Proving Grounds ep.1

18 Jan 2015

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)


The Proving Grounds logo comes up on the screen before zooming through. We get a shot of the screaming fans in the WrestleZone as the camera pans across them before landing on Charles Newhaven and Theodore Dunkin, the UTA's newest commentators.

Newhaven: Welcome folks to Proving Grounds live here on Pure Sports Entertainment from the WrestleZone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I'm Charles Newhaven and along side of me, Theodore Dunkin...

Dunkin: Sup playas?

Newhaven: ... and we're excited to bring to you the future of the UTA! Tonight's going to be big. But before we get into the action, Emily Koresh who will meet Teddy Alexander in our opening bout has a few words to say backstage.

Dunkin: Fo' sho.

We fade backstage.

The Menagerie Are Home

The Menagerie Are Home

Parts of the screen slowly lighten up to reveal what appears to be a silhouette.
In darkness, a blood curdling cacophony: the squeal of unoiled winches, the rasp of hooks and razors being sharpened; and worse, and the howl of tormented souls. Above this din one particular victim yells for mercy with a mixture of tears and roars of rage.
Now the Screen is awash in people, crawling, scrabbling, and shambling masses, some of them moving in reverse. A sound like moaning accompanies them. The picture switches again. A figure stands upon a shore, its face shrouded. It points accusingly, not towards the screen, but at something unseen off to one side. The insect-like screeching sounds louder.
On the screen is a close up of an eye. Inside that eye is the sentence reflected in reverse: "Your Worse Nightmare Is Here." The eye blinks once, twice. The word remains. Suddenly the lights go out. Suddenly the screen seems to clear, what looks like the moon appears on it. Chanting begins from what seems nowhere.
It's not the moon at all, they realize. The shape is round like a full moon, but it seems to be made up of thin ribbons of cloud streaking against a night sky. And there's a face, we see, a face hidden in shadows, looking down from above. The picture has a grainy look to it as it changes. The scene is of a young girl sitting in a chair in a straight-jacket behind her stood to her left is a Doctor. The nerve-wracking grating as if of some giant metallic insect sounds in the background, but the young girl doesn't seem to notice. The Doctor stood to the left of the girl suddenly changes position from the left part of the picture, to the right. Almost instantly the Doctor returns to its original position, but in that one moment in its changed location we see a huge man with a shadow covering his face. The young girl turns towards where that figure stood, and smiles. The picture starts to burn. Figures bleed through the flames until finally, it stopped upon the UTA logo.
The camera pulls back to reveal a bunch of hooded figures stood in front of the logo. The smaller figure at the front pulls down her hood revealing herself to be Emily Koresh. She is dressed in what could only be described as a Victorian inspired S&M outfit with lots of flesh on display.
Emily: Greetings and salutations ladies, gentlemen and those of you out there in television land yet to decide if they want some tackle swinging between their legs or not. My name is Emily Koresh and these fine young gentlemen standing behind me, they are my family. Firstly this monster right here is my cousin Caleb. He looks a bit weird but being over seven feet tall he doesn’t give a damn what you think. In days gone past we would have been in what you people call freak shows.
Caleb seems to have a form of regressive atavism, meaning that he has inherited traits of a reptile. His skin is hardened. Emily slaps Caleb on the back who doesn’t look too impressed at all with the proceedings. Then she motioned to the other man. 
Emily: And this ultimate specimen of Abilene meat. This is none other than one half of my one of my other cousins, Cain. Don’t let the fact that he’s got one arm put you off. He is scary but hell, he’s my cousin.
Cain looks towards the camera. He seems to have originally been a conjoined twin but the second person has been cut away leaving a big scar where his arm should be.
Emily: Caleb take the camera for a second.
Caleb takes the camera and swings it around to the original camera man. He is wearing a black mask with hair sticking off of it. He stands near to seven feet tall. He does look a bit weird. He also has a backpack on where we see a person looking out of. It is their quadriplegic midget cousin of theirs who is snoring his little head off. His mouth is filled with teeth that are filed sharp. Drool drips down his chin staining his Menagerie t-shirt they have put on him. But at least they have covered him as having his dick rubbing against the backpack is wrong on so many levels.
Emily: This is my oldest cousin Jebediah and his brother Abe. And we collectively are part of what is called the Menagerie. This is not all of us as we are everywhere. And I mean everywhere. We could be stood next to you in the line for the bus; we could be by you in the bar or even in the jail cell with you. Just don’t expect us to conform.
Jebediah takes the camera back and it turns back to the original shot.
Emily: We have come to the conclusion recently that our actions could be misinterpreted. Allow me to clarify a few things. Do we look like we give a damn if we are going to cause offense to viewers at home with what we look like? Do we look normal to you? I want to tell you a story, a special little story about hope for the goddamn future.
She smirks at the camera whilst Caleb rolls his eyes and Cain flexes his only arm.
Emily: Once upon a time, there was a little girl. A special little girl who wasn’t a kooky fruit-tard; this little girl, she went to school like all the rest of the children down in Abilene. She tried to get on with the rest of the kids in her school but kids can be so cruel can’t they? They didn’t like her because her family was different. Even though this little girl’s brother would threaten these bullies she would still cower to their harsh words. And hide from them when they tried to flush her beautiful head down the toilet.
Caleb shrugs his shoulders. 
Emily: They would call her names, like 'ugly' or ‘inbred’ because she came from this infamous family that had a bit of a bad reputation outside of town. They told her that her family were all freaks. They would beat on her, and they would send her home running everyday with tears down her goddamn face, all for just being a part of the greatest family; But one day, one day, this special little girl decided that she was going to change her damn world. She was going to go to school and everything would be different. With her family she changed it. This changed everything. This changed her life for the better.
Emily walks around as the camera follows her.
Emily: That fateful day was what started this family down that path of destruction. How was that girl to know that by the end of the week a lot of the family wouldn’t be around to comfort her anymore and likewise how would she know that their pictures would be plastered across every damn newspaper and television channel for years to come.
She turns and looks at Cain and smiles weakly.
Emily: That girl had to endure a lot. She was locked away and drugged up to the eyeballs. That girl turned into who you see before you namely me.  I am talking about Emily Koresh, the Queen of Xtreme; The greatest female wrestler on this planet to ever grace you with her presence UTA audience. I am all that and I will prove it each and every time I am in the UTA ring, be it against some weak ass punk like Teddy Alexander or one of those self-confessing premium whores in the locker rooms who have only got their places in this promotion by cupping the bosses balls whilst playing with the shaft.  
Cain nods.
Emily: After many months of training I became awesome. Even though I am the dogs dangly bits I had a lot to prove. I couldn’t always hide in my big brother’s shadow even though it’s a big shadow. My brother if you didn’t already know is the 11-time World Heavyweight Champion Nocturnal, who has told me that he will let me run the UTA Chapter of the Menagerie with an iron fist but he will be keeping an eye on the proceedings.
Caleb shrugs as he looks at his reflection in camera lens.
Emily: I am the premier woman talent not only in the world but more importantly in the UTA. Look at how those women are running away from me as their goddamn scared to be caught in my crosshairs. What do they think I will do to them in the squared circle?
She smirks.
Emily: Oh come on do you think I’d be stupid enough to do that in the rings what has been reported about me on YouTube, E Channel and the lurid tabloids? We are bringing the violence back.
Caleb growls at the camera.
Emily: This is going to be fun but I can only hold my boys back so long if you want them to play by the UTA’s big book of rules they sent me before signing.
She points at herself.
Emily: Rules? Me follow them? Do they not know that I am Emily Koresh? Do they not know that the Koresh family ONLY follow Koresh rules?
Cain shrugs.
Emily: This is going to be dark times for the UTA audience and you better be aware. We can strike from anywhere and at anyone. No one is safe from the Menagerie. We are like a cancer that will eat away all the goodness within the confines of this promotion and leave it a mass of cancerous puss. You are going to witness the Menagerie’s violence and brutal sadism at its best in weeks and months to come as when a Koresh get its claws into a promotion it dies!
Caleb continues to look mean.
Emily: We are now a part of the UTA, if you want to be as good as the Menagerie you should go out and buy some of our merchandise; which incidentally the new t-shirt is now available at UTA’s website.
She pie-faces the camera and walks off camera leaving the other Menagerie members. Cain rolls his eyes as he walks off. Caleb growls at the camera before he walks off. 

Emily Koresh vs. Teddy Alexander

We are ringside with Teddy Alexander already in the ring.

Newhaven: Well it looks like we are going to start our very first match here on Proving Grounds with Teddy Alexander already here in the ring.

Dunkin: Ya'll tryin' to oppress my people. Man is just startin' in the ring. Equal Opportunity my ass! Let me tell you 'bout the struggle...

"Freak like me" by Halestorm starts blaring out. Laughing sadistically as she slowly walks towards the ring ignoring the mix of boos and cheers from the crowd. Emily, dressed in a "Menagerie" T-shirt. As she passes a camera she stops and looks directly into the lens. She cocks her head to the side and put out her tongue.

Franklin: Hailing from Abilene, Texas.......

Emily climbs between the ropes and strides to the far side of the ring. Climbing the turnbuckle she lifts her arms up high to the cheers of the crowd. Flash bulbs blink from all around the arena catching this moment in history.

Franklin: Standing at 5 foot 5 inches and weighing in at 125 pounds........

She gets down and stomps to the middle of the ring. She nods his head and stands in the middle of the ring as pyros explode behind her.

Franklin: ..................The Queen of Xtreme......Emily Koresh!!!!!!! 

"Freak Like Me" Hailstorm fades out as Teddy Alexander checks out the ropes. Emily Koresh begins walks around the ring. (ding, ding, ding) Teddy Alexander charges in and throws Emily Koresh off the ropes and hits her with a diving shoulder block. Emily Koresh is up again. As Teddy easily picks her up by her arm Emily Koresh springs up grabs Teddy Alexander's head and bites him in the face. 

Newhaven:  Oh my god! A face bite!

Dunkin: She out of her mind doin' a brotha like dat! 

Emily Koresh hits him with a back fist but it barely phases Alexander. Teddy Alexander kicks Emily in the gut and delivers a spinning spinbuster to Emily Koresh. Teddy goes for a pin. 

Newhaven: Two count from the referee as Emily Koresh is able to get her foot on the ropes. 

Alexander pulls her foot off as the referee counts against this time Emily gets her shoulder up after the one. Teddy gets up and pulls Emily up by her hair. Koresh reaches up and eye gauges Alexander. 

Newhaven: Referee warning Emily about these dirty tactics and she is arguing with him.

As Koresh turns around Teddy Alexander executes an over the belly to belly suplex on Emily Koresh.

Dunkin: Busting out a fly belly to belly suplex by my brotha, Teddy Alexander! 

Emily Koresh stands up slow, Teddy approaches Koresh hits Teddy Alexander with a low blow. Emily Koresh gives Teddy Alexander a reverse neckbreaker. Emily Koresh gets back to her feet. Teddy Alexander is up again.

Dunkin: This crazy white girl doin' Teddy in. Dat ain't right!

Newhaven: She's just wrestling him, Ricky. 

Teddy Alexander kicks Emily Koresh on the mat. Teddy Alexander rolls onto Emily Koresh connecting with a knee. Emily Koresh moves back to her feet. Emily Koresh mule kicks Teddy Alexander. Teddy Alexander climbs to his feet. Emily Koresh trys for a super fisherman buster but is not strong enough to lift Teddy Alexander. 

Newhaven: Teddy Alexander is a little to big to toss around.

Emily Koresh rakes the face of Teddy Alexander in attempt to make a come back. Emily Koresh trys for a hiptoss but is unable to lift Teddy Alexander. Teddy Alexander is hit with a backward kick. Emily Koresh measures Teddy Alexander up and drops a closed fist. Emily Koresh covers Teddy Alexander hooking the leg. Referee counts the pin. ...1 ...2 Teddy Alexander escapes. 

Dunkin: Not even close! Teddy is gonna to take this match over like Amistad, you feel me?!

Teddy Alexander gets back to his feet. Emily Koresh tries for a gutbuster but is unable to lift Teddy Alexander. Emily Koresh short lariats Teddy Alexander. Emily Koresh covers Teddy Alexander. Referee makes the count. ...1 Teddy Alexander escapes.

Newhaven: Emily Koresh should have known better than to try for a pin at this point in the match. 

Teddy Alexander leg lariats Emily Koresh, sending her to the mat. Teddy Alexander drags Emily Koresh to the floor. Refreee starts the count (.1) Emily Koresh gets back to her feet. (..2) Emily Koresh pins Teddy Alexander against the ropes and chokes him. (...3) Emily Koresh pushes off Teddy Alexander and hits him with a dropkick

Newhaven: Diving shoulder block! 

Emily goes up to a kneeling Alexander and goes to pick him up. Teddy Alexander jabs Emily Koresh. Teddy Alexander pulls Emily Koresh's hair, slamming her head between his legs.

Dunkin: He's lifitng that white girl up... RAGE KILL DRIVER!

The referee drops and counts. 1...2....3. The bell starts to ring.

Newhaven: Teddy Alexander hits the Rage Kill Driver and gets a win here on Proving Grounds.

Falling Skies

Falling Skies

Backstage, Brandy Sutton begins to make her way through the backstage area of the arena in her ring gear. Appearing to be heading towards the entranceway to her match, she stretches her arms slightly as she walks. However, her progress is cut short by a voice.

???:  Welcome to the big time, kid.

Brandy stops, swiftly turning around. Standing up from one of the production crates is Graham Clauson, looking towards Brandy.

Brandy:  You have a lot of nerve talking to me...

Graham appears slightly caught off guard, but he nods.

Clauson:  Yeah. I had that coming, didn't I?

Brandy becomes more visibly flustered, walking towards Graham. She begins to almost get in Graham's face as she begins to scold him.

Brandy:  You have a lot more coming, you jerk! You say you're going to be a mentor but then the moment that you and that pot head get called up to the big leagues, you ditch me! No good-bye, no words of wisdom! Nothing! I know, Graham... It's all about the money. Greed is everything to you. I get it...

Graham looks at Brandy, somewhat shocked.

Brandy:  But it's okay, Graham... You want to know why? I made it here on my own without you! I didn't need you then and I don't need you now! 

Graham pulls his hands up, appearing to try to get Brandy to back down.

Clauson:  First of all, you need to take a deep breath and slow your roll up, there.

Graham drops his hands.

Clauson:  I wasn't going to stick around in a promotion that had as many things as wrong with it, in addition to the fact they actually gave you a fair shake. Second of all, I ended up working for a promotion in the UK before coming here, so blame the politics of traveling and the fact I still have to make a living. I tried to get back in contact with you, you wouldn't answer!

Brandy simply stares at Graham, not reacting directly for anything he says.  Graham just shrugs, appearing as if he is not going to try any harder to ice over whatever happened.

Clauson:  Guess that's my fault, too, huh?  I'm not here to mess you up with your first match here.  I came here to apologize, for whatever that's worth, and to wish you luck. I may not have made up to my commitment then, but at least I'm man enough to face you, say that, and then tell you to kick Jalante's ass.

Brandy's expression of anger continues to speak enough for itself. Graham nods at Brandy as he begins to step away in the opposite direction Brandy was initially heading.

Clauson:  Set 'em on fire, girl...

He turns away from Brandy, making his way down the hall.

More than a simple match

More Than a Simple Match

Standing in front of the large mirror in the locker room, Joshua Jones pulls on his right elbow pad, his bright orange elbow pad.  It goes well with that tiny part of his tights that are also orange, but for the most part, the guy's attire is all over the place.  It's bright, colorful, and seemingly random.  The big cake plastered all over the right side is a nice touch, and the man's wearing furry boot covers.  Who doesn't love furry boot covers?
Just as Jones takes a last look in the mirror, we see "Too Cool" Chris Hopper walk in. Chris is not dressed to wrestle, but rather is simply wearing  blue jeans and a polo shirt, looking almost preppy for his 40-year old self. His sunglasses are not on his head, but rather hanging off his polo shirt with one ear piece tucked into the button area. He smiles and offers his hand to the new UTA performer.
Hopper:  Hey there, name's Chris Hopper
Jones glances down at the offered hand for a second.  With a nod and a smile, Jones reaches back and shakes Hopper's hand.
Jones:  Yeah, I thought you looked familiar.  I'm Joshua Jones.
Hopper:  Nice to meet you.
They pull their hands back and Jones has a questioning look on his face.
Jones:  What brings you out here tonight? I mean it isn't exactly like you're scheduled to be on the Proving Ground show or anything.
Hopper:  True, but I wanted to see the arena. I like visiting Orlando anyway, but knowing UTA decided to make this a permanent home for this show and Victory made me want to see the place in person.
He smiles and taps Jones on the shoulder.
Hopper:  Not to mention getting a chance to meet some of the guys that just came on board.
Jones nods.
Jones:  Thanks, I appreciate the warm welcome.  Ya never know how the locker room's going to greet a person until it happens.  I'm looking forward to getting out there tonight and competing.
Hopper:  Of course you are, and you should be. Great things are expected out of you if you are given a main event spot on a show.
Jones:  Wait.  What?

Jones frowns.  He scratches his head.

Jones: Is that true?  I'm not really main eventing here.  It's just one match on one show, isn't it?
Hopper:  Well you might think that at first thought, but when you go on last its the main event of whatever show you are on. And there is no such thing as a lowly main event. Doesn't matter if it is Proving Ground, Victory, Wrestleshow or any Pay-per-view event...if you are given the chance to go on last it means that the people in charge trust you to deliver and send the fans home happy.
Chris grins and looks intently at Jones.
Hopper:  It's a pretty big opportunity anytime you get it and I know you are up to the challenge.
His eyes wide, Jones just stares at Chris for a moment. Finally, Jones swallows hard.  He forces a nod, and then manages to smile again. 
Jones:  Thanks for the tip, and the pep talk.  Thanks a lot.
Hopper:  Well, I'm going to let you finish whatever pre-match ritual you have. I didn't mean to interrupt. Have a great match and I'll be watching.
The King of Cool exits the area.  After watching him leave, Jones takes a moment before turning his gaze back toward the mirror.  He takes a deep breath.

Jones: I've got this.

Jones punches his palm.  He nods.

Jones: I've got this.  I'm gonna hit Thatcher Rex so hard that he's gonna wake up wishing he'd gone extinct. 

Scene fades as Jones slams his locker shut and walks out ofthe locker room area.

Jalante vs. Brandy Sutton

Suddenly the lights go out in the arena and turn a shade of blood red as Out of My Way by Seether begins to play over the loudspeakers. Brandy Sutton walks out and stands closing her eyes clenching her fists.

Newhaven: Another new comer to the UTA making her debut here on Proving Grounds. Brandy Sutton a very dangerous MMA background wrestler.

Dunkin: Oh Yea', I saw this hot momma before her match! She is fine boy! 

Soaking in the environment Brandy looks up and throws a punch in the air before starting to walk to the ring.

Franklin: Hailing from Wilmington North Carolina. Standing at five foot four and weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds...

Brandy jumps up on the apron and does a diving roll over the top rope into the ring. She stands in the middle of the ring in a stance almost like that of a ninja.

Franklin: Brannnndy Sutttton! 

Brandy slouches down in the corner almost like she's ready to pounce.

The arena lights are still out as four blood red spotlights shine on the ramp as "All Hail Hell" by Midnight blares through the arena.

Newhaven: And we've seen some of Emily Koresh in recent videos. 

Dunkin: Dat girl be a freak, yo. I ain't down for goth chicks, ya feel me? 

A burst of flame shot up from an opening at the top of the ramp. Following that the self professed daughter of Satan himself was seen rising up from the source of the fire.

Franklin: Ladies and gentleman hailing from Maplewood, New Jersey.....

Jalante stepped from out of the "pit." Beginning to make her way down the ramp. The arena lights slowly turned back on. Jalante shot nasty stares at the fans in attendance. They returned the favor by booing her. 

Newhaven: Well, this will be both of their first match ups in a UTA ring and I am sure they are going to give us a show!

Dunkin: You know me, playa I'm always game for girl on girl action!

Franklin: Weighing it at one hundred and nineteen pounds! The Daughter of Satan......JALANTE!

As Jalante slid into the ring she grabbed the pentagram necklace that hung around her neck then lifted it up high in the air screaming out at the top of her lungs. She then rested the pentagram in the corner - turning her cold gaze back to the ramp.

Jalante charges at Brandy Sutton right when the bell rings and hits her with a stiff forearm that rears Brandy into a corner. Jalante immediately turns it into an illegal chokehold. The referee breaks up the hold, Jalante then hits a snap mare on Brandy sutton, spring boards off the second rope and turns hitting a short leg drop. Jalante goes for a cover. ...1 ...2 Sutton escapes. 

Newhaven: You just can't win this early in a match. Especially with an opponent like Brandy Sutton. 

Brandy Sutton hits Jalante with a stomach punch. Btandy gets up to her feet. Brandy Sutton tries for a suplex and nails it. Her and Jalante both start to get to their feet. Brandy Sutton uppercuts Jalante and then hits a clothesline. Brandy Sutton puts a knee to Jalante's back and pulls her arms back. Referee is checking for a tap out. ... ... Jalante is screaming but Sutton is holding strong. Brandy Sutton breaks the hold. Brandy Sutton drives a forearm into the head of Jalante.

Newhaven: Quick offensive maneuver by Brandy Sutton!

Dunkin: Dat's what I'm saying man, my girl got dem moves, you know? Just look at dat fine chocolate booy! 

Brandy Sutton picks up Jalante and Irish whips her to the ropes. Brandy Sutton uses a running clothesline on Jalante.  Jalante gets back into the match by ducking and hitting a swinging neck breaker on Brandy Sutton.

Newhaven: And it seems like the Daughter of Satan has gotten back into this match.

Dunkin: Dats what happens, dem crazy white girls just snap outta no where.

Jalante puts a one arm chicken wing on Brandy Sutton. The referee is checking the situation. ... ... Brandy Sutton escapes by grabbing the bottom rope. Brandy Sutton starts to stand up but Jalante forearms her in the back and hits a bridging German suplex. 1.....2....and a kick out from Brandy Sutton. Jalante breaks the hold and sits up to argue with the referee but as she Does Sutton sits right up and executes the sleeper hold on Jalante. The referee is checking for a tap out. ...

Newhaven: Jalante is in a world of trouble here! She has entered the realm of Brandy Sutton which is MMA and she has that sleeperhold locked in tight right now!

Dunkin: I'm wonderin' what else is tight. Ya feel me dawg? 

Jalante starts to fight to her feet and throws an elbow into the side of Sutton and another! Brandy Sutton lets go, Jalante turns around and clotheslines Brandy Sutton over the ropes going over with her. Refree starts the count...1......2...Jalante grabs Brandy Sutton's head and hits her in the face....3...Brandy Sutton grabs Jalante's leg and takes her down.

Newhaven: Brandy Sutton executes a single leg takedown. 

....4...Brandy Sutton grabs Jalante and applies an arm wrench......5...They head back into the ring. Brandy Sutton executes a dropkick on Jalante. Jalante is again and tries to kick Brandy Sutton but is caught and Sutton hits a dragon screw.

Newhaven: Beautifully executed Dragonscrew by Brandy Sutton.

Dunkin: That's what I'm sayin' this girl got skills! 

Newhaven: Short lariat! 

Brandy Sutton throws Jalante off the ropes and hits her with a cross-body block.

Dunkin:  Nice cross-body block by my main girl, Brandy Sutton. 

Brandy Sutton executes the front facelock on Jalante. Referee is checking for a tap out. ... ... ... Brandy Sutton tightens the hold. ... Jalante is fighting the hold. Jalante escapes. Jalante with spinning headscissors on Brandy Sutton send her hard to the mat. “Jalante sucks” chants start in the crowd. Jalante grabs Brandy Sutton's leg and takes her down, then locks her leg. The referee asks Brandy Sutton if she quits but before she says no she grabs the bottom rope.

Newhaven: And it seems Jalante is starting to use that MMA style submission hold on Brandy Sutton. Showing she can play on her level too.

Dunkin: Imma show Brandy Sutton what level I'm playing at, mmhmm. 

Brandy Sutton starts to get up and when she turns around gets hit with a diving elbow smash from Jalante. Jalante gets up and stomps Brandy Sutton. Brandy Sutton starts to stand up. Jalante spins around Brandy Sutton's back and attempts to DDT's her into the canvass, but Sutton reverses.

Newhaven: Sutton going up top.. she leaps.. RED SEA OF FLAME CONNECTS!

The referee drops. 1...2....3.. The bell rings.

Newhaven: She did it! She did it! Brandy Sutton wins!

A Change in Pace

A Change in Pace

Every light in the arena suddenly shuts off while handheld phones and devices illuminate the darkness. They are joined by a lone dark orange light that shines down upon the ring as 'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplane starts up.

Before the lyrics can get started a slow puffing of smoke on either-side of the entrance way requests attention.

A LOUD screech interrupts the music just before the lyrics kick in once more. The curtains burst open as Zhalia Fears steps out. The Prodigy Championship reflects the ring as the cameras get a good look at her. She then steps out to the center of the aisle and gives a wave to the cheering fans with her hand, while clutching a microphone in the other. Proceeds to then sprint down the aisle, slapping hands with a few lucky fans, and dives head first under the bottom rope.
Zhalia raises the microphone up to her lips and then lightly taps her lips with her finger to get them to quiet down.
Fears: Well now, what a crowd we have here tonight in the WrestleZone! You know, it has come common place in the UTA for somebody to come down here and spout off some nonsense about what they are going to do, or who they are going to beat, or what they did in the past or even just that their name is Dynasty. I figured it was time for a change in pace. A change that so happens to include yours truly, and this shiny!
She smiles while the fans cheer, while tapping at the belt at her waist.
Fears: As the first ever and of course current Prodigy champion it just felt right to come out here for the inaugural Proving Grounds. You have constantly had to hear the nonsense spouted by members of Dynasty, including just as recent as Victory, so how about we have some fun instead? You all game for some fun?
The crowd cheers in response.
Fears: Great. Well the way I see it, I am not booked tonight although it sounds like I will be next week. That will be a blast, but tonight... Tonight, I say screw it. I want to defend this here title. Here. Now. Right in this very ring in front of all you filling the WrestleZone!
The crowd erupts in cheer at the prospect of a title match. Impromptu even.
Fears: Management may kill me, strip me or even fire me for this, so we will just keep this between you all and myself. As such, I need a challenger. Anybody here feel up to fighting?
A sea of arms struck the air as fans were waving and shouting to be chosen. Legalities aside, it would mean a dream come true and bragging rights after all.
Fears: Wow! So many.
She steps through the ropes and starts walking around the barricades looking at the various fans. Fears then stops before a young man with a Madman mask and Venture Bros t-shirt, likely in honor of the big return of the very show Monday night. Next to him is a lovely woman, with blonde hair and red streaks running through it.
Fears: How about you then. What is your name?
She plops herself on the barricade next to the fans and reaches over with the mic to the now standing man.
Man: Dirk Sinclair!
Fears: Great Dirk. And this morsel next to you?
Sinclair: That would be my girlfriend, Sahara.
Fears: Great, great. Well then, up and over you go.
She drops back to her feet and waits as Dirk hops over the barricade, causing his keys and a box to drop out of his hoodie's pocket. Fears grabs them, places them in her pocket and then follows him into the ring.
Fears: Alright, now I need an official here. Can we get somebody down here please?
She waits a moment as a official comes running down the aisle. He slides in and walks over to her, covering the end of her microphone with his palm. After a minute he steps back out of the ring and drops down and waits by the steps.

Fears: Well, that is disappointing. Sorry Dirk, looks like this match can not happen. Such a shame.
Zhalia pouts while Dirk shrugs at the disappointment. She then perks up, rather swiftly for somebody being upset.
Fears:Well I guess this was a bust. Sorry guys. Maybe next time. But I can not help but think I forgot something. Ah, over there! Where you clamored over, is that your keys?
She points over to the ground while the crowd, security and Sahara look down to see, all the while she fishes out the keys and stuff she grabbed earlier, and hands them to Dirk along with the microphone.

Sinclair: Sahara.
Her head whips up from looking down on the floor by the barricade and suddenly starts tearing up and smiling. Inside the ring kneels Dirk Sinclair, hand open clutching the box, while Zhalia leans back against the ropes grinning ear to ear. He pops it open to a rising cheer.
Sinclair: We've been together for over two years now, and it may be a bit of a stretch but... will you Marry Me?
The WrestleZone erupts into cheers while Sahara nods her head up and down quickly. Dirk drops the mic and rolls out of the ring to rush up and hug her. Taking the ring out of the box and placing it upon her finger. Zhalia snatches the microphone off the mat while applauding.
Fears: Well how about them apples! Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Sinclair!
Zhalia smiles as Dirk joins his new fiancé back in his seat.

Fears: And on that happy note, time for me to skidaddle. Be sure to check us out next week when my girls are in action... oh and me too. See you then, that is if I am not fired for this stint. Hah. You guys have been awesome. If Dynasty is going to bring you down every night, a change in pace is always good. Enjoy the rest of the show!
Zhalia walks over to the ropes and steps out on the apron and off to the ground. Stopping to hand the microphone to the official before she walks around the ring and congratulates the happy couple once more then heads up the aisle and onto the back.

Joshua Jones vs. Thatcher Rex

The roar of a Tyrannosaur erupts over the PA system, echoing throughout the arena as the lights dim, eliciting a deafening cheer from the crowd. Mist rises from the floor as the roar fades into Seprentine, by Disturbed. The cheers increase as Thatcher emerges from the mist, his head turning first to the left, then to the right before striding down the ramp, eyes fixated upon the ring. He climbs the steel steps, ducking between the top and middle ropes. He takes two strides into the ring and mounts a turnbuckle. He throws his arms wide, fists clenched, and releases a phenomenal roar before hopping back down to canvas.

Newhaven: One member of the Shoot Kings is going to be a regular here on Proving Grounds, which is very exciting.

Dunkin: Ain't no one care 'bout no Shoot Kings, man.

‘Immortal’ by Eve to Adam begins to play. The crowd pops as Joshua Jones steps through the curtains. His face is an emotionless mask. He trembles visibly as he struggles to maintain his composed and stoic look.

Newhaven: Joshua Jones a baker by trait, should bring some great dynamic right here on Proving Grounds

Dunkin: Lemme tell you somethin' Charlie...

Newhaven: It's Charles. 

Dunkin: Whateva, CHARLIE. Dis dude right hurr, Joshua Jones, that cake ain't no lie, playa! 

A few seconds later, Joshua's energy gets the better of him. He explodes into the air. As he lands, he breaks into a run.

Franklin: Hailing from Piedmont, California.

Joshua slides under the bottom rope before springing to his feet. He adds a second jump for good measure.

Franklin: Standing at six feet one inch and weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds...

Joshua runs to the near ropes, bounces off them, and keeps running. He hits the opposite ropes at full speed, again rebounding and continuing to run.

Franklin: Joshua Jones!!!

Joshua jumps onto the middle rope, but instead of launching himself into the air, he grabs the top rope with both hands, killing his momentum. Standing on the middle rope, he nods several times.

Newhaven: And the crowd here at Wrestlezone is really getting behind the UTA newcomer Joshua Jones!

Joshua pushes himself away from the ropes. He lands on his feet, still nodding. He makes his way toward his corner, bouncing with each step.

The bell rings and Rex and Jones circle. The both come in for a tie up but Thatcher Rex shoves Joshua Jones on the mat. Joshua Jones climbs to his feet. Thatcher Rex hits a jumping elbow thrust on Joshua Jones Thatcher Rex then follows up with an elbow drop to Joshua Jones.

Newhaven: Thatcher Rex showing a burst of energy here. 

Dunkin: 'bout time, boy was too slow when he was a Shoot King. 

Thatcher starts to get the crowd going as Joshua Jones gets up. Thatcher turns around and eats a forearm smashes from Jones. Joshua Jones runs to the ropes and bouncse back but then gets caught by Thatcher Rex in a spinning powerslam. Thatcher Rex is up again. Joshua Jones starts to stands up. Thatcher Rex grabs Jones and double underhook faceslams Joshua Jones hard to the canvass and goes for a cover. 

Newhaven: Huge slam from Thatcher Rex as he goes for a cover here.....and a two count!

Dunkin: I'm tellin' ya, these hurr refs be cheatin' my peoples!

Joshua Jones is being helped up by Thatcher Rex stands up. Thatcher Rex uses a belly-to-belly suplex but Joshua Jones lands on his feet.

Newhaven: What an impressive recovery from Joshua Jones!

Tex turns around celebrating as the fans are cheering, Joshua Jones with spinning headscissors on Thatcher Rex send him hard to the mat. Joshua Jones climbs to his feet and starts to climb the turnbuckle.

Dunkin: White boys can fly! 

Thatcher Rex moves back to his feet and Joshua Jones jumps off the turnbuckle hitting a high crossbody on Thatcher Rex. He hooks the leg as the ref drops down and starts to count....1......2....Thatcher Rex kicks out! Joshua Jones starts to get to his feet as does Thatcher Rex. Jones jumps in the air and hits a standing dropkick on Thatcher Rex that sends him back down on the canvass. Joshua Jones runs to the ropes and jumps on the second rope springboarding off into a moonsault.

Newhaven: Springboard moonsault!

Dunkin: And my boy Thacter gets his knees up, get 'em, boy!

Jones comes crashing down on Thatcher's knees and holds his stomach in pain. Thatcher Rex and Jones both lat there ans the ref starts the count. 1..............2................3...............4..............5........Thatcher starts to stir up to his knees grabbing the head of Jones as he comes to his feet. Jones arms explode up and he hits a starts knife edge chop across the chest of Rex that is heard quite well.

Dunkin: Hate crime! He can't be doin' dat to our oppressed peoples, Charlie!

Newhaven: It's a wrestling match and perfectly legal and another chop from Joshua Jones!

Thatcher Rex is now in the corner and Joshua Jones hits another standing dropkick that puts Rex in a slouching position. Jones walks from the turnbuckle then charges in and hits a running enzuguri on Thatcher Rex that sends him out of the turn buckle and back first onto the canvass. 

Newhaven: I think they heard that kick over in Miami! 

Thatcher begins to get up. Jones runs and hits the sweet tooth before pinning him. The referee drops. 1..2....3.

Newhaven: Joshua Jones wins!

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