Pandemonium III
Maverick Center in Salt Lake City, UT

Dec 04, 2019

Pandemonium returns to for another exciting week of FWF action!

Enforcer vs. Charlie Fiegal

Enforcer and Charlie Fiegal may not have had the best of starts in the FWF, but both men are looking to change that and pick up much needed win.


Buddy Showtime vs. Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze was taken out of action on Pandemonium 1, but he's back and looking to make things right as he takes on Buddy Showtime, in Buddy's FWF debut.


Stalker vs. Daniel Leslie

It may not be the hardcore match that Daniel Leslie laid out an open challenge for on the last episode of Pandemonium, but Stalker is still stepping up to the plate to face him in singles competition. Will Daniel Leslie be ready?


Brandon Moore vs. Raging Dead

Raging Dead and Brandon Moore make their FWF debuts in what should be a huge main event.


RP Deadline: 12/2/19 @ 11:59pm CST
Segment Deadline: 12/3/19 @ 11:59 CST

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