Wrestleshow 18
WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, West Virginia

Jul 27, 2014

July 27, 2014

The UTA heads to West Virginia with an event that might as well be a pay per view! With only so much television time available, there will be only four matches... but these matches are huge.

See Chance Von Crank and Conrad Teller go one on one before the Ring King tournament finalist is chosen in a Fatal Fourway.

In our main event... a match so big it takes up half of the card itself... for the first time ever in the UTA... THE CHAMBER.

Six men go in, one man comes out the wild card winner and will face the Ring King tournament finalist on the next Wrestleshow.

La Flama Blanca vs. I.M Hate

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

What a better way to kick a show off then the silent monster I.M Hate taking on the colorful La Flama Blanca?


Conrad Teller vs. Chance Von Crank

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Chance Von Crank makes his return to televised competition as he goes one on one with new VCW Wildfire Champion, Conrad Teller, in this non title match.


Match One Winner vs. Match Two Winner

Normal Match for a Chamber Spot

The winners of Match One and Match Two will go head to head for the open Chamber spot in the main event.


Abdul Ahad vs. CBR vs. Yoshii vs. Dan Benson

Ring King Tournament Final

After an odd series of events, all four men from the semi-final round have made it to the final match. Four men go in.. only one can leave as the finalist in the Ring King tournament.


Winner from Third Match vs. Tobias Devereux vs. Perfection vs. Will 'The Thrill' Haynes vs. Sean Jackson vs. TBA

The Chamber - Wild Card Elimination Match

Never before seen in the UTA, 6 men enter the steel, and are eliminated one by one until only one man stands. However, there truly is a Wild Card in this elimination match as the sixth competitor will not be revealed until the match.


UTA Champion, Madman Szalinski makes his return to the United Toughness Alliance for the first time since Black Horizon!

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