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- After his match against all of his opponent's at Wrestleshow XXIX, Lew steps out once more, beaten and bruised, microphone in hand. He stumbles into the middle of the ring he just fought in and raises a hand to the fans of UTA, he puts the microphone to his mouth. -

Lew: "Alright, let me catch my breath for a bit."

- The crowd cheers. -

L: "Thank you all, fans and critics, for your love and support, challenges and obstacles throughout the year! Thank you to friendships and rivalries that helped fuel this year's fire here at UTA. Also to thank the other wrestlers here for putting on great shows and causing much more drama than there should be, making UTA the place to be! Before Seasons Beatings begins, let me just say Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays to those who do not celebrate Christmas. To all the people in their homes, in this arena, to the people out working or on the streets who have no family or home to be. Have a good one, thank you!"

- Lew raises his hand again and waves goodbye to the crowd, they all cheer happily waving back. The lights cut out, in prep for Seasons Beatings. -