Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Spectre supporting Sean in 5 on 5 match???

Spectre released the following statement, purposely directed at Sean Jackson:


“I just wanted to tell Sean Jackson not to worry about his upcoming potentially career ending match against me at Season’s Beatings.  I don’t want him to be concerned about the potential physical, mental, and emotional damage and scars that the Shock Therapy Match can and WILL leave behind.  I don’t want Sean to be worried about the likely damage the multiple electrocutions could do to his heart.  I don’t want Sean to be scared that participating in the Shock Therapy match and subsequent LOSS will lead to him being ousted from Dynasty.  NO!  I don’t want Sean, or his puppeteer Marshall Owens to be the slightest bit concerned about the sadistic match that awaits Sean at the end of the year!

See, I want Sean’s full focus, and ATTENTION, to be on the five on five at Wrestleshow, knowing that I will be watching his every move with keen eyes  backstage.  I want Sean to be so focused, that he puts on a clinic, and forgets anything and everything around him, yet still knowing I am looking to be impressed. Yes, I want Sean to attempt to put on his best athletic abilities… because it will likely be the LAST time he will have the opportunity to brag and gloat how supposedly “great” he is.

But once that match is over, once his little celebration… or lack thereof if Team Dynasty loses…once the celebration is over, I want Sean to spend every waking moment pondering over the “what ifs” and “OMFGs”  that could possibly occur in our Shock Therapy Match.  I want him to spend countless sleepless night tossing and turning in bed contemplating the dire and inescapable situation that awaits him.  I want Sean to come to the forgone conclusion that the encounters and battles he and I have had in the past… pale in comparison to the brutality and sadistic morbidity of the Shock Therapy Match, and that I WILL leave a permanent scare etched within Sean’s mind!

And I want Sean to realize that after Seasons Beatings, his life with NEVER, EVER be the same!”