Pandemonium IV

11 Dec 2019

Butte Civic Center, Butte, Montana (seats 7,500)


Fade in from black as the Fite.TV stream begins to play we are welcomed to Pandemonium with the FWF video package set to Drowning Pool's "Bodies." As the FWF intro video dies down on the Fite.TV stream, we pan across the audience before finally resting on our commentators, Alan McTarggart and Michael Decker.

McTarggart: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Pandemonium on Fite.TV! Im Alan McTarggart, and with me as always, my colleague and co-host, Michael Decker.

Decker: What a show we have tonight!

McTarggart: We sure do Michael. We see who heads to Make America Wrestle Again in the finals for the FWF World Championship. That and more, here on Fite.TV.

Decker: I can't wait!

Jace Wheeler vs. Kentucky Tarzan

Kentucky Tarzan came out to to a big response from the fans for his match. Of course when Jace Wheeler and Buddy Showtime arrived, the response was huge too.. just more boos than before. The referee had signaled for the bell and the match was underway. Jace would come in hard, attacking Kentucky Tarzan quickly. With each strike, Buddy Showtime cheered his guy on from the outside.

However, that quick start may of not been in his best interest as Jace had not paced himself very well, allowing Kentucky to get control. Not having any of that, Buddy Showtime got to the apron and clubbed Tarzan on the back while the referee wasn't looking. This gave Jace the time he needed to mount a come back, to the fans disdain. Grabbing both legs of Tarzan, Jace took him down, mounting with a series of fist. The referee would have to intervene which gave Kentucky some time to recoup as Jace and Buddy both protested.

Kentucky Tarzan knocked Buddy Showtime from the apron and turned to get back to Jace, but ran right into a boot to his stomach followed by an impact DDT. Jace Wheeler would use this to quickly cover Tarzan, hooking his leg. After the referee counted the three and the bell rang, the fans boo'd that Jace Wheeler had defeated Kentucky Tarzan and would continue on to Make America Wrestle Again.

They're All just One...

We cut backstage. Standing tall in front of the FWF banner, next to a lovely Melissa Diaz, is none other than FWF’s Lunchbox Larry. Determined, albeit with a trace of insecurity, the six foot four wrestling rook snaps his neck to the left, then right. He follows that up with a quick knuckle cracking. It’s what he’s seen the tough, confident types do.

Fake it before you make it.

Diaz: We are joined here backstage by our very own Lunchbox Larry!

She smiles and turns her attention from the camera in front of her to the wrestler on her left.

Diaz: Lunchbox, everyone is still scratching their heads in reaction to your appearance last week at Pandemonium Three… is there anything you can share with us here tonight to explain your actions?

Larry nods while bringing a hand up to rub his chin. Diaz naturally raises the mic up to his face.

Lunchbox: Thanks for this opportunity to clear the air, Miss Diaz.

Melissa smiles and nods. Larry returns the smile with one of his own.

Lunchbox: But first, I’d like to thank these great fans of Butte… Montana!

Larry looks down at Melissa, clearly anticipating a positive reaction.

She firmly shakes her head, straight-faced. 

Larry clears his throat.

Lunchbox: So, yeah. Saving Stalker. Sounds like a movie, right?

You can see him want to send a similar stare as before, but he catches himself.

Lunchbox: I just did what anyone worth his, or her... salt... would do. You know, the last thing I need is to make it to the next round hearing how I got there just because my gigantic opponent got beat down by a tiny stick.

Larry grabs the mic from Melissa. Not in an overly aggressive way, but she startled nonetheless.

Lunchbox: So I hope you’re ready, Stalker. I guess Stalkers are pretty much always ready by default, right? Whatever. You better be ready!

He points into the camera.

Lunchbox: And you better be hungry! ‘Cause I got a knuckle sandwich! WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!

Larry drops the mic. Melissa, shooting the cameraman a pure ‘wtf’ glance, bends over to pick it up. As Larry starts to leave the set, she concludes.

Diaz: Thank you, Lunchbox Larry! On behalf of the thousands of fa-

Larry stops dead in his tracks. His head slowly turns back toward Melissa Diaz and the camera.

Lunchbox: H-h-h...h-how m-many?

Melissa opens her mouth to respond.

Larry raises an open hand.

Lunchbox: N-n-n-noo, th-thnx…

The hand lowers. He turns back toward the exit, muttering to himself.

Lunchbox: Just one… just one… just one…

Melissa stands, yet again, dumbfounded in front of a camera after a Larry encounter.

Diaz: Back to you guys, I guess.

Stalker vs. Lunchbox Larry

These two big men would kickstart their match with masterful blows to each other. Each wanting to move on, each wanting their chance at championship gold. The fight would be heavy handed and evenly matched between the two bohementh of men until Stalker was able to send Larry shoulder first into the corner turnbuckle. it would be this momentum shifting moment that fans would begin to think Lunchbox Larry was done for.

Stalker lived up to his name, almost a stalk-like quality in his targetted attacks on the injured arm of Lunchbox Larry. Continuing to focus, he would work the arm in a slow and methodical fashion. It would appear at that moment, Lunchbox Larry would never get a chance to come back. His arm was obviously in pain and Stalker knew it as he continued to focus.

Suddenly, Daniel Leslie made his way down from the back. Just the week prior he had attacked Stalker but been run off by Lunchbox Larry. The commentators couldn't believe he would appear here tonight, and judging from the fan's reaction; neither could they. Despite the referee's warning, Daniel Leslie would enter the ring and attack Lunchbox Larry with a chair. The bell would sound and Larry would get the win, although not how he would have liked to.

Daniel focused on Lunchbox's hurt arm with that chir until Stalker attacked him from behind, saving Lunchbox from the assualt. The two men would team up and use their incredible size to destroy Daniel Leslie and send him packing. Once the carnage was over, there was a staredown in the middle of the ring. Larry used his good arm to reach out and after some thought and consideration, Stalker returned the favor with his. The two would shake hands, a respect growing between them. Still in pain, Larry would use his other arm to raise it in victory for he was one step closer.

Scoutin' Season

We cut to backstage where Kenneth Williams has been showing his mentor, John Green,  around the facility before his big match with Harry Black. 

Williams: So what do you think? This look like new playin' grounds for you?

Green: If I'm going to get out of retirement I'm going to need a damn good reason to do that. Don't worry I didn't forget about our deal but I need to check out some talent if you want me to unpack my bags here and be involved with this project with you.

Kenny wraps his arm around John and hands him a joint from hin pocket.

Williams: Don't even worry about it, my dude. You'll be impressed. Just go out to the crowd and take a seat while I do my thing and enjoy the show. You'll see... this Retribution TV's home.

Green: You just focus on this match. I'd like to see you with that World Title over your shoulder, so you go out there and give this crowd exactly what they paid for. Oh, and show Harry Black what a real champion wrestles like.

Williams: That my friend, is where I never fail. Good luck with your scoutin' report. Hall to the crowd is to the left. Time to do this. Ahhh It's showtime baby.

Kenny pats John on the back as the two begin to part ways as the camera fades out

Harry Black vs. Kenneth Williams

Once the two men entered the ring and the bell sounded, the match was on. Harry Black would take control early on, using his more aggressive style to overpower Kenneth Black. Controlling the pace, Black set the tone of the match by keeping Kenneth Williams in the corner, despite the referee's wishes that he would not. It wasn't until Harry sent Kenneth into the ropes and bent over to catch him, that his first mistake was made. Williams used this as a chance to hit a sunset flip into a pin. While he would only get two, it was the opening he needed.

While he had not been able to do much until now, Kenneth Williams used this opening to speed the pace of the match up. After catching Harry Black with a well timed dropkick, Williams would head up top and land an impressive splash into a pin. Although, at two, Harry Black was able to kick out, and the match would continue. Slowed down a bit, Black started to fight back.With a thumb to the eyes, and an upset referee, Harry Black continued his takeover.

When it looked to be over for Kenneth Williams, he was able to break free from a side headlock and burst toward the ropes. On the return, he leaped in the air and delivered a kick to take Harry Black off of his feet to secure his lead once more. The back and forward match may had been more sided toward Harry Black to this point, but Kenneth Williams' tenacity showed. It was when he grabbed the head of Harry Black and leaped up, placing his knees into his face to hit the Light's Out, everyone knew it was over.

The referee got into position as the pin was made and made the count, the fans counting along with him until his hand slapped the mat the third time. Kenneth Williams would win via pin fall and move on to the next round of the tournament.


We get a video promo for Make America Wrestle Again in two weeks on Christmas Day, exclusively on Fite.TV.

Wild Card Rumble

Fanfare for the entrance of the sixteen participants was as expected, huge. We would see everyone from the past few weeks join in, as well as the most recent signees, and even those who were not able to pull off victories earlier in the night join in. The rules were simple, sixteen begin, and only one will remain after each of the others are thrown over the top rope. That person would move on to #MAWA for a wildcard chance at FWF gold.

Early on, the Circle of Violence would show their strength in numbers as Lexi and Blaze Havoc along with Chad Chaos attacked Harry Black. Across the ring, Stalker went right for Daniel Leslie while Kentucky Tarzan and Buddy Showtime had their own thing going on. Raging Dead would be unhinged, gnawing and biting at everyone near him, eventually clamping onto B.R. Ellis who screamed in agony.

Lance Mingle, Michael Byrd, and Erik Gamble would break up the CoV teaming on Harry Black as they each attacked someone. Charlie Feigel would try to join in on the activities, but quickly be thrown over the top rope by Harry Black as he charged. Turning back around, Black saw Brandon Moore coming his way as well so he had grabbed the top rope and pulled it down, sending Moore ungracefully flying to the floor too. With two eliminations under his belt, Harry Black turned his attention to Chad Chaos.

The huge Stalker, sent Daniel Leslie flying to the outside as the fans cheered him on for his revenge. However, it would be short lived as a clothesline attempt from Enforcer would send both men over the top rope and to the floor themselves. With eleven participants left, the match continued. We saw Raging Dead chase B.R. Ellis to outside of the ropes and on the apron before knocking him to the floor.

Elsewhere, Buddy Showtime sent Kentucky Tarzan over. As he celebrated in true Buddy Showtime fashion, he was distracted and didn't see Lance mingle come up from behind before being dumped over himself. The newcomer got right back into the action. Chad Chaos was the first of CoV to be eliminated by being sent over the top by Harry Black who was on an elimination warpath. Lexi Havoc and Blaze both charged him soon after. But they were cut off by Raging Dead and Michael Byrd.

Dead would send Lexi over as Byrd eliminated Blaze. With CoV out of the match, we were down to just Byrd, Dead, Mingle, Black, and Gamble. One of these five would go on for a shot at the FWF Championship at MAWA. Lance Mingle would end up eliminating Gamble quickly as Harry Black sent Michael Byrd over, leaving just three men left. The trio stood in the middle of the ring, knowing this was it.

The anarchy began as all three attacked each other, Raging Dead maybe a little more aggressive than he needed to be. This cost him, it would seem, as he was sent over the top rope. However, he was able to hold on and stay on the apron. Across the ring, Harry Black would eliminate Lance Mingle. Believing he won, Black did not see Raging Dead return to the ring. Using his hands to attack wildly while biting, The Raging Dead attacked Harry Black until the two were against the ropes.

Both men fought valiantly until they both went over the top. Barely holding onto the top rope, each man pulled. However, a wild kick from Raging Dead would send Harry Black down and to the floor, leaving Raging Dead the lone survivor. he was the winner of the match and had secured his spot at MAWA.

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