Victory VIII
FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV

Sep 13, 2014

September 13th, 2014

Now that the Valor Championship Wrestling roster has been called up to the UTA, there's still one thing left to settle... Who will win the Demigod Tournament to face Dick Fury for the VCW Championship?

Second Coming v Hex Girl

Demigod Tournmanet Match

    UTA Championship (Inactive)
    UTA Championship (Inactive) Match
The Second Coming and Hex Girl continue on their path in the VCW Demigod Tournament.


Santa Claus vs. Lew Smith

Demigod Tournmanet Match

    VCW Championship
    VCW Championship Match
Santa Claus gets another chance in the VCW Demigod Tournament as he faces Lew Smith.


Dick Fury vs. Conrad Teller

Non Title Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

    Legacy Championship
    Legacy Championship Match
In our main event, Conrad Teller goes one on one with the VCW Champion, Dick Fury.


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