GPW Events #2
Malibi High School Gym in Malibu, CA

Feb 09, 2014

Straight from Malibu, CA comes another action packed episode of Girl Power Wrestling's Explosion! See all of the lovely ladies meet each other in the ring.

Molly Cyrus v Cheerleader Cherry

Cheer Off - 10 Minute Time Limit

    VCW Championship
    VCW Championship Match
After Molly Cyrus's poor show of sportsmanship last week, Cheerleader Cherry has challenged her to something more inside Cherry's comfort zone: a cheer-off! But will the bubbly blonde seek retaliation on the Twerkmaster after the attack she fell victim to?


'The Nihilist' Emma Carlisle v Lady Liberty

Exhibition - 10 Minute Time Limit

After signing a deal last week, one of the craziest minds in the business and one of its most exciting superheroes both have their debut here. But will the American Way prevail over the Way of Broken Dreams? You know what they say, Lady Liberty: "when you look into the abyss..."


'The Vixen' Morgan Alvertez & 'The Bombshell' Crystal Taylor v Etsuko Mitzusaka & Red 'Rock' West

Tag - 20 Minute Time Limit

On the first edition of Explosion, an unfortunate collision with Red West caused Etsuko Mitsuzaka her shot at the World Championship. To add insult to injury, the mismatched pair are now being forced to tag together against the recently signed team of The Vixen and The Bombshell. Will Etsuko let her feelings for Red get in the way of professionalism and a victory? And will the newcomers get to show what they are capable of?


'Jersey Whore' Tammy Tits (w/Slick Harrison) v Maria Dainelli

Exhibition - 20 Minute Time Limit

The World Title Battle Royal did not have the best of ends for Maria Dainelli, who put on a brave performance only to fall prey to bad luck. The 'Jersey Whore' knows all about bad luck, too, having been eliminated from the match within seconds and struggling to garner the respect of anyone within the promotion. Now, both these girls seek to turn their fortunes around and make their own chances in this exhibition match! Who will impress Lady Helena and Sensuous Sam the most? Only one way to find out - in the ring!


Boomschequa (w/Alessandra & Alexander Hamilton Cray) v The Naughty Girls

Handicap Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

    UTA Wildfire Championship
    UTA Wildfire Championship Match
Boomschequa loves nothing more than to beat up smaller women, so this match should be right up her alley. As for the Naughty Girls, they have a chance to stick one to 'Sensuous' Samantha Bevins by taking down the Brick House! Will they succeed, or will the ringside team of Al & Al prove their undoing?


'The Atheist' Anne Brandeis v Ursula von Rossbach

No-Disqualification, No-Countout - 30 Minute Time Limit

    VCW Championship
    VCW Championship Match
On Explosion #1, 'Sensuous' Sam Bevins answered Anne Brandeis' bold challenge by throwing an old rival at her. Brandeis' resilience and technical ability snatched her the win that time, but when the only rule is that there are no rules, will she be able to repeat the feat against the physically impressive and decidedly vicious Ursula? Sensuous Sam and Von Rossbach will both be hoping for retribution, and Anne will need all her fighting spirit to overcome the odds!


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