Anarchy #1
Salem Civic Center in Salem, Virginia

Jul 13, 2014

Valor Championship Wrestling presents its second pay per view of the year, Anarchy live from Salem, Virginia. Will Lew Smith be able to stave off Dick Fury for the VCW Championship? In a battle between wrestling legends, who will walk out the VCW Internet Champion?

Santa Clause v. Fizz

10 Minute Exhibition Match - 2 RP Limit (Dark Match)

Fizz is looking to get a break from last show's defeat at the hands of Perfection and CBR. What better way than to take on the debuting wrestler.....Santa Clause???


Sebastian Blackthorne v. Jason Spire

10 Minute Normal Match - 2 RP Limit

Jason Spire had a rough start on the Go Home Show, but he made an impact, causing Mike Harrison to be pinned by Conrad Teller. While the reward for his efforts could be in question, a potential match-up between himself and the returning Sebastian Blackthorne could be interesting for the fans to see.


Mike Harrison v. Conrad Teller

15 Minute Ladder Match - 2 RP Limit

On the Go Home Show, Mike Harrison had the match won, but a timed intervention by Jason Spire costed him the match, rolled up by Conrad Teller for the quick 1-2-3! Conrad Teller, recently announced that he would be transferring completely to UTA, gets a chance to take the Wildfire Championship with him to UTA, something that would not sit well with either Mike Harrison or the VCW Roster. The Championship will be hung above the ring in VCW's first Ladder Match for the strap. Can Mike Harrison continue to prove that the strap belongs around his waist, or does Conrad get to bring something a little extra to UTA?


Hex Girl v. Rodney Marney v. Fill

Fans Bring The Weapons - 10 Minutes (2 RP Limit)

The stakes are pretty high, but all three participants in this match are fighting for a shot at being called the next #1 Contender to the VCW Wildfire Championship. What is the start of Best of 3 Hardcore Supremacy Series, only one can claim victory and bragging rights to being a true contender to the Wildfire Championship.


Tommy Lipton v. Xander Hayes

In what seems like a culmination of an old bet, Tommy Lipton secured his path to becoming the VCW Internet Champion, while on the other hand, Xander Hayes lost his Wildfire Championship to new arrival Mike Harrison. In a bid to bounce back from his loss, Xander Hayes uses his titleshot against newly minted champion Tommy Lipton. With both having extensive in-ring experience, a wrestling clinic is about to be in session, but only one teacher is going to walk out VCW Internet Champion!


Dr. Emo v. Perfection

15 Minute Normal Match - 2 RP Limit

There is something to be said about the way things have fallen for Perfection, sent to VCW by UTA Owner James Wingate as punishment, he's been determined to prove that he is the one and only true champion UTA needs. For Dr. Emo, coming out of retirement means appearing on VCW. While his first match was a weak start against Perfection, can he prove he has what it takes to show up the former IWF Champion? Can Perfection, on grounds of VCW Owner James Ranger, secure a titleshot against the VCW Internet Champion by beating Dr. Emo?


Lew Smith v. Dick Fury

15 Minute No Holds Barred Match - 2 RP Limit

Lew Smith has had it rough since becoming the first VCW Heavyweight Champion at Rolling Thunder. Originally forced under James Ranger's decree to put champions on notice, he lost to new arrival Dick Fury in a way that put a crack in his armor. Not looking to lose the belt on the following show, Lew Smith and Dick Fury took the match outside the rules, causing the match to be declared a controversial draw, which allowe him to retain the belt. From Dick Fury's perspective, he was already the VCW Champion the moment he pinned Lew Smith. The belt is simply being kept polished and its only a matter of time before it goes around Dick's waist. There's nowhere to run for Lew Smith. Can he prove that his era of pure champions and positive role models, will continue after Anarchy or will the era of Dick Fury be ushered into VCW?


Roleplay Deadline is July 10, 2014 @ 11:59 Central Time Segments Reservations/Submit Deadline is July 12, 2014 @ 10 pm Central Time