Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Several stars part of a United Toughness Alliance meet and greet at a downtown Seattle hotel.

Before the stars of the UTA fly off to Italy for Wrestleshow, they’ve come to Seattle, Washington as part of a Pure Sports Entertainment and United Toughness Alliance promotional event.

UTA Champion Yoshii, VCW Champion The Second Coming and Dan Benson spent time signing autographs and taking pictures. Newcomers Mikey Unlikely and David Hightower were also in attendance.

Later that night Dynasty members La Flama Blanca and one half of the UTA Tag Team Champions Sean Jackson joined in a public table discussion about Sports Entertainment as a whole, The UTA and international crowds they’ve experienced.

All in all the event was a success. Fans were happy. The sponsors are happy. This event could open up some possible new avenues for the United Toughness Alliance to explore.