Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Perfection's legal team, which was lead by Dynasty lawyer Marshall Owens, have been in talks with the US Department of Homeland Security in regards to Conrad Tellers leaving of the country. They have filed a plea for Teller's visa to be Suspended and Disbarred using the ICE process due to his former conviction.

Apparently, and not confirmed as of yet, the law team claims it has examined the visa filed by Teller and UTA Talent Relations and found discrepancies in the dates; essentially making the visa invalid. Further speculations by the law team are that it may lead to a brief 30 day jail time, while Homeland Security launches an investigation. 

I asked Marshall Owens what the deal was, and he said that: "This is what happens when certain people think they can commit crimes outside the United States. Treasonous crimes against the current state of affairs."

Sounds like the Dynasty folks are pretty P-Oed. 

The Department of Homeland Security has not returned my call.