Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Reaction From Spectre after UTA RAdio Show

Earlier this morning, UTA reporters tried to get a response from Spectre regarding his participation in the upcoming Super Random Extravaganza Wrestleshow this coming Sunday. At the conclusion of the weekly UTA Radio Show, several things were for certain…

Spectre was NOT in the main event

Spectre was NOT going to face any of the MALE members of Dynasty.

Spectre was NOT going to face Graham Clauson

Spectre was NOT going to face Apollo Cain.

Spectre was NOT going to face Blackbeard.

When approached, it was apparent Spectre already knew of these scenarios, and was in a very surly mood. His response was this…

“Should’ve expected this kind of crap to happen! It’s like I pick five different sets of six numbers from the Powerball lottery, and when it comes time for the reveal drawing, NONE of the numbers I picked get pulled! I want to win the lottery and instead get ZILCH! Instead of expecting to be in the main event in a very interesting scenario with a Dynasty member, or having a two-on-one, or three-on-one affair, I should have expected ZICLH. I should have expected a one-on-one match with the likes of Dan Benson or J Stevenson in the opening match on the show… that way I wouldn’t have set my expectations so high, and I wouldn’t be in such a foul mood like I am now!

Whoever is the unlucky soul to draw MY name?? Sad to say, they are going to feel my wrath, anger, and frustration for this whole debacle. Nothing personal, but my inability to face any member of Dynasty on this show is only going to add fuel to the burning fire raging inside of me, and I will probably take it out on my opponent! Hell, rumor has it, Dan Benson is on his way out the freaking door anyway. If I face HIM, maybe he will end up being the SECOND person I retire from the squared circle since returning to UTA!”

Who WILL be Spectre’s opponent at the Super Random Extravaganza? Stay tuned!