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Irate Spectre rips FCC fine- Witch Hunt


No sooner had The Spectre sent out a tweet that he intended to shut down his Youtube channel in protest over a fine he had received from the FCC, that word quickly spread among Spectre’s fans and media about this shocking announcement. UTA reporters reached out to Spectre via phone. Needless to say, Spectre was still very incensed, annoyed, and all-out offended at the recent fine handed down. In short, this is what the Hall of Famer had to say:

“You want a comment from me?! Well HECK, I better watch my FLIPPING mouth, otherwise the FUNKY FCC might be listening in on our GOSH DARN conversation and fine my POSTERIOR over every FLIPPING naughty word they hear!

Am I mad? Am I angry? You’re DARN right I am! This whole ordeal is nothing more than a FREAKING witch hunt! It’s what I call “selective BULL FECES”! They want to make an example out of me because I am a “Hall of Famer”! And when I say “they”, I mean the UTA “suits”! They are the ones behind this! And you know when I say “suits”, that’s not a good thing, and that they are starting to get under my skin!

The fine is baffling because from what I have heard thus far, there is NO fine at all being handed down or “ENFORCED” against Madman Szalinski, who started this mess to begin with! And then, Madman has the gall, in a Tweet, to say his video was “not for broadcast” ? I’m sorry but what sort of POOPOO is that logic? He MADE the video! He POSTED the video on his Twitter! And GUESS WHO picked it up and POSTED that video on THEIR website!!!


Madman said TWENTY-FIVE naughty words in a period of 20 seconds, and FIFTY naughty words in all during that TWO MINUTE video! So who is at fault there? Madman for posting the video to Twitter in PUBLIC, and WRESTLE UTA for posting that video to their website!

And yet, not so much as even a fine or a little slap on the wrist? If my case is not a witch hunt I don’t know what is! I set the standard for these types of videos, GOSH DARN IT! And for me to be punished for saying a few naughty words in my video, which in essence was in SUPPORT of Madman’s tirade, is pure BULL FECES!

Yeah, a word slipped during Wrestleshow! La dee fricking dah!

Well, from here on out, as a form of protest, there will be NO MORE video blogs done by me until further notice! Of course I could do one of those “fad” videos where I don’t say a word but hold up a bunch of index cards with what is on my mind while a bunch of music plays in the background, to get my point across!

This was NOT the time for this sort of MENTALLY HANDICAPPED NONSENSE to happen! I’ve been in a foul mood as it is!

I guess with the FCC with their panties in a wad, this kinda kills any planned “kidnapping” I wanted to run! After all, an act of aggression towards a woman by a man, even under the roof of professional wrestling, is a sin!

You know, several months ago a guy by the name of cVc got into a controversy over his use of profanity, and up and quit in protest. Many of us laughed at his decision. But you know what? Maybe his decision wasn’t so funny or wrong after all.

If restrictions are going to be mandatory and forced upon the UTA wrestlers, we will all turn into a bunch of men using the loose language and vocabulary of a six-year-old!

This is all Madman’s fault, and I am the FLIPPING scapegoat!"