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The United Toughness Alliance was live in Uncasville, Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun Arena in front of a sold out crowd.

IM Hate and J Stevenson kicked the night off and it was one the fans will talk about for some time. Stevenson gutted out a tough one, finishing Hate with an Inverted DDT.
Dan Benson blew passed Exley Grace. Grace can be added to the list of men who got “Shocked”.
This one was short… to say the least. As the match began Perfection was able to push the incredibly drunk Log Habben down to the ground. Perfection went for the cover and got the pinfall victory. 
Will Haynes was defeated after Apollo Cain hit him with back to back Choke Slams. The beating continued after the match and the UTA Security came down to the ring. Things were broken up immediately.
The current UTA Internet Champion Claude Baptiste Ranier took on Chris Hopper in a classic of a match. Hopper went for “The Icebreaker”, CBR was able to spin Hopper and hit a vicious Spinebuster on Hopper. He made the cover and got the win.
The Main Event. Abdul Ahad and August Monday. This was a main event. Monday looked like he was going to walk away with the victory despite experiencing a possible ankle injury. Ahad got lucky and was able to get an Ankle Lock submission on Monday. He soon taped to avoid any more damage on his ankle.
Worth every penny.