Thursday Night Rage #9
D.C. Armory in Washington, DC

May 29, 2014

The capital comes to life as Valor Championship Wrestling brings it WeWA Dominance Tour to the nation's capital. Trouble is brewing as all three champions face challengers determined to strip them of their belts. The road to Anarchy only gets tougher.

Matty Frederickson v. Chancellor Turner

New signee Chancellor Turner will debut against Matty Frederickson, in his hopes to cement his foundation and build towards the top, but can he defeat a refocused Matty Frederickson?


Matthew Miguel v. Yarrin Carmack

Matthew Miguel returns to ring action, but before he can get his hands on Xander Hayes, he has to go through his cohort Yarrin. Can he pull off an amazing first victory back in VCW?


Fizz v. Hex Girl

The return of Fizz, a former WrestleUTA wrestler and latest signee of VCW, looks to prove he's got potential to rise to the top. Hex Girl, coming off a questionable win, but no belt around her waist, looks to regain traction and insert herself into the championship picture at Anarchy.


Tommy Lipton v. Sebastian Blackthorne

If Tommy Lipton wins, he gets a match with Rodney Marney. If Sebastian wins, he gets a rematch with Xander Hayes.

The stakes could not be higher for the returning ring legend, looking to prove his last two wins were flukes, CEO James Ranger placed Tommy Lipton in a match against the enduring Sebastian Blackthorne, who also wants to prove his last match could have ended differently. The winner of this match gets a prize: A championship match.


Xander Hayes v. Rodney Marney w/ Ringmaster Kennedy

Its Champion versus Champion as Xander Hayes and Rodney Marney meet in the squared ring with the VCW Wildfire Championship on the line. While Rodney's belt is not on the line, if he doesn't beat Xander Hayes, he has to defend his belt against not just Xander Hayes, but potentially Tommy Lipton if he wins his match against Sebastian earlier in the show.


Dick Fury v. Lew Smith

The impossible happened....Lew Smith was pinned by Dick Fury. By the mandate set by James Ranger, ALL championships would be defended if their respective holders lost their match. The main event spotlights shine heavily on Lew Smith now more than ever leading up to Anarchy. Can he prove he is the man to hold the belt...or Dick strut his way out as the new VCW Heavyweight Champion?