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UTA Magazine Columnist Ryan Harms recently sat down with UTA Hall of Famer The Spectre who was very upfront and brutally honest about his dislike for the group known as Dynasty, and how Dynasty would hold up against the group Spectre formed in the late 90s and early 00s- The Dominion, later named The Spawn.


“You want honesty?  Here it is, right on the table.  Dynasty, as a group, is a very strong and powerful force.  They’ve proven it thus far as no one has been able to stop them.  And they’ve gone out of their way to make sure people are aware of how powerful and strong they really are.  The problem I have, and always have had with Dynasty, is the way they went about forming and more importantly, their REASON for coming together.

Look!  We all know that in this business, surprises are best when you don’t see them coming at all, when they blindside you out of nowhere.  Hell, I myself was directly involved in possibly the biggest surprise of the year when I appeared at Black Horizon earlier this year, appearing in the UTA for the first time in nearly a decade, after vowing never to return after bridges had been burned with management at the time.  And, quite frankly, this formation of Dynasty was quite a surprise to me as well.

But then, came the REASON Dynasty was formed.  It seemed as though the most vocal loudmouth on the team was Perfection, who voiced his opinion that he and his crew were ‘tired of being held back by UTA management.’

Look!  I’ve been around this business long enough, I know talent when I see it.  Perfection has immense talent.  He’s one of the best in the UTA right now.  The problem I have and what I want to know is, where the hell does Perfection get off, thinking he’s above being reprimanded or punished by UTA officials for his involvement, or participation, or lack thereof in what UTA management has asked him to do?  Why the hell does he feel a sense of entitlement because he’s won a few matches?

Hey, I get it!  Perfection’s young, he’s brash, he’s hungry.  Go for the gold!  Grab that brass ring, as has been famously been said before.  But, get too high and mighty or refuse a request by management to do something relatively simple, then you SHOULD be punished!  Be a fucking man, and take your punishment!  Don’t sulk and pout and claim you’re being held back!  Deal with your punishment, handle your business and move on!  Was I ever punished by any wrestling management over the years?  Of course I was!  Did it piss me off?  Of course it did, if the punishment was truly unjust.  But I also LEARNED something when I was punished

Perfection got his panties in a wad because he was sent down to the “farm league”.  He was insulted, I guess because he had to wrestle people he felt were far beneath him, and that it was a waste of his time.

Hehehehehehe…. Perfection is lucky he was TERMINATED or blacklisted by UTA management!  Perfection is lucky he wasn’t around the UTA when Eddie Peterson was in charge or when Jason Blackfront ran the place and actually had a backbone.  Those two would have fired Perfection on the spot.  If that didn’t happen, then guys like me, MyNdKrYmE, Crimson Lord, or the Southern Rebel Ron Hall would have taken Perfection out back and had a “come to Jesus” meeting with him to keep him in check.

Look, Perfection had no reason to form this little stable with Sean Jackson, but he CHOSE to.  Perfection and Sean Jackson, hell, immense talents, immensely talented guys!  As much as I loathe and despise Sean Jackson, I can acknowledge the guy is VERY talented and a tough, tough competitor.  But just like Perfection, in my eyes, my respect for him dropped that much more when he popped off at the mouth with the whiny, “I’m tired of being held back” claim.  Then CBR did the same, then La Flama Blanca.  KVT?  I’m not so sure her resolve is the same, as it is that she wants to be the queen ruling over the UTA in a business largely regarded as a “man’s world”.


Man’s world, woman’s world, to-MAY-to, to-MAH-to.  I don’t care.  Everyone’s equal in my eyes, and I’ll beat your ass just the same.  Just don’t expect me to buy into the crying and tears and complaining or the excuse, “But I’m a woman” when I am in the ring across from you in a match kick you down when you’re trying to beg for mercy.

KVT has never done that, and wouldn’t expect her to.  She’s as tough as nails, and in all honesty could probably beat the shit out of every single one of her stable mates in Dynasty.  She’s just guilty by association as part of a group of whiners who have bought into Perfection’s claim that they are All somehow being held back by UTA management, and that they all seem to want ONE THING in common- the UTA Championship.

What’s rather interesting, is that people are starting to catch on, they are starting to see and interesting development that I have been saying for months- and that is… how the hell are these guys, who ALL want to the recognized UTA Champion, going to handle a situation pitting one Dynasty member against another to determine a number one contender?  Or how will they handle the scenario of one of them being UTA Champion, and the other is in fact, number one contender?  Dynasty has so many egos, especially Perfection and Sean Jackson it’s only a matter of time before those egos eventually clash and explode, and one or all of the Dynasty members tell Perfection what he can do with his “being held back”  mantra.”


Spectre was then asked to compare Dynasty to his first stable, The Dominion, which later became The Spawn.



“Right off the top is the difference WHY Dominion came together, and why Dynasty came together. Redrum, Mister Fantastic, Lords of Destruction, Sabu Ubas? We were ALL on top of the IWA.  We were REALLY, REALLY good and we knew it.  We were also fairly new to the business and wanted to get a jump start on any other ideas people might have had to form some sort of stable. And BOY did we have some egos!  But we NEVER decided to form The Dominion simply because “we were being held back, as Dynasty constantly claims, and likes to remind us, as evident by Kevin Hawk’s recent shocking alliance with Dynasty.  Their claim comes off as a bunch of crybabies who simply are not patient enough to wait their opportunity.  There is the ONE MAJOR title that they all want, and nearly FORTY wrestlers currently on the roster.  They can’t all go for it at the same time, unless Wingate decides to put the title up for grabs in a winner-take-all battle royal or tournament.

Now, I’m sure when they read or hear about this interview, they’ll come back with, ‘No, you’re wrong, Spectre.  We don’t all want the UTA Championship.  We just want all the gold. It’s all about respect.’

They had respect!  THEY…HAD…RESPECT!!  But the fact their same whines seem to pop up over and over again, destroys any credibility they might have!

The Dominion wouldn’t have put up with another group coming together in the manner and the reason Dynasty did.  You want to act like a child, you’ll get treated like a child.  You want to throw a temper tantrum and stomp around because you’re not getting your way, becasue you're not getting title shot after title shot, or that people like myself are actually speaking up against you?  Dominion or The Spawn would handle business and put a foot up your ass in a fucking heartbeat!  WE, would have destroyed Dynasty in the ring, hands down!

I don’t think I would have had any issue with Dynasty forming had they not fallen back on that tired and flimsy “being held back” claim.  Had they simply come together simply because “they can”, and because they know they’re good, I think I might have actually admired and respected them, because they would have come together the way The Dominion and Spawn did.

But the fact that I, and EVERYONE for that matter has to hear over and over again that Dynasty have been allegedly been “held back”, makes me sick to my stomach.  I just want them to go away, because they are extremely annoying.  Their annoyance far overshadows the talents those guys have!  Even more than that, each of those guys in Dynasty lives within the shadow of one another.  So their desire to be recognized as INDIVIDUALS, because that’s what their overall claim boils down to, will NEVER happen as long as they are a UNIT!  At the rate they are going, Dynasty will go down in history more as a group of whiners and pussies than an unstoppable, DOMINANT force!

So, YES, shut the fuck up about being held back... And I’m mainly talking to YOU Perfection and Sean, just kick ass and dominate, and MAYBE I would consider actually WANTING you to stick around for a bit longer.  Maybe then, you would also be considered in the same realm of power and dominance as The Dominion and The Spawn once were!”