All or Nothing 2015
Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri

Mar 08, 2015

March 8th, 2015

The first Pay Per View of 2015 comes to you live from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO where everything is on the line for one night only. It's All or Nothing as the superstars of the UTA compete for the chance to walk out as an UTA Champion

Paladin vs. Nigma

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Paladin on Nigma yet again in this pay per view opening match.


Orobin Thor vs. Pin Smith

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Two newcomers battle it out in the All or Nothing Pre-Show to determine whom moves on to enter the All or Nothing match for a chance to take it all home.


David Hightower vs. Doozer

No Disqualifications - 30 Minute Time Limit

David Hightower has 1 900 WHOOP ASS while Doozer has gotten into the business of 1 900 ASS ROOF to protect the targets of David. These two have met before, but never like they will at All or Nothing in a No Disqualification match.


Simon vs. The Good Reverend & Brother Judas

Handicap Casket Match

Simon looks to extract his revenge on The Good Reverend, as he faces him and Brother Judas in what is sure to be the toughest challenge of his life. The only way to win? Put them both in a casket and close the lid. Can he put them away before it is he who lies in eternal darkness?


All or Nothing Over the Top Rope Match

All or Nothing Match - No Time Limit

Forty superstars enter and compete for a chance to walk out a champion. Many may enter as allies, but in the end it's every superstar for themselves.

The match begins with two superstars, then every two minutes a new superstar will enter the ring. Superstars will attempt to eliminate others by throwing them over the top rope.

All championships are on the line in this match and will be awarded to the last six superstars in the match after all others have been eliminated!

- Last Superstar Standing will Become the UTA Champion
- Second to Last Superstar Standing will Become the Legacy Champion
- Third to Last Superstar Standing will Become the Wildfire Champion
- Fourth to Last Superstar Standing will Become the Prodigy Champion
- Fifth and Sixth to Last Superstar Standing will become Tag Team Champions

La Flama Blanca
Zhalia Fears
Kush (Enters in at #30)
The Second Coming
Mikey Unlikely
Chris Hopper
Lew Smith
Sean Jackson
Joshua Jones
Uncle Rocky
Marie Van Claudio
Will Haynes
Leyenda do Ocho (Enters in at #1)
Gentleman Jack
Crimson Lord
Abdul bin Hussain
Mr. Fantastic
And more To Be Announced!


Card Subject to Change