Victory XXVII

29 Mar 2015

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)


As the stream fades up from black, the Saturday Night Victory logo comes across the screen. The funky beat of Living in America by James Brown begins. The logo pulses until we get to the first chorus. As it fades out we get a shot of screaming fans. We pan across, getting a good luck at the new Victory ring aprons and stage.
As we come along the other side of the fans, the camera pans down to an upward angle. Suddenly a series of red, white, and blue pyrotechnics begin to explode on the stage. The theme music continues to go off as the camera changes angles. We get shots of the fans singing along to the sounds of the Godfather of Soul.
From the ring post, red, then blue sparklers begin to crackle up from tops. As the music fades out, the fans are even louder and we pan down to the commentator's booth where former VCW Champion, Dick Fury, and Jennifer Williams are standing by.
Williams: Welcome ladies and gentleman to another exciting episode of Saturday Night Victory right here, live in the WrestleZone in Orlando, Florida! I'm Jennifer Williams and as always, I am joined by Dick Fury.
Fury: Thank you, Jennifer. Dick is here in his second home, Orlando! 

Williams: I'm excited about tonight's show, Dick. Like everyone I'm looking forward to the Main Event Tag Team Title Match.

Fury: The unlikely Tag Champions face their first challenege and it should be a great one. Also tonight, we have a battle between two high flyers when Lew Smith and Leyenda de Ocho square off.

Graphics appears to show all of tonight's matchups.

Fury: Dick is really looking forward to Mr. Fantastic taking on Lamond Robertson. Two men who have been moving up the ranks here in the UTA.

Williams: The Universe has been a buzz all week leading up to tonight. This crowd here at the WrestleZone is ready... THIS... IS... VICTORY!!!!!

Pin Smith vs. Kendrix

Williams:  This is going to be an exciting match that we have to lead the broadcast of Victory...

Fury:  (interrupting) LIVE!  This is a LIVE broadcast of Sunday Night Victory because the peons have spoken and they wanted Dick live on their television screens!

Williams:  I'm sure that is why the made that decision.

Fury:  You have no proof that they didn't. Dick is in demand, you should know this by now.

Williams:  Anyway, our lead-off match is surprising newcomer Pin Smith taking on Kendrix.

Fury:  Talk about a test for both men! Pin Smith has been shocking so far, but the British technical machine will be tearing him up tonight. Time to learn what it means to be in the UTA!

Williams:  It is time to get the introductions, let's send it to our wonderful ring announcer.

The view shows the UTA ring with the fans going nuts as the ring announcers lifts the microphone to his mouth.

Announcer:  Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to UTA Victory!

Cheap crowd pop, but honestly would you have an announcer do anything different?

Announcer:  This match is set for one fall and has a twenty-minute time limit!

The lights go out in the arena as "knife" by Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip blares out over the PA System. Lights flash black and white as Fredericks emerges from the back wearing an England Football Jersey, a Union Jack Hackett Scarf, a pair of aviators and his trademark JFK black and green ring tights with green boots.

Williams:  That union Jack means Kendrix has hit the scene!

Fury:  This young man is one of Dick's favorites because he doesn't care about anything except being the best and he has the tools to make it happen in that ring.

Red and white pyro explodes from the ramp as JFK slowly makes his way down towards the ring looking at fans with a disgusted look on his face. He stops in front of one fan holding a pen and paper in front of him and take the pen; he then takes from another young fan a large Mikey Unlikely poster, ripping it into pieces, signs one of the pieces and gives it back to the original fan with a genuine smile on his face.

Fury:  The kid is old school, everybody has to agree with that.

Williams:  An old school jerk, perhaps!

He gets to the ring, walks up the steps, looks back at the crowd shaking his head looking disgusted again before stepping through the middle rope into the ring. He gets onto one of the 2nd turnbuckles facing the entrance looking around at all the fans making a "wanker" sign while pointing at them with the other hand and waits for his opponent.

Williams:  I still cannot believe he gets away with that gesture on television.

Fury:  He's just shaking the dice because every match in UTA is a gamble.

Williams:  Give me a break!  Are you really going to say that is what you think that means?

Fury:  Of course not, Dick knows that gesture.

Williams:  I'm sure you know it very well.

Without notice the WrestleZone becomes a party of flashing strobes and moving spotlights of many colors. The stage lights up from underneath as the video screen goes through an inspirational montage of sweet cars, flying dollar bills, fat booties bouncing. The PA ratchets up with a scientific sounding noise that reaches the apex as KING replaces the bouncing booties. "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled kicks on over the airwaves.

Fury:  Good God! Dick is already sick of this idiotic hip-hop nonsense.

Williams:  Whatever it is, the fans are enjoying it. Look at all these kids jumping around. The UTA newcomer certainly has his way with a crowd.

Pin Smith, dancing around on the stage from side to side, engages the crowd like he always does. Throwing his hand up, as the song indicates, and bouncing up and down, also indicated by the song. The Real Deal starts toward the ring with a beaming smile on his face, taking the time to slaps hands and receive the welcoming wishes from wrestling’s greatest fans.

Announcer:  On his way to the ring from Main Street, USA by way of Sin City, Nevada...

King makes it to the ring steps, turning back to grab a few more high fives from the crowd. He rhythmically scales the metal stairs before popping through the ropes.

Announcer:  Standing at six-feet, six0-inches and weighing in at two-hundred, twenty pounds...

Pin quickly makes his way around the ring. He does some high knees and light jogging before gripping the top rope and stretches out his impressive limbs.

Announcer:  “King”... Pin Smith.

The crowd pops slightly, more for the light show than the unknown in the ring. That causes King to raise his fist to the crowd, thanking them for their unrelenting support. He continues working the crowd as Kendrix walks up to him, looking like he is catching the groove. The smile on Pin's face widens.

Williams: It looks like Pin is asking for a mic.

Seemingly frozen, Pin holds the mic above his head like a statue amongst a raucous, freshly energized 1,400 UTA fans. His eyes dart around the arena, keeping still the best he can, breathing deep. He slowly lowers the microphone, his head tilted backard, and eyes to the sky.


His nickname affectionately dawned upon the fans of the UTA, or as his pronunciation implies, "Yoota," resonates off the wrestleZone walls. Most fans shrug, unclear when Victory will start, and consider taking a piss.

Pin: And just… like… that…

A smile spreads over Pin’s face.



A cheap pop from those in attendance for the UTA newcomer. He reacts with volumes of energy, nodding his head in agreement.

Pin: I know! Pretty freaking exciting, isn’t, kids!?


Pin grins ever wider. He begins to stroll around the ring, head up, and hand casually in the air. It becomes clear he’ll need a few seconds to let these crazy cats calm down from the madness that all things UTA create.

Pin: Where to begin? All or Nothing was…


Pin: Well, it was what the name suggests. A night where we saw all but one UTA title change hands… except that whole Commish Cool retire a title, then instate a new one, which he probably rubbed his butt on, and gave to the new UTA World Champion... Sean Jackson.



Pin holds up a calm hand to quell the crowd. He shakes his head, side to side.

Pin: Now, now… show some respect, people. Each member is a prestigious, unrivaled, world famous champion…… at sucking!!


Pin: I, however, am not a huge fan of sucking, anything. Ever. You can all rest assured that whenever you see me in the ring, wherever they want me, and however many people I have to go through... I play to win, each and every day!

The crowd pops for Pin's assessment of his path to the upper tier of the UTA talent pool.

Pin: Now, what brings me out here a few minutes before I get the privilege of kicking off Victory Twenty Seven off with yet another battle of attrition...

Pin pauses for the cheap pop of the idea that wrestling is just a few, itty-bitty minutes away.

Pin: Is this... idea... that everyone around here deserves something. Judging by the way the majority of the people in the back are acting, the only thing I think they deserve would be a good 'n stern face poundin'!

The fans pop again at the idea this guy can do anything to change the way they're treated by some of the UTA's premier players.

Pin: I’m not just talking about Dynasty, either. I’m talking about… no. I’m talking to anyone in the back who thinks they can come out here and disrespect these good people, the people who line your pockets. I’ve been here for a few weeks, sure, but I’ve heard just about enough shit talkin’ thrown around about these fans… my fans!

A better than average cheer swarms through the crowd. Pin stops strolling around, raising a finger to the rafters above.

Pin: There a more than a few guilty of it, save some names that I can count on a single hand. I just don’t get how you can take this… all of you… for granted.


Ace: Oh, please. Can anyone here even name this guy?

Pin: They come out here, walk into world famous arenas, and scoff at the idea of talking to Jim from Jacksonville. Well, let me tell you what, people. I met Jim from Jacksonville on my way out here. Guess what? Jim kicks ass!

A few fans cheer because they actually know a Jim from Jacksonville! Oh! There’s Jim! Right there! Oops. That’s Joe.



Williams: This crowd seems to be receiving Pin Smith well tonight.

Pin: I don’t rape people’s brains. I don’t set anyone on fire after they beat me, fair and square. I prefer my bare knuckles over a robot or a chainsaw to threaten the little ones. 

Pin pauses briefly to the cheers and jeers for his list that, hopefully, has a point. We know he’s not any of those things.

Pin: I'm the guy who loves what he does. The guy who loves who he does it for. I'm the guy who like's to fight 'til it hurts... then do it again.


Another pop for the up and comer. Pin nods, raising a fist to the crowd, before turning his attention to Kendrix who is curently standing outside of the ring.

Pin: Now, come on out here, Biscuit. Time to see if you scream with an accent.

Pin tosses the mic toward the apron, not really knowing where he’s aiming, before locking tightly on the top rope to do a quick stretch. Just as Pin turns his head back to the fans, Kendrix slides into the ring running toward him and unleashes a kick to the mid-section doubling over his taller opponent.

Williams:  Kendrix with a cheap shot as the bell is finally rung.


Fury:  He was tired of listening to Smith yap.

Kendrix yells "Stupid Wanker!" as loud as he can before clubbing Smith with a forearm shot right to the side of the head, which drops Smith to a knee.

Williams:  Kendrix is not one to waste time in there. He drops Smith to a knee.

Fury:  Smith asked for it.  Stupid crowd-pleasing moron.

Kendrix grabs Smith and whips him into the ropes.

Williams:  Smith sent for the ride into the ropes!

Smith rebounds off the ropes and Kendrix catches him, lifting him into the air high into position then dropping him with a nasty muscle buster. The crowd is shocked.

Fury:  *THAT* is how you get a match started and finished!  Damn!

Williams:  Kendrix with a pin after the musclebuster!

Referee:  ONE.......TWO......TH.....NO!!!

Fury:  It was early, but Dick says there is nothing wrong with finishing early.

Williams:  You would say that.

Fury:  What?

Kendrix doesn't even look at the referee after the near fall, but goes to pull Smith back to his feet by his left arm. Once he is up, Kendrix yanks on that left arm and drills him with a short-arm lariat.

Williams:  Kendrix continuing his assault with that short-arm lariat and we haven't really seen Pin Smith be Pin Smith yet.

Fury:  The youngster is getting a lesson taught to him right now.

Williams:  What lesson is that?

Fury:  Don't dance or act like an utter fool.

Kendrix is shaking his head almost dismissively as he stands over Pin. He reaches down and pulls Smith up, yanking the arm back and lifting him with a gut wrench lift then dropping him with a power bomb that shakes the mat.

Williams:  What an impact on that gut wrench power bomb!

Fury:  Kendrix is showing his true potential here. Guys backstage better be watching the Brit bomber now!

Williams:  Kendrix is almost acting like he knows he is better than Smith.

Fury:  He should because he is. Dick knows what it is like to be paired against someone of lesser value.

Kendrix is all business as he gets to his feet and begins stomping on Pin's ribs. Smith tries to roll out, but Kendrix continues assaulting the mid-section with a stream of boot shots over and over.

Williams:  Kendrix stomping away and Pin hasn't even managed to lift a hand in defense yet, much less offense.

Fury:  This is ass-kicking one-oh-one as taught by Professor Kendrix.

Kendrix grabs Pin by the legs and stomps on his groin, then he wraps the legs around for a Texas Cloverleaf.

Williams:  Kendrix is going for the Texas Cloverleaf!

Fury:  This is the first mistake Kendrix has made. This hold is not hard on somebody a lot taller than the person performing it.

Kendrix gets Pin turned over for the Cloverleaf, but Smith's height makes it tough for the Brit to gain any real leverage for the hold.

Williams:  You're right Dick!  Look at how Kendrix can't seem to get enough leverage to cinch it in deep.

Fury:  Dick is always right. Even if Dick is wrong, Dick is right.

Kendrix is fighting to gain leverage, but Smith manages to grab the ropes and the referee calls for the break.

Williams:  Smith gets to the ropes.

Fury:  Not a stretch since he is so tall.

Williams:  His height truly saving him.

Fury:  It is sad that Pin's only real move this match has been reaching the ropes to get out of a submission hold.

Kendrix won't release the hold and the referee begins a five count. At the count of five, Kendrix releases the hold and makes the "wanker" gesture toward the referee.

Williams:  Kendrix is now barking at the referee and taunting him.

Fury:  The referee might be a stronger opponent at this point.

Kendrix rants at the referee to stay out of his way. All the referee can do is shake his head.

Williams:  This lapse in focus could hurt him.

Fury:  That has yet to be seen.

Kendrix pulls Smith to his feet and goes to whip him across the ring, but Pin reverses the whip and sends Kendrix into the corner with a thud.

Williams:  Smith reverses the whip and sends Kendrix hard into the corner!

Fury:  Dick is shocked! Shocked!

Kendrix some staggering out of the corner right into the waiting arms of Smith, who hits a textbook belly-to-belly release suplex as the crowd erupts.

Williams:  PIN-PLEX!!!  He nailed it!

Fury:  Yet no pin attempt.

Williams:  I think Smith knows it is far too early to go for something like that.

Fury:  Don't be so sure.  This is the same guy who thought Kendrix might join in playing to the crowd. Judgment doesn't seem to be a strong suit.

Pin gets back up and smiles to the fans as he walks over to Kendrix and pulls him up, only to drop him with a snap DDT right back to the mat.

Williams:  The tide has definitely turned and Pin Smith has control of this match after that DDT.

Fury:  It is surprising to see him snapping into form like this.

Smith is up quickly and goes for the legs of Kendrix, looking for a submission of some sort. Kendrix begins kicking at the hands and then rolls under the bottom rope and to the arena floor.

Williams:  Smith went for the legs and Kendrix escapes to hide outside the ring.

Fury:  He's not hiding. He is playing it smart. The last thing anyone wants is to get caught in an ankle lock or something by a man that tall.

Williams:  So he was scared?

Fury:  Stop misrepresenting Dick's position! That is not what came out of Dick's mouth!

The crowd begins to chant and jeer at Kendrix for avoiding the fight and he just yells "Shut up Wankers" to them, inciting them more.

Williams:  The fans are really giving him a hard time for hiding out on the arena floor.

Fury:  He knows he will get back in, but you can't let the tall kid have too much momentum.

Williams:  The referee has started counting Kendrix out.

Fury:  That never matters.

Pin Smith is making the "come on and fight" motion to Kendrix and all the Brit can do is point at Pin and shake his head as Smith is standing with his hands on the ropes. The referee has reached five in his obligatory count.

Williams:  Smith is egging Kendrix to get back in the match.

Fury:  Why should he? If he tries to climb in now, that freak can just grab him and have his way with him before he gets back in the ring. It is a set-up plain and simple!

Pin backs off the ropes and holds his arms out. Kendrix grabs the ropes and begins pulling himself to the apron. Smith nods as Kendrix steps through the ropes and back into the ring.

Williams:  What sportsmanship! Pin Smith backs off to give Kendrix a free pass to step back into the ring.

Fury:  That was the dumbest thing Dick has seen since Bobby Dean's initial photo shoot in UTA! Stay on the offensive you idiot!

Smith nods and again motions for Kendrix to bring it. Kendrix laughs and the moment Pin turns to the fans to play along with their jeers, Kendrix strikes with a haymaker.

Williams:  Kendrix slugs Smith with a massive right hook!

Fury:  Dick never hates to say that he told you so!

Pin returns fire with a haymaker of his own. Kendrix fires back with a hard right, then Pin smashes his own right swing into Kendrix's face. The fans are going nuts.

Williams:  The two men are just throwing it all out there and drilling each other back and forth! The crowd is going nuts as this slugfest ensues!

Fury:  Dick loves throwing himself out there. It is the shortest way to impress.

Pin dodges Kendrix's full swing and lands another hard right hand to the Brit's face. Smith quickly follows by grabbing Kendrix and landing a Dragon Suplex as the fans erupt again.

Williams:  ANGRY DRAGON!!! That was amazingly sick! Pin hooks a leg for the cover!

Referee:  ONE.....TWO.....THR.....KICKOUT!!!

Fury:  Smith couldn't close it out there. The kid just doesn't have it down yet, but Kendrix needs to get his form back or it could be a shocking upset!

Williams:  You really think this would be an upset?

Fury:  Of course. Kendrix is someone we know can perform well. This kid hasn't really shown much yet.

Williams:  We obviously are not watching the same match.

Fury:  Whatever. Dick's opinion is still gold.

Pin doesn't react to the near fall. He gets up and pulls Kendrix up by the head, throwing the arm over and lifting Kendrix with a vertical lift only to drop him with a brainbuster DDT.

Williams:  Smith continues the offense and literally brains Kendrix into the canvas.

Fury:  Well look at you with your little play on words there.

Williams:  Stop being such an ass.

Fury:  What? Dick points out something you did well and you decide to get pissed? Please.

Smith doesn't go for another pin attempt. Instead, he grabs the legs of his shorter opponent and locks in a Boston Crab.

Williams:  Boston Crab by Pin Smith!

Fury:  This is what I was talking about earlier. Smith's four inch height advantage really turns a hold like this into a very dangerous weapon.

Williams:  So you switching your pick now?

Fury:  Just pointing out the obvious and calling the match. It is the job Dick was hired to do.

Smith's height advantage actually lifts Kendrix awkwardly off the mat and gives the hold extreme leverage. Pin is leaning back as Kendrix is yelping with every jerk motion. The referee continues checking if Kendrix submits, but he refuses.

Williams:  Look at the leverage Pin is getting on that hold!  He is  really leaning back.

Fury:  That is the kind of leverage that can destroy knees.

Williams:  Please don't make a sleazy reference to how many women whose knees you have smashed doing depraved things.

Fury:  Dick doesn't have to. It is nice to know how quickly is sprung to your mind though. Dick thanks you for your fantasies.

Williams:  The longer this lasts, the more you have to say Kendrix is in deep trouble. The legs can only take so much punishment.

Fury:  This is true. Knees are not made for extreme torque like this.

Kendrix can't move the hold with his arms. He can't push up with any force because of how far back Pin is leaning in the hold. The referee continues to ask Kendrix if he submits and the Brit responds with words that aren't fit for air, so we hear a bleep.

Williams:  Smith is leaning so far back that the back of his head is actually touching Kendrix's head!

Fury:  That is the height difference at work. Kendrix may never walk right again after this match.

Williams:  That is a very distinct possibility with how hard Smith seems to be working this hold. That long frame of his really makes it impossible to escape.

Fury:  Dick is sure Kendrix can find a way, being so technically sound and all.

Finally, Pin leans back so far that Kendrix actually reaches back and grabs a hand full of his hair. Kendrix holds onto the hair for dear life as Smith yelps.

Fury:  Dick told you so again!

Williams:  That isn't a technical hold!  He's pulling hair to escape the hold!

Fury:  Semantics!

This finally breaks the hold and Smith lets go of Kendrix's legs to escape the illegal move.

Williams:  Smith finally lets go of the hold to escape the hair pulling.

Fury:  Pin would have been bald, or at least scalped had he not let go. Smart move to release Kendrix at that point.

Pin, looking pretty angry now, rushes back over and puts the boots to Kendrix. He kicks his ribs, his shoulder, and even stomps on his left hand for good measure.

Williams:  Kendrix taking shot after shot. Smith showing his angry side now!

Fury:  This is the Pin Smith that Dick could get behind!

Williams:  What?

Fury:  Nothing.

Smith pulls Kendrix up and grabs him, performing a release German Suplex that gets a rise out of the crowd.

Williams:  Smith with a gorgeous German Suplex and he is in complete control!

Fury:  And the crowd is his weakness. You can see it already.

Pin is up again and pointing to the corner. He goes over and begins to climb the turnbuckles and reach the top. He stands and perches there as the fans continue cheering him on.

Williams:  The crowd urging him on as he gets tot he top turnbuckle.

Fury:  He was tall already, but him standing up there is a little daunting.

Pin leaps for his shooting star press, but lands on the raised knees of Kendrix. The crowd lets loose of a collective "OHHHH!" on the landing.

Williams:  KING PIN PRESS....OHHHH!!!

Fury:  All he found were those knees of Kendrix.

Williams:  That was devastating for both men!

Fury:  No doubt about it! Kendrix's knees were already roughed up, but that impact had to hurt them more.

Both men are down and struggling to move to the closest set of ropes to them.

Williams:  And Smith probably broke a rib or two landing the press on top of them the way he did.

Fury:  Dick would choose to walk with a limp for the rest of a match always over not being able to breath fully. Kendrix has the advantage now.

They reach the ropes and begins tugging to pull themselves up.

Williams:  Neither of them really have an advantage as both are simply trying to get to their feet. The referee has started the ten count until one of them gets to their feet.

Fury:  Why does this happen? Has any match EVER been decided by this stupid count?

Williams:  Uh.... umm...

Fury:  NO!  The answer is no. Why do we even bother?

Smith is the first one to his feet and he staggers over to Kendrix, only to get punched in the groin for his trouble. Kendrix then pokes him in the eye once he is doubled over.

Williams:  Kendrix suckered him in a nd then gets the cheap blows.

Fury:  A man after Dick's own heart right there!

Williams:  Because he was willing to cheat or because I called them "cheap blows."

Fury:  You pick! As good a reason as any!

Kendrix is up and he grabs Smith from behind, lifting and nailing his own German Suplex, but he rolls through and gets up to lift and nail a second German Suplex.

Williams:  Kendrix on a roll now as he is connecting with this series of German Suplexes.

Fury:  Pin Smith is in terrible shape now.  This one is all but over!

Kendrix rolls through and stands to go for number three, hitting a textbook release German Suplex on the taller man to complete the triology.

Williams:  Three German Suplexes and Pin Smith is crushed right in the middle of the ring!

Fury:  To say that Kendrix just showed the kid how to properly do the suplex might be an understatement. He is so technically sound it is frightening.

Williams:  Looks like he is far from done!

Fury:  What is he doing there?

Kendrix doesn't wait for crowd responses or approval. He goes immediately to the corner and climbs to the top, perching long enough to do his wanker gesture at the crowd before leaping...

Williams:  FROG SPLASH!  He nailed it and actually bounced over a foot above Pin's torso on the landing!

Fury:  Now that is an impact! Damn!

Williams:  Kendrix with the cover!

Referee:  ONE........TWO........THREE......NO!!!

Fury:  What?!?!

Williams:  Pin Smith survives at the last possible second!  I can't believe it!

Fury:  Dick is amazed, but also knows the referee screwed up right there.

Kendrix is really pissed at the near fall. He is up and yelling at the referee for what he felt was a slow count. He calls him a bigot for hating he is British.

Williams:  Kendrix agrees with you as he is really tearing into the referee right now, claiming it was a slow count.

Fury:  It was.

Williams:  It was not!

The referee finally begins yelling back at Kendrix to shut up and focus on the match. Kendrix actually looks like he may take a swing at the referee, but thinks twice.

Fury:  Don't do that! It would be stupid to have such control and then give it up to a disqualification.

Williams:  Kendrix is smarter than that. At least I would hope so.

Fury:  He is. That was the kind of stupid thing done by amateurs who no longer work here.

Kendrix, still muttering toward the referee, turns and begins picking Pin Smith off the canvas.

Williams:  Kendrix is going back to work now.

Fury:  This match is about to be finished.

Kendrix sets up for a vertical suplex and goes for the lift, but Smith's long leg wraps around and blocks it. Another try and Pin blocks it again.

Williams:  Smith blocks the suplex lift!  He is still trying to fight back!

Fury:  Long legs can be a wonderful asset.

Finally Pin reverses the hold and lifts, landing a vertical suplex of his own.

Williams:  Vertical Suplex by Pin Smith!

Fury:  But did he use all the energy he had left to pull it off?

Pin doesn't let go of Kendrix's head and swivels around almost seamlessly, locking his long legs around the Brit's torso and turning it into a rear naked choke. The fans erupt.

Williams:  He has the rear naked choke locked in!

Fury:  This is bad news for Kendrix. That length is something Dick understands and length ALWAYS finds a way to win.

Williams:  Kendrix is fighting hard, but that hold seems to get tighter the more he fights against it.

Fury:  A hold like this is like quick sand...the more you struggle against it the faster it sucks you in and kills you.

Kendrix immediately begins struggling against the hold, but Pin has it cinched in under his chin pretty well. The referee is watching both men closely as every movement of Smith puts his torso against the mat as well.

Williams:  Pin Smith is in perfect position now and has it locked in hard!

Fury:  The Brit is fighting back, but he can't escape!  Dick hates watching things like this!

Pin has total control of the hold, but Kendrix is pushing back every way he can to try and get his hands under the long arms of Pin Smith. He shoves back and the referee drops down and actually counts.

Williams:  The referee is counting! Why?

Referee:  ONE........TWO.....

Fury:  The shoulders must be down some how!

Referee:  THREE!!!!!

Kendrix's hands start frantically tapping Smith's arms to submit as the referee hits his third count. He obviously cannot breath at all and is about to pass out.

Williams:  Kendrix tapped out!  Kendrix tapped out!  This one is over!

Fury:  Don't be so sure.

Williams:  We saw Kendrix tapping the arm and everyone knows that means the match is over and he has given up to avoid injury!

Pin releases the hold, knowing Kendrix tapped out and he raises his hands in victory only to look at the referee raising Kendrix's arm.

Fury:  See?

Williams:  What?

Announcer:  Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this bout by pinfall.......KENDRIX!!!

Williams:  But he tapped out!

Fury:  Obviously he tapped out after the three count. What a shocking reversal of fortunes for poor Pin Smith!

Pin is up and telling the referee that Kendrix tapped out, but the referee simply makes the three count motion as he talks to the fan favorite, letting him know that his shoulders were on the mat.

Williams:  Pin is in the same boat I am right now. I do not know how you can lose a match while performing a submission hold.

Fury:  It doesn't happen often, but how many times have you seen a referee count the shoulders down during a figure four leg lock?

Williams:  yeah but it usually doesn't get counted against the guy performing the hold.

Fury:  Perhaps UTA referees are the best in the world for a reason, then?

Kendrix walks up the aisle rubbing his neck and giving a cheeky grin as he raises his arm in victory.

Williams:  Smith is still looking curious and disappointed in the ring as the lunatic Brit grins after his victory.

Fury:  You have to always be mindful of where you are and what is happening in the ring. Kendrix did what he should have and Smith wasn't ready or able to counter. Inexperience is a pain sometimes.

Williams:  What a match this was to kick off the show and Kendrix with another win here on Victory.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

No "Has-Beens" Allowed

No "Has-Beens" Allowed

The scene opens up to the locker room area as we see Brian Styles.  Styles dressed in a pair of black lightweight mesh boxing shorts, cut just above the knees.  Black boots laced tightly, while covering just above his ankle.  His wrists wrapped in black tape, as a black MMA gloves were strapped tightly around his wrists.  His icy blue eyes stared into a mirror as he bounced side to side, his jaw clenched while his nostrils flared.  His lips finally parted as he readied, and psyched himself out for his first one on one match up in his UTA career.
Styles:  No peace talks...  No white flags .... NO ... MERCY ... Time for VICTIM NUMBER ONE!

His jaw clenched tight once again, as he bounced side to side preparing for a violent war, in his mind..
Voice:  Hey there.
The camera swivels to see "Too Cool" Chris Hopper standing in a pair of blue jeans and one of his classic "Nose Bleed Pie" T-shirts. He has a congenial smile on his face as he looks at the Wrestle UTA newcomer.
Hopper:  Styles, right?

The UTA newcomer, 'Pandemonium' Brian Styles stopped the side to side bounce and turned to see the man who entered the locker room.  Before responding, Styles stood with a stare with an awkward silence.

Styles:  ....................Who are you exactly?
Chris grins wider with the response as he steps closer and holds out his hand.
Hopper:  I'm Chris Hopper. I just wanted to drop by and wish you best of luck in UTA.
Styles looked out at the extended hand of Hopper and quickly slaps it away.. Obviously the smile on the veteran's face disappears immediately.
Styles:  I don't need your hand or your welcome. If that's your way of extending the olive branch, I wouldn't suggest it.  Next time, I'll snap it off and start a fire.
Hopper:  I'm not certain you know who you're talking to right now, son.
Styles' face contorts to a cocky stare as he moves even closer to the legend's face.  Styles' face stretched with an arrogant grin, seemingly not phased by Hopper.
Styles:  Oh I know who you are, Cool. I faced one of your trainees and violated him. The last thing I want right now is for some has-been, whose grasping at the final straws of a fading career to step into MY locker room and wish me good luck.  Luck is for losers, Hopper, that's how you've made it this far.... Luck.
He stares Hopper up and down before continuing.
Styles:  So if you know what is good for you, old dog, I'd turn around and walk out of here before your luck runs out and I put you down...
Chris actually smiles at the remarks, even allowing one solitary chuckle to escape his lips.
Hopper:  It's good to see Wingate and Jiles bring guys in here with fire. I know who you are too, Styles...
He smirks toward the younger wrestler.
Hopper:  I watched my boy, Clayton Hawke take your TV title in that indy promotion. I was there in the stands. I know you are a tough customer and I'm going to let you get away with talking this way right now.

Styles huffed and grinned, as the two men were within inches from one another.

Styles:  Like I said, Hop .. Clayton got lucky, he caught me on a giving night.  He didn't beat me, I let him have it.  I've got...

Styles sneered and let out a solitaire laugh, looking Hopper up and down.

Styles:  Bigger fish to fry.

Chris' smile is obvious, though not sure if it is because he likes the moxy of the younger wrestler or if he is contemplating teaching him a lesson.

Hopper:  I'm sure. Just be careful because most of us "big fish" might just be more than your ego can handle. Enjoy Dave out there, kid.

Chris walks away.

Hopper:  I hope he does us all a favor and drops you like a sack of garbage.

Screen fades to black as Hopper exits the locker room and leaves Styles looking ominous in the locker room.



Crimson Lord is standing in a hallway staring at a promo poster for Black Horizon.  Gaze walks up very slowly.

Gaze: Love…?

Without so much as a look he responds.

Crimson:  What?

She gathers her thoughts and responds.

Gaze: I forgive you.  I know how you get.

Crimson looks up from the poster responding softly.

Crimson: You know how I get.

Crimson lowers his head back to the poster then slightly looks toward her.

Crimson:  Gaze I only want to know one thing…..Why?

Gaze realizing she has kept him in the dark long enough sighs for a moment and lets it all out.

Gaze: Alright, if it will clear the air I’ll tell you.

Crimson turns to her noticing she is having a hard time coming up with the words.  He crosses his arms and begins to grow impatient with her.

Crimson:  Pills?

Gaze: You sure you want to hear this story?

Crimson nods his head.

Gaze: Ok, you were diagnosed with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde disorder.  Pretty much the voices you think you're hearing is your mind battling between what is pure and what is impure.

Crimson obviously not believing a word she just said.

Crimson: What!

Gaze turns from him and moves her arms over her stomach.

Gaze: When we did not resign with the UTA back in 2004, your mind began to break down.  I was forced to take you to a doctor.  However every doctor we saw the end result was always the same you would threaten the doctor.  In turn they would refuse to help.  Your condition grew worse as the months past.  It took me having to fake your condition to trick a doctor to prescribing me the medication that would help balance your mind out.

Gaze looked up then turned back toward him.

Gaze: When you relapsed at All or Nothing, The Spawn became the furthest thing from your mind. The only thing you were concerned about was that damn world title!

Crimson uncrosses his arms and stares coldly at her.

Crimson: If I am not here for the golden goblet, then what the hell was the point of returning!

Gaze: This isn’t about the world title. It’s about you and your instability, because once again your arrogance has clouded your judgment again!  When you disposed of the only bottle I had of medication for you, you set a war between your pure self and your impure self. This war has been running rampant in your mind.  That war being waged in your head results in these episodes you have been experiencing. I know this because I witnessed it before and its happening again.

Crimson turns from her and returns his glance once more at the promo poster.

Crimson: Well, seems to be working pretty well for me.

Gaze:  You think huh?  Crimson your bull headed!

He looks toward her.

Gaze:  There I said it all you do is hate.  You fill your very being with anger and this hate and refuse to accept any other type of pure nature.  There is more to life then anger and hate!  You must have some sort of purity inside you. Somewhere in that black heart of yours you felt love for me.  To the point it was strong enough for you to marry me.

Gaze starts to show signs of a breakdown.

Gaze:  You know when I came back to the UTA. For once I was happy.  I was a part of something that had history and was relevant in the history books of this company.  Since All or Nothing you have begun to take away what I have cherished so much over the past few months.  First the man I love, and your pig-headed ways moved to Mr. Fantastic and now Ron.

He quickly interrupts her.

Crimson: To hell with Ron!

She gives him a stern look her eyes have slowly started to water.

Gaze:  See there you go again filled with hate!  You're blinded by it!  I gave you the medication to help you!  Maybe help you realize that deep down inside you, behind the darkness.  YOU respect the hell out of Ron!  I know its there and if Spectre brought it out of you, I know Ron would too!

He looks back at the poster.

Crimson:  Is this soap opera over yet?

A tear finally falls from Gaze’s eyes.

Gaze:  You really do not care anymore?  I have enjoyed my time with Fantastic, and over the past month even Ronnie.  You three are breaking my heart…I….I…can’t take this anymore….

She wipes the tears from her eyes.

Gaze:  When was the last time you accepted a friend in your life?

Crimson looks toward his distraught wife.

Crimson:  I do not need “friends” I never needed to rely on people beneath me!!

Gaze sniffs

Gaze:  Same old hateful mistrusting Crimson Lord. You know what I can’t…. I can’t…

Gaze runs off Crimson returns to the poster waving his hand toward her.

Paladin vs Emily Koresh

The show returns to live air, as Paladin steps through the ropes to enter the ring.

Williams: We're back with more Wrestleshow! Coming up next is Paladin, the white knight, against our own personal queen of extreme, Emily Koresh!

Fury: Paladin should have been more patient, perhaps he'd have gotten his entrance televised!

"Crystalized" cuts to silence over the PA system as Paladin bounces off the ropes a couple of times, swinging his arms around.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! In the ring, from The Heavens Above, weighing in at 235 pounds...Paladin!

The Big Screen comes to life with just static. The static seems to zoom back, revealing a television. A small blonde haired girl, Heather O'Rourke, sits looking at the television. She seems mesmerized by the static on her television. Craig T. Nelson and Jo Beth Williams are standing behind her. She slowly raises her hands and places them on the screen of the television.

Craig T. Nelson: Carol Anne, what is it, honey?

Jo Beth Williams: Baby, are you ok?

The girl slowly turns her head back to them.

Heather O'Rourke (Carol Anne): They're here...

Deep shadow covers the screen.

Parts of the screen slowly lighten up to reveal what appears to be a silhouette.

In darkness, a blood curdling cacophony: the squeal of unoiled winches, the rasp of hooks and razors being sharpened; and worse, and the howl of tormented souls. Above this din one particular victim yells for mercy with a mixture of tears and roars of rage.

Now the Screen is awash in people, crawling, scrabbling, and shambling masses, some of them moving in reverse. A sound like moaning accompanies them. The picture switches again. A figure stands upon a shore, its face shrouded. It points accusingly, not towards the screen, but at something unseen off to one side. The insect-like screeching sounds louder.

On the screen is a close up of an eye. Inside that eye is the sentence reflected in reverse: "Your Worse Nightmare Is Here." The eye blinks once, twice. The word remains. Suddenly the lights go out. Suddenly the screen seems to clear, what looks like the moon appears on it. Chanting begins from what seems nowhere.

It's not the moon at all, they realize. The shape is round like a full moon, but it seems to be made up of thin ribbons of cloud streaking against a night sky. And there's a face, we see, a face hidden in shadows, looking down from above. The picture has a grainy look to it as it changes. The scene is of a young girl sitting in a chair in a straight-jacket behind her stood to her left is a Doctor. The nerve-wracking grating as if of some giant metallic insect sounds in the background, but the young girl doesn't seem to notice. The Doctor stood to the left of the girl suddenly changes position from the left part of the picture, to the right. Almost instantly the Doctor returns to its original position, but in that one moment in its changed location we see a huge man with a shadow covering his face. The young girl turns towards where that figure stood, and smiles.

The screen next becomes a twitching, undulating impenetrable sea of the kanji characters used in the Japanese language. The viewers can pick out only a few things recognizable in English:

"Run whilst you still can."

Now the screen is awash in people, crawling, scrabbling, and shambling masses, some of them moving in reverse. A sound like moaning accompanies them. The picture switches again. A figure stands upon a shore, its face shrouded. It points accusingly, not towards the screen, but at something unseen off to one side. The insect-like screeching sounds louder.

On the big screen is a close up on inhuman, alien-looking eye. Inside that eye a single word is reflected in reverse: Pain. The eye blinks once, twice. The word remains. It changes and we see a long shot of an outdoor, swimming pool, the man with the shadows for a face is swimming in it and the straight jacket young girl sits by it.

The stadium drops into darkness as this weird movie is playing out on the big screen. Suddenly pyros explode in front of the big screen, as the fans literally jump from the shock. The roving arm of the overhead camera picks out people in the crowd. As they realize there on the screen they hold the signs higher. Orange strobes cut around the arena as blue smoke billows from underneath the grating on the ramp way. The whole top of the entrance way bursts into a circle of flames.

Slowly rising directly through the flames in a huge throne; the throne seems to be made of title belts all fused together with heat forming the chair itself. Sitting atop the throne is an innocent looking woman.

The throne rises fully onto the ramp way. It is none other than the Queen of Xtreme, Emily Koresh. She then raises her arms above her head in an age-old gesture of defiance and supremacy as phosphorus flames blast in twin columns to the heavens behind the throne. Flames surround the throne.

She sits motionless, emotionless. Then on some unseen signal she launches herself forward into the flames without a seconds thought, her dark eyes glaze over. She stands with her arms outstretched like a crucifixion; Flames lick around her head and engulfs her clothing, yet she emerges from the other side unscathed. "Freak like me" by Halestorm starts blaring out.

Laughing sadistically as she slowly walks towards the ring ignoring the mix of boos and cheers from the crowd. Emily, dressed in a "Menagerie" T-shirt. As she passes a camera she stops and looks directly into the lens. She cocks her head to the side and put out her tongue.

Announcer: Hailing from Abilene, Texas.......

Emily climbs between the ropes and strides to the far side of the ring. Climbing the turnbuckle she lifts her arms up high to the cheers of the crowd. Flash bulbs blink from all around the arena catching this moment in history.

Announcer: Standing at 5 foot 5 inches and weighing in at 125 ibs........

She gets down and stomps to the middle of the ring. She nods his head and stands in the middle of the ring as pyros explode behind her.

Announcer: ..................The Queen of Xtreme......Emily Koresh!!!!!!!

She starts to run the ropes but suddenly stops in the middle of the ring and adjusts her pads.

Fury: Jesus H. Christ, Dick dosen't think it takes The Pope this long to walk into a room!

Emily stands in the neutral corner as his music stops. A mix of boos and cheers are still going on around the arena.

Williams: Paladin on one side, the protagonist with some underlying agenda against the wrongs of UTA...and on the other...

Fury: On the other, we have Emily Koresh...who Dick believes is FINALLY ready to start this damn match. Where's Madman Szalinski and his catchphrase when you need it?

The bell rings, with Emily and Paladin showing contrasting demeanors.

Williams: Paladin looks to be calm, tranquil almost...

Fury: Emily is all fired up for this match!

Emily starts off on fire with a baseball slide beneath Paladin's legs, then a pair of well placed shoulders to the back of his knees.

Williams: Great leg trip by Emily Koresh to start this match!

Emily pulls up on Paladin's neck to bring him up onto all fours, from behind. With a hand on his shoulder to keep steady Emily uses the bottom rope to step up and springboard, flipping over Paladin and bringing him back down with a neckbreaker/Stunner type impact.

Fury: Not bad!

Williams: Emily Koresh is wasting little time...

Paladin is able to rise back up quickly, but Emily has already ran across the ring, bouncing back towards him. Emily leaps into the air towards Paladin.

Williams: And Paladin with the, he hangs on for a sideslam...

Paladin, having met Emily with an outstretched right arm, tries to slam her down with a spinebuster when she hangs onto his arm. However, Emily has swing her legs around and caught Paladin in a crucifix.

Williams: Emily switches it around...

Emily's feet only stay there for a fraction of a second before falling back to the mat, along with the rest of her. On the way down, Emily uses a wristlock out of nowhere on the left wrist to flip Paladin over with an arm drag.

Williams: What a move by Emily Koresh!

Again, Paladin is quick to rise. And again, Koresh is even quicker to do the same.

Fury: Stimulant much, chick?

Williams: Emily takes to the offense once more...

Emily swings a leg high over Paladin's head, hopping up onto his shoulders. Emily is looking to roll him forward into a victory roll.

Fury: What do they feed these rookies nowadays to make 'em this jumpy?

Williams: Wait, wait...

Paladin is able to thwart the move mid-way by catching her legs with his forearms underneath, repositoning the thighs above his shoulders, then kneeling down quickly with his first move of the night.

Williams: Great counter by Paladin! Kneeling belly to belly piledriver!

Fury: Dick could swear that move has a shorter name...

Williams: And now Paladin has gotten himself on the scoreboard, so to speak...

Paladin sits Emily up, then turns her around with a three-quarter nelson to bring her to her feet.

Williams: Paladin has a very distinct weight advantage, but due to his style as a technician, I wonder how much of it will come into play.

Fury: It won't at the break-neck pace Emily is trying to go!

Paladin now has Koresh in a front face lock, hooking the other arm over his own neck.

Williams: And now Paladin lifts Emily Koresh into the air...vertical suplex! He floats over for the pin...

Paladin hooks the leg of Emily Koresh as the official drops down to all fours, counting the pin.

Williams: One! Two!

Fury: Kickout by the Queen of Extreme! That is the longest she's sat still this whole match!

Williams: Indeed, Paladin is succeeding in slowing down the pace.

Now in control, Paladin moves behind Emily to lock her into a chinlock. He turns her over, laying her flat on the canvas as he moves up.

Williams: Good strategy to keep the woman down...

Paladin, having shifted into a side headlock. stands up and brings Emily up with him. The two stumble backwards into the ropes, where Koresh breaks free and shoves Paladin away. He runs to the other side of the ring, bounching back from the opposite ropes.

Williams: Emily breaks loose, but Paladin's coming back...

Emily Koresh meets him in the center of the ring with a quick leap and flip.

Williams: Frankensteiner by Emily Koresh! That was so quick, Dick! So quick!

Fury: She's speeding balls!

Emily hooks Paladin's legs, holding him down for the pin.

Williams: Now Emily is going for a quick victory!

Paladin struggles as the referee begins his count.

Williams: One! Two!

Paladin rolls Emily back, reversing the pin into a sunset flip pinning combination by sliding his legs over Emily's shoulders underneath the armpits. Instead of counting the pin, the referee stands up and waves to the timekeeper.

Fury: That was three!

Williams: It was?

The bell is rung, as Paladin now looks up and moves to stand up.

Williams: Paladin's as confused as we are, but the referee is holding to his word!

As "Freak Like Me" begins to play over the PA in the arena, the broadcast transfers to an instant replay, with the sound of the referee's hand slapping the mat (and the live sound of the crowd booing, with some chanting "bulls***, bulls***") heard along with Emily's pin attempt and Paladin's late counter.

Williams: One...two...if that was three, it was three on the dot!

Fury: You could watch it in slow motion and still argue whether or not it was a pin, but to me, Dick has to say that the ref made the right call. You have to go with gut instinct, and if he thought it was three then that was good enough for me.

Williams: A very tough break for Paladin! But that's all it takes...three seconds, and anyone can beat anyone in the UTA!

Fury: Maybe not ANYONE, Jennifer, but you're right - three seconds and your night just went to crap. Or it's the start of a legacy...

Emily Koresh's hand is raised by the referee in the ring, as the scene returns to the hard camera pointing at the ring.

Williams: What an unexpected ending! But stay tuned, there is still a lot more to come tonight on Victory!

Friendly Advice

Friendly Advice

The scene opens backstage where David Hightower, Old Man Hightower, and Whiskey are walking into the locker room area.

David: Ok… Dad… I can’t believe you got past security… Just fer the love of god don’t talk to anyone or say anythin! Last thing I need is someone killin ya!

Old Man Hightower laughs hobbling along with his walking cane and carrying his jug of iced tea with him.

Old Man Hightower:  Oh I dare someone to say something to me! I’ll give them the old one two!

David shakes his head groaning loudly.

David: Dad…. Ya can’t be serious… Have ya seen some of the people that roam around here?!

Old Man Hightower:  Hey boy this ain’t about me! You should be worrying about that Brian Styles guy! He looks like he eats car batteries!

David lets out a sigh as they continue to walk through locker room area where David stops and cracks his knuckles.

David:  For once I actually agree with ya dad… This Brian Styles fella… Some new guy who think she can bulldoze through anyone just because he knows some fancy fightin’ style…

Voice:  He is more ready than you think.

David's head, along with the others in the locker room, swivels to see "Too Cool" Chris Hopper walking around the corner of lockers in his street clothes, carrying his duffle bag to get ready for later. He has a knowing look on his face as he continues.

Hopper:  Listen Dave, I have seen this guy work. I know what he can do and the two of you have more in common than you might think.

Old Man Hightower looks at Hopper and backs up.

Old Man Hightower:  I’d listen to him son… He’s big…. He could squash you like a roach!

David looks at Old Man Hightower shaking his head.

David: You do know I beat him right?

Old Man Hightower lets out a laugh.

Old Man Hightower:  Haha! Nice one son! You’re a funny funny man!

Hopper: Actually it’s true…

Old Man Hightower’s expression changes from that of laughter to that of pure disbelief.

Old Man Hightower:  He did?! How the…

Old Man Hightower ponders for a few seconds trying to come up with a theory.

Old Man Hightower:  Did you feel sorry for him?

David: Dad….

Old Man Hightower:  Hey no need to hide it from me! He bribed ya didn’t he.

David: Bribe!? Are ya kiddin me?!

Old Man Hightower:  Did ya eat a piece of bad fish?

David can only face palm at this point.

Hopper: No, no, and no…. It was a match where literally anything was fair game. We beat the living crap out of each other and he was the one who managed to get the three count after we both nearly killed each other.

David:  ANYWAY!!!! Hopper what was it you were sayin?

Hopper:  I'm saying that Styles is a pure brawling menace, just like you were when you came in here. I scouted him for a student of mine a few weeks ago and I know what he can do.

HIghtower’s face contorts, wondering why Hopper would even be in his locker room.

David:  Why in the god dang hell would ya care to tell me anythin? We aren’t exactly friendly.

Chris grins mischievously as he answers.

Hopper:  Let’s just say that this little prick deserves to find out what being in Wrestle UTA is all about and I know first hand that you are a perfect teacher for that kind of thing.

Old Man Hightower:  Teacher?! Are you kidding me? This dumb ass couldn’t even teach me how to use a microwave right!

David: Dad shut up!!!!

David rips the jug of tea out of Old Man Hightower’s grasp and throws it down the hallway.

Old Man Hightower:  HEY!!!!! Dag nabbit! You’re going to pay for that boy!!!

Old Man Hightower hobbles down the hall to retrieve his tea before David turns to Hopper.

David: Ok that bought us about five minutes... I’m listening….

Chris looks at the camera.

Hopper:  This is where you have to walk away now….if you don’t mind.

The camera begins to leave the locker room as Chris turns back to Hightower.

Hopper:  The key to taking on someone who has this kind of training is….

The camera clears the door and as it shuts, the screen fades to black before we hear the rest of Hopper’s instruction to the mad dog of UTA.

Please Give Generously

Please Give Generously

As the scene fades in, we see a montage of about a dozen Ethiopian children. They sit in shanty-towns with desperate, wide-eyed gazes (and no small number of flies) on their faces. Most are clearly in need of food and clean water.

Voice-Over: Each year, thousands of children in third-world countries go without many basic needs.  Food, clean water, shelter, medicine, education, and clothing are disastrously short in many parts of the world.

The scene shifts to that of a UTA merchandise booth. The camera pans over rows upon rows of awesome UTA merchandise that everyone at home wishes they had, and swears they’ll order from one of these days when they finally get that bonus/raise.

Voice-Over: Meanwhile, here in America, wrestling organizations such as the UTA create millions of pieces of merchandise to promote, and capitalize on, their talent.  This merchandise includes shirts, hats, water bottles, snack foods, action figures, keychains, and other assorted items.

The scene drastically shifts now to the inside of a dark warehouse. We see pallets filled to the brim with unsold merchandise.

Voice-Over: Unfortunately, several thousand pieces of merchandise get made every year, depicting wrestlers that are no longer working for the companies that made them, or who simply did not find success.  These garments and items lay dormant in warehouses, or take up valuable space in second-hand shops across America.

The scene now cuts to Jason Rockefeller, wearing his awesome leather jacket. Underneath, however, he’s actually wearing a dress shirt and a tie. His usual rogue-like charm is enhanced by a factor of 10; suddenly this man is trustworthy.

Jason Rockefeller: Hello friends.  I’m Jason Rockefeller, TV's Uncle Rocky and spokesperson for Pete’s Kids Charities.  We are currently working to get these unpurchased items into the hands of people who can use them. Clothing, such as Santa Claus t-shirts, Jade Justice trucker caps, and Tobias Devereaux hoodies, can be given to children in third-world countries, where nobody will care if those wrestlers even exist, much less were any good.  We can also recycle the plastics from items such as Dr. Emo water bottles, Marie Van Claudio action figures, Yoshii keychains, Blackbeard novelty hook-hands, and Go-Go Spectacular replica masks, to make water purifiers and materials for shelters.

The scene cuts to Ethiopia, where a “UTA RELIEF” helicopter can be seen. Jason Rockefeller, dressed in a “WrestleUTA” jumpsuit, is the first out of the helicopter. He hits the ground feet first and immediately starts handing boxes of merchandise to a crowd of excited, clamoring Ethiopian children.

Jason Rockefeller (Voice-Over): However, we can’t do it without your help.  Your tax-deductible donations help us afford the costs of shipping these unwanted goods to the people who need them most.  You can also volunteer as little as four hours of your time each week, at any one of our several distribution centers, in exchange for many benefits, including college internship credit.

One of the children happily dances around with two action figures in his hands, both of them are of Orobin Thor action figures. After a few seconds, we see the child toss them into a “RECY-CLO-TRON” machine, where the plastic is swiftly melted, the colors cooked out of it, and the final block of clear, purified recycled plastic pops out the other end.

Jason Rockefeller (Voice-Over): Please, friends.  Help us turn hot garbage into real relief.  Thank you.

Brian Styles vs. David Hightower

Williams:  This next match has Brian Styles debuting in singles competition.

Fury:  He was in the All or Nothing match, but nobody can get a real idea of the talent a guy has from a match like that.

Williams:  He certainly looks imposing, and he has already shown a strong urge to take on every established man in UTA.

Fury:  Standing up to Hopper makes him admirable, but now he gets to face one of the people who actually beat Hopper in the ring. Dick is not sure Styles can handle Hightower.

Williams:  This will be interesting because it isn't a match where anything can happen without problems. Can Hightower simply out brawl a brawler?

Fury:  One things is for sure, this match very well could be like Dick's love life...hard hitting and lots of bruising.

Williams:  And potentially over in a minute or two?

Fury:  That is not funny at all! Send it to the ring for crying out loud!

The view switches to show the UTA ring announcer ready to get the match rolling.

Announcer:  This match is set for one fall and has a twenty-minute time limit!

As the crowd awaits the start of the next match up, the lights brighten as The White Buffalo & Forest Ranger's hit from the "#FinalRideSOA" soundtrack "Come Join the Murder" would hit the arena's sound system.

#There's a blackbird perched outside my window
I hear him calling
I hear him sing
He burns me with his eyes of gold to embers
He sees all my sins
He reads my soul...#

Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen ....Coming to the ring at this time ... Standing at Six feet, three inches tall and weighing in at Two hundred, eighty-one pounds!"

Emerging from backstage would come the chiseled, mountain of a man, or more so a beast. Black boots strapped up to just past his ankles, military height. Black lightweight gym shorts would be the only thing dressing his posterior, as he bounced side to side while his icy blue orbs stared down the aisle directly into the ring. His nostrils flared, as he snorted and slid his MMA-gloved fingerless hands over his buzz cut blonde hair.

Announcer: "He hails from Sin City! LAS VEGAS, NEVADA!!!"

#One day that bird he spoke to me
Like Martin Luther
Like Perecles...#

He quickly began his militant-like walk down the aisle, his eyes ignoring the surroundings, almost looking robot-like as he reached ringside. Gritting his teeth and flaring his nostrils once more, he made his way to the steel steps and stomped his way up the three steps.


#Come join the murder
Come fly with black
We'll give you freedom
From the human trap
Come join the murder...#

Stepping onto the apron, he ducked under the top rope and stepped inside the squared circle as he arrogantly, and showing no signs of emotion made his way to the center of the ring, standing stout and tall, while being an intimidating presence.

# Soar on my wings
You'll touch the hand of God
And He'll make you king
And He'll make you king...#

The song cut out, as he was more than ready to dispense out violence.

Williams:  Styles does look focused.

Fury:  I think he got pretty pissed off when he saw Hopper earlier, but that is a normal reaction to him. Everybody hates him.

Williams:  Not me.

Fury:  Every SANE person, then.

Announcer:  And his opponent!

"Country Boy Can Survive" by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play and David Hightower walks out carrying a six bottle pack of beer and his rusted chain with a tow truck hook attached to it. Whiskey comes out trotting beside him and Old Man Hightower also walks out, a few steps behind his son and Whiskey.

Williams:  I can't believe Hightower's father is here tonight.

Fury:  It is crazy to think that someone as tough as Hightower spawned from a crazy country hick like that.

David walks down the ramp with Whiskey running ahead of him wagging his tail letting out a few playful barks.

Announcer:  Hailing from West Memphis Arkansas and accompanies by Whiskey the dog and his father, Old Man Hightower...
David walks over to one of the corner and sets his beer and chain with the tow truck hook under the bottom turnbuckle. David kneels down beside Whiskey and says a few words to him before he pets the dog on the head and slides into the ring.

Announcer:  Standing at six feet and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds...

David storms around the ring before he slams his own head into one of the turnbuckles getting himself hyped as Whiskey runs around the outside of the ring letting out a few barks.

Announcer:  He is "The Toughest Dog In The Yard" David Hightower!

David punches himself in the face a few times before he raises his fist in the air.

Williams:  Why does he do that?

Fury:  You see his father, don't you?

Williams:  That isn't nice, Dick.

Fury:  Dick is only nice to select people and those I pay for company.

David cracks his knuckles and nods his head ready for a fight. Styles steps from the corner as the referee motions for the bell.

Williams:  Looks like the ref is ready to get this one going!


Fury:  This one will definitely bring the pain as both men have heavy hands in there.

The two men step to the center of the ring and begin staring at each other. Styles is a tad taller, but both men look imposing as they mutter to each other. Styles looks focused and stoic, while Hightower has his typical snarl on his face.

Williams:  These two both just sizing the other up. No grappling or anything. This is probably going to be a straight up fight.

Fury:  If that is the case, Dick's money is on David Hightower because he has no set style, which is great for basic brawls.

Styles holds his arms out, offering a free shot to Hightower.

Williams:  Talk about taking your own life into your hands.

Fury:  Why offer a free shot?  Is he insane?

Hightower shrugs and then fires a massive right hook that gets planted on Styles' jaw, knocking him backward several steps and has him a tad doubled over.

Williams:  Styles gets rocked with that one!

Fury:  Truth be told, many on the roster might be done after a shot like that. His chin must be strong.

Williams:  Well it should be after all the training he did in other forms of fighting.

Fury:  Won't mean a thing if this devolves into a basic brawl.

Styles stands back straight and smiles at Hightower, rubbing his jaw. He nods in appreciation as Hightower holds his arms out and tells Styles to take his best shot.

Williams:  Hightower offering the same free shot.

Fury:  Now this does sound like something the whacked out guy would do. He's about to get rocked for allowing it.

Styles rushes and throws a haymaker of his own, staggering Hightower back several steps himself. Styles has a grin on his face as Hightower reaches to feel his jaw.

Williams:  Hightower didn't go down either!

Fury:  This is going to get really ugly, really fast.

The two men stand staring at each other again, nodding in appreciation of the power they hold.

Williams:  Mutual admiration here by these two behemoths.

Fury:  before they try to take each other's heads off!

Suddenly, both men surge forward and go for the collar-and-elbow tie up, Hightower gets a little push, but Styles uses that against him and wrenches his arm back into a hammer lock.

Williams:  Styles grappling coming into play!

Fury:  Why does a guy who is the perfect brawler allow any form of technical holds to come into play? If he loses, it will be because he allowed Styles to use his strengths.

Styles takes that hold and grabs David quickly, lifting him for a belly-to-back suplex with that arm caught back between them.

Williams:  Styles with a massive suplex and Hightower is in trouble.

Fury:  Dick wonders if that arm got wrenched a little on that impact as well. Dick knows it is never good when one of your muscles gets ratcheted up.

Brian Styles wastes no time and rushes over as if in a mixed martial arts bout and begins reigning down hammer fists on Hightower's head. David's head hitting the canvas with each blow as Styles looks to the referee.

Williams:  Styles with those fists over and over!  The referee is finally saying something.

Fury:  He doesn't understand the closed fist rule. It has always been allowed where he comes from.

Williams:  He has wrestled elsewhere.

Fury:  This is the UTA. Nowhere else ever matters.

The referee tells him to stop using closed fists and Styles is not happy. Styles gets up to a knee and begins telling the ref he was using the side of the fist and not a straight punch.

Williams:  The explanation may not matter to the referee.

Fury:  But he has a point. He wasn't punching a normal punch, but using the side, which is no different than a chop so many like to use in corners these days.

Williams:  So suddenly fists are okay?

Fury:  Just because a move is called hammer fist, doesn't mean it is actually using the fist. Believe me, Dick knows how to fist.

Brian goes back to get a mount, but Hightower jabs him with a fist to the groin. Styles falls back and off him, reeling in pain.

Williams:  Hightower with an illegal shot of his own!

Fury:  Self defense! Hightower is making sure that he doesn't get pounded any further by any means necessary.

Hightower gets back on his feet just as Styles begins to stand as well.

Williams:  Hightower looking like he is ready for the battle now.

Hightower rushes over and grabs Styles by the shoulders, throwing him over like he was trying to crash a table in a bar.

Fury:  Hightower tosses Styles like a rag doll!  The guy is bigger than he is!

Williams:  That is impressive.

Fury:  Hightower knows how to fight and as ugly as it looks, it was definitely great offense.

Hightower rushes over to continue his assault with stomps, but Styles grabs the boot and yanks him off his feet. Styles keeps hold of the boot and tries turning it into an ankle lock.

Williams:  Styles tries to get an ankle lock!  Hightower again gives Styles an opening!

Fury:  David Hightower needs to stay on his game and not allow Styles the chance to use his submission and grappling abilities. To keep feeding his strength is like pitching fast balls to a home run hitter: very stupid.

Hightower is fighting off the ankle lock attempt and finally grabs the ropes to steady himself as he uses his free leg to kick Styles square in the stomach.

Williams:  Hightower escapes the hold with a boot to the stomach.

Fury:  Hightower is the master of using his surroundings to his benefit.

Styles, now visibly angry, begins moving forward to attack again, but the referee stops him citing Hightower still having hold of the ropes and it being illegal with the ropes involved.

Williams:  The referee keeping Styles from attacking because of the ropes.

Fury:  This is strange for Dick, but Hightower is pretty brilliant with that move there.

Williams:  Did you just call Hightower brilliant.

Fury:  It's crazy, but Dick may need a CAT scan when this night is over.

Williams:  I'll say. You may be behind Hightower, but you never call people smart unless you are talking about yourself.

Fury:  That was a smart move, but only because it is what Dick would have done in the same situation.

Styles is backed off as Hightower stands up. Hightower snarls at Styles and the young man rushes at him with fierce intent, only to have Hightower reach out and grab him by the neck, ushering him over the top rope and to the arena floor.

Williams:  Styles sent flying out of the ring by Hightower!

Fury:  Now THIS is the Hightower we have all been waiting to see in this one!

Whiskey, only a few feet away from Styles, begins barking like nuts at David's opponent after he lands on the floor.

Williams:  Hightower exiting the ring and that dog is not leashed.

Fury:  You get 'em Whiskey!  Give him hell!

Hightower tells Whiskey to back off and he stomps on Styles' shoulder. Then he stomps his boots into Styles' ribs.

Williams:  Hightower on the attack and Styles is way out of his element now.

Fury:  This is what Dick was saying Hightower ought to be doing. Keep the guy out of his comfort zone and on his ass!

Williams:  It is working, but you can't win the match out there, Dick.

Fury:  They won't stay out there forever.

Hightower pulls Styles to his feet and whips him into the ring post. Styles staggers away from the ring post back toward Hightower, who plants a left jab into the stomach and then a nasty right uppercut to Styles chin, sending him back to the floor again.

Williams:  Styles is getting bombarded outside the ring and the referee has started counting both men outside the ring.

Fury:  This match has been heavy hitting from the very start and Hightower shows that he can dish it out better than any trained fighter. Styles looked like he got hit with cement blocks there!

Williams:  He isn't finished either.

Fury:  Hightower is never finished until he is pulled off his opponent or knocked near dead himself.

In the background, we see Old Man Hightower talking to ringside fans as David pulls Styles back to his feet. Hightower whips STyles over and into the metal stairs, sending the bigger man flipping over them as though his legs had been cut off.

Williams:  Styles hit those steps hard! You have to wonder if his knees are injured now.

Fury:  If they aren't injured, they sure as hell are hurt! Those steps aren't very forgiving.

The referee's count is up to eight as Hightower shoves Styles back under the bottom rope. He slides in after him, ending the referee's count just before ten.

Williams:  Both men finally back in the ring where the match belong.

Fury:  What have you been watching?  This hasn't been a match in any form for quite some time!

In the background of the view, we see Old Man Hightower in an argument with an attractive lady at ringside. Inside the ring, though, David picks up Styles and drops him with a Spinebuster slam.

Williams:  That is the most scientific move Hightower has performed all night.

Fury:  And it very well may be the ONLY one he knows, but it is damn effective.

The ringside problem is worsened when the man with the girl at ringside stands up and turns out to be a rather large individual. Whiskey begins barking loudly and David sees this issue occurring.

Williams:  Is it possible HIghtower can actually understand Whiskey?

Fury:  Leave that alone and win your match! Listen to Dick! Don't be a dumbass!

Williams:  Looks like Old Man Hightower is in a bit of trouble outside the ring and THAT is one big dude!

Fury:  Fathers usually do find a way to screw over their kids; and in this case it looks like the old man was making a pass at that hot lady at ringside.

Hightower exits the ring and walks over, holding his hand up to the guy, who is even bigger than Hightower or Styles. He tugs on Old Man Hightower's arm and tells him to get over by the announce table and stay out of trouble.

Williams:  David out here grabbing his Dad to get him out of trouble.

Fury:  David ought to deck that punk fan for messing up his Daddy's groove.

Williams:  Oh please.  David's Dad wasn't going to be able to do anything there.

Fury:  Viagra's a helluva drug. Or so Dick has heard.

Hightower re-enters the ring after defusing the situation at ringside and pulls Styles to his feet.

Williams:  Hightower back in the ring and right back to work.

Fury:  Tells you how hard Hightower brings it when Styles is still not moving after the onslaught he endured.

Hightower whips Styles into the corner and Brian hits with force, but instead of staggering back, he rushes out of the corner and nearly takes David's head off with a running lariat.

Williams:  What a turn around from Brian Styles!

Fury:  He really meat hooked Hightower there! Hard to believe Hightower being taken down like that.

Williams:  You think Styles used up all his energy there?

Fury:  Dick sincerely doubts it.

Hightower gets back to his feet just in time to be planted by a running spear by the new wrestler.

Williams:  Spear by Styles!  Hightower in trouble now!

Fury:  He certainly is. If he loses this match, the blame should be on dear old dad.

Williams:  That isn't a fair assessment.

Fury:  Did he have control before his Dad's libido went out of control? Yes. Does he have control now? No! It is a totally fair take on the situation.

Styles again mounts Hightower and begins reigning down the hammer fists over and over again. The referee is yelling his warning, but Styles is ignoring him completely due to blind rage.

Williams:  There are those illegal fists again.

Fury:  Not illegal and the referee needs trained on this for future Styles matches.

Styles quickly gets to his feet and pulls Hightower up, lifting him onto his shoulders for a T-Bone suplex that shakes the entire ring.

Williams:  What a nasty T-Bone suplex!  Styles may have Hightower out and here is the cover!

Referee:  ONE........TWO......THR....NO!!!

Fury:  Hightower kicks out and stays alive!

Williams:  Styles' technical ability really shining forth now, Dick.

Fury:  He certainly is weathering the storm and surviving, but it isn't over just yet.

Styles just shakes his head at the referee after the near fall. He pulls Hightower up again with all confidence showing in his face. He lifts him onto his shoulders again, this time looking for the finish.

Williams:  Brian Styles is setting up for the "Pandy Plunge!" If he hits this, it is over!

Fury:  The hell kind of name is "Pandy Plunge" anyway? He a cos player from Japan all of the sudden?

Before Styles can drop his "Pandy Plunge" finisher, Old Man Hightower is seen on the ring apron. He is yelling all sorts of strange country curses at Styles.

Williams:  Old Man Hightower on the ring apron!  What is he doing?

Fury:  Atoning for his sins!

Williams:  What?

Fury:  You watch, he will get David out of trouble by putting himself out there.

Styles lets go of Hightower and he falls like sack of potatoes. He rushes over to grab hold of the elder Hightower, only for the old man to drop down to the floor and stagger back from the ring while still yelling at Styles.

Williams:  Styles is angry and screaming at the elder Hightower right now.

Fury:  He shouldn't have gotten involved, but Dick respects him making up for what he did earlier by costing his son the advantage in a crucial moment.

Williams:  Has anyone ever been disqualified for attacking a senior citizen in UTA?

Styles is yelling and pointing at Old Man Hightower, while the referee is trying to get him back to the matter at hand in the ring.

Fury:  I doubt it, but if Styles is allowed to get his hands on Old Man Hightower, it just might happen.

Williams:  He will stay far away, I bet.

Fury:  You think?

Styles turns around and is immediately drilled by the running head butt from Hightower. It staggers Styles a bit and Hightower takes advantage.

Williams:  The Dog's Pounce! Hightower nailed him right between the eyes!

Fury:  And it STILL didn't knock him off his feet! Wow!

Williams:  But it may have done the job it was intended to do...

Hightower whips Styles into the ropes and on the rebound, he plants the devastating right hook to the jaw, knocking Styles nearly into a complete flip and to the canvas.


Williams:  Hightower put everything he had into that shot and Styles is out cold!  He covers!

Referee:  ONE.......TWO.......THREE!

Fury:  He did it!  Hightower won!

The referee raises the arm of David Hightower, but quickly steps away because of the smell.

Williams:  What a come back victory for David Hightower!

Announcer:  Your winner by pinfall.....DAVID HIGHTOWER!!!

Fury:  What a great job of overcoming adversity and crappy, stupid parents to gain a victory. HIghtower is Dick approved!

Old Man Hightower and Whiskey meet David as he exits the ring and they are happy with the victory as Styles begins fuming in the ring.

Williams:  Look at the Hightower family celebrating at the entrance ramp. They overcame together.

Fury:  And they nearly lost it together too. David better think twice before letting his old man out here during one of his matches ever again.

Williams:  That is cold even for you, Dick.

Fury:  Dick don't give a rat's ass in hell about cold, Dick is a realist and that means old man needs to stay at home where he belongs.

Williams:  Well he saved Hightower tonight and he earned a great victory because of it. What a match this was folks!

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Wrestling "Culture"

Wrestling "Culture"

Backstage at the Wrestlezone at Universal Studios, backstage reporter Kate Kincaid can be seen on standby and waiting for her cue. She looks particularly excited and moves a strand of her hair out of her face, not realizing the camera is already rolling. Her eyes then burst to life as she realizes that she’s on.

Kincaid: Kate Kincaid here with none other than The Gold Standard, JOHN SEKTOR!

Muted cheers can be heard echoing from within the arena as the man himself steps into the spotlight. He has a proud smile worn underneath his infamous mustache as he gazes at Kate with lustful eyes. He’s dressed in a crisp suit and carrying a jar of coins under his arm.

Kincaid: John, great to have you here at the Wrestlezone and in the UTA, and thank you for giving me your time.

Sektor: I’ve always got time for a pretty face..

He smirks and Kate blushes as he reaches out and pinches her delicate little chin.

Kincaid: Well, obviously you’re not scheduled to compete here on Victory tonight, so what brings you down here?

Sektor: Well, as you know Orlando is only a stones throw away from my home in Miami, so I thought I’d pop by and see what’s going on. Besides, I’m a contracted UTA superstar now and the fans have paid good money to see the Gold Standard. So even if its only for a couple of minutes in a backstage interview, I’m gonna give the people what they want.

He has a self righteous look about him as he talks about himself.

Kincaid: May I ask what the jar is for?

Kate gazes at the jar in his hands with a confused look about her.

Sektor: What, this?

He holds up the jar so that the camera can get a better look at it, and it appears to be filled almost half way with silver dimes.

Sektor: Well this is a swear jar. You see, I come from a place where people can say whatever they want without any repercussions. But I can’t do that here. And you know something? I kind of like it. Maybe it will help me grow and become more...articulate..

He chuckles to himself after saying this.

Sektor: But its a tough habit to break, you know? So now, whenever I say something like *BEEP* or *BEEP* or even *BEEP-BEEP*?

He pulls out a few coins from his pocket after saying this.

Sektor: I have to put a coin in a jar.


Kate looks a little mystified from what she has just heard and has to shake off the cobwebs before continuing the interview.

Kincaid: Uhm, okay? So, anyway, you’re obviously scheduled to compete in your first match here in the UTA next week against former UTA champion, Abdul bin Hussain. Are you nervous at all?

Sektor strokes his moustache as he ponders this question for a moment.

Sektor: Nervous? Hm. It’s hard for a guy like me to admit that he’s nervous. But everybody gets nervous before a match, and anyone who says that they don’t isn’t a liar. However, when you’re as accomplished as I am in the ring, you no longer get nervous about your opposition, but more the occasion. This is my debut match, as you said, and I am carrying a massive reputation into that match with me. There’s a high expectation level on me and I have to live up to that. It’s alot of pressure, but I thrive under pressure and because this is my first ever match in UTA and I’m facing a former World champion?

He smiles and relaxes his shoulders.

Sektor: It has that big match feel to it, and thus those nerves quickly turn into excitement. A week from now the pure wrestling machine known as The Gold Standard, John Sektor, will grace the UTA ring and leave his mark for all to see.

Kincaid: Well this match came about because he and his manager, Rafiq, interrupted you last week on Wrestleshow. You later challenged him to a match, did he touch a nerve with what he was saying about Americans?

Sektor: Well listen, I’m not the Iron Patriot, okay? I’m not Captain America. He can say what he wants about Americans and I’ll just laugh because he sounds like a bitter douchebag. No, what bothered me was when he called me a ‘jobber.’ Whatever the *BEEP* that means. Ah *BEEP* sorry..


John Sektor: But anyway, I assumed he was trying to make out as though I was a nobody who was stinking up his ring. I didn’t like that. I know some people have been hiding under rocks around he and to them I am an unknown. But don’t come out and interrupt The Gold Standard when he’s introducing himself to you all, and then insult him. I had just spent five minutes speaking about my accomplishments. They’re no joke and I am by no means a lightweight around here. I bring with me a wealth of skills and experience and I am not to be taken lightly.

He has a stern and serious expression as he straightens his back up.

John Sektor: When he insulted my stature in this industry, he insulted my culture and my religion. Because that’s what wrestling is to me. It’s my religion! I live by it and I pray to the wrestling God’s before every match. You all saw how defensive he got when I mentioned his so called prophet ‘Mohammed.’ Wait and see what happens when I get ahold of him.

He remains serious as his jaw clenches just that little bit tighter.

John Sektor: I know, that at the moment these are nothing but words coming out of my beautiful mouth. But next week I intend to back them up by brushing aside a former UTA champion. They key word there, Kate, is FORMER. It’s the past and I am very much the present and the future. Because the UTA has a new standard bearer now..

With that he turns to the camera and looks straight into it with a cocky smirk.

John Sektor: And its John *BEEP* Sektor!


Lew Smith vs. Leyenda de Ocho



We come back ring side to find Lew Smith getting checked by Refreree Mickey O'Connor as Leyenda de Ocho gets close to the ring. His music blares from the speakers.

Williams: Welcome back folks! We are just about ready for our next match. Lew Smith letting Referee O'Connor know he's ready for action.

Leyenda de Ocho gets a nice response as he slides under the bottom rope and makes his way to the near by corner.

Fury: That was a long commercial break...

Lew Smith leans against the corner as Leyenda de Ocho raises his arm in the air to rile up the crowd.

Williams: Lew Smith looking to continue his winning ways here against Leyenda de Ocho. 

The bell sounds.

Williams: Ocho and Smith tie up in the middle of the ring. Lew Smith gains control.

Smith tucks Leyenda de Ocho's head under his arm for a Headlock. Ocho pulls both men close to the ropes. Ocho is able to free himself and send his opponent across the ring.

Williams: Smith bouncing off the ropes... Leap Frog...

Smith runs over the flattened Leyenda de Ocho. Ocho stands up and hits a Hurricanrana getting a solid crowd response. 

Williams: Smith back on his feet and is sent down with an Arm Drag Takedown.

Fury: Ocho keeping the pressure on Lew Smith... a man that DIck beat for the VCW Title... did you know that Jennifer?

Williams: You never let me forget it, Dick.

Leyenda de Ocho grabs Smith's left arm and locks it in Shoulder Lock. Smith is able to get back to his feet. He is able to grab the wrist of his opponent and turn into a Wristlock.

Fury: Smith able to turn the tables.

Leyenda de Ocho slaps at his shoulder. He tucks and rolls and is able to come back to his feet and turn the Wristlock around on Lew Smith. The fans cheer both men.

Williams: Lew Smith again bested by Leyenda de Ocho.

Fury: That's not a surprise.

Lew Smith drops to one knee in pain. He thinks quickly and pulls the legs out from under his opponent. Smith helps his opponent to his feet.

Williams: Smith now... Snap Suplex by the former VCW Champion.

Fury: Smith keeping the pace of the match up.

Smith hits the ropes. He leaps, bounces off the middle rope and comes back at Leyenda de Ocho with a Moonsault. Leyenda de Ocho is able to move at the last second.

Williams: What a show of athleticism by Lew Smith!

Lew Smith lands on his feet to the amazement of the UTA Universe. Leyenda de Ocho rests on his knees looking at Lew Smith. The fans inside the WrestleZone give this display an applause.

Williams: The fans are liking what they are seeing.

Fury: DIck is too... look at that woman by ringside...

Jennifer Williams pretends she didn't hear her Play By Play announce partner.

Williams: Collar and Elbow tie up...

Fury: Ocho taking Smith's back.

Smith lands a hard elbow to the head, which releases Ocho's hands from his waist. Lew Smith hits the ropes and slides through Leyenda's legs.

Williams: Lew Smith back up and connects with the Dropkick.

Fury: Leyenda de Ocho to the outside.

Williams: Hard fall down to the concrete floor by Ocho... Lew Smith not wasting any time!

Lew Smith runs and jumps up to the top rope and stands on the rope while his opponent moves out of dodge.

Williams: Lew Smith again not able to successfully hit an aerial maneuver

Fury: Ocho might be a weirdo nerd... but he's a smart weirdo nerd.

Lew Smith drops down to the ring mat and waits for his opponent to get back inside the ring.

Referee: One!

Leyenda de Ocho slides into the ring slowly. He sits by the corner as Lew Smith backs up to give him space. Smith yells at Ocho to come on with it. Ocho does exactly that.

Fury: Smith telling Ocho to "come on a fight".

Williams: Leyenda de Ocho now, elbow smashes to Lew Smith's jaw. 

Ocho pushes Smith back into the corner, landing a few kicks to Smith's gut before Irish Whipping him into the opposite corner. Lew Smith can feel Ocho steps behind him. Smith is able to grab the top rope and push himself up into the air.

Williams: Leyenda de Ocho...

Fury: Ocho crashes into the middle turnbuckle. 

Lew Smith picks his opponent up and puts him in the corner. Smith runs across the ring and comes back at Leyenda de Ocho and hits a Splash.

Williams: Big Splash on The Eight Bit Legend in the corner!

Lew Smith grabs the mask of his opponent and sets him up for an Inverted DDT.

Williams: Smith... What a manuever!

Lew Smith rolls the DDT variation and turns it into a Cutter. He goes for the cover.

Referee: One! Two!

Fury: Ocho kicks out!

Lew Smith pulls Leyenda de Ocho to his feet and locks in a Side Headlock.

Fury: Another headlock? Come on guys. Let's see some action!

Lew Smith strengthens his grip on Ocho's head and neck. 

Williams: Leyenda de Ocho at the mercy of Lew Smith.

Fury: This is boring.

Leyenda de Ocho has one arm around Smith's waist and the other behind his right leg. Ocho powers to lift Smith up and Atomic Drop him down to the mat. Smith takes some steps and turns back to de Ocho. de Ocho's boot attempt is stopped.

Williams: Smith able to grab the leg of de Ocho. 

Fury: de Ocho hopping around on one foot.

Smith has some words for Leyenda de Ocho. de Ocho is able to Enziguri Smith in the back of the head.

Williams: ENZIGURI!

Fury: Lew Smith might have gotten some sense knocked into him! Now this is rasslin'!

Leyenda de Ocho steps through the ropes and lets the cheers from the crowd amp him up. 

Williams: What's de Ocho going to do?

Fury: He's going to do something...

de Ocho leaps and bounces off the top rope and somersaults in the air.

Williams: What a Leg Drop from Leyenda de Ocho! He goes for the cover!

de Ocho hooks the leg and looks to have the match won.

Referee: One! Two! KICKOUT!

Williams: How did Lew Smith kick out?

Fury: With his legs... 

Williams: Thanks Dick.. Back to action here on Victory.

Leyenda de Ocho sits on his knees not able to comprehend how his opponent kicked out. de Ocho sees his opportunity to put away his opponent and he takes it.

Williams: Leyenda de Ocho now... THE ACTUALIZER!

Fury: Lew Smith puts the knees up!

Williams: Smith blocking the finisher attempt.

Leyenda de Ocho grabs at his ribs in pain. He rolls himself out of the ring. He has one hand on the apron as he takes some deep breaths on the arena floor. 

Williams: Lew Smith going to the corner. He looks like he's going aerial.

Referee: One!

Lew Smith leaps up to the top turnbuckle and waits for his opponent. Leyenda de Ocho moves away from the side of the ring and close to the announcer's table. 

Fury: Lew Smith has gone airborne!

Leyenda de Ocho jumps up into the air and hits Smith with a Dropkick right in the face. The fans erupt!

Williams: Amazing!

Fans: UTA! UTA! UTA!

Williams: Listen to the WrestleZone!

Fury: The fans are going crazy here in the WrestleZone.

Referee: Four!

The Eight Bit Legend pulls Lew Smith up and rolls him into the ring. Ocho goes to the top rope and poses for the fans trying to pump them up. They all bring their eyes to him.

Williams: Ocho is going to finish this one...

Lew Smith makes a quick move and runs over to the corner to land a blow to de Ocho's mid section. Ocho now sits on the top turnbuckle with his opponent going on the offensive.

Williams: Ocho and Smith exchanging fists. 

Lew Smith gets rocked and takes a few steps away from Leyenda de Ocho. LDO grabs Smith by his hair and pulls him back towards him. 

Williams: Watch Leyenda de Ocho.

Leyenda de Ocho executes a Tornado DDT that spikes Lew Smith's head on the mat. Ocho doesn't hesitate to make the cover attempt.

Williams: This one is over!

Referee: One! Two!

Lew Smith barely gets his shoulder off the mat to the shock of the UTA crowd and Leyenda de Ocho.

Fury: Lew Smith just will not die!

Leyenda de Ocho grabs Lew Smith by the arm to bring him closer to the middle of the ring.

Williams: Small Package by Lew Smith, he's going to steal a win!

Referee: One! Two!


Williams: Lew Smith almost stole a victory! Leyenda de Ocho able to kickout at the last second!

The two combatants exchange lefts and rights sending the spit flying from each other's mouths. Leyenda de Ocho rises to his feet taking control. 

Williams: Ocho hits the ropes...


Williams: Lew Smith hits a Spinebuster! 

Lew Smith props himself on the top rope and moves closer to the corner.

Williams: Lew Smith is going up top!

Fury: Can Lew Smith finish this match?

Lew Smith stands on the top rope as the crowd goes silent for a moment. Leyenda de Ocho rushes to his feet and runs up the ropes. 

Fury: They're fighting on the ring ropes!

Williams: de Ocho sent down to the mat after that Lew Smith right hand.

Leyenda de Ocho lays on his back as Smith regains himself. Lew Smith Corkscrews in air and hits a Moonsault.

Williams: Corkscrew Moonsault by Lew Smith!

Fury: He got some serious air!

Smith goes for the cover and hooks the leg.

Fury: This is over!

Referee: One! Two! Three!

The bell sounds.

Williams: What a match! A tough fought battle between two top UTA stars!

Announcer: Your winner of the match by pinfall... LEW SMITH!

Lew Smith has his arm raised by the referee and quickly pulls it down and holds at his ribs.

Williams: Lew Smith is your winner. He continues to win match after match.

Fury: Smith walked out the winner but Leyenda de Ocho showed us something... he's not that good!

Tag Team of the Damned


Tag Team of the Damned


The scene fades in on a closed door with a very specific sign posted:


In front of the door, Marshall Owens is pacing in a quick, two - pace oval. He looks equal parts anxious and frustrated, as if his movement was less nervous energy and more preparation to take off in one direction or another, depending on who he was waiting for.

Finally, he stops.

Owens: I’m glad you’re here.

Into the frame steps La Flama Blanca, wearing a ‘Dynasty’ T-shirt that simply reads ‘OVER’ on the front, and what we can only imagine is an angry look on his face.

La Flama Blanca: Why… what’s up?

Owens: We have a problem?

La Flama Blanca: What kind of problem?

Owens: A big one.

La Flama Blanca: Is it WTFC?

Owens: No.

La Flama Blanca: Is it The Spectre?

Owens shakes his head from side to side.

Owens: Worse…

LFB pauses for a second. Owens motions to the Dynasty dressing room.

Owens: Just go inside. Go...

Instead, Owens opens the door and we can see inside, just over the Luchador’s shoulder.

The Second Coming: Hi Eddie, I was wondering when you’d get here.

Your eyes do not deceive: the Second Coming is sitting in Dynasty’s private dressing room. She is wearing a leather facemask with a frankenstitch design over the mouth, her hair in a ponytail, and her usual wrestling gear despite her lack of a match tonight. The UTA Tag Team Championship title belt belonging to her is draped in her lap. She appears to have eaten and drank a good deal of the food and beverage that was provided for the UTA World Champion and his entourage.

La Flama Blanca: You really like to piss people off don’t you...

He enters the room and stands over her, but she looks unconcerned.

2C: Just enjoying some of the benefits as the newest member of Dynasty.

The words seem to snap something in Blanca’s brain.

La Flama Blanca: Just because you get the honor to rub elbows with The Luchador… doesn’t mean you can enjoy all the perks of Dynasty.

She laughs.

2C: I know, Little Jimmy was the champion and whatnot, but when you peak less than a year in, you’ve got nowhere to go but down. Trust me, I’m a better choice.

Now it was the Luchador’s turn to laugh.

La Flama Blanca: That’s worth a squirt… Hey, don’t you have to braid Zhalia or Kush’s hair or some-

She interrupts him and holds the tag team belt up, all at the same time. The Second Coming stands up and looks Blanca in the eye, her demeanor suddenly changed to deadly serious.

2C: You don’t like me, Eddie, and I don’t like you. That hasn’t changed and I can’t see it ever changing. Life would be a lot easier if you’d just kick me in the face again, or if I dropped you on your head and we went our separate ways, but that’s not going to happen.

Now, the title belt is held in between them.

2C: Because despite the fact that you’re a miserable little prick and that I’m an obnoxious instigator, you and I both have too much respect for what a Championship belt means to just tank a title defense, which puts us in an unenviable position of having to depend on each other and watch each other’s backs. So, the real reason I’m here is to deal.

Blanca considers this, and folds his arms across his chest.

La Flama Blanca: Let’s see who’s side you’re on tonight..

2C: Fair enough. I’ll give this team as much as you do, and I’ll bust my ass to keep the belts around our waist as long as possible. In return, Dynasty does not mess with me or my girls inside or outside of the ring - and that includes next weekend’s title defense. We wrestle Kush and Fears clean. Plus, unless we’re in the ring together or planning strategy for our next defense, you’ll never see me in this room again.

Blanca considers this.

La Flama Blanca: Don’t be crazy, Buddy! As long as you play ball, you and your friends will be just fine. Back to our Tag Title defense, It’s not if we win… WHEN we win… You will get my respect. I will have your back… You better…

The Luchador looks his Tag Team partner right in her eyes.

La Flama Blanca: Have mine.

The Second Coming nods her head as she puts her Tag Team title over her shoulder.

2C:You think I’d be standing here if I didn’t?

They stare at each other from over and around their respective masks for several seconds. It’s clear that they recognize each other.

La Flama Blanca: Now get out before the bed bug infestation in here gets any worse…

She lets out a chuckle.

2C: Don’t be vulgar, my new BESTEST BUDDY.

The Second Coming pats La Flama Blanca on the shoulder and exits through the door. Marshall Owens is beside himself still outside the dressing room. Owens waits until The Second Coming gets a few yards away before returning to chat with The Cruiserweight.

Owens: I can’t believe she was in here…

Blanca holds up his hand to stop Marshall in his tracks.

La Flama Blanca: That won’t… happen again.

The cameras come in close on Blanca and then fade to black.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Ron Hall vs. Travis 16

Thunder Underground by Ozzy Osbourne fills the arena. A few seconds later, Mr. Fantastic emerges onto the stage. He slowly surveys the crowd, looking left and right, nodding his head and offering a confident smirk in recognition of their response.

Fantastic thrusts his taped fists up into a V. Fantastic lowers his arms and begins to confidently stride to the ring. He pounds his fists against the Fantastic Fight Academy logo printed across his chest on the T-shirt he’s wearing.

Williams: Well, it appears Mr. Fantastic has a special interest in this match.

Fantastic walks toward the announcer table and grabs a free headset and puts it on.

Fury:  What are you doing out here?

Mr. Fantastic: What are you talking about?  This is the best seat in the house, brother!  Anybody in their right mind would want to get up close and personal for this next match.

Gold Medal Tha Trademarc hits the PA.

Announcer: The following is for the Prodigy Championship...Introducing first he is the NEW Prodigy Champion...

Williams:  Here comes the NEW Prodigy Champion!

Announcer: Standing five foot eleven inches.  Weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds!

Ron Hall steps from backstage the Prodigy Championship around his waist.

Announcer:  “The Southern Rebel” Rooonnnn Hallll!!!!

Fury: Dick can not believe he beat Kush!

Mr. Fantastic: What’s not to believe, my man?  Ronnie is not just a Hall of Famer...he’s from the very first HOFer class, back in 2003.

Hall reaches the ring absorbing the huge ovation for him.

Travis 16 theme hits. Travis steps from the backstage with a mob bucket and a mob sticking out of it. He pushes it down to the ring with a smile.

Announcer: Coming to the ring his opponent and challenger Travissss Sixteeeennnn!!

Williams:  Eww, the stench from Travis is outrageous!

Fury:  This guy needs a shower.

Mr. Fantastic:  I think it’s great when a guy is really, really into his work but, damn!  This Travis guys smells like he’s been sleeping in his own trash collection!

Travis reaches the ringside and pulls the mob out of the bucket. He picks up the bucket and pours the dirty water over his head.  Everyone looks at him with disgust, but he is still ear to ear grin.

Williams:  Eww!

Fury:  Dick's heard of the ice bucket challenge but the mop water challenge??

Ron looks at Travis, also, just as disgusted as the announce team.  Travis begins to taunt Ron.  Travis has his fists up and fakes a punch.  Without any sudden waste in motion, Ron clocks Travis square in the jaw, knocking him out.  Ron looks at the ref then down at Travis, spread out on the mat.  He looks to the fans for a moment, takes a deep breath and goes for the cover.

Williams:  Travis rolls him up!

Fury: He was playing possum!

Mr. Fantastic:  You’ve got to be kidding me!!

Ref: 1…kick out!

Ron, enraged at the pin attempt, gets on top and unloads on Travis!

Williams:  That didn’t take long to get under Ron’s skin.

Fury:  Is he laughing?

Mr. Fantastic:  Laughing?  Crying?  Dry heaving?  How can you tell the difference with this guy?

Travis continues to laugh as he covers up while Ron continually unloads.  His laughter seems to be getting Ron more and more angry. Ron gets off Travis and wants him to get to his feet.

Williams: Travis has staggered to his feet…what the?

Fury:  He is skipping around the ring. This guy has a death wish.

Mr. Fantastic: OK, c’mon, seriously!  This guy’s acting like a buffoon.  Did he forget that the UTA isn’t going to pay whatever medical expenses he may...and most likely will...incur from the beating he’s going to get from “The Southern Rebel”?

Ron quickly charges at Travis and nails a vicious clothesline, turning him inside out and smacking face first into the mat. Ron starts to unload with kicks to the midsection of Travis.

Williams: Ron is not in the mood clearly.  After all Travis cost Ron his chance in the All or Nothing rumble.

Fury: Seems Travis is enjoying this beating he is getting.

Mr. Fantastic: I’ll give the kid credit.  He really can take a beating but it’s a dangerous game to dare a man like Ron Hall to test your limits.  Trust me, guys...if Travis asks for it, he’s gonna get it.

Ron picks up Travis and throws a couple quick uppercuts into his gut.  He stands Travis to a vertical base. Travis quickly rakes Ron’s eyes and starts to punch in an unorthodox fashion, driving Hall back.  Hall finally returns and the two continue to throw bombs back and forth at each other.  Ron gets off a wicked cross that looks to knock a tooth out of Travis mouth.

Williams: This is not even a match all out street fight.

Fury:  Travis is still in this fight too.

Mr. Fantastic:  Well, not all of him...I think I saw a tooth of his fly into someone’s nachos out in the fifth row.

Travis comes back with a boot to the midsection of Hall.  He grabs him by the shoulder, turns him, and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Ron hits the post!  Travis runs to the other corner and runs at Ron as he tries to pull himself out of the corner he drop kicks Ron in the butt sending him back into the post again.

Williams:  Finally some sort of wrestling if you call that wrestling.

Fury: Travis’s calls that move “The Butthurt.”

Mr. Fantastic:  He’s got a name for that pathetic move?  My three year old niece has a better vertical leap that this clown show.

Travis begins prancing around the ring again.

Williams: This guy is an idiot!

Fury: He is just misunderstood!

Mr. Fantastic:  No, Dickie.  Misunderstood is what you are when your girl finds that Justin Beiber playlist on your iPhone.  This guy’s an idiot.

Ron pulls himself out of the corner holding his right shoulder.  He looks toward Travis, still prancing around the ring.  Blood appears to be coming from his nose now.  Ron clenches his teeth and spears Travis. Mounting him,  Hall once more unloads with lefts and right across Travis’s face.

Williams:  He is not even covering his face now.  He wants to be hit.  What kind of style is this?

Fury:  You have got Dick.

Mr. Fantastic: I think its the ancient Chinese “I’m going to need a plastic surgeon tomorrow” fighting style.

Ron gets pulled off by the ref.  Hall now begins to argue with the ref.  Travis slowly gets to his feet. And, again, starts to prance around the ring. Ron and the ref look toward him both in disbelief.

Williams:  This guy is short a six pack.

Fury: He likes to fight Dick guesses.

Mr. Fantastic: Listen, if there’s going to more of this dancing, I’m going to need a drink.  Where’s the beer vendor at?

Ron has finally surpassed his boiling point.  He stops Travis cold by standing in his path.  Travis waves at him with a stupid, knocked-out-tooth grin.

Williams: Well, it appears Travis’ game plan is working perfectly.  Ron has veins bulging from his face now.

Fury: Dick thinks Travis wants another round.

Mr. Fantastic: His gameplan was to make a guy like Ron Hall completely lose his temper?  What’s the point of the game?  To go on long term disability?

Ron quickly cold cocks Travis square in the face, knocking him on his butt.

Williams:  Look at Travis’ nose!  I think Ron just broke it!

Fury: He is still smiling too.

Mr. Fantastic:  I think that actually made him better looking.

Ron grabs Travis by the hair and pulls him up and the two again start brawling back and forth.  Ron quickly takes advantage and right crosses Travis in the chin knocking him over the top rope to the floor.  He shakes his hand and watches in astonishment Travis is getting up again with help from the announce table.  Travis stench clouds the announce table.  All three cover their noses staring at him in disgust.

Williams:  Oh god please go somewhere else!

Fury:  Ugh…

Mr. Fantastic:  I think I’m going to need an extra shower when I’m done for the night here...gross!!

Travis looks at the announce team with a smile.  He then looks toward Mr. Fantastic.  He slaps the headset off Fantastic!

Williams:  Hey what are you doing!

Fury: Travis wants to fight everybody apparently.

Fantastic says something off microphone toward Travis.


Travis slides back in the ring. He gets up into Hall’s face and starts jawing with him.

Williams:  Hey where are you going!

Fury: Clearly to the ring.

Mr. Fantastic slides into the ring and quickly pulls Travis arm to spin him around. Now Fantastic unloads on Travis with a savate kick while Ron looks on stunned. The ref calls for the bell.

Announcer: The winner of this match via a Disqualification...Travis 16!!!!!!

Williams:  You can not be serious!  Fantastic just cost Ron this match!

Fury:  This is hilarious!  Look at Ron’s face it tells the story!

Fantastic clotheslines Travis out of the ring.  Travis theme hits and Fantastic just realized what he did.  He turns to face an now fuming Prodigy Champion.

Williams: Well, I think this pretty much is the nail in the coffin for The Spawn!

Fury:  They are imploding right before our eyes!

Mr. Fantastic tries to explain to Ron.  Hall is hearing none of it and the two start to get into an argument which quickly turns heated.  Travis looks on from the outside laughing as he backtracks up the ramp.  Blood flowing steadily from Travis's broken nose.

Williams:  These two are about to come to blows.  Here comes Gaze!

Fury:  What is she doing out here?

Williams:  Clearly trying to stop this from exploding before everyone’s eyes!

Gaze gets in between them and tries to calm them down. Fantastic waves his hand toward Ron and exits the ring staring at Ron who is jawing back toward Fantastic on his way out.  Gaze throws her hands up in the air and shakes her head disappointed.

Brought to You By

Brought to You By


As the scene opens, Uncle Rocky and Robot Pete are already in the center of the ring. Their music is still playing. Uncle Rocky motions with his hand for the music to fade out, which it does.


The crowd responds with a variety of noises, none of them pleasant.

Uncle Rocky: ...aaaaaaand WELCOME to another LONG AWAITED episode of the most educational program on wrestling television today, UNCLE ROCKY’S FRIENDZONE!!!

Robot Pete: Oh boy oh boy oh boy, Uncle Rocky! I sure am excited to learn another lesson from The Smartest Man In Wrestling!

Uncle Rocky: Who ISN’T, my mechanized muchacho?! I just know that ALL our GOOD FRIENDS in the audience are just as excited as you are to add some new wisdom to their feeble underfed brains!

A scattering of BOOs can be heard in the audience. Robot Pete motions downward with his robo-claws.

Robot Pete: Now, come on, people, I know those underfed brains of yours are practically STARVING for knowledge, but Uncle Rocky can’t teach you a lesson unless you show some respect for him by being VERY QUIET!

This gets a HUGE BOO from the audience! Uncle Rocky jumps in the air and clutches his chest, pretending like the shock almost gave him a heart attack. After a few seconds, Uncle Rocky laughs and puts his hand on Robot Pete’s large, broad shoulder.

Uncle Rocky: Well, we better get started with today’s lesson, because today we’re gonna learn about BUTTHURT!

Robot Pete: But Uncle Rocky, what is butthurt?

Uncle Rocky: Butthurt is that icky ouchie feeling you get when someone does something you don’t like!

Robot Pete: Ah! That explains the booing sound coming from our fat stupid friends in the audience! I didn’t realize that-

Robot Pete is cut off by yet another round of loud, angry booing. Some of it actually has to be bleeped by the censors. Robot Pete shakes his head and motions with his robo-claws once again to ask people to settle down.

Robot Pete: Calm down, friends, I know you’re in pain from all the butthurt, but if you just listen to Uncle Rocky he will teach you how to relieve it!

Another seven solid seconds of booing. There’s just no reasoning with these people. Uncle Rocky adjusts his glasses and looks to his robotic chum.

Uncle Rocky: I have an even better idea, Robot Pete! How about we get some expert, first-person advice from a GOOD FRIEND of ours, who is most certainly experiencing the worst case of butthurt in the UTA!

Robot Pete: OH! You must mean Apollo Cain, whose return momentum in the UTA was instantly squashed by your oodles and oodles of wrestling skill and talent!

Uncle Rocky: I KNOW, RIGHT?! And he worked SO HARD in that match too!

Robot Pete: Indeed! I think the folks in the emergency room said it best while they were making those swift and necessary repairs to your-

Uncle Rocky: Ut-ut-ut-ut! That’s not important!

Robot Pete: Well, the doctors stuffing it back into you seemed to think it was importa-

Uncle Rocky: WHAT IS IMPORTANT... Robot Pete... is Apollo Cain was, as predicted, unable to get the job done at Wrestleshow! So of course, he MUST be experiencing quite a case of butthurt!

Robot Pete: I know I would be in his position!

Uncle Rocky: So let’s get him out here and find out how a Black Hulk handles the soul-crushing trauma of losing a wrestling match to The Bombastic Brawler!

Robot Pete: Yaaaaaaaay!

What ya Life like by Beanie Sigel hits and the eerie sounds of a prison door slams.  The introduction plays loudly through the P.A system.  There was a mixed reaction when the music for Apollo Cain hit but it’s gone on for a beat now.

Uncle Rocky looks to the entranceway and wipes his still-smiling mouth. Robot Pete appears to be checking a watch that isn’t actually on his wrist. The crowd murmurs, as all eyes continue to watch the entranceway, looking for any sign of The Black Hulk.

A few seconds later, the curtain separating the backstage ruffles about. The fans get restless and start to boo. Uncle Rocky’s smile is starting to fade, but only slightly. His eyes get noticeably more intense. Robot Pete pantomimes like he is yawning. The “flying through space” screen-saver comes on his monitor-face.

After what feels like an eternity, Apollo Cain kicks a foot out and steps onto the walkway, the crowd pops but the boos are winning. Apollo looks to the crowd and shakes his head in disgust.  He walks as slow as humanly possible to the ring; looking at outstretched hands like they contained Ebola.

Uncle Rocky’s smile has now melted to a half-hearted, slight grin. As his head slowly follows every one of Apollo Cain’s slow, beast-like movements, his eyes fill, for just a moment, with something that could very well be terror. Robot Pete, on the other hand, is making “yawning” motions very comically. His “screen-saver” monitor face continues flying us through space. Once inside the ring, Apollo Cain is handed a microphone by a ring worker. Uncle Rocky puts his “smiling idiot” face back on, and offers his hand to Apollo Cain for a handshake. Apollo looks at the hand, then up at Uncle Rocky, and simply snarls a bit. Uncle Rocky’s eyes go wide, but his mouth keeps smiling.

Uncle Rocky: (pauses to clear throat) Wel… W-Welcome to the FriendZone, Apollo! I hope you’re as, ah... happy to be here as I am to have, ah… to haaaaave beaten you fair and square at Wrestleshow!

Apollo Cain: HAPPY?! You think I’m happy to be here?!  I’m just here so I don’t get fined!

Uncle Rocky’s eyes once again go a little wide at this admission. He fumbles with the microphone a little. Robot Pete’s face finally goes out of “screen-saver” mode.

Apollo Cain: YOU didn’t beat me!

Apollo points his finger directly into the center of Uncle Rocky’s chest, exaggerating the poke. Uncle Rocky is actually pushed back about one inch from the poke, and two more inches from flinching. Apollo takes one step forward and leans in, so that it’s clear Uncle Rocky will never forget the very next words out of Apollo’s mouth:

Apollo Cain: Jason... ROCKEFELLER... beat me last week. Jason. Rockefeller.

Cain throws his arms up in disgust. His hands pointing at Uncle Rocky.

Apollo Cain: Not… THIS!

Apollo’s arm’s tighten. Uncle Rocky once again flinches backwards, his smile incredibly forced at this point. His hand shivers as it raises the microphone to his quivering lips.

Uncle Rocky: W...Well, um… You see, um, friend, I ah… The lesson we’re doing, is actually about, uh… it’s about buh… b-b-butthurt, uh… It’s not about that guy Jason you-

Apollo Cain: SHUT UP!

Robot Pete is now standing at attention, just to the right of Apollo Cain. Uncle Rocky’s face immediately lights back up to “smiling idiot” mode, with slightly wider eyes of course.  Both of the Good Friends are paralyzed, waiting to see what Apollo’s about to do next.

Apollo Cain: You can pretend all you want...Jason is are Jason!  I want Jason again!  Not Uncle Rocky.

Apollo looks to his right at Robot Pete. Pete’s monitor-face displays “ :) “.

Apollo Cain: And THIS… whatever-it-is… Ain’t a robot either. It’s a damn monster, a Frankenstein. You take that boy out the FREAKIN’ BUBBLE and tell him to fight me like a man!

Apollo jabs a spear-like finger directly to Robot Pete at his right. Uncle Rocky’s still smiling big, but his “lying eyes” have officially left the building. Once more raising the trembling microphone to his nervous, twitching face, Uncle Rocky says this to Apollo Cain:

Uncle Rocky: J-Jason isn’t in... r-r-right now… brother… but if you leave him a-

SMACK! Apollo Cain LAUNCHES Uncle Rocky backwards like half of a flailing octopus! Rocky spills clumsily into the corner, crumpling into a fetus position, clutching the back of his head with one arm, as his other arm waves forward in a blind panic. Apollo Cain stalks forward, fist cocked like a shotgun. His eyes burn with intensity.

One second later, we see a “LOADING” screen on Robot Pete’s face. The heart in the center of his chest starts to spark. Apollo Cain hears the dubstep starting, and knows what’s coming next. He spins, dreadlocks flailing with the fortitude of an African warrior. He throws his sharpest dagger-like stare directly into the “eyes” of Robot Pete.


Robot Pete’s monitor face goes to static. Twin bolts of lightning fire out of the helmet, and into the rafters.  SPARKS fly from the ceiling, and suddenly the arena lights go out. Pete’s monitor face also goes out.

The only light in the arena (aside from some cellphone cameras in the audience), is coming from a single.


Heartbeat, in the center of the ring. Pumping… pulsing red... to the thickest, dirtiest dubstep rhythm this planet has ever had the misfortune of hearing.

The camera catches a glimpse of Apollo Cain’s face, silhouetted in the low, blinking red light. His stare has not wavered even one bit.

Robot Pete’s monitor face goes from nothing, to the glitchy, digitized face of a strange many-eyed beast. The arena lights start to pulse red in rhythm with his dubstep beat. The crowd is transfixed. The camera cuts to several shots of shivering youngsters being clutched closely by their moms and dads.

A voice, like a chorus of badly autotuned children, emanates from every speaker in the arena:

Beastmode: bbEASTMoDE 2.0 aaCTIVaTED.

The digital eyes all zoom in, filling the monitor. They all stare directly at Apollo Cain.

Beastmode: yyOU HuRT. ggOOD FRIeND.

The eyes all frown in unison.

Beastmode: aaPOLoGIZE.

Apollo Cain looks at Robot Pete with anxious eyes.  He scoffs, waving Pete off with trepidation.

Apollo Cain: Oh, you picked the wrong motherf-

Beastmode moves swiftly. A kick is launched directly into Apollo Cain’s midsection. Apollo Cain doubles over. Moving with a bizarre, almost surreal quickness, Beastmode wraps his arms around Apollo Cain’s midsection, spins him around, launches him into the air…

And BLASTS THE RING with a sitdown powerbomb!

Apollo Cain is laid out, as Robot Pete’s screen goes back to static. Both are completely motionless. It takes nearly ten seconds for the ropes to stop moving.

Eventually, the dubstep and beating dies down. The arena lights come back up, and we see Robot Pete, still completely motionless, still in his powerbomb position. His monitor-face has gone back to the “screen-saver” mode. Uncle Rocky smoothly rises to his feet. He reaches for his microphone and walks slowly and confidently towards Apollo Cain. As he reaches Apollo’s side, he turns swiftly to the audience, and his face is back in a picture perfect “smiling idiot” mode.

Uncle Rocky: And THAT… my GOOD FRIENDS… Is NOT how we deal with our butthurt!

Robot Pete suddenly snaps back to life. He stands up next to Uncle Rocky, as if nothing has just happened.

Robot Pete: Wow, I guess not! I hope I never get the butthurt, because whatever happened to Apollo Cain here looks like IT POOTIN’ HURT!

Uncle Rocky: Oh, I wish you were here to see it! Everyone watching learned SUCH a great lesson from it!

Robot Pete: Then HOORAY! Mission accomplished!

Uncle Rocky: Thanks for learning with us today, and SEE YOU NEXT TIME FRIENDS!

Clap Your Hands by They Might Be Giants starts to play. Uncle Rocky and Robot Pete start dancing like idiots around the fallen Apollo Cain, as the scene fades to black.

Not Given, EARNED!

Not Given, EARNED!

Crimson Lord is packing his bags.  Clearly without Gaze, and frankly it appears he does not care if she leaves with him.

Crimson:  Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde disorder.  Woman you must be out of your damn mind!  That is your explanation I am not buying it.

A knock on the door is heard.

Crimson:  Yea!

In walks the face we have seen several times this evening already, it seems, “Too Cool” Chris Hopper in his jeans and T-shirt, looking annoyed.

Crimson stops what he is doing and turns to Chris teeth clenched in anger.

Hopper:  What is going on with you? I don’t know what is going on, but I know that you were not acting like yourself out there at Wrestleshow.

Crimson Lord’s emotion quickly fade to a emotionless look toward Hopper. No reaction. No response. Hopper isn’t finished yet.

Hopper:  Have you no respect or honor for what you have going right now in this place? You are part of a great stable of hall of fame performers. The Spawn can still be among the best in this federation without a doubt. You are regaining your form in the ring…..

Hopper rubs his neck a little, as if still feeling effects from their match.

Hopper:  I can attest to that first hand.

He takes his hand away from his neck.

Hopper:  And you have a woman who deeply cares about you. She loves you and you rip her heart out in front of MILLIONS of people! Where is this coming from?  Tell me….

He points toward where the arena would be in respect to where they are in this room.

Hopper:  Tell THEM!  The ones who come out and cheer for you even when you act like a brooding asshat. They don’t deserve this, Gaze doesn’t deserve this….

He points to Crimson Lord.

Hopper:  and YOU deserve better than this.

He puts his hand down at his side.

Crimson: What is it with people tonight.  Why all the soap opera stories?  I don….

Hopper interrupts him.

Hopper:  Let me finish.  I think you are great. I think there is still a lot left in your tank, but treating yourself and others like this isn’t going to work.

There is an uncomfortable pause….and Hopper throws his hands out from his side almost exasperated and smacks his hands against his legs as he speaks.

Hopper:  I just wanted to tell you what was on my mind. If you need anything….let me know, man.

Hopper turns to walk out……..

Crimson:  Wait…

Hopper turns around and stares at Crimson.

Crimson:  That match we had...know this above all else you have EARNED my respect!

Crimson walks up to Hopper stares at him eye to eye.

Crimson: I only have one more thing to say to you.  Gaze is right about one thing my circle in this business is very small.  Maybe it is time I change that…

Crimson backs a bit from Hopper and extends his hand toward him.  Hopper looks down at it and then back at Crimson.  He takes the offer of friendship.

Crimson:  Good luck in your number one contenders match.  You will have at least one man expecting you to come out number one contender!  Do me a favor though when you see La Flama Blanca put that boot across his face!

Hopper smirks and nods.  They release their handshake.  Hopper leaves, Crimson’s emotions change once more. It appears he is now disgusted as he watches Hopper leave.

Crimson: Happy Gaze, my “inner circle” just got bigger.

Crimson returns to his duffel bag.  He packs the remaining articles of his gear up and leaves the locker room now extremely pissed off.

Mr. Fantastic vs. Lamond Alexander Robertson

A slow drum beat begins from the PA system, repeating itself as the crowd dies down to hear it. The Utra-tron flickers into life, fading in with the image of a hill, cloudy blue skies above and a Robertsonge steel Claymore sword buried into the grassy surface. A Scottish flag sits behind it, the wooden pole deep in the soil as well, waving effortlessly in the wind.

And suddenly, the sound of the rich violin bursts into the silence, playing its quick repeating verse as ‘Promentory’ by Trevor Jones begins to play.

As the violin repeats itself, from the back slowly steps the figure of Lamond Alexander Robertson, a bright smile on his face as he taps his foot to the music. Coming onto the stage, Robertson turns slowly, taking in the lights, the rafters and shear production value of the show, arms outstretched in the moment as he turns back to face the ring and the crowd.

Williams: This is going to be a good match!

Fury: Robertson is the future of this business.

A second violin joins the first in the unending repetition, as Robertson walks down the ramp, stepping over to one side of the crowd and taking their outstretched hands in his, shaking each one. He shares a few words with each fan, a laugh with some before moving to the other side of the ramp and repeating with a few there.

Announcer: Making his way down to the ring, hailing from Pockton, Scotland.

Robertson walks his way around the ring on the outside, shaking hands with fans. He gets to one fan with his son, placing his hand on the father’s shoulder and whispering something to the boy before shuffling his hair and moving on. Lamond makes a point to shake hands with the announcers and the time keeper before stepping up onto the apron and into the ring.

Announcer: Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and sixty seven pounds...

Robertson immediately walks to the corner, dropping to one knee and lifting a necklace he wears around his neck. He kisses the front of it, saying a few words with his head bowed and eyes closed before standing and turning to face the rest of the ring, slapping his left arm with his right hand.

Announcer: Lamond…Alexander…Robertson!!

Fans cheer loudly!

He places the necklace on the outside of the ring, as well as taking his t-shirt off, standing proudly in the Robertson tartan kilt.

Williams:  Lamond better be ready.  His opponent has made an impact in the UTA for years.

Robertson lowers down, using the rope to keep himself steady, almost sitting on his heels as he waits.

Williams:  He looks ready to go!

Fury:  He better be because Mr. Fantastic is going to take him to school!

The arena lights dim as “Thunder Underground” by Ozzy Osbourne fills the arena. A few seconds later, Mr. Fantastic emerges onto the stage. He slowly surveys the crowd, looking left and right, nodding his head and offering a confident smirk in recognition of their response.

Fans cheer loudly!

Williams:  We shall see here comes the Hall of Famer!

Fury:  A former World Champion as well!

Fireworks erupt as Fantastic thrusts his taped fists up into a V. Fantastic lowers his arms and begins to confidently stride to the ring. He pounds his fists against the Fantastic Fight Academy logo printed across his chest on the T-shirt he’s wearing.

Announcer: Hailing from the City of Angels, California...

Fantastic walks up the ringside steps, wipes the bottom of his boots on the ring apron and steps through the middle ropes.

Announcer: Standing at six foot and three inches and weighing in at two-hundred and five-five pounds...

Fantastic stands in his corner, rotating his wrists and shoulders, warming up for his match.

Announcer: Representing The Spawn and a member of the UTA Hall of Fame, ladies and gentlemen here is….Mr. Fantastic!!

Fantastic walks to the middle of the ring, facing the hard camera, and raises his arms once more in a V.

Fans cheer loudly!

Williams:  Lamond has not taken his eyes off the legend.

Fantastic pulls of his T-shirt and tosses it into the crowd before returning to his corner.

The bell rings. The two men meet center of the ring. Robertson respectfully extends his hand.  Fantastic looks down at his hand then back at him and accepts the handshake.  The two begin to circle the ring not taking their eyes off one another.

Williams: Show of respect there.

Fury:  Get on with it.

They lock up!  Both men trying to gain the advantage.  They start to spin in the ring hitting the ropes, still locked.  Fantastic is finally pushed into the corner and the ref calls for the break.  Robertson backs off with his hands up.  

He then extends his hand once more to a cautious Fantastic, who takes it and they circle once more.  They lock up once more.  This time Fantastic pushes Robertson into the corner.  The ref forces the break and Fantastic backs off, nodding at Lamond.

Williams:  Both men wanting to keep this clean.

Fury:  Booo!  Someone hit someone!

They go for another lock but this time Fantastic quickly gets a knee lift into Lamond’s stomach.  He locks Robertson into a suplex and quickly floats over upon impact.

Ref: 1… kickout!

Fans cheer loudly!

Williams: Fantastic quickly to his feet.

Fury: So is Robertson.

The two exchange a look and once again lock up!  This time Robertson gets the advantage and executes a body slam, quickly followed by a elbow drop and a pin himself!

Ref: 1… kickout!

Fans cheer loudly!

Both men jump to their feet once more.  Each sharing a nod toward one another.  They circle once more and again as they go for the lock up this time Robertson takes a page from Fantastic’s book and delivers a knee lift to Fantastic’s gut!

Williams: Seems both men are trying to out do each other.

Fury: Seems that way.

Robertson, wasting no time, quickly locks in a gutwrench suplex!  He hits it!  Lamond picks up a stunned Fantastic and throws him off the ropes.  He ducks his head but Fantastic put on the brakes and takes him down with a side headlock.  Robertson battles to get to a vertical base and begins to try and punch at Fantastic’s gut in hopes to break the hold.

Williams: Back and forth!

Fury:  Fantastic will take control eventually.

Fantastic refusing to break the hold.  Lamond quickly comes up with another strategy.  He turns sideways into Fantastic.

Williams: German Suplex pin!  That is one way to get out of the headlock!

Fury:  Lamond obviously came prepared for this match tonight!

Ref: 1…2  kickout!

Fans cheer loudly!

Fantastic slowly gets to his feet, Robertson poised to attack.  He charges at his stunned opponent!  Fantastic ducks and Robertson is caught immediately with a neckbreaker! Fantastic gets to his feet the crowd is really starting to get into this match.

Williams: These two are putting on a show for these fans!

Fantastic goes for the cover hooking the leg!

Ref: 1…2…kickout!

Fans cheer loudly!

Fantastic looks at the ref for a moment then picks up Robertson.  Robertson regains the advantage back with a chin breaker!  Robertson quickly throws Fantastic off the ropes and again ducks his head. Fantastic goes for the DDT again!

But, this time Lamond is prepared he drives him backward into the turnbuckle!  Fantastic releases the hold.  Robertson immediately snap mares Fantastic out of the corner.  He follows up with a snap kick to the back of Fantastic’s back.

Williams: Robertson could have graduated first in his class at Fantastic’s training school.

Fury: He seems to be learning from his mistakes.

Lamond picks Fantastic up for a powerbomb and connects.   Robertson rolls him up for a pin.

Ref: 1…2…

Fantastic rolls his shoulder enough to stop the count.   He then grabs Robertson’s arm between his legs and rolls into a cross arm bar! Robertson quickly falls to the mat as Fantastic has the armbar locked in perfectly!  Robertson pounds on the mat in pain. The ref asking him but Lamond refuses to submit.

Fans cheer loudly!

Williams: What a reversal by Fantastic!

Fury: Now we see a submission specialist go to work here!

Robertson inches towards the ropes. Robertson is able to make it to the bottom rope, forcing a break!  Fantastic releases the hold, gets up and lifts Robertson off the matt.  Fantastic continues to focus on Robertson’s left arm.  He chicken wings the arm behind Lamond’s back and body slams Robertson!

Fantastic then drops to the mat and locks in a chicken wing submission.  The ref again checking on Robertson he refuses to give up!  Robertson is closer to the ropes this time and forces a quick break. Fantastic waits for him to get to his feet before cinching in a waistlock into a belly-to-belly suplex into a lateral press.

Ref: 1…..2…..

Fans cheer loudly!

Fantastic gets off the pin when he sees Ron Hall coming down the entranceway running his mouth toward Fantastic.  

Williams: This was only a matter of time.  I never expect Ron to wait this long though.

Fury: What did you expect. Fantastic cost him the match against Travis!  I’d be pissed off too!

Hall’s distraction has taken Fantastic’s attention from the match as the two jaw back and forth.  Robertson slowly gets to his feet favoring his left arm.  Noticing that his opponent is distracted, Robertson wisely seizes the opportunity with a school boy roll up from behind!

Fans boo Ron!

Ref: 1…..2……2 3/4ths  ..kickout!

Fans cheer loudly!

Fantastic quickly gets to his feet.  Hall laughs outside. Robertson gets to his feet.  Enraged, Fantastic starts to slug it out with Robertson! Back and forth they exchange blows, Fantastic swings wildly and Robertson ducks and locks in a side suplex and nails it!

Williams: Lamond does not seem too thrilled with Hall being out here.

Fury:  This is none of this kid’s concern!

Robertson picks up Fantastic and sends him into the ropes with a European uppercut.  As Fantastic staggers foward, Robertson doubles him over with a kick to the gut.  He then attempts to lock in both arms for a double underhook suplex.  Fantastic gets his bearings and blocks it before back body dropping Lamond!

Williams:  Despite Hall’s presence Fantastic’s mind is still on the match.

Fury:  Yea, maybe so but for how long?

Fantastic picks up Robertson and sets him up for the Omega Blaster!  He hits it!  Fans cheer loudly! He floats over to the cover but Ron Hall is on the apron, distracting the ref.  Fantastic waiting for a count!

The fans boo Ron once more!

Fans: chanting the pin count 1….2….3…..4….5….6

Williams:  Oh, come on, Ron!

Fury: I told you Ron would be a factor.

Fantastic gets up and Hall quickly hops off the apron.  Fantastic is furious. Again, he takes his mind from the match to jaw at Hall, who now is just laughing at him.

Williams: Ron has ruined what was turning out to be a epic match up here!

Fury:  Cry me a river, Jennifer!

Robertson has gotten to his feet. He stares toward the two and shakes his head obviously disappointed at this turn of developments.  He again takes advantage by grabbing a distracted Fantastic and hoists him up to his shoulders.

Williams:  Lamond trying for The Clansedge!

Fans cheer loudly!

Robertson attempts to settle Fantastic up on his shoulders.  Fantastic shifts his weight over and is able to slide off on to his feet.  Robertson alertly catches his opponent, before he can regain his balance, with a waist lock and drills him into the mat with a spinebuster.

Fury: Ron is loving this! So am I!

Robertson makes a second attempt at his finishing maneuver.  He lifts a stunned Fantastic off the mat.  Suddenly,  Fantastic grabs a hold of Robertson’s left arm and pulls him down to the mat with him and reapplies his cross armbar.

Williams: What a reversal by the Hall of Famer!

Fans cheer loudly!

Fury: Unbelievable!  

Hall pushes the ropes enough for Robertson to grab them.  He is now shouting at Robertson to grab them!  Robertson refuses!  He is determined to compete without assistance.  He gets on his knees and slowly tries to get to his feet.

Williams: Lamond wants no help from you, Ron! Robertson is trying to get out of this move by himself!

Fury: Stupid!

Robertson pushing his feet forward, enough to push Fantastic off his upper body.  Lamond falls to a knee, visibly in pain.

Fans chant Robertson! Robertson! Robertson!

Williams: Wow, the power of Robertson here!

Fury: Both legends are shocked themselves too!

Both Fantastic, and even Hall are, in a state of shock. Robertson has gotten his other foot back up and returns to a vertical base. He begins to punch Fantastic with his free hand. Fantastic refuses to release the hold.

Williams: Come on Lamond, you're almost there!  These fans are firmly behind Robertson now!

Fury: Amazing in an arena full of idiots!

Robertson quickly uses his free hand and grabs Fantastic’s wrist and spins around reversing the hold.  Fantastic slaps his shoulder for a moment. Then reaches between his legs with his free hand and grabs Robertson’s leg and pulls it through!  Robertson breaks the hold and falls to the mat.  Fantastic still with the leg grabs the other leg and tries to lock in a cloverleaf!

Williams: Fantastic trying for another submission here!

Fury: Stick a fork in Robertson!

Hall has moved to the other side of the ring now jawing once more with Fantastic while mid motion with the cloverleaf!  Robertson quickly sits up and grabs Fantastic’s head and tucks it into a reverse choke!  Fantastic quickly releases the hold to alleviate Robertson’s reverse choke lock! Fantastic moves his arms inside Robertson’s.

Fantastic grabs the back of Lamond’s neck and presses outward with his elbows while pulling Robertson’s head forward. Breaking the hold, Fantastic releases his hold and gets back to his feet.  Robertson slowly gets to a vertical base himself.  They both look at each other in a stare of respect.

Fans cheer loudly!

Williams: Despite Ron being out here these two are still having one hell of a match!

Fury: Must say I never expected the kid to last this long.

They lock up and Robertson gets the advantage and tosses Fantastic off the ropes!  He goes off the opposite ropes.  Hall takes a swipe at Fantastic’s foot as he comes off the ropes and then quickly turns away!

The fans continue to boo Hall!

Williams: Come on, Ron!

Fury: Did you see that? Must be Mr. Fantastic’s old age!  Must be arthritis in his foot.

Williams: You're unbelievable sometimes!

Robertson comes in with a clothesline, sending a stumbling Fantastic up and over the top rope.  Fantastic tries to hold the top rope but loses his grip and falls to the floor.  Robertson follows his opponent out of the ring as the referee begins his count.

Robertson points over at Hall, who casually backs off.  As Fantastic returns to his feet, Robertson catches him with a double axe handle smash that sends him crashing into the ringside stairs.

Williams: Fantastic crumbles into those unforgiving steel steps.

Fury: He could be knocked out!

Williams: No, I don’t think so.  He’s moving around and the big Scotsman looks to be sizing him up for something.

Fury: Could be going for a spear!

Robertson stand back, measuring Fantastic as he grabs the ring apron to stand back up.  Suddenly, Ron Hall moves in between both men and is yelling at Fantastic.  The distraction draws the ire of Robertson, who barks at Hall to get out of his way.  

Hall steps back and directs words towards L.A.R.  As these two men exchange words, Mr. Fantastic is back to his feet.  Rather than going after his opponent, however, he tackles Ron Hall to the ground.

Williams: That’s it!  This has been bubbling up since the end of the last match and these two have finally lost it.

Fury: It’s like two matches for the price of one!

Robertson stands over the brawling Hall of Famers, yelling at them to get on with the match. He then notices the referee has continued his count.  Realizing that his opponent has lost his focus, Robertson throws his hands up in frustration and slides back under the bottom rope.

Ref: 10!

Ref calls for the bell!  Robertson gets up as Promentory hits the PA and the ref raises his hand.  Fantastic and Hall continues to wrestle down on the arena floor as Robertson can only look down, shaking his head at disappointment at the ending of the match.

The fans cheer loudly! Some look amazed at how it ended.

Announcer: The winner of this match via countout…...Lamond…Alexander…Robertson!!

Williams: I can not believe it! Robertson very alertly recognizing how long he had been out of the ring and got back in to beat the ref’s ten count! Fantastic’s frustration with Ron Hall’s distraction cost him a match here tonight.

Fury:  Yup old age has probably affected his brain as well!

Aftermath of Fantastic/LAR


Williams:  Here comes Gaze for the second time tonight!

Fury: What is she doing out here?

Gaze starts shouting at Ron and Fantastic to stop!  Of course, both men ignore her. Hall tosses Fantastic into the steel steps!  Fantastic hits hard and lays, face down, on the arena floor.  

Hall charges in on a fallen Fantastic but Gaze suddenly jumps in his way, arms outstretched.  He stops and starts yelling at her to get out of the way.  Gaze holds her ground, providing enough time for Fantastic to recover.   

Williams:  Gaze is trying to stop this from going any farther.

Fury:  Doesn’t seem to be working.

Fantastic, back to his feet, dives into Hall.  He brushes past Gaze, who dives out of the way at the last moment.  Gaze, sitting on the floor, shakes her head in disbelief. Meanwhile, Fantastic has Ron pinned down and is pelting him with a series of punches.

Williams:  Gaze has no future as a diplomat...

Fury:  It is a man’s sport.  She has no business getting involved in this!

Williams:  You pig headed prick!

Fury:  It’s the truth!

Gaze again attempting to break them apart.  They start tumbling back and forth,  punching away each other.

Jiles: OK! Enough!

Cancer’s voice is heard on the PA as he walks from backstage.

Williams:  Oh, really!  You think that will stop this brawl Cancer?

Fury:  Be quiet, woman.  Men are talking!

Ron and Fantastic have gotten to their feet.  Exhausted and weary, both men seem to have reached a stalemate in their brawl.  The officials are finally beginning to pull them apart from each other.

Jiles:  Since you two obviously have issues with one another.  Then I will let you sort them out in the ring at Victory XXVIII in two weeks.  It will be Mr. Fantastic Vs Ron Hall for the Prodigy Championship!

Ron stares coldly at Jiles.  Fantastic stares coldly toward Ron.  Gaze shakes her head shouting, “No!”.

Williams:  Ron has to defend his new Prodigy championship against Mr. Fantastic.  What a matchup that will be!

Fury:  Awww,  look at Gaze.  She doesn’t want that match to happen.  Give it up, woman.  The Spawn is dead!

Jiles lowers the microphone and begins to leave and then stops.  He turns around as now Ron and Fantastic are now arguing back and forth, with Gaze trying to still calm them down.

Fury: I do not think the commish is done yet.

Jiles: Oh, one more thing.  Considering that  your boy has caused Wingate to chew me out since the day he brought you three back into this company...I think this match needs a little something else to it.

Jiles ponders for a bit then gets a evil smile across his face.

Williams: Well, Jiles has all three’s attention now.

Jiles:  The match between the current champion Ron Hall and the challenger Mr. Fantastic needs a special referee….

Williams: Wonder who that will be?

Fury: If you shut up and let him finish his statement you would find out.

Jiles looks up in the air and then looks back at all three.

Jiles:  Crimson Lord!

Ron angrily stares at a smiling Jiles.  Fantastic, hands on hips, looks down to the floor, shaking his head upon hearing the added stipulation.  Gaze grabs her hair and shakes her head in shock.

Williams: You have got to be kidding me!  The loose cannon of The Spawn as the ref for their match!

Fury:  Check….and…..mate!

Jiles  waves at the three and returns to the backstage area.

Williams: It's almost like he's trying to kill Spawn or what's left of it.

Don't Go Anywhere Folks

Don't Go Anywhere Folks

Cameras cut to The Luchador on his way through the backstage area. He is accompanied by Marshall Owens, who is holding Blanca's UTA Tag Team Title. Owens mutters something to his client who continues to look ahead.

Williams: There's La Flama Blanca... A man who is not happy about being partners with The Second Coming.

Fury: Dick doesn't blame him. Dick isn't a fan of The Second Coming either. She stole the VCW Title away from Dick. 

Williams: Sounds like sour grapes, Dick.

Fury: Dick's grape ain't sour, Jennifer. They are ready to burst!

Williams:  Anyway... The Luchador might face his biggest test to date. His tag team partner's faction mates stand across the ring from them tonight.

Fury: He's in No Man's Land, that's for damn sure.

Williams: Don't go anywhere folks... This is our last commercial of the night. We are bringing you this Main Event Title Match to you in it's entirety. 

The Luchador and Marshall Owens pass UTA cameras and go off screen. We cut back to Williams and Fury.

Fury: The UTA does it right.

Williams: We'll be back in Sixty seconds!

Brought to You By

Brought to You By

Kush/Zhalia Fears vs. La Flama Blanca/The Second Coming

Every light in the arena suddenly shuts off while handheld phones and devices illuminate the darkness. They are joined by a lone dark orange light that shines down upon the ring as White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane starts up.

Before the lyrics can get started a slow puffing of smoke on either-side of the entrance way requests attention.

Williams: White Rabbit can only mean one thing... here comes the former Prodigy Champion!

A LOUD screech interrupts the music just before the lyrics kick in once more. The curtains burst open as Zhalia Fears steps out. She gives a single arc wave to the fans.

Announcer: Currently on leave from the Broadmoor Hospital in Crowthorne, UK!

She crooks her head at the ring and then she makes a dash toward the ring.

Announcer: Standing at five foot eight, and weighing in at one hundred and forty-two pounds...

Her face as pale as a ghost she reaches up and grips the bottom rope, before rolling in underneath. With a smile she slides across the ring and to the closest corner and leans forward onto it.

Announcer: She is the former UTA Prodigy Champion.... 'KIMERA'... ZHALIA FEARRRRSSSSS!

Zhalia heard her name but gave no heed to it choosing instead to rest her head down upon the top turnbuckle. Tilting slightly to view the entrance aisle as the final words of the lyrics played out.

Williams: Zhalia looks to become one half of the UTA Tag Team Champions here tonight.

The opening notes to Verbal by Amon Tobin begin to play As the music builds, Kush goes from a sprint into a full run from the back. 

Announcer: Hailing from Columbia Maryland...

She continues down the ramp.

Announcer: Standing at five feet ten inches, and weighing in at 170 pounds...

When Kush gets to the ring, she slides in and hugs Zhalia.

Announcer: The Unorthodox... KUSH!!!

The air raid siren sounds off as Apex Predator by OTEP starts up. The lights dim, and a single spotlight shines on the entryway. 

After several seconds of anticipation, The Second Coming walks through the curtain and stops just after entry. Her entire head is obscured by the hood of her sweatshirt, and her gaze is focused down. 

Williams: Here she comes again... The Second Coming!

She takes several cleansing breaths, as if she's psyching herself up for the evening's match.

Announcer: Hailing from New York, New York!

2C walks the aisle in the very center, consciously oblivious to the cheering fans on either side of her. The black hoodie, black pants, black boots and black face mask nearly obscure her completely, though her confidence - filled walk implies that her nondescript appearance was not to be taken lightly.

Announcer: Standing at five feet nine inches, and weighing in at one hundred and forty pounds...

There was no pageantry or fuss as the Second Coming steps through the ropes. She paces the perimeter a step away from the ropes like a caged animal, flexing her tape - covered hands and wrists as the lights start to come up. 


As the fans cheer 2C's name, she unzips the hoodie and waits.

Williams: The Second Coming is looking to defend her title tonight against two of her best friends.

Down by Yelawolf begins to play. The crowd starts to stir as they await La Flama Blanca. The booing starts almost immediately.

The song is in full swing and Blanca walks through the curtain with a big smile on his face. Flaunting his UTA Tag Team Championship title belt.

Williams: La Flama Blanca still the tag team champion, but now with the most of unusual partners.

He gets a nice round of boos as he stands at the top of the entrance ramp. He pauses for a few seconds seeing fans devilish faces hate his guts. He loves it.

Announcer: Hailing from Durango, Mexico...

Blanca walks down the ramp and gets major heat from the fans. He attempts to smack a fan but pulls himself back. He points his finger in the face of another fan.

Announcer: Standing at five feet eleven inches and weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds...

When Blanca finally gets to the ring he jumps up to the ring apron in one leap. The fans continue to boo their former hero.

Announcer: He is a member of DYNASTY and one half of the UTA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... HE IS LA FLAMA BLANCA!

He hops over the top rope and bounces around the ring. The puts his arms in the air.

Williams: La Flama Blanca ignoring the fans as he makes his way to the ring.

He walks from side to side in the ring looking into crowd of mouth breathers. Flama Blanca comes to a halt in his corner; La Flama Blanca wipes his feet clean as the fans continue to boo.

Fury: This is the type of heat even Dick dreams of.

He is not giving the fans any attention as he takes of his Tag belt and hands it to the referee. He and The Second Coming talks briefly before he exits to the apron.

Williams: What a match this is going to be. Three members of Two Bad Ass as well as Dynasty's La Flama Blanca. Kush, Zhalia Fears, and The Second Coming have vowed that although friends, tonight they would face each other like the athletes that they are.

Fury: You have to wonder though, will they really do that, or is La Flama Blanca in for the biggest double cross in UTA history?

Williams: Bigger than him turning on Madman Szalinski?

Fury: Much bigger.

Williams: Well, as we prepare for this match it seems like our questions will be answered as The Second Coming and Zhalia Fears look as they will be kicking things off.

The two hug before shaking hands and stepping back, awaiting the bell. La Flama Blanca mocks the move by pretending to vomit as he stands on the ring apron.

Williams: You should also factor in that it could be La Flama Blanca who double crosses The Second Coming.

Fury: Blanca likes being a champion. No way he'd give that up, even if he doesn't see eye to eye with his partner.

As the bell sounds to begin the match, both women begin to circle before locking up.

Williams: Collar to elbow tie up to kick us off here.

Second Coming swings Zhalia's arm to the side and twists it once into an arm ringer, moving behind and turning the wrist up into a hammerlock. Zhalia is quick to duck low and turn to the side, breaking loose and slipping Second Coming into a side headlock after spinning free.

Williams: Zhalia Fears and Second Coming staying to their word and starting this off as professionals.

Fury: They're women. Women can't play nice for long.

Williams: You don't know women very well do you?

Fury: Everyone knows Dick loves the ladies. If there is one thing he knows, it's women.

During Jennifer and Dick's argument, The Second Coming has broken out of the side headlock by putting the wristlock/hammerlock combination back on, switching back and forth between the two as Zhalia does not allow her to keep either hold in place for very long.

Williams: The Second Coming is working the arm of Fears.

With a side headlock being firmly applied, Second Coming pulls Zhalia back to the ropes with her and pushes off, sending her opponent running to the ropes across the ring. Second Coming steps into Zhalia with her hip, grabbing her around the shoulders and flipping her over by hooking a leg with her foot and sweeping it out from underneath.

Williams: Second Coming with the judo takedown!

Second Coming goes to wrench on the head and arm together, but a headscissors with the legs brings her back down. Zhalia holds on, but Second Coming is about to move about and eventually headstand her way out of the move, landing back on her feet. Second Coming steps back, backpedaling all the way into the corner.

Fury: And she's tired already!

Williams: No, she is not, she's giving her a clean break.

Zhalia wastes no time coming to her feet. Second Coming comes in to lock up, but her hands are slapped away roughly. Paying no mind, Second Coming keeps coming in. Zhalia even jabs a slap towards her face, but Second Coming keeps moving in closer with the hands coming in. When Second Coming reaches in, Zhalia swims through her hands to break them, clinches in, and drives a European uppercut into Second Coming's upper chest.

Fury: Here we go!

Williams: Zhalia Fears's coming with the offense now!

Fury: Get her!

Zhalia uses the recoil to lock Second Coming in a front face lock, swinging the arm up and over the head quickly. She easily gets Second Coming up and down with a loud snap suplex.

Fury: THERE we go! And she's hanging on...

Zhalia rolls the duo over, pulling Second Coming and herself to a standing base...only to slam Second Coming down with an even louder snap suplex, a slightly audible curse coming from Second Coming when she hits the canvas.

Williams: Two! And she's going for the third one!

Zhalia prepares to snap Second Coming for a third suplex. She goes to bring Second Coming up, but Second Coming curls her knees and blocks the attempt. Second Coming then twirls Zhalia hard, dropping her quickly with a swinging neckbreaker out of nowhere.

Williams: Amazing reversal!

Fury: Dick's seen better,

Second Coming pulls Zhalia up with the neck by using a three-quarter nelson, then a light front face lock to set up a second swinging neckbreaker.

Williams: Second Coming wants one more! She wants one more!

Second Coming points high into the air, but Zhalia escapes just as Second Coming starts turning her for the third swinging neckbreaker.

Fury: That's what you get when you try to show off.

Williams: Zhalia Fears gets out!

When Second Coming turns all the way around to face Zhalia, a standing dropkick awaits her. Second Coming stumbles back a bit against the ropes, where La Flama Blanca tags himself in.

Williams: La Flama Blanca hits the ring for the first time in this match.

Fury: Now things are going to heat up.

Williams: Like they weren't already hot? Blanca charges Fears... GOING FOR THE ESTUPENDO KICK OUT OF THE GATE! ZHALIA DUCKS!

As she ducks his foot, both superstars turn around.

Williams: Fears leaps up, STANDING DROP KICK CONNECTS!

Zhalia leaps over La Flama Blanca, heading toward her partner. She leaps, arm extended, tagging Kush. The fans go crazy.

Williams: Kush hitting the ring as La Flama Blanca rolls to his feet.

Kush comes forward with a palm strike to the chest of La Flama Blanca. He grabs his chest and stumbles back as Kush leaps forward, coming up with her left leg, bringing it down and shooting her right up for a direct kick to the sternum of Blanca, who continues to stumble back, this time into the ropes which catch him.

Williams: The former Wildfire and Prodigy Champion bringing it to La Flama Blanca.

Fury: She's using that anger from loosing her title to Ron Hall to power her.

Williams: That's the thing, I know Kush well, and anger is the furthest thing from her. What is powering her is her desire to be the very best at everything she does.

Blanca, still leaning on the ropes and holding his chest looks up at Kush who comes toward her. Kush takes a swing at La Flama Blanca's head, but misses as Blanca ducks down and slides behind Kush.

Williams: La Flama Blanca using his speed to quickly getting out of harms way.

Kush turns quickly toward Blanca. As she moves in for the attack again, La Flama Blanca side steps and jets toward the ropes. Kush, once again finding herself needing to turn toward her opponent, does so just in time to see La Flama Blanca leap to the second rope and use it to launch himself with a quarter turn moonsault.

Williams: La Flama Blanca caught by Kush.

Fury: In a bad place...

Williams: Kush drops La Flama Blanca across her knee for a vicious back breaker.

La Flama Blanca holds his back in pain on the canvas as Kush springs back into action, coming down with a devastating stomp.

Williams: Kush in complete control. I'm unsure if La Flama Blanca will be able to withstand much more from his opponent.

Kush reaches down, lifting Blanca Blaca up by his head and left arm.

Williams: La Flama Blanca now back on his feet. Kush follows up with a series of knife edge chops.

Kush strikes again, this time La Flama Blanca moves slightly to the side, catching her arm and using her own momentum, to drag Kush over. .

Williams: La Flama Blanca with an arm drag, getting his first real bit of offense in for this match.

Fury: Once he gets going, you can't stop La Flama Blanca.

Kush rolls over and pops up as quickly as she was taken down. She burst forward and into yet another arm drag by the waiting La Flama Blanca.

Williams: Another arm drag. La Flama Blanca now starting to build an offense. Can he turn this around?

Both get up. Blanca quickly shoots forward with a kick of his own. The Second Coming claps from the apron.

Williams: Kush catches the foot of La Flama Blanca. It was a good tr... Blanca turns it into an Enziguri!

As his foot connects with the side of Kush's head, Kush lets go and falls to the side, hitting the canvas.

Williams: Spot on kick by La Flama Blanca who may have changed the tides here in this championship match.

Blanca runs, hitting the ropes. As he returns she drops down.

Williams: Falling knee connecting with the head of Kush.

Fury: Once he gets going, Blanca is quick as a lightning strike.

Williams: Blanca pulling Kush up by her hair.

Kush screams as Blanca pulls her hair. He drags Kush toward the corner, tossing her into it.

Williams: Kush in trouble as Blanca heads to the middle of the ring.

Blanca runs toward Kush who moves out of the way, letting Blanca slam chest first into the corner post.

Williams: Kush moves.

As he bounces off of the corner, Blanca turns toward Kush.

Williams: Kush meeting La Flama Blanca with a series of swift and quit kicks to the legs.

She moves in grabbing La Flama Blanca's head and pulling him into a semi bent over position before she begins to bring her knees up.

Williams: Kush with a series of Maui Thai knee strikes to the mid section of La Flama Blanca.

Fury: Dick doesn't like women who uses kicks and knee strikes.

Kush steps back, releasing Blanca. Blanca comes forward, taking a swing at Kush. Kush knocks his hand away and quickly strikes La Flama Blanca in the throat before coming forward, wrapping right her arm around Blanca's neck. She pushes forward hard and leaning in. Blanca is flipped over Kush's back and hitting the canvas facing down.

Williams: Jujitsu style takedown by Kush.

She rolls Blanca over and covers him as the referee slides into place.

Williams: We have a pin!

Second Coming quickly enters the ring, running over and dropping an axe handle to the back of Kush.

Williams: Second Coming with the save!

Fury: Sticking by her tag partner!

TSC rolls out of the ring as Kush holds her back while getting to her feet. She looks down at The Second Coming as they both share a moment.

Williams: Kush now pulling La Flama Blanca to his feet. Irish whip into the ropes. Blanca on the return. Kush with a spinning heel kick into his mid section!

La Flama Blanca stumbles back and into the ropes. Kush runs and leaps up, bringing her knees into him as she pulls back on his head.

Williams: Kush using that Maui Thai training to try and take the luchador out!

As she hops back, La Flama Blanca stumbles forward off of the ropes and begins to fall forward.

Williams: The Second Coming sliding back in..

Kush leaps from one leg, high up, and spins around with both legs coming down...

Williams: The Second Coming pushes La Flama out of the way!

She throws her body up, her neck coming between Kush's legs as she pushes up with her shoulders and pushing forward. Kush's eyes grow large as Second Coming Falls forward.



Zhalia Fears can't believer her eyes as she sees Kush hit the canvas. Second Coming rolls over to her knees and looks at Kush with worry in her eyes while her body language says she is sorry.

Williams: Kush holding her neck.

Fury: She landed awkwardly, that's for sure.

Williams: Let's take another look.

We get a second screen showing the reversal in slow motion and do see in fact Kush landing badly on her neck.

Williams: Kush's neck hit the canvas and her body contorted in a way no human body should.

The referee checks on Kush who holds her neck but doesn't move. The Second Coming looks on in horror as does Zhalia. La Flama Blanca shakes off the cobwebs and stomps over. Second Coming quickly gets up and stops him, pushing him back and mouthing something to him.

Williams: La Flama Blanca being held back by his partner as the referee checks on her friend.

Zhalia Fears climbs into the ring, running toward Kush. La Flama Blanca pushes The Second Coming out of the way and shoots a leg up.


The fans all boo loudly.

Second Coming throws her arms out in shock. She approaches Blanca from behind. He turns, cocking his leg. But before he shoots it up, he stops. The fans boo. Second Coming and La Flama Blanca stand in the middle of the ring staring into each other as the referee holds an X up toward the back.

Williams: La Flama Blanca almost kicking his tag partner, but stopping himself.

Fury: Old habits die hard.

Second Coming backs up and kneels down checking on Fears quickly before turning her attention fully back to Kush as medical staff run from the back.

Williams: Medical staff are now in the ring.

The bell begins to sound. The fans boo.

Announcer: Due to referee stoppage, the winners of this match... and STILLLLL UTA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.... THE SECOND COMING AND.. LA FLAMA... BLLLAAANNNNCCAA!!!

La Flama Blanca just stares at Second Coming who is beside her friend before dropping to the canvas and rolling out of the ring. He stomps over, yanks his title belt from the time keeper's table and begins around the ring to leave.

Williams: La Flama Blanca and Second Coming retain, but Kush is hurt folks.

Fury: A neck injury is nothing to play with. But what about the fact it was her friend and stable mate Second Coming who caused it while saving their enemy, Dynasty's La Flama Blanca?

Williams: Second Coming is torn between wanting to keep her championship title and her friends tonight and it may have cost her one of those.

La Flama Blanca, halfway up the ramp turns toward the ring and stares down. He holds his title high up and the fans begin to boo even louder.

Williams: La Flama Blanca has no heart.

Fury: Sure he does, he didn't kick his partner.

Williams: He might as well have!

Blanca turns and continues up the ramp, title in hand. We move back to the ring where Fears has come to and is holding her jaw as she and Second Coming hold each other as they watch Kush be moved to a backboard, neck brace on.

Williams: We are out of time. This is not how anyone wanted tonight to end and we'll keep you updated as more information is known about the extent of Kush's injury. From all of us here at the UTA, thank you for tuning into Victory. We'll see you next week live on Pure Sports Entertainment.

The camera follows Fears and Second Coming who follow Kush as the copy right comes up and we fade to black.

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