Victory XXXVII

14 Sep 2015

Rio Olympic Arena, Rio de Janeiro (seats 15,000)


Victory fades into action. 

Not with the flashy video introduction that such a show is conventionally launched with. No, not on this day, this was a new day, a new era, an era where flash video packages happen ever so slightly later than they had previously. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius indeed. 

The door to the executive office of the now banished UTA leader, James Wingate stands with an almost haunted glow, covered in a zigzagging manner with crime scene tape. Assumedly due to fact that Ron Hall committed some form of career murder at Ring King. We slowly see a hand reach out a grab the tape, ripping it with a snap off the door. As we zoom out, a half eaten chicken wing is spotted in his other hand. The owner of said chicken wing seems to be clutching it tight, as if his very life may depend on its safety. 

Noah Hanson?

The crowd in the arena certainly think so, you can tell due to the rampant booing that is rained down from on high.

As the camera continues to slowly zoom out, we see the hand drop the tape to the side and swing the door to James Wingate’s former office wipe open. Slowly the figure of the man begins to form fully and it is not the owner of the secret recipe but rather it is the other chicken lover of note, Bobby Dean.

Bobby looks around the office and begins to head for the swivel chair that is obviously too small for him.

Voice: What do you think you're doing?

Bobby spins around and shrieks, dropping his chicken.

Dean: I.. ugh.. um... I figured if Cecilworth could just... you know.. on Wrestleshow... I'd.. ugh...

The Director of Talent Relations, Michael Lorenzo, walks into the shot.

Lorenzo: No. Just no Bobby.

Bobby's eyes get big as he gives Michael a puppy dog stare.

Dean: But... but..

Lorenzo: Get out of here. I'm running Victory.

Dean: Oh. But... Cecilw-

Michael sticks a finger up.

Lorenzo: He's got about as much power over that show as you do over your diet Mr. Dean. Now, if you will.

He shoo's Bobby out who turns and leaves his head facing down as Michael just shakes his head and we fade into the show intro.

As the stream fades up from black, the Monday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good lookk at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where former VCW Champion, Dick Fury, and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another exciting episode of Monday Night Victory. I'm Jennifer Williams and with me as always, none other than Dick Fury.

Fury: Who else could make this look this damn good?!

Williams: The first Victory post Ring King, tonight should be huge.

Fury: Of course it's going to be huge! We're here in Rio! Dick loves him some women from Rio!

Williams: I'm sure you do.

Set the Tone

Set the Tone

The lights inside of the Olympic Arena drop.

Fifteen-thousand rabid UTA fans begin to rumble and grumble at the same time. It doesn’t matter what’s about to happen because they know it’s going to be big. It’s palpable, it’s in the air.

Fury: Dick is afraid of the dark! Hold me, Jen!

Williams: Ew, no! GETOFFAME!

The now familiar bluesy bass-riff stampedes its way through the sound system and that rumble turns into a raucous roar as the Victory Faithful know exactly who they're about to get now! Silver and red flashes begin strobing with the song before a series of alternating stars begin rotating all the way down to the game ring.

♫ Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown ♫

Fury: Here he comes, Mr. Victory himself, Eric Dane!

Williams: I didn’t think you liked Dane?

Fury: Dick didn’t like Dane. That is until Dane decided to pick for Victory! You know what that means, right?

Williams: I’m afraid you’re about to tell me…

Fury: It means ERIC DANE chose DICK!

Twin bursts of magnesium sulphate announce in silver pyrotechnic glory that the man is indeed here, and he makes his way out onto the stage proper as his music kicks into high gear once more. The crowd, who have had a mixed reaction to him at best up until this point, come out of their seats to scream for the new face of Victory as he strolls down toward the ring in his black and red tights and matching leather jacket with the Team Danger logo emblazoned across the back. Across his eyes are a pair of Maybach The Star I Sunshades. Don’t even ask how much they cost, you don’t want to know. He slaps a couple of hands before rolling under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Williams: Well it sure seems like the fans here in Rio have taken a side as it pertains to Dane!

Fury: First thing’s first, this is a Victory crowd here in Rio, and Eric Dane stuck his neck out for Victory! Aside from that the man has been an International Superstar for over a decade, of course these Brazilian nuts would pop for him!

The music fades and The Only Star is handed a microphone. He finds the middle of the ring and brings the mic to his lips. After a long moment of the crowd not dying down he decides to speak anyway.

Dane: Olá Rio De Janeiro! Bem-vindo à Vitória!

At this, fifteen thousand people lose their collective minds all over again. Dane smiles and walks in a circle, pointing out signs and just soaking it all in.

Fury: Dick didn’t know Dane spoke burrito.

Williams: It’s Portuguese, moron! We’re in Brazil, not Mexico!

After several moments Dane brings the mic to his lips again. Again, he is forced to speak over the cheering fans in attendance.

Dane: That is to say, welcome to Victory!

More applause. He continues.

Dane: Now I didn’t come out here to be a cheerleader. I’m not gonna tell you all about how Victory is the “A-Show” here in UTA and how I’m gonna blah blah new renaissance blah blah lead the troops blah blah show Wrestleshow how to put on a wrestling show.

The applause this time is interspersed with laughter.

Dane: I think the boys and girls I drafted can show you themselves just exactly why I drafted them, and they’re going to have every chance to here tonight in Rio! Nah, I came here tonight to talk about something that I hold near and dear to me and is one of the main reasons that I came to UTA for in the first place.


Eric smiles that million dollar smile that he’s known for.

Dane: Specifically the Legacy Title that John Sektor currently holds, and the UTA World Championship currently being held hostage by The White Flame and his band of merry morons.

But more on Dynasty later.

He pauses for laughter again.

Dane: Now I’ll admit, in the leadup to Ring King and the Chamber Match I talked a whole lot about that Legacy Title. At the time, I thought it was the best place I could focus my efforts to move up in the UTA. Thing is, the more people I pinned inside that Chamber, the more my eyes began to clear. So there I was, Sektor’s shoulders down on the mat and the referee slapping his hands down for the three and it occurred to me-

Eric stops again, his smile twisting into a smirk.

Dane: I’ve already got a Legacy. A damn fine one, at that. What’s the point in further damaging John Sektor’s credibility when I don’t need what he has, right? And that was the thought repeating itself in my mind the whole time I as I watched the Main Event and saw Dynasty kick the bejesus out of Beckman.

He shakes his head.

Dane: I thought to myself, Self, you’ve done a dastardly deed or twelve in your time in the business, but you never had to have four people to beat up a girl so you didn’t have to get embarrassed. And I was right. So here I am, right here in Rio de Janeiro, and I know that chump Blanca is in the house tonight. So what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna invite the champion to come out here and deal with a real challenge, face to face!

The crowd roars in approval. There is no Yelawolf though, and that means no Champ.

Dane: Come on out here, Blanca! I got a few things to-

The Only Star is interrupted by the opening riffs of Seether’s “Call to Pray.” The Brazilian fans, having already shown appreciation for The Only Star, can only see fit to give the emerging Abdul bin Hussain an equal and opposite reaction.

Williams: What the hell is he doing out here?

Fury: Dick thinks the Wildfire Champion has something to say, and Dick says let him say it! He is The Champ after all!

Standing there is Abdul Bin Hussain, dressed in traditional Arab clothes. He is standing between his manager Rafiq and his sister Nazirah. Nazirah is dressed in the traditional Burqa. Rafiq carries the Iraqi flag on a pole with one arm whilst the other is in a sling. They look about themselves at the crowds who are booing really loudly.

Fury: Even here in Rio this guy just can’t catch a break.

Williams: True enough. Maybe if he weren’t such a pig!

Slowly Rafiq walks down the ramp way, taking in the boos with a look of amusement on his face. Nazirah leans over the ropes and grabs a microphone off of one of the ring crew. She passes it to Rafiq. He looks at Dane who speaks before Rafiq can get a word in.

Dane: A word of advice.

The boos slowly quiet down after a while. Abdul can't believe the reaction that he is getting. Rafiq stammers at being stopped in his tracks.

Dane: Be very, very, very careful about whatever is about to come out of your mouth. You’re interrupting my time, and I do not appreciate it.

Rafiq: Don’t worry Mr. Dane, we’re not out here for you. If the great Butcher of Basra wanted you out of the way, you’d already be bleeding on the floor.

The boos erupt again.

Fury: Eric Dane does not look amused.

Laughing Abdul walks around the ring, soaking up the response from the crowd.

Rafiq: Rather we’re here to talk about these South American infidels! Argentina seems like a bit of a cesspool, does it not?

Nazirah leans in and whispers something to him.

Rafiq: Does it matter? Brazil IS a bigger cesspool than Argentina by far.

The boos are louder than ever.

Dane: Did you three idiots ever stop to think that the people might not hate you so much because you’re Aye-Rabs, but because you’re such spectacular Aye-holes!

The crowd eats it up. It is Rafiq’s turn to not be amused. Abdul and Nazirah both stomp around incredulously. Dane smiles in their faces.

Rafiq: Oh how original of you. My charge has heard it all before. We have been insulted in every country on this planet and you do not bother us with your racism!

He gets dangerously close to The Only Star before turning to address the crowd.

Rafiq: You do not know how to treat a real athlete in this country, look how you have treated the greatest soccer player in the world. Pele is hands down the biggest soccer star ever and now? Now he’s on television advertising erectile dysfunction. How is that to treat your legends?    

Rafiq is smiling. He looks around and motions to Abdul who is just standing still in one of the corners menacingly.

Rafiq: This man is the whole package, no pun intended. He is the greatest talent on Victory. Even though he wasn’t draft number one for the number one brand in UTA which is a travesty not to start me on as he is the great pure wrestling talent on both the rosters. Dane, if he’d been in the Chamber match there may have been a different outcome.  

He laughs as he limps around the ring. Dane guffaws, his eyes rolling nearly out the backside of his head. He brings the mic to his lips to speak.

Dane: What do you want, little man? Why’s he out here? What’s this all about?

Rafiq: Why would Abdul come out at this first show? Why would he want to be on the premium show in pro-wrestling? Look at people on this show. Look at Abdul’s next victim, Carrie Fisher-

Nazirah leans in again.

Rafiq: …Colton Thorpe? Who does this infidel think he is getting in Abdul’s face? Abdul bin Hussain is the greatest Wildfire Champion there has ever been in the UTA. How does this moron deserve a shot at the man that was robbed of the Ring King tournament? Come on Carlton, get a grip.

The crowd boos even louder.

Rafiq: Why would anyone want to face a real champion like Abdul When they know they will be destroyed like he destroyed that obese Bobby Dean?

The crowd pops at the mention of Bobby Dean.

Rafiq: Why do you cheer? Are you so naive? Are you so stupid?

He looks directly down the camera lens.

Rafiq: Enough said!

Rafiq passes the microphone to Abdul. Abdul walks to the centre of the ring tapping the microphone making sure it is working; He looks around the arena awaiting the people to be quiet so he can talk. Dane crosses his arms and smirks.

Fury: Abdul bin Hussain better have more to say this week.

Williams: Yeah, he is not usually very talkative.

Abdul completely ignores The Only Star.

Abdul: How can anyone take you serious in this city of yours?  This city of yours has caused so much trouble over the years. It is supposed to be getting ready for some of the biggest sporting events in the world and you are treating your people as slave labour to build your arenas to get ready for them. How pathetic!

A chant of “Abdul Suga” goes around the arena.

Dane: They’re telling you that you suck, you know.

Abdul gestures broadly as he walks around the ring for a few seconds before continuing.

Abdul: So people are wondering why I would want to be associated with Victory. Well for one it does not have that infidel who built his career off of Abdul, the talentless, John Sektor.

He looks into the camera and smirks.

Abdul: You see, I am the greatest champion this company has ever seen, not that masked infidel, Blanca. La Flama Blanca, can you hear that?

He holds his left hand up to his left ear.

Abdul: Can you hear it? It is the rest of the world waking up to the hypocrisy of your championship reign. You and the rest of Dynasty think you are better than everybody and that anyone that will not accept it will be trampled under your mighty feet. I will not stand for it anymore. I will not let you dominate the UTA anymore.

A sly smile crosses his face for a second as the boos try to drown him out. The Only Star again brings his own mic up.

Dane: I think ol’ LFB’s got bigger fish to fry than you, little man. As a matter of fact I know that he does. What makes you think you are even a blip on his radar?

This does not sit well with Hussain.

Abdul: Oh come on, no one can defeat Abdul bin Hussain! Obviously I’m in line for a World Title shot! Who can say otherwise, huh?

This brings a mixture of laughter and boos from the crowd.

Abdul: What? What’s so funny? Who can beat me?

Dane, hardly able to keep from giggling himself, points over Abdul’s shoulder to the very fat man standing at the top of the ramp.

Voice: Uhm… Me!?

Bobby Dean is up there, jumping up and down, waving his hand back and forth. Smiling in the way only Bobby Dean can, he makes his way towards the ring and the scowling Abdul bin Hussain. Eric Dane backs out of the way and hands off his microphone. He takes a comfortable spot in the corner to watch this unfold.

Dean: You, my friend with the picnic blanket on your head, are way more delusional than that Colton Thorpe fellow.

Bobby is forced to pause as he sucks in a large breath, wheezing as he exhales.

Dean: You see, I’m the third best wrestler in the UTA and you, well, you aren’t even in the top ten! That you’ve got such a pretty title wrapped around your waist when it should be wrapped around mine is a travesty!

Abdul: You couldn’t fit this title around your fat American waist, Infidel!

As Bobby gets closer and closer to the ring, his breathing gets more and more erratic. So much so that he stops at ringside and reaches out and takes a soda from a kid. Chugging the soda down, Bobby brings the microphone back up to his happily smacking lips, but before he speaks he pauses to let out a very impressive belch.

Dean: I really wish they had let me bring my cart to Brazil, this walking stuff sucks.

Abdul shakes his head in disgust as he watches Bobby Dean try and roll into the ring under the bottom rope. Bobby’s girth causes him some trouble, so instead of rolling he is forced to kind of scoot along and inch his way in. Nazirah is standing before a prone Bobby looking down at him with her judgemental eyes. Bobby looks up at her and smiles.

Dean: It’d be so much nicer if you were wearing a short skirt right now.

He begins to climb to his feet, reaching out and grabbing Nazirah by the leg as she tries to push the fat man away. Bobby climbs to his feet using her flesh as handholds just as Abdul pulls Nazirah back.

Abdul: You are a prime example of American filth, you are sweating just from walking a few feet! What is wrong with you?

Dean: I’m not sweating, I’m glistening!

Abdul: I see that Brazil, much like America, will simply let anyone in.

Dean: Funnily enough, that’s the same thing I heard about Nazi over there, hi sweetie!

Bobby waves past the scowling Abdul towards Nazirah. Eric Dane, knowing a good time for an exit when he sees one, nimbly hops out of the ring and backs up to the guardrail. Abdul can’t take it anymore, however, and he unloads on Bobby Dean with a series of right hands.

Williams: Here we go!

Fury: Jesus! Dick is sickened by Bobby Dean. Dick can’t say this nearly enough!

Apparently Abdul has had it with the fat man as well, as once he’s sufficiently potatoed Dean he takes off for the ropes and returns with a blistering clothesline.

Williams: The Beheading! Bobby is wobbling!

Fury: He’s wobbling but he’s not going down!

Williams: The champ isn’t finished!

Abdul follows it up with a devastating Superman Punch.

Fury: The Fist of Allah!

Bobby’s done for, he stumbles back and falls through the ropes, hitting the apron hard and rolling down to the floor below. Abdul drops to a knee and raises both hands, quick to celebrate inside the ring. However, he didn’t see what Eric Dane saw, and Eric Dane only saw it because he was standing right next to the spot where Colton Thorpe hopped the guardrail.

Williams: Wait a second!

Fury: Is that-

The action is too fast to call.

Williams: THORPEDO!


Indeed he did. Without being noticed Thorpe managed to get into the ring and take out the former World Champion, sending everyone but himself scrambling out of the ring. “Monster” by Skillet plays over the sound system as Thorpe finds the fallen Wildfire Title belt and picks it up, holding it aloft for everyone to get a good look at what he’s gonna look like if he beats the Champ later tonight in the main event.

If one were watching closely, one might even catch a glimpse of Eric Dane, still at ringside, giving Thorpe a very slight nod and a golf clap.

Williams: Did you just see that, Dick?

Fury: Dick did indeed, and Dick’s gotta say that Dick is impressed with what just went down! Colton Thorpe may very well be walking out of here tonight with that title belt!

Williams: That just goes to show you, folks, you never know what’s gonna happen here in the UTA, especially here on Victory!

Fury: You can say that again!

Girl Talk

Girl Talk

In the back, the catering for the UTA wrestlers was busier than ever. The chefs were bringing out food that was freshly made while they were screaming in Portuguese to move faster. .Some of the UTA workers were seen rushing into the catering area in order to be the first in line to get the freshly made food with one of them being Marie Van Claudio. Of course, she had to be the first in line to get this good Brazilian made food.

Marie asked and received the food she wanted. She would take her tray and move to an open table. While walking, Marie saw Amy Harrison sitting at one of the tables when she is supposed to be going out for her match against Bobby Dean in five minutes. Marie stood there thinking about if she should talk with Amy about her match. After standing there for a good couple of minutes, Marie walked up to the table and looked at Amy.

Van Claudio: Can I talk with you?

Marie looked at her with an iffy look. Amy saw Marie, rolled her eyes and looked away.

Harrison: What are you going to say? That I dragged you down before? How you want me to get humiliated out there?

Marie looked down at her food and shook her head. She took a look at Amy and put the tray on the table. Marie pulls out a chair and sits to look at Amy with a concerned look.

Van Claudio: Look. I know things haven’t gone the way you want it in this place so far.

She looked down at the floor and bit her lip, thinking about what she wants to say without offending Amy.

Van Claudio: Amy, you have the most important, if not THE most important match in your life! Now I don’t even like your opponent. Him and I go WAY back when I first started here despite not facing each other.

She grabs her fork and twirls it around the food.

Van Claudio: Tell me why you had to go out and say what we already know? Do you think that tactic is going to work AGAINST him?

Harrison: Let me guess, it’s because of the fat stuff, isn’t it?

Marie nods at her with her eyes popping out.

Van Claudio: Yeah, it’s that, but that doesn’t bother him. He just laughs it off and does his business.

Marie moves her fork around her fingers while keeping her look on Amy.

Van Claudio: Don’t you feel like that was childish to even begin with? Yeah, he did mention how stuck up I am, but are you going to let what he said about you get into your head and possibly cost you the match?!

Amy bangs her hands on the table, stands up and angrily looks at Marie.

Harrison: Is that all you got from that? If you actually paid attention to what I did, you would see that I did a lot more than just call the guy fat! I got someone who was just like him to fall for my traps.

Marie shakes her head as she looks at her food, trying her best not to freak out.

Van Claudio: Is that the best you could do!? Get a guy like Bobby and mock him?!

Amy looks at Marie and can’t help but laugh a bit.

Harrison: Seriously? That’s the best that you could say about this? That sounds very hypocritical, if you ask me.

Marie looks at her and stays silent. Her eyes firing up, but doesn’t want to say something to her just yet.

Harrison: Let’s be real, you would have tried doing the exact same thing if you were in my shoes, wouldn’t you?

Marie keeps looking at her with the fire in her eyes.

Van Claudio: …...I wouldn’t. I would say what I really have on my mind about him and that’s it.

Marie folds her arms as she waits for what Amy might say.

Harrison: Anyway, it doesn't matter. What you said was right, this will be a big match for me. One that will launch me to greater heights that nobody hasn’t seen yet.

Amy smirks at the comment, flipping her hair while twirling it with confidence.

Harrison: Everyone will be taking notice and applauding me for how I took down someone as popular like Bobby Dean, something that you haven’t even tried to accomplish yet.

Marie eyes her with the fork in the hand as Amy laughs in her face.

Harrison: I would suggest that you watch my match very closely. You might just learn something new.

Amy gives her a confident smirk and a wink as she walks away, leaving Marie sitting at the table with a pissed off look. Marie throws her fork across the table in anger at what Amy said as we fade out

B.R Ellis vs. Skylar Montgomery

We cut back to ringside as the theme song of B.R. Ellis rings out around the arena. The fans cheer on the newcomer as he comes through the curtain and onto the stage.

Williams: This is a man folks, who has been wrestling for a long, long time!

Fury: Well it’s about time he made it to the UTA! Better late than never Dick supposes.

Ellis wastes no time at the top of the ramp, he is marching directly towards the ring. On the way down, he raises his arms into the air, as the crowd claps. B.R. Ellis, is very excited to be here!

Announcer: Hailing from El Paso, Texas.

Ellis slaps the hands of the fans who reach for him, he pumps his fist once, ready to get his UTA career started. He slides into the ring, bypassing the steps.

Announcer: He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall, and weighing in at 252 lbs.

Ellis walks over to the nearest turnbuckle and stops and waits for his opponent, he signals to the crowd one more time as the announcer says his name.


The infectious opening cry of Papa Roach's 'Last Resort' serenades the arena as Suicidal Skylar Montgomery steps out onto the stage with a freakin' fluorescent glass light tube slung over

Fury: Here comes the garbage wrestler!

Williams: Skylar went out of his way against Scott Stevens a couple weeks ago, to prove to the UTA crowd why they call him “Suicidal”, in a VERY violent no DQ match.

Skylar walks down the ramp twirling the fragile pole like he was Donatello and this was teenage mutant ninja turtles or something.

Announcer: Hailing from London, England.

Skylar slides into the ring with the glass rod still in his hand.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 1 inches and weighing in at 190 pounds...

He stands in the middle of the ring with the fluorescent glass lighttube held aloft in his right hand and his stance wide as the crowd rain down boos upon him.


SkyMont drops the lighttube in his corner and begins testing the elasticity of the ropes.

Williams: Montgomery could use this win in a big way here against another UTA Newcomer.

'Last Resort' by Papa Roach fades out as Suicidal Skylar Montgomery begins biting his fingernails awaiting the bell.

The referee calls for the bell.

Williams: This one is under way here live in Rio De Janeiro! Victory is getting started with two newcomers to the UTA.

Fury: Dick is cheering for the referee in this one Jennifer, Dick couldn’t care less for the other two.

Williams:  The two competitors come out of their respective corners. Skylar poised and ready to lockup but Brad Ellis has other plans. Ellis comes in hard with right hands. Skylar gets a couple in but none have the effect that B.R. has. Ellis whips Montgomery off the ropes, on the return… Hip toss! No! It’s blocked by Skylar, who goes for one of his own!

Skylar tries a hip toss, and its blocked by Ellis. A duck under by B.R. into a hammerlock. Skylar with some ring awareness, throws some blind elbows, as he nears the ring ropes and the referee breaks the hold.

Skylar points to his head and smiles at Ellis.

Williams: Skylar looking good in the early going. More like a wrestler, than we have seen out of him recently. Ellis backs away, but Skylar comes forward with a dropkick. One that Ellis pushes his feet, and blocks. Ellis now on the attach, with those clubbing blows to the back of Montgomery. Off the ropes. Ellis Leapfrogs, on the return. Belly to belly suplex by B.R. Ellis!

Fury: Big move by Ellis there Jennifer. Hopefully he can put away Skylar quickly.

Both wrestlers get up, Montgomery using the ropes for support. He turns towards Ellis, who he finds already running at him. Big clothesline sends Skylar up and over the top rope, his body spilling to the outside. Ellis gets excited in the ring, and the fans love it.

Ellis steps out onto the ring apron, and as Skylar gets up again finally, Ellis drops the double ax handle right into the shoulder of Montgomery, who crumbles to the ground.

Fury: This B.R. Ellis guy is strong, Dick knows that if Skylar wants this match, he needs to change his style up, and learn to wrestle.

Williams: You just might be right Dick, this has been all B.R. Ellis in the early going.

Fury: Dick knows best.

Ellis picks up Montgomery by the hair and rolls him back into the ring, following quickly behind. Both men up, and Skylar with the ever effective, thumb to the eye of Ellis. Ellis walks away blinded, as the referee back Skylar into the corner and warns him of his actions.

Williams: Skylar pushes away the referee and runs for Ellis, who is ready. Back elbow that drops Montgomery, and immediately tries to go for the cover. Referee slides into position.



Williams: Well maybe Skylar has more fight in him, than we think? The two both stand up slowly, Ellis a little winded at this point. He goes for a big boot, but it is caught by Montgomery who spins around the big man before kicking him in the gut, and hitting a sit out facebuster. Ellis holds his face and gets up quickly, Montgomery behind him, with the backslide pin!



Fury: Both men refusing to quit! Dick must admit, this one is a little better than Dick anticipated.

Skylar gets up and hits a standing senton on the downed Ellis. He pulls Ellis to where he wants him in the ring, before standing at the turnbuckle and yelling out to the fans who respond with resounding boos.

Skylar jumps into the corner, and from the middle buckle does a springboard moonsault that lands directly on the chest of Brad Ellis. He goes for the cover again.




Williams: The Moonsault was not enough! Skylar pounds the mat in frustration. He picks up Ellis slowly, and pulls him to the turnbuckle. He unloads a couple right hands on the man, before irish whipping him across the ring. Ellis tries to counter by jumping at the corner, expecting Montgomery to run underneath. Skylar stands back until Ellis comes down. Full nelson now, going for the suplex. Ellis breaks one of his arms free, and uses the other to spin around Montgomery, he plants a kick to the solar plexus followed quickly by a snap DDT.

The fans go to their feet, as the two men lie on the ground. Both fighting for air here. The referee begins his count for the two on the mat.





Ellis is up to a knee now, and the referee stops the count. Ellis goes over and tries for a cover.




Williams: Skylar Montgomery not ready to throw in the towel just yet!

Fury: Unless that towel was covered in gasoline and lit on fire, then Dick is sure, Skylar would be happy to throw it into this match.

Williams: Good observation Dick, This match continues as Ellis picks up Montgomery and immediately locks him into a abdominal stretch! Old school approach here, and quite frankly a move rarely seen in the UTA.

Fury: That's because wrestling is a lost art Jennifer, everyone wants to do flips these days, and hit each other with light tubes. Its rediculious!

Williams: The referee is checking with Skylar, as he shakes his head and yells violently and painfully. Skylar able to lift Ellis over his hip using his arm, and brings him down with a hip toss. He follows up with a quick elbow to the shoulder of Ellis.

Skylar pulls up Ellis, and delivers a standing head butt, before sending him off the ropes. He hits Ellis with a drop toe hold, before standing up and stomping on the back of the knee of Ellis several times over.

B.R. rolls to the corner and pulls himself up as Montgomery walks towards him. Mongomery with a big back elbow, followed up by two hard chops to the chest of Ellis. Both get an approving “Wooooo” from the crowd. Skylar whips B.R. into the opposing turnbuckle where he hits chest first and is on spaghetti legs. Montgomery off the opposite ropes and goes for a hard clothesline.

Williams: Ellis ducks! Montgomery spins around and B.R. is ready. He picks him up and slams him down, with a hard standing spinebuster. He goes for the quick cover!




Williams: Close call there, but the referee says it's just two! Both men slowly getting to their feet here. Skylar goes for the boot, it's caught by Ellis. Montgomery tries and Enziguri but B.R. saw it coming a mile away. He ducks. He quickly wraps up Montgomery in an STF on the ground. Skylar in a lot of pain now, as he screams while reaching for the ropes and the break.

Montgomery brings his arms up and pulls desperately at the cinched in arm of B.R. Ellis. Slowly he reaches forward and inches his body closer to the ropes. After what feels like forever, he is able to reach them and the referee breaks the hold. The fans boo.

B.R. picks up Montgomery and takes him to the corner, Montgomery hits a few forearm shots from the corner, before reversing positions. Skylar lifts him to the top turnbuckle. This takes some effort as he is giving up nearly 80 lbs in the ring.

Finally Skylar starts climbing the ropes himself. He stands up on the top rope. He jumps backwards, while extending his feet forward and hits a top rope dropkick that sends Ellis off the turnbuckle and onto the hard concrete on the outside!

Williams: Wow! What a high risk maneuver by Skylar! Ellis is down and out on the outside and the referee has started his count! It doesn't look like Montgomery is done folks! He is back on his feet, and sizing up Ellis.

Fury: What’s he going to do Jennifer?

Williams: Off the ropes goes Skylar, he runs and dives over the top rope with a Tope con Hilo!!!! Both men are down on the outside. Montgomery once again putting his body on the line, and earning the “Suicidal” moniker.

Skylar gets up and tries to amp up the crowd who boo at him. He gets Ellis up and rolls him back into the ring. Skylar with the cover.



Kickout at the last second.

Williams: Both competitors showing why they deserve to be on this roster, and proving why they were drafted!

Fury: Dick is only slightly impressed. Its going to take a lot more than that to get Dick excited.

Williams: These two competitors get to their feet, both woozy from the match thus far! Off the ropes goes Montgomery, Ellis ducks for the back body drop, but Sunset flip from Skylar!



Kickout again!

Ellis sits up, obviously surprised by the last move, he quickly gets to his feet, Montgomery runs again, this time Ellis is ready. Small Package pin!




Montgomery rolls it over.




Both men, scramble to their feet after the move is broken.

Williams: Skylar goes for a big right handed haymaker but Ellis ducks. From behind Ellis picks him up, and drops him throat first against the ropes! Stungun! Skylar bounces off the ropes and comes back and is kicked in the gut, and picked up!

Fury: Perfectly executed piledriver there Jennifer. Dick likes watching this idiot get dumped on his head.

Ellis stands up, he noticed Montgomery is in the center of the ring this time. He bounces off the ropes and jumps.

Williams: High jumping leg drop, right across the throat of Skylar Montgomery! Ellis with the cover now!




Williams: It’s over folks! B.R. Ellis has won his first match here in the UTA! With a flurry of heavy devastating moves! Skylar didn't have enough this week.

Announcer: Here is your winner! B.R.  ELLISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Ellis has his arm raised in the center of the ring by the referee, before he exits through the ropes smiling. He looks back at his opponent one last time before heading up the ramp. The referee checks on Skylar.

Answering a Call

Answering the Call

Close up on a shot of a classic three stripe white on black Adidas sneaker as Coleslaw Jenkins steps out of a sleek Mercedez SUV. He has a phone pressed to his ear, as he's dressed like he's straight out a 90s hip hop video with the Adidas track suit. 

Jenkins: Em Jay, you duckin' my calls? Why ain't you answerin'? You're startin' t' scare me, sis. Be ready t' go when I see ya. Call me.

Jenkins comes to the back entrance to the arena. Two unfamailar looking security guards, an overzealous staffer looking to make an impression, and a translator of some sort. Local police in the crowd, fans trying to get autographs. 

Slaw approaches. The security guards close rank, the staffer steps forward.

Staffer: Hello there sir, how are you doing? Would you mind if we saw some creditnals please?

Slaw produces his passport, his work Visa - which he and Will had gone about getting before Haynes sustained his injuries, keeping him off the tour for now; and his most recent UTA paystub - showing that he is contracted with the company. Jenkins had left nothing to chance.

The staffer nods her head. She looks down at her list.

Staffer: Mister Jenkins, you can get on in. 

The security guards moves and Coleslaw steps into the arena. The camera staying with him. It's all hustle and bustle. Instantly, Colelsaw is overwhelmed. He has no clue where to go. He grabs a staffer.

Jenkins: Where the locker rooms at?

Staffer looks at him confused - doesn't speak English. International Tour at work.

Jenkins shakes his head and begins to walk forward, eyeing everyone. Seeing if he can spot someone he knows. That's when he gets his arm yanked, hard into the corner.

It's Mary Jane. She looks like a million bucks. Black skin tight dress. High heels. 

MJ: Slaw - oh my god.

She hugs her long time friend.

MJ: Thank you so much for coming. You're a life saver.

She tries to fight back some tears. Fanning her face with her free hand.

MJ: I just got my make up done, they're gonna kill me if I ruin it. 

Slaw rubs her back slightly and smiles. He's always had a soft spot for her.

Jenkins: Are you ok, sis? Do I need t' do anythin -

MJ waves him off.

MJ: No. Not right now. We just need to get outta here. Once we're outta here tonight I can tell you everything.

Slaw nods. He doesn't want to rush her.

MJ: Okay my bag is in an empty locker room. Mikey is gonna be gone in a bit so we should probably start making our move over there slowly.

Slaw nods in agreement. He motions for her to step forward.

Jenkins: Lead the way.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

International Affair Tour Continues!

International Affair Tour Continues!

The screen fades from black to the UTA logo. A in-studio shot filmed earlier in the evening, greets Dr. Emo to the UTA's masse's.

Dr. Emo: Folks as Victory continues to roll forward, preparation are in place for Wrestleshow which will be held at the Coliseo De Puerto Rico in San Juan next Monday night. With the hot topic of the week being the briefcase shot heard around the world leading to Sean Jackson's self-exodus from Dynasty; questions are about as to why he did it, and what this means for Mr. Ace in the Hole moving forward.

A quick clip plays out on the screen aside of him showing Jackson clobber the UTA World Champion from behind with the Ace briefcase before proceeding to stomp on his newly acquired ring, and the hand that adorns it. The clip fades out and returns back into the studio.

Dr. Emo: This would lead us into our scheduled Main Event of Chris Hopper taking on Mr. Ace in the Hole, Sean Jackson, in a Six-sided Steel Cage match. The unbelievable, for the second time in the night, happened and saw Hopper and Jackson for an alliance to take down Dynasty! The fans were on their feet enjoying this very rare sight!

A montage of clips shows as Jackson and Hopper take each member of Dynasty down and out. The two shaking hands in the ring. Then cuts to a slow-motion shot as Jackson drills his chain-wrapped fist into the gullet of Chris Hopper.

Dr. Emo: Of course that lasted as long as was needed for Jackson, and by the end of the night not only had Sean Jackson escaped out of the cage, decimated Dynasty and Hopper, but with the briefcase in hand he reminded the world that he was and is mister Ace in the Hole.

The scene fades out and then back into the shotput-grin of Cecilworth Farthington, kicked back and relaxed behind a desk.

Dr. Emo: That however was how we grew to the closure of an already action packed night. How about that opener though? Cecilworth Farthington, of the Machine, has claimed control of the UTA's throne. Reasons and explanations needed, but for now lets just hope it wasn't just for eighteen dollars, right?

With a flash of a smile Dr. Emo continues the playback switches to Mike Best in ring.

Dr. Emo: Alex Beckman is gone for duration unknown while her manager has laid claims to stepping in the ring with the Champ. Statements aside it remains to be seen how he will earn himself that opportunity.

The screen reveals the Legacy Championship title, and beneath it the standing form of one John Sektor.

Dr. Emo: Next week, we will have six matches that will see the winners of those matches face one another at the following Wrestleshow, for the number one contendership to the Legacy Championship. Those matches are:

The lineup from the website fills the side-screen.

Lucius Jones Vs Abdul Ahab
Sabrina Baker Vs Kendrix
Bronson Box Vs Scott Stevens
Quinlan Vs CBR
Brother Judas Vs Zhalia Fears
Chris Hopper Vs Dylan Windsor

Dr. Emo: That and of course much more went down last week. If you missed it, for shame. Head on over to the UTA Network and stream it today as well as my weekly special. Until next time, this is Dr. Emo. Now back to Victory and more Bobby Dean!

The clip fades back out to black as the show continues to plow forward.

Bobby Dean vs Amy Harrison

Trouble by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison comes out to a chorus of boos. Amy looks out to the crowd and starts to yell back at them.

Williams: We have a very exciting matchup coming up next folks!

Fury: The only matchup in this one, is determining who has the bigger boobs.

She walks down the aisle determined, while stopping to yell at a few fans in the crowd.

Announcer: Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, and tells everyone that she's the best, before getting in the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 5'4 and weighing in at 114 pounds...

Harrison looks right at the crowd and tells them to "Shut up!"

Announcer: Amyyyyy HARRISOOOOOOON!!!

Amy shakes her head at the crowd as she starts to get ready for the match.

Williams: Amy Harrison looking to improve her record here tonight, and pick up a big win.

Fury: Big is the right word.

Amy then limbers up in the ring to get herself ready.

“I’m the Best Around” by Joe Esposito hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to their feet. Through the curtain comes ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, riding on his blue scooter. He is not alone however because sitting on his lap is his daughter Brittney Jean Dean.

Williams: Here comes ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean and he is not alone!

Fury: Dick is torn. Waist up Dick loves BJ Dean. Waste down, well lets just say Dick suspects she is packing heat.

The pair stop at the top of the stage and wave to the fans. Bobby puts his arms out, and hugs his daughter from behind. She leans back and asks a question. Dean nods quickly and dramatically.

Announcer: Now making his way to the ring, hailing from Houston, Texas….

BJ Dean smiles and takes the handles of the scooter.

Williams: Looks like Bobby is going to let BJ do the steering!

Fury: Hopefully Bobby was not her driving instructor.

The slowly make their way down the ramp. BJ holding the handles nervously as Bobby rides smiling. They weave a little going down the ramp, almost falling off of one edge, before Bobby reaches up and corrects her steering.

Announcer: He stands six feet tall, and weighs in at 399 and a half pounds….

Fury: Real father daughter bonding time going on here at the Wrestlezone, and Dick for one, has had enough.

They get to the ring and bump it slightly.

Williams: Bobby really needs to get those brakes checked.

Fury: If he is checking anything it should be the weight limit.

The two climb off the scooter, and walk to the ring stairs. Slapping hands all the way, while the fans dance to the theme song. They slowly climb the steps and make their way into the ring where they stand in the center and hug before putting their arms up in the air.

Announcer: This is ‘Beautiful’ Bobby DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

BJ helps him take off his robe, as the fans let out a collective “ugh”. She then takes the coat and exits the ring with it. These two find there respective corners. The referee pats down Amy quickly, before making his way to Bobby. He stops for a minute, points at Bobby and warns him.

Fury: Whats going on here?

Williams: I think he is warning Bobby that he had better not be hiding any food in his trunks this week. Bobby is shaking his head as the referee holds his hand out. Bobby asking the fans for help, but gets nothing but laughs back as the referee is insisting that Bobby forfeit any foreign objects.

Bobby finally puts his hands up and drops them. He finally reaches into his tights and pulls out a large handful of cold spaghetti. He hands it to the referee who is disgusted.


Williams: No spaghetti sentons tonight.


Fury: What a shame Jennifer!


The sarcasm is dripping from Dicks voice. Bobby now reaches in the back end and pulls out a sprinkled frosted donut, half the frosting is missing.


The referee collects the items and tries to take them to the announcer. Bobby stops him, apparently he's not finished.


Bobby reaches in again, this time digging, digging, all the way under his groin and pulls out what appears to be a long stick of salami.

Williams: The referee not so sure he wants that one from Bobby Dean.

Fury: Bobby really dug deep for that salami.

The referee is hesitant so while he decides Bobby takes a huge bite off the end of the salami. The referee backs up in disgust, as the fans let out a collective disgusted groan. Bobby shrugs as he chews, and hands the Salami down to Brittney Jean.

The referee calls for the bell.

Williams: This one is underway folks! What a matchup!

Fury: Bobby Dean is coming off squashing Sabrina, and then competing in the Chamber match at Ring King! Dick was surprised to see Bobby last as long as he did.

The bell rings and Amy Harrison approaches Bobby carefully. Bobby smiles as yet again he is facing another sexy woman of the UTA. Bobby Dean tries to extend his hand to Harrison. She looks at it in disgust before he looks down at it, and then wiped it on his trunks before trying again.

Williams: Harrison not about to shake that hand.

Fury: Would you? You don’t know where that hand has been!

Williams: Can’t say I would, Dick. Harrison now pushing away the arm of Bobby Dean, before lighting up his calf with a quick kick. Bobby reaches down to rub the red spot, and Amy takes advantage of the other leg. With quick succession she is finding these kicks!

Dean finally realizes and backs off of Harrison, who keeps walking towards him. Following him around the ring. She keeps swinging those kicks, but Bobby is just out of reach. Finally he sticks his head between the ropes and hides. The referee tells Amy to back off, but before she does, she delivers a boot square to the behind of the ‘Beautiful’ one.

The referee warns her, as Bobby stands back up, looking at her. He sticks his tongue out at her, causing her to run at him. The referee grabs her and makes her back off while Bobby keeps taunting.

Fury: Dean is poking the bear here.

Williams: Amy Harrison is a bear?

Fury: Yea, Like the snuggle bear, because Dick would love to put her in his sheets.

Williams: Back to the action, The two tie up now, and Bobby Dean pushes Amy down to the mat. Bobby Dean flexing his arms, and licks his lips. No one in the UTA can play the type of mind games that Bobby Dean can. Who else hides a sausage in their shorts?

Fury: Brittney Jean Dean.

Williams: Will you stop!?

Harrison gets up and runs at Bobby who is still perched by the ropes. Dean ducks and sends her up and over the top rope with a back body drop. Harrison holds the top rope but hits the apron hard before falling to the outside. Dean walks to the middle of the ring and drops to his knees exhausted. The referee begins his count.



BJ tosses Bobby a water bottle. He takes the top off and takes a drink before spitting the water out everywhere surprised. He is yelling at BJ now. Walking over to where she is on the outside.

Dean: This is water!

Bobby angrily throws the water bottle back at her. Apparently not what he expected.



Williams: Amy is standing now on the outside, collecting her thoughts before stepping back into the match with Bobby. Dean still talking to BJ on the outside as Amy climbs onto the apron and up to the top rope. Bobby just now turning around and… MISSILE DROPKICK! Beautiful move by Amy Harrison!

Fury: Did you see that ring shake when Bobby Dean landed!? Dick doesn’t know how many more of those this ring can handle!

Both are slow to get up, Harrison reaches her feet first. She starts dropping forearms into the smaller back of Bobby Dean. He winces with each one. Off the ropes, Harrison comes back with a rocker dropper sending Bobby right back to the mat. Harrison tries to roll Bobby over for the pin but can’t move him.

Fury: No surprise here Jennifer, Amy has the upper body strength of a housefly. Those chesticles though.

Williams: Nice maneuver there by Amy, she is unable to take advantage of a pinfall. 400 pounds of deadweight is no easy task.

Fury: Three hundred ninety nine and a half Jennifer, get it right.

Quickly she gives up and steps back for a breather. Bobby army crawls to the side of the ring, Brittney Jean comes close to console her father, and thats when Bobby Dean reaches out and smacks her on the ass as hard as he can. He falls out of the ring, and she looks confused. As does the referee. He begins his count.



The referee explains to Bobby he has to reenter the ring. Bobby gives him the international symbol for ‘I made a tag’. The clap above the head. The referee tells him that its his match, he has to fight.



Bobby whispers to Brittney Jean. She stands up determined, and rolls into the ring. She stands toe to toe with Amy Harrison. Harrison looks over at Bobby and gets a look of sympathy on her face, when BJ turns to look why, Harrison blasts her with an elbow shot. Knocking her down.

Williams: What a cheapshot by Amy Harrison! That was uncalled for!

Fury: What are you talking about? She entered the ring, looking for a fight. Dick would have hit her too.



Williams: The referee continues to count out Bobby. Inside the ring Amy has jumped on top of the downed Brittney Jean and starts wailing away on her. Harrison with no training just tries to cover her face.



Bobby is frustrated on the outside. He gets back in the ring slowly. Rolls in and just lies there on the edge. Its enough for the referee to stop his count.

Williams: Dean is back in the ring, but it's his daughter who is catching the punishment from Amy. She continues to smack, and yell at BJ. Harrison has a mean streak but this is ridiculous.

Fury: If you are going to step into a UTA ring you better have big balls, and BJ Dean certainly has those!

Finally in a move of pure survival. BJ Dean is able to turn Amy over, rolling her onto her back. she she grabs Amy by the hair and starts slamming the back of her head against the mat. The two begin rolling around the ring hitting each other as the fans go crazy. Even Bobby Dean half sits up to watch.

Fury: Why isn’t the referee disqualifying Bobby Dean for this?

Williams: If Amy Harrison can cheapshot BJ, then she should be able to defend herself!

The two get up and trade rights and lefts. Amy gets the upper hand shortly and shoots BJ off the ropes. On the return Amy hits an atomic drop on BJ. Brittney holds her crotch and falls to the mat.

Williams: Bobby is yelling at BJ to get up, telling her she is a woman.

Fury: Dick knows the truth, and that move had to hurt!

Amy leans back before jogging towards BJ and dropping a running senton to her. Amy Harrison goes for the cover.

Williams: The referee is trying to get Amy's attention. He tells her no and points to Bobby Dean. Harrison pounds the mat in frustration and heads for Bobby. Just before she gets there BJ grabs her from behind and goes for a school boy roll up.

Fury: BJ is trying Jennifer, but Amy is swinging her arms to keep her balance.

Williams: Indeed, BJ moves her hand to just above the buttox of Amy and grabs her by the tights pulling them down!


Williams: Amy finally falls down after BJ pulled those tights and exposed her backside.


Williams: Once again pinfalls don’t count. BJ breaks the hold and stands up fists ready again. Harrison gets up and tries tackling her into the turnbuckle. BJ dodges and the fans go crazy. BJ moves to the center of the ring, here comes Amy full speed.

BJ leapfrogs Amy. Amy hits the opposite turnbuckle hard. BJ gets wide eyed and jumps up and down.  Bobby Dean is lying flat on the mat again, he raises one arm in the air with a thumbs up. Both Bobbie Dean and Amy Harrison are down on the mat, the referee starts his count.



Bobby Dean realizes what the ref is counting. He slowly stands up, using the ropes as leverage. The ref breaks the count as Dean hobbles over to Amy who is lying by the turnbuckle. Dean grabs her by the hair, bending over to pick her up. BJ helps him. Finally they get  Harrison to her feet. As soon as they do, Bobby Dean, walks over to the opposite turnbuckle and using the ropes, lays back down.

Williams: Bobby Dean only got up to pick up Amy so that he could lay back down! This folks, is most definitely a first.

Fury: What a lazy slob.

BJ Dean climbs on the turnbuckles and starts punching  as the fans count with her. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7 Suddenly Amy walks away from the turnbuckle holding up BJ. Harrison reaches up and cradles the head of BJ and sits out with a devastating Jaw Breaker.

The fans all ‘ooooooh’ at the move as the tron lights up with the instant replay.

BJ grabs her chin on the mat, and kicks her legs in pain.

Bobby Dean is stirring finally.  He is ready to get back in the action. He stands up against the turnbuckle as the fans begin to cheer.

Williams: Bobby Dean is up! Here he comes!

Amy notices this too. BJ rolls out of the ring still holding her jaw. Bobby draws close to Harrison, who is obviously playing possum. As Dean bends over to pick up Amy, she does a kip up. Instead of landing on her feet though, she uses her momentum to place a foot against the head of Bobby Dean, and grabs his arm in the process. She comes back down on her back.

Williams: Kip Up Broken Ugly Face!!!!

Fury: WOW!!! That fat idiot is seeing stars!

Dean falls to his back, his eyes roll back in his head. Amy scrambles over and climbs on top of Dean, trying to hook a huge leg.




Williams: Thats it folks, Amy Harrison with a HUGE upset! Picking up her second win!

Amy stands up slowly the referee raising her arm.

Announcer: The Winner of this match via pinfall, Amy HARRISOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!

She taunts the fans before exiting the ring, turning back and pointing and laughing at Bobby and BJ. Brittney back in the ring now checking on her father as we cut to the next scene.

Aint No Rest for the Wicked.

Aint No Rest for the Wicked

The scene opens to a long beige hallway, production crew mulling about, trying to keep Victory running smoothly. 

Around one of the corners walks valet and current girlfriend of Mikey Unlikely, Mary Jane. 

She is dressed to kill in a black skin tight dress that screams sex appeal. Her high heels clack on the cheap tile floors with every step. She is looking behind herself talking to someone.

Finally Coleslaw Jenkins comes around the corner with her. He has a bag in his hand, a very large duffle bag. 

Coleslaw is in a 1994 Addidas tracksuit ala RunDMC. 

Jenkins: K, MJ, got ya bag 'ere. Let's get ta hell outta dis joint, before he sees us!

MJ: Sounds good! I just need to get one more thing from his locker room and I'm ready.

They speed up a little, Slaw is on high alert, looking in all directions. 

Jenkins: An' ya sure he ain't in dis locker room, sis? 

She shakes her head.

MJ: Yea, he said he had to go do something with LFB. 

They proceed on, until they come to the locker room of Mikey Unlikely. Mary Jane slowly opens the door and walks in. Coleslaw goes in after her. He walks to the middle of the room looking around, she stays by the door, as soon as he is passed her, she shuts the door behind him and locks it.

Jenkins: Ey, wha da hell!?

He turns back to her, she holds her arms up and shrugs. 

MJ: Sorry Slaw!

With that Mikey comes bursting from behind a row of lockers. Coleslaw sees him at the last second, his eyes go wide but he doesn't have time to react. 

Mikey brings down a steel chair over his head and lays out Coleslaw who doesn't even have time to get his hands up. Slaw falls like a sack of potatoes. Mikey immediately puts the back rest of the chair into the throat of Jenkings, pressing down on it. 

Unlikely: This is for costing me the Legacy title you sack of shit! 

Mikey brings the chair up over his head and down and buries it into the chest of Jenkins.  Repeatedly, over and over. Coleslaw is choking and trying to catch his breath, flailing wildly. 

Unlikely: This one is for your buddy Will Haynes. WHY ISN'T HE HERE SLAW!? DID HE THINK THAT MIKEY MAKES PROMISES HE CAN'T KEEP?

Mikey picks him up by the head, and rams him head first into the lockers. Jenkins falls down trying to reach for something to catch him. Unlikely starts delivering the boots. 

Now he gets down on the ground and puts his face next to Coleslaws. Mikey is smiling as he says...

Unlikely: If the Thrill isn't here in two weeks, someone else is going to get it Coleslaw. I want you to fly back to the hospice center where they are holding Wills worthless, lifeless body, and let him know this is his fault. Show him the bruises and tell him, it's just the beginning, unless he flies his happy ass to Victory the beatings will keep coming.

Mikey stands up and grabs slaws legs, he turns him over and puts him in the backstory, right on the tile floor. Jenkins flails and screams. He taps over and over but Mikey won't let go. Finally Mary Jane comes over and convinces Mikey to let go. He does, turns and spits on Jenkins before leaving the locker room with Mary Jane.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

The Future Is Now

The Future is Now

Fury: So what’s next?

Williams: I think we’re supposed to be going backstage to speak to Kate.

Fury: Oh? I wonder who she has had to sleep with to keep her job.

Williams: Speculating once again?

Kate Kincaid is stood holding a UTA microphone as the camera goes to a backstage area. A UTA: Victory banner is behind her.

Kincaid: Hello? Is this working? Am I live?

She looks quite vacant before realising she is live on television.

Kincaid: Hello UTA Fans, sorry to take you away from the action at ringside but I’ve got a guest who is not short of a few words. He wants to keep us up to date with his actions plus what the future holds for him especially as the UTA Wildfire Champion has always got devious plans.

She turns around and looks off camera.

Kincaid: I have with me at the moment accompanied by his sister Nazirah and his manager Rafiq. It is none other than current UTA Wildfire Champion Abdul bin Hussain!

Rafiq is stood at the back of the group. Nazirah, Ali, Rafiq’s intern is stood to the left of him slurping on a big ice filled Monster and next to him is Rafiq; Standing proud as punch at the front of the group is none other than Abdul bin Hussain. 

Kincaid: Hi guys.

Abdul gives her a disdainful look up and down.

Kincaid: Ohhhhh, so you asked for this time Abdul.  But why do you want to speak back here and not in the ring like you did earlier?

Abdul: Have you seen it out there in the ring; with those fans all chanting their disrespectful chants. I need this time to get things off my chest. But first I have something to say about you.

Kincaid: Yes?

Abdul: Why do you think you have the right to speak to me harlot?

Kincaid: What?

Abdul: Look at you. I am Abdul bin Hussain, and you dress like just another cheap street hooker.

Abdul gives her a look of disdain. Ali slurps on the drink.

Abdul: But as this is a new era in the UTA’s life. So we have got you a present.

He motions to Rafiq who hands her a package. Kate smiles as she opens it. The smile slowly drops as she pulls out a burqa. Abdul leans in towards her before grabbing the microphone off of her. He motions for her to get out of shot.

Abdul: Next time we meet you better be wearing that. Now get back to your kitchen. Now where was I? Oh yeah, this is Abdul bin Hussain’s time.

He turns and looks into the camera.

Abdul: Now this show is supposed to be a re-invention of sorts for me; but having been interrupted by those arrogant punks earlier. Trying to steal my airtime for the betterment of their careers but alas it did not work. All you did was get under my skin.

Ali slurps again only to earn a look of disdain from Rafiq. 

Abdul: This is supposed to be all about me as I am the real reason that you guys tune into watch the show in is not? 

Rafiq nods.

Abdul: This week is the anniversary of that fateful day. It is fourteen years since America’s CIA faked the destruction of the World Trade Centre and blamed it on some Muslims in the Arab Nations just for the power it would bring them. What? You thought it was us terrorists or just any Arabs that did it?

Abdul shrugs his shoulders.

Abdul: Racists! It was premeditated in your movies. Just watch Long Kiss Goodbye, Samuel Jackson would not lie would he? But I am not out here to talk about conspiracy theories………

Ali slurps.

Abdul: ……..I am here just to steal this show. This Thorpe punk is not going to know what hit him. I will make you scream for mercy Thorpe. Do you know who I am? Do you know what I am capable of? Abdul is the greatest wrestler that the UTA has ever seen. I beat all the top challengers that have been thrown at me. Do you think you can take the UTA Wildfire Championship belt from around my waist? Do you? 

He shrugs his shoulders before nodding at the camera.

Abdul: I do not think you realise who I am? I am the real deal, Abdul bin Hussain. I have come to the decision. The only way to actually put me out would be for you to clone me and have my clone beat me.

Rafiq nods.

Abdul: Seems like a thing you would do Americans. Since Dolly the sheep was cloned you have tried to re-create what you lose. Did you know she was actually the 277 attempt at cloning? Each of those deformed grotesque mockeries of the original being should have been left dead. Now they are talking about doing it to humans. Only you American’s would go against what is right.

He turns to Rafiq with a smirk on his face.

Abdul: And my opponent is?

Rafiq: Tom Cruise?

Abdul: No……

Rafiq: Tony Romo?

Abdul: Hell no!

Rafiq: Tom Hardy?

Abdul shakes his head and turns to the camera.

Abdul: Thorpe, there will be no silly dancing when the night is done. I will be taking this belt back with me tonight.

Abdul pauses straightening his t-shirt. Abdul throws the microphone down and they leave, except for Ali. He looks directly into the camera and holds up his drink and takes another slurp from it before leaving.

Fury: What?

Williams: He is OUR Wildfire Champion!

Team Danger vs. Lew Smith/Ron Hall

Been To Hell by Hollywood Undead hits the p.a system and the fans in the Rio Olympic Arena are up on their feet for the one, the only, the legendary tag team of terror, the UTA tag team champions; Team Danger.

Williams: Team Danger coming off an impressive win at the Ring King pay per view, and were also the number one picks in the roster draft between Eric Dane and John Sektor.

Fury: Dick doesn’t see what’s so ‘dangerous’ about these guys. Walking around with those hockey masks. What are they gonna do, ice skate all over their opponents tonight?

The terrible twosome slap their gold belts then make their way down the ramp, slapping high fives with those lucky enough to be in the front row.

Announcer: Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida...

They stop at the bottom of the ramp and stare at their opponents in the ring, Stephen Greer swinging and slapping his lariat arm whilst Tyrone Walker bounces on the spot energetically.

Announcer: Weighing in at a total combined weight of 454 pounds...

Team Danger nod at eachother then slide into the ring at the same time, ignoring everyone else in the ring and heading straight to a corner each to climb the turnbuckles and show out to the fans. Greer swings his lariat arm whilst Walker bounces up and down on the second rope.

Announcer: This is the ‘King of Pain’ Stephen Greer and ‘Black Jesus’ Tyrone Walker; TEEEEAM DANNNNGERRR!

Team Danger soak up the adulation and fanfare for a moment, then jump down off the turnbuckles and commune near the ropes.

Announcer: And their opponents... already in the ring... ‘The Southern Rebel’ Ron Hall and Lew Smith!

Stacy Sinclair flees out of the ring as Hall/Smith and Team Danger get nose to nose in the middle of the ring. The crowd are split between chants for both teams.

Williams: This is a high stakes matchup. If the team of Lew Smith and Ron Hall can score a win over the champions here tonight then they will be next in line for a title shot.

Fury: Dick thinks La Flama Blanca still deserves his rematch. And seeing as though that Second Coming no longer works for this company, LFB should be able to pick a new partner. Hey what about Mikey Unlikely? They’d make wonderful tag team champions. Dick can see it now...

After a long intense stare down Team Danger eventually offer Hall/Smith their hands and the handshakes are accepted as the crowd give a round of applause for the show of good sportsmanship.

Williams: You don’t see that every day in UTA; a show of clean sportsmanship. This should be a good match.

Fury: Yuck. Dick thinks he’s about to be sick.

Tyrone Walker and Lew Smith go to their respective corners leaving Ron Hall to face off against Stephen Greer.


Hall and Greer lock up and Hall grabs a headlock, then transitions round into a hammerlock, then just clubs Greer on the top of the spine with his forearm.

Williams: Two veterans of the game facing off here and the southern rebel seems to have taken the early advantage to get things started.

Greer turns around slowly with a little smirk on his face and he shakes his head ‘no’ at Ron, who looks up at him nervously. Ron Hall fires a chop across Stephen Greer’s big upper chest that echoes like wood and Greer steps back. A few people in the crowd ‘woo’. Hall goes to pursue the bigger man but Greer sends him flying off his feet with the type of dull thudding chop that is more painful feeling than loud sounding. Everybody in the crowd ‘woo’s. 

Williams: Massive chop there from Stephen Greer. I think I can see the blood-vessels and capillaries bursting on Ron Hall’s chest as we speak.

Hall crawls into the corner and uses the ropes to pull himself back u pto his feet, Greer follows and just starts machine gun chopping Hall, then hitting him with short jabs to the side of the head, then alternating between jabbing and chopping in quick succession. The crowd are reaching a fever pitch as this progresses. Greer pulls Hall out of the corner by his god damned ears and begins forearming him in the jaw, then doubles him over, holds the back of the head and simply begins to knee him point blank in the face many times over; then toe punt him in the face repeatedly until the crowd are up on their feet in appreciation of this can of whop ass being opened up infront of them.

Williams: Violence party! Vintage Stephen Greer.

Fury: Doesn’t look like any kid of party Dick would want to go to, and Dick’s been to some weird parties...

Greer is playing to the crowd winding up his lariat arm. Hall staggers to his feet. Greer whips him off the ropes and is about to hit the big Hellfire Lariat but Hall holds onto the ropes and his legs swing up as he leans back like a chair reclining. He quickly scurries to his corner and tags in Lew Smith.

Fury: Ugh, not this guy. Somebody should tell him that the baggy pants look is so 90s. Get with the times, man!

Lew Smith attempts one of those fancy karate punches of his but Stephen Greer just catches his arm; then comes down with a thunderous open palm chop upon Lew Smith’s chest. The crowd go ‘woo’.  Smith crawls into a mutual corner, holding his chest and trying to catch his breath. Greer pulls him up to his feet, pushes him against the corner and overhand chops him once again. The crowd go ‘woo’ once again but Greer doesn’t seem satisfied. He looks out at the crowd with that little smirk on his face, then at Tyrone Walker in his corner and then just proceeds to freakin’ tear Lew Smith’s tight white shirt open and expose his bare flesh.

Fury: Ha, look at his bird chest!

Greer tells everyone to sssshhhhh then hits a spanking chop right across the chest of Lew Smith. Lew squats down in the corner but Greer just laughs and points at him then pulls him back up to his feet and punishes him with a second deadly chop.

Williams: Stephen Greer lighting Lew Smith’s chest up there. Those chops are just vicious.

Fury: Meh. Dick's seen harder slaps from a 5 year old playing patticake.

Smith leaps out of the ring and patrols ringside, holding his chest. He climbs onto the apron and starts having a conversation with his partner Ron Hall, then he climbs through the ropes just as a formality before he tags out to Ron Hall. Greer looks amused at Ron Hall trying his luck again.

Hall and Greer lock up and Hall grabs a head chancery, snapmeres Stephen Greer to the mat the quickly runs and tags in Lew Smith. Smith takes off the ropes in one direction and Hall takes off the other and they meet in the middle making a soccer kick sandwich out of the seated Stephen Greer.

Williams: Double soccer kick from Smith and Hall. That’s gotta drive the wind out of ya.

Ron Hall leaves the ring as Smith pins Greer.


Greer throws Smith halfway across the ring with his aggressive kick out.

Williams: Greer kicks out with authority. Not gonna get the king of pain that easily.

Smith sets Greer up next to his corner, climbs the ropes and plunges with a fiery double footstomp right through the heart of the king of pain.

Williams: Ouch. That had to hurt.

Smith makes the cover.



Greer kicks out to Smith’s astonishment. Smith goes to pull Greer back up to his feet but Greer starts letting off forearm shots to Lew’s midsection as the crowd begin to grow enthusiastic. Smith lets go of Greer’s head and Greer rises with a huge european uppercut that catches Smith flush on the jawline. Greer whips Smith into the ropes and pumps up his lariat arm but Smith returns with a giant leaping standing double footstomp.

Williams: OH WOW!

Fury: What the hell was that!?

Yes, Smith literally leaped so high in the air his feet caught the chest of a standing opponent, driving Greer down to the mat with some sort of ungodly combination between a lou thesz press and a double footstomp.

Fury: Pin him!

Williams: I thought you hated Lew Smith.

Fury: Dick can’t hate him if he keeps hitting moves like that.

Smith scrambles on top of Greer for the pin.





Greer kicks out again and Tyrone Walker is trying to get a clap started up in his honour. Smith tags in Ron Hall and Hall just starts stomping on Greer’s chest to a spattering of surprising boos for the UTA hall of famer.

Hall drags Greer out to ringside and whips him into the steel barricade as Walker is heard protesting to the referee.

Williams: The southern rebel getting down and dirty just like he did at Ring King to finally do us all a favor and get rid of that god awful James Wingate.

Fury: That’s Mister Wingate to you!

Hall steps back to the opposite end of the ringside mats as Greer climbs to his feet beside the steel guardrail. Then Hall just charges across ringside and collides with Greer side on with a pounce like football tackle into and THROUGH the steel barricade.

Williams: OH MY WORD! Ron Hall may have just ended this match right here.

Tyrone Walker steps into the shot and starts arguing with the referee to stop the match as the crowd chant:


Lew Smith steps in and starts arguing with Tyrone Walker as the referee tries to keep them apart and trainers and EMTs check on Stephen Greer in the front row.

Williams: Stephen Greer might not be able to finish this match ladies and gentlemen. It’s a shame, this has been a great contest, it’s a shame it had to end this way... WAIT A MINUTE!

The audience explode with glee when, after some commotion, Stephen Greer emerges from the crowd of UTA personnel, albeit clutching his ribs, but still ready to fight.

Ron Hall is quick to get on him with clubbing forearm shots. Then Hall whips him into a set of steel ring steps and Greer crashes into them with a smash.

Williams: Ron Hall dominating Stephen Greer here on the outside, and the black jesus Tyrone Walker has yet to see any action in this match, Dick.

Fury: Greer is obviously selfish. He didn’t tag his partner in when he had the chance and now he’s paying for it.

Hall attempts to whip Greer into the steel ring post but Greer reverses and Hall’s cranium bongs off the hard steel post instead. But when Greer turns around, trying to get his wits about him, Lew Smith runs along the ring apron and simply soccer kicks Greer’s chin off with a running apron soccer kick that sends Greer down to the ringside floor hard.

Williams: Tyrone Walker is just itching to get involved in this match up!

Lew Smith tags himself in and he and Ron Hall roll Greer into the ring and pick him up into the air for a double suplex, but Tyrone Walker runs into the ring and catches Greer and helps him land on his feet. Greer shakes the cobwebs loose and positions himself behind Walker, as they wait for Lew Smith to turn around and, when he does, they hit him with a 3D.

Williams: Big move by Team Danger, could be a momentum changer for them!

Ron Hall turns around to see what all the fuss is about and gets hit with a big 3D aswell.

Williams: Flapjack/Cutter combination there from Team Danger. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s impressive.

Ron Hall rolls out of the ring and the referee gets Tyrone Walker back into his corner. Stephen Greer crawls over the downed Lew Smith to make the cover.








Lew Smith just pops the shoulder up to a roar from the crowd. Greer crawls to his corner and tags in Walker who climbs straight to the top rope as Greer scoop slams Lew Smith to the mat and holds his legs open wide for Walker to fly off the top rope with a swan dive head butt targeted at the groin.

The crowd are all cheering as Team Danger storm around the ring celebrating that last move, until Greer catches Tyrone off guard and shoves him in the chest.


Team Danger get in position for another 3D as the crowd go wild. Walker whips Smith into the ropes but on the rebound Lew Smith leapfrogs a standing Tyrone Walker and comes back down to earth with a big falling front dropkick to the chest of Stephen Greer.

Williams: Big time reversal by Lew Smith right there!

Lew Smith quickly climbs to the top rope. Tyrone Walker runs at him and Smith hits a beautiful front dropkick on Walker/flat back senton on Greer combination.

Williams: That was pretty and effective.

Greer rolls out of the ring to catch a breather but Lew Smith hops out on to the apron and waits for him to turn around. When Greer turns around Smith just charges the apron with his apron soccer kick right to the upper chest/lower jaw area. But Greer catches Smith’s foot. Pulls him onto his shoulders and then simply apron powerbombs him onto the hard unyielding edge.

Williams: There’s absolutely no give on the edge of that ring apron!

Fury: Well that put an end to Lew Smith and his fancy moveset. Dick never liked him in the first place.

In the ring Team Danger hit the backbreaker/top rope elbow drop combination they call ‘The Demolisher’ on Ron Hall. They both pile on top of him for the pin.







Williams: It’s over.

The referee goes to signal for the bell to be rung but, before he can make it official, Lew Smith hops up on the apron talking about how he’s the legal man. The referee stops to think about it and realises that Smith is right, so continues the match.

The referee pushes Greer back into his corner who is protesting because Ron Hall is setting up Tyrone Walker for a piledriver whilst Lew Smith climbs the top rope. Hall lifts Walker up for a piledriver as Smith flies through the air then comes down with a double footstomp to Tyrone Walker’s butt that adds extra umph to Ron Hall’s piledriver. Walker lands in a sickening crumpled heap right on his head.

Williams: OH MY... Innovative spike piledriver there. This could be it.

Hall rolls out of the ring and Smith locks in a tight cover.











Stephen Greer breaks up the pinfall attempt. Ron Hall climbs back into the ring.

Williams: Looks like all hell’s broken loose, Dick.

Smith and Hall attempt a double clothesline on Greer but he ducks, takes off the ropes, rebounds and beheads them  both in a way that would make Henry the 8th or ISIS proud.

Williams: Double Hellfire Lariat!  The king of pain is all fired up!

Greer shoves Hall out of the ring under the bottom rope and then wakes up Tyrone Walker. 

Williams: Could this be it?Greer lifts Lew Smith up for a powerbomb whilst Tyrone Walker prepares to drop the neckbreaker that completes their finishing move ‘Simon Says Die’. They hit it and Smith lands of the back of his head/ top of of his spine. Tyrone rolls out of the ring and Greer falls on top of Smith for the pin.






The bell starts to sound.

Announcer: The winners of this match... TEAM.. DAAAANNNGGER!!!

Williams: Team Danger wins, but not after an amazing effort by Lew Smith and Ron Hall.

The champions are handed their titles as they celebrate.

Channeling Spirits

Channeling Spirits

The scene turns to backstage where backstage interviewer Kate Kincaid is standing.

Kincaid: I am live backstage and something bizarre is happening here... 

Kincaid says before the camera turns to the front of Lisil Jackson's locker room where smoke can be seen coming from under the door. 

Kincaid: Should I call the fire department or something? 

Kincaid shrugs her shoulders before cautiously opening the door. The camera zooms in to see Lisil Jackson on his knees in front of a tiki statue chanting to it. 

Kincaid: What in the world?

Kincaid steps into the room waving her hand in front of her face. 

Kincaid: Psst! Lisil! What are you doing!? 

Lisil Jackson looks at Kincaid and puts a finger to his lips. 

L. Jackson: Shhh... Kate ya don't wanna disturb dee spirit now do ya? 

Kincaid raises an eye brow watching Lisil Jackson. The camera zooms in closer revealing the tiki is that of a woman dressed in a head dress and a tribal style dress. 

Kincaid: What are you burning?! Is this even safe to breathe in? 

L. Jackson: It's white sage.... Help keep dee spirits of darkness away!

Lisil Jackson says as he blows on the small burning pile of leaves in front of the tiki statue. 

Kincaid: Spirits? Did you join The Truth or something? 

Lisil Jackson lets out a laugh. 

L. Jackson: Dee Truth? Naw naw mon! Dis is Loa... Dee Caribbean spirit o' direction! 

Lisil Jackson reaches down and pulls out a bottle. 

L. Jackson: Great spirit Loa! I offa a gift o' rum to ya! 

Lisil Jackson says before opening the bottle and pouring the rum into the little wooden cup next to the tiki. 

Kincaid: That is pretty interesting Lisil... While I'm here I might as well ask about how you feel facing Eric Dane tonight? 

Lisil Jackson turns to Kate Kincaid and smiles. 

Kincaid: Jus ya watch... Tonight Loa will guide me ta victory! She will come! Dane can try his dirty tactics but Loa will direct ma path! 

Kate Kincaid backs up slowly kind of creeped out. 

Kincaid: Ok........ Ummmmm.... What about The truth? Are you worried they will try to interfere? 

Lisil Jackson ponders the question before laughing. 

L. Jackson: Kate Dee Truth are ova at Wrestleshow! All dey can do is talk! Dey are like a dog chained outside. All dey can do is run to dee end of dat yard and bark! Till dey actually come and do somethin dey aren't a concern! 

Lisil looks down at the Tiki statue and runs a finger over the statue's face. 

L. Jackson: Loa will keep HIM away! 

Kate backs out of the room as Lisil Jackson lets out a chuckle. 

Kincaid: And on that note I am getting out of here before I get any more creeped out! 

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

I'm Still Talking

I'm Still Talking

We come back from commercial to find “Rumor Man” Stan Davis standing in front of a Victory backdrop. The red, white, and blue seem more true on this occasion. The lights backstage are bright, shining down on Davis. Stan gets his cue.

Davis: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time… THE UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca.

La Flama Blanca steps into the picture, dressed to impress in a fine Italian suit. His dress shirt is open a few buttons showing his gold chain. The Champion holds his UTA World title over his left shoulder. Cameras switch to the inside of Rio Olympic Arena, where the fans voice their opinion on the world champion. 

Davis: Welcome Champ…

We go back live to LFB and Stan Davis. LFB gives a little chuckle upon hearing the boos coming from the Rio de Janeiro crowd. 

La Flama Blanca: Thank you, Stan. 

Blanca nods his head, liking that he doesn’t have to correct him.

Davis: We all heard the remarks made earlier here on Victory by Eric Dane… Him putting out a-

The Champion cuts off Stan, holding his hand up which silences The Rumor Man.

LFB: There are more important things going on in the UTA than whatever you were just talking about.

"Rumor Man" Stan rolls his eyes. Blanca pauses for a second, letting the boos die down a bit before continuing.

LFB: All the talk at Wrestleshow should have been about your UTA World Champion DEFENDING his title at Ring King. All the talk should have have been about La Flama Blanca DEFEATING Alex Brokenarm...

Davis holds the microphone up to The Champion’s mouth, as he continues to speak. Gesturing with his free hand, as the words continue to flow.

LFB: The world sat and watched as I was celebrated like how a champion should be… I was immortalized, but Sean Jackson showed the jealous little baby that he is.

We go back inside the Rio Olympic Arena, cameras roll as the fans watch the big screen.

LFB: I've done things few people have or will ever do in this company. I SHOULD be celebrated and he couldn’t stand it. He wanted it to be him. Last week… Sean Jackson made the worst decision of his entire life when he attacked me in Mexico.

Stan Davis looks off to the side, thinking of his next words.

Davis: Last week on Wrestleshow we saw one of the most shocking moments in UTA history. Sean Jackson-

La Flama Blanca cuts “Rumor Man” Stan off one more time. His anger takes over him for a moment.

LFB: Sean Jackson is a dead man. He turned his back on his family. Now he’s all alone. That little alliance between him and Chris Hopper… a freak occurrence. Everyone in the UTA knows, Sean Jackson cannot AND should not be trusted.

The Champion adjusts his title on his shoulder. 

LFB: Sean Jackson is someone I thought I understood, someone who I thought was my brother… Then he stabs me and the rest of Dynasty in the back?

He looks down at the ground as he speaks. His voice is filled with pain. LFB turns his head to the side, not understanding why it happened. Blanca jerks himself back a bit.

LFB: And for what? To be a lone wolf? To fight a battle he will never win? To try to be a hero? To try to lie to himself that he can be something on his own?

LFB's mode soon changes. The Champion laughs, he knows Jackson owes all his success in the UTA, to Dynasty. He quickly gets on the attack.

LFB: Sean Jackson seems to forget that if it wasn’t for Dynasty… he’d be nothing. Him winning the UTA World title at All Or Nothing? DYNASTY gave him that title. 

Davis goes to bring the microphone towards himself but is stopped by The Champion immediately.  

LFB: I'm still talking... Ace In The Hole? Dynasty destroyed the competition allowing Sean Jackson to climb the ladder and grab THAT briefcase.

Blanca gathers himself, holding his emotions in check.

LFB: Sean Jackson, know this… You are a dead man walking. No matter where you try to hide… Dynasty WILL find you. I know he’s in Rio somewhere…

Blanca looks down at his UTA World title.

LFB: I know he's going to be here tonight... I hope he has eyes in the back of his head. He’s going to need them. We will ALL be watching you.

He then looks up towards Stan Davis.

LFB: Dynasty is always in the arena and The Champ goes where he wants, when he wants. The UTA better remember that... Good talk, Stan.

The UTA World Champion walks off, leaving Stan staring foolishly for a few seconds. We soon fade out.

See You Out There

See You Out There

The most surprising aspect of the feed’s switch to the catering area is that Bobby Dean is nowhere to be found. Instead, the room is a lot sparser (and more plentiful in stock) than it would be if everyone’s favourite tubby yoga enthusiast took up his usual spot. A few backstage staffers enjoy a mid-show meal at one of the tables and a whistling janitor pushes a brush across the floor, but the room’s most notable occupant isn’t wearing a UTA Staff polo or grey overalls.

Cayle Murray is dressed to fight. Wearing his red and black ring attire below the waist and a black Carhartt zip-up above, the Scot looks more than ready for his imminent clash with Mikey Unlikely. He carries an athlete’s meal of grilled chicken, brown rice and broccoli to a vacant table and pulls-up a seat.

Though ravenous for some pre-match fuel, his stomach turns when he lays eyes on the handful of cutlery he’d blindly picked-up: a spoon, a knife…

… a fork.

Struggling not to gag, Cayle casts Eric Dane’s favourite Sektor skewer aside and digs into the chicken with the spoon. He doesn’t even have a chance to take-in a mouthful when the chair opposite screeeeeeches over the floor and somebody sits down.

Thorpe: There he is! It's been too long buddy.

Taking a deep breath, Cayle drops the spoon and closes his eyes. He reopens them to the sight of his rival’s grinning face little more than a foot away.

Murray: I’m eating.

Colt leans back in his chair, holding his hands up in an offended manner.

Thorpe: Woah woah woah! What type of welcome is that?. It’s been over three weeks since we last saw each other, I figured I’d get a little more enthusiasm from you than that.

Murray: What do you want, Colt?

Thorpe: Skipping right to the point I see. Well, if that’s how you want to play it--

Cayle interjects.

Murray: Look man, I’m just trying to get ready for my match. I don’t have time for your nonsense tonight, so unless you’ve come to hand me the match I’ve been hounding you for, I’m politely asking you to leave.

Thorpe: You might want to check the ‘tude man. I’m only here to exchange pleasantries and, well, give you a gift, of course.

Murray stiffens in his chair, glaring at Colt. His fists clenched tightly on the table, the frustration pumping through every limb an obvious reminder of Colt’s last ‘gift’.

Thorpe: Calm it down big guy, it ain’t no twelve pack this time. I’m not here to try and tempt you into falling off whatever wagon you’re currently riding. I’m merely here to offer you the chance to better appreciate the first major milestone of my career.

Reaching into the interior pocket of his leather jacket, Colt pulls out a single ticket, branded with the UTA insignia.

Thorpe: Right here in my hand is a ringside ticket for tonight’s show. I want YOU to plant your your ass in this front row seat, and watch ME while I'm slapping that Camel Cowboy around the ring, for keeps this time.

Before giving Murray the chance to reply, Colt is quick to thrust his right arm forward, holding his index finger up to hush any attempt.

Thorpe: Now before you rudely cut in, I know what exactly you’re thinking. Your match is the one just before my MAIN EVENT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH.

Colt's bragging tone for the last four words acts as a knife he is trying to plunge into Cayle's chest. Hoping they sting as much as he intends them too, he pauses before continuing.

Thorpe: But fear not my good man! I promise that I’ll afford you the time to go shower, get dressed, pack your crap, and take your place in this very expensive seat. I will stall as long as I need to to ensure you get the best view in the house when I'm triumphantly raising MY Wildfire Championship, high and proud.

Murray: Ahhh, so that’s what this is. A good old-fashioned bit of face-rubbing, huh? Look, I’m not bitter about your title shot. I can’t say the idea of you wearing that thing around your waist every week fills me with joy, but someone important obviously decided you’d earned it. You’re a jackass, Colt, but you’re clearly good at your job. Congratulations on the shot…

He pauses for a moment.

Murray: … but this isn’t your playground, Colt. It’s my job to stand in your way and halt your megalomania before it becomes a bigger problem, but we’re gonna do it in the ring, fair and square. I’m afraid I’m not gonna play this game on your terms, so quit needling me.

A smirk scrawls its way across Colton Thorpe’s infinitely punchable features.

Thorpe: Awww, c’mon! I thought you were a ‘man of the people’? I thought hanging-out with scrubby, lice-infested ‘fans’ was your thing, man?! Besides, we’ve become so close lately… don’t you want to share this big moment with me?!

Leaning back in his chair, Cayle folds his arms across his chest.

Murray: … and what if you lose, Colt? Has that thought even crossed your mind?

Thorpe: Well then you'd get the opportunity to celebrate with the universe while I lay in defeat, now wouldn't you? Imagine rubbing that one in my face.

Colt places the ticket on top the table, sliding it over to Cayle, beside his meal. Standing up, Colt adjusts his jacket, slightly turning away from Cayle.

Thorpe: With that said, I wouldn't bet against me tonight. Hussain can pray to Allah for all the help in the world, it still wouldn't be enough to stop me from driving my elbow through his teeth and taking what's mine.

Colt turns and begins to walk away from the table. He offers his parting words for Cayle, not looking back as he does so.

Thorpe: Hope to see you out there, lad...

Lisil Jackson vs. Eric Dane

Better Must Come by Geego begins to play over the loudspeakers and Lisil Jackson walks out with a bold smile on his face raising his arms up as he bobs his head to the music. The Rio fans giving the young, Jamaican fighter a positive reaction with a surge of cheers.

Williams: Here comes Lisil Jackson, a young man who’s taken it on himself to take Eric Dane down a notch here on Victory!

Fury: Yeah, well, Dick thinks Black Guy Jackson ought to worry more about surviving Eric Dane than anything else!

Lisil walks down the ramp slapping the hands of many fans as he does.

Announcer: Hailing from Kingston Jamaica.

Excitedly the Jamaican Inspiration makes his way down toward the ring slapping the outreached hands of fans on the guardrail.

Announcer: Standing at six feet and three inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds...

Lisil slides into the ring and gets on the top rope and points out to all of the fans before he slides off his sunglasses.

Announcer: He is the Jamaican Inspiration! Lisil Jackson!

Lisil slides off his Hawaiian Shirt, gold chain, and his fedora setting them down on the ring apron.

Williams: Lisil looks ready!

Fury: It’s a pipe-dream, Jen.

Lisil throws a few punches in the air with a bold smile ready for the match.

Williams: You just have to rain on everyone’s parade, don’t you?

Fury: It’s in my contract.

The Lights drop.

The crowd starts to buzz.

Williams: Here comes The Only Star!

Fury: Get ready for the roof to come off this place, Jen.

A bluesy bass-riff plays over the P.A. system, as it comes to a crescendo it's accompanied by a pyrotechnic explosion as "Heavy is the Head" gets to the chorus and "The Only Star" bursts onto the stage to a thunderous reaction from the Rio crowd.

Williams: Quite the response for Eric Dane from the Rio De Janeiro audience.

Fury: No duh, weren’t you paying attention earlier? They love this guy here!

Eric Dane makes his way toward the ring as Zac Brown and Chris Cornell work their way through the song.

Fury: Dick can tell you one thing, when Eric Dane gets in that ring, Black Guy Jackson is in for a WRESTLING lesson from The Only Star!

Williams: Absolutely, but what I’m saying is Lisil’s got the youth and exuberance to give The Only Star a run for his money!

Fury: Just so long as he doesn’t think he’s gonna beat Dane with a bunch of kicky-punchy, that’s what Dick is saying.

The Only Star comes to a stop at the ringside area before entering the ring proper. He slaps a few more hands at ringside before turning his attention to Lisil Jackson inside the ring. He points a finger up at the Jamaican Inspiration, who in turn steps to the ropes and demands Dane get in the ring.

“C’mon, mon! Get in de ring and fight!”

Dane smiles and makes for the apron, but rather than climb into the ring he hocks a loogie directly into Lisil’s face!

Williams: WHOA!

Fury: NASTY!

Williams: You can say that again!

Fury: Dick remembers that Black Guy said Dane’s use of weapons was just like spitting on all the fighters in the history of fighting, ha! So now Dane has LITERALLY spit in his face!

Lisil Jackson’s eyes go wild. He wipes the gob of phlegm from his face and takes a quick look at it as the front row crowd giggles along with The Only Star. Dane extends a middle finger toward Jackson and laughs.

Williams: Wow! Absolutely no respect shown by Eric Da-

Before she can finish the large frame of Lisil Jackson is careening over the  top ropes and down onto Eric Dane on the floor!


Williams: DICK!

Fury: What?

Williams: I don’t think you can say that!

Fury: Dick thinks what has been said cannot be unsaid.

On the floor both men are recovered and the fight is on! Lisil goes on the attack throwing low and middle kicks at Dane, but The Only Star retaliates with a thumb to the eye and then a double-leg takedown. He mounts the fighter and starts dropping bombs on his head.

Williams: This is NOT where Lisil Jackson wants to be.

Fury: You can say that again!

Williams: Where is the referee? Has this match even started yet?

Fury: Dick has not heard any bells.

As if on cue the referee comes flying around the side of the ring to where Dane is now strangling Lisil Jackson on the floor. For all his hundred-and-ten pound might the ref tries to pull Dane off of Jackson, but all it does is irritate him.

Finally The Only Star lets go of Jackson and stands up to his full height to address the referee. For his part, the ref doesn’t get flustered and he demands that Dane bring it inside the ring so that he can start the match proper.

Dane gives him the same bird he gave Lisil moments ago.

Williams: Dane had better be careful! Jackson is up behind him!

The Only Star turns from the referee into-


Lisil just rocked the double Hall of Famer with a dangerous looking Round Kick to the side of the head. With the lights out and Dane wobbling, Lisil easily sends him up and over the guardrail and into the first row of fans with an exaggerated Judo style hip-takeover.

Williams: Jackson is taking it to the crowd!

The referee, adamant that both men bring the fight to the ring, grabs Lisil by the arm and pulls him around to give him the same talk that he gave to Dane. Lisil smiles his big toothy smile, says something in his Jamaican accent, and turns back to Dane only to be greeted by a rake to the eyes.

Fury: That referee is really just getting in the way at this point. Dick says let ‘em scrap!

Williams: Well, Dane’s digging into his bag of tricks early here, what’s he up to now?

From across the guardrail Dane pulls Lisil into a front facelock. Behind him fans scramble as he lifts Lisil up and over the guardrail with a vertical suplex that sends Jackson sprawling into the first couple of rows of chairs!

Fury: Bet’cha they don’t teach THAT in the dojo!

Dane sits up, takes a second  to catch his breath, and then makes his way to his feet. He pulls Lisil up before the Jamaican can shake loose the cobwebs of being tossed through a bunch of chairs and buries a fist in his gut then a back-elbow into the back of his neck before grabbing him by the dreads and leading him further into the crowd.

Dane, with a handful of hair, motions for the fans to relocate. They do as told and before anyone can catch their breath he sends Lisil over with an Exploder Suplex, once again tossing him through several rows of chairs.

Fury: HA! Take a seat, Black Guy Jackson!

Williams: And Dane again just unmercifully tossing the Jamaican Inspiration around through the crowd!

Fury: Dick thinks maybe Lisil shouldn’t have gotten so uppity about it when Dane tried to show him some respect! Now he’s paying for it!

Rather than bringing Lisil to his feet again, this time Dane grabs a chair. He brandishes it around for a moment for the hot crowd to get a good look before sending it flying at the prone body of Jackson.


For good measure he grabs and launches another one, this one clipping Jackson right across the back of the head. Dane raises an arm in celebration, the crowd responds in kind.

Williams: He’d better be careful with that celebrating! Just because the crowd likes him here in Rio doesn’t mean that Lisil won’t use the time to recuperate and mount a counterattack!

As Lisil tries to do just that, Dane grabs him by the head again and pulls him to his feet. Without hesitation he whips Lisil at the guardrail where he lands with a hard thud! Dane takes off running and launches at Lisil with a Starbreaker Knee only for Lisil to drop out of the way at the last possible second! Dane connects awkwardly with the top of the guardrail and flips upside down and over the barricade, landing hard in the ring entrance aisle!

Fury: Holy Crap! Did you see that! Dane’s knee has to be broken!

Williams: I told you! All it takes is a split second for the momentum to turn on a dime! Lisil may have dodged that bullet out of pure instinct but now he’s right back in this thing!

Fury: Dick can’t believe this! DISQUALIFY THAT MAN!

Williams: Do you even hear the things that fall out of your mouth?

Fury: Dick is too busy talking to bother with listening to himself!

Williams: It shows.

Gingerly, Lisil brings himself over the rail after Dane. He spends a precious moment on one knee trying to get it all back together before going on the attack by pulling Dane halfway up before burying a knee into his spine! Dane cries out in pain, but before it can even fully register Lisil has him wrapped up, pops his hips, and sends The Only Star up and over with a release German Suplex right in the aisle!


Williams: Dane’s gonna remember that one in the morning!

Jackson is up quickly, his second wind coming on strong after hitting the big move on Dane. The referee is once again intervening himself, begging Lisil to bring it to the ring. After a smidge more posturing he complies, grabbing Dane by the head and pulling him ringward.

Lisil tosses Dane in under the ringropes and slides in behind him with the referee hot on their heels. The bell sounds and immediately Lisil rolls onto Dane’s prone body in a lateral press. The referee, already in position, slaps the mat…



But Dane gets a shoulder up!

Fury: Dick thinks that might have been a little bit of wishful thinking on the part of the Rastafarian Reprobate there!

Williams: The Rasta-what?

Fury: You heard me.

Jackson doesn’t let frustration get the better of him as he pulls Dane up and into a Thai Clinch. He throws a few knees at the midsection before lifting Dane up and over with a Clinch Suplex! He follows up with more strikes before whipping him off the ropes and taking Dane out with a Cartwheel Kick that would make anyone’s head spin!

Lisil drops for another cover attempt, this time hooking both legs.



Fury: Nope! Not today!

Williams: Lisil has got to be wondering what it’s gonna take to keep Dane’s shoulders down here!

Fury: More than he’s got, that’s what.

Wasting little time Jackson goes back to work, pulling Dane back up to his feet and setting him into position for another big suplex. Dane struggles a bit, jockeying for position before sending a mule-kick back directly into the Jamaican Family Jewels. The referee tries to warn Dane but Dane knows he didn’t see it and blows him off.

Williams: He really does know every dirty trick there is, doesn’t he.

Fury: Yup. Comes with the territory.

Dane is around in a flash, he hooks Lisil up and spins him around quickly and violently with a Lightning Spiral. He doesn’t go for the pinfall though, rather choosing to stalk Jackson as he tries to get up.

Williams: This is gonna be bad for Lisil…

Fury: Wait for it…

STARBREAKER KNEE! Dane barrels into Jackson and sends his titanium-braced knee right into the side of the head. He floats into position, hooks the leg and leans back hard.




Williams: Lisil Jackson showing some spirit of his own!

Dane grimaces, but continues on the attack. He pulls Lisil up and into a standing headscissors. He lifts him up for a high angle powerbomb, but shifts at the last possible second to land Jackson back first across his knees with a sick Powerbomb/Lungblower combination.


Williams: And Dane’s not finished! He’s got him up again!

Dane fastens Lisil up for a backdrop suplex, but twists him around instead of sending him over and drives him straight down HARD on top of the head with an OMEGA Driver! Lisil’s eyes are glazed over as Dane rolls into the cover.



3- NO~!


Williams: Calm down, nerd!

Dane slaps the mat three times hard in frustration. He falls back into the corner, sucking in air and glaring at the broken mess that is Lisil Jackson lying in a pile in the middle of the ring. The referee tries to check on Dane and is told to “fuck off” for his effort, so he turns to attend to the downed Lisil Jackson instead.

Fury: Eric Dane can’t believe it! Hell, Dick Fury can’t believe it!

Williams: I told you, the kid’s got heart!

Fury: Yeah, well, Eric Dane’s got a fork!

Indeed he does. With the referee’s back turned Dane goes to his boot to retrieve his trusty equalizer. He brandishes it as he makes it to his feet but coyly keeps his fork-wielding hand obstructed from view as Lisil finally starts to stir.

Williams: It’s getting dangerous in there now…

Fury: Now? It’s just now getting dangerous? Suplexes into chairs, on the concrete floor, and a couple of head drops inside the ring that’ll put a guy in traction and it’s JUST NOW getting dangerous?

Williams: You know what I mean!

Fury: Dick knows you’re retarded!

Dane stalks Jackson, Lisil comes to his feet and shakes his head looking to get his bearings. Eric waits for the perfect moment before letting loose a guttural growl and lunging in to attack, bringing the fork down directly at Lisil’s face!

Williams: OH MY GOD!

Fury: NO! NO! NO!

Out of sheer instinct Lisil lifts both arms and blocks! He follows up with a perfectly timed and placed Jamaican Comet to the forehead of The Only Star that sends him to the mat and the fork skittering across the mat. Lisil looks toward the fork, then back at Dane…

Williams: Pin him!

Fury: Hesitate!

Lisil thinks better and drops quickly to cover Dane, he hooks both legs again in the lateral press and leans back deep.





Dane kicks out at the last possible second.

Jackson, seeking to even the odds, crawls over to where Dane’s fork landed and grabs it. He takes a moment to catch his breath before standing and turning on Dane, but the referee sees him and jumps in to intervene once again!

Williams: Forget about the fork!

Fury: Yeah! That fork is property of Eric Dane!

Lisil argues with the referee for a split-second too long before finding himself upside down and on the business end of a schoolboy rollup.

Williams: Dane has a fistful of tights!

Fury: It’s over!

Williams: Not like this!


Lisil struggles.


Dane pulls harder on the tights for more leverage.


The bell rings and Lisil kicks out a split-second too late. The crowd loves it, Lisil Jackson is beside himself, and the referee, not entirely sure he didn’t just get hoodwinked (he did) does his job and walks over to The Only Star and raises his hand in victory.

Fury: Dick told you! Lisil Jackson just ain’t ready! Maybe he needs to find himself a dojo that teaches the fine art of WRESTLING and do a little bit more training before he goes to running off at the mouth again!

Williams: Yanno, it’s not that I don’t expect this kind of chicanery from Eric Dane, but after that speech earlier tonight you’d think maybe he’d turned over a new leaf!

Fury: Who, Eric Dane? Pssh! You get what you get with The Only Star!

Jackson, agitated but beaten, makes to leave the ring. He is stopped, however, by Eric Dane of all people. Jackson assumes a defensive posture and readies himself for the fight but Dane backs off and assumes a neutral posture.

Williams: Now what?

Fury: Didn’t Eric Dane say he would shake Lisil’s hand if he made a good showing for himself tonight? Dick seems to remember the details around here…

Dane, true to his word, sticks out a hand to be shaken.

Williams: Don’t do it, Lisil!

Fury: Oh, come now! No sense in being a sore loser!

Lisil steps into the ring, backing Dane up a couple of steps before reaching out and grasping Dane’s outstretched hand! The crowd goes wild.

Williams: Well I’ll be damned.

Dane raises Lisil’s hand and points at him in a show of respect.

Fury: See, what’d Dick tell ya? Class act all the way, that Dane.

Except for that not.

Without warning at all Dane brings a boot up into Lisil’s gut, hooks him up, and lifts. He stalls for a moment before dropping Jackson down headfirst in the center of the ring.



Dane rolls out of the ring as his music begins to play. He gives Lisil one last, amused look before making his way back up the ramp. The crowd at this point is mixed at best, but a few hands reach out for The Only Star and get slapped as he makes his way back up the aisle and to the dressing room.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

The Arrival

The Arrival


Outside, to be precise.

The parking garage, to be even more specific. A black limo pulls up to the arena, circles around, and comes to a stop right next to the performers entrance. The vanity license plate on the limo reads DNSTY-1.

Fury: Now who in creation could this be? The Champ’s already here! Dick is so confused.

The driver steps out and studiously makes his way around the car to open the furthest back passenger-side door of the super-stretch.

Williams:  Don’t look at me, this isn’t anywhere on any of my formats!

The camera immediately detects an expensive dress shoe stepping onto the pavement followed by the other.  As the camera pans upward, an expensive suit and tie fills the screen until a man’s face comes into focus.

Williams:  Oh my God, it is Sean Jackson.  After stabbing his Dynasty mates in the back last week, he is here in Rio de Janeiro.

Fury:  Dick can see, Dick has an eye for the obvious.  Dick thinks the reason Mr. Ace in the hole is here, is to beg La Flama Blanca for his forgiveness.  Dick thinks he has seen the error of his ways and wants back into Dynasty before it is too late.

Mr. Ace in the Hole reaches up and straightens his tie, takes a quick look around at his surroundings, and then hurries up to the doorway leading into the building. He is across the threshold and gone in a flash before anyone can get anywhere near him with a microphone.

Williams: Well then, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what Sean Jackson is doing here in Rio! He’s usually the first one to jump in front of a camera!

Fury: Dick has mixed feelings about this whole fiasco.

I Challenge You To A Duel!

I Challenge You to a Duel!

The scene opens on Colton Thorpe, seated in front of his open locker. Rummaging through his gym bag, he finally locates the black wrist tape he’d been looking for. He has intense focus about him, as tonight is one of the biggest opportunities he has been given in his relatively short UTA career. Sure, he competed in the Chamber match at Ring King, but tonight he goes one on one with Abdul bin Hussain for the Wildfire Championship. He doesn’t have to worry about Eric Dane and his fork, or Bronson Box and his spike, or John Sektor and his mustache rides. Tonight he only has to worry about…

Dean: There he is! There’s our new champion!

Colt looks up as Bobby Dean enters the locker room carrying a bevy of balloons, most of which say “Congratulations”, mixed with some “Get Well Soon”, amongst a few “I Love You.” Colt stands from his chair with a confused look as Bobby hands them over.

Thorpe: What the hell is this, Bobby?

Dean: I’m here to congratulate you! What a victory out there earlier! I mean, wow!

Colt’s look of confusion doesn’t disappear, but instead seems to grow.

Thorpe: You do realize that wasn't the ma...

Bobby interrupts, cutting Colt off mid sentence.

Dean: You're welcome, don’t worry about it. Listen, I feel horrible having spread those lies about you.

Colt shakes his head as he places a hand on his head, completely lost at this point.

Thorpe: Wait, what lies?

Dean: Oh, you haven’t heard them yet? Whew!

Thorpe: What lies, Bobby?

Colt has clearly transitioned to aggravation, as it can be seen on his face and heard in his voice. Bobby shuffling his feet uneasily, looks down at the ground with a bit of a blush rising on his cheeks. Colt releases the batch of balloons he was clutching onto, and ignores them as they drift slowly towards the ceiling.

Dean: They’re nothing. Just a few hilarious tidbits about your parentage, and how you like to steal things. All quite harmless, really.

Colt shakes his head, while never taking his eyes off Bobby.

Thorpe: Last time I'm going to tell you this, I didn't steal dick all from you.

Dean: Yeah, well, champ, I’m here to collect what’s owed.

Thorpe: What in the hell are you talking about!? I don’t owe you a damned thing!

Colt emphasizes his point with an index finger pressed deep into Bobby’s chest.

Dean: Sure you do! I was due a title shot, and so here I am!

Bobby circles around Colt, plopping down into his vacant seat. After quite a struggle, Bobby has pulled off his boot, revealing a once white sock, that is now covered in yellow stains. Bobby rises to his feet, the removed sock in hand.

Dean: I challenge YOU to a DUEL!

And with that, Bobby smacks Colt across the face with the sweat drenched sock, causing him to stagger back, dry heaving while frantically wiping at his face. Bobby looks smug, standing before Colt with his sock slung over his shoulder triumphantly.

Colt finally gets himself under control, shooting daggers at Bobby.

Thorpe: Did you seriously just smack me with your filthy, sweaty sock!?

Dean: Yeah, I heard in the old days they’d smack people with gloves to challenge them, but I don’t have any gloves… Plus, it’d be kinda weird if I walked in here with only one glove on.

Thorpe: That was easily the biggest mistake of your career...

Colt takes a single step forward.

Thorpe: And now I’m going to make you eat that vile, disgusting thing!

Colt lunges forward, causing Bobby to “eeeek” out in surprise. Thorpe grabs the sock off the surprised shoulder of Bobby Dean, and stares menacingly at the fat man as he twirls the tube sock by it’s end. Bobby begins to slowly back away, towards the exit as Colt matches him step for step.

Dean: Come now friend, I just had a big victory snack after my match with Amy, I’m really quite stuffed.

Thorpe: Oh, you're going to be stuffed alright!

And with that Colt lunges forward once more, causing Bobby to turn and run as fast as he can out the door.

Thorpe: Do you really think you can outrun me!?

Colt vanishes through the doorway in pursuit of Bobby, as the scene cuts elsewhere.

Cayle Murray vs. Mikey Unlikely

TV static plunges the arena into momentary darkness. Sinster Rogue by Bad Religion starts up, with it a storm of red and white stropes at the top of the ramp. Smoke forms and billows around the stage, obscuring it from sight. But the fans roar, they know who is coming out.

Williams: And here is Cayle Murray, Dick. He's got a real chance to be one of the top draws here on Victory.

Fury: Dick could come out of retirement right now, Jennifer, and he could be a top draw on Victory. Make no mistake about it.

An explosion errupts, timed with the first verse. Cayle Murray steps out from the fog, gazes around the arena, running his finger across the top level, bringing the entire crowd to their feet in exictement. Murray throws his hood back, jogs down tot the ring, slapping hands with fans to his left and right.

Announcer: Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland

When Cayle reaches the ring he rolls in underneath the bottom rope. He hits a corner, hops up to the second turnbuckle. He nods in time to the music, throws both hands to his sides and lets out a yell. The crowd pops.

Williams: Cayle Murray feeling ther energey here in Rio tonight.

Announcer: Standing six feet, one inch tall. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds...


Murray nods his head, the crowd errupting at the sound of his name. 

That's when it happens. "Blunt Blowin'" by Lil' Wayne rings out. The lights in the arena turn dark green and the crowd begins to boo.

"I live it up like these are my last days.
If time is money, I'm an hour past paid."

The beat picks up, Mikey Unlikeley and Mary Jane step from behind the curtain. Mikey in his wrestling gear, including an entrance jacket with a hood over the head.

Fury: Here comes Mikey Unlikely. Finally a guy Dick can stand.

Mikey stands at the top of the stage, a smirk on is face. He races down the ramp, refusing to let the fans touch him. Mary Jane walks slowly behind him.

Announcer: Hailing from "The Burbs", standing at five feet, eleven inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, he is a member of Dynasty...MIKEYYYY UNLIKELY.

The crowd showers him with boos. He stands with both hands extended, welcoming him. Mary Jane steps into the ring, Mikey unzips the front of his jacket, Mary Jane takes it off him. She kisses him on the cheek for good luck, steps through the ropes, and takes a seat by the time keeper's table.

Cayle Murray steps out of his corner with his eyes trained on Mikey Unlikely. Mikey smirks right back, motioning with his hands for the crowd to make some noise. The crowd responds to Mikey's request with a chorus of boos. Mikey waves them off, his eyes never breaking from Murray's. As both men step forward, Juan Valasquez sounds for the bell.

Williams: Victory action here tonight as Cayle Murray and Mikey Unlikely go toe to toe.

Fury: Dick has been looking forward to this one.

Williams: Dick, so have I. I think -

Fury: - looking forward to Mikey wiping the floor with 'em.

Cayle and Mikey charge forward. Each looking to overtake the other, and get out to a quick start. Mikey grabs for Murray, going overtop of Cayle. Cayle catches it and is able to side step, grabbing Mikey's wrist and twisting his arm behind his back.

Williams: Cayle Murray grabs the quick upperhand.

Cayle drives Unlikey's arm further up his back, causing Mikey to strain. Mikey brings his free hand up to quickly try to relax away some pain. Cayle wrenches even tighter. Drawing the strain tighter and tighter.

Williams: Cayle in control here, Ace.

Fury: Not for long.

Mikey stumbles forward slightly, trying what he can to take the strain off his shoulder and arm. Cayle showing off his athleticism, brings his far leg up and places a knee right in Mikey's shoulder, yanking both arms to the side, further straining, wrenching Unlikely's upper arm.  Mikey walks forward slightly looking to take pressure off his shoulder. Cayle brings a knee up into the small back of Mikey, further arching the back and putting pressure on the shoulder. 

Williams: Normally these two are striking bruisers but it seems as Cayle might wanna slow things down here, Tommy.

Fury: Slow, fast, don't matter to Dick!

Mikey plunges his weight forward and is abel to strain Cayle's grip causing his hold to unstablize. Cayle has to act fast he twists Mikey's wrist around and pulls him in close and levels him with a short armed clothesline. Mikey rolls through quickly, standing only to duck underneath a wild punch from Murray. Mikey responds in turn with his own forearm shot, catching Murray in the chin.

Murray stumbles back and Mikey pushes himself forward driving Murray back into the ropes. Mikey grabs the wrist sends Cayle across, Murray grabs the ropes and halts his progress. Mikey charges in hard, intent on dumping him over the top rope. Murray has it scouted, he bends down to send Mikey up and over. Mikey comes to a quick stop, grabs Murray's head and slams it into his knee as he put on the breaks. 

Fury: Dick liked the Wolfpack. Dick thinks they should make a sequel. Mikey Unlikely is a talented guy.

Blackfront: I don't think anyone questions Mikey's talent, Tommy. They question his motives.

Murray falls to the mat, hands to his face, making sure there's no blood as Mikey drives a boot down onto him. Murray rolls to his side to fit as Mikey drives another boot, staggered this time that connects with Cayle's mid section. Murray rolls over again and slides under the bottom rope and to the outside of the ring.

Fury: Look at this baby run. He's outmatched!

Williams: Cayle isn't running. He's merely making sure he can go the distance, needs to catch his breath.

Fury: Agree to disagree I guess.

Cayle places his hands on his hips and breathes deep, glad he escaped a blunt attack from Mikey.


The fans ringside make some noise for him, showing their apperciation that the UTA is finally in RIO. Murray turns nodding towards them offering up his own applause. In the ring Mikey simply allows the refere's count to rise, smirking as the count grows higher.

Williams: Murray showing respect to the fans here tonight, Ace.

Fury: Yeah, and what's that gonna do for him,? The ref's count is climbing, and Dick knows that Mikey will take it anyway he can get it.


Murray grabs a fan's phone and extends it taking a selfie with multiple people in the front rows. The fans cheer with rejoice.


Murray runs quickly and slides in just in time to avoid being counted out. The crowd applauds their approval as Cayle nods his head. Mikey waves them quiet and stumbles in, swinging wildly with a clothesline. Cayle is able to bob and weave ducking the Dynasty Movie Star's arms. Cayle responds in tune with a hard forearm that catches Mikey in the jaw, sending him reeling slightly. The crowd applauds. Cayle brings up a kick catching Mikey in the side of the leg, another quick leg strike to the side of the opposite leg. Then the hips, first right, then left. Mikey reeling with each shot, the fans building.

Williams: The striker, Cayle Murray, bringing the heat here.

Mikey is driven back to the ropes, Cayle short armed brings him over with the whip. Cayle presses himself flat on the mat, allowing Mikey to pass over. Cayle suddenly explodes into the air with a Pele Kick, hoping to set up a sudden finish but Mikey grabs the ropes halting his process. The fans sigh, they wanted it.

Fury: Mikey showing off those in ring smarts. Dick likes it.

Williams: These fans wanted to see Mikey's teeth get knocked into the front row.

Fury: Dick bets they did knowing these savages.

Cayle backs off quickly, clearing space between him and Mikey. Mikey storms in closing the gap. Cayle throws a kick, partly to keep the space, partly as offense. Mikey blocks. Cayle quickly with another kick, Mikey is able to block again. Cayle with another one and Mikey catches it and is quick to Dragonscrew him to the ground. Cayle lands on his back, and Mikey rolls through with his shoulders for a quick pin. The official slides in.


Williams: Cayle able to press his shoulders up and this one continues.

Fury : Mikey is just toying with him here.

Cayles rolls over to his belly and uses his forearms to press forward, Mikey grabs Cayle's foot and quickly lifts his leg into the air and whips his knee back to the canvas. Cayle brings his hands to his knee in clear pain.

Williams: Cayle's knee being driven to the mat there. That can't be comfortable. 

Mikey moves quickly, bringing Cayle's now hurting leg towards him. Mikey begins moving Cayle into poisition for the Boston Crab. Cayle fights it off, pushing Mikey forward with his free leg. Mikey finally budges and moves forward hitting the ropes and staggering back slightly. As Mikey comes back it's then that Murray springs straight to his feet, leans forward and drives Mikey's head to the canvas with an impressive Reverse Sling Blade. The crowd errupts.

Williams: Cayle Murray can feel the momentum here.

Fury: Mikey's face! That's his money maker.

Cayle quickly presses into a cover, driving his shoulders down for added leverage. Juan slides in for the count, it seems to come slow.


Mikey gets the shoulder up. The crowd sighs.

Williams: Mikey Unlikely will not be denied and this one continues. Cayle Murray doing everything he can here.

Fury: And in the end, it's not going to be good enough. Not by a long shot. Now Dick on the other hand, Dick never comes up short.

Cayle uses the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. Mikey slowly does the same. Cayle favors his legs, Mikey is gasping for air. They eye one another up and charge in the center of the ring. Cayle just a tick slower than Mikey. Mikey swings wildly, Cayle underneath, Cayle pushes off the ropes, ducks under a Mikey clothesline. Murray off the opposite side rope, leaps into the air for a dropkick, Mikey turns...

Williams: That one narrowly missing Mikey Unlikely there, as both men search for a way to gain control.

Fury: Mikey bringing the fight in this one, for sure.

Mikey Unlikely swings again, Cayle underneath again. Cayle grabs Mikey's neck for a DDT, on the way past him. Mikey shoves him off, Cayle hits the ropes, back over to Mikey now and Mikey brings a high knee up and catches Murray in the stomach. Murray slouches. Mikey storms in quickly, wraps Murray around the waist and squats, power lifting Cayle into the air and slamming him down with an impressive Belly to Belly Slam.

Fury: Mikey Unlikely with some chops on that one.

Mikey presses rather confidently into a cover. Juan slides in, this time the count comes a little quicker.


Murray in a hurry gets his shoulder up, eyeing up Juan as he shakes the cobwebs.

Williams: Count seemed to come a little quick there, Ace.

Fury: Dick hates truthers, Jennifer. 

Mikey lifts Cayle Murray up and sends him hard across the ropes, Cayle comes back, Mikey smirks and leaps into the air!

Williams: Thrill Ride! Thrill Ride! Mikey Unlikely just his Cayle Murray with Will Haynes' finisher, the THRILL RIDE!

Fury: Wow, Dick respects the hell out of that troll job.

The crowd showers down boos, Mikey leans back, his back covering Murray. Smirk ear to ear. Juan counts.


Williams: AND NO! Cayle Murray still alive.

The crowd pops.

Fury: This guy is a cockroach. He won't go away!

Mikey can't believe it. He picks up Murray and throws him hard into the ropes, this time looking to scoop him onto his shoulders to end this thing. Instead it's Murray who drives his knee up and Mikey's face down, catching Unlikely with a Facebuster that sends him up and then to his knees on the mat.

Williams: Cayle Murray with a head of steam.

Cayle acts quickly leaping into the air and bringing both feet down onto Mikey's head driving him into the mat with a stomp. The fans react to the athleticism involved.

Williams: Cayle Murray could steal this one.

Fury: Dick don't like this, Jennifer. Not at all!

Murray doesn't stop there, he points to the crowd. They roar. Murray quickly runs towards the turnbuckle, jumping, vaulting himself to the top rope. The crowd roars their approval.

Fury: High rent district, Dick thinks this could be dangerous.

Murray poses and leaps off, twisting, turning himself in the air. Landing on top of Mikey with a picture perfect Springboard Corkscrew 450.

Williams: TOUCH THE SKY! Cayle Murray picking up the far leg.

Juan slides in, count is even this time. 


The bell starts to ring.

Announcer: The winner of this match.... CAYLE... MURRAYYY!!!

Williams: Cayle Murray did it! He beat Mikey Unlikely!

Fury: Dick has no idea how!

As Cayle gets to his feet, the referee holds his arm in the air in victory. Mikey rolls over and pushes up to his knees, holding his gut. His face is red with anger. Cayle turns toward him. As he does, Mikey shoots up and forward, throwing a hard arm out and catching Cayle with a lariet. The fans start to boo.

Williams: Come on Mikey! This isn't you!

He begins to stomp Cayle as the bell continues to ring. The referee tries to get him to stop, but Mikey just shoves him out of the way.

Williams: Mikey Unlikely being a sore loser.

Fury: He didn't lose the match Jennifer. He was three count challenged.

Mikey bends down, grabbing Cayle's leg before turning him over into the Backstory. The fans continue to boo as Mikey puts all of his force into the Boston Crab. Finally, the referee is able to get him off of Cayle. Mikey's music begins to play as he yells at Murray while being pushed back toward the ropes by the referee.

Pieces on the Board

Pieces on the Board

Giant stadiums and arenas are all packed to the gills with offices and conference rooms for “important people” to do “important things” in during the big events. There are also a plethora of luxury suites, but those are generally too far away from the staging areas to be any good for the things that important people participating in the show need them for.

Tonight one such office has been appropriated by the Dangerous Team of Eric Dane, Stephen Greer, and Tyrone Walker. Eric Dane finds himself sat behind the desk with his feet propped up like he owns the joint. Why he’s behind a desk? Because REASONS, that’s why.

Walker: So, we’re doing what now?

Greer: And for whom?

The Dangerous Duo find themselves sitting across from the boss, but not in the kind of subordinate way that would imply a hierarchy, it just is what it is. Walker has one leg slung over the arm of his chair, and Greer has his feet propped up just like Dane’s.

Dane: We’re going to be doing a favor for a close personal friend of ours from the past.

Walker: You mean-

He is interrupted.

Dane: I do.

Greer: But what does he have to do with us?

Dane: Absolutely nothing. It’s all about positioning. Placing the right pieces in the right places on the board, so to speak.

Walker: Does it pay?

The Only Star smiles.

Dane: Of course it pays. Cash for you two, more of a Favor Down the Line for me. If you catch my drift that is.

Before anymore banter can be introduced there is a loud knock at the door. Walker jumps from his perch and finds himself behind Dane’s desk, ready for anything.

Walker: What? I got papers.

Dane shakes his head, Greer rolls his eyes.

Dane: Come in, for the love of God.

The door opens and in walks Mr. Ace in the Hole himself, Sean Jackson. He is sans briefcase tonight, probably because tonight isn’t about action, it’s about preparation. He steps around the chair that Walker has previously vacated and takes a seat as if he owned the place.

Jackson: Good evening, gentlemen...

He pauses, making sure to mark a distinction.

Jackson: Tyrone.

That little jab does not go unnoticed, you can believe that. Walker grudgingly gives Jackson a head nod. All of this minutia is assimilated by The Only Star as he drops his feet from the desk and leans in seriously.

Dane: I see you got my invitation.

Sean nods.

Jackson: Yeah, I got it.  Can’t say I’m not a bit curious though. It’s not every day one gets a summons from the great and powerful Eric Dane of Victory. So let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? What is it that you want?

Smugly, Dane nods.

Dane: Alright then, all cards on the table…

And with a whoosh, the camera fades out and back to Dick Fury and Jennifer Williams on commentary. Dick is caught ever so slightly off guard.

Fury: Wait, what just happened?

Williams: Honestly, I don’t have a clue.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Abdul bin Hussain vs. Colton Thorpe

Monster by Skillet begins to play over the arenas sound system as the UTA fans immediately begin with the boos and jeers. As the instrumental beginning merges into the opening lyrics, Colton Thorpe backs out from the curtain with his head slightly cocked. He slowly turns, facing the audience with an unimpressed expression.

Williams: Here we go, Dick! It’s main event time, and here comes a challenger with a huge chip on his shoulder!

Fury: Dick likes this guy! Colton Thorpe hasn’t sat still for a moment since joining the UTA, and it’s paid-off for him in the form of a Wildfire Title shot.

Announcer: Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio...

Thorpe saunters down the entrance ramp, looking out into the mass of people as the red and white strobe lighting lights the rampway. His appearance is disheveled: Hair is unkempt, soaked with water dripping down his face. Sporting a black jacket which has the left sleeve torn off, the initials “CT” appear to be spray painted onto the left breast pocket. His walk is slower, and is constantly adjusting his neck and rolling his shoulders.

Announcer: Standing at 6'3” and weighing in at 228 lbs...

Thorpe walks around towards the left side of the ring with a lack of acknowledgement for the ringside fans. What he does acknowledge, however, is the fact that the seat he’d reserved for Cayle Murray remains unoccupied. Colt scoffs, then climbs up onto the apron, taking off his jacket before tossing it onto the floor outside the ring.


Williams: I don’t know about this guy, Dick. He’s ruffled a lot of feathers since arriving in the UTA – are you saying that this title shot vindicates his actions?

Fury: “Vindicates” maybe isn’t the word, but this is where they’ve brought him, Jennifer! While Cayle Murray toils elsewhere, Thorpe is out here earning main event title shots.

Hearing his name brings the slightest of a smirk to his face, but very little emotion is shown. He splits the ropes into the ring and begins to pace back and forth, throwing phantom punches as a type of pre fight/match routine. He adjusts to the center of the ring bouncing up and down, shifting his weight from left to right. 

Williams: Thorpe certainly looks game for a fight, Dick. And now, the champion…

Call to Pray by Seether begins to blare loudly through the arena, without the usual accompanying anti-USA propaganda – rendered irrelevant while Victory hits the road.

Crowd: USA! USA! USA! The fans begin booing nearly to the point of an inverted standing ovation. The noise from the fans is deafening with the ferocity of the boos. Ice Blue strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The curtains at the top of the ramp way parts and they emerge.

Fury: There they are! The champion and his entourage!

Williams: The crowd are still letting AbH have it with both barrels and after the diatribe he delivered earlier, who can blame ‘em!

Standing there is Abdul Bin Hussain, dressed in traditional Arab clothes. He is standing between his manager Rafiq and his sister Nazirah. Nazirah is dressed in the traditional Burqa, but Rafiq is struggling with a cast on his right arm and a wobble in his step. Nonetheless, Rafiq does his best to wave the Iraqi flag with his good arm.

Announcer: Hailing from Basra, Iraq…

Slowly Rafiq limps down the ramp way, taking in the boos with a look of amusement on his face. He is actually shown laughing. He reaches the ringside and climbs the stairs; Abdul and Nazirah enters the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 2 inches and weighing in at 242lbs…

Abdul looks around the crowd with a look of disdain but holds himself with dignity in front of the crowd. He starts to run the ropes.

Announcer: … The Butcher of Basra… Abdul bin Hussain!

Abdul suddenly stops in the middle of the ring and adjusts his pads as Nazirah and Rafiq exit out of the ring.

Williams: He does like to make an entrance, doesn’t he?

Abdul stands in the neutral corner as his music stops. Boos are still going on around the arena.

Fury: As is his right. AbH is a former World Champion and the current Wildfire Champion: he’s a potential Hall-of-Fame inductee, so as far as Dick is concerned, he can take as long as he wants.

Williams: I can’t argue that. Say what you will about AbH’s agenda, but there’s no doubting the man’s skills. He’s one of the most accomplished wrestlers in the UTA, and he’s dead-set on breaking the infamous Wildfire Title curse.

The bell rings. A composed AbH stands firm as Colt paces back and forth along his side of the ring, anxious to get started. Abdul is quite content to let his opposite number stew for a moment or two.

Williams: Thorpe’s itching to get going, but he can’t just dive-in on a guy as skilled as AbH.

Fury: Exactly. Colt’s prone to getting his temper take control, and that’s not gonna work-out well for him here.

Tired of waiting, Abdul eventually beckons Colt forward and the two tie-up in the centre of the ring. AbH finds enough space to release an arm and wrap it around Colt’s head, but the headlock is short-lived and Macklemore’s scuzzy cousin has soon weaselled his way out. They lock-up at the collar again, but Colt charges forward this time and pushes Abdul up against the ropes. The referee starts a break-up count, but he barely hits two before Thorpe backs off and slaps AbH across the face!

Fury: Heh. Colt being Colt...

Disgust crosses the Champion’s face, and having never been one to stand for disrespect, he fires back with a slap of his own! That’s enough to pull Colt’s anger trigger, and both men are soon in the middle of the ring, exchanging wild rights and lefts!

William: Wow! These two are erupting on each other!

Fury: … ‘erupting’? Now there’s an idea! Get me Amy Harrison immediately!

Thorpe gains the upper-hand by dodging a wayward AbH left hand and countering with an uppercut. Staggered, Abdul hits a forearm smash, before a couple of stiff leg kicks rattle his shins and send him to his knees. Colt takes a step back and lines him up…

Williams: Wait a minute!


Williams: No! Abdul ducked!

Sure enough, Thorpe’s boot flies harmlessly over Abdul’s skull when the Champion dodges Colton’s signature superkick. AbH tries to size momentum by grabbing Thorpe’s standing leg and dragging him to the mat, but Colt quickly rolls onto his back and boots away the attempted Ankle Lock.

Williams: What an explosive start! Colton Thorpe is trying to break-out the big guns early, but AbH is wise to it.

Fury: AbH is too wily a competitor to fall for that trick, but that kick is a potential night-ender.

Back on their feet, AbH throws at Colt but Thorpe ducks, takes control of Abdul’s head, and uses his own momentum to Snapmare him to the mat. He doesn’t hesitate to kick his opponent square in the kidneys!

Williams: Jesus, this kid’s vicious!

With AbH reeling on the floor, Colton Thorpe drags him to his feet and sets him up on the top rope. Thorpe dashes across the ring, and comes back with a clothesline strong enough to send Abdul bundling to the outside of the ring! AbH lands on his feet, but eats a baseball slide for his troubles, and Colt is soon outside to join him.

Williams: Colt is going after it like a man possessed! He’s promised victory tonight, and he’s absolutely smothering the Wildfire Champion at the moment.

Fury: Like a hyena to a hunk of meat, Jennifer.

Colt starts laying into Abdul on the outside, and while the champion fights back, he struggles to deflect the majority of Colt’s punches. Eventually Colt grabs Abdul by the arm and tries to pull, but the larger AbH blocks the Irish Whip attempt and hits one of his own. As the ten-count hits four, Colt’s back collides with the barricade. AbH charges forward, trying to clothesline his opponent into the crowd, but Thorpe ducks under and kicks the back of the champion’s knee!

Fury: It’s easy to see why Thorpe has only been defeated once in singles competition. Such a crafty competitor.

Williams: He knows every dirty trick in the book, but so does his opponent. This one may be decided by whoever can out-cheat the other!

Thorpe is back in the ring, and Abdul wastes no time in charging after him. This time Colt has no answer for the champion’s athletic explosion, and AbH drags him down with a big spear, before throwing blow after blow into his challenger’s face! Abdul eventually stands up and spits on the canvas beside Thorpe, scowling.

Williams: Abdul has had enough of this!

Fury: Time to go to work.

A stomp hits Colt’s ribs, followed by another, and another. Abdul holds onto the top rope both extra leverage as he brings the boot down on Colton, before pulling him up by the collar and throwing his head under his arm. AbH takes the waistband and pulls Colt into the air.

Williams: Beautiful suplex from Abdul! And here comes another…

Sure enough, AbH keeps Thorpe’s head trapped and tries to roll into a second suplex. Before he can hoist Colt, however, the challenger jabs in the ribs, loosening his grip enough to break free, take Abdul’s head, and pull back for a suplex of his own.

Williams: Nice counter! And there goes the champion…

Fury: No! He slipped out!

Landing on his feet behind Colt, Abdul Irish Whips him across the ropes, catching him with a Flapjack on the rebound!

Fury: He just got facialized!

AbH makes the cover.


But Colt kicks out!

Fury: Dick thinks that the Champion is about to take full control.

Williams: He’s endured a tough start, Dick, but the tides are definitely turning. That’s what makes him the Champion.

Fury: The Cursed Champion, Jen. I wouldn’t be surprised if an Acme anvil fell-out from the sky and splattered him where he stands!

With Nazirah and Rafiq shouting him on from outside, AbH rises with a handful of Thorpe’s hair. Thorpe slows him with a gut punch, but Abdul responds by kneeing Colt in the solar plexus. Taking the challenger to his feet, AbH shouts something in Arabic, then whips Thorpe across the ring. Colton rebounds right into a picture perfect dropkick from the Champion! He follows-up with an elbow drop, before getting-up and taking hold of Colt’s boot.

Williams: What’s he gonna do here?

AbH lifts Colt’s leg up and stomps down on the knee. Thorpe clutches it and rolls away in agony, but he can’t escape Abdul completely: the Champion repeats the act, then drops down into a knee lock.

Fury: Now he’s playing fluffer, see. This move’s not going to end the match, but it’s surely as hell gonna soften Colt up and take some of the sting outta that THORPEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOO!

Williams: You’re going to say that every time, aren’t you?

Fury: Bet your life on it.

Williams: Great.

AbH holds onto the hold for a little longer than necessary, then climbs back to his feet while keeping hold of Thorpe’s foot. Extending the leg, Abdul stomps down on the challenger’s knee again! Colt rolls across the mat, clutching his damaged knee.

Williams: This is more like the AbH we’re used to, controlling the match’s pace and imposing his will.

Abdul waits patiently for Colt to rise. Thorpe avoids putting too much weight on his right leg at first, but when he finally plants the boot down, AbH charges from behind, spearing him behind the knee and flipping Colt to the mat!

Fury: Take a seat!

Williams: Jeez! AbH is going savage on that joint!

Unable to stifle his amusement Abdul immediately decides to cover.


But Colt kicks-out early. Instead of picking him up, the champ opts once again to rise with Colton’s boot in his hands, before tying his legs up…

Williams: FIGURE FOUR! That’s what Abdul was leading-up to, folks!

Fury: RIP to Colton Thorpe’s knee ligaments!

AbH wrenches tightly on the hold, pulling Colton’s foot back for extra leverage. All Thorpe can do is writhe in agony and grit his teeth together.

Williams: This is a big test of Colton Thorpe’s resolve and toughness, Dick! Not many people get out of his hold alive, and Colt’s knee has already taken significant damage.

The referee kneels to check on Colt, and all the challenger does is wave him away. He starts composing himself through the pain – the rope isn’t too far away, and AbH still has his hands on his boot, not the ground. He takes advantage of this by rolling through onto his stomach, and the initial jolt of pain is more than worth it: Abdul puts a hand down to stop it, but he’s too late.

Williams: Thorpe’s rolled over, but the danger isn’t averted yet!

Thorpe feels some relief as AbH loses the majority of his torque, but there’s still work to be done. He digs his elbows into the hard, rough canvas and drags himself forward a few inches.

Fury: He’s getting there!

Williams: Closer… closer…

Eventually Thorpe brings his hand down on the bottom rope and grips it tightly. The referee calls for the break, but Abdul isn’t keen to let go. He keeps wrenching and wrenching until he’s eventually threatened with disqualification, before eventually relinquishing.

Williams: There’s the ruthlessness of AbH for you. Thorpe showed incredible toughness and durability to survive the Figure Four, but Abdul just wouldn’t let go.

Fury: If you think you can get away with it, try it. There’s a good chance Thorpe’s knee is injured, and the Champ is cruising now…

AbH slowly strolls around the ring, arms outstretched, absorbing the fans jeers: the arena isn’t exactly stuffed with Colton Thorpe fans, but their hatred for the Wildfire Champion is years old. He passes the clapping Nazirah and Rafiq, before coming back to the struggling Thorpe. Again, AbH goes for Colt’s legs, but the challenger kicks out at him with his good leg. The upkick catches Hussain in the thigh, forcing him backwards before the Champion surges forward, stomping the life out of Colt.

Williams: This doesn’t look good for Thorpe at all, Dick: I’ll be surprised if he can even get himself up off the mat.

Fury: Looks like he won’t have to…

Satisfied his opponent is stuffed, AbH takes Colt by the collar and yanks him to his feet. Once up, Abdul guides him over to the corner, where he pops him up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up to the second himself.

Williams: Uh-oh! The Champion is about to launch Thor—



Before Abdul has a chance, however, Colt extends two fingers and blatantly gouges the Champion’s eyes! Temporarily blinded, Abdul falls down and Thorpe has an opportunity to recover. He makes the most of the given time by staying on the top ‘buckle to catch his breath, before climbing down.

Williams: It looks like Thorpe can use the leg, but look at that limp…

AbH quickly recovers his vision and turns back towards Thorpe, who quickly jabs in him in the jaw before thrusting his chest with both hands. Abdul stumbles backwards, but it’s the referee (who was standing behind him), who catches the brunt of it. The official falls flat on his back, and in the moment’s confusion, Colt plants his good knee in Abdul’s most sensitive area.


Williams: It’s really hard to feel bad for Thorpe’s apparent injury when he retaliates like this.

Fury: Do you honestly think he wants your sympathy, Jen? Dick thinks all he wants to do is become Wildfire Champion, whatever it takes.

Like any man with a working set of equipment, AbH hits the deck, wincing. Jeers rain from every row, drawing nothing but laughter from the wobbling Thorpe, who tells the referee to “get back in the game” before dropping to his knees and blasting Abdul in a head a few times.

Williams: Colt is technically in-control, but it’s gonna be difficult for him to put AbH away until that knee starts healing.

Fury: This cat is tougher than your Granddad’s dirty old hiking boots. He’ll pull through…

With his opponent still struggling from the blatant nutshot, Colton rises slowly, taking Abdul with him. Thorpe hobbles his opponent across the ring and pushes him through the top and middle ropes. To his own detriment, AbH stays on the apron by grabbing the top rope, so Thorpe grabs him by the head and knees him in the chest. With the Champion’s head under his arm, Thorpe steps backwards, pulling AbH’s torso over the rope but keeping his feet wedged.

Williams: Colt’s going for a Rope Hang DDT! But wait…

A commotion in the crowd catches Colton Thorpe’s eye and brings a smile to his face. Having weaved his way through rows of fans, Cayle Murray finds his assigned seat by the barrier.

Williams: Look who showed-up!

Fury: Calamurray finally decided to accept Mr. Thorpe’s generous invitation, but where’s he been? He’s missed all the action!

Williams: Something tells me he’s not too worried about that.

Colt’s attention immediately turns away from the match and towards his most notable rival. He immediately drops Abdul Bin Hussain and leans over the top rope, taunting Murray, who sits back, inviting Thorpe to proceed with the match.

Williams: I’m not going to repeat the words that are coming out of Thorpe’s mouth for our PG rating’s sake, but I’m not sure this was such a good idea…

Fury: What are you—wait! ROLL-UP!

With a handful of tights, AbH rolls Colt’s shoulders into the mat!



No! Colt kicks out!

Fury: Jesus, that was close!

Williams: That’s what happens when you take your foot off the gas in a Championship match, Dick!

Fury: Especially against a guy as game as AbH!

Both men get to their feet, but Colt’s knee is still causing him some difficulty. Abdul swarms the challenger, hitting the back of his neck a couple of times before taking a step back and kicking him straight in the bad knee! Thorpe falls to one knee, and AbH sends him all the way down with a Bulldog. Ringside, Cayle Murray looks on between autographs.

Fury: Dick feels that AbH is about to unleash one helluva pounding.

Keeping his opponent grounded, AbH kneels in behind Colt and sits him up. He puts his knee between Colt’s shoulders and pulls back hard on his chin, cranking the pressure on Thorpe’s neck, before sliding a forearm under his jaw and transitioning to a sleeper hold. He uses this as a means to lift Colt back up, and once on his feet, AbH pushes Colt chest-first into the corner.

Williams: Bin Hussain is doing a great job of controlling Colt’s movement and keeping him tight and up close. As quick and strong as the Champion is, he knows how to impose himself.

Fury: And now he’s Chillin’ with Colt in the corner. What’s next?

A thunderous elbow catches Thorpe in the kidneys as AbH actions a plan. He steps one foot on the bottom rope, then lefts his other foot off the ground towards the middle rope. As he does so, his boot slides off the bottom rope, sending him stumbling backwards.


Williams: Jeesh, Dick, it was just a sli—


The moment’s lapse allows Colt to hit AbH with a back elbow from the corner, but AbH ducks the right hand that follows. He stuns Thorpe with a quick headbutt, then charges across the ring, and flies through the air on the return…


Williams: HUGE flying Clothesline from Abdul! And now the cover…



NOOOO! Shoulder-up!

Williams: Colton Thorpe thrusts that shoulder off the mat but this one is getting closer and closer to a conclusion! Things have really turned sour for Thorpe!


Williams: Don’t underestimate Abdul, Dick: his skill and resolve have just as much to do with this comeback as anything else.

Frustrated, Abdul slaps down on the mat and flashes a deathly glare to the referee, who holds up two fingers in-response, mouthing “two count.” While Abdul is conducting his silent protest, however, Colton Thorpe rolls out of the ring and leans against the apron, recovering his breath.

Fury: Masterful strategy from Thorpe here… unless he can’t get back in the ring with that bum knee and the referee counts him out, of course.

Abdul Bin Hussain follows the challenger outside as soon as he notices him, but those few seconds of recovery time are all too valuable. Thorpe steps back from the apron, and uses the advancing Champion’s own momentum to slam him into the barricade!

Williams: Ohhh noooo! Face-first goes the Champ!


Williams: … what are you talking about?! Colton Thorpe did that to him…


Instead of letting his opponent slump to the ground, Thorpe closes in on him and pushes his head over the barricade. With both hands, Colt pushes down on AbH’s neck, strangling him the over the barricade… right in front of Cayle Murray.

Williams: This is just animalistic from Colton Thorpe! Someone needs to make him stop…

Fury: Dick doesn’t think AbH is looking for a hero, Jen. Both of these men are as down and dirty as the other, and Colt is delving deep inside his bag of tricks.

Colt’s barbarity shows no sign of waning as he crushes AbH’s oesophagus and launches volleys of smacktalk at the seated Scot. Cayle sits stewing, visibly frustrated by what’s happening in front of him.

Williams: Cayle is just itching to stop this, Dick.

Fury: Then why doesn’t he?! He talks all this jazz about honour and respect but his rival is choking another man out right in front of him and he’s barely moved a muscle.

Williams: This isn’t his fight, Dick. He may want to get involved, but he’s got to let this thing pan-out on its own accord, without his intervention.

Cayle does eventually intervene, though not in the way Dick Fury had encouraged. While Colt’s more concerned with choking and yelling, Murray notices the referee behind him and catches the word “NINE!” as it comes out of his mouth. Cayle looks back at Colt, tapping his wristwatch.


Panicking, Thorpe throws AbH back inside as quickly as he can, before lifting himself back onto the apron just as the referee throws his arms up for the tenth time.

He made it.


Fury: Phew! A fraction of a second later and both men would’ve been counted out! Murray has done nothing but distract Thorpe since he came down here.

Williams: What?! He hasn’t done anything! If anything, Murray just kept Thorpe’s Wildfire Title hopes alive by alerting him to the count-out!

Both men are feeling it back inside: Colt in the knee, AbH in the throat. Thorpe gets up quicker than Abdul and lets the Champ rise on his own. Once AbH is kneeling, Thorpe only has one thing in-mind…


Williams: NO! HE CAUGHT IT!

With the injured leg, Thorpe can’t quite muster the same pop in his patented Superkick and AbH catches his boot. No problem for Colt, however…

Williams: ENZIGURI!

Thorpe’s boot connects with the Champ’s skull and AbH hits the mat! Grunting in-pain from the damage to his knee, Colt drapes an arm over Hussain.

Fury: This could be it!



NO! Kick-out from the Champion!

Williams: A really dicey moment for AbH! He caught the weakened Superkick but ate an Enziguri that certainly didn’t do Thorpe’s knee any favours!

Fury: Dick can practically see the cuckoos circling AbH’s head. If he was at 100%, Colt might’ve knocked it clean off his shoulders.

Every twitch of his joint sends barbs of pain shooting though Colton Thorpe’s leg. He pulls himself across the ring until he reaches the bottom rope, then pulls himself up onto his good leg. Once vertical, he loosens-up the other knee, wincing with every flex.

Fury: Call him what you will, but this guy’s got that old Wild West toughness. He’s just a good old-fashioned ass-kicker, and he can take just as much as he gives out.

Williams: You’ve got a point, Dick – for all Thorpe’s shenanigans, there’s no denying his fortitude.

Fury: I know I’ve got a point. With his analysis, Dick is really penetrating this match’s va—

Williams: NO, NO, NO, NO!

Satisfied the knee can support his weight, Colt hobbles around the ring, letting Abdul rise slowly. He cuts him off before he’s ready to fight, however, elbowing him in the shoulder blades, before hauling him up and smashing his forearm across AbH’s cheek. The Champion reels backwards against the ropes, so Thorpe whips him across the ring and tosses him into the air on the rebound… catching him with a HUGE sitout facebuster on the return!


Fury: Goooooodnight Abdul!





Williams: WHAT A KICK-OUT! The Champ is still alive!

Fury: But by the skin of his teeth! One more move like that and we’ve got a new champion.

Williams: But where’s that move coming from? The Thorpedo has been neautralised, and Colt’s finisher – the Colt Magnum – is a running elbow. There’s no way he’s gonna be able to spring on that knee!

The challenger has had enough: no more playing, no more messing around. He gets up once again, taking Abdul within him, then runs his thumb across his neck…

Fury: Thorpe’s about to claim Bin Hussain’s head…

… but AbH wraps his arms around Thorpe’s legs and violently spears him back into the corner!

Williams: NO! ABDUL LIVES!

AbH stays in Thorpe’s face and lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. He follows him up, and, without wasting any time, leaps into the Headscissors…

Williams: BY ALLAH’S WILL!


Williams: But what’s this?! AbH is going back up-top!

Sure enough, the Wildfire Champion immediately heads back to the turnbuckles and clambers up. A thousand flashbulbs illuminate the building as he turns to face Thorpe and rises, steadying himself.


AbH flies. The Arabian Knight – a twisting Shooting Star Press – is picture perfect...

… unfortunately, so is Colton Thorpe’s timing.

Fury: OH MY GOD!


Colt pays for his desperate act. The impact on his bum knee is huge, and the pain is sharp and unrelenting. He smashes a clenched fist into the mat and when he sees Abdul’s body, there’s only one option.

Williams: Thorpe starts a slow crawl towards the Champion, but was that his last roll of the dice?!

Fury: It was either that or lose the match there and then, Jen! Colt’s hurt himself, sure, but he’s given himself a chance, and that’s more than he’d have had if Abdul had landed the Arabian Knight!

He eventually reaches AbH, Thorpe: but he doesn’t go for a pinfall. Instead he scrambles up onto the champion, wraps an arm around his head and neck, then leverages AbH backwards and drops his own shoulder to the mat.


Colt pulls back hard, wailing with every little tweak. AbH thrashes violently, clawing for a rope… but he’s too far away, and Thorpe’s got him tied-up too tightly.

Fury: Is this it?! Is this the end!?

Williams: Colt’s forearm is WEDGED into Abdul’s throat, Dick! He might not have a choice!

Abdul Bin Hussain struggles with every fibre of his being.

He tries to wedge his head free of Colt’s grasp and he throws wild shot after wild shot into his ribs, but slowly, ever-so-slowly, the punches weaken in strength.

AbH’s body starts to fail him, and he has no choice.



It takes the referee’s full strength to help the war-wounded Thorpe to his feet, but when he’s up, Colt takes the Wildfire Title belt and hoists it proudly above his head.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner… and NEW UTA Wildfire Champion… COLTTTTTOOOONNNNN THOOOOORRRRRPPPPPPPEEEEEE!

Williams: What a huge, HUGE performance from Colton Thorpe, Dick! I can’t imagine the level of pain he’s in at the moment!

Fury: Colt was a split-second away from winning this match, but a moment of quick thinking – and extreme pain – kept the dream alive! And to submit a man of Abdul Bin Hussain’s resolve? Wow.

Williams: Take nothing away from AbH, who looked utterly dominant at times, but Colt was operating on a completely different level tonight! What a match!

Inevitably, Colt’s thoughts turn to ringside, where Cayle Murray is stood – perhaps surprising, perhaps not – applauding the new champion. A wide grin stretches across Thorpe’s features before he hits the deck, rolls out of the ring and leans against the barrier, holding the belt in Murray’s face.

Williams: Come on now, this isn’t necessary…

Fury: Buy the ticket, take the ride! If he didn’t want to endure this, he shouldn’t have come down.

The new Wildfire Champion edges closer and closer to Murray and holds the Championship mere inches from his rival’s face as he mouths-off. Cayle lowers his hands and clenches his fists, ready for a fight, when two referees arrive on the scene, wedging themselves between the two grapplers.

Williams: Wisely this one is defused before it becomes a real situation, but this rivalry between Cayle Murray and Colton Thorpe is dangerously close to reaching boiling point.

Fury: Dick thinks it’s only a matter of time before these two are smacking each other around a UTA arena, and things are only gonna get worse now that Colt’s a champion!

Williams: Full credit to Cayle Murray for having the restraint not to be goaded into a fight, but it looks like the tension between these two has only grown since Ring King. Goodnight, folks!

Victory finally goes off the air, closing with one final shot of the new UTA Wildfire Champion.

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