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Join Conrad Teller for the third Webisode of his series, Tell Con Teller. This week, Conrad finds out what's bugging the UTA Universe leading up to Wrestleshow in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The shot opens with Conrad Teller in the distance, stood along the bank of a river. Tree's of varying degree's of life surround Con on all sides. Teller, having to shout to be heard.

"Welcome Convicts, to another exciting Webisode of..."

Con tosses his arms into the air.

"...Tell, Con, Teller!"

Conrad winks playfully as he drops his arms.

"I'm stood on the banks of the Pequonnock River, right here in beautiful Bridgeport Connecticut!"

Cheap pop.

"To talk with fans leading in to Wrestleshow this week, about what's been bugging them. To allow them the opportunity to..."

Con throws his arms in the air once again.

"...Tell, Con, Teller!"

- The scene cuts to a shot of Conrad stood on a city street, opposite a man in a star spangled bandana and a woman with stunning features and blonde wavy hair.

"How long have you lived in Bridgeport?"

Con directs his question to the man but the woman chimes in.

"All our lives."

"And you're UTA fans, correct?"

Con decides to forgo the interruption and directs the question this time to the woman.

"All our lives."

The woman smirks.

"We especially like you, Con."

"So tell me than, both of you, what's been bugging you this week? In regards to UTA?"

The woman stalls and the man takes this opportunity to chime in.

"The Dynasty, obviously."

"Well of course, the Dynasty."

"You're not the only ones, believe me. Anything specific though?"

The man takes a moment to think.

"I just don't like how they're trying to control the UTA. The whole idea of the Alliance is having a place where competition can thrive... but when you've got a group of guys who are going to guide this place where they want it to go..."

The woman interrupts.

"Than how are you going to have a fair, competitive company. The Dynasty devalues UTA and nobody should be able to get away with that!"

Con's head tilts to the side.

"Huh. I never thought about it quite like that."

-The scene cuts to a shot of Con outside a red, rounded building front. Along side of him, an overweight fellow with tattoos' up and down his arms.

"I'm here with Greg, outside the PT Barnum Museum - Greg, what's been bugging you this past week."

Greg is very excited to be on Tell Con Teller, that much is clear.

"I don't like this new tag team that just got signed, Good Friends."

Teller nods, acknowledging this mans frustration.

"They haven't even left a mark on UTA yet and they're already belittling us fans! You ask me, Rocky can take his little robot friend and they can both go to hell!"

"Whoa, strong words."

- The shot cuts to the outside of a very eclectic and elegant looking church. Conrad is stood in front alongside a young woman with red hair and freckles.

"I don't like what KVD was trying to pull with Wingate on Wrestleshow. With that wine and those big pouty eyes."

The woman scoffs before leaning in on the camera and screaming.

"Nobody likes a whore, Kathryn!"

With that the woman turns and rushes off in a huff.

"Language! We're in front of the St. Patrick's Church here!

Con puts one hand over his mouth to hide the smile as he makes the international sign for cut with his other.

-The shot cuts to a ferry dock with the Long Island Sound set behind it. We find Conrad Teller stood on said dock alongside a kid in his early twenties - rocking a beard and a Madman Salinski t-shirt.

"What's been bugging you this week Ron? Aside from the crummy weather."

Con motions around himself at the darkened skies.

"I'm really pissed at what J Stevenson did to FKA. I mean, what the hell was he thinking taking a lead pipe to his knee like that!?!"

"I'm in total agreement."

"I think Stevenson is just scared of FKA, and he should be, but that attack shouldn't go unpunished. Wingate needs to pull his head out of Dynasty's ass and realize he's got other problems than just them."

Con doesn't look like he wants to touch that one. That is his boss after all, Mr. Wingate.

-The shot cuts to a similar looking street to the one we started this tour with. Conrad stood alongside an overweight man in his early thirties.

"What's been bugging me this week has been bugging me for the past few weeks... and that's Apollo Cain's interference in your match with Dick Fury."

"Thank you, I appreciate that, but your gripe doesn't have to involve me."

The man looks offended.

"Well screw you then! I hope Apollo Cain kicks your ass!"

The man huffs off, as fast as a man his size can, and all Conrad can do is shake his head and smirk.

"Some people..."

-The shot cuts one last time back to the banks of the Pequonnock River. Conrad is stood alone with a microphone in hand and the river to his back.

"Well folks, there you have it. Another successful Webisode of..."

Con throws his arms into the air.

"...Tell Con Teller!"

Con winks.

"Don't forget to tune in to Wrestleshow this week, live from the Webster Bank Arena - right here, in Bridgeport Connecticut!"

Cheap pop #2.

"And if something is bothering you, and you want me to address it, all you have to do is tweet me @UTAConTeller. Until next time, this has been another Webisode of..."


"...Tell, Con, Teller!"