Wrestleshow #2
Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dec 15, 2013

WrestleUTA heads to where the die hard wrestling fans live: Philadelphia. This edition of WRESTLESHOW is sure to be a smash hit.

Michael Bryd vs. Goliath

Both men are coming off of a loss and looking for revenge. Who will win in this opening match up?


Corbin vs. Rodd Macc

Both men make their debut looking to secure a big win in their first UTA match.


"Daring" Darian Dumont versus Brez

Durian Dumont stood up to Brez on WRESTLESHOW #1 after Brez destroyed both men in the opening bout. Will Dumont be the savior of the UTA and beat the monster, or will his absolute lack of actual wrestling skill be his downfall?


Al Envy vs. Shawn FX

Coming out of WRESTLESHOW #1 it was obvious who aspires to be the face of the UTA and who aspires to be the most hated. In what is sure to be a pay-per-view caliber match Shawn FX takes on Al Envy in the main event.


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