Posted by Rumor Man Stan

After a state imposed six year retirement, Turk has returned to professional wrestling.

Bill Daley, an independent circuit wrestling promoter from the New England area has managed to bring a would-be wrestling legend back to the ring. If only notable due to his recent incarceration, and his dumpster fire of a career, Turk will debut in UTA very soon. Turk was signed to a major wrestling promotion in 2006 and rocketed to stardom and infamy nearly simultaneously. Capturing a title, building an enormous fan following, and impressing wrestling writers all over the industry, he still managed to inflame every worker he was involved with, and frequently missed bookings due to an emerging drug problem. Daley brokered the deal with UTA while Turk worked from a halfway house in the Boston area.

Daley commented; “This guy was the best brawler anyone had ever seen, and he worked the mic perfectly. He’s a superstar in waiting.” When asked if drugs were a worry; “Turk has seen the error in his ways. Six years of hard time will do that. He’s clean. He’s fit, and he’s ready to fulfill the obligations his talent can afford him.”

UTA officials would not comment on the deal, however one off-the-record comment; “The guy is good. He’s crazy and unpredictable, but the upside is too great not to give him a shot.”

Details of the deal won’t be discussed by either side, but it’s believed Turk received an entry-level per-appearance contract, so if he goes back to his old ways, no one gets hurt but him.