Pandemonium VI
FWF Studios in Las Vegas, NV

Jan 22, 2020

The last Pandemonium was full of surprises and bewilderment. As the FWF returns to the FWF Studios in Las Vegas for another episode of Pandemonium on Fite.TV, one has to wonder what kind of fall out will come from the turning of B.R. Ellis to Bobby Dean walking out still Hardcore Champion? The champion isn't scheduled to be in action, but will be in the building. The action promises to be huge and certainly will be.. PANDEMONIUM.

The New Era vs. CoV

B.R. Ellis and Stalker take on Chad Chaos and Blaze Havoc in tag team competition to kick off this week's episode of Pandemonium.


Lance Mingle vs. Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Williams missing the previous Pandemonium set in motion one of the most shocking endings in wrestling history. As he returns, where will his head be when he goes one on one with Lance Mingle?


Kentucky Tarzan vs. Chris Richards

Chris Richards makes his FWF debut as he takes on the unpredictable Kentucky Tarzan.


Shawn Kutter vs. Bobby Dean

Hardcore Match

    Legacy Championship
    Legacy Championship Match
    Hardcore Championship
    Hardcore Championship Match
The Hardcore title is on the line. Will Dean be able to retain when he faces Shawn Kutter, a man who has made his living destroying others? Will we see a new Hardcore Champion or will Bobby Dean be able to retain?


The Raging Dead vs. Michael Byrd

The Raging Dead has been on a roll. Michael Byrd, not so much. When these two meet there is much on the line as they both push toward the top of the FWF.


Jace Wheeler vs. Harry Black

#1 Contenders Match

Both men had wins over members of CoV at the last Pandemonium. Now they face each other to determine who will be next in line for a shot at the FWF World Championship.


RP Deadline: 1/21/20 @ 6:59am PST
Segment Deadline: 1/22/20 @6:59am PST


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