Thursday Night Rage #10
Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York

Jun 12, 2014

While the stakes continue to get higher, new arrivals test the waters, and teamwork is put into question...on the road to Anarchy.

Mike Harrison v. Xander Hayes

Hardcore Rules

New minted arrival Mike Harrison competes tonight against VCW Wildfire Champion Xander Hayes, coming off a wild battle with Internet Champion Rodney Marney. While Xander Hayes has a chance to capitalize on a title shot with Rodney Marney, once again his belt is placed on the line against Mike Harrison in a standard Hardcore Rules match. Who will prevail?


Tommy Lipton v. Rodney Marney

Tommy Lipton finally got the championship match he so rightfully earns, while Rodney Marney earns a stay of execution from his match with Xander Hayes, he now has to contend against Tommy. If Rodney wins, he faces Xander Hayes on the following show. Can Ringmaster help restore the Psych Ward beast to glory?


Lew Smith and Fizz v. Dick Fury and Hex Girl

We could literally have a problem here, yet James Ranger seems fit to have the explosive elements in the same ring together. Can Dick Fury, who feels that the VCW Championship is rightfully his, co-exist with Hex Girl? Can Lew focus enough to ensure that Fizz will not get a broom shoved up where the sun shines?