Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Breaking News from late last night... La Flama Blanca admitted to a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, just after Wrestleshow went off air.

The Luchador visted UTA's own Dr. Dan Paesano seconds after returning backstage after Dynasty's huge win over The Spawn. He complained of pain in his forearm. Some swelling and bruising had reportedly already begun.

The injury is rumored to be a result of La Flama Blanca's over the top rope Suicide Dive, where he landed on Crimson Lord sending them both onto the Announcer's Table and onto the floor.

The severity of the injury is still unknown. X-Ray and MRI results have not been shared with the UTA at this current time.

What does this mean for La Flama Blanca and his quest for the UTA Legacy title? The Number One Contender could miss time... but if so, how much? 

While all of this is just speculation, the Dynasty camp as well as Blanca's own people are being very quiet and will not comment on the matter at this time.

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