GPW Events #1
Firestone Fieldhouse in Malibu, CA

Jan 26, 2014

The inaugural episode of Girl Power Wrestling's Explosion is sure to be a hit as these lovely ladies take to the sunny beaches of California during the day, and then the squared circle at night.

Molly Cyrus v Cheerleader Cherry

Twerk Off

Twerking expert Molly Cyrus has demanded Sensuous Samantha Bevins and Lady Helena give her some air time to issue an open challenge. What will it consist of, and who will answer?


Brick House v The Naughty Girls

Exhibition Tag

GPW’s founding tag teams square off against each other in a showcase match. But will Victoria Steele’s latest pet projects survive the bimbo-killing power duo fans are dubbing ‘BRICK HOUSE’?


‘The Atheist’ Anne Brandeis v ???

Open Challenge

Someone in management is reportedly not happy that Anne Brandeis was allowed into GPW. But who can that be, and why are they so displeased? Hopefully, Anne’s public address will clarify the situation for everyone. But who will the veteran call out as her first opponent? And will her request be granted?


‘Jersey Whore’ Tammy Tits v Jo McFarlane v Jigai Joan v Maria Dainelli v Etsuko Mitsuzaka

5 Woman Battle Royal

Five women, five different wrestling styles, one common goal: to be crowned the first-ever GPW World Champion! Etsuko Mitsuzaka brings her joshi stylings to this headlining contest, while Maria Dainelli is banking on her no-nonsense offense as the great equalizer. Jigai Joan contributes with a more hardcore bent, the self-proclaimed ‘Jersey Whore’ brings inestimable cat-fighting experience straight off the boardwalks of New Jersey, and and Jo McFarlane is your resident high-flyer. But which competitor will stand tall with the gold at the end of the night?

Only one way to find out…tune in to GPW Explosion Episode 1, live from West Hollywood, California on Sunday January 26 2014!


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