.

Fury:  He isn't ignoring him, he is just using every second he has to take his opponent out.  That is smart.

Williams:  That is evil! Look at the shade Greer is turning now! I can't believe this.

Fury:  Victory ratings will go up, especially on network replays!

The referee counts to five and Ellis is not releasing the hold. Greer is starting to turn an off color and the referee finally grabs Ellis by the arm and breaks the hold by force much to the crowd's delight.

Williams:  The referee saves Greer!

Fury:  That is an abuse of power!  The referee has no right to physically get involved like that. He is potentially causing a major change in this match and if Greer wins, Ellis ought to put the referee in that same hold!

Williams:  You're sick, Dick!

Ellis is really angry at the referee actually putting his hands on him. So much so, he grabs the referee by the shirt and threatens to punch him.

Fury:  Yes!  Do it!  He deserves it!

Williams:  Greer would get a win, if he does.

Ellis backs down and lets go of his shirt thanks to the threat of disqualification.

Fury:  Looks like he realized that the same as you did.

Williams:  Ellis is in utter control and I cannot believe the fortitude Stephen Greer is showing in staying alive here tonight.

Ellis yells toward the fans, calling them "tossers" and makes his way over to Greer.

Fury:  Dick knows this match is over any time Ellis wants it to be.

Williams:  How can you be so sure?

Fury:  Doesn't look like Greer has even taken a breath in nearly a minute, much less moved a muscle.  He's done.

As Ellis begins to bend over to grab Greer, Stephen moves and swings is feet around to take Ellis's legs out from under him.

Williams:  Legsweep by Greer!  He is still alive!  I can't believe it!

Fury:  When will this idiot learn when he is beaten?

Williams:  What strength of character! Stephen Greer refuses to give up and is still fighting until his last breath!

Fury:  Which was nearly a minute or two ago.

Still on the canvas, Stephen again throws a nasty kick to the face of Ellis, just as he was starting to sit up. Ellis is knocked back to the mat and his arms spread out as if knocked unconscious.

Williams:  Ellis is out cold!  Greer hit that kick square on the button!

Fury:  Dick believes that Ellis is sucking him in again.

Greer slowly pulls himself up as Ellis remains laid out close to the near corner. Stephen reaches his feet and is shrugging the cobwebs out of his head.

Williams:  Greer looks like he has a real chance to finish this one if he can get his wits about him.

Fury:  He has taken a beating, but I am not sure he has managed to take Ellis down far enough to finish yet.

Williams:  The fact that he is even standing after being choked out against the bottom rope is astounding.

Fury:  The fact he didn't tap out to save his life is utterly stupid.

Greer gets to Ellis and bends down to grab at his opponent's head, pulling him to his feet.

Williams: The King of Pain sends B.R. Ellis into the ropes... bends down.. catches him.. back body drop!

The fans go crazy. B.R. rolls over and pushes his way up. As he does, Greer grabs his arm and pulls him through with a high impact lariat clothesline .


Stephen Greer covers B.R. Ellis.

Williams: This one may be.. no, it is over! Stephen Greer with the win after B.R. Ellis surprised the former UTA Tag Team Champion with his arsenal here tonight.

The bell starts to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... STEPHEN... GREEERRRR!!!

Williams: B.R. Ellis tried, but at the end of the night, he just couldn't put away The King of Pain.

Stephen Greer leans over the ropes, holding himself up as he looks around at the fans cheering him after the huge singles victory.

I Don't Want To Hear It

I Don't Want to hear It

Cameras are filming backstage inside the Coca Cola Dome. Marshall Owens is seen talking with UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca outside the Dynasty locker room. We pick up their conversation already in progress.

Owens: You’re firing me?

La Flama Blanca: We have to, Marshall. It has to be done.

Marshall looks beside himself. We zoom in on the two, both dressed in suits.

Owens: But WHY are you firing me?

La Flama Blanca shakes his head arrogantly.

LFB: It’s a conflict of interest, Marshall. You of all people should see that. You understand?

Marshall looks off to the side and puts his hand on his head.  He turns back towards his former client to speak. Blanca puts his hand up to stop Owens before he starts.

LFB: I’m going to put this nicely… I don’t want to hear it. The only reason you represented us in the first place is because of him. I didn’t choose you, Marshall. He has always said “to use Marshall”. You have always been his guy. It’s clear where you stand.

Owens looks up towards the ceiling tiles and then closes his eyes.

LFB: You guys have a history. This is just business, Marshall. We can’t chance you leaking information. We won’t have it... You just can’t be trusted if I can be honest, so you have to go.

Owens can’t believe what he is hearing.

Owens: Eddie-

La Flama Blanca puts his right index finger to his mouth again halting Owens.

LFB: There’s nothing you can say that will make any of us change our minds. This is a must… You always did right by us, Marshall. I can’t say anything bad about your work or your attention to detail. It was good while it lasted.

Marshall looks to be holding back some tears and anger. His face turns a little red. La Flama Blanca puts his hand on Marshall Owens’ shoulder. Marshall gives LFB a dirty look.

LFB: We already have new representation. You should be getting the proper documents, notifying you officially that your services… will no longer be needed for Claude, K, Mikey Money, and myself.

Owens looks away from La Flama Blanca and starts to undo his tie. He wipes some sweat from his forehead. LFB pats Marshall Owens on the shoulder.

LFB: Hey… take care of yourself and… tell him, I said “Hi”.

With that last comment LFB opens the door behind him. He slams the door in the face of Marshall, which makes Owens jump. He stands outside the locker room for a few seconds before slumping his head and walking down the hall.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Giving The Birthday Boy a Shot

Giving the Birthday Boy a Shot

Eric Dane is lounging in a leather chair in the back watching the show on a monitor while enjoying a drink when a knock is heard on the door.

Dane: What do you want?

The door opens up and we see the Director of Talent Relations, Michael Lorenzo, pop his head in.

Lorenzo: Got a moment Eric?

Dane rolls his eyes.

Dane: What do you want?

Lorenzo walks in. He looks around at the mess of beer cans and ashes.

Lorenzo: Well, I just wanted to come in and personally wish you a happy birthday.

Dane: Yea, great.

Lorenzo: ...and let you know, that I am giving the birthday boy a shot.

Eric's eyes light up. His eyebrow raises.

Dane: A shot?

Lorenzo: Yea, a shot.

Dane: At?

Michael smiles.

Lorenzo: The UTA World Championship.

The fans can be heard screaming in the background as they watch on the big screen. Eric Dane sits his drink down before standing up. He looks at Michael Lorenzo.

Dane: It's about damn time.

Michael puts a finger up.

Lorenzo: There is one little catch.

Eric snarls.

Dane: Of course there is. What is it?

Michael places his hands behind his back as he walks past Eric, looking off as he replies.

Lorenzo: On the next Victory, you will run a gauntlet.

Dane: Are you kidding me?

Michael turns around.

Lorenzo: Eric, I have confidence in you that you are up to the challenge of facing the UTA World Champion, but I want to make sure.

Dane: Have you not seen me tear through anyone who's been put in my way?!

Lorenzo: I'm not just going to give it to you ric, you have to earn it.

Dane: Didn't you just give Bobby a damn title shot earlier?

Michael nods.

Lorenzo: I did, but this is different. This is THE championship Eric.

Dane bites his tongue, trying to cool off.

Dane: What do I have to do?

Lorenzo: Simple... be the last man standing at the end of the gauntlet.

Dane: And if I'm not?

Michael leans in.

Lorenzo: Then I guess someone else earns the shot.. don't they?

He smiles before fixing his collar and starting toward the door. Eric Dane clinches his fist and grits his teeth as Michael Lorenzo exits the room and we fade.

Don't Blink

Don't Blink

Backstage, and who do we find standing in-front of a good old-fashioned UTA backdrop?

Why, none other than the “Rumour Man” himself, Stan Davis. Stan’s smiling when he raises the microphone to his lips.

Stan: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you… Cayle Murray!

A big pop goes up in the arena as soon as the popular Scottish grappler steps into the scene. Already dressed for war in his ring attire and a black hoody, Cayle looks buzzed.

Stan: Cayle, tonight is without question the biggest night your UTA career thus far! Your first main event, and your first title shot… how do you feel?

Murray: Johannesburg! Hoe gaan dit?!

Almost shouting the words down the microphone, Murray’s passion and use of local dialect goes over huge with those in attendance. A mile-wide Cheshire Cat grin spreads across Cayle’s features in-return.

Murray: On-top of the world, Stan! I can’t wait to get out there and give the good South African people something to scream and shout about. I’m amped-up, loaded, and ready to go, but this isn’t just the biggest night of my UTA career: it’s the biggest night of my career, period.

He pauses.

Murray: I’ve wrestled all around the world in my 15 years in this business, and I’ve performed at the Tokyo Dome more times than I can remember, but I’ve never, EVER, wrestled for a singles title at the highest level in North America. I am honoured, privileged and humbled to be on this stage, and I’m gonna do my best not to flub my lines.

Stan: Of course the Livewire Title is on the line just two weeks after the incumbent champion Colton Thorpe won it in Rio de Janeiro. What does the chance to hold that belt mean to you?

Murray: Everything, Stan.

The moves a little closer to the interviewer’s microphone, and stares right down the camera’s lens.

Murray: Some say it’s a cursed title, others say it’s lost its lustre. Matter of fact, I’ve had a few people come-up to me this week and say that Thorpe losing it after a couple of weeks only makes things worse…

He shakes his head.

Murray: But I don’t look at the Wildfire Championship and see a battered, bruised and dented strap. I see an opportunity. An opportunity to take people’s cynical perceptions of the belt and turn them 180. An opportunity to pull the built from its apparent trough, polish it up, and make holding it something to be proud of… something to strive for. Tonight, I’m out to capture the Wildfire Championship and make it the most prestigious singles title in North American wrestling, bar none, but I’ve got a hell of a task on my hands.

Stan: That’s putting it mildly! Tonight, you’re up against a Hall-of-Famer, a future Hall-of-Famer, and of course, your most storied rival, Colton Thorpe. How do you plan on toppling these three very highly thought-of grapplers?

Murray: I look at these three men and see a lot of different things. In Ron Hall, I see grit, determination, and freewheelin’ Southern swagger! I see a legacy etched in-gold, a career to be proud of, and a wrestler I can only hope to mold myself on.

In AbH, I see an iron-willed, iconoclastic cult of personality, whose infamy is backed-up by years of UTA gold and glory.

… and in Colton Thorpe, my old ‘friend,’ I see one of the toughest men on the planet: a guy who fights like a savage every single night, and is utterly focused on not becoming the shortest-reigning Wildfire Champion in history.

Cayle takes a moment to catch his breath.

Murray: There’s no doubting it, Stan: I’m in there with three stone cold killers, and if I’m not an A+ tonight, I’m done for. But you know what? I’ve got an iron will of my own, a heart as big as the city of Johannesburg, and 18,000 of my closest friends out there, willing me on, driving me forward…

He smiles again.

Murray: I’m ready for anything they can throw at me. Let’s get it, Joburg! Let’s get ready to fight like braves, soar like eagles, and put an end to the apparent funk that has befallen the Wildfire Championship. I’ve got your back tonight, and I only ask you to promise me one thing in return…

Stan doesn’t quite let go of the microphone as Cayle pulls it closer still.

Murray: Don’t blink.

And with a wink, the Scotsman nods at Stan Davis and walks off scene, ready to fight.

Stan: There you have it, folks! Strong words from Cayle Murray ahead of our huuuuuge main event! Let’s take it elsewhere...

Lew Smith vs. Mikey Unlikely

Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the into to If You Want Peace...Prepare For War by Children of Bodom.

Williams: And here he is, Dick, the man who probably SHOULD be World Champion - Lew Smith.

Fury: Should've, would've, could've - Lew couldn't play the game with Blanca, and he certainly wouldn't be able to play the game with your's truly.

William: No doubt about that one.

Lights flicker quick with the addition of the upbeat, fast guitar. More pyro hits as the song kicks into gear with the word, "GO!" Lew is quick out of the back, he tears down the ramp, and slides into the ring on his stomach. He vaults to his feet, back flips, and takes to the nearest turnbuckle holding his hands out.

Announcer: From Frimley, England, weighing in at two hundred and sixteen pounds, standing at six feet one inch tall, he is the OMINOUS ANGEL...

Lew raises his hands.


The crowd applauds.

Williams: The crowd hot for Lew Smith, Dick, perhaps because of who he's going head to head with here tonight.

Fury: No doubt in Dick's mind that's what this is about. No way Lew gets this much of a reaction on his own. 

Williams: That isn't what I meant, Dick. 

Fury: Right, Dick is sorry. Always the professional, Jennifer.

The lights all cut out in unison leaving the Coca Cola Dome dark. Somewhere, a lighter is sparked. Some fans react immediately, others take just a tick longer, but when Lil' Wayne comes into the PA system with his infamous line of "Blunt Blowin'" the entire crowd boos as loud as they can.

I live it up like these are my last days;
If time is money I'm an hour past paid

Out of the back steps The World's Greatest Entertainer himself, Mikey Unlikely. Mary Jane on his arm. Mikey is dressed in his signature ring gear and Mary Jane is wearing tight black leather pants with the latest Dynasty t-shirt about two sizes too small. 

Fury: Dick would've loved to help Mary Jane into that outfit. 

Williams: I'm sure.

The crowd finally settles down slightly as Mikey waits on the top of the ramp, Lil' Wayne continuing to rip over the PA. Then out of the back, dressed in a fine Italian suit, tailored to fit him like a glove comes THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION - La Flama Blanca.

Williams: And we've got the World Heavyweight Champion live here on Victory, folks. And the crowd is letting him have it.

The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos. Blanca doesn't let it phase him in the slightest. He crosses in front of Mikey Unlikely, hits his spot in the middle of the stage, right at the top of the ramp. He hoists the World Heavyweight Title off his shoulder and holds it high into the air.

Fury: And these fans here tonight in Johannesburg should pipe down. They need to realize how special this is, Jennifer.

Williams: Why is that, Dick?

Fury: You've got the World Heavyweight Champion and the VEE CEE DUBYA Champion here tonight on the same show! When is the next time we're gonna come down this way?

The song continues you as the three Dynasty members make their way down the ramp.

Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from the Burbs, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds...

Fury: And only half of that is his head. Mikey's got an ego almost the size of Dick's.

Announcer: ...standing five feet eleven inches tall, he is THE World's Greatest Entertainer....MIKEEEEEEEYYYYY UNLIKELLLLLY.

 Unlikely sticks a hand into the air as he hits the ring floor. Mary Jane is up the stairs first, sitting on the middle rope holding it open, Mikey puts his foot on the rope as well, aiding Mary Jane. La Flama Blanca steps through first, his eyes trained on Lew Smith.

Williams: La Flama Blanca staring a whole right through Lew Smith.

Fury: Those two hate each other. Blanca crushed Lew, taking away his short lived World Heavyweight Title reign. If you blinked you missed it.

Blanca steps forward as does Lew and the two stand eyeing one another up. The crowd explodes. Referee Frank Knoxx immedaitely begins screaming at both men.

Williams: Frank Knoxx kindly reminding the World Heavyweight Champion that he isn't in this matchup tonight. 

Fury: Frank showing some stones. Dick can dig it. Let Mikey kick the crap out of Lew fair and square.

Blanca backs away and instantly it's Unlikely that storms forward, eye to eye with Lew, mouthing off. The crowd again erupts.

Williams: Mikey giving Lew a prematch compliment there, Dick.

Fury: Dick is sure it was nothing but pleasantries. 

The two men charge forward, under Knoxx's direction and they tie up in the middle of the ring. Pushing and pulling occur and it's the slightly larger Smith that is able to work Mikey over into a side headlock. Lew wrenches, using some upper body strength to put Mikey in an uncomfortable position.

Williams: Lew out to a quick start.

On cue Lew tosses Mikey into the ropes, Mikey bounces off and Lew leaps into the air intending a dropkick for Unlikely's chest, but the savvy Mikey steps on the breaks - much like he did against Cayle Murray and smirks, pointing to his head as the crowd boos him. Indicating that he's going to outthink Lew in this one.

Fury: Dick loves Mikey's new attitude. Since going off to film one of the funniest movie's Dick has seen in years Mikey's come back better than ever.

Williams: Few fans in this place might disagree with you, Dick.

Lew rolls to one knee and stares at Mikey. Mikey lets the smirk build, Lew stands and the two begin to once again circle. They come together again. More pushing, more pulling. Testing their strength against one another. This time it's Mikey with the side headlock. He wastes no time and casts Lew into the ropes. Lew off the ropes, underneath a Mikey clothesline, off the opposite ropes. Lew slides underneath Mikey's legs and quickly before Mikey can turn around Lew delivers a nice kick to the back knee of Mikey, causing him to buckle slightly.

Williams: Lew showcasing some of that speed and agility here.

Lew kicks the other one as well, evening things up and causing Mikey to buckle more. Lew steps around to face Mikey now, as Mikey tries to find his vertical base through the pain from Lew's kicks. Lew is quick and strikes Mikey's neck with a hard palm strike. Mikey wheezes in pain.

Fury: What in the hell is going on in there? Dick doesn't think that this type of thing should stand.

Williams: And Jennifer thinks that when you're dealing with someone as slimy as Mikey Unlikely all bets are off!

Mikey stands, still trying to catch his breath. Lew comes in and delivers a forearm shot upward, catching Mikey under the chin. The strike catches Mikey off balance. Lew is quick to act, pulling Mikey in, lifting him clean into the air, holding him for the faintest of seconds before falling backwards and letting Mikey hit the canvas with a THUD. The crowd roars.

Williams: And Lew Smith bringing that same drive that he had against La Flama Blanca a few months back here tonight against yet another member of Dynasty.

Fury: And what did that drive get him, Jennifer? It got him nothing. Dick knows that this guy shouldn't even be sharing the same air as Mikey.

Lew pushes into a pin. The official slides into position.


Williams: Mikey Unlikely able to power out of that one. Lew Smith rolling to his knees and backing off into a corner.

Fury: Already he has to regroup. Dick thinks this is good for Mikey.

Mikey sits up, Blanca and Mary Jane bark, Mikey looks over his shoulder and spies Lew. Lew opts not to attack. Instead he lets Mikey get to his feet. Mikey brings his hand to his throat, massaging some of the pain from the palm strike earlier, away. Mikey nods his head and closes the gap between him and Lew.

Williams: Mikey looking to get something going here.

Lew throws a clothesline to defend himself but Mikey is able to side step it. Mikey catches Lew square on the chin with an uppercut. He grabs Lew's head and drives it into his own knee with a Facebreaker DDT, similar to the one Kendrix has been known to use.

Fury: Dick was told that Dynasty training has intensified recently, given the current situation with Sean Jackson and Team Danger. These guys want to be prepared for anything.

Williams: Copying each other's moves won't get them that far.

Fury: Jennifer, lighten up. Dynasty is full of gifted athletes.

Lew collapses back into a heap in the corner, instead of crumbling to the mat. Mikey wastes no time in vaulting to the second rope and pulling's Lew shorts tight and leaning back with a second turnbuckle Superplex. 

Fury: That one had to hurt, Lew Smith.

Williams: I'd imagine.

Lew Smith grabs his back, howling in pain as the fans let Mikey have it.On the outside, Blanca nods his head. 

Williams: Blanca happy with how this one is going so far.

Fury: As is Dick. Mikey looking good.

Mikey rolls Lew over and places a boot confidently on his chest. The offiical slides in to count.


Mikey explodes into celebration, thinking the match is over but wait...

Williams: Lew's foot! It's on the bottom rope!

Fury: No!

The official points to the foot, calling the match to continue. The fans applaud, Unlikely is steamed in the ring. He is in the ref's face screaming and arguing, telling him that he should've won the match. Blanca jumps up onto the mat and starts screaming. 

Williams: The Champ thinks that Lew Smith didn't get his foot on the rope in time. He's saying that Mikey should have this one.

Fury: It was close, Jennifer but Dick didn't catch it.

Mikey rolls out of the ring, as Blanca heads down. Mikey starts shaking his head, Mary Jane by his side. Blanca barks at Knoxx in the ring.

Willams: And this one might be over folks, looks like Mikey Unlikely and crew are done with Frank Knoxx's officiating. 

Fury: Maybe that Uncle guy from that other show could train some of our refs?

Frank Knoxx lets Blanca mouth off, he starts his ten count.


Williams: Frank Knoxx not messing around. He'll count Mikey out. He doesn't care.

Fury: I guess Lew Smith will take this anyway he can get it, Jennifer. A win is a win, at least in Dick's book.

Blanca motions for Mikey to come over, and the two of them begin to discuss the plan of action here.


Just then Lew Smith launches, he pushes himself off the top rope and crashes onto Blanca and Mikey on the outside. The crowd roars.

Williams: Lew Smith taking out the Champ in addition to his opponent in this one, Mikey Unlikely.

Fury: Two for one special for Lew Smith, but can he take advantage. He's got an angry Blanca to contend with now.

Lew Smith pops to his feet and lets out a large scream. 

Fury: And look at Mary Jane, she's scared to death!

Williams: I don't blame her, Dick. I mean she's just a pretty face out here, she is in no means equipped to contend with some of these superstars.

Fury: Well Dick wouldn't mind teaching her a thing or two, between the ropes OR outside of them. 

Jennifer Williams rolls her eyes, hard as Lew Smith rolls back into the ring. Mary Jane begins to bark at Blanca and Unlikely.

Williams: Mary Jane trying to get her boys ready for the rest of this one. Willing them to get up.

Fury: And when they get up Dick will bet any amount of money in the world that Blanca is gonna be pissed.

Unlikely and Blanca get to their feet at the same time. In the ring Frank Knoxx is telling Lew to let Unlikely get back into the ring. Unlikely holds the back of his neck and slides into the ring on his chest.

Williams: Mikey up and back at it.

Mikey charges in hard, Lew ducks a lazy clothesline. And grabs Mikey's wrist, pulling him in close. Lew wraps his hands around Mikey's waist and lifts him in the air, bringing him hard down to the mat with a Belly to Belly Suplex. 

Fury: What the hell? How is Lew Smith taking this to Mikey Unlikely? Things must be out of wack with that Blood Moon the other night.

Williams: Astrology? From Dick? What is the world coming to?

Lew smiles and goes to valt himself off the ropes looking for his Ritual Mist, signature move when Blanca grabs him by the back, halting his process. Immediately Frank Knoxx motions that Blanca and Mary Jane are gone!

Fury: What? Knoxx can't do that! Blanca is the champ.

Williams: Looks like he just did, Dick.

Blanca is chirping back at Knoxx but Knoxx holds his ground, very slowly Blanca and Mary Jane make their way to the ramp. Both still firing shots at Frank Knoxx. 

Fury: Dick can't believe this! Frank Knoxx is drunk with power!

Inside the ring, Mikey is up, he ducks under a Lew Smith clothesline and wraps his waist delivering a HUGE Exploder Suplex that shakes the ring.

Williams: Mikey just broke out the THRILLPLEX!

Fury: This Will Haynes Troll Job is great. Hope that idiot never comes back.

Instead of pinning, Mikey locks in the Backstory. Lew Smith errupts in pain and starts pounding the mat taping out.

The bell starts to sound.

Fury: And what just happened, Mikey Unlikely stole this one with the Backstory!

Williams: There's some nosie coming through the crowd.

Mikey Unlikely stands tall, his hand raised in the air in victory when suddenly a fan jumps the barrier!

Fury: Some crazed South African just jumped the rail. Get secruity out here now.

Williams: Wait, Dick...that isn't a fan.

The man lowers the hoody covering his head...and reveals his identiy. 


The fans errupt. Mikey Unlikely looks like he's seen a ghost. Haynes slides into the ring chest first as Mikey hits the canvas and slides out. 

Fury: This guy, he just won't go away. Can Eric Dane come out here and drop this guy on his head again?

Williams: You might not like it, Dick, but these fans are making a lot of noise right now.

Mikey hits the ramp and is screaming at Haynes. Haynes screams back as Mikey slowly makes his way towards the back. 

In the ring Haynes stands Lew up holding his hand up in the air as the fans cheer. 

Brought to You By

Brought to You By



We cut to backstage where “Rumor Man” Stan Davis stands poised, microphone in hand, against the black and purple “WrestleUTA” backdrop. He looks just as slimy as ever this evening.

Stan is looking off screen.  He takes a step back as someone else comes into the shot. It’s Mikey Unlikely. Mikey is wide eyed and covered in sweat, he is breathing deep and looking around wildly.

Still in his ring gear, he appears to have just gotten back to the backstage area. He is quickly joined by both Mary Jane and The UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca, who stand in the background.

Unlikely: You want an interview Stan!? Here it is!

Mikey takes the microphone from Davis’ hands quickly, before putting his hand against Stan’s face and pushing him from the scene. Now solely the focus he stands in the middle of the screen visibly agitated.

Unlikely: Will Haynes! What the hell was that!? I killed you! I am out here, trying to have a civil and fair fight, and here you come out of nowhere! You are a coward ‘Thrill’, do you hear me? A COWARD!

He wipes the sweat from his forehead with his arm, he flares his nostrils. His adrenaline is pumping and he is having a hard time containing himself.

Unlikely: For weeks I’ve been at EVERY SINGLE Victory,  EVERY SINGLE Wrestleshow, just asking, begging, pleading you to come out like a man and face me mano e mano! One on One! Face to face!

He shakes his head quickly. Mary Jane tries to calm him down, she reaches for his arm, trying to rub it, but Mikey pulls away heated.

Unlikely: That’s not what you did, is it Haynes? You didn’t come at me like a man! You didn’t do the right thing and answer my call. You sat idly by in a bed full of pillows just as soft as you are, and watched as I destroyed wrestler after wrestler, and even your little buddy Coleslaw! How’s he feeling by the way?

Mikey rubs his head where he beat Coleslaw with a chair. Asking sarcastically.

Unlikely: This isn’t over Will, not by a long shot. I will not rest until you are no longer able to wrestle. Hell, until you can no longer walk! Everything you once had is now mine. The notoriety! The money! The woman!

He looks back at MJ, and gently puts his hand on her face, she smiles back at him.

Unlikely: Haynes!  Apparently I didn’t beat you down hard enough, apparently I didn't throw you far enough, but rest assured that I will not quit! In two weeks on Victory, you and I are going to stand face to face in that ring! If you are man enough?

Mikey slams the microphone into the chest of “Rumor Man” Stan. Mikey then grabs Mary Jane’s wrist and starts to walk off set angrily. La Flama Blanca adjusts the title and lets Mikey go ahead of him. He stays back with “Rumor Man” Stan.

La Flama Blanca: Some people… are just gluttons for punishment, Stan.

The UTA World Champion laughs slowly as he walks out of the picture. LFB leaves Stan Davis alone in front of the UTA banner.

Abdul bin Hussain vs. Ron Hall vs. Colton Thorpe vs. Cayle Murray

Williams: And now it’s time for our main event!

Fury: The Wildfire Championship will be contested in a Fat…

Unexpectedly, the familiar bluesy bass-riff intro of Zac Brown Band's Heavy is the Head  fills the arena. As it reaches to a crescendo it's accompanied by an explosion of pyro as the song reaches it's chorus. Eric Dane, the Only Star, bursts through the curtain.

Williams: Why is Eric Dane coming out here?

Fury: Dick thinks Dane might want a better view of this main event.

Dane makes his way towards the ring as Zac Brown and Chris Cornell work their way through the song. The crowd is buzzing with curiosity, as Dane slaps the odd hand as he makes his way ringside.

Williams: A better view of the main event, or has Dane taken a vested interest in one, Colton Thorpe?

Fury: Who cares why he’s on his way down here, it’s his birthday, he doesn’t need a reason.

Dane approaches the announce team, pulling a chair up to the table. Dick eagerly gives Dane his own headset, as he takes his position, joining the crew.

Fury: Eric! Happy Birthday, and welcome, welcome.

Dane: Dick. Jennifer.

Williams: Happy Birthday Eric. To what do we owe the pleasure?

Fury: Don’t be rude, Jenn. Obviously Eric is here to add a little Dick to his birthday celebration.

Williams: Jesus Dick, enough.

Gold Medal by Tha Trademarc hits the PA system, and the crowd’s reaction is as predictable as the song is recognisable. Ron Hall, UTA Hall-of-Famer, steps onto the stage to a huge reaction and starts making his way to the ring.

Fury: Oh God, why is this guy getting another opportunity? I bet it’s only because he is a stakeholder in the company.

Williams: Or maybe it’s because he is a legend in our company?

Dane: Was a legend, Jenn. Time has passed this cowboy by.

Ron finally reaches the bottom of the ramp and hops into the apron. He throws an arm in the air, garnering even more cheers from the fans.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a four-way match for the UTA Wildfire Championship! Introducing first, from The Heart of the Appalachian Mountains…

Williams: You never told us why you decided to join us tonight.

Dane: Because I can. Because I like my TV time, and because I wasn’t booked tonight but I still had to fly to freaking AFRICA.

Fury: It’s his birthday! Just drop it!

Williams: What about Michael Lorenzo's big announcement earlier that you will have a chance to go for the UTA World Championship against La Flama Blanca?

Entering the ring between the top two ropes, Hall takes his corner and starts running through a last minute warm-up routine.

Announcer: Weighing in at 225lbs, he is a UTA Hall-of-Famer… “THE SOUTHERN REBEL” RON HAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Dane: Look. Michael Lorenzo can throw me through all of the hoops he wants to. At the end of the day, I will destroy anyone who gets in between me and the World Championship. That, is a fact.

Fury: Yea Jennifer!

As Call to Pray by Seether begins to blare loudly through the arena and the fans begin booing nearly to the point of an inverted standing ovation. Ice Blue strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The curtains at the top of the ramp way parts and they emerge.

Williams: Abdul is coming out with a very clear agenda tonight.

Fury: Everyone is…

Williams: I mean, after losing the title last Victory, he immediately requested his rematch. I’m sure he had to be none to pleased when his rematch also included two other challengers.

Fury: Big deal, he’s getting his rematch isn’t he?

Dane: I wouldn’t count on seeing him get his retribution tonight. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him after tonight.

Standing there is Abdul Bin Hussain, dressed in traditional Arab clothes. He is standing between his manager Rafiq and his sister Nazirah. Nazirah is dressed in the traditional Burqa. Rafiq carries the Iraqi flag on a pole. They look about themselves at the crowds who are booing really loudly.

Announcer: Hailing from Basra, Iraq...

Slowly Rafiq walks down the ramp way, taking in the boos with a look of amusement on his face. He is actually shown laughing. He reaches the ringside and climbs the stairs; Abdul and Nazirah enter the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 2 inches and weighing in at 242lbs...

Abdul looks around the crowd with a look of disdain but holds himself with dignity in front of this crowd. He starts to run the ropes.


Abdul suddenly stops in the middle of the ring and adjusts his pads as Nazirah and Rafiq exit out of the ring.

Fury: Well he certainly does look focused tonight, I’ll give him that.

Abdul stands in the neutral corner as his music stops. Boos are still going on around the arena, and he starts eyeing Ron Hall.

Williams: There is a lot of UTA history standing in the ring now, both men former world champions.

Fury: Let's forget about the former though, we’ve got two futures coming out now.

Dane: Two men who could very well be top champions in this company soon enough, Dick.

A quick burst of TV static plunges the arena into darkness, before the breakneck start to “Sinister Rouge” by Bad Religion summons a storm of red and white strobes at the top of the ramp. Clouds of smoke form and billow around the stage, obscuring all in the area.

Williams: This has got to be a bittersweet moment for this man. As much as he has wanted to get his one on one match against the thorn in his side that is Colton Thorpe, he has to settle once again for a multiperson match up.

Dane: I don’t really see a Championship match as settling. It’s not like title shots grow on trees yanno, unless you’re in Dynasty.

Fury: Yeah Jenn, don’t be stupid.

Williams: That goes back to your shot that we spoke about earlier.

Dane: The one that I get if I can get through a gauntlet of others? Yea, that's really the same.

A huge pyrotechnic explosion erupts as the first verse hits, and Cayle Murray steps out from the fog, gazing around the arena and running an extended finger pistol across the horizon. He’s soon on his way, and throws his hood back before walking down to the ring, but just as he stops to slap hands with a few fans…


The UTA Wildfire Championship’s bronze plating connects with the back of his skull, and the Scotsman hits the deck.

The assailant?

Why, who else but Colton Thorpe.

Williams: What a cheap shot!

Fury: Speaking of stupid, wow! That easily killed a few brain cells.

Dane: That boy might want to go sit in the dark room after that one.

The reigning Champion makes no attempt to head for the ring and just stands there, raising the Wildfire Belt high above Murray’s head. Under a blanket of jeers, Thorpe lets an old familiar stretch across his Macklemore-ish features.

In the ring, neither Abdul Bin Hussain, Ron Hall or the referee quite know how to react. Until...


AbH nails Hall from behind with a forearm smash to the head. The force of the blow sends Hall tumbling through the ropes, hard to the outside of the ring.

Fury: Ha! Abdul decided to take Colt’s lead on this one.

Williams: Another cheap shot, why?

Dane: Why do the good guys always turn their back on us? It just doesn’t make sense.

Hall back to his feet, has his attention turned to AbH who stands high and mighty in the ring. Grabbing onto the middle rope, he goes to pull himself up onto the apron...


The bronze plate of the championship is now introduced to the back of Hall's skull. Hall's knees buckle underneath him, and he drops like a sack of potatoes. The referee is leaning over the ropes, yelling at Thorpe to get into the ring, while reaching out requesting he hand over the championship belt in the process.

Williams: The referee needs to get this under control! The match hasn’t even started and both Cayle and Ron are down and out.

Dane: Ya gotta admire a solid gameplan when it comes together. Just look at the kid, takin’ care of business LIKE. A. BAWS.

Abdul loses patience with the arguing duo, and shoves the referee to the side. Leaning through the ropes to exit the ring…


Fury: Make that Cayle, Ron AND Abdul.

Abdul falls flat on his back as Colt pull his title in. Giving it a quick kiss on its center, he smiles as he hands it off to the referee. Colt quickly rolls into the ring, and grabs onto the wrists of Abdul, dragging him away from the ropes.

Thorpe: Ring the bell! Ring the damned bell!

Colt shouts at the referee, who looks out at Cayle who is starting to crawl. Ron is stirring ever so slightly, while Abdul isn’t moving at all. Colt continues to shout, as the referee hands the belt to a crew member on the outside of this. After struggling with the ethics of the situation, he finally calls for the bell.


Colt quickly drops on top of Abdul, and hooks both legs rolling over. The referee is none too quick to drop to his knees for the count, as Colt has yet to stop demanding the referee to end this quick.

Williams: Not like this, no!

Fury: Genius! What a game plan Colt had in store.

Dane: He is quite the resourceful kid.



Fury: How in the hell!

Williams: Cayle Murray breaks up the pinfall attempt!

Colt looks over at Cayle in shock, and is down on his hands and knees. Colt readjusts his attention to the referee, and begins to blast the official for his delay in starting the match, slapping his hands together repeatedly.

Dane: Stop bitching Colt, get on them. I swear, if this kid ever learns how to keep his eyes on the prize he’s gonna be a World Champion when I finally decide to retire.

Hall is back to his feet with the help of the ring apron and the bottom rope. Abdul is now moving around, and Cayle is pulling himself up on the ropes. Colt’s hands in his hair, he can’t seem to make a decision who to go after.

It doesn’t need to be made for him…

Williams: Like a bat out of hell!

Fury: Where’d that come from?

Cayle hops up as soon as Colt’s back hits the canvas, and he’s soon back on his feet… but not for long!


Fury: This thing is moving at 100 miles an hour!

As Ron flattens the Scot, his next target immediately becomes apparently. Abdul Bin Hussain has pulled himself to a vertical vase, so The Southern Rebels steps over to him and grabs a wrist. He whips the former champion across the ring, but AbH knocks Hall backwards with a shoulder block! As Ron moves to the ropes, Abdul bundles him over the top, then slides outside himself.

Williams: Looks like Hall and AbH, the two most decorated wrestlers in this match, are taking this one outside!

Dane: Leaving Colt alone with his prey, just like he wanted…

It’s Murray to his feet first, and instead of setting on Colt, he backs off a couple of steps, letting him rise on his own accord. Colton eventually gets back up and turns to face Murray, grinning. While AbH and Hall brawl on the outside, the arena buzzes with anticipation for a long-awaited showdown.

Fury: I hope you’ve got a towel ready, Jenn: this one’s about to get messy!

Williams: It’s the undefeated Scot against the undisputed Champion, and we’ve been waiting for this moment for a looooooong time!

They come together in the centre of the ring, eyeing, jawing, and ready to explode. Colt makes the first move, smacking Murray’s jaw, then Cayle fires back with a forearm!

Williams: Right-hand Thorpe!

Fury: Forearm Murray!

Another. Another. Another. Cayle whips Thorpe across the rope and leans down on the rebound, looking for the back body drop, but Colt counters by kicking him square in the solar plexus! Cayle flays backwards, and Thorpe follows-up by kneeing him in the gut, then throwing him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle!

Dane: … and that, friends, is what separates Colton Thorpe and Cayle Murray. Murray doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body, and Colt is a straight-up killer.

Boos sound down from all corners of the arena as Thorpe drops Murray to the floor and begins stomping away. Elsewhere, Ron Hall has taken control of the brawl outside and has a hand around AbH’s head. He slams his face down hard on the apron.

Williams: Talk about chaotic, guys! These guys are setting one hell of a pace!

The Southern Rebel, despite his distaste for AbH, isn’t keen on getting too dirty too early, so he rolls the bigger man under the bottom rope and follows. Colton Thorpe momentarily abandons his assault of Cayle Murray and stomps down on Hall’s back, preventing his rise, before dropping an elbow across his spine. All three of his opponents down, Thorpe pops to his feet and roars.

Fury: And look who’s standing tall!

Dane: That’s why he’s the champ, Dick.

Williams: Thorpe has continued as he started… with a bluster. Let’s see what he can do from here.

Colt grabs onto Abdul’s head, not making the same mistake of hesitation this time. As soon as he has the butcher up vertical, he drives his shoulder into his waist, and hoists him up while spinning around. As he attempts to slam him on his back, Abdul out of desperation hooks the champs head tightly.

Williams: What a reversal!

Fury: Colt just got lawn darted by Abdul with that DDT counter!

Abdul is quick to roll over onto the downed Colt, going for the pin.

Fury: No! Kickout Colt, kickout!



Williams: Kickout by Colt!

Dane: Calm yourself down, Dick. It’s going to take a bit more than that to down the champion.

Williams: Okay Eric, what's the deal with you and Colt?

Dane: No deal at all, just mutual respect. I mean, did you see the birthday celebration the kid threw for me earlier?

Williams: So we’re supposed to believe there is nothing behind all of this, just mutual respect.

Fury: Have your manners escaped you Jenn?

Dane: No, no, Dick. It’s okay. I understand why people like her might be skeptical of all this.

In the ring, Colt and Abdul are both on their backs after their close call. Ron Hall has turned his attention to Cayle Murray, and has him back on his feet in the corner. Shoulder thrust. Again. Again. Again. He is unrelenting.

Williams: The wily veteran going to town on the young gun in the corner.

Hall finally stops, and runs towards the opposite turnbuckle. Cayle is sucking for air after having every ounce of it thrust out of him, ‘The Southern Rebel’ lining him up in the corner. As Cayle steps out, Ron sprints forward. Lower his head and shoulders to hit Cayle with a spear, Cayle counters at the last second with a dropkick flush on Ron’s forehead snapping his head back while dropping him to the mat.

Fury: Cayle damn near took Ron’s head off.

Williams: Ron has taken some nasty head shots early on here.

As Cayle crawls over to Ron’s fallen body, his progress is halted with a soccer kick to the ribcage from Abdul.

Williams: Again Cayle has the wind sucked out of him.

Dane: Much like he sucked the wind out of my birthday celebration earlier. Doesn’t feel too good, I take it.

Fury: Yeah, Cayle deserves that one!

Abdul pulls Cayle to his feet, and shoulder drives him back into the turnbuckle. He pulls out, and unleashes with chop block after chop block after chop block. Each impact receives a loud “OH” from the sold out crowd, and his chest gets redder and redder with each impact. Abdul hoists Cayle up onto the top turnbuckle, and begins to ascend himself.

Williams: Oh my, what is Abdul going for here?

Fury: He hits this and we could see Cayle’s undefeated streak come to a halt, along with Colt’s Wildfire reign.

Hooking the head of Cayle, Abdul thrusts upwards trying to lift the Scot overhead. Cayle blocks it, squeezing his legs together to keep himself perched on the corner. Abdul throws a couple body blows, but to no avail, Cayle doesn’t let go.

Dane: There you go Colt, get in there!

Colt is back to his feet, and joins Abdul on the middle rope. The two men hook onto Cayle’s head and both try attempting to float Murray over for the suplex. Again, he squeezes his thighs together preventing such a move, and with all his might is able to shove both Colt and Abdul out of the corner.

Williams: Cayle taking air!

Cayle pops up onto the top turnbuckle, turning himself around as he does so. Wasting no time, he flips backwards, taking both Abdul and Colt out with a moonsault. With both men down, Cayle is back to his feet, reaching down to grab Colt by his hair.

Fury: Don’t you dare touch Colt’s hair!

Dick need not worry, as Ron Hall has halted Cayle, grabbing onto his waist. He snaps through without hesitation, hitting a German Suplex.

Fury: Ouch! He slammed him hard with that one.

Ron doesn’t let go of Murray’s waist, and rolls through. Helping him back to his feet, Ron snaps back a second time.

Williams: Another German Suplex!

Again, Ron doesn’t let go, rolling through one more time. Helping him again to his feet, he struggles to snap Murray back a third time. Ron releases his grip, and unloads with a few forearm smashes to Cayle’s back, softening him up a bit. Grabbing back on, he is able to lift through into a third German, bridging it this time for the pinfall.



Williams: Close call there as Cayle is able to roll out of the pinfall attempt.

Fury: It would have been a travesty to see that brokeback cowboy wear gold here again!

Williams: And why is that, Dick?

Fury: I will never forgive Ron for banishing Wingate! Never!

Williams: Get over it.

Dane: How about the two of you worry about the match and stop bickering like an old married couple?

Hall back to his feet, turns around and is met with a lifting knee to the stomach by Colton Thorpe. He hunches over in pain, before Colt quickly tosses an arm over his shoulder, lifting Ron high in the air before slamming him with down with the lifting side slam.

Fury: This action is non stop!

Williams: You have to keep your head on a swivel in multi person matches like these.

Dane: Pay attention Colt!

Colt is looking down at the grounded ‘Southern Rebel’, flapping his gums at him after the high impact move. As he slowly turns around, he comes face to face with Abdul, who hits him with a vicious…

Fury: Eye poke! What the hell ref! Disqualify him!

Williams: There are no dq’s in fatal four ways Dick! And what about the trifecta of title blows to the head earlier? Hmmm?

Fury: That was before the match Jennifer, big difference!

Colt grabs at his face, and flails around, temporarily blinded by the cheap tactic.He swings trying to hit Abdul, but misses wide as AbH easily ducks out of the way. A knee to the gut hunches Colt, and Abdul with ease hoists him up into a fireman's carry position. After walking about the ring for a few moments, AbH floats Colt over, driving his head into the canvas with a death valley driver.

Williams: DVD! This could be it!



NO! Cayle Murray breaks the pin!

Fury: Ha! Calamurray just SAVED Colton Thorpe from getting pinned! What an idiot!

Williams: Ahem. You realise that if Abdul had pinned Colt, Murray would’ve lost the match too, right?

Fury: … of course Dick knew that! HA! You thought Dick was being serious!

Williams: … great.

The Scot peels the Iraqi off of Colt’s body, but eats a right hand for his troubles, then a left! AbH has Cayle backed-up against the ropes and raises his hand… but Murray ducks under the overhand chop, skips behind Abdul, and dropkicks him out of the ring!

Dane: There goes the former champ…

With Hall and Thorpe both struggling to his feet, Cayle heads for the top rope.

Williams: What’s he gonna do here?!

Dane: Eugh, this damn flippydoo just can’t help himself, can he?

Cayle surveys the scene: Hall is stirring, but Colt’s already risen to his feet, albeit on wobbly, unsupportive legs. Steadying himself at his full 6’1”, Cayle makes a snap decision, and runs across the top rope!

Fury: What the…?!

One step.

Two steps.








Fury: This thing is a bigger mess than last night in the hotel room! Dick can’t believe it!

Hall picks Murray up and unceremoniously throws him into the corner, before hammering away at his body with some stiff shots. He takes him out, applies the front facelock, and drills him into the canvas with a DDT! AbH, meanwhile, has taken ample time to recover with his entourage, and targets Hall once again.

Williams: Running Headscissors from Abdul bin Hussain!



Fury: Almost had him!

Dane: That’s why I said Colt is the next Eric Dane, great ring presence and a mind for psychology.

Abdul kicks Colt off of Cayle after he attempts to pin the Scot after Hall’s DDT. Abdul helps a woozy Colt back to his feet, while Ron Hall attempts to get himself back up near the ropes.

Williams: These men have taken a lot out of each other with this back and forth action.

Dane: This is the type of action you should expect to see in a championship main event. Not as if our esteemed competition would know what a championship main event looks like though...

Just before Colt gets fully vertical, he slaps Abdul’s arms off of him, and hits him with a forearm smash to the windpipe. Abdul clutches his throat, which leaves his face free game for another shot or two. Colt takes off for the ropes, and leaps out of his rebound hitting a front dropkick.

Williams: Abdul goes down.


Dane: What?

Fury: I want to see a THORPEEEEEDOOOOO! Now’s the time Colt, do it!

Dane: You might get your wish Dick.

Colt is perched at the ropes closest towards the entrance stage. He is stalking Abdul, who is slowly pulling himself up. Finally getting to a knee, Colt looks primed to hit his trademark move, until…

Williams: Out of nowhere!

Fury: Damn you Ron Hall! NOOOOOPEEEEEDOOOOO!

Ron Hall comes flying across the ring, clotheslining Colton over the top ropes, dumping himself to the outside of the ring in the process. Cayle and Abdul are left as the remaining two competitors, and both have pulled themselves to their feet.

Williams: This appears to be a two horse race now.

Dane: I wouldn’t say that just yet...

Cayle and Abdul meet in the center of the ring, and resort to exchanging lefts and rights as the eighteen thousand plus soak in the slugfest. Left, right. Right, left. Cayle starts to get Abdul reeling, which leaves Abdul no choice but to put his boot onto Cayle’s kneecap.

Williams: Come on now, there is no need for cheap shots!

Dane: Nothing cheap about the desire to win.

Fury: Yeah Jenn, what do you know…

Shaking his leg out, Abdul grabs onto his head, and lifts Cayle up a vertical suplex. As he lifts him up, Cayle floats over and lands on his feet.

Williams: Agile as a cat Murray has proven to be!

Grabbing onto Abdul’s waist, Cayle rushes him into the ropes chest first, then falls backwards, bringing Abdul down with him. Rolling through into a bridging pinfall attempt, Abdul flails about as the referee drops for the count.




Fury: He got the shoulder up! Colt’s still champion!

Williams: At this rate, not for long. Murray was inches away from ending Colt’s reign at two weeks.

On the outside of the ring, both Colt and Ron have gotten to their feet, but Ron has his back to Colt. That is enough as an opportunity as he needs, lunging forward and throwing his near two hundred and thirty pound frame into Hall’s back, launching him face and shoulder first into the steel steps.


Fury: Did you hear that?!

Dane: Well Ron’s done now, guaranteed.

Williams: This isn’t fair at all!

Dane: All's fair in love and war. Also in matches where your freshly-won title is on the line against three other people.

Back in the ring, Abdul has sprung to his feet after the kickout, and tries to attack with a clothesline, which Cayle ducks underneath. As Abdul whips himself around, Cayle launches himself, bringing his right foot across Abdul's face, dropping him.

Williams: Beautiful Pele kick!

Fury: And Cayle is climbing the ropes as Abdul isn’t moving.

Dane: Excuse me for a moment, wouldja?

Eric Dane’s headset bouncing off the table creates a static pop as he stands from his seat, and takes a couple steps towards the ring. Cayle notices ‘The Only Star’, and the two exchange glances with one another.

Williams: I knew it! Eric Dane just didn’t come out here to watch this match.

Fury: Such a skeptic, Jenn. Maybe he just wants a closer view…

Cayle flashes the slightest of a smile towards Dane, before turning his attention back to Abdul. Standing up on the top turnbuckle, the majority of the audience follows his lead, doing so too...including Abdul.

Fury: Abdul is up!

Williams: If Cayle wasn’t distracted by Dane he…

Fury: Shut up! My lord…

Abdul runs towards the turnbuckle to try and knock Cayle off, but he leaps overtop the sprinting AbH, landing on the canvas. Abdul turns around, and is met with a boot to the stomach. Locking him in a facelock, Cayle quickly hooks an arm, and hoists him up…


Fury: No! Get in there Colt! He can’t beat you again!

Williams: I thought he didn’t beat Colt?


Cayle quickly covers Abdul, and the fans in attendance begin to count with the ref.




Before the referee’s hand can slap the mat for the third time, he is yanked out of the ring by The Only Star!

Williams: Damn him! I knew it. What is the deal with Thorpe and Dane?

Fury: Who cares, I love it!

Cayle is in shock, staring at Eric. He’s pulling his hair, jaw dropped, and really doesn’t know what to do. The referee too is yelling at Dane, who holds his hands up as if to say it wasn’t him. The referee rolls back into the ring, while Cayle is now standing, leaning over the ropes yelling at Eric.

Fury: Wait! There’s Colt!

Colt is perched in the ring against the ropes like earlier, and Abdul is stirring about, pulling himself up. Once he get’s to a single knee, he is quick to fall down on his back again, courtesy a kick across the jaw.


Colt lay across the fallen AbH, while the ref is none too quick to drop down to the ground. Dane points towards the center of the ring, and Cayle turns back to see the pinfall. He goes to run towards the two men, but an Eric Dane arm around his feet sends him tumbling down.




Williams: No! Why?!

Fury: Yes! Because!

The grounded Cayle does his best to crawl over towards Colt, but the referees hand makes the three count before Cayle can break it up. Colt wastes little time in the ring, knowing his nemesis will be fuming at his close call with glory, so he rolls to the outside.



Eric Dane rushes over towards Colt on the other side of the ring, Wildfire Championship in hand as Monster begins to serenade the arena. The two men backpedal their way towards the ramp, and up it once they reach it, stopping halfway. Cayle is sitting in the center of the ring, still in disbelief, his hands firmly pressed against the side of his head.

Williams: Cayle had this match won until, Eric Dane got involved.

Fury: But years from now when we review the history books, it won’t read that way Jenn. All it will show is that Colton Thorpe successfully defended his championship against three men...OH, OH!

Williams: What Dick?...

Fury: Cayle Murray isn’t undefeated anymore! Colt didn’t just retain and win, but Cayle Murray lost! Justice has been served! All is right in the world!

Williams: And all it took was a BIG assist from Eric Dane, Dick…

Fury: The birthday boy!

Standing in the middle of the ramp, Thorpe laughs, while in his right hand, his Wildfire Championship is raised high in the air. His left wrist is held high victoriously by Eric Dane, who himself is sharing a smile with the UTA Universe.

Victory goes off the air, briefly showing a shot of Cayle Murray in the ring, before fading out on Colton Thorpe and Eric Dane celebrating.

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