Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Within moments after Wrestleshow 27 went off the air, Sean Jackson reportedly had these comments:

"How did it feel Spectre? knowing that everything you did was for nothing. How did it feel to know that despite your best efforts to re-live what you did at Black Horizon, James Wingate was no longer here to protect you?

That he was no longer here to hold your hand when the big bad monsters were giving you a taste of your own medicine. Tell me Spectre, how did those taser darts to the chest feel? how did those 50,000 volts feel when it pulsed through your body for those agonizingly long five seconds?

Or better yet, how did those collapsible batons feel when they connected repeatedly on the flesh and bones of your body?

Believe me Spectre, with the UTA Commissioner now firmly on the side of Dynasty, there's nothing stopping me from destroying you with anything and everything not bolted down. For you see Spectre, in your quest to rid UTA of me, you've forgotten what I'm truly capable of inside of the ring and out. But make no mistake about it, the high knee to the back of your skull as well as the Hook em Horns driver will be the least of your worries.

You've given me carte blanche to electrocute you in whatever way I see fit, and the way I see it, I have until Seasons Beatings to devise a plan on exactly how I'm going to do it. Who knows, maybe I'll just bring a home made electric chair to the ring, place it inside of a kiddie wading pool, and tie you on the chair.

Yes Spectre, you started this war and at Seasons Beatings, I'm going to finish it.