Victory XXXVI

3 Aug 2015

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)


As the stream fades up from black, the Monday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good lookk at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.

As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.

From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where former VCW Champion, Dick Fury, and Jennifer Williams are standing by.

Williams: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another exciting episode of Monday Night Victory. I'm Jennifer Williams and with me as always, none other than Dick Fury.

Fury: Who else could make this look this damn good?!

Williams: The final Victory before Ring King, tonight should be huge.

Fury: Of course it's going to be huge! La Flama Blanca finally gets his chance to shut those idiots in Team Danger up!

Williams: Blanca is only one half of the tag champions Dick.

Fury: So?

Williams: Team Danger getting their opportunity tonight. That and more... here on Victory!

Amy Harrison vs. Lisil Jackson

Trouble by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison comes out to a chorus of boos. Amy looks out to the crowd and starts to yell back at them.

Williams: Amy Harrison looking to add another win to her record here tonight.

Amy walks down the aisle determined, while stopping to yell at a few fans in the crowd.

Announcer: Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, and tells everyone that she's the best, before getting in the ring.

Announcer: Standing at 5'4 and weighing in at 114 pounds...

Amy looks right at the crowd and yells back at them something inaudiable.


Amy shakes her head at the crowd as she starts to get ready for the match.

Williams: If Amy can defeat Lisil tonight, she will be on a two win streak.

Fury: Is two wins even a streak?

Amy then limbers up in the ring to get herself ready.

Fury: Maybe she'll have a wardrobe malfunction.

Better Must Come by Geego begins to play over the loud speakers and Lisil Jackson walks out with a bold smile on his face raising his arms up bobbing his head to the music.

Williams: Lisil Jackson looked good against Blackbeard. I'm interested to see how he fares against Amy Harrison here tonight.

Fury: Blackbeard and Amy Harrison couldn't be any more different of types of opponents Jennifer. If Lisil loses tonight he may as well just quit wrestling and go work at McDonalds.

Lisil walks down the ramp slapping the hands of many fans as he does.

Announcer: Hailing from Kingston Jamaica.

Getting to and/or entering ring portion goes here.

Announcer: Standing at six feet and three inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds...

Lisil slides into the ring and gets on the top rope and points out to all of the fans before he slides off his sunglasses.

Announcer: He is the Jamaican Inspiration! Lisil Jackson!

Lisil slides off his Hawaiian Shirt, gold chain, and his fedora setting them down on the ring apron.

Williams: The kids love Lisil Jackson.

Lisil throws a few punches in the air with a bold smile ready for the match.

Fury: At least someone does Jennifer.

Lisil moves to the center of the ring, smiling huge and clapping as the fans rumble.

Williams: The fun loving Lisil Jackson ready for this one on one competition with Amy Harrison.

Fury: So if you clap and smile before you beat a woman, you're fun loving? But if you do a line and shoot a gun in the air first, you're a felon? Dick don't get it!

Williams: You are an odd man Mr. Fury.

Amy Harrison leans on the ropes in the corner, waving Lisil off. As the bell sounds, she moves out.

Williams: The final Victory before Ring King kicks off here with exciting intergender action.

Fury: Dick's unsure how exciting this will be, but it sure is intergender!

As the bell sounds, Amy Harrison heads out of the corner toward Lisil whom is already in the middle of the ring.

Williams: Here we go. Amy Harrison looking determined here tonight.

Fury: She's not very smart is she? Look at Lysol Jackson's size compared to her. Couple that with his advance skill, she would be better off heading back to the kitchen.

Williams: Lisil.

Fury: That's what Dick said, Lysol.

Lisil smiles huge and tries to get Amy to dance with him.

Williams: The Jamaican Inspiration, Lisil Jackson, trying to spread cheer to Amy Harrison here tonight.

Harrison steps up and begins yelling into the face of Jackson, who takes a step back.

Williams: Lisil Jackson seems to be uncomfortable facing a woman.

Fury: He needs to get over that, and quick. We already have one person who doesn't get that once you sign a contract, you're the same as everyone other.

Williams: A shot at Chris Hopper I assume.

Fury: Not a shot, just truth.

Annoyed at Jackson smiling and trying to dance, Amy Harrison brings her hand up and across his face, continuing to yell more. Lisil moves his hand up, rubbing the spot she hit.

Williams: A slap by Amy Harrison there. Lisil Jackson seems shocked.

Fury: Only an idiot would be shocked that he got hit during a match. Dick guesses this means we all know that Lysol is an idiot.

Harrison pulls her hand back again. This time as she brings it up and across, Lisil grabs her wrist holding it. He shakes his head No before pushing her arm away from him, letting it go. At this, she steps back and comes forward, bringing a foot up catching Lisil in the gut, causing him to bend over slightly.

Williams: Amy Harrison with the first strike here.

Fury: Is Jackson going to just let her do this?

She grabs the back of his head with her left hand before bringing a series of right handed forearm shots up across the side of Lisil's head.

Williams: Amy Harrison with a surprising offense here early on.

She takes off to the nearby ropes. As she returns, Amy leaps up, throwing her legs forward as she catches Jackson's head. He twist as he goes down.

Williams: Swinging neck breaker by Amy Harrison takes the six foot five, two hundred and forty three pound Lisil Jackson off of his feet.

Fury: Maybe this will be a wake up call for Lysol.

Williams: I'm not even going to try and correct you anymore. What's the point?

Harrison pushes up and takes off to the ropes.

Williams: Harrison off of the ropes no.

Jackson pushes up to his hands and knees as Amy approaches. She leaps up, and comes down with her knees both connecting to Lisil's neck, sending his face back into the canvas.

Williams: That was different. Amy Harrison with some form of leaping knees to the back of Lisil's neck.

Fury: He needs to do something before he joins Ron Hall in the hall of embarrassment.

Williams: It's no embarrassment loosing to a wrestler who is talented as Amy Harrison is.

Fury: Not at all, but it is embarrassing losing to Amy Harrison.

Lisil rolls over to his back, holding his head. Harrison quickly leaps down over him.

Williams: Amy Harrison with the cover.

The referee slides into position.

Williams: One.. tw- KICK OUT!

Fury: Imagine that.

Amy screeches as she gets to her feet.

Williams: Lisil Jackson slowly making his way up now as well.

Fury: Maybe he'll quit playing around now, and show us what he showed us against Blackbeard. Real talent.

Amy runs toward Lisil, who catches her outstretched arm, and tosses her over to a seated position on the canvas, arm still held up. He pushes down on her shoulder with one hand as he holds her arm back with the other.

Williams: Lisil Jackson with Amy Harrison in an arm bar.

She struggles, but Lisil just pushes down harder.

Williams: Lisil Jackson placing his knee into the back of Amy Harrison now as he continues to apply pressure.

Fury: Wake Dick when this is over.

Williams: Stop being so melodramatic Dick.

Lisil moves his hand from her shoulder over to Amy's head, pulling her up and turning her around as he does.

Williams: Lisil Jackson pulling Amy to her feet. Grabs the arm... Harrison sent into the ropes. On the return now.

Lisil throws a foot up catching Amy in the chest with a thrusting push kick.

Williams: The Tsunami Kick by Lisil Jackson!

Jackson looks down at Amy, almost apologetic.

Williams: I'm unsure if he meant to actually hit Amy Harrison with that much force.

Fury: Look, don't let it take you out of the game. She knows what she signed on for when she became a wrestler. Now is the time to capitalize.

Amy holds her chest in pain as Lisil drops down and covers her. The referee slides into position.

Williams: Cover by Jackson. He's too heavy for Amy to move... we have a three.

Fury: Finally.

The bell begins to ring as Lisil pushes up.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall, LISIL... JAAACKSSON!

His music starts to play as Lisil starts to dance.

Williams: Come on Dick! Lets dance!

Fury: No. Dick don't dance.

Amy uses the ropes to pull herself halfway up, holding her chest as she looks at Lisil with hatred. She gets all the way up and takes off behind him.

Williams: Wait.. watch out!

She leaps up, throwing her legs out.

Williams: Dropkick to the back of Lisil's knees!

He stumbles forward, dropping to his knees, his upper body hanging on the ropes. Harrison gets up, runs back and comes off the ropes yet again.

Williams: Harrison on the move....

As she approaches the ropes, she grabs them, throwing her legs through the ropes and around, catching him in the face.

Williams: What a kick, catching Lisil Jackson in the face.

Fury: Should have done that in the actual match. Maybe she wouldn't have lost.

Jackson's body falls back from the ropes and to the canvas as Amy stands up in the ring. She yells out to the booing fans before heading over and kicking a downed Lisil down into the side.

Williams: Amy Harrison loses the match, but gets the last word here in the opening match of Victory.

Amy exits the ring, standing on the apron, continuing to yell toward the crowd. Inside the ring, Lisil rolls to his back, his arm hanging over his face.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By



The camera cuts to the parking lot of the SOLD OUT Wrestlezone. Fans clamor around the entrance way without tickets hoping to spot one of their favorite wrestlers, perhaps take a selfie. Maybe even snag an autograph.

Security begins clearing people away from the door, a larger security guard clears the street. A black Lincoln Towne Car with tinted windows pulls up. 

Security: Alright people, clear it out. Don't make me tell you twice.

The car comes to stop. The back passenger side door opens and the camera closes up on a brown dress shoe. Making a slow pan upwards it finds a pair of khaki dress pants, continuing upwards it catches a vintage Cartier watch on a wrist. Upwards yet still it catches a white miltary cut white linen shirt undone to show a black ribbed tank top. Finally it reaches the head.

Will "the THRILL" Haynes, the Man who Could've Been King, at least in an alternate timeline.

Williams: Will Haynes is HERE at the Wrestlezone, but for what purpose! He's not even booked tonight.

Fury: Good. Dick doesn't think he could sit through one of his snorefests of a match.  

Williams: That Ring King semifinal was anything but, Dick. Even you can admit that.

Fury: Dick can admit that Alex Beckman beat Will Haynes in DOMINATING fashion. Dick saw Haynes go limp!

Williams: And you wouldn't have any experience with going limp now would you?

Fury: None, none at all.

Haynes nods his head briefly as the fans move towards him hoping to get him to sign things, take pictures, whatever it is the fans do in a moment such as this.

Haynes has a pair of black Ray Bans on protecting his blue eyes. He runs a hand over his fresh fade, tight to his head. 

Around the car steps his friend, Coleslaw Jenkins. Jenkins dressed in an over sized Orlando Magic throwback, with athletic shorts falling mid calf. With a fresh pair of Jordans on, Slaw speaks first.

Jenkins: It's a damn shame that you ain't won dat ...

Haynes brings a finger to his own mouth, hushing his friend. Slaw, as if suddenly realizing that was the plan all along, grows quiet.

Jenkins: Sorry, b.

Haynes: Ain't no thing. Just all in due time...

Into the arena Haynes steps, with Slaw close behind.

Cayle Murray vs. Chris Hopper

The lights are killed. Synth squeals pierce through the brief silence, each one sending a swoop of light over the arena. AFI's I Hope You Suffer kicks in with drums and heave, forebording horns. Out of the back steps, Cayle Murray.

Williams: Cayle Murray, Dick, will have a big task tonight as he takes on Chris Hopper, the King of Cool.

Fury: Nothing at all cool about Hopper of course. 

Cayle looks out at the crowd from underneath his hood. He sweaps an extended hand out over them. As he walks down the ramp towards the ring a blizzard of lights continues over the crowd. He slaps hands with those along the barrier as he makes his way.

Announcer: Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, standing six feet one inch tall, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds...

Murray reaches ringside and hops impressively up onto the apron, giving the audience a little salute as he steps into the ring.


Murray hops onto a turnbuckle. He throws his hood back and stretches his arms out. The fans roar at the thought of a great match up tonight. Cayle drops down and unzips his hoodie, tossing it to the time keeper as he keeps limber for the match. 

Drums open quickly as the crowd grows immersed in EY! EY! EY! chants before Brian Johnson's distinctive voice kicks in over the PA. The chorus of TNT finally hits, pyro errupts and the figure of Chris "Too Cool" Hopper steps out from behind the curtain. 

Williams: Chris Hopper has this crowd on their feet, Dick.

Fury: And Hopper has Dick firmly sitting still, Jennifer. Just wanted that stated for the record.

Hopper, wearing his blue tights, black boots, and sunglasses gives a wave to the crowd as he strolls down the ramp towards the ring. He slaps hands with fans on each side. Chris smiles and stops with an attractive fan in the front row, posing for a selife.

Announcer: Hailing from Paoli, Indiana, standing at sic feet, eight inches tall and weighing tonight at two hundred and eighty eight pounds....

Hopper is in the ring at this point and poses when his weight is mentioned. Hopper climbs the first turnbuckle, encouraging the fans to make some noise. 

Announcer: He is the King of COOOOOOOOL, the Count of Monte Fisto.....TOOOOO COOOOOOOL, CHRISSSSS HOPPPPPERRRR!

The crowd explodes, showing their support for Hopper. Even Cayle Murray brings his hands together for the veteran. The offical moves in and the bell is rung.

Hopper and Murray circle a bit in the middle of the ring. Murray gazing at Hopper with intense focus in his eyes. Hopper motions for the fans to make some noise and they do, reaching a crescendo. Murray nods and steps in as the two men tie up.

Williams: Tie up to start this one off.

Murray drops down lower than the much larger Hopper and forces Hopper back into the ropes. Murray quickly brings his forearm up, exploding from underneath Hopper's hands, breaking whatever hold Hopper was able to grip in the opening seconds of the match. Cayle implants the forearm strongly into Hopper's neck, holding him against the ropes. As the official chirps in from the side. Hopper brings his hands up and the ref steps in and separates the two men.

Fury: Dick says let them play! LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY!

Williams: Please Dick, it's a little too early for this kinda thing.

Fury: It's never too early for Dick baby, and you know it! 

The men circle up again and again they tie up collar and elbow, this time Hopper is able to get a grip on the side headlock. Chris backs himself into the ropes and shoves Murray off and across the ring hard, Murray comes back and Hopper grabs him with one hand and in a demonstration of impressive strength Monkey Tosses him to the side.

Murray rolls quickly to his feet, and eyes Hopper carefully. Murray charges in, Hopper telegraphs a clothesline which Cayle ducks, Hopper turns his head and nearly gets his head kicked off by Murray but manages to dodge Cayle's foot at the last second. The kick whizs past Hopper's face as Hopper throws a right strike, open handed. 

It catches Murray and drives him back slightly. Hopper presses forward, driving Murray to his back foot. Hopper with another strong right strike, and again it sends the smaller Murray staggering back. Hopper steps forward with a clothesline, again Murray is able to duck underneath of it and again he brings his foot up and this time he connects.

Hopper gets nailed with a back kick from Murray and slumps towards the ropes. Hopper, with great ring awareness, finds the top rope to steady himself. Murray quickly charges in, Cayle fires away with a right strike to the ribs, follows it up with a left to the other side. Following the quick onslaught, the King of Cool gets whipped across the ropes. As Hopper comes off the otherside, Murray launches himself off the ropes and leaps in the air connecting onto Chris with a Crossbody and driving the two of them to the ring, with Cayle in a pinning position.

The official slides in and starts to count.


Williams: Hopper powers out.

True to form, Hopper does indeed power out. He rolls quickly to his feet and ducks a clothesline from Murray. Hopper turns and and is able to grab Murray by the stomach. Hopper, thinking fast, drops Murray onto his knee.

Fury: That one had to hurt. Right in the marbles!

Murray staggers back after the Atomic Drop, holding his midsection. Hopper charges in fast and levels Murray with a clothesline. Murray is up, put not as fast before. Cayle rolls to a knee and eyes Hopper carefully. Hopper motions for Cayle to bring it and takes a few steps towards the UTA newcomer.

Williams: Decent amount of action so far in this one.

Fury: There's always action around Dick, baby!

Hopper approaches, Cayle tries to keep his distance but fails. Sidehead lock from Hopper, wrenching it hard as Chris backs the two men up into the ropes. Hopper uses the ropes to press forward, as he does Murray wraps his legs around Hopper's torso.

Williams: What's going on here?

Fury: Looks like something Dick tried last night with a very costly lady.

Williams shoots Dick a very judgmental look. Meanwhile in the ring, Hopper tries to figure out the vine hold Murray has placed on him. Using his massive size and strength, along with some vet savvy, Hopper, still with the side headlock wrenched stands straight up. Murray still locked on his back.

Hopper shifts his weight sits down flat on his rear and drives Murray's head down onto his shoulder for a Backback Stunner.

The crowd roars their approval.

Williams: What a move there by Hopper!

Hopper presses into a cover.


Murray turns the shoulder and the match continues.

Hopper rolls Murray to a vertical base, clubbing him on the neck with an overhead strike. Murray gets whipped across the ropes and dropped with a strong short armed clothesline on the return. Murray rolls to a knee and charges Hopper again, Hopper with a clothesline, Murray ducks. Murray off the far side ropes, Roaring Elbow Smash to Hopper's face. Hopper gets driven back slightly, Murray pulls Hopper in whips him across, Hopper holds on for a reversal.

Instead of sending Murray across the ropes Hopper pulls him in, gripping Cayle around the waist. Hopper brings him up in the air and then down to the canvas with a thundering Belly to Belly Slam. The fans jump to their feet.

Fury: Aw that hug was so cute, Jennifer. Maybe they should kiss next.

Hopper doesn't pin however, he sits Murray up and wraps him around into a Rear Naked Choke. The fans rise to their feet at the thought of a submission win for the King of Cool.

Williams: Shades of Alex Beckman right here as Hopper breaks out some of those MMA styled moves.

Fury: I wouldn't mind 50 Shades of Beckman if you catch my drift.

Murray isn't tapping. His eyes are popping out of his head. He brings his hand back and is able to peel one of Hopper's hands off the back of his skull. Cayle drives his body weight through the wrist, causing Hopper to lose control of the hold. Freeing his arm, Cayle takes both hands and pushes on Hopper's fist driving his arm down and freeing Murray from the hold fully. The fans applaud Murray's tactics.

Murray rolls Hopper's arm forward and stands. He twists Hopper's arm around as Hopper cries out in pain, Murray quickly brings Hopper in quickly. In an impressive feat of strength Murray brings Hopper into. Hopper attempts a clothesline, Murray ducks it and sneaks behind the King of Cool. He places him in position and brings him into the air with impressive strength, before sitting back down and dropping Hopper firmly face first onto the mat, as his body moves out away from him with Lifting Inverted DDT.

Williams: Strength galore from Cayle Murray on that one!


Hopper able to turn his shoulder as the ref's hand was coming down for three. The fans can't believe it! Cayle sits up with his eyes wide as the official explains how close the call really was.

Fury: Dick is getting bored.

Williams: Bored? This match right here is exactly the kind of thrilling event one can find anytime here at UTA. This is a real barn burner.

Fury: I wish this place would burn.

Williams shakes her head as Cayle pulls Hopper to his feet inside the ring. With ease Cayle whips Hopper across the ring, Hopper comes off the ropes and is able to duck under Cayle's clothesline. Hopper rebounds off the near side now, and Cayle slides under his legs. Hopper haults himself and turns, Cayle vaults himself off his side of the ropes and charges Hopper. Hopper lifts Cayle tilt-a-whirl style into the air, as he bends down to one knee, planning to drop Murray over his knee with a back breaker.

While in the air, Cayle has other plans as he is able to use his incredible leg strength to get Hopper up and over with a head scissors. Cayle grabs the legs quickly. Official slides in.


Hopper powers up and rolls to a knee, Cayle charges with a running knee strike, Hopper side steps it and is able to place his head next to Murray's back, while turing one hundred and eighty degress as he twists Murray's arm over both of their heads.

Williams: What's this!?

With Hopper now in front of Cayle and still having his arms hooked, Chris drops onto his back driving Murray face first to the mat.

Williams: Whoa! Nice looking Facebuster from the King of Cool there.

Fury: Dick once had a lady with a busted face, no fun. Lemme tell ya.

Hopper presses into a pin.


Cayle turns the shoulder. And this one continues on.

Hopper stands and argues with the ref, holding up three fingers. The ref assures him it was only two. Hopper shakes his head as he stalks Cayle, motioning for the newer UTA talent to get to his feet.

Williams: What's coming here? What's coming!

Fury: Better yet Jennifer, who cares?

Cayle gets to his feet, Hopper charges looking for the Ice Breaker. Hopper leaps forward for the Ice Breaker.

Williams: Goodnight!

As Hopper is leaping forward, Cayle leans back and is able to catch Hopper with a Pele Kick right in the head. Both men hit the mat in a heap as the fans roar to their feet!

Williams: Oh my God! Hopper was going in for the Ice Breaker and got caught with Cayle Murray's Seeing Stars Pele kick!

Cayle crawls over, laying his arm across the chest of Chris Hopper. The referee drops and begins to count.

Williams: This one could be over... it is! It is!

As the referee's hand hits the canvas for the third and final time the bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... CAYLE.. MUUURRRAAYYYY!!!

Cayle rolls over to his back, him and Hopper both breathing heavy.

Williams: What a great match by these two superstars here tonight as Cayle Murray is able to secure a win against Chris Hopper.

Fury: It's about time someone put a stop to the King of Fools.

Murray sits up, looking over at Chris, who holds his head as he lays on the canvas. Murray then pushes up to his feet.

Williams: Cayle Murray is now three and zero here in the UTA. Defeating Chris Hopper is not an easy task at that.

Chris rolls over and pushes up to one knee, still holding his head before he gets all the way to his feet. He turns to Murray, placing his hands on his hips as he looks across at him and then out to the crowd. The two share a few inaudible words before Chris Hopper extends his hand. The fans cheer as Cayle Murray reciprocates.

Williams: What a sign of sportsmanship here tonight as Cayle Murray defeats Chris Hopper.

The Landscape Is Changing...Kind Of...

The Landscape Is Changing...Kind Of...

The scene fades in on Colton Thorpe in his locker room. He is seated on a bench, his feet resting on the top of a cooler. As Jamie Sawyers enters the scene, Colt's attention turns to the interviewer.

Thorpe: Jamie! What a pleasant surprise!

Jamie has a slightly confused expression on his face.

Sawyers: requested I meet you here...

Colt shares a 'shut your mouth' glance with Jamie before he continues.

Thorpe: Seeking some more sound bites from your favorite interviewee, are we?

Sawyers: I...I think so?

Thorpe: Before we get into talking about the greatness that is me, I'd first like to take the opportunity to send a shout out to my good friend, Cayle Murray.

Sawyers: Good friend?

Thorpe: I didn't stutter Jamie. He just participated in quite the wrestling exhibition against Old Man Hopper. Now it would of been more entertainingly brutal had we seen the Cayle from years past, but that's a work in progress.

Sawyers: What is it that you want Colt?

Thorpe: I simply want to invite Cayle and the everyone else to tune in and witness what I have in store for the geriatric cowboy. Mere minutes from now, I am going to end Hall's career in the squared circle he has competed in for the past five decades, much like I ended Jaquanda's two weeks ago.

Sawyers: You mean Jalante?

Thorpe: Was that her name? Regardless, the Colt movement is gaining momentum, Jamie. The higher ups can keep feeding me nobodies and senior citizens, and they're going to get the same result every time. 

Jamie presses his index and middle finger firmly against the earpiece in his left ear. He leaves the microphone in front of Colt, but clearly isn't listening.

Thorpe: The landscape of this company is changing, and everything is going to run through me. Whether you love me, or most likely hate me, you all know I'm the future of the UTA. So get it trending, Hashtag Stop Dic...

Sawyers: I'm sorry Colt but we're going to have to end this here.

Colt gives a 'who in the hell do you think you are' look at the interrupting interviewer. 

Thorpe: Wait just a second, what are you talking about?

Sawyers: We are jumping over to the World Champion and company.

Thorpe: Are you serious? This is a load of bullsh...

The scene cuts out.

We Will Make An Example Of Him

We Will Make An Example Of Him

Kendrix and the UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca appear as we cut to the Dynasty locker room. The fans inside the arena react upon seeing them on the big screen. Kendrix is ring ready for tonight’s tag match. Kendrix grips his right wrist with his left hand, looking incredibly intense. La Flama stands next to him with his hand on JFK’s shoulder.

La Flama Blanca: Tonight is going to be a great night. We are on the cusp of another Dynasty celebration…

Kendrix nods his head up and down. He knows the importance of tonight.

LFB: We are going to dismantle Rhys Townsend. We are going to dismantle anyone who tries to aid Townsend. We will make an example of him.

Kendrix chuckles as he tilts his head back with a smug look on his face before focusing on LFB.

Kendrix: There's a lot of, let's just say..."special", people in the back, Champ. But none of 'em are special enough to want to help Rice, let alone piss off Dynasty.

Cameras cut to the audience inside the WrestleZone. The Orlando faithful watch the big screen.

LFB: After that, the world will see one of their favorites fail. Team Danger has been awfully quiet… they wanted this match and no one has seen them. Seems like the Champions care more than the challengers.

The Champion chuckles as he turns his head to the side. 

Kendrix: Tonight is definitely our night, maaaaattee! It finishes like every night does, with Dynasty on top!

LFB: You know you’re right. Now K… I know what to expect from you but... we don’t know what to expect from Sean. I’m going to be watching… you need to keep your eyes open. Who knows where his head is.

JFK strokes his beard in thought as he nods along.

Kendrix: Listen, yeah?! You ain't got a thing to worry about Champ. When JFK is in his ring, he sees everything bruv!

LFB nods and turns to walk away, but is stopped momentarily in his tracks by a tap across his chest from JFK.

Kendrix: But champ, you know Sean's a pro, yeah? I mean, you don't really think he's gonna do anything stupid tonight, right?

LFB: If he does… I assure you, It will be handled properly.

LFB pats Kendrix on the shoulder as the feed fades out.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Colton Thorpe vs. Ron Hall

Williams: And now it’s time for our third matchup, and the first time that we have seen the Southern Rebel since his appearance on Late Night D.

Fury: Dick remembers a drunken redneck crashing his set, and then being crashed through his set. Hall just doesn’t understand what it he is facing in a Fury.

Williams: Well, after James Wingate’s interference in Hall’s last match with Harrison, you have to think Ron is going to have eyes in the back of his head tonight.

Fury: Dick would expect Hall to turn to dangerous radiation for some advantage. Shesh, growing eyes in strange places.

Williams: No, I --

Jessica is cut off by the sounds of Gold Medal as out from the back shimmies UTA Hall of Famer and face kicker supreme, Ronald Hall. He does a little sassy dance atop the entrance ramp to the excited and feverish support of the Wrestlezone crowd.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall Introducing first… making his way to the ring at this time, a UTA Hall of Famer, please welcome to the ring THE SOUTHERN REBEL… RONNNNN HALLLLLL!

Williams: Ron certainly has a lot of support from this Orlando crowd tonight, Dick.

Fury: Dick does not acknowledge the state of Florida. 

Williams: Okay, I am just going to stop talking hoping you shut up.

Hall hops up into the ring and poses once more to the vast majority of the fan’s delight, a few grumbles are barely audible and spread in between to shrieks and screams of the delighted crowd. 

Monster by Skillet begins to play over the arenas sound system as the UTA fans immediately begin with the boos and jeers. As the instrumental beginning merges into the opening lyrics, Colton Thorpe backs out from the curtain with his head slightly cocked. He slowly turns, facing the audience with an unimpressed expression.

Fury: Dick likes this guy. This man has been making quite the name for himself since his arrival back in June.

Williams: That man right there is completely delusional, not to mention disrespectful. 

Fury: What you describe as delusional and disrespectful, Dick considers to be insightful and honourable.

Williams: I know for certain THAT makes no sense.

Announcer: Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio...

Thorpe saunters down the entrance ramp, looking out into the mass of people as the red and white strobe lighting lights the rampway. His appearance is disheveled: Hair is unkempt, soaked with water dripping down his face. Sporting a black jacket which has the left sleeve torn off, the initials “CT” appear to be spray painted onto the left breast pocket. His walk is slower, and is constantly adjusting his neck and rolling his shoulders.

Announcer: Standing at 6'3” and weighing in at 228 lbs...

Thorpe walks around towards the left side of the ring with a lack of acknowledgement for the ringside fans. What a few weeks ago was near silence for the newcomer has quickly evolved into a healthy hate from the fans in attendance. He climbs up the onto the apron, taking off his jacket before tossing it onto the floor outside the ring.


Fury: Dick wouldn’t mind if Colt follows through with his proclamation of ending Hall's career tonight. My jaw still hurts...

Williams: Maybe the Hall of Famer could do the UTA a favor and knock Colt down a peg or two.

Hearing his name brings the slightest of a smirk to his face, but very little emotion is shown. He splits the ropes into the ring and begins to pace back and forth, throwing phantom punches as a type of pre fight/match routine. He adjusts to the center of the ring bouncing up and down, shifting his weight from left to right.


Williams: That’s the bell, and this match is underway.

Hall steps forward to the middle of the ring, as Colt cocks his head to the side, starting to circle the Hall of Famer.

Williams: Hall shooting in with the collar and elbow tie up! Hall using his experience, out working the upstart at the start of this one.

Fury: Old man tries to bore opponent to defeat. Dick does not approve.

Jockeying for position in the lockup, Colt finds an escape and slips out. His face some shade of red, Colt takes the opening and strikes Hall with an open hand.

Fury: Hello!

Williams: Thorpe just slapped Hall! And now he is waiving him on.

Fury: Dick thinks Hall might have lost his dentures on that one.

Not falling into trap Thorpe is trying to goad him into, Hall patiently makes his way back toward Colt and goes ‘round with a waist lock. Colt looks panicked, reaching around looking for his way out, but he isn’t quick enough, as Ron drives him into the corner.

Williams: Thorpe in the corner now, Hall with control. Really, nothing?

Fury: Do you expect Dick to say something nice about Hall? I am still trying to decide whether Dick goes after him, or his estate for the cost of Late Night D’s new desk.

Thorpe has managed to spin himself back to facing Hall, but still in control, Hall lights up his ribs with lefts and rights. Thorpe winces, but keeps his head, delivering a pointed elbow to Hall’s.

Fury: Smart escape by Thorpe. That elbow might have just knocked Hall’s eyes straight.

Williams: Don’t you mean crossed? Actually, nevermind.

Hall has staggered back out of the corner, trying to get some space to recover. Colt doesn’t give the Hall of Famer the time needed, and rushes fast and low.

Williams: Thorpe with a Chop Block!

Fury: Dick knew this kid had a high ring IQ. How is Hall going to throw that little kick with one leg?

Hall crumpled to the mat, clutching at his left knee. Beside him, Thorpe pushed himself up and smiled at the sudden carnage. Back to his feet now, Colt kicks away at Ron, drawing his hands up to block his head and midsection.

Williams: Thorpe looking to do some serious damage here, early in this one. He has that left foot and--

Planting one foot against Hall’s hip, Thorpe flipped over him and pulling the leg as he rolled to the mat.

Williams: May God, did you see that torque? Ron might have just hyperextended his knee.

Fury: Hall might have to crawl to his beating at Ring King.

Ron is over on his belly, pulling his leg close trying to guard it from further harm. Colt buries his head against Ron’s shoulder to flip him back to his back, and try for a quick pin attempt.

Williams: One, kickout! Hall isn’t ready to give up on this one yet.

Despite the kickout, Thorpe still has the ground control, but decides to pull Hall up by the ears. It takes some time for Hall to get up, but it is enough for Thorpe to try a clothesline to send him back down.

Williams: Ducked! Hall ducked the clothesline by Thorpe!

Quick with the go behind once more, Hall pops his hips taking Colt up and over with the belly-to-back suplex. Smoothly, Ron floats over, sinking his arms around the head and neck of Colt.

Fury: Gimmick thief! Choking people out is Beckman’s thing!

Williams: How? Hall has the front chancery and has regained control of this match. And why would you bring up our Prodigy Champion, after your, umm, rough interaction on Late Night D?

Fury: Repressing that memory in three, two, one.

Perhaps taking the time to drain the energy from Colt, or regain his own, Hall rides out the neck and shoulder lock. Colt struggles getting back vertical, with Hall’s weight bearing over him. When he does, he doesn’t have the mind to try to block the suplex Hall throws.

Williams: Vertical suplex! Hall really driving Colt hard to the mat with that one.

Fury: Come on, Thorpe! Dick cannot stand to see this Southern idiot smiling.

Dropping to the mat, Hall has pressed Thorpe’s shoulders down, and hooked the near leg for extra measure.

Williams: Cameron Wrigley drops into position. One! Two! No!

Fury: Thorpe thrusts up from the bottom!

Shaking the cobwebs loose, Colt rolls under the bottom rope to the jeers of the WrestleZone crowd at ringside. Ignoring them, he tries to stretch out his shoulder, oblivious to Hall following behind. With a tap on the shoulder, Colt turns into a taped right fist to the jaw.

Williams: The Hall of Famer not letting this momentum slip away.

Colt responds with a right of his own. He has drawn a smile out of the Southern Rebel, who happily sends the next in this volley of rights.

Fury: Both men taking it on the chin!

Williams: Trading shots on the floor, and this crowd is fully in support of Hall!

Indeed, the crowd cheer every right he throws, and conversely boo Thorpe every time he responds. Starting to lose the war, Hall ducks under the latest right, and drives Thorpe back into the barricade.

Williams: Back first to the railing, and this crowd is chanting along with every right Hall hits!

They cheer and count along.




Nin-- no!

Breaking the countdown clubbering, Thorpe dug his shoulder into Hall’s gut and drives him hard to the ring apron. Hall’s back arches in obvious pain. Colt poses for a second with an exhausted smile before nodding along to his next idea to weaken the spirit of the Hall of Famer and this crowd.


Williams: Hall sent shoulder first into the ring steps!

Fury: Hall denting the shaped steel just like he cut through Dick’s mahogany desk.

The crowd went silent the moment Hall hit, but have since filled the air with a heavy chorus of boos for the brash Colton Thorpe. Revelling in their affection, Thorpe walks to, on and then past Hall, en route to the commentary desk.

Williams: Thorpe turning his back on Hall, joining us on commentary!?

Fury: Dick loves special guest commentators!

Thorpe: Did you guys see that!? Better yet did you hear that!? My God!

Williams: You are literally in the middle of a match.

Fury: Jennifer, let the man speak. Use your manners, geeze...

Thorpe: Everyone needs to give Colt some lovin' and jump on the bandwagon. It's time for a change! Stop Dickin' Colt Around! Tweet it! Blog It! Whatever It! Just do it!

Williams: You do know that the referee is counting you out, right?

Thorpe: I've got till the count of ten beautiful...

Dropping the headset, Thorpe saunters back to the ring. He turns to Jennifer Williams and blows a kiss, as if to say, watch what I do next, before he rolls under the bottom rope to break the count. He pops to his feet and turns around to find Hall poised and ready.

Williams: Country Chin Music! Hall just nailed the superkick and if he can get a cover, has won this one!

Shaking out the left knee again, Hall crawls over to the motionless Thorpe and rolls him over for the pin.

Williams: One!

Fury: No, get up Thorpe!

Williams: Two! Three! Wait, what? The ref is pointing to the rope.

Fury: Brilliant!

Before the hand hit three, our ref noticed Colton Thorpe with one outstretched leg resting on the bottom, a last ditch effort to cut the count. Hall rolls over and stares skyward in a look of desperation.

Fury: Hall letting his frustrations get to him, attacking the credibility of our referees. Again, gimmick thief! Cecilworth Farthington is the only one with enough money to get away with that!

Williams: Or for those of us without horribly biased views, Hall simply asked the referee once, and is back doing what it takes to pull out a victory.

Back stirring, Colt has made his way to the corner and is letting the ropes help him back up. Picking the pace up, Ron rushes in and leaps.

Williams: Running splash! Hall flattening Thorpe in the corner!

Thorpe has his head to the side, gasping for air, too out of it to notice Hall beginning to hoist him up to the top rope. Hall pushes either leg of Thorpes to the side and over the rope before taking the opportunity to take an open hand and strike Thorpe across the cheek.

Fury: Slap! No, wake up Colt!

Having abandoned reason and care after the near pinfall, Hall is climbing up after Thorpe. He slings Colt’s right arm over behind his head and takes a suplex hold on the second rope.

Williams: This crowd is buzzing knowing what comes next. Wait, Hall is trying to take this to the top rope!

With one foot on the top rope, Hall yanks at Thorpe trying to take him up and over, but Thorpe has a firm grasp on the top rope with his free hand, blocking the superplex. Hall tries it once more in vain. The crowd start to sour and Colt grabs Halls foot and yanks it forward.

Fury: Hall caught trying to hard to be relevant again!

Hall is sent tumbling backward, but his leg has caught up on the top rope, grapevining the rope and the turnbuckle.

Williams: Hall in the tree of woe, and you have to wonder how much damage that fall has done to that already worked over knee.

Perched on the top, Colt is able to take the few seconds it takes to get back focused on the task at hand. And he just smiles seeing Hall trying to curl up and unhook himself. Swinging a leg over the rope, he kicks at Hall.

Fury: Thorpe standing on the top rope, and I think he is looking for spot of the night.

Williams: Double foot stomp from the top rope to Hall in the tree of woe!

Begrudgingly the crowd cheer both Superstars as they lay winded on the ring mat.

Rolling back to a knee, Colt looks about the WrestleZone, and the 1,400 that have filled it for this final Victory taping, as he almost lets a genuine smile slip. Shaking his head, he makes it back over to Hall and yanks him away from the ropes.

With Hall lying looking up at the lights, Colt plants a foot on his chest and flexes in a lackadaisical pin attempt. The crowd are back to hating this asshole.

Williams: Overconfident pin here by Colt. One! Two! Hall picked the ankle!

Fury: Dick doesn’t understand why Ron Hall doesn’t just die already.

Indeed, Ron has both hands clasped around Colt’s ankle and that’s enough to send him off-balance and to the canvas. Swinging around, Hall grapevines the leg and starts twisting looking for the tapout victory.

Fury: Fight this, Colt!

Williams: Hall back on top in this one and could be mere moments away from the submission win. Colton Thorpe can see the ropes, but can’t reach them.

Fury: Crawl, damnit!

Following instinct, or Dick, Colt focuses all that pain into pulling himself forward inch by inch. Finally he reaches out and just gets two fingers to stay on the bottom rope, and our official is telling Hall to break the hold.

Williams: Thorpe able to get the rope break and save this one. We’ll see though, he might be fighting on one leg now.

Frustrated, Colt pulls himself with the ropes again. He turns just in time to see Hall taking aim again at his jaw with his Country Chin Music kick.

Williams: Country Chin Music! -- No! Colt ducked it? How did he--?

Fury: Maybe it was those few seconds Hall took getting the crowd excited for his little kick? And now--

Williams: Chop block! Again, Colt hits the chop block and Hall is down!

Striking suddenly, Colt has regained the momentum of this matchup and thinks about gloating.

Fury: Double gun salute! Here comes the Colt Magnum!

Williams: No! Hall able to duck that sliding elbow! The Southern Rebel is still in this one!

Getting back to his feet first, Colt isn’t about to let this one slip away from him. Seeing Ron back to a knee, Colt launches in and extends with a thrust kick to the side of his head.

Williams: Thorpedo, and Colt might have just locked this one up.

Stepping back from the downed Hall, Colt frames up the scene.

Williams: A little surprising that Colt isn’t going for the pin attempt--

And Jennifer is cut off when gestures the crossed arm uppercut which translates to just about any language as…

Fury: Up yours, Hall! Haha.

Williams: Classy.

With Hall back stirring, Colt bounces off the far ropes and slides home with the elbow to the forehead.

Williams: Colt Magnum, okay, now he is going for the pin.

Fury: Why just beat a Hall of Famer when you can try to embarrass him? Dick thinks it isn’t long before Colton Thorpe is walking around with a belt on his shoulder to match the massive chip on the other.

Colt grabs hold of one of Halls legs and lays with his back pressing down on Hall for the pin attempt. He counts along with his free hand.

Williams: One. Two. Hall with a kickout, but it’s too late! Cameron Wrigley’s hand had already come down for three and he is calling for the bell.


Colt rolls up to his feet, looking at the ref, pointing to his wrist.

Announcer: Your winner, by pinfall… COLTON THOORRPE!

Colt walks back over toward the announce position, and from inside the ring leaves us with the parting words.

Thorpe: It's My Time!

Williams: Huge win by Colton Thorpe here tonight. It most certainly is his time!

Fury: Hey Ron... how does it feel knowing you just lost your last regular UTA match ever before the boss sends you into retirement?!

As Fury laughs, Colton continues to celebrate as we move away.

The Collage

The Collage

A video package begins to play with Crimson Lord doing the voice over.

May 25, 2015

The big screen goes to fuzz, and 2C looks up at it. Soon after the camera hits a ground view and a commotion in the background is heard.

Williams:  Someone’s taken offense, I think.

Fury: Dick can’t figure out why… with her sparkling personality

2C’s eyes widen as she sees Fears fall face first, blood coming from her mouth.  The camera shakes as it picked up and point upward to a chorus of boos once again its Crimson Lord.

Williams:  This maniac is back again!

Fury: Does he finally have your attention, 2C??

Crimson:  I am unchained, unbounded by the shackles The Spawn gave me. The glorious hero of the UTA FINALLY….FINALLY! appears to answer for her crimes.

Crimson V/O: First it started as a message.

The camera shakes as it is moved around again and placed once more in its original position. Crimson’s hand has a hold of Zhalia’s collar.  He drags her toward the wall the camera is facing. Crimson leans her back against the wall.  Her head gently resting on her chest. A stream of blood coming from her mouth.  Crimson sits next to her with his knee up and his left arm resting on his knee. He puts his arm around Fears.

July 13, 2015

Crimson V/O: Then I seeked vengeance!

Zhalia is slowly trying to get up as Crimson enters the ring. Sektor and Farthington drop down and roll out as he does, both pacing the outside of the ring, hands on their hips. Cecilworth reaches into the front row and yanks a Zhalia Fears sign from a fan, ripping it in half.

Blackfront: Cecilworth still upset.

Ace: Do you blame him?

Blackfront: You know, not really Tommy. Not in this case.

Crimson stares a hole in The Machine, not breaking away as he scoops Zhalia Fears, who seems to have nothing left in the tank.

Blackfront:  Oh no! What is this monster planning to do?  He has the Second Coming tied to the ropes!

Ace:  And Zhalia Fears eats floor!

Zhalia slams into the floor in front of the Second Coming, as she tries her best to pull out of her cuffs. Crimson Lord laughs at this, and backhands the Second Coming.

Crimson:  What’s wrong, hero?

Blackfront: He’s tough when he’s got her tied up!

Crimson:  Now you’ll see what happens when you try to be a hero!

Crimson picks up Zhalia and violently tosses her into the steel steps, knocking the top steps off.

2C:  Stop it!

Crimson stares with a sick smile down at Zhalia, barely moving on the ground. Soon after, he looks toward 2C, struggling to get free. Sektor and Farthington both head toward him from each side.

Blackfront: It appears The Machine may interject themselves.

They look down at 2B4AN and then at each other before looking at Crimson Lord who snarls.

Crimson:  Just a casualty of war!

Crimson laughs sadistically, and then suddenly stops looking at the announce table in front of 2c. Sektor and Farthington wave their hands off toward Fears and Coming, walking past Crimson Lord and starting up the ramp. The fans boo them not helping the heroes.

Ace:  I don’t think Crimson is done here.

Blackfront: Somebody get out here and stop this maniac!

Ace: You wait for that, while we go somewhere else forever.

Crimson begins to rip the monitors from the announce table.

Blackfront:  Enough Crimson…you have done enou…

Before he can finish his sentence Crimson slaps the headset off Blackfront who quickly gets out of the way.  He quickly looks at Ace, who also drops his headset and moves out of the way.  Crimson walks over to Zhalia who is now trying to climb herself up from Crimson’s jeans.

2C: This is between us, Frankenstein… leave Fears alone!

Crimson drags Zhalia in front of 2C, grabs the back of her hair and forces her to look up at her.

Crimson:  This is your fault, child - and now you will see the price for crossing paths with me!

Crimson locks in a chokeslam!  He lifts Zhalia up as the Second Coming looks on in horror trying frantically to free herself.  Crimson chokeslams Zhalia into the announce table, destroying it on impact. He looks down at Zhalia’s broken body, breathing heavy with a sick smile on his face.

The video fades to Crimson Lord in the darkness with half his face illuminated.

Crimson:  Tonight Two-Cee I make a incision in your chest! Oh but I will not grab your heart just yet. Because I want you to suffer, pay close attention to my match with your buddy Zhalia Fears.  Watch me dissect her, limb by limb. Fears will try and fight the good fight, but will see why I am the Big Bad Wolf of the UTA!

Crimson laughs diabolically as the video fades out

A Moment of Your Time

A Moment of Your Time

The opening riff of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys hits the PA system in the Wrestlezone and that’s all the fans need. They’re on their feet roaring as Will Haynes steps through the curtain. Haynes is wearing the same clothes as earlier. A white military cut linen dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up. There’s a few buttons undone revealing a black ribbed tank top. He has a pair of khaki dress pants, and brown dress shoes. He wears a stylish vintage Cartier watch on his wrist. His hair is clipped, faded to his head tight.

Haynes pauses at the top of the ramp and extends a single hand in the air, waving to those cheering him on. He nods his head as he strolls down to the ring to the lyrical stylings of some of New York’s finest.

Williams: And what a treat here tonight, Will Haynes live and in the flesh.

Fury: Dick doesn’t understand why this idiot loser is here. He should be back in DC licking his wounds.

Williams: I think Will and the fans might have a different take on things, Dick.

Haynes steps into the ring, between the bottom and middle ropes and spins around briefly throwing his hands to the side, expressing his excitement at being here tonight at the Wrestlezone. He nods his head a bit more and pulls a microphone out of his back pocket.

Williams: I wonder what the old THRILLmaker has on his mind.

Fury: Dick thinks nothing. Cause thinking apparently hurts Will’s head real bad.

Haynes: Orlando, Florida, where you at?

The fans roar for the hometown recognition.

Haynes: Now I know y’all were watchin’ that Main Event last week at Wrestleshow Forty Two. I know y’all saw what went down in the middle a’ that ring. Am I right, or am I right?

Fury: Dick thinks Haynes needs to get over it. BIG TIME!

Williams: Imagine if the same thing would’ve happened to you, Dick. Wouldn’t you be angry? Upset?

Fury: I’d love to put Alex Beckman in a chokehold, if you catch my drift.

Jennifer shakes her head at her fellow commentator as the fans roar of applause and supports grows a little quiet. The fans once again pop. They know what Haynes is referring to, Haynes nods his head in approval.

Haynes: That’s right, y’all saw Alex Beckman n’ I put on a wrestling clinic last Monday night.

Haynes nods his head as small applause breaks out for both competitors effort in the semi final of the Ring King tournament.

Haynes: That match was a’ instant classic, ain’t no doubt in my mind. Had a little bit a’ somethin’ for everyone. It was MUST SEE TV. N’ speakin’ a must see TV folks, this comin’ week at Wrestleshow y’all are gonna have your eyes tuned t' one match n’ one match only.

You’re gonna be watchin Abdul Bin Hussain take on Will “The THRILL” Haynes!

No sooner than does Will complete his sentence does Blunt Blowin by Lil’ Wayne fill the PA system. The fans begin to boo heavily as Mikey Unlikely, current Dynasty darling saunters out of the back curtain. Also wearing the same thing he wore earlier in the night. Mikey claps his hands mocking the THRILL and the fans.

Unlikely: Will, Will, Will, you got it all wrong, buddy. If these ungratefuls down here in Florida, and across the globe are gonna be watching anything this week on Wrestleshow, it’s going to be yours truly destroying John Sektor and taking back the Legacy title which belongs to Dynasty.

The fans erupt in a chorus of boos.

Fury: Mikey Unlikely, now this is more Dick’s speed.

Haynes shakes his head in the ring. Mikey slowly starts down the ramp.

Unlikely: Do you really think these people care that you ALMOST beat Alex Beckman? You think anyone cares that you ALMOST made it to the finals of Ring King? No one cares, Will. Not one single person.

Not me, not these fans, not Coleslaw, and especially not...

He pauses.

Unlikely: Mary Jane.

Inside the ring Haynes takes two huge steps forward. Mikey only half way down the ramp stops in his tracks as Haynes points at him barking over the top rope.

Williams: These two have some serious bad blood between them, Dick. It could spill over at a moment’s notice.

Fury: Dick would love nothing more than for Mikey to clean Will’s clock.

Mikey nods his head smiling. His smirk rivaling that of Eric Dane’s when he pinned Sanctus last week on Wrestleshow.

Unlikely: Sorry for speaking the truth, Haynes. I’m sorry that just like in everything else you do… you came up just short! Just like All or Nothing, just like that Number One Contender Fatal Fourway,  just like facing Ell Eff Bee in the cage with YOUR Legacy Title on the line.

You keep coming up short.

Mikey nods his head.

Unlikely: I’m not just sayin’ this to get under your skin, Will. I’m saying it because it’s true. Isn’t that what you used to always tell me? To be ‘Real wit you’?

Mikey breaks out the air quotes around “real wit you”, throwing on an over the top horribly accurate impression of the THRILL.

Haynes shifts his weight in the ring closing the distance between himself and the ropes. He paces back and forth angrily, barking over the top rope at Mikey.

Williams: This could come to a head right here, tonight, Dick.

Fury: Dick would enjoy some head, right here, tonight, Jennifer.

Unlikely: To be frank, I’m out here for one reason and one reason only. Haynes. I’ve had enough of this dodging, I have had enough of the running around, and I have had enough of you. I got tired of you telling me that I wasn’t your focus, so here I am Thrill… Focus up!  

Williams: Mikey Unlikely really pouring it on thick, here.

Fury: Better thick than thin. Least that’s what Dick’s last girlfriend said.

Haynes brings the microphone to his mouth to rebuttal, when suddenly there’s commotion. He turns around and is met with a boot to the gut, doubling him over.


Dane pulls Haynes in and lifts him straight in the air with his impressive strength. Dane waits, and waits, and waits some more. Dane keeps waiting, letting the blood rush from Haynes body and fill his head, making him dizzy. Finally Dane brings Haynes crashing down to the mat with a huge impact, leveling the THRILL with a Stardriver that shakes the ring.

Williams: After weeks of telling Will Haynes that his time was going to come it looks like Eric Dane has finally delivered on his promise here tonight. Shades of what Eric did to Sanctus a mere week ago.

Fury: This is giving Dick wood. Dick won’t lie.

Mikey keeps his distance as Dane shoots him a crazed look. Mikey throws his hands up to make sure Dane realizes he’s not getting involved. The Only Star grabs Haynes' microphone and stuffs it in his back pocket.

Williams: What’s he doing now?

Dane takes Haynes and picks him up, trying to get him through the ropes. The fans begin to boo, Dane mouths off to a few sitting close enough to hear. He manages to get the lifeless Haynes through the ropes and keep him steady on the mat, just outside of the ring. Right by the ring steps. Mikey backs up the ramp a little, not quite ready to get involved.

Fury: This isn’t going to end well for Willy Wonka there, and Dick loves that.

Dane steps through the ropes, as he keeps Haynes steady. The Only Star moves Haynes dangerously close to the steel steps leading down to the ring floor. Dane smiles, as if a devilish lightbulb went off inside his head. He nods and positions Haynes a bit to the side, pulling both both of Will’s arms back into a Double Underhook. The Only Star shifts his weight leaning back slightly but not enough to protect Haynes. The result is Haynes getting dropped onto the steel steps directly onto his neck. Haynes folds in half and cascades off the ring steps into a heaping, motionless mess on the ring floor. The crowd grows eerily quiet.

Eric Dane nods his head. Impressed with his own handiwork.

Williams: I think we need some EMTs out here, folks. I don’t know if I can watch this.

Dane pulls Haynes’ mic out of his back pocket and speaks.

Dane: I told you we weren’t finished, you stupid sack of nothing! You don’t get to embarrass The Only Star and walk away clean!

He throws a boot in for good measure.

Dane: Oh, what’s that? Finished with me?

Another kick, and another.

Dane: You’re finished with me when I say so, fatboy, and not a minute earlier!

He drops down and pats The Thrill on his head before turning to walk away.

Dane: You keep that in mind, Thrill-faker.

Dane drops the mic rather impressed with himself. As he passes Haynes on his way to the barricade he drives his knee down into Will’s head.

Fury: Dick knows for a fact that Eric Dane wears that titanium knee brace, morning, noon and night.

Williams: And how is it you’ve come to know such information, Dick?

Fury: Dick never gives up his sources, Jennifer.

Dane smirks and hops over the barricade with just the slightest bit of difficulty and exits out through the crowd. The UTA faithful eagerly move from his path, motivated by fear that they might be next in Dane’s current rampage.

The camera quickly cuts to a wide eyed Mikey Unlikely. He looks concerned. He races towards his former WTFC partner who is still lying motionless on the floor.

Williams: Things do not look good for Will Haynes right now. And for those watching at home, I’m starting to think I should apologize for the images you just saw.

Fury: Jennifer, Dick would like to know why you are apologizing? Let this be a lesson to anyone watching. This is what happens when you keep running your trap. People like the Only Star, Eric Dane, shut it for you.

Mike approaches Will Haynes and slides down to the ring floor, the camera moves quickly to capture each moment. Mikey is checking on Will Haynes, making sure he is alright. Slowly, Mikey helps Haynes to a standing position. The fans ringside applaud Mikey. Mikey helps roll Haynes into the ring, again slowly, but quite sure of what he is doing.

Williams: Look at this, Mikey showing some concern here. Maybe not all hope is lost.

Mikey points to Haynes and raises his hand. Haynes can’t tell which way is up and slumps forward, grabbing onto the top rope to steady himself. Mikey urges him to lay down. Haynes does so, laying down on his stomach breathing heavily.

Fury: Wow, just when Dick was starting to like Unlikely.

Mikey makes like he is motioning to the back but stops just short.

Williams: Wait, what is he -

Before the words can leave Jennifer’s mouth, Mikey drives his padded knee deep into Will’s neck. Mikey grabs the THRILL’s legs and arches them back, applying pressure and has the Backstory submission hold, LOCKED IN!

Williams: Mikey, punking us all here. He’s got that submission locked in. That’s the move that made Em Vee Cee tap just last week.

Fury: Oh Dick is loving this.

Haynes doesn’t respond. He lays there lifeless, the fans being to boo. Mikey smiles, ear to ear as he continues to hold THRILL in the Boston Crab.

Fury: Mikey has the hold locked in! He’s arching farther and farther back!

Williams: He’s going to break him in half!

Out of the back a security team tears through the curtain, followed closely by a team of two EMTs. The security team slides in the ring and begins to try to pry Mikey off of Will. Mikey shows his resilience by continuing to drive his knee deep into THRILL’s neck as well as keep his legs engaged. Finally after a minute or so the security team breaks the hold.

Mikey slides out of the ring and takes off backwards up the ramp, an impressed smirk on his face.

Williams: I can’t believe what we just saw, ladies and gentlemen. What a disgusting act by Eric Dane, and Mikey, and you’ve gotta think, what is Haynes status for his BIG MATCHUP at Wrestleshow with Abdul Bin Hussian.

Fury: Dick thinks that if Haynes is half as tough as he thinks he is, he would wrestle anyway.

Williams: I’m sure we’ll have our best people on it.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Rhys Townsend vs. Kendrix/Sean Jackson

Short Change Hero by the Heavy begins to play.

As the opening riffs begin Sean Jackson and Kendrix walk out on the stage ramp walking in tandem down towards the ring.

Williams: Originally scheduled as a tag match, Samuel Owens is out due to injury. Tonight, Rhys Townsend will take on these two members of Dynasty in a handicap match.

Fury: Lets call it like it really is Jennifer. Owens was scared and he chickened out.

Sean Jackson walks close to the barriers talking smack to the fans near by and purposely ripping any signs from their hands that are anti-Dynasty. As they do that Kendrix walks straight down the ramp pointing and yelling at the camera, most if not all is inaudible do to the music and booing in the arena.

Announcer: Making their way to the ring first....

Kendrix slides into the ring as Sean Jackson Walks up the ring stairs and enters in through the top and second rope before they both take their positions around the ring.

Announcer: Weighing in at a combined 438 pounds...

Both members take their places on opposite turnbuckles taunting the crowd below that answers back with boos and jeers.


They both jump down and meet in the middle to discuss a few things as the referee shakes them down for any weapons.

Williams: Dynasty hoping to put Townsend around quick here tonight.

Sean Jackson nods a few times and decides to take position on the outside of the ring, as Kendrix stays on the inside prepared to start their tag team bout. Jackson hopes down, walking over and saying something to a young boy in the front row.

Williams: Sean Jackson's son in the front row here tonight.

Sylosis' Empyreal starts to thunder it's way around inside the arena, as it heralds the arrival of Rhys Townsend. He walks out onto the stage, pausing to adjust the towel hanging around his shoulders, barely even acknowledging the fact that he's in an arena full of wrestling fans, instead, just staring straight down at the ring.

Williams: The monster, Rhys Townsend looking to make a mark here tonight.

Fury: If he's going to, he needs to now. More proof that you can be at the top of your company anywhere else, but when you come into the UTA, you realize you've jumped into the deep end with sharks.

His focus on the ring is absolute as he walks down the ramp, never taking his eyes off it, his facial expression of pure focus never wavering.

Announcer: Introducing at this time, coming to us from Llanelli, Wales...

He stops at the bottom of the ring steps, still completely oblivious to anything that is not the wrestling ring, as he stares up at the ringpost. He pauses for a second, seemingly murmuring something to himself, before looking around.

Announcer: Standing at six feet, one inch, and weighing in at two hundred fifty two pounds...

Rhys sees Jackson's son in the front row. The boy stands up, revealing a Rhys Townsend shirt.

Announcer:! TOWNSEND!!!!

Townsend walks back down and toward Jackson's son, pulling hiw towel off of his shoulder and handing it to him.

Williams: Sean Jackson's son a huge fan of Rhys Townsend, here tonight to see him wrestle. Now he goes home with something to remember.

Jackson, who sees the interaction, drops down to the floor from the apron, and heads around the ring.

Fury: Here comes trouble.

As Rhys turns around, Jackson shoots forward with a big right hand, catching the Welshman off guard.

Williams: Jackson unappreciative of Rhys Townsend talking to his son.

Fury: Well, what do you expect? You just don't go talk to a man's boy like that.

Rhys throws his arm over the barricade, leaning against it in front of Sean's son as Jackson stomps him in the stomach. Kendrix slides out and runs over, joining in.

Williams: This match hasn't even started yet, but Dynasty attacking Rhys outside of the ring here.

Jackson grabs the arm of Rhys and pulls him away from the barricade before turning him around and yanking back, whipping Townsend hard into it. His son begins to scream for him to stop, tears running down his eyes.

Williams: Sean Jackson attacking his son's hero in front of him. This is terrible!

Fury: No, it's a life lesson.

Jackson points down at Rhys on his hands and knees, yelling something toward Kendrix before walking toward the time keeper's table. Kendrix brings a foot down into his side, causing Townsend to flop over to his back.

Williams: Jackson returning now with a chair!

Jackson yells at Kendrix, who bends down and grabs Townsend, pulling him halfway up, holding him from behind by his arms. Sean's son can be seen crying even heavier as this happens in front of him. The chair comes down, and cracks Rhys Townsend right in the skull. The fans boo loud as Jackson holds the chair up high, turning to face his son with a cold stare.

Williams: Sean Jackson showing no remorse.

He tosses the chair to the side, joining Kendrix in pulling Rhys to his feet. They walk him over to the ring, and roll him into it under the bottom rope.

Williams: Do they really expect this match to happen?

Fury: Why not? Dick thought Rhys Townsend would fight through anything.

Williams: Dick! He has been brutally attacked!

Dynasty pull themselves up to the apron, and step into the ring. Rhys, on the opposite side of the ring, is on a knee, his arm up and over the middle rope. He shakes his head, a small trickle of blood coming from his forehead, and stands up. The fans go crazy.

Williams: All of that and Rhys Townsend is on his feet!

The referee checks on him, but Townsend just snarls, pushing through him and stomping toward the two members of Dynasty. The referee shrugs it off and calls for the bell to start the match.

Williams: The referee letting this one actually happen!

Fury: If he wants to be stupid enough to take on two of wrestling's best at one time, let him.

Rhys charges both men, who duck his two  outstretched arms. They quickly turn as does Rhys.

Williams: Double boots to the gut of Townsend.

They grab the bent over Rhys, both grabbing a side of him, before lifting him vertically, and then dropping.

Williams: Suplex by Dynasty!

The fans boo.

Williams: All of the rumblings of there being issues within Dynasty, they are showing that they are still a well oiled machine when they are in that ring.

Fury: Of course they are. Dynasty all day baby.

Kendrix hits the ropes.

Willaims: Kendrix on the return now... drops a knee to the forehead of Townsend!

The fans boo. As his knee hits Townsend's forehead, Kendrix rolls forward and out of the way. Townsend grabs his head and jerks up to a sitting position in shock. As he does, Jackson his the ropes behind him, coming forward raising his knee up. He catches him in the back of the head.


Fury: That right there Jennifer is why Dynasty is the best. They just knocked Rhys all the way back to Chicago with that one.

Kendrix drops down, covering him. The referee slides into position. As he counts, Jackson stares down at his son outside of the ring who is bawling uncontrollably. The referee's hand hits the canvas for the third time before calling for the bell.

Announcer: The winners of this match... DYYYNNAASSTTTYYY!!!!

Jackson points down at Rhys, yelling something we can't hear as he stares at his son. Kendrix puts a smirk across his face, his arms outstretched and his hands waving on the boos from the crowd.

Williams: Dynasty with the win tonight here and Townsend continuing his streak of bad luck.

Fury: Bad luck? It's called a Chicago mindset. You want to succeed in the UTA? Lose that. Then maybe you'll get somewhere.

As Dynasty's music plays, the two leave the ring. Jackson walks around and can be seen yelling at his son to stop crying. He rips the towel Rhys gave him away, tossing it toward the ring, continuing to yell as the fans continue to boo loudly and we fade.

Red Means Danger, Yellow Means Caution

Red Means Danger, Yellow Means Caution

The show cuts backstage to the busy loading dock area following behind one half of the UTA World Tag Team Champions, the Second Coming, as she says her hellos to the staff busy at work and weaves her way around the crates and objects before reaching the backdoor. A moment later she pushes it open and steps outside, immediately blasted with the light Florida breeze.

2C: Fears?

She walks forward towards the loading dock ramp and starts to descend towards the parking lot.

Fears: Present. And quit calling me Fears, just Zhalia is fine, MJ!

Her head shoots to the left and then shook as Zhalia Fears waves to her. Her legs currently through the railing spaces and bent forward as she hung there precariously off the ledge and continues to do her sit ups and workout regiment.

2C: You sure you want to go through with this? We both know what Crimson’s capable of, he’s not like any’a the others.

Fears: I got this. No worries.

2C: Well… you’ve seen what I went through, and apparently you’re still determined-

Fears: Yep.

2C: -to proceed.

Fears: I asked for this. It was a heat of the moment sort of deal. He had you, MJ. I dunno what his plan was next but-

She once more raises up, this time her hands clasping the bar above her legs. With ease she pulls her legs out under her and continues to extend backward while keeping a firm grip and balance..

Fears: -well you know. That was then, but it has been three weeks since I have been able to go out there and entertain our fans. A lot has happened during that time that I missed out on! And apparently Crimson Lord has it out for deer. I bet if he had it his way he would have killed Bambi’s mom. Funny thing about all that though is if the shot is not fatal, the deer tend to spring back to their feet and flee before you can finish the job. Or so I am told.

She shrugs.

Fears: I would never go out and shoot some innocent animals. Unless they were dinosaurs, and only if my life depended on it. Oh, and I had a weapon in the first place.

2C: Focus, Z.

Zhalia stops and laughs at her tangent.

2C: This is a big deal, and I’m just worried you’ve bit off more than you can chew.

She shakes her head, and continues.

Fears: I have missed a lot. Just so much going on.

The Second Coming nods her head in agreement as she leans back against the wall.

2C: So you ready for your match then?

Fears: Focused and ready. This is our first encounter now, you know. The second will be at Ring King.

2C: Yeah I heard. Sounds like we get to cheer each other on while I take that briefcase in Ace in the Hole, and you secure your spot as a draft captain.

Fears: You got the better end of that stick… at least seems that way right now.

2C: Hah. First things first, me and Eddie’s tag team belts.

Fears: Should be fun. Just watch out for Eric Dane and probably Bobby helping those yellowbellies.

2C: We can do this without any help. If Team Caution needs to upset the balance, it just goes to prove that we’re the better team - before the bell rings.

Zhalia smiles and kicks off from the wall, flipping backward and sticking the landing to a mock clap from 2C.

2C: Speaking of. I have a few things to go over with Eddie but if you want me out there with you…

Fears: No.

Zhalia shakes her head and walks around the dock and up the ramp to where MJ stood.

Fears: Leave Crimson Lord to me tonight. Focus on keeping those titles. No matter what. I got this.

2C: Okay. If you’re sure.

Fears: MJ, seriously. No matter what. Even if Crimson pulls my arm out of my socket and uses it to chokeslam me. Or he ignites the ring and lights us both on fire. Or my head gets driven into the ring post and splits open like a watermelon. Or-

2C steps forward waving her arms out for her to stop.

2C: Okay okay, got it.

Fears: I have more…

2C: Come on, let’s get back inside and get ready for those Or’s situations of yours.

Zhalia smiles and jumps on the Second Coming’s back as she turns to head back inside, immediately wrapping her arms around her neck and legs around the waist.

Fears: What?

She finally notices the lone cameraman standing there at the top of the ramp all this time.

Fears: I am just letting MJ carry me like she and Blanca have carried the tag division, and have put every other champion in their dust.

Grinning the two continue up the ramp towards the camera as it cuts out to elsewhere.

Don't Let Them Win

Don't Let Them Win

Cameras break in late on a backstage altercation inside the Dynasty dressing room. Sean Jackson and La Flama Blanca are being physically separated by the rest of the members of the group. Kendrix and Mikey Unlikely pull LFB back as CBR tries his best to hold back Sean Jackson. Marshall Owens is the man in the middle. He looks at both La Flama Blanca and Jackson a few times.

La Flama Blanca: You want to bleed again?!  

Blanca tries his best to try to get away from Kendrix and Unlikely. Owens gets in the face of the UTA World Champion for a moment and then turns to Jackson.

Owens: That’s it! You two are getting old!

Jackson stops trying to get through CBR. He is panting as his face turns red. His eyes like daggers staring at LFB. CBR pats Jackson on the chest trying to calm him down. Jackson pushes Ranier’s hands away.

Owens: You guys are a team… You are the best of the best. This is stupid. This is what THEY want… THEY want you to kill each other so the group dies.

Owens continues to look at Blanca and Jackson.

Owens: Don’t let them win.

Blanca removes his torn LFB t-shirt and tosses it on the floor. Blanca jerks himself forward and then looks back. He raises his right hand and points out at Sean Jackson.

LFB: If you want the belt back… go win Ace In The Hole. I’d love to get another piece of you…

Sean Jackson nods his head up and down as he licks his lips. He backs away and leaves the locker room. CBR turns back towards the rest of the group as they all come closer together. We cut to ringside with Jennifer Williams and Dick Fury now center stage. Both have shocked looks on their faces.

Williams: Ladies and gentleman… something we have never really seen before and that’s Dynasty going at each other.

Fury: There’s still a lot that hasn’t been resolved since Black Horizon, Jennifer. Dick wouldn’t be surprised if Sean Jackson was jealous.

Williams: Jackson probably isn’t happy about losing his title but… maybe the current UTA World Champion has let the title go to his head a little bit.

Dick thinks about it for a second. Cameras cut to shots of the WrestleZone. The crowd’s excitement is evident.

Fury: Power does crazy things to people. Lot of pressure on The Champion.

Williams: Most definitely, he has the Tag Team title match in our Main Event and then he defends his title at Ring King, August Twenty Third at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington.

Cameras go back to Williams and Fury behind their play by play desk.

Fury: Dick can’t wait for Ring King. Going to be taking full advantage of the recreational ganja use in Washington.

Jennifer Williams’ eyes bulge. She reacts quickly.

Williams: The UTA does not condone any type-

Dick interrupts his partner.

Fury: It’s legal. Sorry! Dick loves those brownies. MMMMMMM.

Cameras roll on the UTA crowd.

Williams: Okay… Coming up next… Zhalia Fears goes one on one with Crimson Lord.

Dick Fury laughs as we zoom in on a "WE LOVE CAYLE" sign. 

Fury: Zhalia Fears is going to get destroyed. This one is gonna be over quick, folks.

Cut to commercial.


Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Crimson Lord vs. Zhalia Fears

Every light in the arena suddenly shuts off while handheld phones and devices illuminate the darkness. They are joined by a lone dark orange light that shines down upon the ring as White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane starts up.

Before the lyrics can get started a slow puffing of smoke on either-side of the entranceway requests attention.

Williams: Zhalia is up against her biggest challenge..literally tonight.

Fury: Crimson is gonna send this chick back to the kitchen...where she belongs.

A LOUD screech interrupts the music just before the lyrics kick in once more. The curtains burst open as Zhalia Fears steps out. She gives a single arc wave to the fans.

Franklin:  Currently on leave from the Broadmoor Hospital in Crowthorne, UK!

She crooks her head at the ring and then she makes a dash toward the ring.

Franklin:  Standing at five foot eight, and weighing in at one hundred and forty-two pounds...

Her face as pale as a ghost she reaches up and grips the bottom rope, before rolling in underneath. She walks alongside the ropes looking out at the fans for a few moments. Catching sight of the camera nearest she smiles at it and says 'Keep watching Zhaliphires!'. With a smile she then slides across the ring and to the closest corner and leans forward onto it.

Franklin:  She is... 'KIMERA'... ZHALIA FEARS!

Zhalia hears her name but gave no heed to it choosing instead to rest her head down upon the top turnbuckle. Tilting slightly towards the entrance aisle, eyes closed, as the final words of the lyrics plays out.

Williams: Zhalia absorbing this huge ovation for her.

Fury: Enjoy it because after tonight it will be the last time you step in that ring.

Board up the House by Genghis Tron hits, as the seven footer steps from behind the curtain.  He stops at the top of the ramp and looks out into a sea of booing fans.  He then directs his attention toward Zhalia standing in the ring.  He slowly begins to walk toward the ring not taking his eyes off her.

Franklin: and her opponent making his way to the ring at this time.  From Part Unknown...

Williams: This man just keeps getting more sick as the weeks go by.

Fury: Dick likes it.

Franklin: “The Plague of Darkness”  Crimson Lord!!!

Crimson reaches the end of the ramp and Zhalia dives toward him through the second rope. Knocking Crimson down.  Zhalia quickly gets up and mounts CL unloading with lefts and rights across Crimson’s head.

Williams: Fears not wasting anytime. She has got to know that if he gets a hold of her it will be all over.

Zhalia gets off and walks around the ring and grabs Franklin’s chair. She folds it up and walks back toward Crimson, who gets up she quickly swings and cracks the chair over Crimson’s head.  The blunt force knocks Crimson down again.  She looks at the chair and tosses it on the ground.

Williams: That is unlike Zhalia.

Fury: That's cheating disqualify her ref!

Williams: Disqualify her the match hasn’t even started yet. The Second Coming is rubbing off on her.

Zhalia is now being admonished by the ref to get in the ring. Zhalia follows orders and slides in the ring taunting Crimson to get in.  Crimson slowly gets to his feet, holding his head as he stumbles toward the apron. He pulls himself on the apron and Zhalia quickly goes off the ropes and slide dropkicks Crimson’s feet from out under him.  Crimson’s jaw slams off the apron he turns around holding his jaw.

Williams: Zhalia keeping Crimson off balance, a wise strategy.

Fury: For now, sooner or later all this offense is going to be stopped abruptly!

Zhalia slaps a few fans hands on her way back in the ring.  Crimson staggers to his feet, still holding his jaw.  He looks into the ring as Zhalia has the fans on their feet. Crimson waves his hand at the ring and begins to leave.

Williams: Crimson has had enough well thats not like him.

Fury: Don’t let these fans or this little girl get in your head Crimson!

Crimson stops almost at the top of the rampway and looks back in the ring. Zhalia is almost daring him to get back in the ring. Crimson looks out at the fans who continue to chant “Fears, Fears” Crimson slowly makes his way back toward the ring.  Zhalia exits the ring the ref has given up trying to get this match started.

Williams: Zhalia showing no fear here!

The two meet and Zhalia quickly begins to throw punch after punch.  Crimson just seems to be taking it all. She grabs Crimson by the hair and tosses him into the ring.  She slides into the ring after him and finally the ref officially starts the match.

Williams: Finally this match has begun, and Zhalia just will not let up on Crimson.  All the abuse he has given her, she finally is able to finally release all her frustrations out on him.

Fury: Dick wonders what Crimson is doing, this is not what Dick thought would happen in this match.

Crimson gets to his feet and Zhalia is just relentless. She drives the big man back into the corner and he is now covering up as Zhalia just unleashing an onslaught on Crimson.  Finally Crimson shoves her off, she somersaults backwards and hops to her feet.

Williams: Be careful Zhalia.

Fury: He is toying with her this has to be it.

Zhalia looks to the fans and throws everything she has into the punch. Crimson’s head jerks to the side and then slowly looks back at her.  She throws another punch and this time Crimson grabs her fist and starts to squeeze her hand.  Zhalia immediately drops to a knee.

Williams: Zhalia is in pain here fans Crimson is squeezing her fist and she is trying desperately to peel his hand off her fist.

Fury: Now the girl is going to pay for challenging Crimson Lord.

Crimson lets go of her fist she shakes her hand and goes off the ropes and tries a flying tackle and bounces right off Crimson.  Who takes a step back then forward.  Zhalia looks up as Crimson has not changed his cold stare toward her. Zhalia tries again but this time baseball dropkicks Crimson in the knee buckling the big man. She quickly lets loose with stiff leg kicks to the side of Crimson’s legs. One after the other finally getting the big man down to a knee she throws a stiff kick across Crimson’s face the sound can be heard throughout the arena.

Williams: Wow! Did you hear that sound Dick. Zhalia taking it to Crimson Lord!

Fury: Dick can not believe Crimson is being dominated like this by a mere woman!

Zhalia hops on Crimson going for a cover.

1...massive kick out!

Zhalia hops to her feet as Crimson is slow to get up once more.  She climbs the turnbuckle and just as Crimson has gotten to his feet, she jumps off with a double axe handle. The blow knocks Crimson down once more.  She quickly runs to the turnbuckle and climbs it once more and launches herself into a frog splash!

Williams: Frog Splash by Zhalia she is going for the cover again here fans!

Fury: What are you doing Crimson?

1….1 ½..Massive kick out!

Williams: Again still not enough to keep Crimson down here fans!

Zhalia holds her stomach for a moment as Crimson has gotten to his knees...

Williams: Ode to Kush!

Fury: Are you kidding Dick?

Crimson is laid out once more.  Zhalia quickly hops up to the top rope again she launches herself off with a corkscrew senton!

Williams: Zhalia has pretty much controlled this match. With an impressive display of moves!

Fury: None of which seem very effective against Crimson, and now she is going for another cover!

1….2...Massive kick out!

Williams: Zhalia is pulling out all the stops but she just can not keep Crimson down.

Fury: Of course not she is a woman!

Zhalia waits for Crimson to get up...

Williams: Pick your Pill! She goes for the cover again!

Fury: You better kick out Crimson!

1….2….2 ½ kickout!

Zhalia can’t believe it, she starts to climb the inner turnbuckle.  Crimson is on his hands and knees.  He lunges at the top rope shaking it enough for Zhalia to straddle the turnbuckle. Crimson gets to his feet while Zhalia is stunned.

Williams: Zhalia is in trouble here folks!

Fury: Now that Crimson has taken the best of Zhalia, now is the time to send this little girl back to the kitchen!

Williams: Give me a break Dick seriously!

Crimson walks over to Zhalia and grabs the back of her hair and pulls her head back.

Crimson: Game over!

Fury: Blood Lust! Good night Zhalia!

Williams: Crimson with a forearm across the face of Zhalia in an arrogant pin, kickout Zhalia come on!



Fury: HOW?!

Williams: Not even Crimson Lord knows!

Fury: Something is churning in that twisted mind of his.

Williams: I shudder to think.

After standing, Crimson reaches down and grabs Zhalia by the throat and pulls her to a vertical base. He takes his free hand and brushes the hair from her face.  He lifts her up as the ref is shouting at Crimson.  A sick smile comes across his face as he looks on at the horror in Zhalia’s eyes.

Fury: Chokeslam her straight to hell!

As Crimson holds her up by the throat with one hand, Zhalia kicks her feet. He lifts her up with the final thrust. As he does, she swings her legs back and then forward, sliding her body up and cover the arm of Crimson coming down and landing on her feet in front of him. The fans go absolutely crazy.


Fury: How?!

Crimson wildly swings his arm toward her. She ducks and rolls forward before taking off toward the ropes. As Crimson turns, Zhalia leaps up to the ropes.

Williams: Springboard from the ropes... forearm to the face of Crimson Lord!

As Lord stumbles back a step, Zhalia rolls up, then shoots toward the ropes on the side of him.

Williams: Fears on the return now...

As she approaches, Zhalia leaps up, her foot pushes off of his slightly bend knee as he other is thrown up and around, her foot connecting with the side of his head.


Crimson stumbles to the side, his body falling over the top rope where he hangs. Fears rolls over and runs forward. As she gets there, she grabs his outstretched legs and lifts with all of her might. Finally, she is able to get his body to go up and over, falling to the floor outside of the ring.

Williams: Zhalia Fears has dumped Crimson outside!

She drops to a knee as the fans cheer.

Williams: Zhalia Fears is still in this one!

Fury: Dick has no idea how!

Crimson pushes up to to his knees outside the ring before standing up.

Fury: Hey look Jennifer, Crimson is up and he doesn't look happy.

Williams: He sure doesn't Dick.

Crimson stomps over to the steps, stopping in front of them. He reaches down, grabbing the side of the steps and lifting them up.

Williams: What is this monster doing?!

Fury: It looks like he is about to end Zhalia Fears for good!

Lord tosses the steps over the rope. As they hit the canvas, the referee and Zhalia leap out of the way and a large clang is heard. Crimson grabs the ropes, and pulls himself to the apron before stepping over the top rope. As the referee tries to stop him, Crimson just pushes him to the side, going for the steps.

Williams: Crimson Lord has those stairs. Zhalia has nowhere to go!

Fury: Maybe she should have just took that choke slam, huh?

Fears tries to rushes Crimson with a war scream.

Williams: Fears attacking Crimson...

He just brings the steps forward, catching her right in the head, and sending her down.

Fury: Basically, running right into the front of a truck. What an idiot.

The referee calls for the bell quickly. Behind him, Crimson brings the steps down on top of Zhalia again as she lays unconscious. The fans boo.

Announcer: The winner of this match via disqualification.... ZHALIA... FEEEARSSS...

Lord tosses the steps to the side.

Williams: Zhalia is laid out while this sick man stands over her broken body. Zhalia had this one much to the surprise of everyone she took it to Crimson one hundred and ten percent!

Fury: Blah it was never enough this man is just too much for the little girls of the UTA.

Crimson continues to stand, admiring his work as we move from the ring.


Domination and Submission

Domination and Submission

Backstage in the WrestleZone, Cassandra Walsh-- official interviewer of The Machine-- is standing by in front of the backstage set for Monday Night Victory. She looks into the camera will a brilliant smile, holding the microphone up to her mouth.

Walsh: Ladies and gentlemen, I am joined at this time by Michael Best and UTA Prodigy Champion, Alexandra Beckman. 

On cue, Michael Best steps into the frame to exactly the reaction that you might expect from Orlando’s UTA fans. He adjusts the neck of his signature machine cog tie, rolling the sleeves of his red dress shirt up to mid-forearm as he smiles at Ms. Walsh.

Best can probably hearing the booing crowd in the WrestleZone from the very spot he stands in backstage. However, the audible hatred is immediately washed away as the camera zooms out, replaced by a surprising ovation for Alexandra.

She stares intently into the camera, holding her championship over her shoulder as she waits obediently behind her manager.

Walsh: Mr. Best, we’re one week away from Wrestleshow forty three, a night that without a doubt will be the most important night in Alexandra Beckman’s career.

Michael looks sideways at Cassandra, a smirk coming over his face.

He clears his throat, loudly.

Best: Nine and oh, Ms. Walsh. Those are the two most important numbers in the United Toughness Alliance. Nine wins… zero losses.

Gesturing toward Alex, Michael leans in closer to the camera. The Prodigy Champion straightens her posture, holding the belt a little bit tighter as her gaze falls to the man handling her hype.

Best: When Alex debuted they said that she couldn’t go one on with with LAR, so she beat him so badly they had to call off the match. When they said that she couldn’t do it again, she took his Prodigy Championship. And when the Ring King Tournament rolled around, do you know how many people predicted that she’d make it out of the second or third rounds?

Michael raises his eyebrows and looks into the camera. He’s quiet, like he’s actually waiting for them to answer the question from their couches.

Best: None, Cassandra. Zero. The fact of the matter is, since the day that Alexandra Beckman stepped foot into this company, she has simultaneously been the most dominant and most underestimated competitor on the roster. And yet here she stands today, heading into the Ring King Finals.

He grins, proudly.

Best: Nine and oh, Ms. Walsh.  Nine wins... zero losses. Do you want to be the one who bets that it ends at Wrestleshow forty three? Come on.

He checks his watch, clearly looking as though he finds this to be a formality and a waste of his time.

Walsh: Curiously, the man who Alex will meet in the Ring King finals-- Claude Baptiste Ranier-- came into the United Toughness Alliance with a record of ten and oh before losing his first match. How does Alex feel about stepping into the ring with CBR, and in fact stepping into the ring with a member of Dynasty for the first time?

Alex steps forward now, ready to field this question on her own.

Unfortunately, Michael holds his arm out and stops her. Once again, the booing in the arena is loud, even backstage-- they want to hear the BTKO Killer speak for herself, but it would appear that Michael Best is going to handle this one.

Best: What is it with people in the UTA going by their [bleep]ing initials? CBR, LAR, LMAO… it doesn’t matter. Mr. Ranier will find out the hard way that the only four letters into the future of this company are BTKO. And that’s not just a soundbyte, it’s a promise.

Cassandra waits, as though he’s going to continue, but he doesn’t. It’s evident that she was hoping for him to take this a little more seriously, but obviously Alex’s winning streak has gone to the head of the Engineer of the Machine.

Walsh: Though Alex’s streak is clearly impressive, what do you make of her last few UTA matches? The third round saw a questionable win over Tyrone Walker, while last week’s Wrestleshow ended in a way that still has people talking.  While locked into a rear naked choke against Will Haynes--

The smirk on his face disappearing in an instant, Michael’s expression snaps into a sneer as he steps menacingly toward Cassie Walsh and interjects… loudly.

Best: Who, Cassie? Who is still talking about it? Will Haynes? Zhalia Fears? The four people who follow them on Twitter? Because I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. There’s no achievement here for Zhalia Fears to try and become a sidekick to. The fact of the matter is that my client won the match and made it to the finals. If you think she tapped out to a bargain basement redneck piece of [bleep] like Will [bleep]ing Hay--

Before Michael can continue, he’s shoved swiftly backward with a stiff push from Alex Beckman’s extended arm. The crowd’s ovation is enormous as she cuts off the Engineer of The Machine, and Michael looks equal parts flabbergasted and enraged to be interrupted by his own client.

Cassandra hides a smile, as Alex steps up to the microphone. In the background, Michael Best crosses his arms and basically tries very hard not to look like he’s pouting.

Beckman: I tapped out, Cassie.

Strong words, though perhaps not in the way that the crowd was expecting. They hang in the air, taking a moment to sink in-- Michael swallows hard, the words hitting him especially hard. Alex’s expression isn’t one of remorse, but determination.

Beckman: Everyone is trying to pretend like it didn’t happen. It’s like Daddy just slapped Mommy at the dinner table, and we’re all just going to keep eating. Will Haynes locked me into a rear naked choke, I panicked, and I tapped out in the middle of the ring.

She shifts the UTA Prodigy Championship on her shoulder, as Michae begins to nervously panic in the background. He runs his hands through his hair, sweat on his brow as he watches his hype train come crashing off the tracks in a heap.

Beckman: But allow me to make something clear. Will Haynes didn’t get ripped off. He didn’t get cheated. The fact is, I tapped out and the referee didn’t see it. And Will?  He let go before the bell ever had time to ring. He made a mistake, and he paid for it with his spot in the Ring King tournament. I succeeded. He failed. I advance to the finals… undefeated. Will Haynes goes home empty handed. Nothing questionable about it.

She glares into the camera, not an ounce of reservation in her voice. For the first time since she’s come into the UTA, it would seem that Alex Beckman is all out of insecurity and entirely full of confidence in herself.

Beckman: In my world, people tap out. Either you lose the fight or you lose your arm, and you have to be smart enough to know when it live to fight another day. That's something that CBR should be thinking a lot about, before we step into the ring next week. But all of the sudden, people are saying this proves that I’m human. That I’m beatable. And I’m sure that CBR is sitting back here somewhere in the Wrestlezone, thinking exactly that.

She scoffs, chuckling shortly as she shakes her head.

Beckman: I’m not unbeatable, Claude. I’m unstoppable. And you will learn the difference between those two things next Monday night. You will learn the difference between someone who can’t be beaten… and someone who refuses to be beaten. You are the last obstacle I have to overcome to make it to the main event of Ring King. You are the last thing standing between me and the goal that I’ve had since I was a little girl. I’m here for that big gold belt around La Flama Blanca’s tiny little waist. Streak versus championship. Machine versus Dynasty. And if I were you, Claude?  

She smiles now, staring up into the camera with a burning intensity in her eyes.

Beckman: I really wouldn’t want to be the one standing between me and the match of the century.

Without another word, Alex Beckman holds the UTA Prodigy Championship into the air. The smile on her face slowly fades into a staredown with the camera, but the people watching at home know that she’s looking right at Claude Baptiste Renier.

Monday Night Victory continues.


Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

Backstage, Cayle Murray is in a locker-room. Freshly showered and changed into a pair of grey jeans and a black Bad Brains tee, he’s standing-up and talking on the phone to somebody.

Murray: … yeaaahh, that Backpack Stunner was rough though. Think I can still feel a couple marbles rolling around my skull. Not exactly idea.

He walks across the room to where his holdall gym bag sits on a bench against the wall. Taking a couple of kickpads with his free hand and stuffing them into the bag, Cayle starts packing-up for the night.

Murray: Uh-huh, uh-huh. I reckon I’ll probably just get something later, catering sounds kinda rough ton—

A knock cuts Cayle off. He cups his hand over the phone’s mic and calls to the door.

Murray: Just a mi—

Knock, knock, knock.

Murray: Jesus…

Agitated by the knocker’s lack of patience, Cayle walks to the door and pulls it open. Who does he catch, standing there with a balled fist, ready to chap again?

Thorpe: Hi friend.

You guessed it.

Murray: Sorry man, I’ll call you back. Got an unwanted visitor.

As Cayle hangs-up on his caller and slides his phone into his pocket, Colton Thorpe’s face turns sour. He, like Cayle, has had a little time to recover from his match, and is clad in one of his fresh new “Colt Brand” designs.

Thorpe: ‘Unwanted visitor’?! But Cayle, we’ve been getting along so swimmingly!

Murray: This is starting to annoy me now, lad. Unless you make a date for our little score-settling session out there in the ring, kindly take your tired act elsewhere.

Thorpe: Silliness! You know I don't have that kind of pull around here.

Pushing through the threshold, Colt makes his way into Cayle's locker room. Colt nods as he examines the small room, taking in his surroundings.

Thorpe: Love what you've done with the place. The ghost white walls, the bland oak stall, it's simple. Very reflective of your personality.

Murray: I'm gonna need a time and place for that match, Colt, otherwise I'm gonna start taking teeth for my time because the way I see it, there's a couple thousand men, women and children out there who'd love to see that happen right now.

Turning around, Colt holds up both arms in a non confrontational way. In his right hand, his fist is firmly gripped onto the cardboard handle of a Coors twelve pack.

Thorpe: Calm down laddy, I come bearing gifts. Not looking for a fight, already filled my quota of beatings for the evening.

Sitting down on one of the benches against the wall, Colt tears the top open on the case of beer. He places a can on the floor in front of the bench positioned perpendicular to his left. He looks up at a clench-fisted Murray while opening a can of his own.

Thorpe: I know it's not that syrupy garbage you're used to, but hey, it's wet. Grab a seat man, there is nothing against two respected rivals sharing a cold one, is there?

Murray: … seriously? This is what you want?

Thorpe: Stop being so guarded and relax a little. I just want to have a conversation, that's all?

Easing up ever so slightly, Cayle slowly releases his balled up fists. Colt has already worked his way through his first can, cracking open a second. He is slouched on the bench, appearing as though this twelve pack isn't the first case he's gotten into today. Grabbing a seat on the bench, Cayle picks up the beer on the ground, but doesn't make a move to open it.

Thorpe: You want to know something? If you came in this joint with that same piss poor attitude you did in other places, we could of been buds. Like I'm talking best buds. Like I mean it would of been you and me sitting right here at this very moment preparing to wage war for the Tag Titles in tonight's main event type buds.

Murray: No. No, we wouldn't. 

Thorpe: No seriously. A year from now when we would be main eventing pay per views across the globe, battling it out for the World Championship, it'd be as friends, you know. Now, when we were main eventing pay per views within the year for the top prize, it'll be as bitter rivals. It's a shame, it really is.

Murray: 'A year from now'? You honestly believe that?

Thorpe: I most definitely do. You see, I'm The Joker to your Batman. Battles will be won and lost, but the war will never end. We drive each other. We will force each other to think outside the box. We need each other.

Colt drops the now empty can in his hand, grabbing a third. Opening it up, he begins to drink from it like he did the others, as if he is in some sort of race. Cayle on the other hand hasn't opened his beer, and places it back on the ground where it once resided.

Murray: That's where you're mistaken, lad. I need a match from you, and a match alone. That's it. 

Thorpe: Where are we without each other? Look at what I've done since coming here, and then take a look at what you've done. We've both taken a different approach since arriving, and where has either route gotten us? No Chamber, no Ace In The Hole, hell neither one of us are booked for Ring King at this point. The only time people have taken notice to us is when You and I appear on screen together. Facts are facts man.

Reaching forward towards Cayle, Colt grabs the beer he placed on the ground between his feet. Murray instinctively stiffens up in a defensive manner due to the unpredictable nature Colt has displayed over the weeks. Colt lets out a slight laugh, leaning back against the wall.

Thorpe: Not drinking I see. 

Cayle deems a verbal response unnecessary. A frown tightens across his brow and he folds his arms across his chest, drawing a smile from Colt, who starts moving forward.

Thorpe: Guess it's hardly considering, given your past and all.

Not a word from Cayle Murray. Thorpe picks up the Scot's discarded can, pops it open for him, and holds it out.

Thorpe: Go on, addict! One sip ain't gonna send you back to rehab, y'know.

Murray: Colt...

Thorpe: Don't worry man, I'll bet all those people you've let down over the years aren't even watching anyway. Give-in to your impulses, you know you wan--

Suddenly Cayle lashes out, swiping the can from Colt's hand. It flies across the room and explodes against the wall.

Murray: You've just crossed a line.

Thorpe's hands go up defensively.

Thorpe: Awww, I'm so sorry, boo-boo. I didn't mean to offend.

He pauses to take a sip from his own beer, then looks down from the increasingly agitated Murray all the way to his feet.

Thorpe: Sweet! Are those Jordans?

The can tips. Ice cold beer splashes all over Cayle Murray's once-impeccable size twelves, and Colton Thorpe flashes his best Cheshire Cat grin.

Thorpe: Oops.

Cayle's fuming. His face has grown a deep shade of red, and beads of perspiration have started to form on his furrowed brow. Full of tetchy energy, he clenches and unclenches his fist as if using a stress ball, then steps towards Thorpe 'til they're practically nose-to-nose.

Murray: I won't be provoke--


Thorpe: Oh yes you will!

That's enough for Cayle Murray. The two UTA newcomers explode in a storm of flying fists and elbows, trading rights and lefts and jostling for position until a well-timed eye jab blinds Cayle temporarily. Thorpe moves forward, planting a forearm into Murray's neck and pushing him against the wall.

Thorpe: We're gonna wrestle eventually, addict! But we're gonna do it on my terms: when I say, where I s--

Cayle lashes-out with a sudden burst of energy, pushing Colt away and causing him to slip on the spilled beer. He takes Thorpe by the head, dragging him through the locker-room door, then throwing him back-first into the wall! Colt's back leaves a huge dent in the dry wall and he lands like a sack of spuds.

Murray: You... you...

Cayle struggles for words between hurried breaths. He takes a moment to compose himself, but the anger won't subside.

Murray: Get your ass out of my sight.

He points down the corridor, but Colt's still struggling on the floor.

Murray: NOW!

Thorpe shakes the pain away and slides down onto his backside. His lips part, but he's not planning on speaking...

He's laughing.

Blood rushes to the Scot's head. He lurches forward... just as Colton's boot flies between his thighs, catching him in the jewels and sucking the life out of him. Thorpe's laugh deepens as Murray hits the deck, and he's soon standing above the kneeling Scot, booting him to the floor.

Thorpe: I'm really starting to enjoy this, Cayle! How about you?!

He doesn't even wait for an answer and starts making his way down the corridor, laughing so vociferously that a group of technicians scatter as if he were an Arkham escapee. Cayle Murray, meanwhile, remains on the floor, clutching his dignity as the scene cuts away.

Tag Team of the Damned vs. Team Danger

Williams: There’s nothing left to say, except let’s get to the ring for our Main Event!

The bell rings to signal the fans that the intros are about to begin, and everyone cheers.

Franklin: This next contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall, and it is for the UTA… WORLD… TAG TEAM… CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Williams: No time limit on this one, Dick, it’s our main event of the night! Fans, we’ll stay with you as long as we can!

Fury: Dick knows all about staying in there as long as he can.

Williams: That’s not…

CUE UP: Shut it Down by Dead Celebrity Status.

The fans buzz with anticipation at the impending arrival of their heroes.

Franklin: Introducing first… the challengers!

The curtains part and out steps on to the stage, the one, the only, the legendary tag team of terror, into a storm of exploding, and perhaps nostalgic, cheers as the opening chorus is heard. Stephen Greer is out first, followed behind by a half step by his blood brother 'til the end, Tyrone Walker. The terrible twosome stop at the edge of the stage, taking in the scene before them with subtle smiles adorning their faces as Greer begins rubbing his hands together and Walker bounces up and down on the balls of his feet.

Franklin: From Jacksonville, Florida… and at a total combined weight of four hundred, forty five pounds…

As the song hits a lull, they make their way down the ramp. Fans rush the guard rails, reaching out with their hands for even the slightest touch as Walker and Greer hit the aisle. Taking the left, Walker nonchalantly reaches out with an arm for the fans to slap and grab at, while Greer does the same on the right, the fans stroking and tugging on the pad that covers his lethal lariat arm.

Franklin: They are the "King of Pain" Stephen Greer and the "Black Jesus" Tyrone Walker, this is TEEEAAAMMM DAAANNNGEEERRR!

Nearing ringside, Greer and Walker stop to peer into the ring and then all around, taking in the view of being surrounded by the crowd. Coming back around, Walker and Greer look to each other with a nod before both burst forward and dive in under the bottom rope.

Williams: These fans are certainly not shy about throwing their support behind Team Danger.

Fury: They should be. Dick knows things about them that would turn you white.

Williams: … What?

Entering the ring simultaneously, they each make for one of the neutral corners. Greer throws up his lariat arm and pounds his chest with the other, while Walker throws his arms out wide and hollers to the crowd all around him.

Williams: A lot of fans, and a lot of wrestling insiders, for that matter, feel like this is Team Danger’s moment. They’ve had a lot of success in the past in just about every wrestling promotion they’ve appeared; if there were any doubts as to their status as a definite Hall of Fame tag team, they would be immediately erased if they could somehow take the UTA World Tag Team Championships.

Fury: Dick agrees with that, he knows Team Danger has had a great career. So did a lot of others who ultimately couldn’t hack it in the UTA. Dick also knows that the only way that Team Danger will get the titles is if they gang up on the Second Coming since she’s not in Dynasty and therefore is inferior. Also, she’s a woman.

Williams: You don’t date at all, do you?

Greer and Walker drop from the turnbuckles and join each other in their designated corner as the music fades. Greer gets a little last minute stretching in, while Walker punches his fists into the palms of his hands.

Franklin: And their opponents…

Talk Shit, Get Shot by Body Count sounds off and the arena gets noisy. They may have a split opinion on the attitudes of the Tag Team Champions, but the fans are united in their appreciation for their efforts.

Franklin: At a total combined weight of three hundred and sixty five pounds… they are the current reigning UTA World Tag Team Champions…

Fury: A Champ and a Fangirl!

Williams: Really?

Franklin: The Second Coming… and… The United Toughness Alliance WORLD CHAMPION, LA FLAMA BLANCA…. THE TAG TEAM… OF THE DAAAAAAAAAAMNED!!!

In fact, the first person to enter the arena is none other than Marshall Owens. He walks out, holding the UTA World Championship high above his head. He takes a first step out of the entryway, but is stopped by a taped fist on his chest.

The World Champion wears his World Tag Team Championship belt around his waist, and pushes Owens back a few steps. The two men are joined quickly by The Second Coming, with her own title belt over her shoulder. Both athletes make a big show of inviting the other to take lead to the ring, and in the end they walk together with Marshall Owens a few paces behind.

Williams: The fans certainly showing their appreciation for the Champions. I know it started out as a joke and was certainly applicable to a member of Dynasty teaming up with an athlete that had always been on the opposite side of the fence - but these two have shown to have an uncanny sense of teamwork.

Fury: Whatever. Dick is just glad this chick hasn’t lost the Champ’s title for him yet. She likes to take peoples’ championships away, you know.

Williams: Bitter much?


Team Danger waits in the ring, both men facing the Champions as they take their time getting to the ring. They maintain stoic, but the camera catches them talking to each other, most likely discussing tactics.

As one, the Tag Team of the Damned slide under the bottom rope and come up on their knees. They are technically at a disadvantage from this position, should Team Danger wish to jump them before the bell. However, they don’t: somehow, the two athletes who previously described themselves as predators seem just as dangerous.

Williams: There’s the bell, and we’re official! The World Champion unhooks his tag team title belt and hands it to the official, and the Second Coming does the same! Oh, look at Owens, that’s precious.

Fury: You leave him alone! Dick’s tired of everyone picking on Marshall Owens.

When the Second Coming removes her black hooded sweatshirt and hands her title belt to the referee, she looks for a ring attendant. La Flama Blanca stops her, however, and hands her sweatshirt to Marshall Owens, who looks unhappy at the job.

LFB: Make sure this gets back to her locker room. It gets damaged, you buy her ten new ones.

Owens looks at the World Champion, but he knows where his paycheck comes from, so he nods his head in agreement.

Williams: It looks like Stephen Greer is going to start this match for Team Danger, while the Second Coming will do so for the Champs. What do you think of this matchup, Dick?

Fury: Practically, it makes sense. For Team Danger, Tyrone Walker has about sixty pounds on the Second Coming and gives up ten or so to the World Champion, but Stephen Greer is taller and heavier than both members of the Tag Team of the Damned. Dick thinks it’s good strategy for him to start off and try to establish control from the opening bell.

Williams: Well said, Dick.

Fury: Dick also thinks Team Danger should get cock - punched for thinking of it.

Greer and 2C meet in the middle of the ring and stare each other down. Stephen Greer offers a handshake to his opponent, but she disregards his hand completely. Instead, she takes a step back, puts her own hands together, and give Greer an understated head nod.

The subtext is clear: she respects him, but does not see him as an equal.

They lock up, and immediately, Stephen Greer backs the Second Coming into the corner. He leverages her backwards, putting pressure on her arms, shoulders, and back, as the referee counts.

Williams: One, two, three, and Greer lets up!

Fury: He’s a fool.

Williams: You just said he has good strategy.

Fury: Putting the big guy in the ring is one thing, but he has a count of five and didn’t use it all. Dick calls that a fool.

Greer steps back, allowing his opponent to move back into the center of the ring. The Second Coming steps forward, unintimidated, and the two lock up again. She drops down a bit to lower her center of gravity and gain more leverage, and it works.

For a few seconds.

Greer is able to shift his own weight off balance, which allows him to spin her around and regain control. This time, he gets her backed up against the ropes.

Williams: Greer breaks again at three, and - THE SECOND COMING WITH AN OPEN HANDED SLAP!

Fury: Okay, Dick will admit she’s got brass balls.

The fans roar at the sudden outburst, and while Tyrone shouts encouragement toward his partner, Greer simply smiles and steps back. He can appreciate her efforts to show she’s not intimidated, even while he has control of the match.

A third lockup happens, and instead of bulldozing the Second Coming into the ropes or the corner again, Greer drops to his knees and shifts his weight, flipping her over his body with an armdrag takedown. She rolls through and is on her feet in a hurry, but Greer has the advantage of control, and with a running start, puts her right back to the mat with a running clothesline.

Fury: Tag, you fool!

Williams: Greer with the talk to Walker!

Fury: Not you!

Tyrone Walker climbs the corner as Stephen Greer drags the Second Coming to her feet by her hair, and pushes her away from him as Walker comes off with a double axehandle right on her shoulder. Greer leaves the ring as the Second Coming holds her arm, trying to walk it off. She doesn’t get much time, however, before Walker hooks her from behind and flips her over his head with a modified T-Bone Suplex, again, landing right on her shoulder. A quick cover, ONE… TWO… Kickout, just as La Flama Blanca was about to enter the ring.

Williams: Despite her size, the Second Coming has a lot of strength in her muscles, and she always uses that arm for the Holy Experience. Smart strategy by Team Danger to take her arm away.

Walker tags Greer and the King of Pain enters the ring again, and as Walker holds the Second Coming back, Greer kicks her in the stomach and easily lifts her with a powerbomb, releasing her at the height as she skids across the mat.

Fury: Typical woman, always on her back.

Williams: Wow.

Fury: Dick knows chicks.

The Second Coming rolls to her knees and reaches for the tag, but Stephen Greer pulls her backward and hooks her around the waist. She fires a few elbows, but after the first connects, Greer ducks his head back and out of range, and lifts her up and over in a modified uranage. Another cover, ONE… TWO… Kickout! She barely kicks out this time, but has the presence of mind to reach for the ropes so she can pull herself up and to safety.

Williams: Team Danger currently has total control on this match, I think their strategy was a sound one, Dick.

Fury: For now, but Dick knows things will change as soon as the Champion tags himself in.

Greer stays back as the Second Coming pulls herself up on the ropes, and he raises his arms to call forth the “KING – OF – PAIN!” chant from the fans.

Williams: This one could be over before it even begins, if the Champions don’t turn it around, fast!

Stephen Greer stays on his opponent, clubbing her from behind with a stiff forearm, and he whips her into the ropes –


Williams: Greer saw it, though!

As the Second Coming hit the ropes, La Flama Blanca tags her between the shoulder blades, and Stephen Greer turns his attention to the World Champion coming his way. Blanca with a right hand that Greer blocks – but the Second Coming clips his knee from behind on the rebound, and rolls out of the ring!

Fury: Like Dick said before, you’ve got a five count. Use it!

Williams: Greer has a surgically repaired knee, I think that hit might’ve changed the momentum all the way.

Indeed, the moment that the Second Coming makes impact, La Flama Blanca unleashes a flurry of knife – edge and overhead chops to Greer, pounding the off – balance veteran down to the mat. Blanca stands up and kicks Greer in the chest and stomach several times before he makes a quick cover – ONE—and he stands up to point Tyrone Walker out to the referee, who just starts to get into the ring!


Fury: Ref didn’t see it, he didn’t do it. Io ipso winno.

Williams: What language is that?

Fury: The only language Dick speaks… the language of love.

Williams: You are a strange man.

Blanca lets up from the choke just before the referee returns his attention to the two men in the ring, and the World Champion drops a knee on Stephen Greer’s face.

Williams: I think it’s safe to say the Champions have regained control.

Fury: The CHAMPION has regained control.

While Greer holds a hand to his face after eating a knee, La Flama Blanca grabs his boot and pulls him towards the center of the ring, and turns him over in a single leg Boston Crab! Pain etches all over Greer’s face as Walker enters the ring to make the save! The Second Coming enters the ring to cut off the save, and unfortunately for the Champions…

Fury: Let her go!

Williams: The referee didn’t see Walker enter the ring, but he saw the Second Coming, and he cuts her off at the pass! Bulldog by Tyrone Walker breaks the hold!

Fury: Disqualify Team Danger!

The impact brings the referee’s attention back to where it should be, and while he can’t disqualify Walker for something he doesn’t see, he does tell Blackimus Prime that he has a five count to exit the ring. Walker climbs to his feet – CLOTHESLINE BY THE SECOND COMING SENDS BOTH HERSELF AND TYRONE WALKER OVER THE TOP ROPE!

Meanwhile, Steven Greer and La Flama Blanca are in a race to get back to their feet. Greer suffers the effects of the damage he has taken to the knee, but the Champion is trying to shake off the impact of his forehead on the mat.

Williams: Blanca is on his feet! He steps toward the King of Pain – SMALL PACKAGE!

Fury: It’s a lie, she never saw Dick’s—never mind.

Williams: ONE… TWO… Reversal! ONE… TWO… Re-reversal! ONE… TWO… Blanca kicks out! Right hands from a kneeling position, clearly the Champ took that personally!

Fury: Wouldn’t you? Dick would.

La Flama Blanca pounds a series of fists into Greer’s head and chest, clearly angry at being rolled up as he was. The Champion pulls Greer to his feet and, while holding him in a facelock, drives a pair of forearms into Greer’s back, and drops him with a DDT.

Outside the ring, the Second Coming pulls Tyrone Walker to his feet, but he thumbs her in the eye and sends her face first into the ringpost! She goes down, with the cameraman there to capture the rapidly forming bruise. Walker holds his neck gingerly, and tries to walk it off.

Williams: Another cover by La Flama Blanca! ONE… TWO… TKICKOUT!

Fury: Just give up, Stevie!

Stephen Greer looks to be in pain, but as he pulls himself up on the ropes, he also looks as if he has no intention of ‘just giving up.’ The fans resume their chant for him, and he appears to be moving faster. Unfortunately, the Champion is even faster, and he hooks Greer, and whips him into the corner.

Williams: Lucha splash on Greer! Another cross – corner whip, and another follow up! This could be the end, Dick!

Fury: Dick hopes so! And of course, it happens because of the Champion.

Upon impact, Stephen Greer slumps just a bit in the corner, the wind knocked out of him. La Flama Blanca approaches with ill intent, but at the last possible moment –



As Tyrone Walker waits impatiently in his corner, Stephen Greer can be seen pounding his fist on the mat to get his wind back, and the World Champion holds his hands to his forehead after suffering the effects of the impact.

Williams: GREER WITH THE TAG! Walker enters the ring on fire, and an inverted atomic drop on La Flama Blanca puts him back down!

Fury: Get Greer outta there, it’s not fair to Blanca!

Williams: Steven Greer is sitting in the corner, catching his breath, Dick – he’s not a threat to anyone.

Fury: Says you.

Walker grabs the Champion by the mask and pulls him back to his feet, and a snap suplex puts Blanca on his back again.

In the ring, Stephen Greer is able to get back to his feet, while a single taped hand makes an appearance on the apron near the stairs.

Williams: Cover by Walker, ONE… TWO… Kickout!

Fury: If he thought he could get a win that easily, Dick things Tyrone Walker has his hair too tight.

Williams: You make less sense every week.

With both members on their feet, Team Danger approaches La Flama Blanca from either side, and now the referee is warning Greer to leave the ring. Double scoop, and the referee starts his count! Blanca is whipped into the ropes, and a double flapjack by Team Danger puts him down! Walker with a cover – and the referee refuses to count!

Williams: Not that way!

Fury: Not ANY way for those two!

As Stephen Greer reluctantly steps back outside the ring and Tyrone Walker continues to state his case to the referee for a cover, but the referee stands firm. Walker shakes his head and tags Greer. He says something brief to the King of Pain, who pulls the Champion to his feet.
Williams: We’ve seen this before, and it could spell trouble for La Flama Blanca!

Greer lifts Blanca up in a delayed suplex, and waits for Tyrone Walker to climb the turnbuckle.

He waits too long.

Williams: THE SECOND COMING HITS THE ROPES! She’s climbing back into the ring and pulled the ropes, and Tyrone Walker crotches himself on the turnbuckle!

Fury: Dick feels that pain… every man in this arena can feel that pain.

Greer drops Blanca on his back and shoulders, abandoning the suplex attempt due to the fact that following through would have left him open to attack. He rushes the Second Coming and lands a hard right hand on the side of her face, and she nearly falls back to the floor. One hand, gripping the top rope as tightly as she can, keeps her on her feet. Another right hand by Greer rocks her almost off!

Fury: Get up, Champ!

Williams: Greer pulls the Second Coming into the ring by the hair, and you can bet he’s got a murderous mindset!

Indeed, Greer hooks the Second Coming around the waist and lifts her for one of his signatures, the Backdrop Driver, which bounces her head and neck off the mat. The referee is in Greer’s face almost immediately, telling him to focus on the legal opponent.

Somewhere in the upper deck, a “SIMON – SAYS – DIE” chant starts. Tyrone Walker has recovered enough to nod his head at the crowd, and he calls for the tag.

Williams: They have her set up for the Eliminator, and this could easily put the Second Coming out of this match for the duration—ESTUPENDO KICK!

Despite the popularity of Team Danger, the fans still react strongly to the Estupendo Kick. The split screen replay shows Team Danger holding the Second Coming up for their Eliminator double team – with one fatal mistake. They have their backs to La Flama Blanca, while the Second Coming can see her partner pull himself to his feet. She jumps Steven Greer’s low attack while Blanca lands the Estupendo kick on Tyrone Walker before he can get off his high attack.

By the time Greer stops his momentum – which he had counted on stopping with an impact – the Second Coming grabs him by the hair and drives his face into her knee, and follows up with a DDT. While this happens, La Flama Blanca covers Tyrone Walker – both legal men.

Williams: It could be over, ONE… TWO… THREEKICKOUT! He found the back door at the last possible moment, Dick!

Fury: Lucky kickout. Dick knows with all his being that it’s just a matter of time.

Tyrone Walker rolls to his knees, holding the back of his neck with obvious pain.

Williams: I’d have to say, Dick – I’d give this match on teamwork to Team Danger. They’ve been a fluid presence in and out of the ring, and they’ve worked very well together. The Champions have held their own and have kept things on a more even keel due to a much more direct blunt force attack, which is – of course – their strength.

Fury: Dick does need to give credit where it’s due, and Team Danger has somewhat impressed him. Still, it’s all for nothing since Blanca will keep his belt.

The Second Coming gets out of the way, but does not leave the ring: she is crouched in the corner attempting to regain her breath, all the while she watches Stephen Greer recover from the latest assault.

Williams: Blanca bounces off the ropes, and he drops a leg on the back of Walker’s neck! He rolls him over, ONE… TWO… THREEKICKOUT!

This latest kickout is accompanied by a frustrated kick by the Champion, and he pulls Walker to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. Walker ducks a clothesline, and hits a flying forearm on the rebound! Both men go down, and Stephen Greer is nearly back to his own corner for the tag, all the while La Flama Blanca reaches for the same.

Williams: Blanca tags the Second Coming! She enters the ring quickly and – is too late to stop Walker! He makes the tag to Stephen Greer!

Fury: Too slow, bitch! Get a real partner in there!

Williams: THE SECOND COMING USES TYRONE WALKER AS A STEPSTOOL AND KICKS GREER IN THE FACE! Stephen Greer nearly falls to the floor, but he holds on! The Second Coming climbs to the second turnbuckle and fires a right hand of her own into Greer’s face! Another! GREER FIRES BACK!

He actually fires a straight – on punch, driven from the shoulder, into the Second Coming’s breastbone, and she falls backwards to the mat. Greer enters the ring and immediately covers, ONE… TWO… THREEKICKOUT!

Fury: This is why we need to have a World Champion in the ring.

Greer pulls the Second Coming to her knees, and drags her to the middle of the ring. He is breathing heavy, and calls an instruction to Tyrone Walker. Before either of them can do anything, however, the Second Coming brings her fist up and catches Greer in the groin with a devastating punch, and rises to her feet with a DDT! Both wrestlers are down, though Stephen Greer rolls toward the ropes to help himself get back up.


Fury: Can you say that about a chick wrestler?

The Second Coming did nip up, but immediately loses her balance and falls backward onto her ass. Tyrone Walker, however, takes offense to her momentum – changer, and he steps into the ring and kicks her in the face! La Flama Blanca takes offense to THIS, and he enters the ring as well, and flattens Walker with a clothesline of his own!

Williams: We’ve got bedlam in the ring, as La Flama Blanca and Tyrone Walker are going at it again! Stephen Greer is back to his feet, and the Second Coming is nearly there as well!

Fury: That was kind of a cheap shot.

Williams: Which?

Fury: …I’d rather not say.

The referee tries to restore order, but it’s a futile endeavor. Blanca and Walker trade right hands for several seconds, until Stephen Greer grabs the World Champion from behind. Walker rebounds off the ropes – but the Second Coming scrambles in the way and backdrops him over the top rope to the floor! At the same time, Blanca breaks away from Stephen Greer with a pair of blind elbows to the face, and hits him…


Fury: Great! Now they just need to stay outside the ring for the rest of the match! Quick and easy!

The fans are cheering like crazy, both for the Tag Team of the Damned to possibly retain, and for Team Danger to regroup and counterattack. In the ring, La Flama Blanca and the Second Coming look at each other and fist bump: a sign of solidarity.


Williams: What’s that?

The UTA-Tron suddenly comes to life, broadcasting feet.

Williams: What in the…

Specifically, a pair of boots, walking.

The camera slowly moves up showing Crimson Lord, with Zhalia over his shoulder. Crimson is whistling a creepy song as he walks toward the exit of the arena.

Williams: The Second Coming is completely captivated by what’s happening on the screen! She looks at La Flama Blanca, and he shrugs his shoulders, and points to Team Danger, regrouping on the outside!

Crimson reaches his car, and puts Zhalia down on the rear wheel sitting upright. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his keys. He unlocks the trunk of the car, he walks in front of the trunk and reaches in and pulls out a few shovels dropping them on the ground as he pulls each one out.

In the ring, the Second Coming starts to leave the ring, then stops and looks at her partner, and back at the video wall. The cameras catch her eyes, and she is clearly conflicted.

Crimson picks up Zhalia and puts her in the trunk.  He picks up the shovels one at a time looking at them one by one he puts them in the trunk with Zhalia. He closes the trunk, beginning to whistle once more as he makes his way toward the driver side of the car.  He gets in and drives off, as the video wall returns to the in-ring action.


Fury: NO! NO NO NO!

The Second Coming lands sharply on her back and the back of her head, while La Flama Blanca manages to hold onto the ropes to keep from going down, though he hangs limply for several seconds before he falls to his knees.

Greer looks like he’s not ready to waste any more time: he sets the Second Coming up appropriately…

Williams: This is it! Simon Says Die! If he hits this, the match is over, no question!


Stephen Greer takes a second to steady himself: his knee has taken a lot of punishment over the course of the match, and while the Second Coming is not heavy, he still wants to make sure there is no chance of loss.

Williams: The Second Coming is up… LA FLAMA BLANCA IS STIRRING!

Fury: YES!

Williams: Not quick enough though! SIMON SAYS DIE! Second Coming must be dead! 

Fury: ...Dick could go and have a quick check if you want. 

La Flama Blanca pulls himself back up to an even base, noticing that Walker is going for the pin he rushes over to break it up. He doesn't notice that Greer is rushing towards him and tackles him hard, sending both men scattering to the outside of the ring.

Fury: That's illegal! That tackle was illegal! Dick knows his rule book well!

Williams: Second Coming is out cold, La Flama Blanca is caught up with Greer on the outside...

Ty Walker takes a quick opportunity to savour the moment and drops down for the cover on Second Coming. Second Coming is still flat out cold in the middle of the ring, showing no signs of life. 


La Flama Blance tries to kick Greer off and scramble towards to apron.


Greer pulls back hard on Blanca, sending him crashing skull first into the apron


The bell rings as the crowd take a moment before erupting in a rawkous cheer. 

Franklin: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners… AND NEW…UTA World Tag Team Champions… TEAM DANGER!!

Tyrone Walker retrieves the title belts "their belts, now" from the timekeeper, and he hands one to his longtime partner and close friend. They hug in the middle of the ring, each with a belt in their hand, and each of them climb a corner. 

Williams: This match could have gone either way but at the end, well, there was no way Second Coming was getting up from the Simon Says Die.


Williams: Still, an incredible showing by our new champions. Experience won out in this tough battle. Perhaps Second Coming's cockiness got the better of her at the end. 

Outside of the ring, La Flama Blanca looks up, glaring at the new champions who are mid-massive crowing in the ring. He shakes his head in frustration. He steps up onto the apron and Team Danger ready themselves for a fight, the Tag Team Championships already upon their shoulders. La Flama Blanca waves them off and rolls Second Coming out of the ring, hoisting her over his shoulder.

Williams: Look at La Flama Blanca, even after a harsh loss here tonight, after he loses his Tag Team Championship, he still has that soft side for his cohort, The Second Coming.

Fury: Dick is at a loss for words. She costs me money, she costs him the titles and he's going to reenact An Officer and a Gentleman? This is not the La Flama Blanca Dick knows and love.

La Flama Blanca puts down Second Coming on the outside of the ring as Team Danger look on, almost morbidly curious where this is going. Second Coming has just enough strength left in her to hold herself up tall as LFB lifts her arm up high in the air, the crowd respond with a respectful cheer. 

Fury: Don't you dare! Don't you dare do this to Dick!

Williams: I may not like his actions as a member of Dynasty but a great show of respect from La Flama Blanca here tonight.

The fans cheers don't last for long however as La Flama Blanca steps abck and comes forward.


Fury: YES! YES! YES!

Williams: I... I got sucked in. I'll admit it.

Second Coming crashes to thefloor as La Flama Blanca looks up at Team Danger, who appear to be having a little giggle in the ring at the situation, and sneers at them. La Flama Blanca takes his leave as Shut It Down blares over the speaker system. Team Danger return to their celebration and mount the turnbuckles once more, the belts held high.

Williams: I cannot believe what our World Champion just did!  Still, this is Team Dangers moment, they had a rocky road to claim tag team glory but they finally arrived, here tonight on Victory! The Champion will have to answer for his actions at a later date. 

Fury: Our champion finally saw some sense, that's what happened. 

The crowds cheers take a turn for the negative as brushing past La Flama Blanca on the entrance way, out steps Eric Dane. Dane and Blanca glare for a few brief moments before Blanca waves him off in frustration and Dane rushes down to join his friends. 

Williams: The Only Star coming out to join the festivites! 

Fury: That man kills a party. Straight up shanks it in the shower. Dick should know. 

Williams: Regardless, what a night we've had on Victory. The uneasy alliance of Tag Team of the Damned shattered in but a moment, Zhalia Fears has been dragged to god knows where, Dynasty exploded in the locker room and to top it all off, we're looking at NEW Tag Team Champions. For Dick Fury, I'm Jessica Williams and we'll see you next time. 

The camera fades to black as Eric Dane slides into the ring to join in the celebrations with his boys, all three of them basking in the moment. 

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