iPPV #002
Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

Mar 23, 2014

Big matches, titles on the line and more! Coming to you live from the Staples Center only on Internet Pay Per View.

Esteban Awesome vs. Wülfric

Normal Match - 30 Minute Time Limit

Esteban Awesome and Wülfric make their UTA iPPV debuts in this exciting singles match up to kick start the iPPV.


Roscoe Shame vs. Sean Jackson vs. Log Habben vs. IM Hate vs. Lucius Jones

#1 Contendership Five Man Elimination Tag Match

Five men. Two titles. Elimination rules. In this exciting match up, these five men fight for the right to challenge the UTA Champions as they go head to head in an elimination rule tag match. The final two participants will determine who gets a shot at the UTA Internet Championship after the iPPV, and who gets to go for the big gold, the UTA Championship title.


Frank Dylan James vs. Yoshii

UTA Internet Championship Match - No Time Limit

    UTA Wildfire Championship
    UTA Wildfire Championship Match
Frank Dylan James will defend his Internet Championship against the man known as Yoshii.


Madman Szalinski vs. Abdul bin Hussain

UTA Championship Steel Cage Match - No Time Limit

Madman Szalinski gets his opportunity to become UTA champion... inside of a steel cage. Can Abdul bin Hussain retain? Or is this the end of the line?


Before the iPPV, catch the free Wrestleshow Pre-Show.