Victory XXXII

8 Jun 2015

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)


A black screen.


With the referee count at eight, the Second Coming’s shaky left hand wraps around the bottom rope, which is sufficient life for the count to stop.

Blackfront: Listen to these fans get behind the Second Coming as she climbs back into the – CRIMSON LORD OFF THE ROPES!

Between Crimson Lord’s weight advantage, his momentum, and the fact that the Second Coming clearly didn’t have the wits about her to have a good grip on the ropes, she flew off the apron much farther than she normally may have.

She lands in the wreckage of the destroyed Spanish announce table, however her head bounces off the concrete floor.

It was at this point that the bell rings.

Blackfront: Finally! This match needs to be thrown out.

Ace: I’m not sure what the result will be, but I think this was both the right call and too freakin’ late. What’s wrong with this referee?

Blackfront: I’m not sure, but the Second Coming is still crawling toward the ring! Gaze has joined Crimson Lord between the ropes, and they’re trying to get the referee’s attention!

Franklin: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please!

The fans quiet down, for the most part. Most of them want to hear the decision.

Franklin: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please.

Crimson Lord pays as much attention as everyone else in the arena. On the floor, the Second Coming has reached the ring steps, and is putting one hand in front of the other to get back into the ring. Nobody is counting, but if they were, the referee would have counted her out at least ten seconds ago.

Franklin: Even though there has been no pinfall recorded, nor a submission heard – the referee has elected to end this match –

The fans boo, loudly.

Franklin: —and award the decision, by virtue of the referee decision… to CRIMSON LORD!

At least ninety nine percent of the arena boo, and slowly start to chant ‘Se-Cond-Co-Ming!’ over and ove again.


Blackfront: CBR now choking Hopper as the referee warns him.

Ace: oh come on... it's a match surrounded by an electrified cell! How can choking not be legal?!

CBR releases at the count of four as Chris Hopper grabs his throat trying to capture a breath.

Blackfront: CBR now mounting the ropes around Chris Hopper.

As he stands on the middle ropes, CBR holds Hopper's head and begins to bring down a series of rights.

Blackfront: Repeated punches by CBR, trying to wear Chris Hopper down.

As Hopper is rocked by each punch, he throws his arms up and around CBR's legs lifting him up. CBR panics, trying to keep his balance, but as Hopper pulls back on his legs and lets go, CBR is sent forward into the cell. Out of instinct, he grabs the fencing, holding on as electricity is shot through his body.

Blackfront: CBR into the side of that cell!

Sparks begin to fly from the top of the cell as Chris Hopper walks forward and turns. CBR finally flies backward off of the cell side, turning in the air. As he comes down, Chris Hopper leaps up and grabs his head and nec, falling to the casnvas.


Ace: NOOOO!!!!

The fans go crazy as Chris Hopper rolls CBR over and covers him.


Bobby steps foot into the ring, Mikey watching from the outside. Haynes dazed by the ring stairs. Mikey holds out his hand for Bobby, urging him to tag him in. “Let me,” Mikey says. Bobby does, but he doesn’t leave the ring. Mikey enters the ring, Greer ducks a clothesline attempt from him, Mikey ducks one from Greer, and then Bobby spins Mikey around and knees him in the gut stopping him in his tracks.

Blackfront: What just happened?

Bobby nods to Greer, who smiles. He tags in Ty Walker. They’ve got big, big plans for this. Dane smiles from the outside, and rubs his hands together before giving Bobby a brief thumbs up.

Greer motions for Bobby to serve Mikey up like last night’s prime rib. Bobby pushes him towards Greer. Greer bends him over for the powerbomb portion of the hellacious finisher that is Simon Says Die. The fans start to boo.

Blackfront: Bobby Dean just turned on WTFC, I can’t believe this.

Ace: This is the best part of the show so far!!

Greer puts Mikey into the air with his portion of the finisher as Ty comes over for his Neckbreaker finish and Greer sits out. Simons Says Die on Mikey Unlikely as his neck takes an awkward angle on impact.

Ace: That’s all she wrote.

Ty rolls ontop for the pin.



Haynes charges but Greer sees him coming and...

Blackfront: HELL FIRE LARIAT! Haynes flips in the air. Jesus Christ!

Ace: Wow, this just keeps getting better and better.


Announcer: Your winners by pinfall….TEAMMMMMMM DANGGGGGGER.

Blackfront: Bobby Dean leaving the ring as Team Danger celebrates. Why did you do it Bobby? Why?!

Team Danger continue to celebrate in the ring.


As if following orders, Beckman creates a bit of clearance between herself and LAR and goes for the stiff kick right to the gut of the champion. LAR tries to react fast and grabs hold of Beckman’s leg but struggles with his grip. Hall jumps back up from the prior takedown as observes what’s happening, Beckman and Hall eying each other as Beckman tries to break free to LAR’s grasp. Trying to use to situation to her advantage, Beckman nails LAR with a stiff uppercut, breaking her free from his grasp. As LAR staggers on his feet, Hall decides that he’s going to make his presence in the match known and begins to position himself in front of the stagger champion. As LAR spins around, Hall catches him fast, before either LAR can defend himself or Beckman can react…

Blackfront: COUNTRY CHIN MUSIC! COUNTRY CHIN MUSIC! Hall saw an opening and went right for it!

Ace: Already! Amazing scenes in the opening bout of this contest. This could be over as quickly as it began!

LAR falls backwards to the mat as Ron Hall looks on in complete disbelief that it worked, LAR now crumpled up on the mat.


Mike Best is yelling for the official to count from the floor on the outside. LAR is slowly beginning to pull himself up and himself back under the bottom rope as the official slams the mat for the count of one. 


Ace: The champ is finger tips away from breaking up the fall. JUST USE THAT THICK SCOTTISH HEAD OF YOURS!

The official slams his hand to the mat for the final count of three just as LAR is about to slam himself down to break the cover. The referee signals for the bell. 

Announcer: Your winner by pinfall… at a time of fourteen minutes and eight seconds and THE NEWWWWWWW UTA PRODIGY CHAMPION... THE THAI BREAKER... ALEX BECKMANNNNNNNN!

Mike Best manages to scramble to his feet, almost in disbelief at what he has just witnessed. A horrified Lamond Alexander Robertson is leaned up against the ropes in shock as Best demands the Prodigy championship from the timekeeper on the outside of the ring. Snatching the belt like an ungrateful child, Best straightens his tie and leaps into the ring as Beckman pulls herself back up to vertical base. 


The fans boo as Pin goes down in a heap and Perfection flips him over, spreading the legs and circling around the bad knee..

Ace: Here it comes!

But as Perfection turns, Pin uses his good leg to push him away, sparking some hope from the crowd. Perfection turns and charges back towards Pin who takes him down by the bad elbow with a Fujiwar armbar. He then quickly moves his body over the back of Perfection and locks in a double trap armbar (Rings of Saturn).

Blackfront: Smith has a double trap armbar locked in! Perfection has nowhere to go and no way of escaping and that elbow is about to break!

The fans are shaking the roof of the AT&T arena as Perfection screams. The referee is lying in front of him and asking him the question. Perfection begins nodding his head vigorously..

Blackfront: Is he..

The referee jumps up and begins waving his hand..




Pin lets go of the hold and collapses on his back, completely exhausted...whilst Perfection rolls away and clutches his elbow.



Announcer: Your winner of the match via submission...and NEW..UTA WILDFIRE CHAMPION....KING...PIN...SMITH!!



Hussain takes a breath before reaching down to grab John Sektor by the head, pulling him up halfway. He lets go and runs toward the ropes.

Blackfront: Hussain off of the ropes... on the return... PRAY TO AL- NO!

Sektor swings his arm up with the electric prod, catching Hussain in the out stretched groin. As Hussain falls to the canvas, Sektor slams the prod down into his groin again.


Ace: He's just doing the world a favor and making sure Hussain never reproduces!

John Sektor finally lets up, holding the prod up and smiling. Mike Best claps from outside of the cell as Abdul bin Hussain holds himself. Looking down at him, Sektor drops the prod and grabs Hussain by the head.

Blackfront: John Sektor lifting a very badly injured Abdul bin Hussain to his feet, hooks his arms... and lifts him vertically...

Sektor holds Hussain and walks around before dropping him face first to the canvas as John sits out.

Blackfront: The C-SEKTION! C-SEKTION!

Ace: A vasectomy and a c-section live here tonight!

Blackfront: You're sick Tommy.

He turns Hussain over and covers him. The referee slides into place and begins to count.

Blackfront: Sektor with the cover.. two.. THREE! JOHN SEKTOR DOES IT!

Ace: Like there was ever any doubt.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall.... JOHN... SEKKKTTOORRR!!!

Mike Best claps excitedly, stepping over a still out cold Rafiq. Sektor gets to his knees and throws his hands out to the side, his head looking up.


The bell sounds. Both Jackson and Blanca stare at each other. As the crowd goes nuts, Jackson turns his head to the left as Blanca turns his to the right, before they both inverse, taking in every bit of emotion that the prominently Texas crowd is giving them.

Blackfront: I don't think I have ever felt chills like I am right now.

They exchange one last inaudible word before, La Flama Blanca pulls his right hand back and comes up with a right to the side of Jackson's head.

Blackfront: Here we go! La Flama Blanca with the first show, Jackson reciprocates with his own. Another from Blanca, followed by another from Jackson as these two exchange shots in the center of the ring!

Sean Jackson takes the lead as his final return shot is followed by a second and third in succession.

Blackfront: Jackson with multiple rights, catching La Flama Blanca now.

Jackson grabs Blanca's arm and pushes him backward and into the ropes, before yanking the arm and sending him across the ring.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca off of the ropes now and on the return... Jackson catches him... up, and turns... HUGE spinbuster!


Sean grabs his face and stumbles back. La Flama Blanca quickly looks back to see where he is before leaping directly up and landing feet first on the top of the barricade, and then pushing up and off, turning in the air and crashing down on top of the champion.


The fans go crazy. A back and forward chant of Lets Go Blanca and Lets Go Jackson breaks out. Both men lay on the floor, rolling around before La Flama Blanca begins to push himself up.


Blanca looks up to the ring, before turning and heading toward it.

Blackfront: La Flama Blanca on the apron now, climbing the turnbuckle from the outside.

Ace: What is he going to do?

Blanca makes sure to keep his balance as he faces out toward Jackson, visually lining up the distance.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson has to be at least ten feet from the ring.

The camera shows Jackson still laying on top of the table. Suddenly, La Flama Blanca leaps far and forward, tucking in as he begins to come down. His body spins around in a ball before he throws his limbs out and comes down, crashing hard on top of Sean Jackson.


La Flama Blanca rolls off of Jackson, the debris now even more spread out. Jackson rolls to his side, barely able to breath as La Flama Blanca holds his midsection.

Blackfront: Simply amazing. Ay Dios Mio connects from ten feet away. I can not believe what we just saw.

The referee checking on the two, moves over to Sean Jackson. Suddenly he begins to throw his fingers at the time keeper's table.

Blackfront: Wait... I think the referee is calling the match!

Ace: He is!

The referee heads over to inform the announcer of his decision as the camera moves behind to see the back of Sean Jackson, a gash seen coming across his back with blood pouring out.

Announcer: The winner of this match and NEEEEWWWW..... UTA WORLD CHAMPION..... LA FLAMA... BLANCA!

Medical staff run over to Sean Jackson with towels as La Flama Blanca knees beside the ring, using the apron to hold himself up. The referee heads toward him, title in hand.


As the stream fades up from black, the Monday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good lookk at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.
As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.
From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where former VCW Champion, Dick Fury, and Jennifer Williams are standing by.
Williams: Welcome ladies and gentleman to another exciting episode of Monday Night Victory right here, live in the WrestleZone in Orlando, Florida! I'm Jennifer Williams and as always, I am joined by Dick Fury.

Fury: Everyone knows you love you some Dick Jennifer!

Williams: Funny. Anyways, we are one week removed from Black Horizon, maybe the biggest even the UTA has ever had!

Fury: It was the largest event we have ever had! A sold out crowd in the AT&T Stadium. Over one hundred thousand who all came because they wanted Dick!

Williams: What a night it truly was! Ever singles title changed hands, including the UTA World Championship! We had two Shock Therapy matches, a submission match, and a first blood match!

Fury: The entire night was just the UTA doing big things like they always do!

Williams: Tonight, the Ring King tournament continues with more round one matches as Lew Smith and Lamond Alexander Robertson meet in singles action.

Fury: Marie Van Claudio gets her a taste of Chicago after that as she faces Samuel Adams in a first round match!

Williams: Owens.

Fury: Huh?

Williams: Never mind. In non Ring King action, Jaque LaRoque goes against Kendrix.

Fury: When did Wingate start hiring only people with stupid names?

Jennifer lets out a loud, audible sigh.

Williams: Returning to Ring King action, The Pirate King... Blackbeard takes on the 8-bit Legend himself, Leyenda de Ocho.


Williams: You sure love saying his name, don't you Dick?

Fury: Sure do.

Williams: In a match originally set for the last Victory, the former Internet and Legacy Champion, CBR, goes one on one with the former Prodigy Champion Ron Hall.

Fury: Don't forget, Hall has been a tag champion, World Champion, and is a hall of fame member too!

Williams: CBR has his work cut out for him indeed. Then, in our main event tonight... 'Too Cool' Chris Hopper will face the former UTA Champion himself...

Fury: And...

Williams: AND... former Wildfire Champion as well as Tag Champion...

Fury: Don't forget member of Dynasty and last year's Ring King winner...

Jennifer sighs yet again.

Williams: That too... Hopper is set to face Perfection tonight live on Victory!

Fury: What a packed show!

Williams: It sure is Dick! Now it's time to get to it!

Fury: Dick loves getting to it!

Lew Smith vs. Lamond Alexander Robertson

The camera moves up to the top of the ramp.

Williams: We now get ready for our first match tonight fans as we continue the Ring King tournament first round!

Pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of notes during the intro of If You Want Peace, Prepare for War by Children of Boom..  Lights flicker along with the addition of fast guitar. Both pyro and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epic colors that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses heavily on the word GO!.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a first round Ring King tournament match....

The house lights gently rise as a figure quickly paces towards the ring, pointing out to the crowd both ways before turning a light jog into a sprint.

Announcer: Introducing first, from Brimley, England, weighing in at two hundred and sixteen pounds, LEWWWW..... SMIIIIIITTTHHHHHHH!!!

The Ominous cloaked figure dives through the bottom of the ropes and slides to the center to stand still during the verse, looking around scouting his fans, his critics, he removes the hood and unties the rope connecting the cape-like robe and chucks it out the ring.

Williams: Lew Smith has been on a roll in two thousand and fifteen and now he gets a chance to advance in the Ring King tournament.

Clicking his neck, shoulders and fingers, he assumes a stance, ready to fight.

Williams: I've heard rumblings that Lew will also be one of the superstars going for the now vacant Legacy Championship sometime soon.

Fury: If he doesn't advance that is. Why go for a lower title when you're on the road for the big belt?

Williams: Either way, Lew Smith is in prime position to hit it big here in the UTA.

A slow drum beat begins from the PA system, repeating itself as the crowd dies down to hear it. The Utatron flickers into life, fading in with the image of a hill, cloudy blue skies above and a large steel Claymore sword buried into the grassy surface. A Scottish flag sits behind it, the wooden pole deep in the soil as well, waving effortlessly in the wind.

And suddenly, the sound of the rich violin bursts into the silence, playing its quick repeating verse as Promentory by Trevor Jones begins to play.

As the violin repeats itself, from the back slowly steps the figure of Lamond Alexander Robertson, a bright smile on his face as he taps his foot to the music. Coming onto the stage, Robertson turns slowly, taking in the lights, the rafters and shear production value of the show, arms outstretched in the moment as he turns back to face the ring and the crowd.

Williams: The former Prodigy Champion, one week removed from holding gold looking tonight to bounce back.

Fury: As much as Dick thinks Lew Smith is an idiot, he can't deny beating Smith to advance tonight would be just what Robertson needs. Smith is on fire and a win over him would be huge. Especially in a singles match where Lew prevails.

A second violin joins the first in the unending repetition, as LAR walks down the ramp, stepping over to one side of the crowd and taking their outstretched hands in his, shaking each one. He shares a few words with each fan, a laugh with some before moving to the other side of the ramp and repeating with a few there.

Announcer: Making his way down to the ring, hailing from Pockton, Scotland.

Robertson walks his way around the ring on the outside, shaking hands with fans. He gets to one fan with his son, placing his hand on the father’s shoulder and whispering something to the boy before shuffling his hair and moving on. Lamond makes a point to shake hands with the announcers and the time keeper before stepping up onto the apron and into the ring.

Announcer: Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and sixty seven pounds...

LAR immediately walks to the corner, dropping to one knee and lifting a necklace he wears around his neck. He kisses the front of it, saying a few words with his head bowed and eyes closed before standing and turning to face the rest of the ring, slapping his left arm with his right hand.

Announcer: Lamond…Alexander…Robbbberrrttsssooonnn!!!!!

He places the necklace on the outside of the ring, as well as taking his t-shirt off, standing proudly in the Robertson tartan kilt.

Williams: This is how you open a show right here. Big match time.

Robertson lowers down, using the rope to keep himself steady, almost sitting on his heels as he waits.

Williams: Lamond Robertson with a noticeable size difference over cruiser weight, Lew Smith.

Fury: Different styles too Jennifer. Should make for an interesting match.

As the bell sounds, both men get to their feet and head in toward the middle of the ring.

Williams: Good sportsmanship here as they touch hands.

Backing away after touching hands, they come in for a collar to elbow lock up.

Williams: And they tie up... Lamond Robertson using his size advantage to take control early, shoving Lew Smith to the canvas.

Fury: With ease at that.

Lew quickly kips up to his feet. Robertson charges him.

Williams: Lew Smith back to his feet. Lamond Robertson runs... Smith moves quickly. Robertson into the ropes.

As Lamond Robertson misses Lew and hits the ropes, Lew leaps up and twist, placing a perfectly executed spinning heel kick into his midsection, dropping Lamond Robertson to his knees, grabbing his stomach.

Williams: Lew Smith with quick thinking taking Robertson to his knees.

Smith turns around and with Lamond to his knees, brings a hard right chop down diagonally across his chest before following with a left in the same manner.

Williams: Double chop to the chest of Lamond Alexander Robertson now.

Fury: Lew knows how to use those hands as weapons.

Lew quickly takes off past Lamond, and leaps up the the second rope. As he does, he grabs the top rope and presses down to lunge himself back with an elbow that catches Lamond in the back of the head, putting him hard to the canvas. The fans cheer.

Williams: Lew Smith with a springboard elbow to the back of Lamond Alexander Robertson's head, showing that size does not matter in a match like this with such high stakes.

Fury: Oh Jen... size does matter. Ask any woman who's ever had a night out with Dick.

Williams: Is that why they are usually not repeat offenders?

Fury: Uh.. um.. this match here is exciting, isn't it?

Williams: Lew Smith on his feet now, pumping his fist to the crowd who is behind this superstar here tonight.

A giant smile crosses his face as he pumps his fist one last time to the cheering crowd before turning back to Lamond Robertson, bending down and grabbing him by the head.

Fury: For someone who is no rookie any more, that's a rookie mistake wasting time like that.

Williams: The fans love him and he loves the fans Dick!

As he lifts Robertson up, Lamond brings a right under and into his rib cage catching Lew by suprise.

Fury: You were saying?

Williams: Lamond Robertson now with a left fist to the ribs of Lew Smith.

He reaches up, grabbing Lew's head and placing his own under Lew's chin before leaping up and dropping to his knees. Lew Smith pops up and back to the canvas.

Williams: Jawbreaker by Lamond Alexander Robertson who now pushes back to his feet.

Fury: It can all be gone in a second, just like that. That's why Dick never waste time in the ring.

Williams: That's what I hear.. Dick Fury the man who waste no time and is done in less than a minute.

Fury: Dick don't know who you've been talking to, but you're way off Jennifer.

Williams: Lamond Rober.....

Fury: It's at least three minutes.

Williams: Oh come on Dick! Focus on the match!

Robertson has a leg lifted of Lew Smith, holding it for a moment, before leaping up and twisting around, coming down with his own leg across the inner thigh of Lew Smith.

Williams: Robertson now trying to take the legs of lew Smith out of the equation.

Fury: That's smart. Lew's legs are one major factor into why he is so successful. That with his quickness and agility. You take those away and he's just the same old Lew Smith Dick beat for the VCW Championship.

Williams: The same one you lost to The Second Coming.

Fury: Pay attention to the match Jennifer!

Lamond pulls Lew's other leg up as he gets to his feet, still holding Smith's original leg. As he is fully up, Robertson yanks Lew's legs in opposite directions before letting go, turning around and stepping away. Lew rolls to his side in pain.

Williams: Lamond Robertson systematically tearing Lew Smith down now, setting a slow pace and taking Lew out of his element.

Lamond Robertson pushes Lew over to his stomach, throwing a leg over him. He bends down and slides his hands under Lew's chin, locking his fingers in together and pulling back with force.

Williams: Lamond Alexander Robertson now stretching Lew Smith, contorting his upper body with a strong chin lock.

Fury: Dick thinks it's weird this guy wears a dress to the ring, but he can get behind his ring work.

Williams: It's a kilt.

Fury: Whatever it is called, he shouldn't be wearing dresses to the ring.

Lew Smith rocks his arms forward, reaching for the bottom rope as Lamond Robertson applies more pressure.

Williams: Smith reaching... and.. he's got it! Lamond Robertson has to break the hold.

He lets go, getting to his feet and stepping back at the direction of the referee. Lamond holds his hands up, allowing Lew to pull himself to the ropes, reach up and grab the second. He then begins to use them to get to his feet.

Williams: Robertson letting Lew Smith get up.

Fury: Dick hates this. There is no room for good guys in this industry.

Williams: And yet another reason why you'll never have a good woman Dick.

Fury: Dick has you doesn't he?

Jennifer giggles a little.

Williams: Yea Dick, every other Monday right here on Victory.

Lew tells the referee he's ok to continue, limping slightly as he moves away from the ropes.

Williams: This match will continue!

Fury: That's one thing about Lew Smith... He doesn't give up.

Williams: Looks like they are going to lock up again...

As they move in to do so, Lew slides under Lamond's arms and behind him, grabbing his waist.

Williams: Belly to back now by Lew Smith.

Robertson grabs Lew's hands and begins to pry them apart before slamming a foot back and on top of Lew's causing him to let go completely.

Williams: Lamond now reverses the position, behind Lew Smith now.

He lifts Lew up and over.

Williams: GERMAN SUP..... NO! Smith lands on his feet!

The fans cheer as Lew charges forward and jumps up, drop kicking Lamond Robertson in the back causing him to stumble forward and down to the canvas.

Williams: There is that agility we were talking about.

Fury: Yes, but look at Lew. His legs are in pain and that didn't help any.

Lew takes a step forward, wincing in pain before going to one knee, grabbing his other.

Williams: You're right, it looks like Lew Smith may be hurt!

Lamond rolls over, still holding his back before maneuvering his hands to start to push back up.

Williams: Robertson to his feet, Lew Smith could be in trouble.

Fury: He was in trouble when he thought he was going to actually have a chance to win Ring King.

Williams: Just a few moments ago you were saying that Lamond would have a tough time beating Lew.

Fury: That's before he reminded Dick how weak he is.

Robertson grabs Lew Smith by the head, pulling him to his feet.

Williams: Robertson sends Lew Smith across the ring. Smith on the return...

Lamond bends down catching him, lifting Lew up and over.

Williams: Back body drop sends Lew Smith hard to the mat.

Lamond Robertson heads over to the corner, reaching back and grabbing the top ropes with his hands as he bends down. The fans begin to get loud as he yells and motions for Lew to get up.

Williams: Lamond Robertson ready to strike as Lew Smith begins to get to his feet here.

Lew slowly gets up. As he slowly turns, obviously not 100%, Lamond lunges forward, catching him hard. The fans pop loudly.


Fury: He just broke him in half!

Lamond rolls over nd gets up, pulling Lew up with him.

Williams: Lamond Robertson to his feet, pulling the hurt Lew Smith up.

He bends over, lifting Lew Smith up on his shoulders. He holds him for a moment, before turning Lew over and bringing him down as he himself drops in a sit out position.

Williams: The Clansedge! Lamond Robertson hits The Clansedge!

Fury: This one is over!

The fans cheer as Lamond Robertson floats over, covering Lew Smith. The referee slides into position.

Williams: Lamond Robertson looking to put Lew Smith away now and continue on the path to become the two thousand and fifteen Ring King...

The referee's hand hits the canvas for a third and final time as the bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match and advancing to the second round of Ring King.... LAMOND... ALEXANDER... ROBBBBERRRTTTSSOOONNN!!!!!

Williams: Lamond Robertson will continue his journey while Lew Smith's has come to an end here tonight at Victory.

Lamond stands near the ropes, running his hand through his hair with the look that a lot has been removed from his shoulders. He looks into the camera and we can see him inaudibly tell his son that he loves him before we move away the ring.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Post Match

Post Match

Backstage we see Lamond Alexander Robertson after his match.  His head down, he is removing the tape to his wrists from the opening match of the night, when he looks up and stops in his tracks. The camera pans round to see what he's looking at and the new Prodigy Champion Alex Beckman is slowly walking towards him, the title over her shoulder and the figure of Mike Best standing beside her, a smile etched upon his face.  

Robertson thinks for a moment then steps in front of Beckman, the tension rising as the crowd in the arena pops in expectation of something to happen.  LAR pauses a moment...

LAR: Alex, I just wanted to say...

He extends his hand, palm open.

LAR: Good match last week, the best competitor won.  Congratulations.  

Beckman pauses herself for a moment, looking down at the outstretched hand, then up at Lamond before scoffing and walking around the Scot, followed by Mike Best who looks back for a second in appreciation of the moment then continues with his charge.  Robertson's arm falls by his side and he folds his arms, watching the two walk off.  

Jamie Sawyers appears on the scene, mic in hand as Lamond turns to leave.  

Sawyers: Lamond....Lamond!

Robertson turns back to face Sawyers, with a "what?" look on his face.

Sawyers: What was that all about?

Lamond looks down, then up at Sawyers, shrugging.  

LAR: I guess I must have been doing it wrong, it is like this isn't it Sawyers?

Lamond offers his hand, which Jamie shakes and nods.  

Sawyers: I have to ask Lamond, how are you feeling after last week's loss?

The handshake breaks and Robertson just stares at Sawyers, silent, looking back down at his hands and resuming taping them up.

Sawyers: Right, and what about tonight? You're first match in Ring King is over and  you are moving to round two, how are you feeling about that?

Lamond looks back up, the smile returning to his face.

LAR: Lew is a great competitor Jamie.  It was a greta match and I have a lot of respect for him. But, now, if you'll excuse me please...

Robertson shuffles past Sawyers and continues down the hallway towards the locker room.  

Got Your Back

Got Your Back

Victory cuts backstage, where Samuel Owens is approaching the curtain, as he prepares to head out for his UTA debut. Looking a little nervous, Owens stops for a moment to take a deep breath. As he begins to take another step towards the curtain, a familiar voice calls out behind him.

Townsend: Hey man.

Owens turns on his heel; snapping his head in the direction of the Welshman's voice. Townsend is sporting a smile, or at least as much of a smile as Samuel has ever seen from his fellow Ground Zero member. Dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a Ground Zero t-shirt, Rhys walks up to Owens and taps him on the chest.

Townsend: Feeling good?

Owens shrugs, before shaking his head.

Owens: I guess. I'm a little nervous.

Rhys frowns, quizzically; just enough for Owens to answer the question that is on the Welshman's mind.

Owens: It's all... new. I know how to win in the Indy's, but UTA? It's a whole new ball game.

Townsend smirks at his ally's response, before placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

Townsend: Just relax. I've known you a long time, I've shared a ring with you... You're better than this chick. Go out there, do what you do...

Townsend takes a step back and shrugs.

Townsend: … And win the match, man.

The bald-headed monster pulls a spliff and a lighter from his pocket and proceeds to light up, as Owens mulls over his words of encouragement. Rhys takes a long pull, before exhaling slowly; allowing the smoke to rise up against his face. His understated tone does not seem to have had much of an effect on Owens, however, as he looks on, anxiously.

Owens: You're not one for inspiring speeches, are you?

Townsend smirks once more, before shrugging.

Townsend: Not when it's not needed. Don't worry, I've got your back.

Rhys smiles again and this time, his confidence in Owens seems to rub off. Nodding his head, Samuel is visibly reassured as he begins to bounce on the ball of his feet.

Owens: Alright...

He pats Townsend on the chest and looks him in the eye.

Owens: Let's do this...

He turns and takes another step towards the curtain, as UTA cuts away once more...

Marie Van Claudio vs. Samuel Owens

Figure It Out by Royal Blood blasts around the arena, and the crowd greets the imminent arrival of Samuel Owens with a mixed reaction. Owens walks out from behind the curtain, pausing at the top of the ramp for a moment to scan the crowd. 
Williams: Well, this is the debut of another ex-Chicago wrestler in Samuel Owens. He arrived with Rhys Townsend, who's scheduled to debut next week, and he will surely be looking to make an impression on his debut here. 
Fury: Dick's heard he's a nice Dick hates him already. 
Owens begins his walk down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of the fans trying to touch him as he passes, looking focused. 
Announcer: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Los Angeles, California... 
Owens reaches ringside and quickly climbs the steps, as the announcer concludes his introduction. 
Announcer: Standing at six feet, two inches and weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds... 
Owens stretches in the ring, pulling on the ropes as he warms up for the match ahead. 
Announcer: SAMUEL... OWENS!!! 
Owens finally acknowledges the crowd, raising his arms in the air briefly at the sound of his own name. 
Williams: A rather quick judgment there, Dick. 
Owens bounces on the spot for a moment, as he waits for the referee to make his final checks and begin the match. 
Fury: Dick's never too quick, Jennifer. 
Williams: Well, I think that judging someone before they've even wrestled may well be too quick, Dick.  
Fury: Like Dick said...Dick is never too quick. 
The Bitch Is Back by Elton John plays as the fans are booing. 
Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she walks onto the ramp while flipping her hair around. Marie dusts off and walks to the ring as the fans boo her 
Fury: Now this is more Dick's style...Dick could totally do some Yoga with MVC. 
Williams: I'm not surprised by that one bit. Still, this is a big opportunity for MVC here...she's been picking up some momentum here in the UTA recently, and this would be another chance for her to add to that momentum, especially since some consider her to be the underdog here against Owens. 
Marie keeps on walking to the ring as the fans are booing at her gets on the apron while wiping her feet.  
Announcer: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
Marie gets right in the ring and looks at everyone yelling at her before yelling at the top of her lungs that they better RESPECT her.  
Announcer: Standing at 5’7 and weighing in at 127 pounds... 
Marie looks at the referee and yells at him that he better not mess up her match this time.  
Announcer: Marie Van Claudio 
Moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song playing. 
Fury: Well, Dick thinks she looks ready to go cause the upset. 
Marie moves back and forth while waiting for the bell to ring.
Williams: I get the feeling she's going to have to be ready to go. She can't underestimate someone with the experience of Owens, even if this is his debut here in UTA. 
Fury: Dick sees nothing wrong with underestimating someone who's never even wrestled here before. The bright lights might blind him! 
Williams: Somehow, Dick, I think Owens has more than enough experience of wrestling under bright lights. 
The bell rings, and the two wrestlers carefully circle each other, before they both reach in and grab a collar and elbow tie up. It doesn't last long, Owens' near hundred pound advantage allowing him to quickly take the advantage and back MVC into the corner. The referee quickly calls for the break, and Owens is happy to raise his arms above his head and back off. 
Williams: Owens is using that significant weight disparity to his advantage right there. 
Fury: Dick thinks that's just the smart thing to do, Jennifer. Owens might be new here, but he's been around. 
Again, the two start to circle each other, and this time, as Owens reaches in for the collar and elbow, MVC ducks out the way, and quickly slides through Owens' legs. She grabs a rear waist lock, and starts trying to pick up the much larger man, but the veteran is having none of it, slowly, but surely pulling himself to the ropes. 
Williams: So far, both wrestlers have ended up having their early attempts at offence ended by a rope break. 
Again, there's a brief détente between the two, before Owens lunges, like he's going for a third collar and elbow, but instead, turns it into an elbow strike! MVC wasn't expecting it, and Owens keeps firing away, until she's backed into the turnbuckles. 
Williams: Owens finally taking control of the match, after neither wrestler seemed to be able to get any kind of traction in the early going. 
Owens doesn't immediately back off, firing a few forearms into Van Claudio's face, before he grabs her wrist and hurls her off into the ropes. She rebounds off, leaping through the air, bringing her knee up to connect clean with Owens' jaw!  
Williams: That's what MVC has to do in this match - she has to push the pace, try and take advantage of the fact that she's much younger than Owens, and hasn't put in the miles that he has. 
The veteran stumbles back, as Van Claudio unleashes a vicious, stinging chop to the chest of Owens! He goes to clutch at his chest, but MVC unleashes another chop...and another...and finally, a huge third one, sending Owens crashing to the canvas! 
Williams: Marie is continuing to push the pace here, delivering some devastating chops to Owens! 
Fury: Dick thinks that having a bright red chest is a pretty good look for Owens. 
Owens pops back up quickly, but Van Claudio quickly hooks him up for a suplex! She tries to take him up and over, but he doesn't want to be taken up and over, and the hundred pound weight disparity is clearly obvious as he shoves her away! 
Williams: Perhaps MVC was looking for that suplex a little too early in the match there! 
Van Claudio comes flying back at Owens, looking for another knee, but he sidesteps out of the way, watching as she connects with nothing but air! 
And again! 
MVC turns back to face Owens, but the veteran is clearly prepared for her, and quickly drives her into the canvas with a DDT! Van Claudio doesn't get an opportunity to get back to her feet, as Owens quickly drops an elbow right into her sternum! He doesn't stop at one though, quickly dropping a second! 
Williams: Owens looking to work the midsection here. Smart strategy, to take away Van Claudio's clear speed advantage. 
Van Claudio pulls herself back to her feet, but Owens has the situation well in hand and absolutely hurls her into the opposite turnbuckle! She crashes chest first into the turnbuckles, and staggers backwards, right into an Owens back body drop! 
Williams: A huge back body drop from Owens there! 
Fury: Dick thinks that, annoyingly, he's doing smart things. 
Owens starts stomping away at Van Claudio's midsection, continuing to work her over, trying to ensure that the match is going to take place at the slow, methodical pace he obviously favors. Eventually, the ref steps in, separating Owens, as he goes in to check on Van Claudio. 
Williams: The referee obviously wants to check that Van Claudio is still good to go after the beating Owens is putting on her midsection. 
Van Claudio slowly pulls herself back up, clutching at the midsection Owens has been working over throughout the match. Owens unleashes a resounding chop, as Van Claudio staggers. He reaches in and grabs a waistlock, before he hurls her overhead with a belly to belly suplex! Van Claudio goes down hard, as Owens wastes no time in going in for yet another elbow drop! 
Williams: Owens is really insistant on working over her midsection here, Dick. 
Fury: Dick thinks it's a wise tactic, Jennifer. Dick thinks that if MVC has no breath left, then there's no way she can use her speed advantage on Owens. 
MVC's still prone on the canvas, as Owens takes a moment to point upwards, to the roar of the crowd! With a smile on his face, the veteran takes his time in climbing up the turnbuckles, steadying himself once he reaches the top. Leaping off, legs outstretched, he's looking to connect with a devastating leg drop...but Van Claudio rolls out of the way! 
Williams: Big miscalculation from Owens right there! 
Owens slowly but surely sits up, clutching at his lower back as he does so, but he sits right up into a vicious kick to the head from Van Claudio! He snaps back down to the canvas, as Van Claudio rebounds off the ropes and drops a knee right on his head! 
Williams: Van Claudio has an opportunity to take control of the match right here, Dick. 
Fury: Dick thinks she does, yes...but she's got to be smart about it. Owens might be new here, but he has years of experience in the ring. 
Van Claudio drags Owens up to his feet, the process not helped by his weight advantage, before she sweeps his leg and drives him back to the canvas with an STO! She quickly moves, grabbing an ankle for a heel hook, as the veteran cries out with pain! 
Williams: A submission attempt here from Van Claudio! 
She drops down and grapevines the leg, as Owens starts to slowly, but surely, pull himself to the ropes! Van Claudio keeps wrenching at the ankle, as Owens gets closer to the ropes, one hand at a time...before he eventually manages to throw one onto the bottom rope! The referee immediately calls for the break, but Van Claudio holds on until four, and even then doesn't release, getting pulled away from the referee, who immediately starts admonishing her. 
Williams: I'm not sure that holding on until the referee has to pull you off is the wisest idea in a match as important as this one. 
Fury: Dick thinks you have until five to release...Dick doesn't see a problem in using the count. 
Van Claudio looks massively unimpressed with the referee, before she shoves him out the way, heading towards Owens. She grabs the back of his tights, pulling him back to his feet. With a scream, she manages to lift him up, before she drives him down across her knee with a backbreaker!  
Williams: Impressive strength there, MVC finally managing to negate the weight difference and get Owens off his feet! 
Owens is clutching at his back as MVC stalks him, waiting for himself to pull himself back up. He does, and she boots him in the gut, hooking him up for a suplex... 
Williams: MVC going for that vertical suplex again... 
Fury: Dick's convinced that this is the time for it! 
...and with a roar, she actually manages to get Owens up and over! He crashes off the canvas, immediately clutching at his lower back, as MVC flashes her hands in his face! She picks him up, and grabs the front face lock, whipping her hair around as she does so! 
Williams: This could be it, Dick! She's all set up for the Snap DDT!! 
She goes to drive Owens' head into the canvas, but she finds herself slamming against the canvas without Owens' head tucked underneath her armpit! She looks up, looking rather shocked as she quickly clambers back to her feet, as Owens is shaking his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. 
Fury: Dick thinks that Marie really needs to keep pushing the pace here if she wants to win this contest. 
Williams: You're right on the money there, Dick. Can't leave a veteran like Owens alive! 
She advances towards Owens, looking to grab his head again, but out of nowhere, his foot snaps out, booting her in the guy he had been working over! She doubles over, and almost as if it was an entirely automatic thing, he grabs ahold of her, and delivers the Ode To Monaco! The referee drops down and starts to count....1....2....3!!! 
Announcer: Your winner, and advancing to the second round of Ring King....Samuel Owens!!! 
The referee raises Owens' hand in victory, as he looks to be a little too out of it to celebrate his win. 
Williams: Owens picks up the debut victory here, and moves on to the second round...though he doesn't look as if he entirely remembers the end of the match! 
Fury: Dick thinks that MVC gave him pretty much everything he could handle. 
Williams: That was indeed the case, Dick. She had a great showing against the veteran Owens here tonight. 
We move away from ringside, the final shot being one of Owens with one arm raised, and one arm clutching at his lower back.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

A Wrench In The Gears

A Wrench In The Gears

The camera cuts backstage, into the WrestleZone office of UTA owner and all around unlikable human being James Melinda Wingate. Despite that not being his actual middle name, the head honcho of all things United Toughness Alliance is seated at his desk, staring blankly up a man who has reached what looks like the end of a desperate rope.

It would appear that we have joined a conversation in progress. 

Sleeves rolled up and tie loosened at the neck, Michael Best is covered in enough flop sweat to for a man of La Flama Blanca's size to hit that sucker like a Slip 'N' Slide. Behind him, the Undisputed UTA Prodigy Champion stands in her street clothes, clutching a custom commissioned Prodigy Championship over her shoulder. 

Despite her manager and mentor's disposition, she appears collected and intense as always.

Best: ...there have only been four other Prodigy Champions, James. She beat TWO of them at Black Horizon.

James Wingate nods his head, tenting his fingers in front of his face as he takes in the information. 

Wingate: I agree, it was an impressive feat. But I fail to see your point.

Michael cracks his knuckles, turning back to Alex with a look of disbelief on his face. She doesn't respond-- not even so much as a change in her facial expression. 

Best: My point? My point is she's already beat this guy twice. I don't care if he beat Lew Smith, Agent Smith, or Jada Pinkett-Smith, she's not defending that title against him. Not happening.

Wingate: Are you trying to run my show for me, Mr. Best? Because you'll find that I have very little tolerance for-- 

With a sudden outburst, Michael slams his hands against the edge of the desk, his knuckles going white against the cherry oak finish. James Wingate flinches backward ever so slightly, but doesn't look intimidated in the slightest.

Best: Look, you've been telling everyone that we've got some... business arrangement... and I have to admit, I have no idea what it is. Because so far, this "arrangement" has seen Sek get passed over for the Wildfire Championship and Farthington disqualified from Ring King. Well, I'm cashing in, Jimmy. It's my turn now.

He leans over the front of the desk, his face getting very close to James Wingate's. A decade's worth of history between these two men is suddenly made very clear as they stare eachother in the eyes, neither man wanting to be the first one to give in. 

Best: No rematch. It DOESN'T. HAPPEN. My client will be happy to defend her championship against anybody else you've got lined up, but Lamond Robertson is off the list. He's run out of chances. 

The air in the room is tense, as an awkward and palpable silence fills the office. Wingate stares at the two cogs of The Machine across his desk, while Alex shuffles uncomfortably where she stands. She looks as though she wants to say something, but keeps her mouth closed. 

Wingate: ...alright, Mr. Best. Alright. I've got a couple of locals coming into Orlando in a few weeks, looking for a try out. I'm sure we can arrange--

And then, it happens. 

James Wingate is cut off mid-sentence, as Alex Beckman pushes forward and shoulders her way past MIchael Best. The collected expression as left her face, as she slams the UTA Prodigy Championship down on the desk in front of her. 

For the first time in her UTA career, she speaks on camera. 

Beckman: Give him the rematch. 

James Wingate's mouth curls into a delighted smile, as he leans back in his chair. Behind his client, Michael Best looks like he's just smelled a fart or watched an all-Dynasty main event. He is absolutely horrified. 

Best: G-give him-- WHAT? Are you out of your fu--

He shoves him in the chest, not hard enough to hurt him but hard enough to make him stop talking. 

Beckman: I told you, Mike. No more novelty matches. No more exhibitions, no more showcases, no more local wannabes.

She picks the title up off the desk, throwing it back over her shoulder and looking down at it. She slowly lifts her gaze back up to meet Michael's, fury filling her eyes. 

Beckman: When I got my title shot, people said that I didn't deserve it. That I only got it because Wingate here is an old friend of yours. And when I won it, they said I didn't deserve it. That I only won it because I didn't have to beat the champion. I'm so sick of this bull[bleep]-- I am the UTA Prodigy Champion, and nobody seems to understand that. Well, then it's time for me to make them understand. Book the match. 

Michael appears speechless, his mouth hanging open like he's just watched her pull her own trigger. The look of disbelief on his face only seems to make her angrier, as she turns back toward James Wingate. 

The owner of the UTA looks absolutely delighted. 

Wingate: Well, who am I to get in the way of a fighting champion? June 22nd, Ms. Beckman. You will take on Lamond Alexander Robertson in the second round of the UTA Ring King Tournament... and you will do it with the UTA Prodigy Championship on the line. 

She smiles, crossing her arms in front of her and wrapping the Prodigy Title in her arms in the process. Michael looks as thought he may have an actual heart attack at the age of twenty nine, and he leans against the doorway to support himself. 

Beckman: Good. Let him try to take this title from me. And this time, if LAR is too stupid to stop getting up when I knock him down? 

She laughs, snidely. 

Beckman: Then maybe it's time to put him down for good. 

Without another word, the Prodigy Champion turns and swiftly makes her way out of the office, leaving her manager behind. Michael stares at James Wingate, an enraged sneer on his face as he clutches the doorframe about as tightly as he's ever clutched anything. Wingate looks back at him with a bemused smile, shrugging his shoulders.

UTA Monday Night Victory continues.

Jacque LaRoque vs. Kendrix

Williams: And up next folks, we got some non-Ring King action as Kendrix, looking to return to winning ways after going down to Eric Dane and Cecilworth Farthington takes on newcomer and noted French person Jacque LaRoque. 

Fury: Dick enjoys the French. They have a very European style of thinking that Dick can appreciate!

The lights go out in the arena as the opening lead up to "Let 'em come" by Scroobius Pip blares out over the PA System. Lights flash black and white as the camera pans the centre of the stage by the ramp, we immediately see Kendrix appear at the top center of the stage, his back facing the ring. Wearing a white England Football Jersey with 'JFK' and '#Bruv' emblazoned in red on it, a Union Jack Hackett Scarf and his trademark JFK black and green ring tights with green boots. As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace and the line "no one likes us but we don't care hits", he rotates his neck twice to stretch it before slicking his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, sporting a smug smirk on his face.

Williams: Kendrix is back into the Wrestlezone and you know he’s hoping to return back to his winning ways right here, tonight.

Fury: Dick knows Kendrix is confident but Dick also knows a thing or two about trying to take down an angry Frenchman and it doesn’t always end well. Can get real messy sometimes. 

As the shot returns to the center of the stage, zoomed back out fixed on Kendrix, Red colored pyro, the colors of the English National Flag, explodes from the ramp as the chorus kicks in;

"If the bad times are coming, let 'em come!" 

JFK puts his weight on his left foot as he spins around quickly to face the stage and begins to make his way down the ramp slowly towards the ring, looking at the fans with a disgusted look on his face.

Announcer: Hailing from London, England

Kendrix stops in front of one young fan holding a pen and paper in front of him and takes the pen. He then takes from another young fan, a large poster they've brought from home of one of there UTA heroes and rips it to pieces. He signs one of the pieces and gives it back to the original fan with a genuine smile on his face. He gets to the ring, walks up the steps, looks back at the crowd shaking his head looking disgusted again before stepping through the middle rope into the ring. 

Announcer: Standing at 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighing in at 218lbs

He climbs up onto the 2nd turnbuckle in the corner closest to the entrance ramp. Looking around at all the fans shaking his head with a disapproving look on his face he looks down at the English Crest on the left side of his shirt. 

Announcer: JFK...KENDRIX!

"If the bad times are coming, let 'em come!"

Kendrix raises his head up proudly he beats his right fist on the crest twice before opening his arms out wide while shouting out words that can't be repeated on TV while making a "wanker" sign with his fist and pointing at the fans with the other hand.

Williams: A sign my colleague Dick Fury has no doubt seen many times in his life but I don’t think this crowd deserve to witness it. 

He takes his shirt and scarf off and looks like he is ready to chuck them into the crowd. Instead he chuckles to himself and just leaves them in the corner of the ring. He jumps down, turning round in one motion and walks to the center of the ring, rotating and stretching his neck. Arriving dead in the center of the ring he hops from toe to toe, ready to face his opponent.

Williams: Kendrix is looking ready for this one but the question remains, does he have a game plan to regain some of that vital momentum that he is seeking here tonight? 

Fury: Dick knows how easily newcomers can get stuck in a slump, momentum is a tricky mistress, and Dick has tamed her time and time again. Actually, Momentum is Dick’s favourite mistress out of his many. 

The lights dim out as "Deep Six" by Marilyn Manson comes over the PA system. Blue, white, and red strobes highlight the entrance before Jacque LaRoque steps out of the back with his arms wide and a smile on his face. Boos reign down on the French national but he soaks them up like a sponge, strolling to the ring.

Williams: And here comes Big Frenchie himself! Right here in the Wrestlezone.

Fury: There’s something to admire about a confident French man. You can write your own surrendering joke here. 

Announcer: Coming to the ring... hailing from the glorious utopia of France...

LaRoque stops at the apron and sneers over his shoulder at the fans, mouthing inaudible vulgarities and hearty threats. He shakes his head, stepping onto the apron before swinging a large leg over the top rope. 

Announcer: Standing at Six feet, Five inches tall... weighing an astronomical Two-Hundred and Eighty-Four pounds...

Fury: Why isn’t he weighing in kilos?

Big Frenchie fully enters the ring and begins to circle the middle. The corner of his mouth curls as his eyes narrow, scanning the crowd. The ring announcer's eyes roll at what they're being paid to do and say.

Announcer: BIIIIG FRENCHIIIIIIIIIIIE... Jaaaaaaaaaacque LaaaaRooooque.

Jacque throws a fist over his head and cue the boos to increase tenfold. He darts to the ropes, shouting at the fans, and waves a hand at their inferior ways. The lights come back to life as the music fades out and Big Frenchie gets ready to take care of business. 

Williams: Both of these men are smarting from early ejections from the Ring King tournament before what most people consider the official kick off. They’ll be looking to regain some dignity in the ring here tonight in the Wrestlezone.

Fury: Dignity? Dick could teach these men a few things about dignity! 

The referee pats down both gentleman to do a quick check to see if the upstanding gentlemen in the ring had attempted to secrete any manner of illegal or hidden object. Satisfied that the two ruffians are on the level the referee signals for the bell and the match is under way. Kendrix immediately begins to attempt to circle around towards LaRoque but the Frenchman is having none of it, continuing to keep his distance from the Londoner. 

Williams: You’d think these two men would be easily able to relate to each other, being connect by a train line between London and France. 

Fury: … Dickwoudliketorunatrain.

Williams: What was that?

Fury: You know, Dick thinks he’d be an excellent conductor, choo choo!

Kendrix manages to approach LaRoque and dive towards him, sending Jacque staggering back with a forceful European uppercut. Happy with this as a plan of attack, Kendrix smashes LaRoque’s chin with a second uppercut and a third, sending LaRoque into the ropes. Kendrix turns around to the rather unhappy crowd and gives a knowing wink and a smile but his arrogance is his downfall. LaRoque sees an opening and drills a knee straight to the gut of JFK and Kendrix doubles over in pain, falling to his knees. LaRoque attempts to follow through on this with a spinning backfist to the temple but Kendrix manages to roll out of the way, slip behind LaRoque and roll him up for a schoolboy.
Williams: These Europeans are really going for it in front of the Wrestlezone faithful here tonight. There’s a roll up by Kendrix! One! Two! No, LaRoque manages to overpower Kendrix

Fury: Dick thinks that isn’t the first time that the big burly French has overpowered someone on camera. 

Williams: Why do we even let you talk?

Kendrix scrambles pack up to his feet and makes a wild swing in the direction of LaRoque but LaRoque manages to duck out of the way and as Kendrix turns back around, he is send flying down to the mat thanks to a spinning backfist. LaRoque looks over at the damage and admires his handiwork for a few moments before going in for the mount. Big Frenchie mounts JFK and begins drilling him over and over again with a series of punches straight to the face, Kendrix doing his best to try and kick off the large gent. 

Williams: A furious series of blows from LaRoque here, obviously trying to save face after going down to Alex Beckman in the Ring King 

Fury: Dick would happily go down for Alex Beckman any night of the week. 

Instead of managing to break free from the mount, Kendrix manages to grab hold of the ropes and the referee dives in to break up LaRoque’s mounted punches. LaRoque ignores the referee’s request to break up the mount and continues his vicious series of blows to the Englishman. The referee has no other choice but to begin the count for disqualification but at the count of four, LaRoque finally relents, tosses his arms up in the air and backs away from JFK. Big Frenchie gets an earful from the UTA official for almost getting himself disqualified. Kendrix, looking rather irate at the onslaught from LaRoque, uses the ropes to pull himself back up to an even base. A cheeky grin breaks out on his face as he taunts at LaRoque to come over and follow up on his attack, something the Jacque is all too glad to do. LaRoque fires a stiff punch to the gut of Kendrix and hoists him up high with a stalling vertical suplex. LaRoque struggles to maintain Kendrix at height and Kendrix keeps on trying to break free as the blood rushes to his head.

Williams: It looks like Kendrix is struggling to gain an opening after the onslaught from Big Frenchie. He is struggling to break from this this tight grip LaRoque has, the blood must be pouring to his head at this point. 

Fury: Dick has a few recommendations if you’re looking for other examples of blood rushes. 

Although struggling to do so, while hoisted up high, Kendrix manages to drill a few fists to the temple of LaRoque. LaRoque’s grip begins to weak as Kendrix drops fist upon fist down on the Frenchman but before he can break free, LaRoque drops back and drills Kendrix to the mat with a huge vertical suplex, fans in the nosebleeds hear to impact of Kendrix’s back smashing into the mat. LaRoque remains grounded himself, exhausted from his show of force, as small smattering of applause breaks out from the crowd, clearly showing appreciation for the amount of time LaRoque managed to hoist Kendrix up. LaRoque manages to drop an arm over the chest of Kendrix.

Williams: Kendrix must have been up the air for a good twenty seconds there and the fans, despite hating LaRoque as a disgusting Frenchman, certainly appreciate his stamina here in the Wrestlezone.

Fury: Dick has NEVER had this kind of appreciation and has had much bigger displays of stamina. 

Williams: And there’s the cover! One! TWO! NO! Kendrix manages to roll a shoulder up.

The referee signals a clean cut two count as an exhausted LaRoque stares up in complete disbelief that he didn’t do enough to put away Kendrix. LaRoque begins to argue with the official over the count but he doesn’t manage to make a convincing case. As LaRoque continues to yell “TROIS! TROIS!” to the referee, he doesn’t notice Kendrix slowly getting back up behind him. Before LaRoque has enough time to relax, he finds himself in a headlock and sent down to the ground face first from a picture perfect bulldog from Kendrix. Kendrix looks around, amazed that he had the remaining energy to pull this off, he sees his opponent down on the mat and makes a split second decision. 

Williams: LaRoque was too busy arguing with the referee that he never saw Kendrix recovering behind his back. The question is now… can Kendrix capatalise on this opening? 

Fury: Dick loves a good surprise attack!

Kendrix scrambles down to the mat and locks LaRoque in The Kendrix Cross as quickly as he possibly can. LaRoque tries to push Kendrix over but like a relentless bulldog, Kendrix throws arms, legs and whatever else he can manage to lock LaRoque into the hold as tightly as he can. After a few seconds of back and forth struggle down on the mat, Kendrix manages to gain control of the situation and locks LaRoque into the Cross as tightly as he can. LaRoque tries to scramble and reach out for the ropes but upon realising that he is stuck in the middle of the ring, he has no other option but to tap out in the middle

Williams: That Kendrix Cross was locked in tight, LaRoque had no other option, he tapped to save himself any further damage.

Fury: Dick can admire a man who looks after himself, self-love is just as important as the love of others. Dick has to hand it to both men though, they both tried to get back into the winning ways but unfortunately for LaRoque, Kendrix trapped him at the end.

The referee signals for the bell as Kendrix breaks up the Cross and rolls back up to his feet, throwing his arms up in victory. He demands to the official raise his hand up high and that the audience bask in his glory. 

Announcer: Here is your winner via pin fall… KENDRIX!

Williams: Kendrix gets a much needed victory here at… well… Victory and we still have plenty more action to come, not to mention that all important Ring King main event as Perfection takes on Chris Hopper for the first time in UTA history.

We fade out on the scene of Kendrix giving the “wanker” hand gesture towards LaRoque as LaRoque nurses his arm, leaned up against the ropes. 

Advice to Amy

Advice to Amy

The scene starts with Marie Van Claudio getting checked by the trainer after her match against Samuel Owens for possibly injury.

Trainer: Marie, I’m going to need for you to lift your arm up.

Marie looks at him as she does, but sees someone come in that she does not want to see just yet.

Claudio: If this is to rub it in my face, then DO NOT say anything.

The person in the trainer’s room is Amy Harrison, new UTA star.

Harrison: Is the doctor doing something to you that he shouldn’t be doing?

Trainer looks at her.

Trainer: I’m just doing my job to see if she’s ok and doesn’t have anything to-

Amy cuts him off.

Harrison: I wasn’t talking to you! I was talking to Marie! You got that?

Everyone looks at her as Marie bites her lip as she leans up.

Claudio: I’m fine.

She looks around as she takes Amy out of the trainer's room.

Claudio: Amy, are you freaking crazy for yelling at the trainer like that?!

Harrison: What? It was clear that I was talking to you, I wasn’t even looking at him. How could he make that kind of stupid mistake?

Marie’s eyes widen.

Claudio:  He’s the trainer that works for UTA! Of course he’s going to make sure that nothing’s torn!  If this got back to Wingate, you’ve been fired without having your first match!

Marie looks at her again.

Claudio: Do you want that type of reputation with you screaming at people?!

Harrison: Do you think I care? I’m here to let people know just what I’m capable of here. If they can’t handle me using a loud tone of voice, than that’s their problem, not mine.

Marie rolls her eyes.

Claudio: Then that’s not a good way to have your first impression.

Marie looks at her friend.

Claudio: Look, I was in your shoes a couple of months back with my ego that I first had, but along the way, I gained some respect from some people.

Marie rubs her arm.

Claudio: And as your friend thus far in this promotion, my advice is don’t be in the same shoes I was in. I maybe a bitch, but screaming at them? Not the best start.

Amy looks at Marie then takes a deep breath

Harrison: You might be right, but it’s not like I’m coming here to kiss some ass, I’m here to kick some ass! Also, I’m not here to be a goodie-two-shoes girls that everyone likes to stare at, I’ve already got through some people like that outside of this place.

Amy then lets out a bit of a laugh before looking back at Marie

Harrison: So, since you know this place more than me, what would you suggest I do to get my name out there and not get myself fired?

Marie looks at her.

Claudio: Well, here’s three things. The first, don’t get yourself into trouble with yelling at higher ups, the second, don’t align yourselves with the annoying people such as Zhalia Fears and three.

Marie looks back.

Claudio: Don’t be….well….how do I say this?

Marie looks down then back up.

Claudio: Carnal... because people will assume wrong.

Marie looks at her.

Claudio: That’s what I have to say about that. Now I need to get this arm checked. Kindly please don’t yell anyone?

Harrison: Fine, I won’t yell at anyone else, but I’m still going to make it crystal clear just who I am and what I’m going to do here. Just like what you have already done.

Marie smiles at her as she goes back into the trainer’s room as Amy flips her hair before the scene ends.

The Year Of The Luchador Continues

The Year of the Luchador Continues

Ring Announcer Jonathan Franklin stands inside the middle of the ring in the UTA WrestleZone. He is holding a microphone, prepared for something. The fans in the seats are unsure of what is coming up next. The lights are bright and the cameras are all rolling.

Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome... The NEW UTA World Champion...

Fans: BOO!

The sound of the Twelve Hundred strong rip through the WrestleZone.


The fans continue to boo as Down by Yelawolf begins to play. The crowd isn't letting up one bit. 

The song is in full swing and Blanca walks through the curtain with a probable big smile on his face. The Champion is followed by his attorney, sleaze ball Marshall Owens. Blanca steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp wearing a fine Italian suit, worth more than your double wide. He stops after a few steps to flaunt his UTA World Championship title at the UTA crowd.

The gold from the title on his shoulder shines in the arena lights. He gets a nice round of boos as he stands on top of the world. Owens' smile can't grow any larger as he holds the UTA Tag Team title of Blanca's in his arms. Both men take it in for a few seconds seeing fans devilish faces hate his guts. They both can't get enough.

LFB starts walking down to the ring, and Owens soon follows. The fans along the aisle are letting him have it and he doesn't seem to care. The boos grow louder and louder the closer he and Owens get to the ring. 

The UTA World Champion walks up the ring steps and takes a few steps along the ring apron before putting his left leg through the middle and top rope. He stops and looks out into the crowd. A fan along ringside holds up a "LFB SUCKZ" sign. Blanca makes a point to show this fan the UTA World Title. Owens begins yelling at said fan.

Blanca finally steps into the ring as Marshall still stands on the apron, dealing with that fan. Blanca takes the World Title off his shoulder, and raises it in the air as the boos persist.

Owens now makes his way into the ring.  La Flama Blanca walks over to the corner far from him, and grabs the microphone from Franklin. The Champion walks back towards Owens and the middle of the ring.

The boos continue as The Luchador raises the microphone. 

La Flama Blanca: I've waited a long, long, long time to say this... YOUR UTA World Champion is speaking...

The fans are getting louder. They aren't afraid to tell The Champion how they feel about him. Blanca paces slightly as Marshall looks on, clenching tightly onto Blanca two other titles.

LFB: Yes, I am La Flama Blanca. Yes, I am a member of Dynasty and YES, I am the UTA World Champion.

He looks around the WrestleZone and the anger and hatred he sees brings a tear to his eye.

LFB: Keep going... No, keep going. Keep booing, you bunch of beat nuts. Boo all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm the champ. No matter how much you complain and hate it, facts are facts...

The fans insistent heckling doesn't matter to the man in the middle of the ring.

LFB: Fact... I'm the UTA World Champion. I busted Sean Jackson open at Black Horizon. Fact... I proved without a shadow of a doubt that I am the best in the United Toughness Alliance.  It's also a fact that I proved to all of you mouth breathers that I AM the best in the world!

Fans: Boo!

LFB and Marshall Owens are heard laughing, audio picked up the ring microphones. The Headliner turns to face the crowd to his side. 

LFB: At Black Horizon we saw history... at Black Horizon we saw the first Triple Crown winner since it's return. Who? Who was the first ever Triple Crown winner in the UTA you ask? Well... I'll tell you...

The smug attitude from The Cruiserweight is enough to make everyone sick. The fans and the rest of the UTA Universe know who he's talking about.

LFB: It was me! Ahahaha! Just another reason why La Flama Blanca is an ALL TIME great. Now... many have tried and will continue to try to shine block me, go ahead. Show your jealousy. Try to discredit me all you want.

The fans are not letting up. Owens stands not too far from his client, shaking his head in agreement. 

LFB: I will show you ALL, that I am the man that will lead us into the future. Show you all who is the best in this entire profession. I will defend my title and keep it, keep it as long as I can and piss off as many people as I can.

Owens is seen laughing behind his client. Cameras cut to show the fans inside the WrestleZone before going back to The Champion.

LFB: I've been saying this for a long time... I'm so over, I'm above. I'm at the top, and all you jag bags are at the bottom. I won't become complacent, no, no, no... I will always be hungry. I know you are all gunning for me, but nothing has changed. It has always been that way.

LFB pauses and makes a slight turn at the exact time cameras switch. 

LFB: No matter who is put in front of me... I will get the job done anyway I can. I'm not afraid of any of you... but I know you are all afraid of me. Talk as much crap as you want, that's all it is... talk. Talk, talk, talk. 

Blanca takes some steps around HIS ring. He knows he has a target on his back and he doesn't care. He takes his UTA World title off his shoulder and holds it in his left hand. He looks at it has he continues to speak.

LFB: This... this is what I killed myself for this past year. This is what this long hard road was all for and all about. I did a lot of talking, but I backed it up. I told you all the future had begun... well the future is here and La Flama Blanca is the future.

Fans: Boo!

LFB: As many of you mouth breathers already know... I've had to hand over my UTA Legacy title.

The fans let out a cheer for this. Marshall Owens looks around the crowd.

LFB: I was forced to hand over my title... again. You see I don't lose titles the old fashioned way. A guy in a suit takes my championships from me.

The WrestleZone breaks out in a chant.

Fans: Overrated! Overrated! Overrated!

The fans inside the WrestleZone are not amusing LFB or Owens. The Luchador puts an end to the chanting.

LFB: Whatever makes you people sleep at night. You are all SO ignorant. You just can't seem to open your eyes and see that the man standing before you is the only man that can hold this title. You don't want to acknowledge me and all my accomplishments.

Fans: Boo!

LFB: Let me enlighten you for a second... you can think whatever you want, but when the title is on the line, I will show you why I'm the best in the world. Show you ALL that I am better than you. I will break the cycle and defend this title. No matter how I have to do it... this title is staying... with The Headliner.

Cameras pan around the arena before coming back to the ring.

LFB: I've been telling you all since the beginning of Twenty-Fifteen that this was my year. Six months in and I'm dominating this organization. There is no doubt about it... The "Year of The Luchador" continues...

The Champions music starts back up as the fans continue to show their distaste for La Flama Blanca. Owens walks over to his client and pats him on the shoulder. The two talk for a few moments, before cameras fade on them.


Brought to You By

Brought to You By


Blackbeard vs. Leyenda de Ocho

The Pirate King from The Pirates of Penzance beings to play over the PA system, as out of the back steps the Pirate King of the UTA - Blackbeard. He snarls as he runs a hand through his beard. He asks his parrot, Polly, what his odds are for tonight. Polly doesn't say anything back since birds can't talk but Blackbeard nods his head anyway, as if he was just told his chances are good.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring first, weighing at two hundred and sixty two pounds, standing at six foot, two inches tall, hailing from the Seven Seas...BLACCCKKKKKBEAAAAAARD.

Blackbeard makes his way down the ramp slowly. Even playing to the fans with an "Arhhhh!" here and a "Matey" there. He jumps onto the apron of the ring with relative ease as he looks out at the crowd before he steps into the ring.

Williams: This is another match in the Ring King tournament folks and Blackbeard shouldn't be taken lightly.

Fury: He'll make you walk the plank if you don't watch out. Leyenda de Ocho has his hands full here tonight.

Blackbeard climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an antique looking telescope. He opens it up and spies some wenches in the upper ring of the stadium and yells out, "LANDDDDDDDDDDD, HOOOOOOO!" The fans crack up as he jumps down and begins some stretching as he awaits LDO.

Williams: And here is he folks, the underdog of the UTA - Leyenda de Ocho.

Punch-Out by Rob Miranda begins to play as Ocho runs through the curtain at full speed. The fans pop, like a frog on a hot plate as Ocho spins in a circle at the top of the ramp, while green lights dance in time over the crowd.

Fury: Ugh, Leyenda De Ocho is too much. Just look at him, undersized, outmatched. He thinks he can win the Ring King tournament, give Dick a break!

Williams: Normally I would agree with you Dick. Strength wins in this great sport of ours but truth be told this is the UTA. Any night I think that any superstar here can beat any other superstar on the roster. The talent here is simply off the charts.

LDO raises eight fingers in the air and takes off for the ring at breakneck speed. He slaps hands, fist bumps a few fans around the ring..

Announcer: Hailing from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS!

LDO climbs the steps and uses the top rope as leverage to nimbly hop over and into the ring.

Announcer: Standing at FIVE FEET, EIGHT INCHES TALL and weighing in at ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT pounds...

LDO bounces from foot to foot.


LDO raises those eight fingers once again and soaks in the crowd response. He returns to hopping from foot to foot.

LDO hits one knee, saying something to himself before spinning around and nodding his head indicating to the official that he's ready for the match. The official looks to Blackbeard. Blackbeard nods and the bell sounds.

Williams: And we are underway here sports fans. This one, once again, another match in the highly anticipated Ring King tournament.

Fury: And with La Flama Blanca winning the World Title at Black Horizons you have to wonder what man...

Williams: ...or woman...

Fury: ...or woman, will be facing him for that title in just a few months.

Blackbeard and LDO circle. LDO shifting from foot to foot looking for an opportunity to use his speed to gain the upper hand. However Blackbeard isn't giving him an in so the two men tie up in the middle of the ring.

Blackbeard is able to use his sizeable height and weight advantage to his advantage and puts a side headlock on the 8-Bit Hero. Blackbeard wrenches the hold applying pressure to LDO's head. LDO reaches for the sky trying to free himself off Blackbeard's hold. Blackbeard tosses LDO into the ropes. LDO bounces off and Blackbeard chargers looking for a shoulder block but LDO slides underneath Blackbeard, pops back up on his feet. He bounces himself off the far side ropes and jumps into the air looking for a splash across Blackbeard's chest. 

Blackbeard though has other plans.

Williams: And Blackbeard catches LDO off the ropes.

Fury: Holy cow, pretty impressive.

Blackbeard lifts LDO in the air and SLAMS him down hard on his knee with a Backbreaker. LDO holds the small of his back in pain. 

Williams: That one had to hurt.

Fury: Impressive move by the Pirate there.

Blackbeard drops to a knee and presses into a cover.


LDO gets the shoulder up and the match continues.

Williams: LDO able to get out of that one.

Fury: And now look Blackbeard is giving it to the referee.

Blackbeard is arguing that the ref counted slow, the ref is denying the claim. It wasn't a slow count Blackbeard is just being stubborn. LDO rolls over to a knee and presses himself up, and the two men start all over again.

Fury: LDO is undersized in this one. Even more so than usual. Blackbeard could squish him like a fly.

Williams: It's not the size of the dog in the fight, Dick. It's the size of the fight in the dog and I know by watching LDO that he's got plenty of fight.

Same tie up, same result. Blackbeard with a side head lock, and then an Arm Wrench on LDO. LDO flips through the arm wrench so his arm is straight. Blackbeard throws a lazy clothesline and LDO is able to duck underneath of it and catch Blackbeard off guard with an uppercut that dazes him just enough that LDO is able to hook him and drop him with a DDT hard in the center of the ring.

Williams: There is some of that fight, Ace.

Fury: Yeah, a DDT. Let Dick call Sportscenter. 

LDO jumps, dropping a leg over the throat of the much bigger Blackbeard. He doesn't stop there. He jumps again this time driving both of his knees square into the stomach/chest of Blackbeard, blowing the air out of his lungs. Blackbeard rolls over to his back in pain.

Williams: That's another thing about LDO. He's an innovator. He's flashy, he's a quick thinker. And in this match I think that helps him.

Fury: Yeah is gonna help him run into a buzz saw. And tonight the buzz saw has a name - it's Blackbeard.

LDO presses into a pin.


Blackbeard powers out rather easily. LDO smacks his hands together, he thought he had the three count. Blackbeard rolls to a knee and pulls himself up. LDO charges as he does. Blackbeard ducks a clothesline and punches LDO in the head, sending LDO into the turnbuckle. Blackbeard comes up with a high knee catching LDO and taking the wind out of his sails - pirate puns aside.

Fury: And here's what Dick's talking about. The buzz saw is about to cut LDO in half.

Williams: I hope not.

Blackbeard mounts LDO, ten punches.

One punch and the crowd boos. Two punches and the crowd boos. Three punches and more boos. Fourth punch, LDO blocks!

Williams: There's hope here.

LDO goes to punch Blackbeard but Blackbeard blocks it and nails LDO with his own punch, make that five - drawing more boo's from the crowd.

Fury: And cut down. Just like Dick told ya.

Blackbeard with another, that's six. Seven. Make that eight. Nine. And finally ten. LDO slumps over dazed. 

Fury: Blackbeard looks like he has this one in the bag.

Williams: After that beat down in the corner there, I can't say I disagree.

Blackbeard takes LDO and with ease plants him on the top turnbuckle. He smiles and climbs up as well.

Fury: High rent district. Blackbeard is going to make that ring shake.

Williams: This could be end game right here.

Blackbeard pulls LDO in - looking for a Superplex but LDO latches onto to the turnbuckle. Blackbeard pulls again, LDO is still hooked. LDO fires with some forearm shots, Blackbeard is dazed. LDO is able to bring his feet up and he kicks Blackbeard off. Blackbeard hits the ground on two feet and looks up.


Ocho off the top rope hits Blackbeard with a Tornado DDT in the center of the ring, right on the top of his head. The crowd roars.

Fury: No! What is this? Blackbeard had this won!

Williams: But Leyeana De Ocho is resilient, Ace. He won't take no for an answer. He wants a shot at the World Title and this right here is his first step on that journey.

A small "8 Bit Hero" chant starts up as Ocho and Blackbeard lay close to each other in the middle of the ring. Blackbeard's Turnbuckle Assault seems to have taken a lot out of LDO, and that LDO Tornado DDT knocked Blackbeard into next week. Blackbeard stirs, but LDO is up faster. 

LDO stalks Blackbeard from the corner, willing him to his feet. Blackbeard gets to one knee and LDO charges. LDO uses Blackbeard's knee for leverage and launches himself into the air nailing Blackbeard with a kick for the ...

Williams: Shining Wizado! Shining Wizado! Off Blackbeard's own knee. Oh my. Oh my.

Blackbeard slumps over and LDO covers for the pin.



Williams: Blackbeard was out like a light but somehow, someway he managed to kick out.

Fury: Instincts are pretty powerful partner.

Williams: I suppose you're right.

LDO brings his hands to the side of his head, he can't believe it. He thought he was moving on in the Ring King tournament, but nope - the match continues. Blackbeard is clearly dazed but is up to a vertical base. LDO keeps his distance and circles. Blackbeard takes a few massive steps towards LDO and backs him into the ropes. Blackbeard takes LDO sends him across the ring. Blackbeard delivers a shoulder block that sends LDO to the ground.

Williams: Blackbeard showing that strength advantage throughout the duration of this match, Ace.

Fury: Big people beat up little people, as simple as that.

LDO rolls to his feet, fresh off the shoulder block, and circles again. He starts muttering to himself, wondering what it's going to take to put Blackbeard away. Blackbeard strokes his beard, he's now interested in ending this match in a hurry. 

The two meet in the center of the ring, LDO showing off impressive chops meeting the much larger Blackbeard on a level playing field. Blackbeard throws a clothesline, LDO ducks it. LDO goes for a kick to the chest, Blackbeard grabs LDO's leg and pulls him to the mat with a simple yet effective takedown. Blackbeard goes to drop a knee into the chest of LDO but quickly LDO is out of the way.

Williams: LDO showcasing some speed here.

Fury: Won't matter.

Blackbeard snarls and charges LDO, LDO charges Blackbeard and meets him with a Body Press. Blackbard catches him and smiles before delivering a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam. But LDO spins and flips with him, able to hook The Pirate of the UTA with a DDT and knocking him out cold.

Williams: WHAT A COUNTER FROM LDO! Tilt a Whirl DDT showcasing the impressive improvisation tactics from the 8 Bit Hero. The Underdog looking good here tonight!

LDO holds his ribs and throws his hand into the air as the fans cheer. They know what's coming. LDO takes off to the turnbuckles and leaps into the air.


Blackbeard throws his knees up, catching Leyenda de Ocho in the midsection from the corckscrew lionsault.

Fury: Veteran move there by Blackbeard.

Williams: I thought Leyenda de Ocho had this!

LDO lays on the canvas in pain as Blackbeard rolls over and begins to push himself up.

Williams: Blackbeard pulling LDO to his feet with him.

He shoves Leyenda de Ocho's head between his legs and lifts him up high.

Williams: It looks like Leyenda de Ocho may be going for a ride...

Fury: More like walking the plank...

Blackbeard leaps up and comes down into a sit out powerbomb, holding LDO's legs up and his shoulders down as the referee slides into position.

Williams: That sit out powerbomb, that like Dick mentioned, is called Walk the Plank.. Blackbeard going for the win...

The referee's hand hits for a third time and the bell begins to cound.

Announcer: The winner of this match and advancing to the next round of the Ring King tournament.... BLLLACCKKBBEEEAARRDDD!!!!

The fans boo as The Pirate King's music begins to play.

Williams: Blackbeard one step closer now to becoming the Ring King and getting a shot at the UTA World Championship!

Fury: Can you imagine if he gets his hands on that booty!

Blackbeard celebrates as we move from ringside.

Q & A

Q & A

We cut to Jamie Sawyers, sitting in a wooden kitchen chair... with a kitchen in the background. Interesting how that works.

Sawyers: Good evening UTA fans, my name is Jamie Sawyers, and I'm happy to report that I'm sitting here -

The camera pulls back and pans left, showing Sawyers across the table from the Second Coming, who sits with a short sleeved shirt that reveals the wrapping still on her arm, and the typical facemask, covering her mouth, chin, and cheeks. A large discolored bruise with stitches through the middle is visible above her right eye.

Sawyers: - with the Second Coming. The first thing that everyone wants to know, of course, is how are you feeling?

The Second Coming laughs.

2C: Still get some dizzy spells, but I'm all right. I spent two days in the hospital down in Arlington getting my feet back under me.

Sawyers: Can you give us an update on your health?

She leans towards the camera and puts a hand above her forehead bruise.

2C: Stitches in my head to go along with a concussion.

Her arm is at an awkward angle, but she turns her body slightly to show the wrappings.

2C: Stitches in my arm from the table. Something like two hundred or something, but they're all healing nicely. Also have bruised ribs and a swollen shin, from what I don't know.

She chuckles.

2C: Zhalia, Kush and I used to get ribs after every major event as a bit of a celebratory thing, and the first thing I saw when I woke up at the hospital was Fears with an order of baby backs and extra sauce waiting for me. I laughed, and it hurt like hell, which is when they discovered the bruised ribs. Nothing tastes better than smoked pork with a heaping help of irony.

Sawyers laughs with her at that comment.

Sawyers: You were taken to the hospital before the event was over; you weren't there to see your tag team partner, La Flama Blanca, win the UTA World Championship from his stablemate Sean Jackson. Have you talked to Blanca since?

2C: I haven't. I think he came to see me before he left Arlington, but it's all pretty fuzzy. Good on him, though. I know Dynasty is trying to present a united front, but the last two guys to hold the big gold belt were Sean Jackson and Jimmy Witherhold, both of whom were part of Dynasty before Eddie. They've all said they're all cool as long as their group has the World Title, but I do wonder how long it'll take for personal pride and envy to show up.

Sawyers nods these are thoughts he has apparently had as well.

Sawyers: Speaking of Black Horizon, if we can take you back there for a moment...

The Second Coming looks a bit uncomfortable at the mention.

Sawyers: Can you take us back to your match with Crimson Lord, and at what point you felt like the match had slipped away?

2C: It didn't.

There was a moment of stunned silence, at which point the Victory feed static’d out for a second, changing the scene to Crimson Lord and Gaze, somewhere backstage, watching on a monitor. Crimson Lord looks incensed at what the Second Coming just said.

Just as suddenly, the feed cuts back to the pre-taped interview.

Sawyers: Can you elaborate?

2C: I'll be honest, I don't remember much of it. The last tangible memory I have of that night was the ring post rapidly approaching my eye. I've watched it a few times since, and I get why the referee stopped the match, but one detail keeps coming back: I was still getting up. And maybe that's my stubbornness, but if I can still stand, I don't think I'm out of it yet. Crimson Lord definitely has a receipt headed his way, sooner or later.

Sawyers: That was a particularly brutal match to witness, and I know most of the wrestling world feels the same way. With Ring King coming up and an as-yet-unannounced plan to fill the vacant Legacy Championship, you sound as if you're still focused on Crimson Lord instead of moving forward. Why is that?

2C: He's a bully. He's destructive, and he will inevitably destroy this company unless someone stands up to him.

She shrugs.

2C: Who else, if not me? Who else has said enough is enough, or has seen the beating I took at Black Horizon and thought, next time it could be a manager, or a ring tech, or a fan that takes the brunt? Crimson's been reigning terror on this company ever since he came back to it, with everyone agreeing that it's a bad idea and no one doing anything about it.

Sawyers starts to say something, but the Second Coming keeps going.

2C: So he kicked my ass and busted me up, but he didn't put me down. He'll never put me down. As long as I've got breath in my lungs and strength in my legs I'll be standing up between Crimson Lord and the rest of the UTA because someone has to do it.

Sawyers: Interesting point of view, especially considering the fact that you do constantly remind us that you're not a hero.

2C: I'm not a hero; at least, I don't think I am. I'm a wrestler who tries to do the right thing, and that's as far as I'll go with it. But to reference the sad murder of Kitty Genovese that most of the world knows about from the movies, even worse than the actions of evil men is the indifference of good people to their evil. I'm not going to be indifferent.

Jamie Sawyers smiles and leans forward.

Sawyers: Just to wrap things up, you're currently on the books to wrestle Bobby Dean at Wrestleshow 38 in a first round Ring King match. Will you be medically cleared to compete?

The Second Coming smirks, we think.

2C: I don't know if the docs will clear me... but rest assured, I will be there.

Sawyers: Thank you so much for your time. Ladies and gentlemen, the Second Coming. Back to live action!

Fade out, then fade in again on Gaze and Crimson Lord. Gaze looks up toward Crimson.

Lady Gaze:  Got to admit the child has heart.

Crimson slowly looks down at his wife, uncrossing his arms with a cold stare toward her.

Lady Gaze: ….Babe are you ok?

Crimson looks back at the monitor for a moment.

Crimson Lord:  I am disgusted with myself…

He clenches his fist at his sides,  Gaze calmly asks.

Lady Gaze:  What for, love?

Crimson Lord:  She is still conscious!

Crimson walks off enraged leaving, Gaze with her eyes wide open.

Huffing and Puffing...

Huffing and Puffing

Backstage at the WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando.

A medium sized conference room has been appropriated by Team Danger for planning, discussing, ruminating, relaxing, plotting, and other nefarious activities that a group of like-minded men could need a room for backstage at a wrestling event. All of the tables have been folded and stacked haphazardly to one side and the centerpiece of the room is now a king sized stationary bike.

The rider, Bobby Dean, is very close to having a heart attack.

BBD: *huff* *huff* *huff*

There is a hotdog dangling in front of his face like a carrot. Bobby does not think this is funny, not one itty bitty single little bit. The gargantuan of a wrestler is dressed in a cut-off Team Danger XX(XXXX)L work-out shirt and a pair of yoga pants who’s logo “JUICY” across his posterior is the worst possible thing you could say to yourself after getting a look at the sweat welling in the crack of his ass.

That is to say, this is all very terrible.

Dane: Come on, Bobby, DIG DEEP!

The Only Star isn’t dressed to wrestle, but to train. He’s in a silver Nike track-suit that is one-hundred percent meant to mock Bobby Dean’s plight. Walker and Greer, the Two Faces of Fear, are dressed street-casual as usual.

Greer: I can hear him getting fatter.

The Black Jesus draws deep from an ultra-sized purple slurpee.

Walker: *sluuuuuuuuuurp* Anybody wanna get Taco Bell after this?

Bobby’s ears perk up at this, but Ty furrows his brow.

Walker: Anybody who doesn’t have a body mass index greater than Mexico’s GDP wanna get Taco Bell after this?

Bobby frowns, huffing and puffing. Greer chuckles.

Dane: Don’t listen to them, Bobby, listen to me!

Eric leans in close.

Dane: You got Two-See next week at Wrestleshow, Bobby, and you might be as big as Crimson Lord but she’s not stupid and you’re not exactly the menacing type. Best thing you can hope for is to be able to keep your lungs long enough for her to make a mistake that you can capitalize on by falling on her like you did with Farthington.

Greer: Didn’t Crimson Lord sacrifice her to the Blood God at Black Horizon?

Walker: Wait, I thought he was the Blood God.

The Dangerous Duo continue on with their banter.

BBD: I… *huff* Can’t… *huff* Do… *huffhuff* This…

His gasping for air escalates.

Dane: Come on Bobby! Work through the pain! She’s got a concussion and probably a bunch of broken ribs and whatnot. YOU! CAN! DO! THIS!

BBD: I’m… *huffhuffhuff* Gonna… *huff* DIE!!! *huffhuffhuff*

Walker: You can do it, Blubbery!

Greer: Speaking of doing it, how fast do you think you’re gonna lose your ass to Sektor next week?

Walker: Faster than thi-- Hey! Why I gotta be losin’ to Sektor, bruh?

Greer: Because you lost to Two-See in the tag title match?

Ty sucks at his teeth while glaring at his best friend. A chill almost comes over the room, if not for all the hot air being expelled by Bobby.

Walker: …?

Greer: Too soon?

Greer stares back at Walker and shrugs. Dane shakes his head and turns back to Bobby. Growing wary of the manslaughter charge that would surely follow if Bobby Dean dies on a stationary bike while under his care, The Only Star finally relents.

Dane: Alright, alright, take five Bobby.

Immediately Bobby lets go of the handlebars and kicks his feet off the pedals and finds himself flailing from the bike down to the sweet, sweet floor below. He huffs and he puffs and he’s probably not gonna blow your house in.

BBD: Thank sweet, heavenly baby Jesus!

The Hardcase looks down on him with contempt and disgust.

Dane: You ain’t never gonna get into Team Danger weighing six-hundred pounds and unable to make a quarter-mile on the bike, Bobby.

Greer nods his head in agreement. Walker slurps his slurpee.

Walker: Not even the B-squad, mayne.

After a final, lingering close-up on the color going back to somewhat normal on Bobby’s face, the camera mercifully cuts and takes us elsewhere.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By


The Other Machine Guy

The Other Machine Guy

Victory continues as it is sometimes want to do by heading backstage to the office of the big boss himself, Mr. James Wingate the Third, Esquire. This time he is joined by a rather irritated and nervous looking member of The Machine. No, not John Sektor, not Alex Beckman, not Mike Best… no, the other one. Cecilworth Farthington stands in front of Wingate’s desk glad in a grey suit with a dashing purple tie, a briefcase in one hand, leaving his “point makin’ finger” free to point all around the joint. 

Wingate: Cecilworth, as great as it is to see you, can you make it quick? I have a show to run. 

Cecilworth straightens up his tie and begins to shift from left to right in a nervous fashion, wiping a few small beads of sweat from his brow.

Farthington: Well first, I want to talk about the totes, totes shoddy officiating from them miscreant referees of yours. As you know, I am a Farthington, and as we agreed upon my contract signing, as a member of the upper class of British society, I am exempt from silly matters such as “disqualification” and “not beating Pin Smith to death with a chair”. 

Farthington quietly giggles to himself at the idea of the untimely death of Pin Smith but is quick to refocus his attention to the serious business at hand. 

Farthington: We both know we keep those sort rules in place so the poor-os don’t get ideas above their station, not for men of distinction like me or my good ole buddies ole pals in The Machine. I demand you inforce my rich guy diplomatic immunity post-haste!

Wingate rolls his eyes so far into the back of his head, you would swear they had become detached. 

Wingate: That’s not a thing. You know that’s not a thing. Now if that’s all…

Cecilworth raises his eyebrow as he digs around in his inside jacket pocket. He holds up one hand, asking Wingate to pause for a moment as Wingate grows increasingly irritated. 

Farthington: Hardball! I see how it is. 

Farthington pulls a literal fistful of dollars out from his suit jacket pocket and slams them down on the table.

Farthington: I am willing to offer you upwards of EIGHTEEN DOLLARS to overturn the heinous decision your maroon of an official made in disqualifying me. I am delighted to take my rightful place back in the Ring King tournament as soon as you make the correct call. 

Wingate leans back in his chair, looking onwards at Cecilworth in a mixture of pity, disbelief and outright confusion.

Wingate: Cecilworth, let me make a few things clear. First, I cannot overturn a decision once it has been made final. Especially not three weeks after the fact when future appearances of my roster have already been arranged. That’s just bad business.  

Wingate bats the small pile of money off of his desk and Cecilworth scrambles to the floor to pick it all up. 

Wingate: Secondly… you’re a terrible negotiator. 

Cecilworth heavily sighs and slams the briefcase he was carrying up on the Wingate’s desk, almost sending his cup of coffee flying in the process. 

Farthington: Okay, okay, I see how it is. 

Cecilworth clips open the briefcase and spins it around to face Wingate, the camera in unable to pick up the contents of the briefcase from over Cecilworth’s shoulder.

Farthington: So… we can’t fix that whole Ring King kerfuffle, I get it. Totes, I gets. Still, I think there are other agreements that we can come to on behalf of myself and The Machine. Especially with that awful Robertson debacle earlier tonight. Ghastly creatures. Eats haggis, you know.

Wingate almost looks stunned at the contents of the briefcase, the look of his face portrays a mixture of admiration, disgust and pity. 

Wingate: You… are perhaps the WORST negotiator I have ever seen. Ever.

A wide grin breaks over Farthington’s face.

Farthington: Thank you. 

Wingate lifts a fat stack of cash up from the briefcase and examines it in the office light. 

Wingate: Still, I’m willing to listen.

Farthington: Well, you know, there's been a few... changes as of late that a man like myself, or my fellow robot like brethern would like to take advantage of.

Wingate doesn't appear to be paying much attention to Farthington's pleas, still very much focused on the inside of the case. 

Farthington: I feel this gift from the great Lord Farthington may help, shall we say, grease the cogs.

Cecilworth chuckles to himself, Wingate still appears to be pre-occupied with staring at the contents of the case.

Wingate: I think I can come up with something that'll be worth your generous investment, Mr. Farthington. 

The scene fades out upon a wide grinning Farthington and a mildly uneasy looking James Wingate shaking hands.

CBR vs. Ron Hall

The lights in the arena dim as a red strobe appears, focused on the entrance atop the stage.

The opening riff of Hail to the King by Avenge Sevenfold begins to play, the crowd erupting into a crescendo of boos, peppered with faint cheers of a growing fan base for the former Legacy Champion of the UTA.

After four repetitions of the riff the symbol joins in, and out from the back steps Claude Baptiste Ranier, the titantron glowing with images of suplexs and submission holds by the Canadian Star, each separated with brief images of the Canadian flag as the power chords fire into the tune.

Wearing a pair of purple and white ring trunks, purple knee pads and elbow pads with white boots, he raises his arms outwards on the stage. He wears the trademark purple and white robe with 'Subjugation' written in black font on the back.

Williams: Here comes the man that went through hell in one of two shock therapy matches at Black Horizon.

Fury:  Yet here this man stands ready to advance to the next round.

As the verse kicks in, Claude looks over the fans, a pair of purple tinted sunglasses over his face. Ranier has his blonde mane of hair falling by his shoulders and starts to make his way down the ramp, the music hitting into its starting lyrics. CBR edges forward towards the ring slowly, ignoring outstretched hands of fans, focused on the squared circle.

Franklin: The following is a Ring King First Round match!

Crowd erupts in cheers!

Franklin: Introducing first, hailing from Montreal, Canada

Ranier is distracted by one fan's abuse, his smile turning to a frown straight into the eyes of an overweight male in the front row shouting and pointing at the Canadian Star. Ranier feigns a slap to the fan, but then smirks and continues walking to the ring.

Franklin: Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and fifty seven pounds...

CBR walks up to the ring steps looking over the fans again momentarily as he pauses. He walks slowly up the steps to the apron, stepping carefully through the ropes and into the ring. Ranier walks purposefully around a circuit of the squared circle, the smile curled back once more onto his face. Stopping at one of the corners of the ring, Claude takes off his robe and sunglasses, placing them into the corner. His back still has welts on it from the shock therapy match at Black Horizon. He climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms and flexing for everyone to see as the chorus starts.

"Hail to the King,

Hail to the one;

Kneel to the crown,

Stand in the sun."

Franklin: The Canadian Star...CBR!!

Holding his arms aloft, Ranier takes in the boos, closing his eyes and savoring the moment. He lingers for a second before coming down and sharing a few words with the referee, stretching his right arm.

Williams: Big question is after a tough loss to Chris Hopper can Dynasty’s Canadian Star shine tonight?

The music begins to fade as the second chorus approaches, CBR focused, resting against the corner turnbuckle.

Williams: CBR waits for Ron to make his way to the ring.

Fury:  Claude should not have to go through this match he should automatically advance.

Gold Medal by Tha Trademarc hits the PA.

Announcer: and his opponent….

Williams:  I think Ron Hall would have something to say to that Dick.

Franklin: Standing five foot eleven inches.  Weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds!

Ron Hall steps from backstage looking out at the fans in the Wrestlezone.

Announcer:  “The Southern Rebel” Rooonnnn Hallll!!!!

Fury:  Here comes the fossil from the dinosaur age.

Hall reaches the ring absorbing the huge ovation for him. The bell rings as both Hall and CBR stare across the ring at each other.  They circle and lock up each battle back and forth trying to overpower one another. They both release their lock up and stare at each other a moment before circling a bit.

Williams: Both men testing each other out.  Ron is also coming off a tough loss trying to regain the Prodigy Championship at Black Horizon.

CBR goes for a lockup again but Ron floats behind him and lifts him up and down. He quickly floats over to the back of CBR’s head and tries to lock in a crossface.  Rainer tries to block the hold, as Ron tries frantically to lock it in!

Williams: Ron trying to get that crossface locked in!

Fury:  Come on Claude don’t let him lock it in!

CBR continues to block the hold and gets to his knees. Ron changes up his move decision and locks in a side headlock. As CBR gets to a vertical base he throws some swift elbows to Hall’s gut in an attempt to break the hold. Ron takes a few and quickly does a headlock takeover!

Williams: The legend keeping this match on the mat trying to out wrestle CBR.

Fury:  Please, Dynasty has been beating Hall down like a red headed step child since he arrived at Seasons Beatings last year.

Ron holds CBR there for a minute as Rainer struggles to break the hold. CBR reaches behind Ron’s head and starts to grab Ron’s hair. The ref admonishes CBR for pulling the hair, CBR tries a few more times but Ron locks it in.  CBR swings his legs up into a head scissor and Ron breaks the move. Ron hops out of the head scissors just as quick as CBR locked it in.  The two get to a vertical base as the fans applaud them.

Williams: What a nice exchange of pure wrestling there Dick!

Fury:  Professional Wrestling at its finest.

They lockup again and this time CBR swings behind Hall with his arms wrapped around Halls stomach.  Hall leans into Ranier while trying to push CBR’s hands down. Before CBR can tighten up the crafty veteran grabs the top of CBR’s head and falls down into a jawbreaker.  CBR turns around holding his jaw stumbling around the ring.  He turns around…


Fury:  NO! Ranier got his wits and quickly slides out of the ring!

CBR walks around outside the ring while the ref continues to count.  Hall has his hands on his knees and waiting patiently for him to get back in the ring.  CBR jaws with a few fans before hopping on the apron and again Ranier yells at another fan. Ron walks over and grabs Ranier by the neck and flips him over the top rope into the ring!

Williams: Ron quickly taking advantage of Claude taking his mind off the match fans!

Fury:  These fans better stop aggravating the Canadian Star!

Ron picks up CBR and tosses him off the ropes; Hall scoops him up on his incoming and sidewalk slams CBR to the mat. He goes for the cover hooking the leg!

Ref: 1…2 kick out!

Williams: OH Ron almost had CBR!

Fury:  Not tonight Jennifer, CBR is advancing tonight bet on it!

Ron picks up CBR and scoop slams him to the mat.  He goes off the ropes and drives a front elbow drop to CBR’s face.  Ranier winches in pain.  Ron goes for a cover quickly!

Ref: 1…2… kick out!

Williams: Again another kickout by Ranier.  Ron looks to upping the tempo here!

Fury:  Come on Claude, don’t let this fossil out wrestle you!

Ron moves to CBR’s feet and looks to be looking to lock a Boston crab in!  CBR fights Hall as he tries to flip him over.  CBR is able to bend his knees and press outward pushing Hall off him. Hall slams into the turnbuckle!  CBR gets to his feet and charges Hall.  Hall quickly moves out of the way and CBR slams chest first into the turnbuckle!

Williams: Small Package by Ron!

Ref: 1…2…2 ¾ kick out!

Fury:  Whew! that was too close.

Ron looks at the ref and questions the count for a minute before moving right back on Ranier.  He picks up Ranier, and Ranier out of no where pokes Ron in the eye, quickly followed by an eye rake.  Ron staggers in circles CBR gets his wits and as Ron turns around CBR with a belly to belly suplex!

Williams: CBR takes controls just like that only took him cheating to do it.

Fury:  Oh please he was just helping Ron with something in his eye.

CBR get up and starts to put the boots to Hall, CBR moves his focus to Hall’s right knee. He grabs his foot and lifts him up and slams his knee into the mat.  Ron quickly clutches his knee in pain. CBR flips Ron over with Ron’s right leg he drops an elbow drop on the knee. CBR then locks in a leg submission using his right leg over Ron’s foot and pushing outward on Ron’s knee.

Williams: Ron’s knee is in a very awkward position here.  CBR is really applying pressure to his knee looking for a submission.

Fury:  Should not take long for Claude to dislocated Ron’s knee.

The ref asks Ron if he wants to give up, but Ron refuses! CBR releases the hold and stands up and grapevines the leg now.  Ron struggles to break free; Ron finally finds a way out of the move using his free leg with kicks to CBR’s face.  CBR breaks the hold, but quickly moves in on the attack once more and grabs Ron by the side with his leg tucked.  He lifts his up and slams Ron’s shin against his thigh!

Williams: More damage done to Ron’s knee.  CBR has got a bullseye on Ron’s knee and he is hitting the mark every move!

Fury:  Like a true Dynasty member would do!

Ranier picks up Ron who is having a hard time putting weight on his right leg now.   CBR begins to slap Ron’s face laughing at him.  Ron swings and misses spinning himself around CBR reacts quickly with the German Suplex Pin!  

Ref: 1…2…kick out!

Ranier slaps his hand toward the ref complaining about the slow count.  Ranier picks up Ron and DDT’s him to the mat.  He flips Ron to his side quickly and locks in the Ranier Stretch!  Ron yells in pain as the ref checks on Ron who again refuses to give.  CBR continues to apply pressure!  Ron continues to refuse to give up, CBR continues to tell Ron to give up, but Ron yells back NO!!

Williams: Ron will not give up here fans, this tournament means to much for him to just give up!

Fury:  It would be best for his fragile body to give up. Ron Hall is the past CBR is the future of this company!

CBR release the hold.  He looks down at the crumbled up legend disgusted.  He starts to jaw with the fans.

CBR:  You’re so called legend!

Ron struggles to get to his feet, as he uses the ropes to pull himself up.  CBR continues to taunt Ron even mocking him like he has an imaginary cane and walking around the ring in total disrespect.  Ron gets to his feet and looks at CBR, CBR charges. Ron back body drops CBR over the top rope to the floor!  CBR slams hard on the outside. Ron staggers back to his feet. As CBR is now getting the ten count.  Ron tries to shake the damage done to his leg off as CBR has used the apron to pull himself up.

Williams: What a move by Ron here, CBR is hurt fans that little move just might of turn the tide here!

Fury:  Get in the ring Claude, this is your night don’t let this fossil take it away from you!

The ref has gotten to nine as CBR rolls into the ring. Ron walks over and grabs CBR by the hair and pulls him to a vertical base and tosses him off the ropes. Ron lunges at the oncoming CBR into a spear. Ron gets to his feet and starts to get the fans into the match once more.  CBR gets to his feet and Ron moves in to attack and CBR quickly letting a right fly. The two begin to exchange lefts and rights.  Finally Ron gets the advantage and backs CBR into the corner.  He climbs the second turnbuckle and with each punch to the top of CBR’s head the crowd chants the number.

Crowd: 1…2…3…..4…..5…..6…..7….8….9….10!

Hall hops off as CBR stumbles forward falling on his face.  Ron moves into position slapping his leg signaling for Country Chin Music!  CBR slowing gets to his feet.

Fury:  No, no! Watch Out Claude!

Williams: Ron looking to finish this here fans!  Ron is going to advance here it comes....

CBR turns around and Ron nails him with Country Chin Music! Ron lost his footing a bit with the move with the weak knee.  But he was able to execute it he goes for the cover!

Fury:  No,no,no….KICK OUT CLAUDE!

Ref: 1…2…..2 ¾ Ranier rolls the shoulder!

Williams: Unbelievable!  Think Ron took a little too long for the cover and CBR was able to kick out of Ron’s finishing move.

Fury:  Never doubt him whew.

Ron quickly rolls over to CBR’s legs and locks in a standing ankle lock!  CBR yells in pain as the ref check on CBR the fans are on their feet!  CBR refuses to give up as now Ron is taunting CBR yelling TAP!

Williams: Now Ron with a submission of his own, a move he has grown to like as of late the ankle lock!

Fury:  Come on Claude get to the ropes! Don’t you give up on Dynasty!

CBR tries to crawl to the ropes and reaches for them.  Ron continues to apply pressure CBR is able to finally grab the ropes!  The ref tells Ron he has to break the hold but Ron refuses!

Williams: The crowd is booing here at the WrestleZone here at Universal Studios! They wanted CBR to tap here I think.

Fury:  Tough luck, it is not going to happen now ref disqualify him he refuse to break the hold!

The ref has gotten to four, and Ron breaks the hold and gets mouthful from the ref.  CBR gets to his feet hopping around till he gets to the corner. Ron moves in with swift kicks to CBR’s gut.  He grabs him and throws him into the corner post but CBR holds on as Ron turns around The Crap Drop! CBR falls back Ron is down as is CBR the ref gives the standing ten count!

Williams: Out of desperation Claude manage his patent Crap Drop catching the legend off guard!

Fury:  Come on Claude pin the fossil you have this in the bag!

CBR begins to move and crawls over to Ron and drapes his arm on top of Ron!

Ref: 1….2……2 ¾ Ron rolls the shoulder!

Williams: Ron just will not stay down!  What a match in the first round of the Ring King Tournament!

Fury:  That was a three learn how to count ref!

CBR rolls Ron on his stomach and locks in the

Fury:  CANADIAN CRADLE!  Dynasty is advancing!!!!

Ron yells in pain, as CBR is now yelling at Ron to TAP! Ron refuses to give up he is able to grab the bottom rope, the ref tells Ranier to break the hold.  But this time just like Ron did to CBR, now CBR is refusing to break the hold!  After the ref’s four count CBR finally does.  CBR stands to his feet, waiting for Ron who slowly gets to his feet.  CBR charges and Ron sidesteps him and uses CBR’s momentum and directs him in between the turnbuckle with his shoulder!

Williams: Ron with enough ring presences to know where he is at and use Ranier’s momentum against him!

Fury:  No, Claude is hurt. Ron should be disqualified for using the ring post. I can’t believe this referee is letting all these plainly obvious breaking of the rules right in front of his eyes!

Ron removes his singlet straps trying to get the fans more into the match.  He again slaps his leg waiting for CBR.  As the fans erupt in cheers!  CBR holding his shoulder he slowly turns around, and quickly reacts by dodging Ron’s Country Chin Music.  CBR rolls Ron up with a handful of tights!  The ref doesn’t see Ranier blatantly cheating!

Williams: He has the tights ref! He has the tights!

Fury:  Yes, yes its over come on…..

Ref: 1…..2……3!!!!

"Hail to the King" by Avenge Sevenfold begins to play, the crowd erupting into a crescendo of boos.

Announcer: The winner of this match and advancing to the Ring King Tournament!!!  The Canadian Star Claude Baptiste Ranier!!

Williams: No, CBR you cheating son of a…

Fury cuts her off before she can finish her sentence.

Fury:  Dynasty wins! CBR advances!

CBR quickly rolls out of the ring as Ron quickly stands up yelling at the ref! Telling the ref his tights were pulled!  CBR raises his arm in victory as his music plays, Ron continues to explain what happen as the replay comes on the tron, and the ref sees it CBR shakes his head.  The ref runs over to the Franklin and says restart the match!

Announcer:  Ladies and Gentlemen the ref has decided to restart this match after review!

Fury:  Hey, wait a minute he can’t do that! Claude won this match this is unfair!

Williams: He cheated Dick, plain as day you can see it for yourself!  This match is not going to end like this good job the referee! Lets have a clean winner in this match the stakes are too high for it to end like that!

Fury:  Blah

The crowd is ecstatic but CBR continues to yell that he is the winner! CBR waves at the ref and Ron and continues to head the back raising his arm in victory.  The ref begins the ten count and Ron is counting with the fans.

Crowd & Ron: 1…….2……..3……….4……….5………6………7………8

CBR turns around and runs to the ring top speed. He slides in the ring at almost ten, and is met directly with Country Chin Music!

Williams: Country Chin Music! Ranier ran right into it its over fans pin him Ron!!

Fury:  This is not happening no!!!

Ron quickly with the cover!

Ref: 1…..2…….2 ¾ CBR gets the foot on the ropes!

Williams: I don’t believe it Claude escapes again barely!

Fury:  Whew, there is a true ring general Jennifer!

Ron can’t believe it.

Crowd: This is awesome! This is awesome!

Williams: Ron drags CBR to the center of the ring and locks in the ankle lock again! Is Ranier going to finally give up !!!

Fury:  Don’t you dare Claude fight it!

CBR yells in pain as the ref checks to see if CBR gives up he continues to refuse.  Ranier flips over and kicks Ron off.  Ron stumbles back as Ranier tries to get to his feet he hobbles around.  He turns around and again Ron tries for Country Chin Music!

Williams: Ron again with CCM!

Fury laughs as CBR dodges the kick.

Fury:  Come on Claude finish him!

CBR gets behind Ron and clips his right knee. Ron quickly tumbles, Ranier wastes no time and quickly locks in the Canadian Cradle again!  

Williams: Claude has his finish locked in on Ron, and Ron has no where to go he is smack dab in the middle of the ring!

Fury:  Come on TAP you fossil TAP!

The ref checks on Ron but, Ron refuses to give up! Now CBR is yelling TAP!  Ron yells in pain but refuses to give up.

Williams: Ron just will not give up, and these fans continue to cheer him on not to!

Fans: Rebel!!!, Rebel!!!

Fury:  Come Claude snap him like a twig claim your destiny and advance to the second round!

The ref checks on Ron who seems to be losing consciousness.  CBR continues to apply pressure. Ron slowly shakes his head refusing to give up but he is now drifting in and out of consciousness.

Williams: Ron is fading here fans, i am not sure how much longer he can take this hold.

Fury:  He has him this time, Dynasty is going to do it!

The ref notices Ron is out cold and quickly signals for the bell!  Ranier release the hold and staggers to his feet as his music once again begins to play.

Williams: Ron tried valiantly but just could not break the hold.  What a match by these two men!

Fury:  DYNASTY ADVANCES!! DYNASTY ADVANCES!! Oh happy day, oh happy day!

Announcer: The winner of this match and advancing to the Ring King Tournament!!!  The Canadian Star Claude Baptiste Ranier!!

The ref tries to raise his hand but he quickly pulls it away from his grasp. CBR hobbles around raising his own hand in victory.  The ref checks on Ron, as CBR slides out of the ring from under the bottom rope and hopping on one foot as he backtracks up the ramp.

One Week

One Week

Backstage in the WrestleZone, in the catering area, we find ourselves presented with a sight that is quickly becoming familiar - the shiny bald head of UTA's only Welshman, Rhys Townsend. least, the back of it. The well built six foot one twenty two year old is hunched over one of the tables in the catering area, and as he turns to face the camera, he's in the middle of stuffing a taco into his mouth. Crunching away, he sees the camera, and has a look of mild surprise on his face.

However, it takes him a mere second or two to compose himself, and as he swallows the Mexican food, he takes another moment or two to sort things out in his head, before he starts to speak.

Townsend: One week. One week until I finally get to set foot inside that ring, and the thing that some people never thought they would see, the thing that some people never thought would happen will happen - Rhys Townsend will wrestle in a ring outside of Chicago. And you know what? I'm excited about it.

He stops, dusting his hands off, cleaning them of whatever possible taco detritus they may have acquired during it's brief journey from table to mouth, before he starts to talk again.

Townsend: And who do I face? Crimson Lord...or, as I stated last week, Scott Bloodwell. Because this isn't just about it being the first round of Ring King for me, it isn't about it being a mere first round match, a mere debut - it's more than that. You, yes, you, watching this - you are a fan of professional wrestling, or sports entertainment, or whatever you feel you're watching. Right? And you, like me, like everyone else worldwide, like the other millions who watch this sport have had to endure the same, repetitive, boring, annoying question that those who don't understand this sport ask.

Isn't it fake?

A brief look of anger crosses the Welshman's face as he looks away to the floor, exhaling heavily through his nose as he does so.

Townsend: We both know, you and I, viewer, what we answer with. No. No, it's not fake. It's real. People get hurt. People put their bodies on the line so that they can participate in this sport. People sacrifice things - marriages, visiting rights for children, money, the ability to walk once you retire so that they can wrestle. It IS real. It isn't fake. But yet...people keep asking that question, don't they? Year on year, people will ask you, as a fan of this great sport, if it's fake. And if you're anything like me, you get just a little bit wound up when people ask you that. Right?

Again, he stops talking, casting his eye around catering, no doubt still not feeling quite at home with these people wearing teeshirts with a different logo than he's used to. It doesn't stop him from starting to speak again, though.

Townsend: Because maybe I didn't word things perfectly last week. Maybe I overused gimmick, maybe I showed disregard for others, and maybe, just maybe, I was too wound up, too passionate to stop and think and speak the words I actually wanted to think. So I'm doing it now. I'm not going to talk about gimmicks, or anything like that. No. I'm going to make my point simply, and effectively.

A pause, replete with a brief look at the floor ensues, before his torrent of words resumes.

Townsend: Scott Bloodwell, and people like him? People who do not conduct themselves like legitimate athletes, people who are more bothered about their look, their appearance, about appearing as something they're not because, well, people like that don't exist outside of fiction? They're the reason why you and me, fellow pro-wrestling fan, get asked if our beloved sport is fake. People like him are why we have to deal with the inane questions over and over and over and over again. People like him are why people look at us funny when we tell them that we're professional wrestling fans.

Again, he stops, reaching out for a bottle of water on the table behind him. He unscrews the cap, and takes a brief drink before he resumes speaking.

Townsend: Because let me ask you this - do you see basketball's Lebron James dress like a Hot Topic model? Do you see Peyton Manning talk about Blood Legions and hang around on bad faux-Gothic sets to film his interviews? Does Lewis Hamilton, reigning Formula One World Champion walk around looking like he's an extra from some low-budget neo-goth vampire flick? You know the answer, don't you? No. And why? Because they are professional athletes - because they want to be taken seriously, because they want their sport to be taken seriously. Yet we here in professional wrestling...

Townsend trails off, and the camera zooms out just a little...and then we find ourselves with the image of Crimson Lord staring down at Rhys Townsend. It takes but a mere moment for the two men to square up to each other, Lord and his height advantage staring down at the smaller man...but neither man gives even an inch. The buzz that was previously filling catering has disappeared, as they stand and stare holes right through each other. Nobody moves. Nobody says anything, the sudden silence hanging heavily. Until eventually Lord breaks the silence.

Crimson Lord: Fresh meat...

And that's it. That's all he says, before he turns and walks away, leaving Townsend. The Welshman smirks, and shakes his head, as the segment fades out.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By


DEFIANT (yeah, I said it)


Backstage at the WrestleZone in Orlando, Florida. The first thing we see as the camera pans up from the floor is a long pair of flawless legs in a charcoal grey mini skirt. Her long brown hair pulled up into a loose bun hanging above the collar of her matching blazer. It’s the same woman we saw quietly observe Bronson Box’s debut in-ring appearance at Black Horizon. Jake Katze of Katze & Associates, normally just Bronson’s behind the scenes business manager. Here in UTA however it seems she's taken a more active role in her marquee clients career.

Jane looks “us” right in the eye.

Jane: Ladies and gentlemen, Bronson Box...

The camera pulls back to reveal the man himself standing quietly, his thumbs hooked in the pockets of the vest of his brown and grey three piece pinstripe suit. The snarl on his face causes his mustache to twitch and roll with every contemptuous glance towards the camera. Jane can’t help but smile as Boxer takes his time, sloughing his coat, folding it and handing it to her. She takes a small step back, Bronson’s coat draped over her folded arms.

The awkward anticipatory silence only builds as Bronson them takes a moment to yank the platinum pocket watch from his front vest pocket and give it a casual glance. He starts to speak in that light Scottish lilt of his before he even looks up. 

Boxer: I’m going to keep this as brief and to the point as possible as apparently my appearance at Black Horizon rubbed a few of my new colleagues the wrong way... for several reasons, I’m to understand. You bland lot don’t “get me” because I strive to not float through my time on this earth being wholly unremarkable, like yourselves. The opposite is true, in fact. You lads are looking at a true blue Original.

Bronson excitedly, quickly licks his lips.

Boxer: Don’t like that I ignored your little Jew producer’s orders to “cut my promo backstage” choosin’ instead to stride out to that ring to stake my claim in front of the new members of my congregation in person? Too bloody bad, chaps. You’re all going to find that’s par for the course with me. I’ve been told I’m something of a troublemaker, you see. Just ask Eric and Ty... they’d know better than most. 

He says that last bit with a slight grin.

Boxer: But I’ve already given Team Danger far too much lip service since my arrival. Tonight? Tonight I came to this wretched little theme park to address my first round opponent in the Ring King Tournament. The ironically dubbed Mr. Fantastic... do you mind if I call you Charles, lad? Your moniker makes my head swim and “Chuck” just sounds so familiar considering what a biiiiiig star you are.

His little grin vanishes as quickly as it spread across his lips. His tone is now stone cold serious.

Boxer: A former UTA champion, well known, well seasoned, well regarded. I hope to God you put all that rot out of your head come Wrestleshow, boy’o. All that, your fans, your ridiculous teammates, all of that needs to be put aside for the few minutes you and I are out there, lad. You aren’t going to be standing across the ring from that nincompoop Perfection and his so called Dynasty... at Wrestleshow you’re facing a real villain.  

The Wargod takes several steps small towards the camera. 

Boxer: I’m sure we’ll both have so much more to say to one another as the day draws closer, but know this. Take this to heart. Take it as confirmable gospel... if you look past me, boy’o? If you have other biiiig stars like Ms. Beckman or perhaps your good friend Mr. Hall in your sights, well... you would be making quite the spectacular tactical blunder, Charles.

Another step closer now.

Boxer: You and your colleagues might not be “really feeling” me, or perhaps “need to see more”... oh you’ll feel me. You’ll get much much more. As for me making mention of my “home”, well, I call myself defiant not out of loyalty to Eric Dane. He probably picked the name out of a bloody hat for all I know. No. I’ve been given the sobriquet “The Original Defiant” because that’s what I bloody DO.

His eyes are open wide. His lips curled.

Boxer: I defy authority. I defy structure. I defy common sense. I defy odds... I defy you, Charles Coogan... “Mr. Fantastic” my arse.  You look past me and you’ll find yourself on yet another ten year hiatus from this bloody place.


Bronson turns on his heels and matches right off screen, leaving Jane Katze to follow after. A huge smile plastered on her ruby red lip. The soft clack of her matching crimson high heels is the last sound we hear before the scene ends.

Chris Hopper vs. Perfection

The crowd goes nuts as the loud voice of Brian Johnson cut through the crowd noise as he screamed, beginning the hard-rocking riffs of AC/DC's TNT.

As the pyro explodes, the figure of "Too Cool" Chris Hopper steps out from behind the curtain. Hopper is wearing his blue wrestling tights, black boots, complete with sunglasses and the crowd gives him a loud reception.

Announcer: The following is tonight's main event! It is a first round, Ring King tournament match and is scheduled for one fall....

Williams: Chris Hopper coming off of a huge victory at Black Horizon now looks to move forward in the Ring King tournament and become the UTA World Champion.

Fury: Except Dick has heard a rumor that win or lose, tonight would be his last match. Old Hopper there just can't seem to make up his mind. What? You didn't come into the UTA and win the title your first month? Now that you have a real chance to win it, you run away like a coward.

Williams: While the rumors have been circulating, never count The King of Cool out Dick.

He walks down to the ring, reaching out to slap hands with the fans on each side of the barricade. Chris even stops and allows one lucky female fan to take a selfie with him.

Announcer: Coming first to the ring, hailing from Paoli, Indiana

He reaches the ringside area and slides under the bottom rope and enters the ring.

Announcer: Standing at six feet-eight inches tall and weighing in at two-hundred, eighty-eight pounds...

Hopper bends down and flexes for the crowd as they cheer him yet again. He jumps back to his feet and begins climbing up the first corner and raising his arms to the crowd. He works every side of the arena and the fans are really rewarding his showmanship.

Announcer: Here is the King of Cool, the Count of Monte Fisto...."TOO COOL" CHRIS HOPPER!!!

Hopper just continues nodding at his fans, who are already chanting his name over and over.

Williams: You may have your opinion about him, but there is no denying the fans love The King of Cool.

Hopper grabs the top rope and bends down and stretches as the music fades out. Now he is standing in the corner and ready for the opening bell.

Fury: That may be true, but people can be really dumb sometimes.

Williams: Hopper is ready for this one to begin as he goes face to face with Perfection here in the Ring King tournament!

Perfect Gentleman by Helloween begins to play.

The crowd immediately responds with jeers a boos. The one and only Perfection exits from behind the curtain raising his arms accepting the crowds reaction to his wonderfulness. He has a noticeable amount of tape on his elbow that he injured at Black Horizon.

There is no doubt about it
I'm one of kind, baby
I am le d'Artagnan de coeur
As you may see, candy.

Fury: Last years Ring King right there!

Williams: Yes, but can he do it again?

Perfection makes his way towards the ring taking his time to jaw-jack with fans near the rails. He walks up the stairs to enter the ring. He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Announcer: Hailing from Los Angeles, California

And I'm talking with my eyes
and I walk in different styles

Announcer: Standing at six feet tall and weighing in at two-hundred twenty-two pounds, he is the former UTA Wildfire Champion...

I'm a genuine man

Perfection grabs the middle rope leaning over it and yelling at fans in the front row.

Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am
I am a perfect gentleman
Yes I am, I am, yes I am


He poses for all to see flexing and smiling those pearly whites.

Fury: Dynasty begins their accession back to the top tonight with this one!

Now he mounts the turnbuckle to yell at the fans some more before giving one last pose and jumping down from the turnbuckle

Williams: This is what you call a main event folks, and it's right here on Monday Night Victory!

As the bell sounds to begin the match, both men rush each other.

Williams: Here we go. Chris Hopper waste no time coming forward with his arm extended. Perfection ducks the clothesline.

They both turn quickly to face each other as Perfection comes forward first.

Williams: Perfection with a couple stiff right hands to the jaw of Hopper.

Fury: The former champion never backing down.

Williams: Hopper is unaffected by the shots. Perfection changing his strategy as he heads back and hits the ropes... One the return now...

As he returns, Perfection attempts to knock Hopper down, but he doesn't move.

Williams: Perfection heading to the left, off the ropes again.

Fury: Hopper doesn't budge. He is built like a brick house.

Not giving up, Perfection shoots across the ring again. This time as he returns, Chris Hopper turns around throwing an elbow up, catching him in the face and sending him to the canvas.

Williams: Perfection hits the canvas hard. When you're in the ring with a man the size of Chris Hopper and with the experience, you have to be on your game.

Fury: An elbow to the face by Chris Hopper is like a bicycle hitting a bus.

Chris bends over and grabs Perfection by the head.

He pulls him halfway up before bringing a big forearm down across his back.

Williams: Hopper in full control here in this main event as he continues to punish Perfection.

The fans cheer for The King of Cool as Perfection goes to one knee. Hopper comes forward with a kick meant for his face, but Perfection moves to the side. He quickly comes forward and up, wrapping his arms around Hopper's waist.

Williams: Perfection lifts with all of his might.

He struggles but gets Hopper up and over.

Williams: Saito suplex by Perfection!

Fury: Dick doesn't know how he did it, but he got Hopper off of his feet.

Williams: Perfection dropped Chris Hopper directly on his neck.

Hopper holds his neck as Perfection rolls over and gets to a knee, looking at the downed Hopper. He shakes his injured elbow, showing that it may be in pain before getting fully to his feet. He runs back and hits the ropes as Hopper begins to get up.

Williams: Perfection with a shining wizard!

Fury: Perfection showing why is a former champion and has dominated the UTA for more than a year now.

Williams: Quick pin attempt by Perfection.

The referee drops to begin his count. As his hand hits the canvas for a second time, Chris Hopper pushes Perfection up.

Williams: Kick out at two by Chris Hopper.

Fury: Hopper is a beast of a man. Although Perfection has been impressive, it is going to take more than that to put him away.

Perfection quickly gets up, knowing he can't slow down now. He runs and hits the ropes again as Hopper rolls over and begins to push his way up.

Williams: Perfection with a clothesline...  NO! Hopper stops him with a boot to the stomach of Perfection.

Hopper grabs Perfection quickly, lifts up and twist.


The fans go crazy.

Fury: The sheer power of this man is incredible!

Williams: Hopper now going for the win here...

The referee quickly begins to count, however, Perfection somehow is able to kick out at two.

Williams: This match continues. I'm shocked Perfection was able to save himself after that huge spinebuster at the hands of Chris Hopper.

Perfection holds his lower back as Hopper pushes his way up. He is a little bit more sluggish than he was before and you can tell his knees are in pain from the many years of abuse in the ring.

Williams: Hopper pulling Perfection to his feet. Grabs an arm, huge Irish whip into the corner.

Fury: That is not where you want to be in a match with a man like Hopper.

Williams: Hopper runs... big splash!

As he connects, Hopper stumbles back a bit, obviously his knee joints still hurting as he leans on the ropes. Perfection falls face forward to the canvas.

Williams: Chris Hopper aggressive as always, grabbing the left leg of Perfection and lifting it. He drives that knee right into the canvas.

Perfection grabs his knee and rolls to his back. The King of Cool lifts Perfection's left leg up again and holds it for a moment.

Williams: Boot to the inside of the knee of Perfection.

Fury: Hopper smart, working the leg of Perfection.

He bends down, grabbing the right left of Perfection, lifting it up as well and waiting for a moment before leaning back.

Williams: Chris Hopper with a slingshot!

Perfection is launched up and forward. He lands on the top rope, which bounces him up and backward. He flails as his body turns and he stumbles right into Chris Hopper's waiting grasp.

Williams: Big belly to belly suplex by Chris Hopper!

Fury: Dick thought for sure Perfection was about to be sent over the ropes and out of the ring by that one!

Perfection rolls on the canvas, wincing while holding his taped elbow which had hit the canvas hard when he landed.

Williams: Perfection may have landed on that hurt elbow of his.

Fury: And of course, Chris Hopper wont just let the guy have some time make sure it's OK.

Williams: Why would he? Everything is on the line here tonight.

Hopper bends down, grabbing Perfection by the arm and lifting him to his feet. As he lets go, Perfection immediately grabs his elbow in pain. The referee gets between the two, pushing Hopper back. As he does, behind him Perfection smirks and moves his elbow around showing Hopper he is in fact OK. Chris' eyes grow large.

Williams: Perfection's not hurt! He's playing Chris Hopper!

Fury: Brilliant!

Chris reaches out past the referee who places his whole body into Chris' to hold him back. As the referee turns back to Perfection, the former champion grabs his elbow again, displaying pain across his face.

Williams: The referee checking on Perfection now, unaware he actually is not hurt.

A chorus of boos come in from the fans as Perfection ensures the referee he wants to continue.

Williams: Of course he wants to continue!

The referee backs away to let the match continue. As he does, Chris rushes Perfection who backs away toward the ropes, placing his body quickly between the second and third, holding his good arm up. The referee leaps in front of Hopper, pushing him back again. Hopper grows visually angry as Perfection just smiles again before leaning back in.

Williams: This is ridiculous.

Fury: No, this is a display of intelligence by the Dynasty member.

Perfection yells at the fans in the front row taunting him as Chris Hopper looks ready to strike again. He points at hopper and heads in, trying to lock up with him. However, Chris Hopper pushes Perfection back and down with ease.

Williams: Hopper tired of playing with Perfection now as he is just using his size to control this.

Fury: You can't let your emotions get the best of you though, that's how you mess up. Dick can guarantee that is what Perfection is hoping for.

Perfection rolls up and leans across the ropes as Chris Hopper begins to pace, watching him. Holding the top rope, Perfection walks a few steps before turning and charging Hopper again.

Williams: Perfection on the move toward Hopper.

Perfection ducks the arms of Chris Hopper and turns around as Chris does.

Williams: The former champion with a quick kick to the gut of.. NO! Hopper grabs Perfection's leg!

Perfection hops on one leg, the other being held by Hopper.

Williams: Not a good place for Per... wait! perfection leaps up.. enziguri!

Fury: He connected with Hopper's head fully there!

Perfection quickly pushes up to a knee as Chris Hopper, who has also dropped to a knee holds his head, shaking it before getting to his feet.

Williams: Not enough to keep the big man down as both men now getting to their feet.

Chris Hopper grabs Perfection and lifts him up, twisting around and tossing Perfection into the nearby corner.

Williams: Chris Hopper now with a big right hand. Another AND another!

Perfection begins to slouch as Hopper continues.

Williams: Right to the midsection of Perfection. Chris Hopper not giving the former champion a moment to breath.

Perfection moves to a seated position in the corner now. Using the ropes he begins to get up as Chris Hopper moves in and hooks his arm. With force, Hopper pulls back and tosses Perfection over and to the canvas.

Williams: Hip toss out of the corner by Chris Hopper who is done playing.

Perfection lets out a yelp as he arches up, holding his back. He rolls over and still tries to get up but is met with another right from Hopper before Chris throws him into the ropes where Perfection grabs the top and holds himself up.

Williams: Chris Hopper following up with a boot to the gut of Perfection. He grabs his arm... hard whip across the ring.

As Perfection hits the other side, he grabs the top rope to stop himself, and drops to the canvas, rolling out of the ring. The fans begin to boo even louder than earlier as Chris Hopper stomps in more anger than before.

Williams: Perfection trying Hopper's patience here tonight.

Fury: Dick thinks he's learned a thing or two about mind games from Sean Jackson.

Williams: Games are sure what's being played here tonight. With everything on the line, Perfection needs to take this seriously.

Fury: And he isn't? He has Chris Hopper exactly where he wants him Jen. Aggravated and unable to focus fully.

Williams: It looks like Perfection may be leaving now!

Perfection yells at the booing crowd as he walks around the ring. As it looks like he will in fact head back up the ramp, Chris Hopper leans over the ropes and grabs his head, turning him around.

Williams: Hopper using that pure strength to pull Perfection to the apron.

Perfection reaches up and grabs Hopper's head, then jumps down so that the ropes go into the throat of Chris Hopper. He is sent up and stumbles back. The fans continue to heat up the arena.

Williams: This is sickening.

Fury: This is wrestling psychology one oh one.

Williams: Perfection on the apron now, he looks to be climbing the turnbuckle from outside.

Chris Hopper gathers himself and turns around. He comes forward with a big rising uppercut to the jaw of Perfection who is hoisted up on the turnbuckle.

Williams: Perfection unable to launch himself before Chris Hopper can catch him.

Hopper reaches up and grabs the thigh of Perfection, and then his head. He lifts up, and sends Perfection over and crashing into the canvas. The fans let out a giant cheer.

Williams: Chris Hopper only momentarily disoriented continues to dominate this match.

Perfection is checked on by the referee as he arches up and holds his back again. He rolls over to his hands and knees, but is met by Chris Hopper who reaches down and grabs his head before lifting him to his feet.

Williams: Chris Hopper now controlling Perfection, introduces his head to the corner turnbuckle.

Fury: Dick hates to say it, but Hopper may just be too much for Perfection.

Williams: That could be the reason that until forced to meet in the Ring King tournament, these two have never had a one on one match.

Perfection is turned around, back first into the corner as Chris Hopper follows up with an elbow across his chest. He walks a few feet away and turns back. As Chris Hopper comes back, Perfection comes forward with a quick boot to the midsection, followed by a right to the head of a now hunched over Chris Hopper.

Williams: Perfection fighting back. Another hard right.

Fury: Don't throw too hard of punches champ! You may hurt your elbow more!

Williams: Oh come on Dick, you know his elbow is not really hurt!

Perfection grabs the head of Chris Hopper and bends him down as he forces him back into the corner and follows up with another big punch.

Williams: Perfection grabs the arm of Chris Hopper, going for a whip... no, reversed! Perfection sent across the ring and into the opposite corner hard. Chris Hopper runs, smashing Perfection up against that corner post with a clothesline.

Chris Hopper turns to the fans who are cheering him. But for the split second his back is turned to Perfection, Perfection drops forward, wraps his hard under Chris Hopper's thigh and rolls him back into a school boy, quickly throwing his feet up on the rope for added leverage. The referee drops and hits the canvas but stops at one pointing out the feet of Perfection.

Williams: Perfection trying to capitalize on Chris Hopper's back being turned but was caught trying to cheat his way into a victory.

Fury: Win by any means Jennifer. Especially when so much is at stake!

Chris Hopper and Perfection both start to get up. Before Hopper can get all the way up, Perfection comes forward with a knee to his midsection followed by a punch to the back of the head.

Williams: Perfection trying to even things up a bit against the six foot nine Chris Hopper.

Chris stumbles back and into the corner. Perfection follows him, climbing to the second rope and begins choking Hopper. The referee yells at him to stop.

Williams: Perfection looking to put Chris Hopper out however he can, but our vigilant referee doing his job.

Fury: Of what? Getting in the way?

Perfection climbs down and follows up with a big right, followed by a quick kick to the midsection of Chris Hopper who is still stuck in the corner.

Williams: Another right. Perfection grabs the arm of Hopper and goes for another whip.. reversed again!

As Perfection hits the corner, Chris runs at him. However, Perfection is ready this time as he uses the ropes to lift himself up and throws his legs out, catching Hopper in the face. Chris stumbles back.

Williams: Perfection takes off.

Hopper sees him, steps slightly to the side, and scoops him up, bringing Perfection to the canvas.

Williams:  Sideway slam by Chris Hopper!

Chris Hopper heads to the corner, stepping through the ropes and begins to climb.

Williams: It appears the large Chris Hopper is going up top!

Fury: This can't be good.

As he gets up, and has trouble perching, Perfection looks up and sees him. He quickly springs forward, and shoves the referee into the ropes, causing Chris Hopper to lose his balance and come down across the turnbuckle, groin first.

Williams: Oh come on.

Fury: First time Dick's seen a referee do something useful!

Perfection looks at the referee almost expecting to be disqualified before running forward. He leaps to the second rope and uses it to launch himself sideways, with a drop kick to Chris Hopper is dazed.

Williams: That springboard dropkick able to subdue Chris Hopper. Perfection now climbing the turnbuckle.

Perfection wraps his arm around Hopper's neck and arm.

Williams: Perfection looking to be going for a superplex now! Can he do it? Can he lift the big man?!

Fury: Of course he can! He is Perfection!

Perfection struggles as he lifts and Hopper's large frames goes up and over, with both men crashing to the canvas.

Williams: He got him! Superplex by Perfection!

Fury: Tell Dick that wasn't ana amazing feat of strength there by Perfection! Tell him! You can't can you?!

Williams: That was pretty impressive.

Both men lay on the canvas, Perfection as hurt as Chris Hopper. The referee begins to count.

Williams: Both men down, the referee counting. Now Perfection moving, over.. he pins Chris Hopper!

Fury: He's going to do it!

Williams: NO! Lateral press sends Perfection up and off of Chris Hopper!

As Perfection hits the canvas he quickly rolls up to a knee and starts to stand. Chris sits up, turns over and pushes up himself. Perfection turns to see Hopper and throws his hands up, begging for him to stay back but Hopper only replies with a big right hand.

Williams: Hopper pushes Perfection into the ropes, using them to whip him across the ring. Perfection on the way back. hopper bends down.. Perfection forward with a foot catching Chris Hopper in the face!

Fury: Yes! Finish him! Perfection to become the Ring King two years in a row!

Chris Hopper stumbles back, flailing his arms as Perfection runs, however, Chris quickly gets his wits in time to bend down. Perfection stops dead in his tracks, looks to the referee and instantly grabs his elbow, wincing his eyes. The fans boo.


Fury: Come on? The man is hurt Jennifer. Show a little compassion.

The referee checks on the former champion, who is shaking his head and refusing to stop as if he is doing something amazing by continuing while hurt.

Williams: This referee can't be this dense.

Fury: If they were stripes, it isn't because they are zebras Jennifer. It's because they aren't the brightest crayons in the box.

Chris Hopper moves in and past the referee reaching for Perfection, whose eyes open wide. He quickly drops to the canvas, rolling out of the ring yet again to a chorus of boos.

Williams: Hopper still unable tog et his hands on Perfection again.

Chris turns and complains tot he referee that perfection's elbow isn't really hurt, pointing at his own. The referee looks down to Perfection outside who oversells his elbow.

Williams: Aggravation continuing to set in for Chris Hopper.

Chris turns from the referee and heads to the ropes, stepping over them to the apron. As he hops to the floor outside, Perfection slides back into the ring causing Chris to turn and slam his hands on the apron in anger.

Williams: Chris Hopper back to the apron and entering... oh come on!

Perfection drops down and rolls out of the ring again.

Williams: This is getting old quick.

Fury: Much like Chris Hopper.

Chris drops down quickly and rolls outside as fast as he can. Perfection leaps forward, arms outstretched, under the bottom rope. However, Chris is able to grab his feet before he can get fully in. Perfection's face is priceless as his eyes grow open once again.

Williams: Hopper yanking Perfection back out of the ring now. He's done playing games!

As Perfection's feet hit the ground, Hopper turns him around and rocks him with a series of rights and lefts before grabbing the back of his head, and sending Perfection forward hard into the barricade.

Williams: Perfection on the floor after hitting the ring barricade there. Chris Hopper now stomping away at him as the referee begins his count.

Chris grabs Perfection, yanking him violently to his feet, before walking him around the ring and toward the commentator's table.

Williams: Watch out!

Both Dick and Jennifer leap up and back as Chris sends Perfection flying over the edge and onto the table.

Williams: Chris Hopper grabs Perfection's head, lifting it and slamming it into our table.

Perfection grabs the back of his head in pain, as the larger Chris Hopper climbs up onto the table as well.

Fury: This idiot is going to break the table by just standing on it!

Chris shoots a look over at Dick who closes his mouth and steps back.

Williams: Hopper lifting Perfection to his feet now right here in front of us.

Hopper throws Perfection's arm over his while bracing his back before lifting him up and leaping down crashing through the table.


The fans go nuts as Hopper rolls off of Perfection. He looks up at the referee who is on eight before pushing to his feet and rushing forward.

Williams: Chris Hopper trying to save himself from count out now....

He rolls into the ring under the bottom rope, and then back out to restart the count fully.

Williams: He's not done with Perfection yet!

Fury: Come on Chris! The guy has a hurt elbow! Give him a break!

Williams: Shut up Dick.

Chris limps as he heads back toward Perfection who is all but out cold.

Williams: Hopper pulling Perfection out of the wreckage now.

He pulls him away from the broken table, shoving Perfection's head between his legs and lifting him up.

Williams: Perfection going for a ride.

He runs forward and physically throws Perfection toward and into the turnbuckle causing him to hit it back first hard. As Perfection falls to the ground, Chris Hopper lets out a mighty yell to the screaming fans to signal this one is almost over.

Williams: Chris Hopper pulling Perfection back to his feet now and rolling him back into the ring.

Chris grabs the ropes and uses them to pull himself to the apron before  stepping back into the ring.

Williams: This one could be over now!

Fury: This whole match is stupid! If it's Hopper's last match, then why even pin Perfection? Just walk to the back and let him advance! Chris Hopper is greedy! He knows he isn't going to continue, why hold Perfection back?

Williams: Just letting someone win isn't how Chris Hopper operates Dick.

Fury: Dick begs to differ.

Williams: How so?

Fury: He eliminated himself in a match so not to face a woman.

Williams: That's different!

Fury: Whatever.

Perfection tries to crawl away but can not escape Chris Hopper who walks over slowly and bends down, grabbing him by the head and pulling him to his feet.

Williams: Hopper sends Perfection into the ropes... on the return...

Chris turns and leaps to grab Perfection's head for an Ice Breaker. However, Perfection shoves as hard as he can, pushing Hopper forward and away from him.


Perfection drops to his knees as Chris Hopper slides to the canvas in a seated position, unable to believe it.

Williams: Chris Hopper can't believe it and quite frankly neither can I or anyone else in the building right now. Perfection escaped the Ice Breaker!

Fury: Perfection just showing why he is simply perfect Jennifer.

Chris shakes his head in disappoint and begins to stand. Perfection, breathing hard, looks up and sees his opportunity.

Williams: Perfection to his feet now..

He charges forward, grabbing Hopper's arms, and twisting around before dropping down.


Both men lay on the canvas as the fans go crazy for the entertainment seen before their eyes. The referee begins to count.

Williams: Neither man moving. They have given it their all tonight and have exhausted themselves to their fullest.

Fury: This has been one hell of a main event, Dick will give you that.

As the referee hits six, both men start to stri.

Williams: This could come down to whomever gets to their feet first. So much on the line as neither man wants to lose to the other.

They both begin to try and push up as the referee hits eight. As he gets to nine they are both close, and right before ten both men reach their feet. The fans go crazy.

Williams: This one will continue!

Chris Hopper rubs his head, nodding to Perfection that his photo finish was good. Perfection moths something inaudiable, nodding as he does. Both men stand near each other, breathing heavy and taking in the fan's screams.

Williams: Could this be? A sign of respect between Chris Hopper and Perfection?

Fury: A first time for everything Jennifer. They have pushed each other to the limit tonight.

Perfection raises his arms up slightly and motions with his fingers for Chris Hopper to bring it. This drives the fans crazy.

Williams: Perfection ready keep going and Hopper obliges! Right hand from Hopper... Perfection returns with his own!

Chris Hopper comes back with another right, followed by Perfection returning the face.

Williams: Both of these men physically drained and still going.

Perfection comes forward with a boot to the gut of Chris Hopper.

Williams: Kick by Perfection who follows up with a forearm to the back. Grabs the arm of Hopper... Irish Wh- NO! Chris Hopper reverses... Perfection on the return now.

Chris leaps forward, turning as he grabs Perfection's head and drops down.

Williams: ICE BREAKER! ICE BREAKER! ICE BREAKER! Every fan in attendance is on their feet in this sold out show!

Chris pushes to his hands and moves forward, laying an arm over Perfection as the referee drops into place and begins to hit the canvas.


The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall... CHRIS... HOOOPPPEERRR!!!!

The fans get on their feet and cheer as Chris gently pats Perfection on the chest before he slowly pushes himself up, showing pain across his face as he stands, his legs stiff.

The crowd is going nuts as Hopper raises both arms in victory. The fans are chanting his name over and over as "TNT" is blaring over the PA system.

Williams:  Hopper with a surprising win over the former UTA Champion and the second Dynasty member he has toppled in a week!

Fury:  Perfection got screwed here and Dick knows when something is screwed.

Williams:  No he didn't!  He lost fair and square with his shoulders on the mat! After that amazing match, no one can be mad at either of these men!

Fury:  Oh please! What is this now?

Chris grabs a microphone from someone at ringside and he holds his hand up to quiet the crowd. Perfection can be seen rolling out of the ring behind him, with medical staff heading around the ring to check on him.

Hopper:  Thank you so much....

He pauses a second and seems moved by the crowd's love.

Hopper:  There is an old saying and I feel it is one that is apt for a moment like this...and that is "You really began to appreciate things when you reach the end of them."

He pauses as we hear the announcers over the view.

Williams:  What is going on here? Is he saying what I think he is saying?

Fury:  This could be a great day after all! Hopper might actually be gone from UTA! Dick loves it when rumors turn up being true!

Chris raises the microphone back up, looking very solemn.

Hopper:  I know there are rumors out there already about my health and I wanted the chance to address the entire UTA family at once to make some statements about it all. The reports about my neck being injured at Black Horizon against CBR...

A deep breath.

Hopper:  They are true.

The crowd reacts to this news.

Hopper:  I had a neck injury years and years ago that never healed exactly right, but I had always managed to protect and keep it right, but last week it just didn't happen and I got hurt right here.

He takes his left hand and rubs the side of his neck, right in a spot that could normally lead to a form of paralysis or major nerve issues. The wincing on his face as he does this shows how excruciating it is for him.

Hopper:  So it really upsets me that this happened now.

He begins pacing slowly inside the ring.

Hopper:  I came here to have one great run...probably my last real run.

Fury:  (over the view) And now its over, thank merciful God.

Hopper:  All the things I have done...and God knows I have not always been a good man inside the ring, or to you all out there....but I wanted this run to be my tribute to you. And....

He pauses as the "please don't go" chants begin to rise up from the sold out crowd.

Hopper:  The fact that when I needed you in my corner, you always gave me your love and support. I...uhh.....

He lowers the microphone again, visibly stirred by the outpouring from the crowd as we hear the announcers.

Williams:  Listen to these people show Chris Hopper just how much he means to them!

Fury:  It is a load of hogwash! Hopper is the kind of scum UTA needs to scrape off it's shoes! Get the aged fool out of here already!

Chris finally makes it to a corner, where he grabs hold of the top rope and steadies himself, finally composing himself as he speaks.

Hopper:  You spend twenty years doing the one thing in your life you love. I mean really love. Most people have several things in their life that they love doing or being. Maybe they like being someone's spouse or father....perhaps you are good at your job and have a few hobbies. And you are good at many of these and have a full-well rounded life.

He pauses, holding up one finger.

Hopper:  But some have one thing.

He smiles through pain as he continues.

Hopper:  That one thing that gets them going no matter what. That one thing they have true excellence in and that takes primacy over everything else in their life. The one thing that sets them apart like nothing else and truly defines them.

He takes the finger he was holding out and bends it back to his fist, before slowly preassing that fist into his chest as he continues.

Hopper:  And for twenty years, I have only had one thing. I was not a good boyfriend or husband. I was a pathetic excuse of a father. I was never good at anything else in life because of this one thing and this....

That fist stiops pressing his chest and now he holds the hand out over the ring, as if to draw attention to the squared circle.

Hopper: that one thing. I would walk down the aisle, step through the ropes, and be home. And in my home would be all of you....

He looks around and points to the people.

Hopper:  That's right!

He smiles through a wince and continues.

Hopper:  Whether I invited you in to cheer me or tried to get you to boo me out of the building, my one thing was to do this for you. I wanted to entertain you and perform. This is.....

He pauses, the crowd hanging on his every word.

Hopper:  ...was....this was my life for the last twenty years.

He pauses again and seems to be fighting that familiar lump in thr throat emotion can cause and fans begin chanting for him in different ways.

Hopper:  I accomplished so much. I won titles galore, achieved fame and fortune...but in the end the only thing I ever truly had that mattered was right here in this ring. I came to the UTA to see if I could still cut it against all of the younger guys. I wanted to see if my sheer desire and drive to be the best could be matched by a body that has been through its share of beatings.

He smiles.

Hopper:  And it seems like it could. I think I gave a good try and have had a good run. Not great, but good. I wanted so many things from this time with you all in UTA...

Another pause, again it seems emotion running high for the "King of Cool."

Hopper:  I wanted to win titles, have success, and finish my career on top....but....I think...

He looks over at the man he just beat being helped back out of the ringside area after the match.

Hopper:  I look at what I did at Black Horizon....

The chants of "please don't go" begin to get mixed with straight "Hopper" chants.

Hopper:  And I look at what happened here tonight.....with a messed up neck....

The "Hopper" chants are starting to get loud as Hopper continues to look like he is hurting, but contemplative. We hear the announcers again.

Fury:  What a glory hog! We get it, you are retiring. Boo-hoo. Dick has places to go and women to do!

Williams:  Let the man have his time.  He earned it.

Fury:  Not in UTA he didn't.

Chris continues speaking.

Hopper:  And I think to myself why not now.....

He stands up straight.

Hopper:  Why not NOW!

He winces as he stands resolutely in the center of the ring. The pain is real, but his voice has never sounded more impervious.

Hopper:  I walked in here tonight firmly ready to tell the world it was my time and I was done.  But I CANNOT DO THAT!

Crowd roars.

Hopper:  I have a job to finish. I have a goal to reach. And I will not give in to pain, difficulty, or anything that stands in my way until I achieve it!

Crowd is getting amped up now.

Hopper:  My body may not last the full journey, but as long as I am still in the draw, I'm not going anywhere. I will go through hell, high water, machine, dynasty...anybody or anything to achieve it! I will keep fighting and will be the next Ring King of UTA! Long....Live...the KING!

Crowd roars even louder, if that is possible as Chris drops the microphone and TNT begins to play again.

Williams:  Chris Hopper not retired yet as he decides to keep his march to the Ring King title rolling along.

Fury:  Until CBR gets his hands on him again in a couple of weeks anyway.

Williams:  What a night here folks, thanks for joining us to witness this amazing moment! What an amazing Victory. Ring King continues next Monday here on Pure Sports Entertainment as Wrestleshow returns. Thank you for tuning in! We'll see you soon!

Fury: Good night!

We zoom in on Chris Hopper standing on the ramp, his arm in the air as the fans cheer for him. The copyright comes up before we fade to black.

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