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Tuesday September 16, 2014


Standing outside a local university the camera zooms in on a young girl of 25. Her name is Kathryn Kincaid. She just graduated with her degree in journalism. She also is the newest member of the UTA staff. She has just accepted a job offer from James Wingate to be the official interviewer of the UTA Wrestlers.

Standing in a circle chatting with her friends she asks “So have you heard that I got accepted to travel with the UTA staff and take interviews of all those hunky guys?” They all hug the shortest one in there group as she stands at a small 5’2.  “In just one week I will be traveling to Nashville, TN to watch Wrestleshow and interview some men in tight shorts.” Kathryn gushes. “Well I must leave now to avoid traffic. I need to pack the apartment and put things into storage at my parents’ place.” The group says there goodbyes and Kathryn goes to her car, a Honda Accord and drives off.

A few days later Kathryn arrives at her parents’ home with the car packed.  She gets out and runs up to the woman standing at the door. “Mom!” She exclaims. “Oh I am so excited your home sweetheart. Your dad is inside. I can’t wait for you to tell us all about your new job,” say Mrs. Kincaid. “Oh mom, I’m so excited, I get to travel, actually interview people, in front of a camera and everything.” She explains as her brown eyes shine with excitement. “I have talked to James Wingate. The CEO, I think, and he was super awesome and explained everything. I get to do what I want to and I still get paid for it. Daddy!” She runs and jumps into her father’s arms and they hug tightly as only family can do. “Hi princess, did you get everything you needed from the college and the apartment?” He asks her setting her back down and sitting on the couch. “Yes Dad I did. Everything I have is in the car.” Kathryn says. “Thank you for allowing me to store my stuff here till I finish traveling.” “No problem princess. We have plenty of room. Now as your father, I have rules about you traveling by yourself. You are still so young and we have sheltered you from a lot of the world. Please princess, be safe, no dating your coworkers, no staying in shady motels. You can always call us if you need some money.” She rolls her eyes as he brushes her long blonde hair out of her face, “Daddy, you worry too much. This is a big business. I’m sure I will have plenty of people looking out for me. Mr. Wingate said they are one big family no matter what is portrayed on T.V.” A while later Kathryn gets an email saying that Mr. Wingate would like for her to come to Nashville to do an interview with one of their superstars on a local radio station. So as soon as she says goodbye to her parents and sets off for the 6 hour drive to Nashville. “Well UTA I am on my way.”  The screen fades to black.

The scene opens on our young interviewer packing the last few things away in her hotel room. “All done, now time to find this radio station and meet up with Mr. Wingate. He said he would introduce me to my first interviewee.” Dressed smartly in her new pencil skirt with a bright blue blouse, she picks up her keys and heads out the door.

Making her way to the radio station she is nervous to meet her first superstar. She makes her way to the address listed in the email and parks her car. “Okay Kat, they are just regular people too. You can do this. This is what you have been waiting for. Showing the people behind the scenes, not just what they see on TV.” She says giving herself a small pep talk. She walks into the building and tells the receptionist that she is here to see James Wingate. The receptionist points her in the right direction. When she gets to the room she sees Mr. Wingate standing there in his suit talking to someone, she knocks on the door lightly. “Enter.” Comes the booming voice of Mr. Wingate. She brushes out the wrinkles in her skirt and opens the door. “Ah yes Ms. Kincaid, so nice of you to join us. I would like to introduce you to your first interviewee.” He offers me his hand to pull me into the room and just behind the door sits.....


To be continued appears on the screen.



Kathryn: Hi this is Kathryn Kincaid, your newest UTA interviewer. I am sitting here with the one and only Apollo Cain. We are live from Nashville, TN just days before the big show this weekend.

Well let’s just get right down to it okay? I want to know how long have you been involved in the UTA?

Apollo: Shit, going on about 3 months now.  I was the big fish in a small pond, making money but I wasn’t getting nowhere.  When my lawyer came to me about a chance at the UTA, I had to make the jump.

Kathryn: Do you have any plans on what you are going to do within the UTA?

Apollo:  Dominate.  Point blank period!  Lotsa folks are worried about their legacy and how many times over they can be Champion.  Guess what, when your dick’s in the dirt…so is all that gold.  I want motherfuckers to hear the name Apollo Cain and shudder, think of all the brutality I brought to the ring, look at all the havoc I caused and say…that Apollo Cain was a bad mother, shut your mouth!

Kathryn: Apollo you have done work on both Victory and Wrestleshow. Is there any difference?

Apollo: Yeah, it’s a lil bit different.  One, you know that all eyes are on you!  It’s a Saturday, all the fans are gearing up for the big Sunday Wrestleshow.  You got a chance to put on a show with most of the UTA watching, instead of getting ready for their matches.  This is my second or third time out there…and that and Ring King really put me on the map, so I’ve always got a lil special spot for Victory.

Kathryn: You have faced several of the VCW superstars on Victory. How do you feel about VCW merging with UTA?

Apollo: More bodies, man.  That’s it!  Half of those dudes won’t ever make it for real.  They were hidden from the real lime light of the UTA and when it’s on, half of those motherfuckers will bitch up and never be heard from again.  Ask me that again in a couple months after half of ‘em jump ship, the ones that stay…well, we’ll see how good they are.  For instance, I gotta face Frank Harrison this week…he’s a VCW transplant.  Him, he’s in for it!  I’m gonna take his heart outta his chest and slap him with it.  He just ain’t ready Kathryn.  Truth be told, I’ll be surprised if his bitch ass shows back up after I’m done with him.

Kathryn: Talking about VCW transplants, to use your words. You went out with Dick Fury here recently. What was that like?

Apollo: You ever done PCP, weed, cocaine, LSD and popped pills all within the same couple hour period?  No, well imagine that, then multiply it by about 37.  The dude is out there, man.  He talks about himself in the third person, and it’s so much you’ll have Dick coming out of your ears.  I mean, fuck, see what I’m saying.  Jesus, he’s not a bad dude…but keep him away from anything you want to keep pure, how about that.

Kathryn: Let’s talk about you and Conrad Teller. You guys are having some issues, care to tell me your opinion of him?

Apollo: He’s a bitch!  I’m gonna fuck him up everytime I see him…whether in the ring, the dressing room, walking in Victoria’s Secret, ANYWHERE.  I don’t take lightly to disrespect and I feel he’s crossed the line.  I knew dude when he was still real, a motherfuckin’ crook like the rest of us, he comes to the UTA and decides to put on a collar and be all priestly…fuck that.  He was a goon.  And I’m here to expose him.  We battled to a draw on Ring King, and I’ve been getting better ever since.  He’s been playing down in the minor leagues ever since…our next meeting will show the world, exactly how  much more heart I have then him.

Kathryn: Apollo, is there anything you are excited to see this weekend on either Wrestleshow or Victory?

Apollo: Yeah, ME!  I'm excited to see Frank Harrison's face all bloody underneath my boot!  There's a good card on Sunday too, Spectre vs CBR, that should be a good one. But truthfully, I'm out for me...and whooping Frank Harrison's ass.

Kathryn: Well there you guys have it. Watch Apollo Cain on Victory and tune in to Wrestleshow on HOTV this Sunday. Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful week!