Thursday Night Rage 14
MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

Aug 30, 2014

The Second Coming v. Fill v. Sebastian Blackthorne

Dick Fury v. Santa Claus

Rodney Marney v. Tommy Lipton

Demigod Tournament 2nd Round

As we get closer to Kingdom Come, Internet Champion prepares for his title defense against Perfection, he takes on Rodney Marney, on the rise from defeating Mike Harrison to advance in the tournament. Tommy Lipton has a chance to not only be the gatekeeper and prevent Rodney from advancing, but securing the path to facing Dick Fury at Kingdom Come.


Conrad Teller v. Hex Girl

To Be Discussed

What was originally booked to be the rematch between Conrad Teller and Mike Harrison, was booked to be a triple threat match in light of Mike Harrison's performance last night. When talks between Mike Harrison and James Ranger done. The match is rebooked to have Hex Girl compete for a shot at the VCW Wildfire Champion. With Conrad being allowed to pick the stipulation, what are Hex's chances of winning the title?


Deadline for Roleplays are due August 28 @ 10:00 Central Standard Time