Ring King 2014
American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas

Aug 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

The United Toughness Alliance returns to Dallas for the inaugural Ring King Pay Per View. The superstars of the UTA have fought their way to the grand stage in which one man will be crowned the UTA Champion.

Chris Hopper vs. Fan's Choice

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

The fans will vote between Will Haynes, IM Hate, and La Flama Blanca. With the winner facing Chris Hopper and the other two facing each other on the Wrestleshow Pre-Show


Apollo Cain vs. Conrad Teller

Cage Match - 30 Minute Time Limit

These two ex convicts face each other live on pay per view after their confrontation at Wrestleshow. However, the match will be in a familiar setting to both as a twenty foot cage will be bound to the ring.


CBR vs. Dan Benson

Normal Match - 30 Minute Time Limit

CBR defends his Internet Championship. Will the man who is undefeated in singles competition remain that way, title in tact, or will history be made?


Sean Jackson vs. The Spectre

Normal Match - 30 Minute Time Limit

Since Black Horizon these two have been building up to this moment. But it goes further back than that. For the first time in an UTA ring, Hall of Fame Member The Spectre takes on Sean Jackson.


Madman Szalinski vs. Perfection

Ring King UTA Championship Match - 60 Minute Iron Man Match

Two men face off. One the champion... the other, the man who just went through hell to get here. Only one man will walk out the UTA Champion. To do so he must survive a 60 minute Iron man match.


This and more, LIVE on Pay Per View.