Heaven or Hell III

27 Jan 2003

TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, Massachusetts (seats 19,580)


It’s the start of a new year… and Superbowl Sunday no less. It’s time once again for the UTA to show the world that it, not the so old their fossil Raiders or the big mouth Buccaneers that THIS is the hardest hitting sport in the world today… oh wait… it’s all an illusion… WHO CARES!?

The fireworks go off, it’s loud and it’s exciting. The sold out crowd, that paid their hard earned $19.99, and the millions who paid their $24.99 rather than travel are watching and cheering with great excitement and anticipation. It’s time for something that might be pure heaven, or pure hell, part 3…

(Camera shot shows off a rabid live crowd from Boston Massachusetts. While the Patriots aren’t playing in the big game this year, they are hosting a big time show for the UTA.)

Jamie Sawyer: We have been waiting for several weeks and now WE ARE LIVE, from a sold out Fleet Center in Boston, welcome everyone to UTA Heaven or Hell 3. I’m Jamie Sawyer and with me tonight as always is

Sam Goodson: Is Sam, “Isn’t Al Davis the man” Goodson.

Sawyer: We have a great lineup for you tonight, as we start off the new year for the UTA. A 10 MAN battle royal for the vacant United States Title,

Goodson: A title that Spectre was unfairly stripped of by commissioner G Man,

Sawyer: Be that as it may, Chris Fox, Justin Evers, MindKryme, A returning A.C. Smooth, are among those who will compete for this presteigous honor.
Also here tonight, Spectre will challenge Aki Samaki for the UTA World title!

Goodson: Remember, Spawn is barred from ringside for this match. Not that Spectre will need it, but it will be good to know, he won it on his own.

Sawyer: Also here tonight, we have Death taking on Dark Angel.

Goodson: The monster, the brother of Mindkryme takes on the Doomed Angel.

Sawyer: In a 4 way for the Hardcore title, two members of the J.O.B. squad, who we’re not sure of at this point, will take on Payback. The winner will share the title with his partner!

Goodson: Remember, Payback will be a real b!tc. for the Job Squad here tonight.

Sawyer: What involvement Mrs. Bliztwing will have here tonight remains to be seen, also here tonight, in a Fisherman’s match, don’t ask me what this one is, but Hein Bolken will take on Kid Extreme

Goodson: I’m not sure, maybe they’ll fight on the dock or something…
But what I’m really looking forward too, is the main event

Sawyer: That’s right, tonight, in the Main event, the Southern Rebel Ron Hall takes on Brian Ironside in a rematch from Dark Horizion, but this time it will be in a Taipei death match!!

Goodson: That’s right kids, you thought the Sudden death match from Dark Horizon was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet!!

Sawyer: All of this and an announcement about the ownership of the UTA as we go up to the ring for our first match!

Announcer: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall!!! Approaching the ring from Valitacan City Rome weighing in at 320 pounds, DARK ANGEL!! (Dark Angel music plays as he comes out to a mixed reaction.)

Sawyer: Not sure weither the crowd likes him or not…

Goodson: He’s facing Death… and it may as well be literal.

Announcer: His opponent from San Antonio Texas weighing in at 300 pounds… DEATH!! (Death walks out to a standing chorus of boos)

Sawyer: Well there’s no question here, they hate Death, figurative or literal…

Goodson: I don’t think he cares to be honest Jamie…

Sawyer: The bell rings and this should be a good one… As the bell rings, Death grabs Angel by the neck and plants him with a chokeslam that would make Kane proud. Not wasting any time, he quickly picks him up and plants him with a Tombstone, we’re not the WWF. Quickly to end this slaughter, he lifts Angel up one last time, and plants him with a brutal ETERNAL HORROR

Goodson: It’ over, and if it’s not Angel is probably wishing it was!!

(Death doesn’t even waste energy, he places a foot on Angel and the ref counts him out, then rolls out of the ring very quickly)


Sawyer: It’s over…quick and brutal…(Death slides out of the ring, he comes back up with a black bag and rolls back into the ring.) Now what is he doing?

Goodson: Living up to his name by disposing of another useless soul

(Death walks over and nudges the still out of it Angel with his foot, he unrolls the bag on the mat and stuffs the doomed one inside, however, rather than carrying it back to the locker room, he lifts the bag up again and plants him with another ETERNAL HORROR


Goodson: Last rights duuhhh…

(Death finally leaves the ring, and you flip over to the big game for about two seconds… you bet on it didn’t you?)

Annoucner: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall… it is the Fisherman’s match. Introducing first from Charolette North Carolinia weighing in at 245 pounds… KID EXTREME !!! (Boos loud ones and a lot of them)

Goodson: That’s no way to treat a great talent!! He’s got a lot of grapefruits…

Sawyer: That and a token will get you a ride on a subway. This all started a few weeks ago when Kid tried to steal Bloken’s fishing bucket. (Clips of that are shown)

Goodson: All he wanted was some name recognition, no one seems to care

Announcer: His opponent accompanied to the ring by from Hamburg Germany weighing in at 303 pounds… HEIN BLOKEN!!!
(Cheers if nothing else due to the fact he’s facing Kid)

Sawyer: And no one’s listing to him… boo hoo… here we go.

(The bell rings, Kid isn’t sure how to lock up with a larger foe. After a few moments, Kid walks up to Hein and points in his chest and dares him to lock up with him in a test of strength. Kid reaches up, but Hein reaches up and now Kid can’t grasp hands with him. Kid jumps up and down a few times, before finally getting desperate and goes to stand on the bottom strand. He now dares The large fisherman to lock up with him)

Sawyer: This ought to be good…. (Hein walks over, he locks one hand, then punches Kid in the gut, and with ease, he tosses the Extreme one halfway across the ring)

Sawyer/Goodson: WOOOWWWAAHHH!!

Goodson: Memo to other wrestlers, that’s something you don’t ever want to try…

(Kid slowly returns to his feet. That didn’t work, lets see if something else will. Kid slowly approaches the big man again… he motions for another lockup, this time however as Hein seems all too willing to accomidate him, Kid suddenly scores with a questionable blow, doubling over the big man. Quickly seeking any advantage, Kid applies a standing side head lock, the Bloken goes for a side suplex but Kid lands on his feet, and snaps off a series of quick dropkicks that stagger the big man back. Sensing a chance, Kid gets a running start and scores with a flying clothesline. Still the larger Viking won’t go down… The Kid mounts the ropes and jumps off for a flying body press, onto the staggering big man, however Hein catches him and flattens him with a fall on top of you style powerslam)

Sawyer: OUCH!!

(Hein rolls to the outside where he takes a fishing rod from his valet, now he rolls back into the ring, rather than rushing however, Bloken, takes some of the reel pulls it off and tries to tie up the Kid with it!!)

Goodson: I’ve heard of displaying a catch but this!?

(Not in the mood to be hogtied Kid manages to get loose and start choking Bloken with the spool of thread, the ref tries to force a break)

Goodson: It came off the fishing pole so it should be legal.

(Unable to pry him off one way, Hein takes another approach. He stands up, even though he’s struggling for air, Kid is now basically piggyback on his shoulders. Hein grabs him by the neck and drops him with a Dreamer driver, now with the extreme one temporarily stunned, Hein pulls the thread off his neck… he slowly regains his footing and reaches for the fishing bucket that started it all.)

Sawyer: Oh boy… the Tuna is here in Boston!!

Goodson: Yeah he was a good coach here.. oh.

(Kid stands up and Hein goes to level him with the bucket. Kid reacting quickly ducks at the last second. Kid rolls out of the way, and grabs the fishing pole, sans the thread and rams it into Hein’s gut. Hein drops the bucket, half the contents (fish) spill out onto the mat. Kid keeps him doubled over with a hard shot to the gut, and then a low blow using the pole. Kid then turns and cracks Hein over the head with a shot that would make Nomar Garciapara proud.)

(Not wasting any time, Kid follows up with a knee drop to the abdomen, a pair of hard elbow smashes follow, now Kid mounts the ropes and scores with another elbow smash off the top. A cover, and Hein easily powers him off)

Sawyer: ONE TWO… kick out and an easy one by Hein

(Kid takes his boot and rakes it across the face of Hein, he turns and plays himself up to the crowd drawing more boos. He picks up the bucket and deposits the rest of the contents (use your imagination here) onto Hein)

Sawyer: GROSSS!!!

Goodson: Some of us just ate!!

(Hein gets up in a rage only to have Kid clobber him with the bucket and knock him right back down. Kid places the bucket onto Hein’s head and mounts the ropes with fishing pole in hand. He jumps only to have the large fisherman meet him as he comes down with a lucky kick to the stomach. Now Bloken pulls off the fish bucket and places it onto Kid’s head. Hein responds with an elbow smash to the top of the bucket, and then follows it up with a pole shot to the bucket. Down goes the Kid (Valet) stands onto the apron and hands Hein a tackle box?! )

Goodson: Now I’ve seen everything…tackle boxes, fish… what’s in there?

(Hein holds the box over his head, and readies to level Kid with one good shot, the large fisherman charges, only to have Kid sidestep him and push him into the turnbuckle, Hein hits his head against the box blooding him good. Hein staggers out of the corner, into Kid, who quickly and wisely it would seem follows up with a fisherman’s suplex of all things. )

Sawyer: ONE… TWOOO… THREE!!!


(Kid knowing his luck has a time limit, slides out of the ring and heads for the locker room, as (Valet) attends to the Bloodied fisherman, and you check on the game again.)
Sawyer: Oh man… I’m never eating sushi again… not after that match…

Goodson: You need some Alkaseltzer?

Sawyer: (Looks like he’s about to toss from the smell of the fish) Alright moving along here, our next match will be for the Hardcore title, it’s Payback vs. two Members of the J.O.B. squad… here’s how these men got together.

(Promo video rolls. It begins with the attack of Payback on the J.O.B. squad during their match with Death at Dark Horizion. It shows Payback taking out a “hit” on Bliztwing by his wife. Before it can happen though, the JOB Squad attacks. Then highlights of the previous matches between Bruneo and Seth as well as Jake taking on Kevin are shown, with the brutal release German suplex being shown again a few times, video ends with Payback warning that at Heaven or Hell 3, payback will truly be a b!tch…)

ANNOUNCER: The following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the UTA HARDCORE Championship… the man who gains the pinfall, his team will share the Hardcore title

(Payback theme plays) Introducing first, at a total combined weight of (weight) pounds…. THE UTA HARDCORE CHAMPIONS, SETH PAYNE, KEITH HAWK…. PAYBACK!!!!

(Seth and Keith, not loved wherever they go are greeted with a loud chorus of boos, and a small @$$hole chant.)

Goodson: The UTA’s co Hardcore champions, Seth (nickname) Payne, and Keith (nickname) Hawk… Payback… (small gagging sound is heard,) you ok?

Sawyer: I’m fine… oh… Payback won the Hardcore title at Dark Horizion defeating Chris Phoenix in what was truly a mismatch, and they together have held that title ever since.

Annoucer: Their opponents…. From (silence as he’s not sure) At a total combined weight of (announcer seems puzzled)… . (gives up and) THE J.O.B. Squad

(Out come Brueno Excellante, and Bliztiwng, decked out in old Klash/Kor Revolution X T shirts, mimicking all of Payback’s old mannerisums as they walk to the ring)

Goodson: You have got to be kidding me!!

Sawyer: (trying not to laugh) This isn’t all fun and games but…

(The Job squad rushes the ring, quickly the sense of humor dissolves into an all out two on two slugfest. Forget the rules, this one is out of control now. Seth pairs off with Bruneo, and Bliztwing squares off with Kevin. Fist fly and so do body parts as Seth quickly tosses the lumpy Luchadore with a hard snap suplex, Bliztwing suprises Kevin with a clothesline, not wanting to waste time, Seth turns and starts to attack Bliztwing. Kevin manages to regain his senses and goes after Brueno. Again another quick flurry of fist and action, this time Kevin lands a hard slam and Bruneo quickly knocks Seth over the top rope, taking half the fight at least outside the ring)

Sawyer: well, the wrestling part of the match is now over as the fight is on in and out of the ring.

(Bruneo slams Seth onto the floor and starts to look under the ring for some toys to beat the crap out of them with. Bruneo takes a chair and tosses it into the ring, he pulls out a fire extinguisher and sprays Seth with it. Meanwhile back in the ring, Bliztwing scores with a hard clothesline, but misses an elbow smash, that leads to Kevin being able to get back up to his feet, Bliztwing misses a clothesline, and Kevin slams him over the top rope onto the floor)

Sawyer: And now the fight is out on the floor completely,

Goodson: And Bliztwing is a stain on the floor (replay of the slam is shown)

(The fight is now two on one with Bliztwing still trying to unscramble his brains from the slam.Seth and Kevin waste no time in beating on the lumpy luchadore. Try as he may, Bruneo is no match for the two as Seth and Kevin score with a double team suplex. Now with the advantage. Payback uses a Boston crab/knee drop to the back of the head combo leaving him with a headache. Bliztwing pulls himself up and now resumes his place in the melee )

Sawyer: Bliztwing has come to and it looks like he’s going to rejoin the brawl

(The brawl continues on the floor, as the four men continue to beat the crap out of each other, a woman starts to walk to the ring.)

Sawyer: What the?!

Goodson: It’s Mrs. Bliztwing…and I guess to see Payback finish the job.

Sawyer: She paid for it I guess…

(The brawl continues as Seth and Bliztwing end up back in the ring, Bliztwing is placed against the ropes as his wife holds him in place, and Seth lands on him with a Big Boss Man style landing. Mrs. Bliztwing proceeds to talk smack at him as Seth slides out of the ring and begins to punch him.)

Sawyer: And the split continues…

(Bliztwing struggles back to his feet as he can’t believe his wife is doing this. Brueno and Kevin have continued to fight in the crowd. Meanwhile Bliztwing knocks Seth down. Hurt and shock take over as he rolls back out of the ring and begins to have words with his wife. She seems to be unphased as she turns and slaps the taste out of his mouth. Seth slides out of the ring and scores with a hard belly to back suplex. Meanwhile Bruneo and Kevin work their way back through the crowd and to the ring. Bruneo gets clotheslined over the guard rail and back onto the floor. Kevin and Seth lift Bliztwing up and invite Mrs. Bliztwing to level her husband with her purse.)

Goodson: Well whatever hope their relationship had is gone with this…

(Mrs. Bliztwing sets up and prepares to deck her husband, only to surprise Seth with a purse shot to the face, but is unable to strike Kevin as Kevin grabs her and tries to strike her but her husband interviens and turns Kevin down with a DDT.)

Sawyer: It looks like it was all ruse!!!

Goodson: But what price will they pay?

(Seth gets up from the purse strike and throws Mrs. Bliztwing into the ring, Kevin grabs a table and rolls into the ring. They set it up to put the Mrs. through it, by slamming her onto the table, Bliztwing rolls into the ring as Seth mounts the ropes and prepares to splash her though it… He dives off, only to have Bliztwing throw himself on top of his wife, with a sick thud they all go through the table.

Sawyer: Anything for a woman I guess….

(Bruneo rolls back into the ring only to get suplexed to next week by Kevin as Seth rolls Bliztwing over for the easy pin…)

Sawyer: ONE… TWO… Three… it’s over


(Payback holds up the Hardcore title as the fans boo, Bruneo is calling for parametics as Seth and Kevin mock him and Bliztwing. Bruneo jumps up and attacks Seth, only to have Kevin nail him with the Hardcore title, then a wicked Spike piledriver onto the Hardcore title)

Saywer: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! (An a@@hole chant breaks out as Kevin and Seth leave with the hardcore title, and the paramedics tend to the injured in the ring) Let’s preview the U.S. title match….

(Promo video rolls highlighting the U.S. title, showing G Man stripping Spectre of it, and the announcement of the battle royal.)

QUICK SUMMARY: Death comes out and stands at the ringside distracting MindKryme. Kryme is tossed over by both Ericson and TTT.

A.C. Smooth, and Iceman elimitate each other and brawled to the back.

Seth and Crimson Lord eliminate each other and and had to be pulled apart by UTA officials

Fox is tossed over by Evers

TTT is tossed out by both Guy and Justin

Justin attempts a double clothesline on Guy and Scott Ericson, who pull him over the top rope with him. All three men hit the floor at the same time, no two refs can agree on a winner, finally G Man comes out and rules that no one won the match and that the U.S. title is still vacant.

Sawyer: Wow… talk about a chaotic ending… and we still have no U.S. champion…

Goodson: We have two matches to go…

Sawyer: It’s time now for the World title match… this one should be good.

(Promo video rolls of Aki winning the World title from Dark is shown, Spectre’s initial challenge back in December. is shown, the reunion of Spawn at D.H. 2. G Man’s rulling that Spawn is bared from ringside)

ANNOUNCER: The following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the UTA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP… Introducing first the challenger (Depherio plays as Spectre walks out to a resounding chorus of boos.) from the Deepest corners of your mind weighing in at 318 pounds… SPECTRE!!!

(The boos get louder and louder as an @##hole chant breaks through loud and clear)

Sawyer: Once the most popular man in the UTA, now one of the most despised.

Goodson: The fans got what they asked for… what’s the big deal?

(RL Burnside, Its bad you Know plays to announce the arrival of the World Champion.)

His opponent, from Belfast Ireland weighing in at 165 pounds….AKI SAMAKI!!

(Aki doesn’t bother walking, rather she runs to the ring and rushes into the ring for the biggest match of her life. Specter waste no time and commences attacking her as she slides into the ring, a few hard stomps, followed by a quick whip into the ropes, but he misses a flying clothesline . Aki rebounds and scores with a flying knee to the chest of the much larger challenger. Aki charges in again with a clothesline to the chest, and another, and one more before Spectre finally falls. Spectre gets up in and drops Aki with a hard right hand. Spectre lands a standing splash for a one count. )

Sawyer: ONE… kick out…

(Spectre throws Aki into the ropes and misses with a boot to the face, Aki clips the knees of the challenger out from under him. Aki goes for a leg grapevine only to have Spectre kick her in the head to force a break. The two get back up in a hurry, and the first female champion in UTA history gets up a little groggy, she turns straight into a spinebuster. Spectre goes to turn her over into a Boston crab but Aki grabs the ropes and the ref forces the break… Spectre turns to argue with the ref as Aki gets up noticeably holding her head, like she has a head ache or something.)

Sawyer: Aki doesn’t look too good… it’s like she has a concussion or something…

Goodson: If she does, it’s not going to help her against Spectre.

(Spectre charges in for a big boot and nails Aki right between the lights with it, Aki jumps back up a little too quick, she charges in with an attempt at a takedown but misses completely, Spectre kicks her in the head again. Aki is slow to get up)

Goodson: Stay down Aki!! You’re no match for him!

Sawyer: This is not good… (the ref’s count reaches 8 before the female World Champion regains her feet. The ref stops her for a moment and goes to check on her.) He’s checking to see if she can continue. (The ref turns to call for the bell, but Aki, not about to go down without a fight turns him around and starts arguing with him, saying “I CAN FINISH THIS MATCH!)

Goodson: Let the ref ring the bell! Spectre will kill what brain cells you’ve got left!!

(Spectre decideing he’s had enough waiting for action, rushes Aki in the corner. as she’s arguing with the ref. A hard knee to the back forces her into the turnbuckle, Spectre waste no time in raming her head into the post 5 times very forcefully.

Goodson: 1 concussion 2 concussion, 3 concussion 4…

Aki either gaining a rush of adrenaline or forgetting where she is, suddenly turns around and drops Spectre with a hard right hand.. Wasting little time she jumps on him and starts to swing at him, lefts and rights rain down on him, she goes to grab him by the head and ram it into the mat.)

Sawyer: Aki is not out of this one yet!! She’s coming back!

(Suddenly Spectre reaches up and grabs her by the throat, he lifts her up high over head and then drives her forcefully to the mat with a Baldo bomb. The impact lifts both of them back up off the mat, as Aki comes up swinging wildly as she is now showing clear evidence of a concussion. Spectre quickly scores with a kick to the stomach and scores with a Guiloteen!)

Goodson: COVER HER!! IT’S OVER!!

Sawyer: If she’s still conscious…or even capable of defending herself… one… twoo…. It’s over!!


Sawyer: It’s over… perhaps the most unlikely reign in UTA history is over… (The crowd boos loudly as Spectre accepts the World title belt for the 3rd time)

Goodson: With that victory Spectre has tied Matt Fury’s record of 3 World title reigns.

Sawyer: You have to wonder… Aki got that concussion early on in the match, she never had a chance to recover…Oh no (Dark runs out and attacks Aki, stomping her repeatedly screaming, YOU LOST TO HIM!?) Get him off her… this is out of line!

(Spectre lets this go for a few moments before he walks over and scoops up Dark over his shoulder and then throws him to the floor. Spectre walks around with an evil smile on his face as the Paramedics tend to Aki and assist the now former World Champion to the back of the arena.)

Spectre: HEHEHEHE!!! Even without the help of my friends, I the greatest the UTA has ever seen, THE SPECTRE have once again reclaimed that which is rightfully mine, this (motions to the World title belt over his shoulder) is now once again in the capabale hands of the only one who deserves to have it!!

Sawyer: There are some who would beg to differ with that.

Spectre: As far as I’m concerned, there is no one, and I mean, NO ONE, that deserves a title shot at me… (fans boo as he takes it in leading to his next thought) So maybe, just maybe, I should retire with it right here and now!!!

Sawyer: You’ve got to be kidding me right!?

Goodson: Did he just say that? Spectre the greatest world champion in UTA history is going to retire with the title?

Spectre: (Snickering, almost a daring laugh) That is, unless someone thinks they can take it from me…

VOICE OVER THE LOUD SPEAKER: That can be arranged…

(Spectre turns around and looks towards the locker room in time to see the Southern Rebel Ron Hall come running out, he’s decked out in street clothes, his hands, knees, and elbows are tapped up and there’s some kind of shinny stuff on the wrappings, as he slides into the ring and willingly engages the World Champion in a slugfest)


Goodson: This isn’t suppouse to be happening!! That wasn’t a real challenge!!

(Hall and Spectre end up tangled up in the ropes with Hall suddenly reaching up and smashing Spectre right in the nose with his tapped up fist. Hall quickly fires Spectre into the ropes and scores with a flying knee lift right under Spectre’s jaw. Spectre gets up a little wobbly and turns straight into Country Chin Music)

Sawyer: I don’t know if this is a title match, but I don’t think Ron’s here to take that title.

Goodson: It doesn’t look like it, it looks like he wants to maim Spectre…

(Hall walks over and lifts Spectre up by the chin and screams “YOU WANT TO SCREW WITH ME!? Then punches him as hard as he can in the face, right between the eyes. “YOU REALLY WANT TO (Censored) WITH ME @$$HOLE!? (Hall scores another hard shot to the face. Spectre is now wearing the crimson mask)

Goodson: Someone, anyone, Brian, Fantastic…. Get out here and save Spectre!!

(Hall slides out of the ring and pulls out a table. He sets it up on the floor. Spectre slowly regains his feet, groggy from the attack. He wobbles towards Hall and swings with a drunken type punch. Hall grabs him on the apron and goes for a snap suplex from the apron to the floor! Spectre hits the table with a sick thud, but the table doesn’t give. Hall not satisfied with this, grabs Spectre off the floor, and sits him back up on the apron, Hall slowly slides his thumb across his throat signaling that this payback will be hell)

Goodson: What is he going to do!?

Sawyer: Whatever it is, it may be the end of Spectre’s career!!

(With that and the crowd roaring, Hall picks Spectre up and plants him with an inverted Tombstone (Think of the one that Owen Hart gave Steve Austin) THROUGH the table to the floor! )


Goodson: Killed him maybe!? That was insane! (A loud Holy s#!t chant breaks out as the fans realize what just happened)

(Without warning Brian Ironside rushes out to attack Hall, like Ron his knees, elbows, and hands are taped up and covered in something shinny. Brian grabs Hall who is still recovering from the piledriver and throws him into the ring as the bell rings to start the main event)

Sawyer: It looks like the Tipea death match is on. (Hall and Ironside exchange punches) for those of you who are wondering what that stuff on their hands, knees and elbows is, it’s broken glass! Yep that’s right, Ron and Brian taped up their hands, knees and elbows, dipped them in glue, and then in broken glass, and now this is the result!

(Hall and Ironside continue to trade fist, Ironside ducks under a blow from Hall and lands a forearm to the face that cuts Hall’s nose badly. Ironside knees Hall to the abdomen, and places him in a standing side head lock. Ironside scrapes the taped, and glassed up fist alongside Hall’s face, opening the cut even deeper.)

Goodson: That’s it Brian, get him once for me!

(Hall throws Ironside into the ropes, Ironside goes for a clothesline off the rebound, Hall takes his glass and glue arm and runs it across Brian’s arm opening a cut, Ron seems intent on going for the veins in the arm. Brian jams his thumb into Ron’s eye. Brian takes Ron down and begins to smash him repeatedly with his elbow pads. Ron finally grabs the arms and rolls Brian over and smashes Brian with knees to his mid section. )

Goodson: No one expected a classic here, we expected this and more.

(Hall and Ironside worked their way back to their feet, Ron has blood on his face. and Brian is bleeding from the arm, Brian takes a swing at Ron, Hall sidesteps and nails Brian in the face. Now Ron rakes his fist across Brian’s face and opens a cut on his forehead. Ron throws Brian into the ropes, Brian comes off the ropes and ducks under an attempt at Country chin music Brian places Ron in a sleeper, or is it choke hold digging his arm deep into Hall’s neck. )

Goodson: If he doesn’t choke him out, he’ll take him out

Sawyer: You’ve got to wonder if that would be murder…

(Hall buriers some elbows into Brian’s midsection, Hall comes off the ropes and misses a clothesline, but turns and lands a hard forearm smash to Brian’s face, opening another cut and probably breaking his nose. Brian charges Hall but gets drop toe holded to the mat, Brian uses his good free leg to kick Hall south of the border. The Southern Rebel is bent over in pain. Not one to be nice, Brian takes a few hard shots to Ron’s face, Ron’s face now nicely resembles hamburger.)

Sawyer: And now Hall will wear the preverbal crimson mask for the remainder of this match.

(Brian whips Hall into the ropes and sets too soon for a backdrop, Ron comes off the ropes and scores with a face buster, now Brian is bleeding from the face. Ron then deliberately scores with a low kick.)

Goodson: Any future rape charges for Brian Ironside just got cleared… that had to hurt!

(Hall throws Brian into the ropes and goes to follow in with a roaring elbow, but Brian ducks and whips Hall into the ropes, Brian lands Hall’s own move, or a weak version of Country Chin music that knocks Ron into the ropes, as he comes off, Brian goes for the Tornado DDT but Ron throws him into a corner. Ron applies a face claw, and tries to force Brian to submit by digging his fingers into Brian’s face close to his eyes.)

Goodson: Don’t do it Brian, don’t give up…

Sawyer: It won’t do Brian any good if he can never see again…

(Brian turns and out of despearation, lands an uppercut that forces Ron to losen his grip. Brian scores with a jaw breaker, dazing Ron, Brian throws him into the ropes Ron comes off the ropes and ducks a high knee, Ron then turns and lands a discuss punch that would make Kerry Von Erich proud knocking Brian to the mat)

Sawyer: ONE…

Goodson: No! Brian move!

Sawyer: TWO…

Goodson: Please get up…

Sawyer: THREE!!


(The fans cheer as Hall has his arm raised in triumph)

Goodson: This is not over! Spawn will get even with you Hall!!

Sawyer: Whatever is left of them maybe!! He’s taken out Spectre, and Ironside in one night. We will have an update on the condision of Spectre next week on Explosion…

(A picture of Ironside walking to the back dejected is shown)

Goodson: This is not the last of it, Spawn will be back I promise you.

Sawyer: We’ll see you next week for Explosion, have a good night everyone!



As the show fades in the camera pans across the fans before heading to the ring where the ring announcer, Maria Martinez, stands ready.

Benoit: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Sin City Showdown! I'm Bella Benoit and joining me tonight in this historic event is my broadcast partner Candy.

Candy: Hi all!

Benoit:  We are so excited to be here at the inaugural Las Vegas Ladies of Wrestling show, being brought to you on Hulu, Twitch, and Facebook!

Candy: We sure are. Get ready for the best sixty minutes of professional women's wrestling you'll find anywhere!

The bell rings one time causing a slight eruption in the stands. Maria smiles, waiting for a moment before beginning.

Martinez: The following match is scheduled for one fall...

The fans in unison scream "ONE FALL!" with her.

Martinez:  ... and is the first match in the All-Star Championship tournament for the Las Vegas Wrestling All-Star Championship title...

The fans scream.

Martinez:  Making her way to the ri...

Maria is interrupted when over the sound system we hear "It's Britney Bitch" begins to play. Maria shoots a cold stare toward the ramp as Britney B. steps out. She begins to poorly sing along with Britney Spears' "Gimme More."

Benoit: It looks like Brittini B. isn't going to wait to be introduced as she is on her way to the ring as she performs her them song.

Candy:  Oh my goodness. Girl... she needs to stop that.

The fans start to boo her as she continues down the ramp, singing along to the song; Inside of the ring, Maria Martinez doesn't look amused as Brittini B. attempts to entertain as she makes her way around the ring.

Benoit:  As we wait to get started, tonight is the first half of the first round in the All-Star Championship tournament. Over the next four weeks, we will see these ladies compete until only two remain. 

Candy: From that, we gonna crown our first All-Star Champion.

Benoit: I'm looking forward to all of the great action we have coming up.

Candy: Me too. As long as we don't gotta hear no more of Brittini B.'s singing!

Finally, Brittini makes her way up the steps and into the ring where she continues to sing. The crowd boos grow even louder as the fans attempt to drown her out. Brittini sings as she approaches Maria, who in turn winches at the attempt.

Benoit: I don't see Brittini B.'s music career going far judging by the reactions here tonight. But maybe she'll excel here and become the first ever All-Star Champion.

Brittini dances as the music fades out. Shooting Maria a catty look, Brittini raises her microphone up.

Brittini: Let a pro do this.

The fans boo as Maria is taken back by the comment. Brittini turns to engage the crowd as she begins to speak.

Brittini: I want to thank each and every one of my die-hard fans here tonight...

The boos grow louder.

Brittini:  ..for supporting me as I prepare to add one more accolade to my list of achievements and become the very first... Las Vegas Ladies of Wrestling All-Star Champion!

She squeals.

Brittini: I know, you have to be asking yourself as to why the obvious headliner is out here first.

A "You suck" chant begins.

Brittini: Awww... thank you.. I love you too!

Brittini blows the fans a kiss.

Brittini: This is so exciting, isn't it Maria?

Maria Martinez rolls her eyes.

Brittini: Well... I am here first to...

"Hey yo.. you don't have to love me. you don't even have to like me. But you will respect me."

"Bossy" by Kelis interrupts Brittini B. The fans cheer at the interruption as Maria Martinez smiles and raises her microphone back up. Gemini dances out to the stage as Brittini looks disgusted.

Martinez: Her opponent... hailing from Chicago, Illinois..... GEEEMMMIIINNNIIII!!

Gemini begins down the ramp, slapping the young fan's hands as she makes her way toward the ring.

Benoit: Gemini not looking to wait any longer.

Candy: These girls are kicking off Showdown big!

Gemini grabs the ropes and pulls herself up to the apron before dropping down to do the splits on the edge. Brittini rolls her eyes as Gemini gets up and enters between the middle rope. She makes her way over to the self-proclaimed pop star and the two begin to have words.

Benoit: I'm not sure Brittini B. enjoyed being interrupted.

Candy: Well, I'm glad she was. 

Brittini shoves Gemini who is taken aback a bit before stepping up into her face. She swings her arm back and comes forward with a slap across Brittini's face that echos throughout the building as she twist and drops to a knee. The referee steps back and calls for the bell to signal the beginning of the match.


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