Victory XXVIII

12 Apr 2015

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)


As the stream fades up from black, the Saturday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good luck at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.
As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.
From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where former VCW Champion, Dick Fury, and Jennifer Williams are standing by.
Williams: Welcome ladies and gentleman to another exciting episode of Saturday Night Victory right here, live in the WrestleZone in Orlando, Florida! I'm Jennifer Williams and as always, I am joined by Dick Fury.
Fury: Thank you, Jennifer. Dick is here in his second home, Orlando! 

Williams: Thank you for joining us here on Pure Sports Entertainment. Another stacked card that features some big matches.

Fury: Tonight we will see a huge Number One Contender match for the Prodigy Title when Lamond Robertson, Kendrix, Emily Koresh and David Hightower square off.

The graphic with all the entrants in the Fata Four Way match appear on your screen. The UTA logo pulsates on the bottom corner. 

Williams: We will also see the debut of Team Danger... they're opponents are still a mystery.

We cut to our announce team with fans going hysterical behind them.

Fury: TBD is their name. Dick has never heard of them but they must be good if they're in the UTA.

Jennifer Williams rolls her eyes.

Williams: To Be Determined, Dick. We don't know who their opponents will be.

Fury: Oh... Dick must have had a brain fart on that one. 

Williams: Kicking the night off is a Triple Threat match between both Lew and Pin Smith and the "Beautiful" one, Bobby Dean.

Dick Fury adjusts the microphone on his headset.

Fury: Dick can't believe the UTA let that slob back onto the roster. If Dick wasn't getting so much money to hang out in Orlando and sleep during matches, he'd quit.

Williams: Whatever, Dick. Do you know what this is? THIS... IS... VICTORY!

What's in a Name

What's in a Name

The scene cuts to the back, we see a standard locker room, painted a dull beige color, that blends in the lockers well. The camera is at a very odd angle however. It appears to be resting on the ground.

We can see the underside of the long wooden treated bench. It is covered in marks, dust, and ABC gum (already been chewed).

Finally a short whirring noise can be heard. From across the room a brief movement is captured although it was so fast, it was hard to tell what it was. Eventually it happens again.


Now we can see the moving object, because it is coming straight at the camera. At a breakneck speed of almost 2 mph, the #WTFC’s new pet, rolls toward the lens.

The Roomba, comes within inches of striking the camera, when a pair of hands reach down and stop it in its tracks. The hands grab at the sides of the tiny device and lift it into the air.

As the camera rises with the machine, we see that Mikey Unlikely is the owner of the well manicured hands.

Unlikely: I love this thing!

He turns it upside down, examining the machine, whose wheels have stopped spinning.

Unlikely: What a great little guy!

Coleslaw Jenkins speaks up offering up a question.

Coleslaw: ‘Ey, how can ya be sure it's a' dude?

The rapper turned wrestler, ignores the comments made, and continues to give the machine the googly eyes.

Unlikely: You’re ready for a treat! aren’t ya!?

He says in his best excited puppy dog like voice. He places the roomba back on the floor, and reaches into his pocket. He has tiny dog treats in his jeans pocket. Although they are shaped like bones, they seem to be the size of a small vitamin.

Unlikely drops the animal treat to the floor. He presses a button on the Roomba with his foot. One of its lights light up, and it scans the area, finding the bone, it rolls it over, picking it up.

Mikey celebrates as the Roomba passes and the ‘bone’ is gone.

The Thrill speaks up from the corner.

Haynes: Come on boys, did we even name dis thing yet?

Doozer shakes his head from a nearby bench. The camera zooms out revealing the 3 members of #WTFC as well as their respective managers. All are getting ready for their upcoming matches, save for Mikey who just sits entranced.

Doozer: Nah, but it shouldn't be too hard. We can get it done before our match, man.  What about Cabana Boy or Plum?

The Dude, used to standing behind Doozer, scoffs.

The Dude: Those are awful suggestions…

Doozer glances at him.

Doozer: Ok, Hotshot, what would you name him!?

The Dude confident in his robot naming skills announces his idea.

The Dude: What if we named it something relevant, ya’ll ever been Catfished?

Mikey immediately making the connection, busts out laughing. The Dude looks at him and smirks knowingly.

The Dude: I was thinking we call it Meagan and just put one over on everyone! They will think its all dude like, then BAM surprise!

The gang busts out laughing. The Dude smiles wide, proud of his joke.

Mikey: Nah, thats hilarious but we need this name to SCREAM hashtag WTFC! Hmmmm….

He brings his hand to his chin thinking. Finally Doozer says…

Doozer: What if we named it… nah, thats stupid.

He fades off, but Mikey looks at him.

Unlikely: What is it buddy? We’re all on the same team, nothing is too stupid for this group!... that didn't come out right.

A reassured Doozer spills the beans, so to speak. (He didn't really spill anything, but if he did, we have a Roomba for that now)

Doozer: What if we call it… I mean if it’s ok with you guys… Bobby Clean!

Like an explosion went off, the entire room lifts its head. Smiles all around as they nod to themselves.

Unlikely: Hmmm, Bobby Clean! Not bad at all!

Mikey puts up his hand, and Doozer high fives it. Just then a voice is heard behind the camera. The male voice seems to be in the locker room doorway.

?????: I like that name!

The entire group looks up, and every jaw hits the floor.

Will Haynes: Oh my....

Mikey Unlikely: He's Back!

The camera pans around to show Beautiful Bobby Dean smiling ear to ear.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Not This Again


Not This Again


Cameras zoom around the WrestleZone. Pans cut to close ups of signs in the crowd. 

Williams: We're just moments away from our opening match.

Fury: Dick is looking forward to Bobby Dean making an absolute ass of himself.

Williams: Cool-

A familiar voice is heard throughout the arena.

Owens: May I have your attention, please.

The UTA faithful in Orlando erupt with boos. Marshall Owens appears on the big screen. Looking as sleezy as ever. Discount store suit that looks more expensive than it was.

Williams: Marshall Owens making the crowd cringe.

Fury: The big screen is not kind to Marshall.

We cut backstage to Owens standing behind a WRESTLEUTA backdrop.

Owens: My name... is Marshall Owens. I am the lawyer to the stars. I have been asked to come out here by one of my clients. This client is the one who is going to walk into a steel cage and win the Legacy title.

The fans know who he is referring to. They continue to boo Owens.

Owens: This client is also one half of the number one Tag Team in the UTA.

Fury: Wonder who he's talking about?

Cameras pick up the fan reaction inside the WrestleZone. Fans watch the big screen over the entrance ramp with intent.

Owens: This client... is the number one contender for the UTA World Title... this client is none other than La Flama Blanca.

The fans continue to boo.

Owens: Mr. Blanca has told me to make a statement on his behalf. 

Owens pulls out a piece of paper and begins to read it.

Owens: I greatly apologize to all my great fans for not being in attendance at Victory, tonight... Period, stop.

Williams: Not this again.

Owens: I intended to come out in front of all you mouth breathers and talk about my win in the Fatal Four Way match and how I am the better man... Period, stop.

Cameras go backstage to pick up Marshall continuing the dictated statement.

Owens: I planned on ripping Will Haynes a new one and telling him how I was going to beat him in the steel cage and take his Legacy title away from him... Period, stop.

Fury: Dick likes that... Period, stop.

Owens: Know this Will Haynes... once we are locked inside the steel cage, there is nothing, nothing that will keep me from destroying you... Period, stop.

Owens fixes his tie as the fans inside the WrestleZone boo so loud he can hear them in the back.

Owens: I would like you all to know one thing... La Flama Blanca is the future of the UTA... and the future begins April Twentieth...

The camera moves up to get a close up of Owens face. Marshall licks his lips and smiles into the camera.

Owens: Period, stop.

The feed cuts and cameras cut back to our play by play announce team.

Williams: Does the future begin after Wrestleshow? Does La Flama Blanca defeat Will Haynes in the steel cage? 

Fury: You're going to have to tune into Pure Sports Entertainment next Monday to find out!

Williams: Without any further ado... here's our first match. Lew Smith versus Pin Smith vs Bobby Dean.

Pin Smith vs. Lew Smith vs. Bobby Dean

Without notice the WrestleZone becomes a party of flashing strobes and moving spotlights of many colors. The stage lights up from underneath as the video screen goes through an inspirational montage of sweet cars, flying dollar bills, fat booties bouncing. The PA ratchets up with a scientific sounding noise that reaches the apex as KING replaces the bouncing booties. All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled kicks on over the airwaves.

Fury: Oh no, not this guy again.

Williams: Here comes a young man, who has a bright future in the U.T.A.

Fury: ...Of laying on his back.

Pin Smith, dancing around on the stage from side to side, engages the crowd like he always does. Throwing his hand up, as the song indicates, and bouncing up and down, also indicated by the song. The Real Deal starts toward the ring with a beaming smile on his face, taking the time to slaps hands and receive the welcoming wishes from wrestling’s greatest fans.

Announcer: On his way to the ring… from Main Street, USA… by way of Sin City, Neveda…

King makes it to the ring steps, turning back to grab a few more high fives from the crowd. He rhythmically scales the metal stairs before popping through the ropes.

Announcer: Standing at 6’6” and weighing in at 220 pounds…

Pin quickly makes his way around the ring. He does some high knees and light jogging before gripping the top rope and stretches out his impressive limbs.

Announcer: “ King”… Pin Smith.

The crowd pops slightly, more for the light show than the unknown in the ring. That causes King to raise his fist to the crowd, thanking them for their unrelenting support. The music fades out as King turns his attention to the task at hand.

Suddenly pyro follows the quick heavy bursts of the intro of If You Want Peace...Prepare For War by Children Of Bodom. Lights flicker along with the addition of fast guitar.

Both pyro and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epic colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses heavily on the word "GO!".

Announcer: Coming to the ring, hailing from Frimley, England. Standing 6’1”, weighing in at 216 lbs.

The house lights gently rise as a figure quickly paces towards the ring, pointing out to the crowd both ways before turning a light jog into a sprint.

Announcer: The “Ominous Angel” Lew Smith!

Fury: My god, is this a family reunion?

Williams: Just two very talented young men, who happen to share one of the most common last names.

Fury: Sounds fishy to Dick, and we all know Dick doesn’t like something that smells too fishy!!

The Ominous cloaked figure dives through the bottom of the ropes and slides to the centre to stand still during the verse, looking around scouting his fans, his critics,

He removes the hood and unties the rope connecting the cape-like robe and chucks it out the ring. Clicking his neck, shoulders and fingers, he assumes a stance, ready to fight.

The camera moves back up to the top of the stage. The screens light up, showing an in shape and simply beautiful Bobby Dean on them. Joe Esposito's You're the Best Around begins to play throughout the sound system.

Williams: He’s back!

Fury: Dick thought we got rid of this slob.

Williams: You didn’t miss Bobby Dean?

Fury: Let Dick give you some truth! No one has ever missed Bobby Dean.

Williams: I didn’t mean it like that, and you know it!

From the curtains, we see it. Bobby Dean rides out of the back and onto the stage in the WTFCart  This time his friends are not with him. Bobby Dean honks the horn on the mobile as he stops at the top of the ramp.

Announcer: Driving to the ring, from Houston, Texas. Weighing in at 399 ½ Lbs. Standing 6 feet tall…

Bobby waves, and rides the cart down to the ring. He smiles at the fans as they cheer for him. He isn’t paying attention to where he is going, as he picks up momentum. The guys in the ring notice, and all grab the ropes.

Fury: What is this bozo doing!? He’s going to kill someone!

Williams: Watch Out!

The announcer jumps through the ropes before he can finish, and backs up from the ring. Meanwhile Bobby is still oblivious as he smiles. Finally it happens, Bobby hits the ring with the cart as he reaches the bottom of the ramp.

The ring barely moves, as Bobby comes forward and hits the steering wheel. He falls out of the cart sideways, clutching his head. The referee regains his balance, and goes outside to check on Bobby.


The other two participants don’t know what to do, so they stay in respective corners.

The referee helps up Bobby Dean slowly. Very very slowly. Finally Dean is able to roll himself under the bottom rope and into the ring. Where he never gets up, just lies under the turnbuckle. Holding his neck with one hand, and yelling for his lawyer.

Announcer: “Beautiful” Bobby Dean!

The crowd laughs as the referee calls for the bell.

Fury: Dick thinks that was embarrassing.

Williams: Either way, here we go! Both Smiths lock up as Dean still feeling the effects of the accident. Pin hits Lew with a quick armdrag from the lockup. Lew is up quick and the two lockup again. Lew goes for a quick shin kick, but Pin dodges it before spinning around the back of Lew with a hammerlock.

Lew turns his arm around and spins. Down to his knees, then does a flip off his head onto his feet, and the two stare each other down as the crowd cheers. Bobby Dean gives a thumbs up from the corner.

As Pin goes to lock up again, with that long reach, Lew hits him in the gut with a back spin kick. Lew hits the ropes and comes back, King leapfrogs his opponent on the return. Off the opposing ropes come the Brit. Pin drops to a knee, and hits Lew with a back elbow to the gut, bending over the Ominous Angel, before Pin pops up with a knee, followed by a quick DDT.

Williams: Nice back and forth action here between these two!

Fury: Yea, Dick has learned that sometimes you have to give in order to receive.

Williams: Oh My... Pin back up, he looks over at Bobby and waves him off. He picks up Lew and backs him into the corner.Quick strikes to the gut by Pin, befor he lifts him up to be seated on the top turnbuckle.

Fury: It’s a little to early for this.

Williams: He’s got him where he wants him.

Fury: We’ll see.

Pin punches Lew in the head, as Lew appears to be dazed. An excited Pin Smith plays to the crowd. They cheer, excited by the action thus far.

Pin begins to climb as well. As he does, Lew gets back at him with a knife edge chop, quickly followed up by a forearm to the head. He reels back and hits another forearm before knocking Pin off the turnbuckle with a big morotezuki.

Williams: Pin lands on his feet! Lew is standing up on the turnbuckle! Here he comes, LEW SMITH WITH A HUGE CROSSBODY!

Fury: Dick is always right.

The fans go nuts, after seeing the ridiculous height and hangtime Lew had on that move. Both men are down, feeling the effects. In the corner, Bobby Dean is finally making it to his feet. Lew is the first Smith to reach his feet as well. He runs at Bobby who puts his hands off to ward off the hit. Bobby Yells at Lew at the top of his lungs, as Lew reels back for a big martial arts punch.

Bobby Dean: STOP!

He braces for impact, but Lew does in fact stop!

Fury: What is this?

Bobby, finally realizing the punch isn’t coming, opens his eyes. Lew is just standing there, Bobby Dean relaxes and thanks Lew. Pats him on the shoulder. Suddenly Smith reaches into his ring gear, and comes out with a one dollar bill.

Williams: He is offering the dollar to Bobby! Dean thinking it over. He accepts! Dean takes the dollar, opens the front of his trunks, and drops it in!

Fury: Dick would not want to be the waiter tipped with that dollar.

Dean drops his hands, and puts his chin forward, and closes his eyes. Lew smiles, and then hits Bobby with the Uraken Uchi back fist. Dean falls back against the ropes holding his face.

Fury: What an idiot.

Williams: Don’t look now but Pin Smith has made it to his feet. Here he comes at Lew smith. Lew moves and Pin clotheslines Bobby Dean. Bobby goes up, but not with enough velocity to go over! Wait Lew catches a leg, and the two of them dump Bobby Dean to the outside!

Pin Smith quickly capitalizes, as he sweeps the leg out from underneath Lew. He drops a quick knee on the head of Lew Smith. The superstar is trying to fend off stomps and he rolls out of the ring, tripping over a sprawled out Bobby Dean.

Williams: Both men down on the outside! The referee begins his count. What is Pin doing?

Fury: He’s climbing up to the top rope. Isn’t that obvious?

Pin reaches the top, as the two competitors outside climb to their feet. Bobby Dean using Lew as leverage to get to his feet. Pin plays to the crowd who all stand up in anticipation. Pin stands up straight and leaps!


The fans begin to chant “That was awesome! Clap clap clapclapclapclap” All three men are down as the referee restarts his count. Pin is up first and slides Lew in the ring, and goes for a pinfall.

Williams: One! Two! No! Not enough to end this one just yet. Bobby Dean is up on the outside and walks away from the ring, He rests against the barrier and is greeted by some fans in #WTFC shirts.

Fury: Dick didn’t think WTFC had fans?

Bobby Dean grabs a corndog and a soda from a couple fans who were offering. He drinks some of the soda before spitting some out and pouring the remainder on his head like a prize fighter. He consumes the corndog in one bite and yells ‘Dooze’ at the camera with a mouthful.

Fury: That’s disgusting.

Inside the ring both men have made it to their feet as they exchange blows. Excellent side kicks from Lew smith have Pin reeling until he catches Lew with a high kick of his own. Both men are exhausted. The run off the opposing rops on each side of the ring. Lew goes for a running yakuza kick, however Pin ducks it!

Williams: Off the ropes again goes Pin. Back at Lew and….KINGS CROWN! He nailed it!

Fury: Lew Smith is dead! The only thing that hurt worse was when Dick beat him down in V.C.W.

Williams: Here comes the count.  One… Two… What was that?

Suddenly a soda cup bursts against Pin Smiths face. A plastic cup with a plastic lid, much like you get your soda in from any fast food restaurant was thrown into the ring from the outside. Pin gets off Lew to wipe his face. The referee goes to yell at Bobby who points to a #WTFC fan next to him and shrugging.

Williams:  Bobby trying to point the blame elsewhere.

Fury: Change the record Jennifer.

Williams: Looks like Bobby is finally ready to get in the ring again. Slowly climbing the ring apron. Pin walks over,and gives the big man a slap to the chest. Bobby grabs his chest as he howls in pain.

Pin hooks Bobby’s head under his arm and tries to suplex him back into the ring.

Fury: Not going to happen.

Williams: Wait, here comes Lew. Lew smith trying to help suplex Bobby into the ring. They get him about a quarter of the way up, before his feet find the apron again. Bobby breaks out, and hits Pin with a big overhead chop. Followed by a backhand chop to Lew, back and forth here, folks! Bobby Dean has found some offense!

As both men stumble away Bobby smiles and climbs into the ring.Lew comes at him and Bobby kicks him in the shin. When Lew grabs his shin, Bobby stomps on his other foot. Lews legs are hurting, finally Bobby grabs his arm.

He stands there holding his arm, wondering what to do next, it had been a long time since he had applied a submission. He falls down, and uses his weight to pull down Lew. He has Lews arm, and wraps his legs around Lews head.

Williams: Oh my… It can’t be!? Bobby Dean has applied an actual submission hold! A triangle choke to be exact, I can’t believe my eyes! Neither can Bobby who is so excited he barely hangs on.

Fury: Dick doesn't know which is worse, the fact that Lew is in a submission, or the fact that Bobbys fat legs are likely to smother him before Lew can give up.

Pin Smith sees what is happening and walks over to break the hold, he stomps on Bobby who rolls off. He grabs Bobby's head, pulling up as Dean rises.

Williams: Pin Smith helps Dean up. Big right, followed by another. Smith grabs his arm.. Dean whipped toward the ropes...

Bobby slows down as he approaches the ropes, stopping fully at them, and breathing hard. Pin just shakes his head and takes off. Dean turns around as Pin leaps.

Williams: Pin Smith with a drop kick!

Bobby Dean stumbles and fumbles as he goes through the ropes, crashing to the outside. Pin sprints over and takes advantage of Dean wering Lew Down, wrapping him into a Canadian Crosswing.

Williams: Pin Smith applies the Zugzwang... LEW TAPS QUICK! LEW SMITH TAPS!

Fury: Bobby Dean already wore him down.

Williams: Pin Smith takes the advantage and will walk home with a win!

The bell sounds.

Announcer: The winner of this match... PIN... SMIIIITHHH!!

Pin lets go and rolls over popping up. The referee raises his hand as he celebrates.

Deal with the Devil?

Deal with the Devil?

We fade to Cancer Jiles who is in his office, writing something down on a piece of paper. The door opens and he looks up to the figure off camera.  He sets his pen down.

Jiles:  Ah, yes, there you are.  I have been meaning to talk to you.

Jiles finishes what he is writing and looks up toward the person.

Jiles:  I have been given authorization by Mr. Wingate to offer a proposal to you.

Jiles slides the piece of paper across the desk and smiles up at the person.  A hand reaches out and grabs the paper and pulls it off the desk and off camera.  Jiles sits back in his chair twirling his pen waiting for a response.

Voice:  You want me to…

Jiles drops the pen on the desk. Jiles leans forward and rests his forearms on the desk.

Jiles:  Yes. Get rid of a problem that Mr. Woods brought into this company at Season’s Beatings.

The voice responds.

Voice:  You do realize I AM one of those "problems" he brought back.

The fans know exactly who it is now. The camera shows Crimson Lord standing in a long black trench coat.

Jiles:  Yes, I do realize this.  So does Mr. Wingate.  However, the fans have really grown to appreciate you and your wife, Gaze.  Which is why he has told me if you rid this company of Mr. Fantastic and...for your own personal pleasure...Ron Hall, he will make you a offer you will not be able to refuse.

Crimson lowers the paper from his view and stares coldly at Jiles.

Crimson:  Which is?

Jiles leans back in pressing his finger tips together in front of him.

Jiles:  You will get a one on one match with the UTA World Champion!

Crimson’s eyes widen.  Shortly there after a sick smile comes across his face.

Jiles:  I take it you accept the offer.

Crimson does not respond as he looks at the paper.

Jiles: Have a look at the contract.  It has already been approved by Mr. Wingate.  Just remember, though, if you do not rid this company of them, you void the contract.

Crimson stares at the contract once more and then folds it up. He places it in his coat pocket and leaves the office and Jiles grins from ear to ear.

Jiles: (Satisfied with himself)  I knew he couldn't resist.

Back in the arena.

Williams:  You have got to be kidding me!  Ron and Fantastic had enough to worry about just with Crimson being the ref. Now Jiles is putting a price on them and will have Crimson rid the company of all the legends but Crimson and...

Fury: Don't mention his name! Dick thinks Jiles, has a plan to perhaps remove "him" from the picture as well.

Williams:  Only one problem with that plan is that their both nut cases!

Backstage Shenanegans

Backstage Shenanegans

Backstage at the Wrestlezone, we see a shot at the rear entrance of the backstage area. One of the doors suddenly opens and in walks the Gold Standard, John Sektor. He’s dressed casually in black pants and a white cotton shirt with the top button undone, hair and moustache groomed to perfection. His face is calm and somber as he makes his way through the corridor, springing into life as backstage reporter Kate Kincaid rushes up to him, yielding a microphone as though it were a weapon.

Kincaid: John, JOHN! A moment for your thoughts please..

Sektor frowns but ends up breaking a smile as she stops him in his tracks.

Sektor: Jeeze! You really are Molly on the spot, huh? What can I do ya for Kate?

Kate blushes as Sektor mentions her eagerness, but does her best to stiffen up and stay professional.

Kincaid: Well obviously, like last week, you are unscheduled to compete tonight here at Victory. Do you have an agenda here tonight?

Sektor just smiles and even laughs a little.

Sektor: Agenda? No, I’m just here to watch some wrestling. Like I told you last week, Orlando is only a stones throw from my home, so why not pop by and see what’s going on?

Kincaid looks a little confused and disappointed by this answer.

Kincaid: Really? Because I thought you might have been here in hopes of running into Abdul bin Hussain. After all, you talked a big game heading into your match with him last week at Wrestleshow, but the two of you were unable to be separated and the match resulted in a draw. That must be frustrating, not winning your debut match here in UTA after all the hype you came in with?

Kincaid does her best to keep a straight face with such probing questions, but Sektor just smiles, as though well used to reporters at this stage in his career.

Sektor: You know, it WAS disappointing. I not only wanted to beat Abdul and win my debut match, but I wanted to shut up that hate hole of his.

Sektor pauses and grits his teeth together, looking bitterly disappointed with himself.

Sektor: But I was unable to do either of those things and now we’re left in a kind of limbo situation. Its frustrating for me, because I now have this itch deep under the surface of my skin to get that rematch and find out who should have won.

Kincaid: Were you surprised by the result?

Sektor puffs his cheeks out.

Sektor:  You know what? He brought it last week. I have this nasty habit of forcing people to step up their game and that’s exactly what he did. That’s why they call me the Standard bearer. But I can’t settle for a draw, so I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but at some point he and I will have a rematch. But for now, it's onwards and upwards and I have to put it to the back of my mind.

Sektor shrugs as though he has no choice in the matter.

Kincaid: Well, speaking of moving on, next week on Wrestleshow you face another returning superstar in the form of BLACKBEARD!

She says his name with such enthusiasm, as though she’s a mark. Sektor on the other hand rolls his eyes.

Kincaid: What are your thoughts as you head into this match and what do you know about the man they call the ‘Pirate King.’

Sektor eyes go wandering for a moment as he looks down at the ground. He seems deep in thought, slowly smiling as though a fond memory has popped into his mind, but he soon shakes it off and regains focus on the interview.

Sektor: Blackbeard?

He lets out a long and deflated sigh, not looking impressed.

Sektor: You know, I go from facing a serious competitor to wrestling a guy who runs around playing pirates..

His eyes droop as though the idea tires him.

Sektor: What can I say about this? I mean what do I say about...what the fffaahhh

His words trail off as something or someone catches his eye off camera.

His words catch in Mr. Sektor’s throat as the camera pans over slowly. The faces of a half dozen unwashed, filthy men are seen standing there. Shackles are around each man’s ankles and wrists, joined together by a thick chain that winds like a steel snake through the men, aligned two-by-two in order.

These men’s arms are raised above their heads, strain etched on their face as they hold up a large, oak-colored Litter (or palanquin), a large Jolly Roger flag is draped down from around it, concealing the individual inside, although all know who it is. The captives set down the Litter and one of them warily pulls back the flag. A large black boot emerges from within the Litter, and soon, the entire visage of Blackbeard can be seen as he steps out.

He is wearing his traditional pirate garb, a black eyepatch covers one eye and the other is narrowed into a squint as he stares at John Sektor. His pirate attire is distressed, and his pirate hat barely manages the unruly hair and his wild, thick black beard that runs to the center of his chest.

Even stranger than Blackbeard, there is a multi-colored parrot perched on his shoulder, which eyes both Kincaid and Sektor  warily, and flaps its wings in nervousness. Blackbeard’s face is grim as he takes a few steps up towards Miss Kincaid and Mr. Sektor.

Blackbeard: Easy now Parley.

Blackbeard says this towards his parrot, as he now scratches its head. The parrot twitters nervously and then squawks softly.

Blackbeard: Good afternoon. I be Blackbeard, t' Pirate King and Scourge o' t' Seven Seas. I know you be John Sektor and this must be your tavern wench Miss Kincaid. Ye and I have ne’er met, Mr. Sektor, but you see me now, don’t ye?

Parley (squawks): Tavern wench..

Blackbeard reaches out his hand and slaps Miss Kincaid on the back with a chuckle.

Blackbeard: I be jokin’ with ye, Miss Kincaid. Everyone knows about yer risk and willingness to flap yer gums at anyone who gives ya the time o’ day. But as fer ye, Mr. Sektor, I wanted t’ meet ye before we came to fisticuffs on Victory.

Blackbeard stares over at John Sektor with his one good eye, staring a hole into him, just as Sektor returns with an incredulous look on his face. Clearly, John Sektor is, what they would say, flabbergasted.

Blackbeard: Ye pr’bly know that I called meself the King of Victory, ‘cause I spent many weeks on that show. I consider it a true honor t’ have been featured so many times on it, and I will ‘tinue to do that wit’ my return. That’s why I wanted t’ do the honorable thin’ and let ye kindly bow out. Take yer opportunity sir, and forfeit ‘fore ye ‘ave another black spot on ye record.

Blackbeard grins, his mustache and thick wild beard conceal what are probably some very bad, rotten-looking teeth. His parrot Parley is busy digging in Blackbeard’s hair, possibly looking for something to eat.

Blackbeard: I hope y’ don’t mind, but I wanted to join ye back here and see what I have in store for meself. I’ll wager that if ye don’t forfeit, that we will have a battle the bards will sing songs about. So what’ll it be, Mr. Sektor? Do ye want to forfeit, or do ye want to fight, ye pox-faced kraken?

Sektor blinks his eyes and puffs out his cheeks, as though completely mind blown from everything he has heard and seen on the last few moments.

Sektor: Okay, just give me a second here..trying to process all this..guys on chains..parrots..Jolly Rancher..

Sektor quickly shakes his head as though shaking off the cobwebs.

Sektor: Okay! I only caught about one percent of whatever the hell you just said there.. Beard Face..but I heard the words forfeit and fight. And buddy, forfeit is something that the Gold Standard simply doesn't do. You must be sailing three sheets to the WIND to even mention such a notion in my presence!

He shakes his head and smirks as Blackbeard narrows his one good eye and straightens his back.

Sektor: So listen up Shark Bait, because I'm only gonna say this once! YOU are standing between me and my treasure which is sat at the top of the UTA mountain. And I ain't gonna let a man dressed as a stupid pirate stop me from getting there.

He grills the Pirate king with his eyes.

Sektor: In this scenario? YOU'RE the old sea dog and I'M the Man-o-War! So you can bet your ass I'm bringing the fight.

Sektor turns and rolls his eyes at Kate Kincaid.

Sektor: Interviews over, Kate. That’s enough weird for me today. I hope..

He gives Blackbeard and his Django Unchained like followers a curled lip of disgust as he heads off camera.

Leyenda de Ocho vs. Brian Styles

Williams: Are you ready for our next match, Dick?

Fury: Dick's prepared. Dick will say that.

Williams: One might think of this as a mismatch, but others might think of it as an opportunity: everyone's favorite underdog, Leyenda de Ocho, will be the Little Mac to Bryan Styles' Mike Tyson.

Fury: Jennifer, that was a horrible analogy. But Dick understood. Dick thinks the fans understood too. Bryan Styles is a big, bad brawler. Leyenda de Ocho is a high-flying hero.

Williams: And that match is about to happen right now!

The lights are dark as the piano melody tinkles through; once the electric guitar kicks in, flashing lights in alternating white and green pulsate through the arena with a gold spotlight on LDO, head down, hands forming the shape of a triangle at chest-height.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

He marches to the ring, pumping up the crowd and high fiving fans like a house of fire.

Announcer: Introucing first, from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 188 pounds...

LDO slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope, rising to his feet and running to the nearest corner.

Announcer: Leyenda de Ocho!

LDO jumps up to the middle rope, holding up a fist high into the air. He jumps down after receiving a large cheer from the crowd, before waiting in the same corner. As the crowd awaits the start of the next match up, the lights brighten as The White Buffalo & Forest Ranger's hit from the "#FinalRideSOA" soundtrack "Come Join the Murder" would hit the arena's sound system.

#There's a blackbird perched outside my window
 I hear him calling
 I hear him sing
 He burns me with his eyes of gold to embers
 He sees all my sins
 He reads my soul...#

Announcer:  And his opponent ... Standing at Six feet, three inches tall and weighing in at Two hundred, eighty-one pounds!

Emerging from backstage would come the chiseled, mountain of a man, or more so a beast.  Black boots strapped up to just past his ankles, military height.  Black lightweight gym shorts would be the only thing dressing his posterior, as he bounced side to side while his icy blue orbs stared down the aisle directly into the ring.  His nostrils flared, as he snorted and slid his MMA-gloved fingerless hands over his buzz cut blonde hair...

Announcer:  He hails from Sin City!  LAS VEGAS, NEVADA!!!

#One day that bird he spoke to me
 Like Martin Luther
 Like Perecles...#

He quickly began his militant-like walk down the aisle, his eyes ignoring the surroundings, almost looking robot-like as he reached ringside.  Gritting his teeth and flaring his nostrils once more, he made his way to the steel steps and stomped his way up the three steps...


#Come join the murder
 Come fly with black
 We'll give you freedom
 From the human trap
 Come join the murder...#

Stepping onto the apron, he ducked under the top rope and stepped inside the squared circle as he arrogantly, and showing no signs of emotion made his way to the center of the ring, standing stout and tall, while being an intimidating presence...

# Soar on my wings
 You'll touch the hand of God
 And He'll make you king
 And He'll make you king...#

The song cut out, as he was more than ready to dispense out violence.

Fury: Dick doesn't feel confident about LDO's chances here.

With the trio of dings by the timekeeper on the ring bell, the match is underway.

Williams: And we're off!

LDO rolls through a Styles standing lariat, runnig all the way through to the ropes. He repeats the roll through a second swinging clothesline.

Williams: Leyenda de Ocho springboarding to the top rope...

LDO flies backwards with a moonsault to the crowd's cheers - and gasps when Bryan Styles catches him squre on his shoulder.

Fury: Maybe Jennifer was right...

Williams: About what?

Bryan Stayles runs into the opposite corner, drivign LDO's shoulders and back into the turnbuckles.

Fury: LDO is Little Mac. Bryan Styles is Mike Tyson.

Still holding LDO, Bryan pulls LDO out from the corner. He turns, and steps forward to drive LDO down with a powerslam.

Williams: What power from Bryan Styles!

Styles elects not to go for the cover, instead pulling LDO up by his neck. Styles whips LDO away, into the ropes.

Fury: Dick recognizes Brian Styles from old Christmas cartoons. He played the Abominable Snowman. Dick was mildly amused.

Williams: I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to make a connection there, but LDO just barely got away from Pandemonium...SPRINGBOARD!

LDO hits the middle rope, coming back with a Shining Wizard-esque kick. The crowd cheers a bit as Styles stumbles back.

Fury: Maybe you should have, Jennifer. LDO flies and he might get a red nose if he doesn't capitalize...

 LDO does indeed going out to the ring apron?

Williams: Leyenda de Ocho setting up for something else...

Styles comes in at Leyenda with a clothesline attempt, but LDO is able to grab onto the rope for support as he leans back, then pulls himself up to spin Brian around, nudging him a few feet forward. Quickly, LDO springs up to the top rope, then off onto Brian's shoulders.

Fury: If that guy who played Santa Claus shows up, Dick is walking off the stage.

Williams: LDO ROLLS HIM UP!!!

LDO squats down deep and holds on for dear life as the referee kneels down for the count.

Williams: One!

The crowd is on their feet, counting down as well.

Williams: Two!

The ref's hand raiss to drop down for the three count.

Williams: Three...

His hand does not drop.

Fury: No, ma'am!

A collective gasping "awwww" is significantly audible through the arena.

Williams: He was SO close!

After being pushes away, LDO around as an angry Brian Styles gets up. LDO goes to the well one more time - this time leaping clear to the top rope. He holds on for a second to balance himself, waiting for Styles to turn and face him.When he does, LDO turns around.

Fury: What is it with guys in masks jumping around the ring? Does wearing a mask like having frog powers? Dick doesn't get it-


LDO hangs on after the corkscrew moonsault, pulling back on the legs.

Williams: Out of nowhere!

The ref drops down and starts to count. The crowd gets behind this count as well.




Williams: And this time...

Fury: He got em.

The bell rings. LDO, astounded at the win, leaps all around the ring in celebration. The referee has great difficulty catching him to raise his hand as the winner, while the familiar Punch-Out theme remix begins over the PA system.

Announcer: The winner of this match, Leyenda de Ocho!

Williams: Little Mac did it!

Fury: This was just the first level. Leyenda de Ocho will have a long way to go before he can call himself a true UTA legend.

Williams: With victories like this one tonight, I believe he might be well on his way to doing just that!

Fury: Maybe.

Williams: What do you mean, maybe?

Fury: He's got a mask. Guys with masks have mixed track records here.

Williams: Folks, stay tuned for more Victory - coming your way!

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Funny, I should run into you...

Funny, I should run into you...

We cut to the backstage area, where we see UTA Superstar Mikey Unlikely walking down a hallway. The beige cinderblock painted walls, reflect the light from the long tube lights above.  

Mikey is wearing his street clothes, he doesn't have a match tonight. His blue hoodie, with a large Cadillac logo on the center of it. His faded jeans, and brown dress shoes click off the floor with each step.

He has his face buried in his phone, it looks like he is on Twitter, as he continues down the walkway.  His finger moves down rapidly as the man scrolls through endless, pointless, posts.

He passes a stagehand, and gives him a fist bump. The man nearly drops the large coil of wire he was handling, in an effort to return the greeting.

Unlikely continues on wordlessly, until he runs right into someone and drops his phone.

That someone is Apollo Cain. Mikey stumbles as he meets the side of the large mans frame. Apollo, barely affected turns to see who would hit him.

Apollo Cain:  You gotta be kiddin’ me!

Apollo looks at Mikey with pure disdain and rolls his eyes.

Mikey regaining his balance, picks up his phone, and looks up to see Apollo.

Mikey Unlikely: Hey, sorry man, didn’t see you….

His voice fades, as does his enthusiasm.

Apollo Cain:  No, sorry is your wrestling and rap skills.  What are you Mr. Magoo?

Mikey Unlikely: Hey Apollo… Soooooo good to see you again… If I remember correctly the last time I saw you, your back was too me when you walked out on our match.

Mikey continues. Sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Mikey Unlikely: As a matter of fact, it was my VERY FIRST MATCH in the UTA.

Apollo Cain:  You mad or nah bro?

Apollo hits him with the newly minted catchphrase of urbanites everywhere.

Apollo Cain:  That’s how you remember it?  I remember it as I was carrying your ass and got tired of it.

Unlikely, not a fan of the comment, moves in closer.

Mikey Unlikely: Yea, well I remember it as walking out, and leaving someone to dry. I don’t know about you Apollo, but I’ve been around the way a long time, and its better to build bridges, than to burn em.

Apollo Cain:  Oh, so you’re givin’ me life lessons now, huh?  Well let me give you one.  It’s better to run from the Hulk instead of make him angry!

The two continue to try to stare one another down, neither man moving an inch. Finally Mikey breaks the silence.

Mikey Unlikely: I’m not afraid of you Apollo, I wasn’t afraid of you then, and I’m sure as hell not afraid of you now. Whether it be rappin or wrestling, I go hard all day long, and I’m not going to let some come and go, never made it, come in here and push me around. So that said… You will be seeing me around, I will make sure next time, you see me coming...

Apollo looks at the intensity in Mikey’s eyes.  His lips curls into a snarl.

Apollo Cain:  I’m ever ready like a battery, brah.  I’ll see you coming from a mile away with that goofy ass smile.  Matter of fact, next Victory when I put a bra on Bobby Dean, I want you ringside to see what happens when hashtag Black Hulk meets asstag WTFC!

With that Apollo pats Mikey on the back and walks off the direction he came from. Leaving Mikey seething in place, watching him walk away.

Mikey Unlikely: Time to show another hater, just how I get down. Things won’t be the same, second time around!

Apollo hears Mikey and stops dead in his tracks.  He doesn’t immediately turn around, but when he does he comes at Mikey with a ferocity in his step.

Just at that second, Commissioner Jiles, is walking by and heard the end of the conversation, he sees the freight train, about to meet Mikey, and he jumps in between the two with his hands out.

Commissioner Jiles: WOAH WOAH WOAH…. SLOW DOWN! Both of you get out of here now! We don’t need this breaking down back here. You guys got issues, you can settle it in the ring, but not tonight.

Apollo Cain shakes his head and sucks at his gold teeth, seemingly pondering running right through the Commish and Mikey.  Instead he lets out a slight chuckle.

Apollo Cain:  Just like high school huh Mikey, saved by the freakin’ teacher.  I’ve got a match to go get ready for.  Co Main event, which means you’ll have plenty of time to get your popcorn ready!

Apollo walks off laughing, as the scene comes to an end as Cancer tries to calm Mikey down.

Bobby Meets Sektor

Bobby Meets Sektor

Walking down the hallway with a smile on his face, Bobby Dean looks amazed at his surroundings. As if he’s never been in a UTA backstage area before…

Bobby Dean: I can’t believe I’m here!

Stopping in the middle of a crowded hallway, Bobby holds out his hands and begins to twirl around, ala Mary Tyler Moore on the Mary Tyler Moore show. If only he had a nice wool cap to throw into the hair. The problem is, Bobby isn’t all that coordinated, and when a 400 pound grown man begins twirling in a crowded area, it’s bound to get ugly.

???: Watch it!

Bobby stumbles, bouncing off the firm physique of the Gold Standard, causing Bobby’s mouth to gape open, his eyes wide, albeit a bit unfocused.

Bobby Dean: Jo… John… John Sektor!? Is that really you!?

John Sektor:

Sektor simply looks at Bobby with a blank stare, almost as if he were wondering who Bobby Dean even was.

Bobby Dean: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it! The Golden God, here, in the UTA!? Oh man, oh man, oh… Uh-oh…

Bobby stands stark still, looking down a bit, a blush blooming on his rosy cheeks.

John Sektor: Tell me you didn’t…

Bobby Dean: It was just a little bit. I think it was that cherry Big Gulp I drank just a minute ago. And the twirling didn’t help, let me tell you!

John Sektor: You’re not really an employee here, are you? I mean, that was a one time match earlier, wasn't it?

Bobby Dean: Yeah, I’m Bobby Dean. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, maybe you’ve heard of me? I’m kinda famous around here.

Sektor tries to step past Bobby, but Bobby stops him by sidestepping into his intended path, smiling. Suddenly Bobby gasps and without a word, he begins struggling out of his UTA branded BBD baby blue tee. Underneath it is a black H*W brand John Sektor tee shirt, with a Gold Standard moniker splayed in gold. It’s about three sizes too small, making it a bit of a half shirt on the ample body of Bobby Dean. Sektor does not look impressed, in fact he looks a little disgusted as the fat rolls of Bobby Dean oozes out from under the hem.

Bobby Dean: Can you please sign my shirt Mr. Sektor?

John gives of an exaggerated sigh of exasperation.

Sektor: No.

Bobby Dean: If you could, make it out to: “My Friend, My Pal, My Idol, Bobby Dean. Then sign your name.”

Sektor: No.

Bobby Dean: Here…

Bobby reaches into his pocket and retrieves a handful of different colored sharpies, as if that was a normal occurrence.

Sektor: So I’m supposed to just ignore the fact that you’re wearing one of my old throw away tee shirts? And that you walk around with sharpies in your pocket? And call me the GOLDEN GOD??

Bobby Dean: Well, my Mike Best has a huge hole where his mouth is. Can you imagine that? A Mike Best with no mouth!? So I’m waiting on my replacement. It was the only other undershirt I had on hand.

Bobby looks sheepish, he was never a very good liar. The fact is, he has 12 John Sektor tee-shirts and he wears them constantly. But shhhh, don’t tell John.

Bobby Dean: And don’t mind the sharpies, those are the least unusual things I’ve kept in these pockets of mine.

Smiling happily, Bobby extends his hand, waving them in John’s face, as if John were blind. John, reluctantly, takes a silver sharpie in his hand, causing Bobby to giggle with glee.

Bobby Dean: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Sektor: So if I sign this thing, you’ll leave me alone?

Bobby Dean: No, but you’ll make me the happiest little boy on earth!

Sektor looks both disgusted and disturbed at the big fat man acting like a giddy little school boy. He even arches his lip like Sly Stallone to emphasise this.

Sektor: I’m not quite sure I want that…

Bobby Dean: Okay, okay, I’ll leave you alone. I promise.

Bobby holds his off hand behind his back, with a mischievous little smirk on his face, crossing his fingers.

John scribbles his name, well, it’s assumed that it’s his name. If you were to get it authenticated, no one would be able to sign off on it, as it simply looks like a bunch of squiggly lines.

Sektor: There, now leave me alone.

John pushes past Bobby, shoving the silver sharpie, not too gently, in Bobby’s chest.

Bobby Dean: Wait, I have to show you my mustache! I’ve been working on it for two years, look, my fourth hair came in yesterday!

Bobby tries to push his face within an inch of John’s but John growls and curses under his breath.

Sektor: Victory? They should rebrand this show the 'Special Bus' show..first a pirate and now this fat man-child, bothering me..

John mumbles all of this as he  continues down the hall with a pestering Bobby Dean in his wake. He eventually stops and turns, holding an outstretched palm in front of Big Bobby.

Sektor: Listen big falla. I like that you're enthusiastic and want to hang out with me. But I just don't play well with others, okay?

Bobby's head bows and a sad look appears in his eyes, his lips quiver whilst all of his chins all rub up against one another.

Sektor: I work better on my own, okay? So why don't you run along and find someone who's more...

Sektor turns his gaze up to the ceiling as he tries to diplomatically choose his words.

Sektor: Your kind of people..

He gives a smirk and pats him on the shoulder, screwing his face up and proceeding to wipe his hand clean on his own pants, leaving a trail of God only knows what on the front of his pant leg. Bobby stands silent in his rejection, as he watches John Sektor make his way down the hall. Sniffling quite loudly, Bobby turns and sees another familiar face.

Bobby Dean: Hey, you with the boobs, come to Uncle Bobby! Hey! Wait! I’m kinda famous!

Bobby’s dejected face suddenly morphs into a wide smile as he scurries off after Zhalia, who happens to pick up her pace, walking down the hall glancing over her shoulder every few steps. Almost as if she didn’t want to see Bobby Dean!

Ron Hall vs. Mr. Fantastic

Genghis Tron Board up the House [Renholder Remix] plays. The arena turns a dismal red. Smoke rises from the stage. Out steps Crimson Lord. He stands at the top of the ramp looking down. He his wet navy blue hair hangs over his face. He has a dark red gothic style leather coat on. He has dark red jeans on. He also has new black and red boots on.

Fans give off a mix of cheers and boos.

Gaze walks from the backstage to stand next to him. She has her black and blue hair hanging down to her shoulder also wet. With black eyeshadow and black lipstick. She wears black open vest. Gaze also has torn red jeans with black high heel boots.

Williams: Here comes the special ref for this title match.

Fury: Dick sees the end of the legends tonight!

Gaze stands at the top of the ramp. She looks up toward Crimson Lord. Crimson Lord looks down toward her. Gaze walks in front of him and leads him to the ring. Crimson Lord slowly turns his head to face the ring as he follows her. He slowly begins to walk down the ramp with each step smoke rises from under his feet.

Announcer: The following match is a Prodigy Championship match! Coming to the ring at this time is the special guest referee!  Crimson Lord!!!!

Fans give off a mix of cheers and boos.

Crimson Lord and Gaze reach the end of the entrance ramp. He stares coldly into the ring. Gaze walks around the ring pulls up a seat next to Bill Foster. Crimson takes off his coat, giving it to a crew man. He has a black mesh shirt on with a UTA logo over his right pec.

Williams:  Crimson has entered the ring. Interesting attire for a referee.  You would think he would at least put on the stripes.

Fury: This is Crimson Lord we're talking about here! Why do you think he would conform to the rules!

Crimson Lord quickly grabs the top rope and steps over the top rope. He walks over to the corner.  As he passes the ring announcer,  Franklin, having bad memories of the last time he came this close to him, quickly gets out of Crimson’s way. The lights slowly come on.

Williams:  Will Crimson accept the contract Jiles offered to him earlier?

Fury:  Dick feels he would be a fool not too!

The arena lights dim as Thunder Underground by Ozzy Osbourne fills the arena. A few seconds later, Mr. Fantastic emerges onto the stage. He slowly surveys the crowd, looking left and right, nodding his head and offering a confident smirk in recognition of their response.

Williams: Here comes what I guess you could say the last remaining wrestler in The Spawn.

Fury:  Dick thinks this should be a cakewalk for Crimson to accomplish.

Fireworks erupt as Fantastic thrusts his taped fists up into a V. Fantastic lowers his arms and begins to confidently stride to the ring. He pounds his fists against the Fantastic Fight Academy logo printed across his chest on the T-shirt he’s wearing.

Fans Cheers.

Williams:  Ron and Fantastic did not earn the title of "Legends" by a fluke, Dick.   If Crimson does try to take these two men out it will not be as easy as you think!

Fury:  What do you mean “IF”?   Dick says Crimson can handle these two hot heads with ease!

Announcer: Hailing from the City of Angels, California...

Fantastic walks up the ringside steps, wipes the bottom of his boots on the ring apron and steps through the middle ropes.

Announcer: Standing at six foot and three inches, weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds...

Fantastic stands in his corner, rotating his wrists and shoulders, warming up for his match.  Keeping his eye on Crimson who has his arms crossed in the adjacent corner not impressed.

Announcer: The challenger! Representing The Spawn and a member of the UTA Hall of Fame, ladies and gentlemen here is….Mr. Fantastic!!

Fans cheer.

Fantastic walks to the middle of the ring, facing the hard camera, and raises his arms once more in a V.  He then looks toward Crimson.  He walks over to Crimson, uncrosses his arms, and the two start jawing back and forth.

Williams:  Do not push this, Fantastic.  You got a great opportunity here to get some gold.

Fury: Only takes the right word to set Crimson on a uncontrollable rampage. Say it Fantastic please!

Gold Medal by Tha Trademarc hits.  Fantastic steps away from Crimson. Fantastic pulls of his T-shirt and tosses it into the crowd before returning to his corner.  Ron walks out from the back with the Prodigy championship securely around his waist. He's sporting a Olympic Wrestling T Shirt tonight over his singlet. Crimson’s eyes quickly turn toward Ron.

Fans give a mix of cheers and boos.

Williams: Here comes the champion.  This is going to be an insane match!

Fury:  Dick says its between two has-beens. Only true legend in that ring is Crimson Lord!

The fans have mix reactions as Ron makes his way to the ring.  His eyes not taken off Fantastic.  He walks around the ring and gets a look at Gaze.  She is clapping for him. He turns to the ring and Crimson now seems to be following Ron around the ring.

Announcer: Introducing from the Heart of the Appalachian Mountains….

Williams:  This might erupt real quick.  Crimson’s has been wanting to get into arms length with Hall for months now.

Fury:  Come on Ron step in the ring and face your career killer!

Announcer: Standing five foot and eleven inches, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-five pounds….

Ron looks toward Gaze.  She is encouraging him to get in the ring. Ron looks up toward Crimson then back at her. Then toward Fantastic, who is hopping up and down in the corner doing some ballistic exercises.

Announcer: He is the current Prodigy Champion!  Ladies and gentleman “The Southern Rebel” Ronnn Hallll!!!!!!

Fans give a mix of cheers and boos.

Williams:  I do not like Ron’s chances at winning this match.

Fury:  Come on Ron, walk to the back now or it will be over in five minutes!

Ron slowly steps up the steps entering the ring.  He now stares toward Crimson, who is seething at the sight of Ron. He unhooks his championship and stares at it, then back at Crimson, then to the crowd. He then looks toward Fantastic and walks over to him, ignoring Crimson.  Fantastic gets right in Hall’s face.  Ron raises the title up in front of Fantastic.

Williams:  Fantastic is ready.  You can see it all in his body language.

Fury:  Dick says it does not matter. That man...

Camera pans to Crimson his hands clenched in fists as he stares at the two.

Fury:  ...will make sure neither have a career after this match!

Crimson quickly breaks up the stare down and snatches the Prodigy Title from Ron’s hands. Ron quickly gets in Crimson’s face. Crimson just snickers toward him and walks over and hands it to a crew member outside between the top and middle rope.  The bell rings.

Williams:  Here we go.  Ron and Fantastic circle each other.

Fury:  Dick sees Crimson just leaning in the corner with his arms crossed.

Camera shows Gaze cheering both men on.  They lock up and Fantastic is quick for an arm drag. Ron quickly gets up as the fans pop for Fantastic.  They lock up again and this time Ron arm drags Fantastic.  Fantastic quickly hops up.

Williams:  Both men seem to be feeling each other out.  It has been a long time since they met in the ring.

Fury:  A style belonging to the dinosaur age.

They lock up and Fantastic gets a side head lock.  Ron quickly reverse and throws Fantastic off the ropes.  Fantastic comes back and quickly knocks Ron down with a shoulder.  Ron hops back up.  Fantastic has gone off the ropes, Ron swings for a clothesline.  Fantastic ducks and goes off the ropes again with a diving shoulder block.  Ron gets out of the ring quickly.

Fans chant “Nothing Better then being Fantastic”.

Williams:  The fans seem to be firmly behind Fantastic on this one.

Fury:  Dick sees the frustration in Ron’s eyes.

Crimson is not even bothering to count.  Fantastic starts to order Crimson to count.  Crimson puts his hand over his mouth in a yawning gesture.  Ron slides in and quickly tries to take advantage of Fantastic’s distraction.  He swings a punch and Fantastic quickly turns around and blocks it and clobbers Ron with a counter punch knocking him down.

Williams:  Blatant open fists and Crimson could care less.

Fury:  Why should he care?

Ron has gotten to his feet and stares coldly at Fantastic, who has kept his composure.  Ron, on the other hand, has not.  They circle and as they go to lock up.  Ron quickly knee lifts Fantastic. Follows up with a ddt!

Williams:  Ron on the offense now.

Fans give a mix of cheers and boos.

Fury:  Look at this.  He has gone for the cover and, again, Crimson won’t even leave the corner!

Crimson stares at his nails for a moment before Ron gets in his face.  Crimson just looks down at the UTA logo on his shirt and points to it.  Ron, seething mad, once again has taken his focus off the match.  Fantastic has hopped to his feet and as Ron turns around Fantastic greets him with a  side Belly to Belly suplex!  Fantastic is quick to pick up a stunned Hall.   Fantastic lifts Hall up into a gutwrench suplex. Now he floats over for the pin.

Williams:  Crimson has come out of the corner …

Fury:  Naah!  He changed his mind.  This is hilarious.  He is like a vulture just waiting to pick at the leftovers.

Fans give a mix of cheers and boos.

Now Fantastic hops up and gets in Crimson’s face.  All Crimson does is ignore him.  Ron has gotten to his feet now, and, as Fantastic turns around, hits a spine buster!  Ron starts jaw jacking around the ring as he passes Crimson.  He sticks his middle finger out toward him.  Crimson’s boredom turns to a enraged demeanor.

Fans cheer.

Williams:  Ron sure knows how to push Crimson’s buttons.

Fury:  Dick says why wouldn’t he? They have been bitter rivals for years.

Ron goes back on the attack!  Lays in a few boots to Fantastic as he tries to get to his feet.  Ron pushes him into the corner and quickly whips him into the corner behind him.  He rushes in with a vicious clothesline.  Fantastic stumbles forward Ron, who hops on the second rope and jumps forward into a bulldog.

Fans cheer.

Williams:  Crimson's indifference seems to have benefited both men so far.

Fury:  Just like a vulture would circle his prey.

Ron hops to his feet and is posed to hit Country Chin Music.

Fans cheer.

Williams:  Ron trying to ends this.

Fury:  Crimson does not appear to want it to end! He is now standing in middle of Fantastic and Ron.

Fans give off a mix reaction.

Ron is obviously enraged at Crimson and is now getting in Crimson's face and arguing with him. Fantastic has gotten up and joins in on the argument. All three men are now arguing back and forth. Gaze has hopped on the apron and entered the ring trying to wedge herself in between the three.

Williams: This has finally deteriorated and Gaze can't get these three to calm down.

Fury: Dick saw this coming for a while now.

Crimson shoves Gaze out of the way. Her fall is stopped by the ropes. Ron shoves Crimson. He returns the favor.  Fantastic gets in between them and tries to restore some sort of order in the match. He quickly tries to calm Crimson down, but Ron just keeps yelling over Fantastic’s shoulder. Fantastic turns around and tries to talk to Ron, only to have Hall shove him into Crimson. It's enough to make Fantastic snap!

Fans boo.

Williams:  Fantastic with a vicious haymaker to Ron.  He looks back at Crimson who is smiling.  Are they actually in cahoots!?

Fury:  Dick is speechless.

Crimson backs up from Fantastic.  Ron hops to his feet and the two begin to unload in a brawl like we saw two weeks ago.  Gaze is pleading with them to stop.  Ron loses the advantage and Fantastic kicks him in the gut. Fantastic quickly follows with a snap mare and a vicious kick in the back of his head.

Williams:  Fantastic seems to have changed in this match.  This is not what I expected from him.

Fury:  He is trying to win a match.  For a title, no less. This is no time to be a “good sportsman”!

Williams: How is the match still going on amidst all this chaos?!

Fantastic waiting for Ron to get to his feet.  Ron slowly gets to his feet. Fantastic is bouncing on the ropes, ready to explode off them.  Ron turns around and Fantastic charges with a running clothesline!

Williams:  Ron ducks!  Fantastic slams his breaks on!

Fury:  He almost nailed Crimson!

Fantastic turns around and Ron was poised for Country Chin Music.  He quickly starts the move. Fantastic dodges the attack. The kick nails Crimson square on the jaw.  Crimson tumbles over the top rope his jaw smacking off the apron as he hits the concrete floor!

Williams: My God!  Crimson took a nasty fall!

Fans cheer.

Fury: Dick sees Gaze now trying to get in between Ron and Fantastic again!

Williams: Gotta give her credit for trying.  She's not letting this fall apart without a fight!

Gaze is screaming at the two to stop.  Both stare angrily at each other arguing back and forth.  Gaze begins to plead with Fantastic to no avail.  Then to Ron.  Same thing. Gaze grabs her head and shakes it.

Williams:  Gaze does not look very well, she appears paler than usual.

Fury:  Is that possible? Dick thinks that woman does not belong in that squared circle!

Gaze suddenly collapses! Fans look on in awe.

Williams: Oh my God, is she alright?

Fury:  Dick says Ron push her out of the ring and finish off this match!  She did not belong there anyway!

Williams:  (Running out of patience) You dickless pile of crap!

Fury:  (trying to process what was just said) You do realize were on live TV right?

Williams: (Fed up with her broadcast partner) Yeah, I said it!  I'll repeat it!!  I am sick of you thinking men are superior to women, you disgusting pig!

Fury: (Oblivious to how she feels) Tell Dick how you really feel, Jennifer?

Fantastic and Ron are checking on Gaze, who remains motionless on the mat.

Williams: (trying  to regain her focus on the match rather than her counterpart.) Well…Gaze appears to be down.  For what? We do not know.

Fury:  I can not wait until Crimson sees these two hovering over his wife.  Dick sees hell for them to pay.

Ron is the first one to stand up.  He is waving his hand toward the back.  Medical crews rush to the ring as Fantastic tries to talk to her. She is unresponsive.  Ron is now barking orders at the medical staff to do something.

Williams:  Fans we have no idea what has happened to Gaze here. I guess the match is over...

Fury: Would you look at that? The La Flama Blanca merchandise has sold out yet again.

Williams: (appalled at her partner's indifference to this)   Hey, Dick, you want to pay attention to what is happening in the ring right now?

Fury:  (Smugly) Dick does not care.  Women always seem to faint.  I tell you, Blanca is the next big thing in this company

Williams clearly disgusted with Dick, tries to do her job without him. The medical staff has put Gaze on a gurney and are pulling her out of the ring on a stretcher. Crimson still appears out cold.  Fantastic stands up with Ron.  The two look at each other. Fantastic says something off microphone with his hand out.

Fantastic: Truce

Ron nods his head. The two exchange a handshake and quickly get out of the ring. They accompany Gaze to the back with the medical staff.

Fans cheer.

Williams:  Amazing.  It took Gaze having health problems to finally get these two to behave.

Fury:  The giant has awoken.  Dick sees he does not look too happy either.

Crimson has pulled himself up from the apron, completely enraged.  His rage turns to utter confusion as he sees the empty ring.  Realizing something has to be going on, he sprints to the back.

Williams:  Wow, this gets weirder by the minute.  Don't go anywhere fans. We'll be right back!

Talent Scout

Talent Scout

The scene opens backstage where David Hightower, Old Man Hightower, and Whiskey are walking down a hallway.

Old Man Hightower: I don’t even get why you decided to become a pro wrestler to begin with!

David: Oh would ya stop?!

Old Man Hightower takes a drink from his jug of tea before he continues.

Old Man Hightower: Hey it ain’t like ya ever held a championship anywhere! In matter of fact that stinkin dog of yours held a championship at one point! How the hell does that happen!?

David groans shaking his head.

David: I don’t like talkin’ about that dad! And besides that was a company out in Atlantic City which I’ve came to the conclusion is the arm pit of Murica!

Old Man Hightower waves his hand in front of his nose.

Old Man Hightower: Yeah speaking of arm pits when the hell was the last time you took a bath?! You smell ripe boy!

David: We are not havin this here conversation!

David says walking through the backstage area with Whiskey trotting beside him.

Old Man Hightower: Seriously son when the hell are you finally going to give up and realize you aren’t cut out for this?

David turns around and look at Old Man Hightower stopping in his tracks.

David: Wanna know when I’ll give up? Alright! I’ll throw in the towel once I get the World Title and show everyone why I’m The Toughest Dog In the Yard!

Old Man Hightower: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh my god son! You are hilarious!!!! Oh stop!!! I think I may wet myself!!!

David stands there as Old Man Hightower continues to laugh hysterically.

David: I don’t see what ya think is so god dang funny!

Old Man Hightower: You? Champion?! Oh god son you couldn’t even last 5 seconds in the battle royal!!!!

David clenches his fists.

David: You watch old man! I’m markin this here date down so I can rub it in yer face when the day comes I get that belt!

Outside of the view of David Hightower and Old Man Hightower is Sean Jackson, who is strolling down the hallway himself.  Wearing a pair of dress slacks and an expensive silk shirt, he has the world championship draped over his shoulder.  Even though he isn’t paying attention to anyone around him, he can’t help but overhear the conversation about his world title.  In typical Sean Jackson fashion, he literally can’t help himself.

Sean:  Wait a minute gentlemen…

Thinking that maybe he heard wrong, Sean steps in for clarification.

Sean:  Maybe I overheard, maybe my imagination has gotten the better of me.  But did you honestly just stand there, and make reference to the world championship?

David lets out a long sigh as Old Man Hightower steps in front of him.

Old Man Hightower: He sure enough did! Thought it was pretty gosh darn stupid myself!

David: Will you shut up?!

Old Man Hightower ignores David.

Old Man Hightower: Hey son see what you could be? You could look like this young man! See how well dressed he is? I’m willing to bet this man actually gets to sleep with a significant other! Now why can’t you be more like him huh?!

David is clearly gritting his teeth at this point.

David: Dad…

Old Man Hightower: No seriously… You smell like a barnyard animal!

Amused, Sean smiles and nods his head at Old Man Hightower.

Sean:  Mr. Hightower, you sir are what this wrestling business is all about.  You can spot a true winner from a mile away and truth be told, if you are ever in Dallas.  Let me know and I’ll make sure to hook you up with a….

Sean glances over at David.

Sean:  REAL WOMAN!!!

He looks back at Old Man Hightower.

Sean:  How does that sound?

Old Man Hightower: I may have to hold you to that offer mister!

David face palms.

David: Okay enough! Stop tryin to shovel out whatever flavor of the week to my dad! Please excuse him he’s a bit crazy and senile…

David says clearly embarrassed at this point.

Old Man Hightower: What?! I don’t see what the problem is! I think he’s a nice young man!

David: Dad! The guy is tryin to manipulate you! Besides you haven’t been with a single woman since mom died!

Old Man Hightower shrugs his shoulders.

Old Man Hightower: That’s one more woman than you’ve been with son!

Sean clearly tries to keep from laughing at that one.

Sean:  Mr. Hightower, you clearly are a man of well rounded taste.  Hell, I may just have to hook you up with one of these…

He stops in mid sentence, obviously re-thinking what he was about to say.

Sean:  On second thought, you deserve better than the Tulsa trash they have here.  But hey, I’m in a giving mood tonight.  Maybe your boy David will like one of these Oklahoma boomer sooner types?  the ones who appear to be his type, four hoofs and half a ton.

Old Man Hightower: To tell you the truth I always thought he was into the opposite gender…

David: God damnit dad!!! Shut up!!!

Old Man Hightower turns to David.

Old Man Hightower: What in the hell am I supposed to think?! The closest thing to a companion you got is that dog!

David rips Old Man Hightower’s tea jug out of his hands and throws it down the hallway.

Old Man Hightower: Oh yeah! Real mature! Throwing an old man’s tea jug…

Old Man Hightower starts hobbling down the hall to retrieve it.

Old Man Hightower: No good dumb ass son of mine… Got half a mind to kick his ass…

Old Man Hightower mumbles as he hobbles out of the scene.

Sean:  Real classy move Hightower, real championship material there.  What do you do for an encore?  Play hide the sausage with Whiskey?

Sean looks over Hightower’s shoulder and towards Old Man Hightower.

Sean:  Real riveting stuff there, must be what they taught you in Boardwalk.  But over here, this is UTA and I’m King of the Mountain.  If you want to be a world champion, stick to the minors.  But if you think that you are going to be like Hopper and lay claim to something that is mine…

Sean taps the faceplate of his world championship.

Sean:  Then you have another thing coming.  The best thing you can do is look for another championship to lay claim to, because I’ll have no problem taking out your old man and dog to get my point across.  You understand?

David looks back at Old Man Hightower and then back at Sean Jackson.

David: Honestly if ya really want to kick his ass right now go ahead. You’d be doin me a favor…

Sean sees the attempt didn’t have the desired effect, so he switches gears.

Sean:  Listen Hightower, because I’m only going to say this once.  You can talk about the world championship all you want, but it is nothing more than a pipe dream.  I would say that I would take out whatever you love the most, but it appears the only thing you care about is that piss pour wrestling career that you have.  

Sean breaks a smile, while trying to be intimidating as well.

Sean:  So I will be blunt, I will take that mangy mutt and I will make you regret the day you ever had visions of the world championship.  Have I made myself clear now?

David gets in Sean Jackson’s face.

David: Now let me tell ya somethin ya dumb sumbitch! Ya can threaten my dad all ya want… I don’t care! But if ya even think about goin near my dog then that will be the biggest mistake of yer life!

Old Man Hightower hobbles back into the picture with his tea jug.

Old Man Hightower: You see this? You see this right here? This is the kind of abuse I put up with! He’d sooner save that dog before he’d save me!

Sean smiles again, backing up ever so slightly.  It is if an epiphany struck with the force of a mack truck.  Sean then turns his attention to Old Man Hightower.

Sean:  You know, I’m beginning to see your point.  But as always, I come prepared for occasions just like this.  Mr. Hightower, why don’t I help your boy out a bit?  you know, to show that there aren’t any hard feelings over him fawning over my world championship.

At that point, Sean motions with his hands and calls out.


A split second later, a young lady steps into the picture closely resembling Meagan Trainor.

Sean:  Meagan, this is David Hightower and he would love to hear your new hit single.

As the young lady smiles, she immediately begins to warm up the vocal chords to see specifically to David Hightower.  Sean then gives David a wink.

Sean:  See ya around, chump.

As Sean backs out of the scene, the young lady begins to sing.

Old Man Hightower: Awesome! We get a concert!

David: Is this really happenin right now?!

David stands there in complete disbelief.

David: Ya know why is it that the most ridiculous crap always seem to happen to me?!

The young woman continues to sing as David covers his ears.

David: Make her stop!!!!

Old Man Hightower: Hell no!!! I’m diggin her voice!

The woman continues singing and David lets out a scream almost like he’s being physically tortured.

Old Man Hightower: I gotta say son she’s pretty good! Son?


And David Hightower slams his head through the front of a nearby soda machine. The woman stops singing as Old Man Hightower looks at David shaking his head. David tries to pull his head out but it’s clearly obvious he’s stuck.

Old Man Hightower: Well this is new…

David: Don’t say a god dang word dad!!!

Old Man Hightower pokes David with his walking cane.

Old Man Hightower: I don’t know what to call this but you sure as hell didn’t get this from me! This had to come from your momma!

David: Shut up and get a crowbar! My head is stuck!

Old Man Hightower shakes his head as Whiskey lays down on his stomach and covers his eyes with his front paws embarrassed by the entire scenario that just unfolded.

Old Man Hightower: Ya know if they had a championship belt for being a complete and utter screw up then you’d be in the hall of fame by now! Come on Whiskey! Let’s go! I need to refill my tea jug and get some beef jerky!

Old Man Hightower hobbles out of the picture leaving David kicking his feet struggling.

David: WHISKEY!!! Don’t you leave me here! Whiskey?

Whiskey follows Old Man Hightower out of the picture leaving David behind.



Backstage the camera jolts from side to side and is accompanied by the sound of running. In the distance there are sounds of loud bangs and crashes as well as loud groans and yelling.

Williams: Folks, we’re being told that some commotion has broken out backstage and we’re just waiting for our camera man to get in position.

Fury: Dick can teach him a thing or two about getting into position..

The camera soon turns and corner and stops dead in its tracks at catches up with the noise. The ‘Butcher of Basra’ can be seen grabbing hold of John Sektor by the neck and throwing him shoulder first into the side of a big trash container, causing a thunderous bang. His manager Rafiq is stood to the side, face loaded with rage as he watches his charge do some damage to the Gold Standard.


As Sektor sits against the trash container, his face is met by heavy right hands from Abdul, who unloads without mercy.

Fury: Oof! Abdul smacking the taste out of his mouth right now..

Williams: This is awful, someone should help him!

Abdul grows tired of punching Sektor, and drags him up to his feet by his hair, which at this point is wild and out of place. His shirt is torn and creased as the Butcher of Basra bounces his head off the trash container.

Rafiq: Teach this infidel some RESPECT!

Abdul holds Sektor up by the sides of his hair to look into his eyes, but The Gold Standard bravely begins to fire a few right hands of his own.


Fury: Dick loves him a good old fashioned FIGHT!

Sektor’s fight back is soon halted by Rafiq who comes up behind Sektor and delivers a stiff arm between his legs, bringing him down to his knees.

Fury: Ohhh, Dick can feel Sektor’s pain right now, Jennifer..

Williams: This is ridiculous! This isn’t a fair fight, someone needs to help Sektor..

Fury: Dick thinks Sektor should have kept Booby Dean around as a shield..

Sektor, now cross eyed from the shot to his genitles, finds his head being thrown against the trash container by Abdul.

Rafiq: AGAIN!

Abdul, looking even more incensed by the fight back attempt by Sektor, drags him up to his feet and smiles sadistically as he see’s blood beginning to pour down his face.

Fury: First blood..great movie by the way!

Abdul scoops Sektor up and throws him rib first against the trash container, causing another bang that echoes around the corridor, leaving the Gold Standard coughing and spluttering on the floor.

Rafiq: Finish FINISH HIM, now..

Abdul backs up with purpose, waiting for Sektor who is bravely pulling himself onto his knees. Once up, the Butcher of Basra charges at him and leaps through the air, nailing him right on the button with a superman punch.

Fury: FIST OF ALLAH! Dick loves a good fisting..

Williams: That’s enough! Sektor needs medical help!

Sektor flops to the side, completely out cold as Rafiq joins his charge at his side, the two standing over the lifeless Gold Standard. ABH breathes heavily with a thirst for violence in his eyes, whilst Rafiq paces up and down on the spot, amped up himself.

Rafiq: You brought this on yourself! You insulted my charge! You insulted our God! And you insulted our whole way of life!

Fury: Dick thinks Sektor’s too knocked out right now to listen to this fool..

Suddenly the head of security, Bryan Wingate, charges onto the scene with a troop of his security force alongside him.

Wingate: That’s ENOUGH! Get out of here..

Rafiq holds his hand on his charges chest, ushering him away from the crime scene as the two hastily retreat off camera. The scene then begins to fade as Wingate checks on the fallen Sektor, whilst other members of the crew and medical staff rush to his aid.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Team Danger vs. TBD

2 of Amerikas Most Wanted  by Tupac & Snoop Dogg is heard throught the arena as the H-Town Hustla's make they're way through the curtain and out onto the stage.

Announcer: Weighing in at combined 507 pounds, Hailing from Houston, Texas....  Gutta Boy and Rodd Macc.... The H-TOWN HUSTLAAAAAAA'S!

They walk down the ramp and slide into the ring underneath the ropes together. Each man takes a turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd.

Williams: Rodd Macc making his return to the UTA tonight, with his long time partner and associate, Gutta Boy.

Fury: What a ridiculous name.

Williams: These two were a hit sensation in Death Row Wrestling.

Fury: That's saying a lot.

The echoing beat of Shut It Down by Dead Celebrity Status begins to pound upon the eardrums, instantly bringing the audience to a simmering anticipation.

The curtains part and out steps on to the stage, the one, the only, the legendary tag team of terror, into a storm of exploding, and perhaps nostalgic, cheers as the opening chorus is heard. Stephen Greer is out first, followed behind by a half step by his blood brother 'til the end, Tyrone Walker. The terrible twosome stop at the edge of the stage, taking in the scene before them with subtle smiles adorning their faces as Greer begins rubbing his hands together and Walker bounces up and down on the balls of his feet.

Williams: Team Danger making their television debut!

Fury: Now this is the team to watch.

As the song hits a lull, they make their way down the ramp. Fans rush the guard rails, reaching out with their hands for even the slightest touch as Walker and Greer hit the aisle. Taking the left, Walker nonchalantly reaches out with an arm for the fans to slap and grab at, while Greer does the same on the right, the fans stroking and tugging on the pad that covers his lethal lariat arm.

Announcer: Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida.

Nearing ringside, Greer and Walker stop to peer into the ring and then all around, taking in the view of being surrounded by the crowd. Coming back around, Walker and Greer look to each other with a nod before both burst forward and dive in under the bottom rope.

Announcer: Weighing in at a total combined weight of Four Hundred and Forty Five pounds...

In ring action.

Announcer: They are the "King of Pain" Stephen Greer and the "Black Jesus" Tyrone Walker, this is TEEEAAAMMM DAAANNNGEEERRR!

Entering the ring simultaneously, they each make for one of the neutral corners. Greer throws up his lariat arm and pounds his chest with the other, while Walker throws his arms out wide and hollers to the crowd all around him.

Williams: This team has such a history, and the fans are excited.

Greer and Walker drop from the turnbuckles and join each other in their designated corner as the music fades. Greer gets a little last minute stretching in, while Walker punches his fists into the palms of his hands.

Williams: Things are about to kick off! These two teams evenly matched as Rodd Macc and Stephen Greer are the big brute force leaving Gutta Boy and Tyrone Walker the smaller, faster of the two teams.

As the bell sounds, the teams decide who will start, leaving Greer and Macc in the ring to kick things off.

Williams: Lock up by the two. Stephan Greer forces Rodd Mac to a knee with his strength.

He pulls Mac up and into a side headlock.

Williams: Headlock by Greer. Maac pushes him away and into the ropes.

As Stephen returns he brings a boot up, catching Rodd Mac in the face.

Williams: Big boot takes Rodd Macc down.

Fury: Big boot from a big man.

Williams: The King of Pain not wasting any time as he pulls Macc to his feet. Heavy chop to the chest of Rodd Macc followed by another.

Fury: Those chops are like an axe coming down across a tree. They will take the breath out of anyone.

Williams: Greer now with a knee up into the midsection of Rodd Macc.

He grabs Macc around the waist as he is bent over, lifting him up before running forward and throwing him hard into the corner. Rodd Macc hits the turnbuckle with force, sliding to a sitting position on the canvas.

Williams: Running powerbomb into the turnbuckle by Stephen Greer. He was able to pick up the large Rodd Macc with ease.

Fury: The King of Pain is a monster.

Gutta Boy reaches over the ropes and tags his partner, who drops to his side on the canvas and rolls to the apron as his partner leaps into the ring.

Williams: Tag made. Gutta Boy charges Greer... he catches him.. powerslam by Stephen Greer!

Fury: The H-Town Hustlas don't stand a chance.

Stephen Greer just smiles as he lifts the much smaller Gutta Boy to his feet, dragging him over to the corner.

Williams: Tyrone Walker now tagged in as Greer holds Gutta Boy.

Walker gets into the ring. he runs and leaps up with both knees into the midsection of Gutta Boy as Greer releases him and gets out of the way. Walker had grabbed the top of Gutta Boy's head with the knees, and falls backward to the canvas, shooting Gutta Boy up and over behind him. Gutta slams into the turnbuckle and crumbles to the canvas as Tyrone Walker rolls over and pops up.

Williams: Walker runs... He leaps up the the second rope and comes down...

As he jumps down, Tyrone Walker brings both feet down on top of the head of Gutta Boy.

Williams: VICIOUS double footed springboard stomp to the face of Gutta Boy!

Fury: Team Danger is not just a name, but the warning you get before you face them. These guys are dangerously good.

Walker pulls Gutta Boy to his feet as he steps back. As he lifts him up, Tyrone holds Gutta Boy's head. He lifts Gutta up vertically, before dropping forward and down to the canvas.

Williams: Old Dirty Buster by Tyrone Walker! This one is over.

As he covers Gutta Boy, Rodd Macc gets back in the ring. At this time, Stephen Greer quickly gets in as well. The referee drops to count as Greer runs forward with the most vicious lariat you have ever seen in your life, taking Rodd Macc out of the game fully.

Williams: Hellfire Lariat by Greer to save his aprtner. The referee hits three! This one is over as Team Danger just completely DESTROYED their opponents in their UTA television debut!

The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winners of this match.. TEAM... DANNNGGGEERRR!!!

Fury: There is no denying that Team Danger just squashed these two like bugs.

Williams: An impressive debut with a win in less than two minutes by Team Danger. You have to wonder, with a force like this.. is anyone of the roster safe?

Their music begins to play as Team Danger celebrate in the ring. The fans go nuts as their heroes have pulled out an impressive win.

A Chance Encounter


A Chance Encounter


Scene opens to find a hyped up Team Danger blowing through the curtains after their successful television debut. As they pass through “gorilla” position, they’re each handed a towel from a random UTA staff member. Wiping themselves down as they walk, they enter the backstage proper and head towards the locker rooms.

Stephen Greer: Now that's how you put some cats on notice!

Suddenly an unseen, deep voice calls to them.

Voice: Yo.

Ignoring the voice, the Mean, Lean Tee Dee Machine continue on down the hall, lost in their banter with each other, they happen across a large wall of muscle and dreads in the form of Apollo Cain, the monstrous Black Hulk.

Suddenly, they take notice, Ty Walker instantly greets his fellow brotha.

Walker: Sup, big mang?

Cain:: I can’t call it.

Ty and Apollo do an elaborate handshake, bumping fists, interlocking their fingers and a tad more.  In total it takes about 8 seconds.

Cain::  I was strapping up the boots, but couldn’t keep my eyes off the tv.  If that’s rusty...than the name more than fits. Team Danger-us more like it..

Ty nods and smirks, his agreement is in total alignment. Greer however is puzzled, perhaps even contemplative. Ty turns to his uncharacteristically silent partner in crime.

Walker: What?

Greer: They got other black dudes here?

The KoP blurts out as he nods his head at the six foot eight Apollo, who is noticeably taller and larger than both. Ty shrugs, Greer continues to contemplate this scenario that is pinging around his brain like a game of Advanced Curveball.

Walker: Uh… yeah? Racist much?

Greer: I mean, how are you going to remain interesting if you’re not the only one?

Walker: Are we even allowed to say stuff like this on UTA television?

The KoP looks around, checking for any panicked UTA staffers with their finger on the censorship red alert buttons.

Greer: Looks like we’re doing it, and I don’t see anybody tackling me to the floor.

Walker: Well, you can’t beat that logic… And what in the HALE do you mean remain interesting?!

The KoP is already moving on as Ty finally gets offended at his buddies previous comment.

Greer: Sooo anyway, Apollo!

Cain:: Don’t get me wrong...I was the token Black guy here for a while, and this is my turf and all.  But I suppose I can share a bit of the spotlight with you people.

Greer:  Whoa, see...what do you mean, you people?

Ty facepalms and shakes his head. Cain: looks at Greer in confusion.

Cain:: You people like Team Danger, bro.  You and Ty.

Greer:  Uh huh, I’m sure...right…

Cain: throws his hands up.

Cain::  Look I’m headed out there soon. Paladin is in over his head and I’m the concrete block that’s gonna keep him there. Keep your eyes peeled, I just might show you what I learned over the Winter.

Walker: Word, you go ‘head an’ do that.

Greer: Yeah, we’ll be watching.

Cain gives them the nod and stalks off to handle that business, leaving Team Danger as the scene closes, cutting to the next thing.



We cut to a new scene backstage. A closed door is all we see. On the door is a sign that reads.

U.T. A. Commissioner
Cancer Jiles

We can hear mumbling voices as someone nears the door. Suddenly #WTFC’s Mikey Unlikely and Bobby Dean, come into view. They walk up, and Mikey knocks on it, as Dean puts his ear to the door, to listen if anyone is moving on the otherside.

Mikey Unlikely: Do you hear anything?

Bobby pushes against the door harder, closing his eyes, assuming it makes his hearing better.

Bobby Dean: No, I don’t think he is in….

His sentence is cut off, by the opening of the door from the inside. Dean takes a tumble as he was using the door to support his weight. He hits the floor, and looks up to see the smiling face of his long time friend, and former partner Cancer Jiles.

It takes both Mikey and Jiles, to help Bobby to his feet. He tries to use the desk for support, now that we see we’re in the office of the commish. The desk starts lifting on the opposite side and papers start sliding. As soon as Dean notices he gets off the desk.

Bobby Dean: Cancer!

Cancer Jiles: BOBO!

The two hug, Cancer notices all the excess sweat from Bobby Dean’s back, and wipes it on his jacket. He turns and to shake Mikey’s hand, who just smiles, and raises his hand for a high five.

Both men realize they went for two different greetings, and both switch to the other… don’t you hate when this happens? Finally Mikey just waves.

Cancer: How can I help you gentlemen?

Cancer moves back behind his desk, and smiles, welcoming the men into the room.

Bobby Dean: I came to ask a favor!

Cancer tilts his head, and starts to wonder.

Bobby Dean: In two weeks, I am facing that big Apollo Cain fella…

Cancer Jiles: Yea, I ran into Mikey here, with him earlier!

He eyes Mikey, who tries to play it off.

Bobby Dean: RIGHT! Well, I was wondering, if you could make Mikey here, the special referee for the match?

The commissioner looks confused.

Cancer Jiles: Why would I do that bud?

Dean shifts uncomfortably, He had thought this might have gone smoother.

Bobby Dean: Well you know, he is big, and scary, and mean! He wants to hurt me!

Mikey Unlikely: Quite frankly, if I may… I think he has intentions of going beyond a wrestling match, to try to hurt my buddy here, just to prove a point to me! This guy is ruthless.

Cancer nods to himself. He brings his hands to his face, and runs them from his hair to his chin.

Cancer Jiles: Guys, I think you’re right.

Both men look flabbergasted. They do not hear those words often.

Mikey Unlikely: You do?

Cancer Jiles: Absolutely, I saw the way he was looking at you earlier Mikey, that man wants a fight.

Mikey Unlikely: I do too!

Dean still in shock that someone told him he was right.

Cancer Jiles: I know you do Mikey, Unfortunately there is nothing I can do…

Both men stare incredulously.

Cancer Jiles: While I think you’re right that he may try to hurt Bobby. My hands are tied.

He turns his attention to Bobby.

Cancer Jiles: Sorry, I love you Bobbo, eGG Bandits for Life and all, but I can’t abuse my power. Not yet, at least.

Dean looks very worried and begins to speak.

Bobby Dean: But...but…but….

Jiles cuts him off.

Cancer Jiles: Sorry guys, I wish I could help, I just cannot justify it right now.

Dean tries to talk again but Mikey slaps him on the shoulder, he nods his head toward the door.

Mikey Unlikely: Let’s go Bobby, it’s not happening. Thanks for your time Commissioner!

Mikey flashes him his patented smile, and helps Bobby move the chair to fit out the small office door.  They close the door on their way out.

Outside Dean turns to Unlikely,.

Bobby Dean: WHAT WAS THAT? You just gave up in there!

Mikey smiles knowingly.

Mikey Unlikely: I didn’t give up Bobo, I promise this isnt over yet! I’ve got a plan Come on, lets go get some ice cream, I’ll tell you all about it!

All Bobby heard was ice cream. He licks his lips and smiles, and follows his buddy off camera.

The scene fades.

Paladin vs. Apollo Cain

The lights go out in the arena, as Lindsey Sterling's Crystallize begins to filter through the PA system. A bright white light cuts through the darkness, illuminating the entrance. As the song continues, a white cloud rises ominously from the stage, and as it lifts, it reveals the man called simply Paladin.

Announcer: From The Heavens Above....He is "The Shining Light"....THIS.....IS.....PALADIN!!!!

Paladin drops to a knee and throws his hands out to the side as a single light glistens down upon him before he gets up and starts to the ring.

Williams: There has been a lot of talk about this masked man.

Fury: What's with all the mask? Why are people too afraid to show their faces? Dick could never hide this beautiful face of his.

Paladin slides into the ring as the lights come back up.

Williams: This should be a good match here on Victory.

Fury: This weekend is stacked in good matches. It's a great time to be a wrestling fan.

What ya Life Like by Beanie Sigel begins to play. The eerie sounds of a prison door closing welcomes the sinister horns as Apollo Cain bursts through the curtain.

Williams: Apollo Cain returned at All or Nothing and has been making an impact since.

Fury: The Black Hulk is no easy opponent. Paladin has his hands full tonight.

Apollo waits out the horns and when the bass drops pyros stream up from both sides of the entrance. Sparks rain down on Apollo as he raises his closed fist to the sky. Nodding his head, focused on the ground.

Announcer: Hailing from Norfolk, Virginia...

Apollo stalks slowly to the ring, sneering at the fans. He stops at ringside and lunges toward a UTA fan making him fall back in fear. Cain just chuckles and steps directly onto the apron, pulling himself up by the ropes.

Announcer: Standing at 6 foot 8 inches tall and weighing in at 285 pounds

Apollo rolls his shoulders and cracks his neck. Sweat drips from his body and his stare is intense.


Apollo rushes to the turnbuckle and leaps to the second rope. He pounds his heart with his right hand three times before letting out a viscous roar to the crowd and stretching his arms wide to a chorus of boos!

Fury: These two are about to bring it with a passion.

The bell rings and immediately Paladin tries to tie up with Cain, but Cain is ready for it and kicks Paladin in the midsection.

Williams: Several kicks to the midsection here courtesy of Cain. You were right Dick, these two just shot right out of the gates!

Fury: Let the pain begin!

Paladin bends over and Cain hits him over the head once, twice, one more time, and Paladin drops to his knees. Cain then pulls Paladin to his feet by his knot and gets him in a standing headlock in the center of the ring.

Williams: Cain testing Paladin here.

The referee checks in on Paladin, but Paladin shakes his head. Paladin punches Cain in the stomach, then again, then once more. He pushes Cain into the ropes and as he returns Cain runs straight into Paladin, knocking him over with a shoulder block.

Williams: Cain with the impressive shoulder block here. If Paladin wants to survive he’s going to have to use those deadly kicks of his.

Fury: Yeah, hey, Paladin should be coming out to that song from Karate Kid, not Bobby Dean!

Cain quickly runs off the ropes for momentum and goes for the elbow drop, but hits nothing but matt as Paladin rolls out of the way. Cain rises and Paladin kicks him in the back of the right leg, Cain staggers. Paladin then kicks Cain in the back of his right leg.

Fury: Has Paladin got an earpiece in? He’s taking your advice perfectly.

Paladin flips Cain over and kicks him once stiff in the spine. Cain grimaces only to get a dropkick to the back of the head courtesy of Paladin. Paladin then scrambles to the canvas and covers Cain.

Williams: We’ve got a pin, One... two. . . No! Cain is too close to the ropes!

Fury: What a rookie-like mistake there by Paladin, you’ve got to know where you are in the ring at all times, Williams.

Paladin lifts Cain to his feet, gives him a swift elbow to the back of the head, but Cain is unfazed and responds with a left haymaker. Paladin staggers and to finish him off Cain raises his boot and connects with Paladin’s face. Paladin hits the canvas grabbing his face.

Williams: Apollo Cain controlling the match.

Cain saunters over to Paladin, bringing him slowly to his feet by the knot at the back of his head. Cain hits Paladin with a left haymaker, the force of the blow bringing Paladin to the mat. Cain stomps Paladin in the back and then picks him up, wringing his right arm.

Williams: Submission here by Cain.

Paladin reverses the hold, in doing so wringing Cain arm. Paladin then bends Cain at the waist and places his leg over Cain’ right shoulder. With his other leg he spins and kicks Cain straight in the face. Cain falls and hits the mat.

Fury: That’s a high impact offensive, Jennifer. Dick would hate to get a Paladin kick to the face.

Paladin goes for the cover.

Williams: Paladin going for another pin here! Get on it ref! He's counting... No! Kick out at two! Cain kicks out!

Both men get up, Cain taking refuge in the corner. Not wasting anytime, Paladin ascends upon him and promptly elbows Cain in the face.

Fury: Look out its raining elbows Jennifer!

Williams: Cain in trouble in the corner, taking every shot!

Paladin elbows Cain again, and again, three or four times before stepping back and drop kicking Cain right in the chest.

Williams: What’s this, what’s Paladin doing?

Paladin runs to the opposite corner, and then charges Cain, building up speed. With his momentum he runs and uses Cain’ own knee to jump up and kick him in the face.

Williams: Shinning Wizard! Shinning Wizard by Paladin!

Cain stumbles out of the corner as the crowd pops to the massive blow, and falls comically flat on his face. Paladin then covers Cain.

Williams: Yet another pin attempt by Paladin! The referee counts... one... two.. No, another kickout!

Cain starts to get to his feet, but Paladin applies a side headlock. Cain progress however is not stopped, and Cain reaches his feet, with Paladin still clinging to his head.

Williams: Cain pushes Paladin, Paladin is up against the ropes. Paladin returns, Cain with the big boot—no, Paladin ducks!

Paladin stops dead in his tracks. Cain turns around and charges, and Paladin catches him, flipping him over with a Japanese arm drag.

Williams: Arm drag by Paladin! But Paladin keeps his hold on Cain! He’s wrenching his arm on the canvas!

Fury: Paladin with some ground game.

Cain quickly gets out of it and lands a stiff right to Paladin’s face.

Fury: Never mind.

Cain then grabs Paladin by the left arm and pulls him toward himself. He goes for the clothesline but Paladin ducks, and Cain turns around just in time to get a kick to the side of the head from Paladin.

Williams: Massive kick from Paladin! Look at those educated feet Dick!

Fury: That’s Paladin’s problem, his feet are smarter than his head.

Cain staggers backwards, inching closer to the ropes. Paladin charges Cain, drop kicking him into, and over the top rope out of the ring.

Williams: Cain goes flying out of the ring now.

Cain sprawls around on the floor trying to regain his feet as Paladin amps himself up for a dive outside of the ring. The fans come alive with anticipation.

Fury: High risk time. This kid don’t know when to quit!

Williams: I sure love it though, don’t you Dick?

Cain starts to get to his feet as Paladin turns in the opposite direction, runs and bounces off the ropes for extra momentum and upon returning dives right through the ropes with a suicide dive.

Williams: My God the suicide dive!

The momentum of the dive carries them into the empty secondary announcers table nearby.

Fury: Well there’s a reason they call it a suicide dive. Paladin just hurt himself more than he hurt Apollo!

Paladin gets to his feet, selling the injury, picking up Cain before taking him over and rolling him into the ring. He then climbs to the apron and heads to the turnbuckle.

Williams: Paladin going up top...

He leaps with a cross body.

Williams: We’ve got yet another pin after that cross body! One... two.... ANOTHER KICK OUT BY APOLLO CAIN!

Cain gets to his feet, as Paladin does as well. Paladin goes for a kick to the kidneys but Cain blocks it and in desperation tosses Paladin out of the ring with one easy throw over the top rope.

Williams: Cain doesn’t know Paladin didn’t fall out of the ring! He doesn’t see him standing on the apron Dick!

Fury: Well, Apollo is screwed.

Cain turns around to rest, not knowing that Paladin held onto the rope and is now standing on the apron. Cain turns around, just as Paladin jumps on the top rope and dives at Cain. But Cain reacts fast enough and puts his foot up and Paladin gets a face full of boot.

Fury: Or not. . .

Cain picks out Paladin and slams him to the mat with a fall away slam. Quickly Cain covers him.

Williams: We’ve got a pin by Cain! Paladin kicks out!

Cain sits on his knees, his face red, his chest heaving as he gulps in large quantities of air. He pounds the mat in frustration as Paladin continues to writhe on the canvas.

Fury: Apollo Cain is getting frustrated! Last time he got this mad was when the family shop ran out of Brisket for Passover!

Cain picks up Paladin, hooks his arm over his head, slamming him to the mat with a suplex. He goes for the pin.

Williams: Paladin kicks out at two. How can these two men keep kicking out?!

Fury: The fight in both these competitors is impressive Jennifer.

Paladin crawls to the corner but Cain already on his feet reaches him first and pulls him to his feet. Grabbing Paladin’s arm he wrenches it backward, stretching out his shoulder and chest muscles. Cain wrenches the hold violently, pulling back with the remainder of his strength, causing Paladin to wince in pain.

Williams: The strength Dick, the strength! Cain looking like he’s trying to rip Paladin’s shoulder right out of its socket!

Fury: Do it Apollo! Do it!

The ref checks on Paladin, saying something inaudible to him. Paladin can be seen emphatically shaking his head. In frustration Cain slams Paladin to the canvas turning the hold into a pin.

Williams: Yet one more kick out by Paladin. Have they got anything left ladies and gentlemen?

Quickly Cain picks up Paladin and clotheslines him to the mat. He then bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow right onto the heart of Paladin. Paladin sells the elbow and Cain goes for the quick pin.

Williams: Another pin by Cain! Frustration setting in! No! Only a two count there.

Fury: Now way, this match is over. That was three ref! Three!

Paladin gets to the seated position, but his further progress toward standing is impeded by a stiff forearm to Paladin’s back. Paladin quickly fights back, punching Cain in the abdomen, then once more. Cain doubles over by quickly throws a right to Paladin that rocks him back.

Williams: Stiff haymaker from Paladin, that one caught him by surprise!

Seizing the opportunity Cain picks up Paladin, stretching him on his back in a torture rack.

Williams: The dreaded Torture Rack!

Fury: That’s pretty old school Jennifer.

Cain wrenches Paladin on his back, the ref asking Paladin if he would like to submit. Finally he does. The bell begins to ring.

Announcer: The winner of this match via submission.... APOLLO.... CAIIINNN!!!

Williams: Great match tonight, Apollo Cain with a big win here on Victory.

Apollo drops Paladin to the canvas as his music plays.



Backstage, Gaze is conscious and being checked on by a doctor.  Mr. Fantastic and Ron Hall are by her.

Fantastic: So, doc, what happened to her?

Doctor:  Well, Mrs. Bloodwell, you appear to have had a nervous breakdown.

Gaze looks toward the doctor, shocked by his diagnosis.  Ron and Fantastic exchange a look of embarrassment and surprise.

Gaze:  I have never had a nervous breakdown.  Why?  Where is Crimson?

Ron stands up and looks down at her.

Ron: Knowing him, he's likely brooding somewhere.

Gaze stares at Ron angrily.

Gaze: Why do you have to keep provoking him!?

The doctor tries to calm her down.

Doctor:  (Reassuringly and trying to be professional) Gaze, I need you to stay calm.  You are completely stressed out.  Getting into an argument is not going to help matters. (Looks at Ron very annoyed) Mr. Hall, you need to stop.  You're not helping things.

Gaze quickly stares at the doctor extremely pissed off.

Fantastic:  Take it easy, Gaze.

Fantastic stands up and looks at Ron.

Fantastic: (Trying one more time to be diplomatic) Look, Ron,  if we can put our petty differences behind us,maybe it's time for you and Crimson to do the same.  If not for yourselves then for her.

Fantastic looks at Gaze.

Ron:  (Reluctantly, but realizes this is the right thing to do) Fine, I’ll go see if I can find him... You'd think the man would actually care about his wife.

Ron leaves but before he does Gaze stops him.

Gaze: Thank you, Ronnie.  I'm sorry I ruined your match.

Ron looks toward her for a moment, takes her hand and reassures her.

Ron: It's ok, Angelica, it's not your fault.  Things happen. (He leaves to go find Crimson)

Gaze looks at Fantastic who takes a seat next to her.

Gaze: What about you, Chuck? Have you had any luck talking to him?

Fantastic shrugs his shoulders.

Fantastic:  Honestly, sweetie, I don’t know.  Hate to say it, but your better half has turned into a real mental case.

Gaze rubs her forehead.

Gaze:  I guess I should've told him in the beginning about his condition instead of forcing medication on him without an explanation.

Fantastic puts his hand over her hand.

Fantastic:  You were only trying to help him.  Don't beat yourself up about it.

Gaze:  (Nervously because it may not really be over) Are you and Ron….?

Fantastic:  (Trying to reassure her) We're cool. Get some rest, Gaze.

She tries to get off the table but Fantastic restrains her.

Gaze: I can’t!  Crimson has a match!  I have to be out there for him!

Fantastic overpowers her forcing her to lay back down.

Fantastic:  Relax, Gaze. We both know Crimson can handle himself.

Meanwhile Ron is passing Jiles office.  He is stopped by Jiles screaming inside so he puts his ear to the door.

Jiles:  It's voided!  You failed Crimson!  You couldn’t even do one simple thing and eliminate Mister Fantastic!  Hell, I gave you an added bonus of finishing off Ron Hall and you failed to do that, too!

Upon hearing his name. Ron opens the door and enters the office. Crimson looks over his shoulder but is quickly taken back by Jiles continually berating him.

Ron: (as if nothing's wrong) You just mention my name, Jiles?

Jiles:  Well…well look who just walked into my office.  The man...(irately) YOU!...

Jiles points at Crimson’s chest.  Crimson looks down at his finger.

Jiles:  were given (points at Crimson Lord) on a silver platter.

Crimson looks at Jiles coldly.  Ron is looking on amused.

Crimson: If you value that finger I would remove it right now!

Jiles quickly pulls his finger from Crimson but refuses to get out of his face.

Jiles:  The contract is void. You will not receive any world title shots!  Not now, maybe not EVER!

Ron’s eyes widened.  Crimson, on the other hand has reached his boiling point, and grabs Jiles by the throat and slams him against the wall.  Jiles eyes bulge out of his head, fearful of what Crimson Lord might be about to do to him.  Crimson slowly moves his head to the side of Jiles head and whispers in his ear.

Crimson:  Talk to me like that again, and I will break your damn neck!

Crimson slowly removes his hand from Jiles throat as he begins to cough, holding his throat.  Crimson turns and begins to walk out of the office.  He gives off a cold stare toward Ron but stops when Jiles says one more thing that has pushed the red button with Crimson.

Jiles:  I hope Gaze put herself in a coma!

Crimson and Ron turn around ready to hurt Jiles.  Crimson goes for Jiles but Ron stops him and calmly whispers "I got this". Before Crimson can say anything, Ron turns around and unloads with Country Chin Music on the Commissioner!  Ron’s foot strikes Jiles face. Jiles slumps over.  Crimson looks at Ron.  Ron looks back at him. They share a brief nod.

Crimson:  What did I miss?  Where's Gaze?

Ron:  She's fine.  You have a match to prepare for.

Crimson gets in Ron’s face.

Crimson: WHERE!?

Ron doesn't back down.

Ron:  She's in the dressing room, but being kept under close observation by the doctor. He thinks it's an anxiety attack.

Crimson stares at Ron for a moment, then looks down at Jiles unconscious. He then leaves the office leaving Ron by himself.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Crimson Lord vs. Silver & Steele

Genghis Tron Board up the House [Renholder Remix] plays. The arena turns a dismal red. Smoke rises from the stage. Out steps Crimson Lord. He stands at the top of the ramp looking down. He his wet navy blue hair hangs over his face. He has a dark red gothic style leather coat on. He has dark red tights with gothic symbols on the hips moving to the front of the tights. The words “BLOOD LUST” going down his right leg in red and gray letters. He also has new black and red strap boots on.

Williams:  Crimson, looks like his old mean self again.

Fury:  Dick can’t believe the audacity of Ron to do that to our commissioner!

Crimson Lord begins to walk down the ramp with each step smoke rises from under his feet.

Announcer: Hailing from Parts Unknown

Crimson Lord reaches the end of the entrance ramp. He stares coldly into the ring.

Announcer: Standing at seven foot and one inch and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds...

Crimson Lord quickly grabs the top rope and steps over the top rope. Crimson slowly turns to look toward his victims.

Announcer: “The Plague of Darkness”….CRIMSON LORD!!

The lights slowly come on.

Announcer: His opponents hailing from Orlando, Florida... Zoon Silver And from Tallahassee, Florida...  Jake Steele!!

Williams:  No Gaze, out here after having a nervous breakdown earlier tonight I can’t say I blame the doctors for keeping her away from this match.

Fury:  Oh booo hooo

The bell rings, and Crimson has moved to the entrance way staring up at the tron.  Zoon and Jake try to attack together but none of their blows having any sort of effect. Crimson just seems fixated with the entranceway.

Williams:  I think Crimson’s mind is elsewhere.

Fury:  Dick says what mind?

Crimson turns around as these two local guys continue to try and hurt Crimson.  Crimson finally realizing this is a match attacks with a double clothesline, knocking the two down as they flip through the air and fall on their faces.  

Crimson grabs Jake and throws him violently into the turnbuckle.  He falls face first.  Zoon gets up and has gone off the ropes and tries a clothesline that doesn't even budging the big man.  Crimson flips his hair behind him and grabs Zoon by the throat and lifts him up into a chokeslam!

Williams:  The Good Friends would have been a better challenge than these poor guys.

Fury:  Dick says they tucked tail and left the company.  Why dwell on the past?

Jake has gotten to the top rope he launches himself but Crimson catches him mid air, and powerfully, almost effortlessly tosses him on his shoulder comes down with a vicious powerslam!  Zoon has gotten up and charges Crimson!  Crimson quickly elevates Zoon on his return high in the air into a gorilla press!

Williams:  OH! Crimson just tossed Zoon over the top rope to the floor.

Fury:  Crimson calls that move “Swim with the Fishes”.  Get your terminology right woman!

Jake slowly gets up and Crimson grabs him and throws him shoulder first into the steel post. Without hesitation he picks up a pain ridden Jake Steele. Crimson sets him up for the Blood Lust!

Williams:  Blood Lust!  These two are no match for Crimson Lord.

Fury:  Wait…wait..a minute Dick wonders how you could even say these two ever had a chance.

Crimson drags Jake to the center of the ring and leaves the ring.  He picks up a unconscious Zoon and throws him violently into the steel steps.

Williams:  Crimson could of ended this already.

Fury:  Sending a message perhaps?

Crimson stalks Zoon and finally grabs him and tosses him in the ring. He enters the ring and drags Zoon over Jake’s feet.  He walks over to jakes head and locks in the Columbian NeckTie!

Williams:  Crimson going for a submission here and he gets it right away!

Announcer: The winner of the match Crimson Lord!!!!

Fury:  Dick thinks Crimson wants to break Mr. Steele's neck you think?

The ref trying to stop Crimson.  A deranged look appears on Crimson’s face as he continues to apply pressure.

Williams:  This man needs some help!

Fury:  What? Crimson is doing just fine.  Why would he need help?

Williams:  For the love of all that makes sense would you just stop it tonight!

Fury:  Calm down Dick has had to deal with your PMS all night. Dick is just trying to make the best of it.

Crimson finally removes the hold.


Crimson walks over to the ropes and demands a microphone.  He is handed one. He walks to the center of the ring and stares at the tron.  He puts the microphone to his mouth.

Crimson: You meatbags in the truck, put the replay of the ending of Hall and Fantastic match on the tron!

Williams:  What is this all about?

Fury:  No idea he goes through personalities so much like you change moods.

The replay on the tron begins to play….

Fury: Dick sees Gaze now trying to get in between Ron and Fantastic again!

Williams: Gotta give her credit for trying.  She's not letting this fall apart without a fight!

Gaze is screaming at the two to stop.  Both stare angrily at each other arguing back and forth.  Gaze begins to plead with Fantastic to no avail.  Then to Ron.  Same thing. Gaze grabs her head and shakes it.

Williams:  Gaze does not look very well, she appears paler than usual.

Fury:  Is that possible? Dick thinks that woman does not belong in that squared circle!

Gaze suddenly collapses!

Crimson Lord’s eyes widen in the ring as he continues to watch….

Williams: Oh my God, is she alright?

Fury:  Dick says Ron push her out of the ring and finish off this match!  She did not belong there anyway!

Williams:  (Running out of patience) You dickless pile of crap!

Fury:  (trying to process what was just said) You do realize were on live TV right?

Williams: (Fed up with her broadcast partner) Yeah, I said it!  I'll repeat it!!  I am sick of you thinking men are superior to women, you disgusting pig!

Fury: (Oblivious to how she feels) Tell Dick how you really feel, Jennifer?

Fantastic and Ron are checking on Gaze, who remains motionless on the mat.

Williams: (trying  to regain her focus on the match rather than her counterpart.) Well…Gaze appears to be down.  For what? We do not know.

Fury:  I can not wait until Crimson sees these two hovering over his wife.  Dick sees hell for them to pay.

Ron is the first one to stand up.  He is waving his hand toward the back.  Medical crews rush to the ring as Fantastic tries to talk to her. She is unresponsive.  Ron is now barking orders at the medical staff to do something.

Crimson:  Stop the footage meatbags!

Crimson looks out into the fans, then back at the tron a bit. He is taken back for a moment then raises the microphone to his mouth and quickly lowers it.  It's almost like he's at a loss for words.

Williams:  Who would of ever thought Crimson Lord would be rendered speechless?

Fury:  All over a woman!

Williams: You mean his wife?

Crimson raises the microphone to his mouth once more.

Crimson: Rebel…Get out here!

Williams:  I think he is calling out Ron Hall…

Fury:  I guess he wants more of a challenge.

Crimson paces back and forth as the fans start chanting

Fans: Rebel…Rebel….Rebel..

Crimson:  Come on Rebel I know you're back there get out here right now!

“Gold Medal” by Tha Trademarc hits.  Ron steps from backstage the fans continue to chant.

Fans: Rebel!!!

Crimson paces back and forth not taking his eyes off Ron. He makes his way down to the ring.  He walks around the ring and walks the steps and slowly walks the apron not taking his eyes off Crimson.  He enters the ring and walks up to Crimson. He slowly pulls his glasses off and braces for a possible confrontation. The two come face to face as Ron’s music quickly turns off.  The crowds chants change.


Crimson looks to the right, Ron looks to the left.  The two return their stare at each other.


Crimson looks to the left, Ron looks to the right.  The two return their stare at each other. Crimson raises the microphone slowly to his mouth.

Crimson: Let’s talk...

The fans erupt in cheers as Crimson drops the microphone and backs away from Ron. Crimson backflips over the top rope. Ron hops over the top rope to the apron and drops down to the floor, leaving the ring as well. The two walk up the ramp listening to chants of….


Williams: Could this mean the Spawn are back??



Kendrix: Woah, woah ,woah, hang on there maaattteee! Listen Yeah, treacle. Can’t you see I’m currently in the middle of an interview with my lovely associate here?

Kendrix, already in his ring attire, wet hair slicked back accompanied by a white towel hanging around his neck holds his arms out to present his associate Adrianna, dressed in a professional red business suit, but not looking too impressed with Kate Kincaid’s interruption of what looks to be a shoot for the Kendrix documentary she is putting together backstage in the arena.

Kincaid ignores the glares coming her way from Adrianna and continues to focus her attention on Kendrix as she brings her microphone away from him towards herself;

Kincaid: I’m sorry to interrupt you guys Kendrix but we’ve not got long to go now until tonight’s main event. I was just hoping to get a quick word with you on your thoughts before your Fatal Four Way match with David Hightower, L.A.R. and Emily Koresh?

Kendrix looks Kate up and down and removes his towel from his neck and back down to his side. He holds the palm of his hand up at Kate, gesturing for her to hold on for a moment as he turns his attention to his associate, holding her by the hand;

Kendrix: Adrianna, give us five minutes yeah? I suppose a should really educate the masses for a moment. We’ll do this another time, what are we on, take six now?

Adrianna smiles at Kendrix before taking one last glaring look at Kate before walking away, the sound of her heels clicking out of shot. After getting a good eyeful of Adrianna, Kendrix turns to face Kate with his trademark smirk, throwing his towel up onto his shoulder, he speaks into the microphone that Kate is holding up for him;

Kendrix: Where were we now, oh yeah. You were after my thoughts? I’m sure you were sweetheart, I’m sure you were. But I think it’s a little bit more than just wanting to get a word with Kendrix now isn't it.

He looks at Kate quizzingly but she shifts her eyes to their side and back quickly, having no idea what he is going on about;

Kincaid: Err, no, I don’t think so. It’s my job to interview all the UTA Superstars.

Kendrix chuckles to himself and raises his head up slightly before focusing back down on Kate, folding his arms across his chest;

Kendrix: Funny you say that Kate. You see, I’ve been in the UTA now for 3 months and this is the first time you’ve approached me for “my thoughts”. The reason I question why this is a little more than an interview is because of your timing.

Kincaid: I’m sorry, I don’t follow you, what do you mean?

He opens up his arms to his sides;

Kendrix: It’s funny that you've approached me just as I've hit main event status. I mean, where were you for my very first match against Lew Smith? Where were you for my very first victories against Log Haben and Graham Clauson? In fact where were you last time out here at Victory for my latest victory over Pin Smith?

He strokes his beard, looking like he is thinking before mockingly opening his eyes wide open and lifting his index finger to his head;

Kendrix: That’s right, absolutely no where to be seen. But now, all of a sudden, Kendrix hits the main event on Victory and...oh look, here you are, asking me for my thoughts on the main event and the chance to become number one contender for the Prodigy Title.

Kate begins to pull the mic towards her to retort however, Kendrix grabs hold of her hand and pulls it back towards himself, leaning in;

Kendrix: You see Kate, I know. I know what you’re really after. You want to share the spotlight with Kendrix. Just like all the fans here in Orlando tonight, you’re a leech. You’re leeching onto the early success of Kendrix. Hanging off the coat tails on my rise up the ladder. Reflected glory.

Still holding onto her hand he moves his attention away from her and focuses on the camera which has slowly zoomed in with Kate out of shot;

Kendrix: But you’re not alone. It seems to be a running theme in the back. Take my opponents tonight for example; Hightower, L.A.R. and Emily Koresh. Not one of them has had the early dominant success here that I have had. I doubt any of them even understands the meaning of the word “Prodigy”. But more importantly, Not one of them deserves to be in that ring with me for this chance this evening. Just like you, not one of them deserves to share the spotlight with Kendrix.

He slicks his hair back and smirks at the camera before turning his attention back to Kate;

Kendrix: So I’ll give you my thoughts on what is going to happen this evening. Two things are guaranteed.

He looks intently at the camera once more, holding two fingers up by his head;

Kendrix: Firstly, the fans are finally getting their money’s worth. Even though they probably should have spent it on food for their ten kids and personal hygiene products...they get to see Kendrix perform in the ring in the main event at victory. But secondly and most importantly, you leeches all get to see Kendrix become the number one contender for the Prodigy Title.

He looks back at Kate with a smile before pushing her hand and the mic back at her and out of his grasp before walking away out of shot.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

David Hightower vs. Lamond Alexander Robertson vs. Kendrix vs. Emily Koresh

The Big Screen comes to life with just static. The static seems to zoom back, revealing a television. A small blonde haired girl, Heather O'Rourke, sits looking at the television. She seems mesmerized by the static on her television. Craig T. Nelson and Jo Beth Williams are standing behind her. She slowly raises her hands and places them on the screen of the television.

Craig T. Nelson: Carol Anne, what is it, honey?

Jo Beth Williams: Baby, are you ok?

The girl slowly turns her head back to them.

Heather O'Rourke (Carol Anne): They're here...

Deep shadow covers the screen.

Parts of the screen slowly lighten up to reveal what appears to be a silhouette.

In darkness, a blood curdling cacophony: the squeal of unoiled winches, the rasp of hooks and razors being sharpened; and worse, and the howl of tormented souls. Above this din one particular victim yells for mercy with a mixture of tears and roars of rage.

Now the Screen is awash in people, crawling, scrabbling, and shambling masses, some of them moving in reverse. A sound like moaning accompanies them. The picture switches again. A figure stands upon a shore, its face shrouded. It points accusingly, not towards the screen, but at something unseen off to one side. The insect-like screeching sounds louder.

On the screen is a close up of an eye. Inside that eye is the sentence reflected in reverse: "Your Worse Nightmare Is Here." The eye blinks once, twice. The word remains. Suddenly the lights go out. Suddenly the screen seems to clear, what looks like the moon appears on it. Chanting begins from what seems nowhere.

It's not the moon at all, they realize. The shape is round like a full moon, but it seems to be made up of thin ribbons of cloud streaking against a night sky. And there's a face, we see, a face hidden in shadows, looking down from above. The picture has a grainy look to it as it changes. The scene is of a young girl sitting in a chair in a straight-jacket behind her stood to her left is a Doctor. The nerve-wracking grating as if of some giant metallic insect sounds in the background, but the young girl doesn't seem to notice. The Doctor stood to the left of the girl suddenly changes position from the left part of the picture, to the right. Almost instantly the Doctor returns to its original position, but in that one moment in its changed location we see a huge man with a shadow covering his face. The young girl turns towards where that figure stood, and smiles.

The screen next becomes a twitching, undulating impenetrable sea of the kanji characters used in the Japanese language. The viewers can pick out only a few things recognizable in English:

"Run whilst you still can."

Now the screen is awash in people, crawling, scrabbling, and shambling masses, some of them moving in reverse. A sound like moaning accompanies them. The picture switches again. A figure stands upon a shore, its face shrouded. It points accusingly, not towards the screen, but at something unseen off to one side. The insect-like screeching sounds louder.

On the big screen is a close up on inhuman, alien-looking eye. Inside that eye a single word is reflected in reverse: Pain. The eye blinks once, twice. The word remains. It changes and we see a long shot of an outdoor, swimming pool, the man with the shadows for a face is swimming in it and the straight jacket young girl sits by it.

The stadium drops into darkness as this weird movie is playing out on the big screen. Suddenly pyros explode in front of the big screen, as the fans literally jump from the shock. The roving arm of the overhead camera picks out people in the crowd. As they realize there on the screen they hold the signs higher. Orange strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The whole top of the entrance way bursts into a circle of flames.

Slowly rising directly through the flames in a huge throne; the throne seems to be made of title belts all fused together with heat forming the chair itself. Sitting atop the throne is an innocent looking woman.

The throne rises fully onto the ramp way. It is none other than the Queen of Xtreme, Emily Koresh. She then raises her arms above her head in an age-old gesture of defiance and supremacy as phosphorus flames blast in twin columns to the heavens behind the throne. Flames surround the throne.

She sits motionless, emotionless. Then on some unseen signal she launches herself forward into the flames without a seconds thought, her dark eyes glaze over. She stands with her arms outstretched like a crucifixion; Flames lick around her head and engulfs her clothing, yet she emerges from the other side unscathed. Freak like me by Halestorm starts blaring out.

Fury: Can Emily Koresh's intro get any longer? Jeez.

Laughing sadistically as she slowly walks towards the ring ignoring the mix of boos and cheers from the crowd. Emily, dressed in a "Menagerie" T-shirt. As she passes a camera she stops and looks directly into the lens. She cocks her head to the side and put out her tongue.

Announcer: Hailing from Abilene, Texas.......

Emily climbs between the ropes and strides to the far side of the ring. Climbing the turnbuckle she lifts her arms up high to the cheers of the crowd. Flash bulbs blink from all around the arena catching this moment in history.

Announcer: Standing at 5 foot 5 inches and weighing in at 125 ibs........

She gets down and stomps to the middle of the ring. She nods his head and stands in the middle of the ring as pyros explode behind her.

Announcer: ..................The Queen of Xtreme......Emily Koresh!!!!!!!

She starts to run the ropes but suddenly stops in the middle of the ring and adjusts her pads.

Williams: Emily Koresh hoping to become the number one contender for the Prodigy title tonight!

Fury: She has three very big road blocks in her way.

Emily stands in the neutral corner as her music stops. A mix of boos and cheers are still going on around the arena.

Williams: The Queen of Extreme waiting for her opponents now.

Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play and David Hightower walks out carrying a six bottle pack of beer and his rusted chain with a tow truck hook attached to it. Whiskey comes out trotting beside him.

Williams: David Hightower is the favorite to win tonight.

Fury: He's good in big matches like this, but Hightower can never seem to grasp it when it matters.

David walks down the ramp with Whiskey running ahead of him wagging his tail letting out a few playful barks.

Announcer: Hailing from West Memphis Arkansas

David walks over to one of the corner and sets his beer and chain with the tow truck hook under the bottom turnbuckle. David kneels down beside Whiskey and says a few words to him before he pets the dog on the head and slides into the ring.

Announcer: Standing at six feet and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds...

David storms around the ring before he slams his own head into one of the turnbuckles getting himself hyped as Whiskey runs around the outside of the ring letting out a few barks.

Announcer: He is "The Toughest Dog In The Yard" David Hightower!

David punches himself in the face a few times before he raises his fist in the air.

Williams: David Hightower ready to earn his shot at becoming a champion.

A slow drum beat begins from the PA system, repeating itself as the crowd dies down to hear it. The Utatron flickers into life, fading in with the image of a hill, cloudy blue skies above and a large steel Claymore sword buried into the grassy surface. A Scottish flag sits behind it, the wooden pole deep in the soil as well, waving effortlessly in the wind.

And suddenly, the sound of the rich violin bursts into the silence, playing its quick repeating verse as Promentory by Trevor Jones begins to play.

As the violin repeats itself, from the back slowly steps the figure of Lamond Alexander Robertson, a bright smile on his face as he taps his foot to the music. Coming onto the stage, Robertson turns slowly, taking in the lights, the rafters and shear production value of the show, arms outstretched in the moment as he turns back to face the ring and the crowd.

Williams: The newest of tonight's group, this could be the match that puts Lamond Alexander Robertson on the map.

Fury: He could win this and Dick still wouldn't care about him. Any guy that wears a skirt is weird.

Williams: It's a kilt.

Fury: Whatever.

A second violin joins the first in the unending repetition, as LAR walks down the ramp, stepping over to one side of the crowd and taking their outstretched hands in his, shaking each one. He shares a few words with each fan, a laugh with some before moving to the other side of the ramp and repeating with a few there.

Announcer: Making his way down to the ring, hailing from Pockton, Scotland.

Robertson walks his way around the ring on the outside, shaking hands with fans. He gets to one fan with his son, placing his hand on the father’s shoulder and whispering something to the boy before shuffling his hair and moving on. Lamond makes a point to shake hands with the announcers and the time keeper before stepping up onto the apron and into the ring.

Announcer: Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and sixty seven pounds...

LAR immediately walks to the corner, dropping to one knee and lifting a necklace he wears around his neck. He kisses the front of it, saying a few words with his head bowed and eyes closed before standing and turning to face the rest of the ring, slapping his left arm with his right hand.

Announcer: Lamond…Alexander…Robertson!!

He places the necklace on the outside of the ring, as well as taking his t-shirt off, standing proudly in the Robertson tartan kilt.

Williams: The last opponent about to make his way out.

The lights go out in the arena as Knife by Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip blares out over the PA System. Lights flash black and white as Fredericks emerges from the back wearing an England Football Jersey, a Union Jack Hackett Scarf, a pair of aviators and his trademark JFK black and green ring tights with green boots.

Williams:  That union Jack means Kendrix has hit the scene!

Fury:  This guy has all the tools and Dick knows they have been scared to put him against the top dogs yet. Tonight he will show what he can do against stronger competition.

Williams:  Not the most unbiased announcing, Dick.

Fury:  Dick is always unbiased, that doesn't mean preferences don't exist.

Williams:  It does, actually.

Fury:  Dick is done listening to you.

Red and white pyro explodes from the ramp as JFK slowly makes his way down towards the ring looking at fans with a disgusted look on his face. He stops in front of one fan holding a pen and paper in front of him and take the pen; he then takes from another young fan a large Mikey Unlikely poster, ripping it into pieces, signs one of the pieces and gives it back to the original fan with a genuine smile on his face.

Fury:  The kid is old school, everybody has to agree with that.

Williams:  An old school jerk, perhaps!

He gets to the ring, walks up the steps, looks back at the crowd shaking his head looking disgusted again before stepping through the middle rope into the ring. He gets onto one of the 2nd turnbuckles facing the entrance looking around at all the fans making a "wanker" sign while pointing at them with the other hand and waits for the match to begin.

Williams: Tonight, the number one contender for Ron Hall's Prodigy championship will be determined!

As the bell sounds, the action begins. David Hightower and Lamond Alexander Robertson clash in the middle of the ring, exchanging a flurry of rights and lefts as Emily Koresh lets out a scream and runs toward Kendrix, leaping up and throwing her legs around his waist while bringing her fist down across the top of his head.

Williams: We're off! Hightower and Robertson now exchanging heavy rights and lefts.

Fury: Look at Emily Koresh. She's slamming Kendix's head like she is Donkey Kong.

Williams: David hightower grabs the arm of lamond Robertson.. Irsh whip... Hightower follows up..

As he extends his arm, David hits LAR with a clothesline so powerful, both go over the top rope.

Williams: Both men to the floor outside!

Fury: They hit hard too. Now is the time for Emily Koresh or Kendrix to take advantage.

Williams: Kendrix lable to toss Koresh off of him. She charges again.

Fury: Emily Koresh is like a demon unleashed!

Emily hits a baseball slide beneath Kendrix's legs, then a pair of well placed shoulders to the back of his knees.

Williams: Emily Koresh taking Kendrix off of his feet early.

Emily pulls up on Kendrix's neck to bring him up onto all fours, from behind. With a hand on his shoulder to keep steady Emily uses the bottom rope to step up and springboard, flipping over Kendrix and bringing him back down with a neckbreaker/Stunner type impact.

Fury: Impressive.

Williams: Emily Koresh is wasting little time...

Kendrix is able to rise back up quickly, but Emily has already ran across the ring, bouncing back towards him. Emily leaps into the air towards Kendrix.

Williams: And Kendrix with the, he hangs on for a sideslam...

Kendrix, having met Emily with an outstretched right arm, tries to slam her down with a spinebuster when she hangs onto his arm. However, Emily has swing her legs around and caught Kendrix in a crucifix.

Williams: Emily switches it around...

Emily's feet only stay there for a fraction of a second before falling back to the mat, along with the rest of her. On the way down, Emily uses a wristlock out of nowhere on the left wrist to flip Kendrix over with an arm drag.

Williams: What a move by Emily Koresh!

Again, Kendrix is quick to rise. And again, Koresh is even quicker to do the same.

Williams: Emily takes to the offense once more...

Emily swings a leg high over Kendrix's head, hopping up onto his shoulders. Emily is looking to roll him forward into a victory roll.

Williams: Wait, wait...

Kendrix is able to thwart the move mid-way by catching her legs with his forearms underneath, repositoning the thighs above his shoulders, then kneeling down quickly with his first move of the night.

Williams: Great counter by Kendrix! Kneeling belly to belly piledriver!

Kendrix sits Emily up, then turns her around with a three-quarter nelson to bring her to her feet.

Williams: Kendrix has a very distinct weight advantage, but due to his style as a technician, I wonder how much of it will come into play.

Fury: It won't at the break-neck pace Emily is trying to go!

Kendrix now has Koresh in a front face lock, hooking the other arm over his own neck.

Williams: And now Kendrix lifts Emily Koresh into the air...vertical suplex! He floats over for the pin...

Kendrix hooks the leg of Emily Koresh as the official drops down to all fours, counting the pin.

Williams: David Hightower sliding back in the ring.. he drops an elbow to break up the pin attempt.

Fury: He almost didn't make it in time.

Williams: Hightower pulling Kendrix to his feet.

Emily Koresh holds her head, rolling over to the edge of the apron.

Williams: David Hightower with a headbutt to Kendrix.

Kendrix stumbles back.

Williams: Following up with a clothesline.

Fury: Cause that worked so well before...

Williams: Kendrix ducks! Both men turn.. Kendrix with a boot to Hightowers gut...

He grabs David's head and slaps him on the back before dropping.

Williams: Big DDT by Kendrix!

Kendrix shoves his shoulder into the side of Hightower, rolling him over before covering.

Williams: Kendrix going for another cover... The referee drops...

Lamond now slides into the ring enough to grab Kendrix's foot, pulling him off of Hightower and under the ropes to the outside. As he lands on the floor, LAR turns him around.

Williams: Lamond Robertson stopping the pin, now with a combo of punches catching Kendrix.

David sits up and shakes his head. As he does, Emily Koresh runs from behind him. She flips over Hightower, grabbing his head as she does and pulling it down. As she releases the force sends his head back up and bouncing off the canvas.

Fury: Koresh trying to give Hightower whiplash there!

She get to her feet. outside of the ring, Lamond sends Kendrix shoulder first into the barricade, where he falls to the floor. As Lamond turns around, Emily runs toward the ropes, leaping over.

Williams: Koresh flies! Lamond Robertson catches her... slamming Emily Koresh over and to the floor!

He quickly gets up and rolls into the ring as David Hightower is getting to his feet.

Williams: Lamond Robertson charges David Hightower.. Running knee.. NO! Hightower moves and Lamond misses!

LAR quickly turns, ducking a big swing by David Hightower.

Williams: Lamond Alexander Robertson quick thinking may have saved him there... Robertson leaps forward and down... chop block to the back of Hightower's legs takes the big man down!

Fury: Getting David Hightower off of his feet is no easy task, but Lamond just did it.

Kendrix rolls into the ring and begins to get up as Lamond pushes up.

Williams: Kendrix back in the ring now, Robertson runs.. leaps.. SPEAR! He just took Kendrix back down!

David Hightower pushes up, limping on his leg as LAR turns and sees him.

Williams: Hightower's leg is hurt, but he charges Robertson... Robertson runs toward him.. leaps.. SPEAR!

From outside the ring, Emily Koresh leaps to the apron, running over and climbing the turnbuckle from the outside. LAR turns as she leaps.

Williams: Koresh leaps from the top rope.. Lamond through the air like superman.. SPEAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIR!

As they hit, the fans go crazy. Lamond quickly covers Emily Koresh as the referee drops down.

Williams: This could be it!

Fury: he just cleaned house and is about to reap the benifits...


The bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match by pin fall... LAMOND.. ALEXANDER... ROBERTSON!!!!!!!

The fans are on their feet as LAR stands victorious, bodies all around him.

Williams: Lamond Alexander Robertson has done it folks! He has earned a shot at the Prodigy Championship held by Ron Hall!

The lights cut.

Williams: What's this?

The big screen lights up showing only 12:01am EST.

Fury: Well, apparently it's just after midnight here on the east coast. Thanks for the reminder mysterious time keeper.

Williams: Dick! Do you know what that means?!

Fury: That kids should be in bed?

Williams: No.. It means...

The lights come back up and standing behind Lamond Alexander Robertson is Perfection.


Lamond looks around as Perfection grabs his arms from behind. He turns, lowering Lamond's head down before dropping.


The fans begin to boo as Perfection rolls over and gets back to his feet. he runs to the ropes, grabbing the top and yells at them before turning to LAR and yelling about being the real prodigy Champion.

Williams: Perfection is back and he just set his sights on the number one contender for the title he never lost!

Fury: What a return!

Williams: This is amazing. But folks, we are out of time. We'll see you in one week, right here on Pure Sports Entertainment! Good night everybody!

Perfection continues to yell as the fans boo. The copyright comes across the screen and we fade to black.

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