Posted by Rumor Man Stan

A source close to Sebastian Blackthorne has reported the superstar is undergoing psychiatric evaluation at a psychiatric facility in Western New York.

NEW YORK -- A source close to Michael Mason; who is also well known under the professional wrestling persona of Sebastian Blackthorne has stated that Mason had been admitted to a Western New York psychiatric facility for treatment follow a series of events in his life. The wrestler is said to be known for eccentricities that go far beyond his professional persona and the source disclosed that Mason's wife is concerned for her and her child's safety as well as Michael's well-being.

Years of torment following a rift with his family and a perceived dalliance in the occult have fuelled speculation that Mason may have become suicidal or homicidal in the past few weeks and thus a strong indication that a wellness check resulted in him being placed on a 5150 hold this week.

A request for information from Mason's wife has so far been unreturned and a message on her voicemail states that "my family is not available for comments, we're dealing with private matters and do not wish to be disturbed by the media."

Per patient rights and all that jazz, the hospital couldn't comment on the matter and neither could an attorney that is known to represent the family.