Victory XXXVII
Rio Olympic Arena in Rio de Janeiro

Sep 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Victory goes on the road for the first time since it's creation as the International Affair tour kicks off in Rio de Janeiro. The Wildfire Championship will be on the line while two superstars challenge the Tag Team Champions for an opportunity to earn a championship shot. All fo this and more as Victory returns, live on Pure Sports Entertainment.

B.R Ellis vs. Skylar Montgomery

Triple Threat Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

B.R. Ellis makes his UTA debut as he steps in the ring with the Suicidal One, Skylar Montgomery to kick Victory off.


Bobby Dean vs Amy Harrison

Intergender Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

    Legacy Championship
    Legacy Championship Match
Bobby Dean has been begging to get his hands on Amy Harrison since the buxom vixen debuted. Maybe it's not exactly what he had in mind, but he gets his chance as they go against each other in intergender action.


Team Danger vs. Lew Smith/Ron Hall

Tag Match - 20 Minute Limit

Lew Smith and Ron Hall team up to take on the UTA Tag Team Champions in non title action. If the two can defeat Team Danger, they will earn the right to a Tag Team Championship match.


Lisil Jackson vs. Eric Dane

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

The Jamaican inspiration, Lisil Jackson, has a lot on his hands now that The Truth have set their eyes on him. If that wasn't enough, now he has to face the man who made Hardcore Forking the UTA's newest catch phrase. Can Jackson overcome the odds and defeat Eric Dane, or will he be added to a growing list of men who have feel to Dane?


Cayle Murray vs. Mikey Unlikely

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Mikey Unlikely may have been the lone Dynasty member drafted to Victory, but with La Flama Blanca scheduled to appear he certainly wont be alone when he goes toe to toe with Cayle Murray in singles action. The question is, if La Flama Blanca does show up in Mikey's corner who will have Cayle's back?


Abdul bin Hussain vs. Colton Thorpe

Normal Match - No Time Limit

The Wildfire Championship is on the line as Abdul bin Hussain is set to defend the title some believe is cursed against one of the most rapidly rising superstars in the UTA today, Colton Thorpe.


Also scheduled to be in attendance Brother Judas, The Good Reverend, La Flama Blanca, and Marie Van Claudio

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