Thursday Night Rage #7
Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 01, 2014

With the newly minted champions, there is no break as VCW Co-Owner James Ranger has laid out bold plans to decide the first VCW Triple Crown Champion. Unifying the three belts means the champions are under pressure to prove who is the most dominant champion coming off of their respective victories on Rolling Thunder. Who will continue their winning ways and who will plummet to the bottom?

Xander Hayes v. Azrael Khaine

Fresh off his victory over the lethal Hex Girl in the Steel Cage Match of Rolling Thunder, Azrael makes his first appearance as champion against fellow wrestler Xander Hayes. Will victory await him?


Gunnar Granderson v. Tommy Lipton

By appearing on Rolling Thunder, the appearance of Tommy Lipton spelled disaster for Gunnar at Rolling Thunder. Can justice be served by Gunnar's hands tonight or will it be repeat of Sunday's events?


Matthew Miguel v. Joseph Rogers

With having to deal with the loss of Hector as his mentor, can he stay focused for his match? He faces Joseph Rogers, making his in-ring debut in VCW. Can Matthew Miguel rise to the occasion or will he be a stepping stone for the newcomer?


Hex Girl v. Rodney Marney w/ Ringmaster Kennedy

Hex Girl, coming off a loss at Rolling Thunder looks to rebound in this match and to further prove there's more than meets the eye. Rodney Marney, comes off being awarded a belt, but can he truly prove that he isn't the weak link of the three champions?


David GS v. Lew Smith

Though David GS was not the man pinned, tonight's the chance for him to show the crowd, that if that belt was decided 1-on-1, things could have been different. Can Lew Smith repel his opponent with the belt not being on the line?


Reality sets in as the future of VCW is uncertain. With Champions with targets on their backs each show, can they hold out til the unification match at Anarchy?