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The UTA was live from the Stockttrade Center in St. louis, MO last night in from of a 3/4 sold out crowd.

The Jokers Wild came out to tell the crowd that they are taking over and that no one in the back will be able to stop them. Drew Stevenson pointed out what they did to Shawn FX and Howard King on WRESTLESHOW.

Kirk Irving interrupted them, letting both the group know what he thought about their claims.

This lead to a match between Irving and Stevenson with Irving picking up the win when Addams and Washington interfered.

Darian Dumont and Dr. EMO ran down to make the save.

Dr. EMO went over David Hendrix in the second match of the night. EMO was over big time with the crowd.

Howard King was out next, letting everyone know how upset he was at the fact that The Jokers Wild caused him to not get the win over Shawn FX. He said that he is the number one person in the UTA. Not FX, not Chance Von Crank, Kirk Irving or anyone. King said he would rin the battle royal an then walk out of the iPPV as the UTA Champion.

Darian Dumont came out and the two kicked off their match. Howard King avoided a schoolboy attempt and ended the matched with the Law & Order.

In the next match, Brez dominated Marcus Corbin in a rematch from WRESTLESHOW.

Next up, Log Habben was impressive over Rodd Macc, winning with the  Log Removal.

Commissioner Kevin Hawk came out said that he refuses to let The Jokers Wild continue to team up on the superstars of the UTA. Tonight's main event would be a six man tag with The Jokers Wild taking on the team of Kirk Irving, Dr. EMO, and Darian Dumont.The fans exploded at this announcement.

In the Semi-Main event, Peyton von Licht made his in ring debut against Al Envy. Licht showed some amazing moves, speed, and agility, but Envy continued to dominate most of the match.

In the end, Peyton von Licht got a surprise win over Al Envy with the Emperor Arsenal I.

The six men came out for the main event. EMO, Irving, and Dumont were over insanely with the crowd. However, The Jokers Wild showed how well they work together a s a team against the men just thrown together.

Darian Dumont and Scotty Addams stayed in the ring together for most of the match. Dumont was impressive, but Addams held control. Finally a double hot tag brought Kirk Irving and Drew Stevenson in. The crowd was electric.

Just as Irving was about to put Stevenson away, Addams and Washington rushed the ring. The referee could not regain control and called for the bell as The Jokers Wild assaulted their opponents.

The crowd started a Shawn FX chant, in hopes he would run out and make the save but were surprised when Cocked Back and Fucking Loaded hit the PA system.

Chance Von Crank and Midget Von Crank came from the back, both wielding chairs. Yes, MVC's chair was a miniature.

They cleared the ring of everyone. All six of the participants stood around the ring, regaining their composure as Chance Von Crank let them know that everyone was wrong tonight.

He would become the UTA Champion in two weeks and as for The Jokers Wild, they better not try any of that pussy shit with him or MVC would bite their fucking nuts off.

As the six men left the ring area, Chance Von Crank called Shawn FX out for not being in St. Louis tonight because of his injury. He told FX that was a wise decision because he would leave him in even worse condition than he was on WRESTLESHOW.

As CVC was leaving the ring, the big screen came on showing a bandaged Shawn FX. The crowd went crazy. FX apologized for not being able to be there tonight. He apologized to the fans who want to see Shawn FX, and he apologized to CVC for not being able to shut him up.

In the ring CVC and MVC were going crazy. FX said the iPPV is coming and so is the big surprise. What's in the box? This began a What's in the box chant from the fans. CVC tried to cover his ears but they were to loud.

FX said he would see CVC soon to end the show and send the fans home happy as CVC and MVC retreated to the back.