Victory XLVII
Salem Civic Center in Salem, Virginia

Feb 01, 2016

In the final Victory before All or Nothing, a new Ace in the Hole is crowned. Will the winner of the briefcase be as lucky as the last superstar to hold it? The final hype for AoN happens here on Victory!

Dan Benson vs Angel Kash

Intergender Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Dan Benson and Angel Kash lock up in exciting intergender action just one week before they enter the All or Nothing match.


Sabrina Baker vs Ursula Areano

Women's Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

These two women go toe to toe just one week before they make their All or Nothing debuts.


Duke Dibbons vs. Lance Mikes

Hardcore Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

The Hardcore Championship is on the line as Lance Mikes meets Duke Dibbins for the belt.


Scott Stevens vs. El Trebol Jr. vs. Kendrix vs. CBR vs. Ron Hall vs. Cecilworth Farthington

Ace in the Hole Ladder Match - No Time Limit

These six superstars will meet in a ladder match to determine who the next Ace in the Hole is. While several of the superstars are already set to battle one on one at All or Nothing, the return of self proclaimed briefcase aficionado, Cecilworth Farthington, has the world buzzing.


Card Subject to Change