Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Spectre's Post-match comments

The Spectre was approached earlier today regarding his somewhat shocking loss to Dynasty member La Flama Blanca at Wrestleshow in Italy. Though in a very surly mood, it apparently wasn't because of his loss to La Flama Blanca.


“La Flama Blanca can kiss my ass! He thinks he's hurt even a shred of my pride or dignity because he escaped the cage first? Screw him!


La Flama Blanca has already tweeted that he's going to rub his win in my face! Hehehehehehe.... Go right ahead. He can brag and gloat all he wants! It doesn't make a difference to me. I didn't NEED that win anyway! But the funny thing is... whatever goes around comes around. Revenge and convenience really have a way sneaking up on a person and biting them in the ass!


La Flama Blanca vandalizing my cave was nothing. La Flama Blanca escaping the cage first?? Meh.... who cares? I sure as hell won't lose any sleep over trying to get some rematch with that jackass! For you see, jackasses like La Flama Blanca, Perfection, CBR, Sean Jackson, and KVT have a habit of really putting their foot in their mouth, and really not knowing when to shut the hell up!


I know Perfection told me basically to “STFU”, but doing that means I am just supposed to submit to Dynasty and their bully tactics, submit to their BS, and just let them walk all over me, and everyone else in the UTA! Perfection can kiss my pale white ass! I refuse to submit to their authority, especially his wicked regime.


More of the same BS spewing from his mouth. He's tired of being held back, tired of being systematically targeted and punished. Well, if you all wouldn't act like douches maybe you wouldn't be targeted. If you wouldn't whine like little babies and go running to Marshall Owens every time something doesn't go your way, and threaten legal action, maybe you wouldn't be targeted.


You know, it's a shame that Wingate couldn't get a stipulation that the losing team of the five-on-five has to disband. But then again, Marshall Owens would cry foul, Perfection would BITCH about life being unfair, and blahblahblahblahblah!


Hehehehehheee.. Is Dynasty a group of confident athletes who will turn away NO challenges? Or a group of spoiled whiners who are afraid to admit they couldn't win CRAP even on their BEST day against the Shoot Kings!


Hehehehehehehe... I guess we'll never know.”