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UTA Closed Webmaster 03/24/20
Schedule Change Webmaster 03/23/20
Fanless Edition of Rebirth Airs on FITE Webmaster 03/19/20
Superstar of the Week for 2/17 - 2/23: Bobby Dean Webmaster 02/25/20
Power Rankings Updated Webmaster 02/20/20
New Show Announced; First Card Released Webmaster 02/19/20
Unsanctioned is Streaming Now! Webmaster 02/19/20
Best of Perfection: Vol. 1 Released Webmaster 02/17/20
WrestleUTA: Rebirth Rumor Man Stan 02/13/20
4 Matches Announced for WrestleUTA on FITE: Rebirth Webmaster 02/13/20
Roster Movements Ahead of Rebirth Rumor Man Stan 02/12/20
WrestleUTA Officially Resumes Operations Webmaster 02/12/20
Notice of Hiatus Webmaster 02/04/20
New Fan Poll Available Webmaster 02/04/20
Superstar of the Month for January 2020: The Raging Dead & Lunchbox Larry Webmaster 02/04/20
Superstar of the Week for 1/27 - 2/2: Bobby Dean Webmaster 02/04/20
Two Matches Announced for Pandemonium VIII Webmaster 01/31/20
Power Rankings Updated Webmaster 01/29/20
Recap Wednesday Now on FITE Webmaster 01/29/20
New Fan Poll Available Webmaster 01/27/20
Superstar of the Week for 1/20 - 1/26: Harry Black Webmaster 01/27/20
Power Rankings Updated: New #1! Webmaster 01/23/20
FWF to expand tag division? Rumor Man Stan 01/23/20
Huge Roster Shake Up! Rumor Man Stan 01/22/20
Pandemonium Returns in 2 Weeks Webmaster 01/22/20
Pandemonium is streaming on FITE Webmaster 01/22/20
Bobby Dean to Risk it All? Rumor Man Stan 01/21/20
Power Rankings Updated Webmaster 01/21/20
Superstar of the Week for 1/12 - 1/19: Shawn Kutter Webmaster 01/20/20
New Fan Poll Available Webmaster 01/20/20
Risk It All? Webmaster 01/20/20
ratga Webmaster 01/17/20
sggg Webmaster 01/17/20
Test Webmaster 01/17/20
New Show Officially Announced Rumor Man Stan 01/17/20
FWF Signs Local Television Deal Rumor Man Stan 01/16/20
Title Change Coming? Rumor Man Stan 01/15/20
Did You Know? Webmaster 01/15/20
New Fan Poll Available Webmaster 01/14/20
Power Rankings Reset for 2020; Updated Webmaster 01/13/20
Superstar of the Year 2019: Lunchbox Larry Webmaster 01/13/20
Should Power Ranking Points Reset? Webmaster 01/13/20
SUPERSTAR OF THE WEEK FOR 1/5 - 1/11: THE RAGING DEAD Webmaster 01/13/20
Awards Coming? New shows? Rumor Man Stan 01/09/20
Power Rankings Updated Webmaster 01/09/20
Pandemonium 5 Streaming on Fite.TV Webmaster 01/08/20
FWF Eyeing Hollywood Bruvs? Rumor Man Stan 01/06/20
2020 Kicking Off With a Bang Webmaster 01/06/20
Match Cancelled Rumor Man Stan 01/03/20
Happy New Year Webmaster 01/01/20