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Slaughter XIII

10 Aug 2009

Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, Arkansas (seats 10,000)


Pre-Tape; The Stephanie Johnas Show Episode One

All across the world television screens light up with a blank white screen and the older Dream Wrestling Federation logo centered in the middle of their television sets. After only a few moments and perfectly in tune with the Dream Wrestling Federation theme song, the old logo exploded into a million pieces as the new and improved Dream Wrestling Federation logo faded into view. Underneath the logo was the words "HOTv," who were the new host of Dream Wrestling Federation Monday Night Slaughter.

As the theme song continued to play a perfectly timed montage of wrestling action played on the screen. Mike Polowy and Jak Nemesis were shown winning the Tag Team Championships, Level-One scoring a victory to win the Heavyweight Championship. Travis Williams was seen holding up the Anarchy Championship before clips of Dream Wrestling Federation Legend Doozer making his return were shown. Cody Brews scoring a pin fall over Michael Dame, and the charismatic T$Money celebrating on the ramp as the entrance video faded to black.

"And, Action!"

Stephanie Johnas stood before a custom built set backstage, her hair tied up in a pony tail, glasses on her face and a clip board in hand. Stephanie looked somewhat nervous, almost afraid to look directly into the camera, but she spoke.

"Welcome to Dream Wrestling Federation, I'm Stephanie and this is the Dream Wrestling Federation show, episode one!" Stephanie said as the director for the shoot yelled, "Cut!"

She had gotten it all wrong and her nervousness was apparent. She relaxed for a moment then tried again.

"Welcome to Dream Wrestling Federation, this is the Stephanie Johnas Show and I'm your host, Jephanie Shonas." Again, without hesitation the director of the shoot yelled, "Cut!"

Stephanie giggled a bit on screen as the video feed cut to ringside and the fans in the Barton Coliseum in Little Rock, Arkansas knew they were live thanks to the extra large screen hanging above the new Dream Wrestling Federation entrance setup, had illuminated and began showing the entire crowd as the camera panned around the building.

"Welcome to Dream Wrestling Federation. Welcome to the return of the best professional wrestling show on earth. Welcome to the new and improved, Monday Night Slaughter right here on HOTv."

New Belt New Day

We switch ringside. The camera pans over the thousands of screaming fans as pyrotechnics begins to explode. Finally it rest on our commentator.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I'm your host Jason Whiteside and this is the new and improved Monday Night Slaughter on H.O.T.v!"

He shuffles through his paperwork.

"What a night we have for you as the champion will be in action, as well as hall of fame member, Doozer!"

"Courtesy Call" by Sixx AM blares out from the sound system throughout the Barton Coliseum in Little Rock.

"Speaking of the champion, here is his opponenet for tonight!"

As the crowd loads with cheers and jeers in a mix reaction as Travis Williams walks out. In his right hand, sits a black valet bag. In a pair of jeans, white t-shirt, and a white blazer. He steps up on the apron, and steps through the ropes. He is handed a microphone, as he signals for the music to be cut.

"Glory is long behind us, but the path has not ended. My drive did not fly out the window with a little gold around my waist. Tonight, we start a new chapter in DREAM, and I am the man to show you that start. In this bag, is exactly what I promised all of you."

Travis places the microphone into his pocket, as he opens the bag and pulls out the new DREAM Anarchy Championship, and places it over his shoulder.

"White gold to be exact! Tonight, DREAM starts a new path! This is just my start, and by the end of the night, I will be heading for what I consider…THE CROWN!"

Travis drops the microphone, as "Courtesy Call" by Sixx AM starts to play again, and Travis holds the belt up in the air as the camera cuts away.

Change of Plans

We cut backstage for a pre match promo with the one and only Cool Cancer Jiles. Mr. Cool is seen in full ring gear, Adidas shorts and sneakers. His backwards Phyllis cap, which never seems to leave his head is a bit crooked as well. The man behind THE MAN is giving a little pep talk before they head out to the ring.

"Tonight’s the night Cancer. You got to go out there and get the W. No two ways about it. We MUST start out on the right foot here. No mistakes, can’t take him lightly. It’s your time to shine! Now lets go get him!"

Not bad, but no Lou Holtz. Cancer, takes one last swig from his water bottle, then stands up. Cracks his neck, stretches his arm a bit, does a little bouncing from foot to foot, all the while watching his match tonight unfold in his head. Whammy’s words have no effect. Cancer doesn’t need to be pep talked…yet.

"Wham, I am going out there alone tonight. I don’t want…well I don’t know what I would do if something were to happen to you. In those reruns I checked out, this guy Nemetard seems to be right in the thick of things here in Dream. There is a chance that someone may try to interfere... I don’t want anyone getting down to that ring while Mr. Cool is stealing the show. Therefore… YOU need to stay backstage and make sure this does NOT happen."

The manager extraordinaire scratches his head. I don’t think bodyguard is on his resume…

"You just said you didn’t know what you would do if something were to happen to me?"

Cancer smiles, knowing he has Whamster right where he wants him…

"If someone interferes in my match, I don’t know what I would do to YOU for letting it happen. I just figured you would have a better chance at stopping them from the entrance ramp. Now snap to, tonight’s about me not you. You selfish pig, always thinking about yourself. Now I’m distracted…Go see if you can get my match postponed. I WILL NOT go out there in this mood."

Whammy stands there, stunned. He actually thought Cool Cancer Jiles had stepped outside his world and thought about someone else for a change. Stupid Whammy, he can be so naive at times. Now flustered, he hastily exits the locker room and heads out to find whoever can point him in the right direction. First show and an abbreviated orientation cause for unfamiliar surroundings. Not to mention... he IS an old man.

"Finally, got rid of him. Can’t have all my unveiling pictures with some old fart by my side. Got to look good…got to win."

A locked in CCJ exits his locker room and marches alone, towards the ring. The ring, a place that he should have no problem getting familiar with.

Cancer Jiles vs. Jak Nemesis

"Coming to the ring, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Mr. Cool.... Cancer Jiles!" A chorus of boos rains down the from the DWF faith full as CCJ struts to the ring. He taunts the fans, who have developed a fine love to hate you relationship with the superstar. Upon arrival, Cool Cancer Jiles slides under the bottom rope ascending the turnbuckles. He reciprocates the fans appreciation of him, flipping them off a couple of time before finding in his final resting place; a seat on top of the third turnbuckle. He stays perched there, awaiting the bell.

"Dead Bodies Everywhere" by Korn began to play over the speakers. Out from the back came Jak Nemesis. He makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring as his music fades.

"Both men lock up as the bell sounds. The Tag Team Champion takes control early on with an irish whip. Cancer Jiles off the ropes and on the return, he ducks a clothesline attempt by Jak Nemesis."

Both men quickly turn to face each other.

"Boot to the gut of Jiles."

Jak Nemesis grabs the back of Cancer Jiles' head and yanks him backwards to the mat.

"Nemesis grabs one of Jiles' legs."

Cancer uses his free leg to kick Jak back. As Jak Nemesis stumbles back a few steps, Cancer Jiles is able to get to his feet. Jak Nemesis regains his composure and takes a step towards Cancer who jumps.

"Standing drop kick by Cancer Jiles."

As Jak Nemesis his the mat, Cancer quickly grabs his head and lifts him up.

"Cancer Jiles now with a knife edge chop followed by another, and another. He grabs Jak's arm, whips him across the.. no, Jak Nemesis reverses. Cancer Jiles off the ropes, he leaps, big shoulder block takes Jak Nemesis down."

Cancer quickly covers Nemesis.

"Only a one count. It's too early to try and put a man as tough as Jak Nemesis away."

As Cancer gets to his feet, he once again pulls Jak Nemesis to his.

"Jiles with a big right hand, followed by another. However, Nemesis blocks this one and returns fire with his own. Jak Nemesis scoops Cancer up, Jiles slides behind him, landing on his feet."

Cancer pushes Nemesis who falls a few steps forward, stopping at the ropes. As he turns around, Cancer runs at him.

"Jak Nemesis moves, pulling the top rope down."

Cancer goes over the top rope, catching it as he goes over. Nemesis smirks and points two thumbs to himself at the crowd as Cancer uses his stregth to flip back over the ropes and into the ring.

"Jak Nemesis turns, Cancer Jiles showing off his agility with a standing drop kick, the second one he's used in this match so far."

Jiles picks up both of Jak's legs, he leans back, falling to the mat.

"Slingshot. Jak Nemesis flies into the nearby corner post."

As he hits, he bounces back and stumbles around. Cancer Jiles sets up behind him, almost stalking the champion.

"Nemesis turns, Jiles lunges forward, BIG SPEAR!"

He quickly goes to cover Jak Nemesis for the second time in the match, however this time the referee stops before his hand hits the mat for a one count.

"Jak Nemesis is somehow able to put his leg up on the bottom rope. His resiliance is like none other."

Jiles gets to his knees. he hits the mat in anger before getting to his feet.

"Quick and very angry stomps by 'Mr. Cool' Cancer Jiles. It's kind of hard to picture him as Mr. Cool when a couple of failed pin attempts causes him to lose his cool."

Cancer yanks Nemesis to his feet, and quickly guides his head into the nearby top turnbuckle. He doesn't let go. With his free hand he points to the corner post on the opposite side and walks Nemesis over to it, slamming his head into that turnbuckle as well before turning him around and shoving him into the post back first.

"Cancer Jiles using the top ropes for leverage as he stomps repeatedly into the mid section of Jak Nemesis."

Nemesis falls to a semi-sitting position int he corner as Cancer continues to stomp. He walks to the middle of the ring and points at Nemesis as he looks out to the crowd.

"Cancer Jiles runs."

Jak Nemesis quickly grabs the ropes, pulling himself up and side steps as Cancer comes crashing through with a boot up. His leg wraps into the post before he falls back hitting the mat.

"Maybe the opportunity that Jak Nemesis needed to turn this match around."

Cancer Jiles holds himself in pain as Jak Nemesis steps over him and climbs to the second rope. He holds onto the top rope, using it to launch himself up, before coming down with a knee drop.

"Nemesis to his feet, he pulls Jiles to his."

Jak grabs Cancer's arm, and goes to pull him into a short arm clothesline.

"Cancer ducks, they both turn."

Jiles hits a quick, but effective super kick.


Jak Nemesis collapse to the ring, with Cancer Jiles dropping over him hooking the leg.

"The referee drops... and the pin is made. Cancer Jiles has just handed Jak Nemesis his first DREAM loss!"

The fans begin to boo Jiles.

"Even though Jak Nemesis isn't a fan favorite, the crowd here is not liking the outcome of this match."

Jiles gets to his feet and yanks his arm away from the referee who tries to raise it. We fade to commercial.

Sitting Duck!

The camera pans the arena as fans explode, waving sign and towels throughout the arena.

"Welcome back folks, half way down and more exciting action coming your way."

Fans begin to boo and scream. The camera pans to the top of the arena as T-Money is walking through the stands.

"There seems to be some sort of ruckus going on in the stands. Wait! It's T-Money! What do you think he is doing walking through the crowd? He isn't scheduled to wrestle till tomorrow night!"

Money walks through the crowd as fans throw popcorn and paper at him. Security leads him through the frenzy of a crowd. He makes his way down to the first row on the arena floor and take's a seat in an empty chair.

"Very unusual folks, never do we see this man unless it's time for him to wrestle. Only GOD knows what he is doing down here?"

Money pays no attention to the fans giving him a hard time. He crosses his arm's and leans back.

Malcolm Dred-King vs Owen Manton

As we move to the ring, Malcolm Dred-King is already in the ring. The lights dim in the arena, and the big screen Dream-a-thon shows the DWF logo. A hand carrying a spray paint can comes above the logo and the letter "O" is written, defacing the Dream Wrestling logo. This video is synamous with "Puritan" Owen Manton, and the fans begin to boo as "Wish" by Nine Inch Nails begins to play through the sound system.

Owen Manton comes out with a smirk on his face. He has a New York Yankee hat on backwards, no shirt, and wrestling pants that are black with gold "Puritan" written down the right leg. He struts to the ring, ignoring the chorus of boo's from the explosive Dream Wrestling fans. As Manton reaches the ring he climbs the stairs, and climbs the outside of the turnbuckle lifting one arm in the air to another chorus of boo's and "You Suck!" chants.

"If there was a better match up between competitors, I haven't seen it as these two men are very comparable not only in size, but in their ring prescience. I can already tell that this is going to be a good match."

The bell sounds to start the match.

"Here we go, lock up. Manton quickly with the side knee into the mid section of MDK."

He grabs King in a headlock and uses his free hand to quickly hit him with a close handed fist. As he lets go King falls back to the mat, but as quick as he went down, he is up, sweeping Manton off his feet with a leg sweep.

"King to his feet, Manton pushes up."

As he is getting up, Owen grabs both of Malcolm's legs, and yanks back, dropping him to the mat.

"Owen steps in, but King is able to use his power to kick Manon back."

Owen Manton stumbles back, releasing MDK's legs. Malcolm leaps up to his feet.

"Roundhouse kick by MDK."

Manton hits the mat again. Owen rolls over and begins to push himself up. MDK straddles his back, hooking his arms under those of Owen Manton, and locking his fingers under his chin.

"Malcolm Dred-King going for an early submission attempt. If he can put Manton out here, it will certainly help make his mark here in DREAM."

The more Owen tries to gets his hands up to pull MDK's fingers apart, the more he falls to the mat, allowing Malcolm to get a better grip.

"Owen Manton has nowhere to go, his only option at this point seems to be to tap out."

Manton reaches back, finally finding MDK's head, and jabbing a thumb into his eyes.

"Malcolm Dred-King immediately lets go."

He grabs his eyes and falls side ways to the mat. Owen Manton grabs his throat and rolls over to his back, gasping for air. The referee begins to count.

"Both men now crawling to the ropes, using them to pull themselves up."

Once up, MDK runs across the ring at Owen Manton.

"Manton catches Malcolm and lifts."

He drops MDK's neck across the top rope, as Dred-King bounces up and back, he hits the mat.

"Manton off the ropes, he leaps, big leg drop. MALCOLM DRED-KING MOVES!"

Owen Manton grabs his ass in pain as King turns over and pushes himself up.

"Owen getting to his feet, he is met halfway by a big boot from Malcolm Dred-King to the mid section. He hits a text book DDT that would make 'The Snake' proud!"

Malcolm covers, hooking the leg as the referee drops and counts the three.

"Malcolm Dred-King pulls off a big victory over Owen Manton, and the fans are loving it!"

King celebrates in the ring as we get some replays of the match.

You Ready? I'm ready.

The screen cuts to Mark Zylbert's office. There's a knock at his door. Then there’s a pair. Then another, but they’re much more aggressive ones this time around.

"Hold on, already. I'm coming." Zylbert shouts as he swiftly rises from his seat and heads toward the door. "Jesus.. Who the-"

Stopped in his tracks, on his way toward the door, Mark is nearly struck by it as who other than Doozer bursts through. The two are merely inches from eachother, face to face. One could squint and almost get deja-vu, thinking they were observing Doozer and Mark Zylbert's older brother, Matt- also known as The Big Shot, staring eachother down in the middle of the ring 8-9 years ago.

The pop from the crowd, seeing Doozer in his old form, is nothing less than startling and amazing.

"What the hell do you want and what makes you think you can let yourself into my office like this?"

Doozer stares Zylbert straight in the eyes and promptly responds, "Look, asshole. You aren't your brother. You aren't The Big Shot. I don't care if you don't like me. Fact is, I've never done shit to you."

"Hold on a second. Now I always knew you were an arrogant prick, but get over yourself, Dooooozer." Mark's now right in Doozer's face; noses almost touching. "You're thirty-six years old. You're lucky we let you come back. You're lucky to be mid-carding in Dream Wrestling. We have tremendous talent. Talent we don't have to worry about having a stroke the next time they fight."

The words hit Doozer like a right hand right below the ribcage; the type of hit that sucks the breath out of you. Doozer looks down to his feet. He puts his hands on his hips and then raises his head in defiance. He’s standing with even more power this time, back in the face of Mark Zylbert.

"Say what you want, LITTLE-Big Shit. You’re just like your brother. And if that’s how it’s gonna be, that’s how I’mma make it. I always took him down. I’ll take you down, too. I’m going to be the face of this federation, just like I was when this place fell back in two-thousand and one, baby!"

"You’re all talk. That’s all you’ve ever been. Go on, old man. Next time you want to try and waste my time, get an appointment." Mark takes a couple steps back from Doozer, back toward his desk. "Like I said before, you’re lucky you’re here. Dream Wrestling doesn’t need you, Doozer… You need Dream Wrestling."

Doozer pierces his lips and nods his head, angrily. He takes a couple of steps backward, realizing his efforts are to no avail.

"I just came to let you know I wasn’t gonna be held down, man. You do your thing. I’ll do mine. I’m The Man."

"Don’t. I hate when you do this."

"I’m The Mother F’n Myth…"

"You’re nothing, Doozer."

"No… I’m The Legend, Zylbert. But, better yet… I’m The Dooze!"

"You’re a lunatic." Mark rebukes as he makes it back to the seat, behind his desk, and sits down.

"I’m Dream Wrestling’s past, man. I will become its present. You just don’t want to accept it. I’m back." Doozer spits toward Mark’s desk and smiles, "If you don’t wanna listen to me, then yer fans will let you know sooner than later. I gotta go to my match now. I’ll be pretending P-Zabby is you. I’m gonna Dooze you, then Abuse you."

Doozer slams the door behind him. The screen begins to fade, but comes back as the door swings back open as quickly as it closed. Doozer pops his head back in and adds,

"I hope you can tell by the look in my eyes, but I’m ready, Mark… You ready?"

Screen fades.

Tessa Martin vs Tina Davis

The crowd gives a sizable pop as "Are You Ready" by AC/DC hits the sound system. Tessa Martin walks down Slaughter’s new ramp, carrying an oversized pizza box, accompanied by her manager, Dawn McGill.

"Anyone who knows Tessa Martin is well aware that there’s usually something in that pizza box other than a pizza. Usually something a whole lot more painful…"

Tessa Martin and Dawn make their way down to the ring. Tessa enters the ring and stares down her opponent, who was already there, Tina Davis.

Tessa takes the microphone to talk. She is joined in the ring by a 6'2" blond dressed in a mini-skirt and leather top carrying a Singapore cane.

"For those of you who don't know me, my name is Tessa Martin. I used to be the PCW Women's champion and they call me the 'Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl.' The six foot demolition machine in a short skirt standing next to me is my good friend Dawn McGill. I'd like to say that I'm very happy to going to the Dream Wresting Federation. I've watched a lot of DWF matches over the past few weeks and seen a lot of things I like...and some things I didn't care for. Now, you may know from watching EW TorchCenter that I've been critical of Mike Polowy as the Womens champion. A lot of people may wonder why I decided to join Dream. Well, I've never been one for just talk. I came to the realization that I needed to match my words with action. So here I am standing here in front of all of you tonight.

"Mike, I'll get this out of the way. I've watched your work, not only here but at Hostility as well. You're gold on the stick. I respect your wrestling ability. In fact, I think you're world champion material. But what you did to Kelly Evans a few weeks ago? Sorry, I don't respect that. I don't respect humiliating a helpless person who had no business being in the ring with you in the first place. She didn't deserve that. Unlike some feminists out there, I recognize that there are inherent differences between men and women. I mean, Andy Kaufman was a pencil neck twerp but he defeated woman after woman in those Memphis intergender matches. Mike, you're 240. I weigh 115. There's no rational way that I would think for one second that I could beat you in a wrestling match. And with the possible exception of a Hellcat Kirsta Lewis, a Michelle Masters, K-Wolf Karina Wolfenden..."

Dawn taps on Tess's shoulder.

"oh...or maybe my good friend here Miss McGill, no female wrestler would stand a reasonable chance to defeat you. But that's not the point.

"You see, Mike, I've heard your rationale to your claim on the womens title and quite frankly they're misguided at best. There's a reason they call it the 'womens' title, Mike. The dictionary describes 'Woman' as 'the female human being (distinguished from man ) adult female person. I think we can all agree that you do not fit any of those descriptions. It would be the same if I attempted to wrestle for a 'men's' title. The dictionary describes 'Man' as 'an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman.' I think we can agree that I do not fit that description...or at least God I hope I don't.

"So what this comes down to is this. Mike, you're wasting your time screwing around with a title that I don't think you have a claim to when you should be looking at bigger game. You've got the tag team belts...okay. But really, a person of your talents shouldn't settle for just that. Granted, you got a nice little win at Glory over Owen Manton and Pierce even though 1) Manton and Pierce didn't really like each other and 2) it took Ethan Jake's run-in to turn the tide.

"Mike, the bottom line is that I, Tessa Martin, have as much claim to the womens belt as you do because unlike you, I've actually defeated Miss USA in a match. Last Saturday, I actually made her submit in Indianapolis. What did you do? Well, you just received a belt from someone masquerading as Miss USA who's now Lady America.

"So Mike, you've had your fun. You've proven your point that most men are physically superior to most women..."

Again, Dawn taps on Tessa's shoulder.

"I said most... it's time to hand the womens belt back so DWF can determine a true womens champion. I want to be a part of the rebuilding process. I don't care who's the next champion. It could be me. It could be Tina Davis. It could be someone else. It doesn't matter. What matters to me is that womens wrestling becomes an integral part of the Dream Wrestling Federation.

"Mike, your good friend Level One is the number one ranked wrestler in e-wrestling according to the WWR. That could be you. Someday, it will be you. And it's time for you to get back to the task at hand."

"Alright everybody, let’s continue this spectacular show with a pair of ladies ready to face off in the squared circle. One, known as Tina Davis, is already in the ring waiting for action."

Dawn exits the ring as the opponents get ready for their match.

"The Extreme Pizza Deliver Girl vs. The Canadian Classic… This should be one hell of a match between two driven women. Let’s see what happens!"

The bell rings.

The two women both lock horns in the center of the ring. Neither one showing any signs of backing down. After a brief struggle both women break the hold and retreat to their respective corners. Each women, thinking of different plan of attack start to circle one another.

"Looks like these two have to get to know each other first."

Tina, no longer pondering a strategy charges in at Tessa who is able to dodge the attack. Quickly, she surprises the turned around Davis, and send her to the canvas with a standing drop kick.

"Snap! That one had to hurt. Tessa, quick cover…..OH.. Right at two and quarter. Almost had a quick one on our hands folks."

Tessa slams her hand on the mat, then drags the Canadian Classic to her feet. She lands a few slaps to face.

"Looks like Tina Davis finally cleared the cob webs. Those slaps may have done more good the harm… I think I got that right."

Tina, grabs Tessa hand as she goes for another slap, she then hits her with a knee to the stomach causing Martin to fall to the ground. Davis not wasting anytime drops down and applies a chicken wing cross face. She wrenches back with all her might…

"OH just when it looked like she was going to quit, the bottom rope saves the day once again."

The ref steps is, making Tina break the hold. She begins to argue with the ref and turns her back on Martin.

"Worry about the match Tina, Martins going to… who is that broad?"

Another femme fatal is now at ring side. Davis, now turns her attention to…

"Is that Dawn McGill? When the hell de she get here… I don’t have her on my program…sorry folks…"

Martin also notices the new comer, and realizes that now is the time to strike. With Davis distracted, and ref now trying to get Dawn McGill to clear the area, leaving Tessa Martin all alone to…

"Ouch… The Pizza Cutter…those slices are so sharp."

Martin grabs Tina and whips her around. She then hits Davis with her patented pizza box, which she was able to retrieve while all parties were distracted. The box shot stuns her just enough to finish her off with the Pizza Cutter. The cover is just a sugar coating now.




"Tessa Martin pulls off the win."

Congratulations, Tessa


The clapping starts slowly, but picks up into a full round of applause as Tessa Martins stands in the ring, catching her breath against the ropes. She spins around towards the entrance way, where the crowd has also just noticed an emerging menace from the backstage area. The arena quickly fills with boos as resident Womens Champion and full-time asshole Michael Polowy steps through the curtain, the microphone in his hands amplifying the mocking applause as he makes a slow descent down the ramp. He's wearing no more than stylish looking street clothes, bu the Womens title is firmly planted on his shoulder.

Noticing this, Tessa Martins shakes her head in disgust as she walks the cockiest man in wrestling make his approach. He rolls under the ropes, sliding up into the ring and doing a quick circle around DWF's newest female employee. She never takes her eyes off of him, looking ready to throw down a solid punch in the mouth at all times. He chuckles, looking down at her as he raises his hands over his head.

"I give up, I give up!" MPlow mockingly whines, his voice filled with a false fear. "Come on Tessa, we're all friends here... no reason to hurt the man who is responsible for your coming out of retirement."

He takes a step backwards, gesturing towards Tessa as they exchange a banter that can't be heard over the microphone.

"Besides," He continues, with a wink. "I'm the welcome wagon around here when it comes to my division, Tessa. It's great to see you here, in fact. Nice to see those legs not stuck behind a sports desk... nice to see you giving those tits a chance to get some air for once. I'm here to welcome you. You might not be my biggest fan, according to the last few episodes of EWTorchcenter I took a gander at, but I *am* the Women's Champion around here, so you could at least show me a little respect."

Before he can continue, Tessa rips the microphone from his hands, giving him a solid shove backwards that sends the crowd into a frenzy! Polowy looks shocked himself, being on the recieving end of some of the first female offense since his Women's Title "victory".

"Respect?" Ms. Martins begins, the crowd firmly behind her. "You wanna talk to me about respect, Mike? For the last several weeks, I've seen nothing but disrespect from you. You disrespect your opponents, you disrespect the women of the Dream Wrestling Federation, you disrespect it's fans and you disrespect yourself. So please don't talk to me about respect. And that title you're wearing, so proudly? I wouldn't go staying too attached to it, Mike."

He scoffs, as the crowd in the background continues to cheer on The Pizza Delivery Girl. Not wanting to continue swapping microphones, he walks to the side of the ring and gets one from the timekeeper, snatching it quickly and tapping a few times to assure that it's turned on.

"You think you know me, Tessa?" He begins, his voice suddenly growing much more hostile. It isn't the cool, casual MPlow that the DREAM fans have grown accustomed to, but instead another glimpse into the Michael Polowy who ruthlessly assaulted Lady America just a few weeks ago. "You think you understand a god damned thing about me? You think you can just walk into DREAM after sitting behind a desk for the last few months and change me? YOU THINK YOU FU[BLEEP]ING KNOW ME ANYMORE, LISA?!"

He thrusts forward, arms first, shoving Tessa into the turnbuckle, but before he can continue the assault, he stops dead in his tracks. The look on his face much matches the one on Tessa's, who does not look scared, but simply confused. The fans in attendance fall nearly silent, as the look on Polowy's face quickly turns from shock to horror as he realizes what he just said.

In the meantime, a buzz begins from within the crowd as MPlow begins a slow turn to see what the commotion is about. Behind him, standing tall and imposing as ever, is a very angry looking Dawn McGill. She smiles at Polowy, cracking her knuckles as the two lock eyes for a moment. Without even needing to think about it, Polowy drops to his back and rolls out of the ring, practically power walking back up the ramp as Dawn and Tessa standing in the center of the ring, staring down their competition as he disappears stumbling through the curtain.

A New Era

Backstage, just seconds before Travis Williams is set to make his entrance for his first DREAM’s main event. He is seen with his head inside a door that is almost closed completely.

As the camera gets closer, you can hear Travis talking. "Do not worry about anything tonight…We won’t stand our ground tonight. We have plenty of time to draw the lines in the sand!" Travis removes his head, and the door shuts. Ethan Bush stands there with a microphone. "Travis, who were you just talking to?" Travis is stun, but quickly shakes off his surprise. "Do not worry about who that is Ethan, just focus on what is about to happen!"

Travis smirks at Ethan, and nods. "Travis, what were you discussing?" Travis shakes his head and looks at Ethan. "I will let you all know one small detail. Anarchy is not just the gold I wear; it’s also the start of something bigger. Get ready DREAM, and Lester…I know you run in a threesome, but I am not alone!"

Travis heads for the ready area, as Ethan looks at the camera. "Well guys, you heard it from him directly. Travis states that he to have backup. Who is it? How many is it? We’ll have to wait. Back to you at ringside!"

Doozer vs. Casey Pierro-Zabotel

CPZ's theme song "Warriors Of Time" by Black Tide begins to play over the speaker system as the lights in the arena begin to darken. A lone spotlight shines on the entrance ramp as CPZ emerges from the curtains. He views his surroundings and begins to slowly make his way down the aisle with the lights slowly coming back on as the one spotlight follows him.

"The fans are making it known that this is not the man they will be cheering for during this match up."

Doozer emerges from the entranceway as bold voice blares through the arena, singing "When you walked, through the door, it was clear to me... You're the one they adore, who they came to see..." as a remixed version of Eminem's 'We Made You' plays through the sound system. The pop from the crowd quickly swamps the words of the song as Doozer stops at the top of the ramp. Above him, the words "The Man" flash across the mega-screen as the fans scream, "The Man!". Then, even louder, they bellow, "The Myth!" right as the screen reads so. Lastly, "The Legend" echoes through the arena when those pair replace the last on screen.

Doozer, smiling at his fans all around the arena, nods his head under that trademark, official Boston cap he always wears backwards. Elbows at each side, he bends his arms up so his hands come up on both sides of the Superman logo on his t-shirt. Looking like a basketball star after scoring a clutch basket, he pinches his Superman t-shirt and pulls it out from his body, showing off the logo. As he emphatically lets go of the shirt red, blue and gold fireworks blast off the ramp to his sides. The fans start,


The wrestling star struts down to the ring, swerving between both sides of the ramp to catch the hands of his fans. He encircles the entire ring, connecting with as many hands as he can. Doozer then rolls into the ring and is quickly up to his feet. He climbs one of the turnbuckles. He pinches his shirts again, showing the Superman logo to his fans who pop back with a huge cheer. He jumps off and walks to the turnbuckle diagonal to him. He does the same to another large pop from the crowd.

As the bell sounds to begin the match, the two men lock up.

"Doozer is the only current hall of fame member to be active on the roster. Being able to call a match of this caliber makes me feel like an ordinary fan again, the excitement that fills the arena is amazing!"

Doozer puts a side knee into the midsection of Casey Pierro-Zabotel, placing him quickly into a side headlock.

"Doozer applies pressure, continuing to keep control of the match."

Casey Pierro-Zabotel stomps the foot of Doozer, causing him to let go. He then rolls behind The Dooze, sliding his arms up under Doozer's and locking his fingers behind the hall of famer's head.

"Pierro-Zabotel places Doozer in a full nelson lock."

Doozer now stomps CPZ's foot, and slides out, rolling behind his opponent, grabbing him by the waist.

"Belly to back, big bear hug by The Dooze."

He lifts a little, causing pressure on the lower back of Casey who attempts, and fails to move out of the hold.

"Casey Pierro-Zabotel unable to break free."

Doozer displays his power as he tilts back enough to lift Pierro-Zabotel a little higher, then lunges forward throwing his legs out as he plants CPZ's face into the mat.

"Big face buster by Doozer."

He turns him over and goes for a quick pin.

"Kick out at two."

As Doozer gets to his feet, he pulls Casey Pierro-Zabotel up with him. Once up, CPZ pushes Doozer back, then follows up with a chop.

"Big chop, followed by another. Doozer now returns the favor with his own. Doozer grabs the arm and whips Case... No, reversed by Casey Pierro-Zabotel. Doozer into the ropes, on the return now."

Casey Pierro-Zabotel bends down and catches him.

"Big back body drop by Casey Pierro-Zabotel."

Doozer hits the mat and grabs his back in pain as CPZ gets to his feet.

"Pierro-Zabotel yanks Doozer up by his head, directing him to the near by corner post."

He slams Doozer's head into the top turn buckle before pointing to the post across the ring and walking Doozer over to it.

"CPZ introduces Doozer's head to that opposite turnbuckle. He now seems to be making his rounds to the next. The head of The Superman bounces off of that turnbuckle."

Casey Pierro-Zabotel points to the final corner post and takes a groggy Doozer over to it. As he goes to slam his head into the final turnbuckle, Doozer grabs the top rope, denying him.

"Not this time Doozer says! He now gives Casey Pierro-Zabotel a taste of his own medicine, grabbing his head and slamming it into that turnbuckle."

The fans begin cheering loud as Doozer pulls Casey Pierro-Zabotel's head back far before ramming it into the turnbuckle again.

"Casey Pierro-Zabotel stumbles back."

He turns back to face Doozer.

"Doozer lifts him over his shoulders into a fireman's carry."

Doozer holds Casey up and turns to display his strength to the fans, before slamming Pierro-Zabotel to the mat. The crowd pops. Doozer bends over to lift him up, and is met with a quick thumb to his eye. Doozer grabs his eyes and stumbles back.

"Casey maneuvers to his feet."

He grabs Doozer and bends him over, holding him by the side before lifting.

"Gutwrench suplex by Casey Pierro-Zabotel."

The camera catches T-Money heading down through the crowd and crossing the barrier.

"T-Money has moved from his seat, what are his intentions?"

Money watches from outside the ring as Doozer kicks out of a pin attempt at two.

"Both men getting to their feet. Casey Pierro-Zabotel runs at Doozer, drop toe hold by Doozer who immediately locks in a cross face!"

Pierro-Zabotel begins to kick but is unable to break free, however, he refuses to tap.

"Casey Pierro-Zabotel refuses to tap, Doozer applies more pressure. Just tap Casey!"

He continues to refuse, finally the referee calls for the bell.

"Casey Pierro-Zabotel did not tap folks, but the referee felt the need to call it!"

Doozer releases the hold as 'We made you' hits the sound system. Doozer is helped up by the referee who raises his arm. T-Money slides into the ring behind him, hitting an axe handle across his back.

"T-Money is attacking Doozer!"

Casey Pierro-Zabotel is seen rolling out of the ring, obviously pissed off that his match was called without him tapping, but allowing T-Money to do his thing.

"T-Money is stomping Doozer, what a vicious attack. Doozer is down as T-Money continues his malicious actions."

Finally T-Money finishes. he mouths to Doozer 'I AM DREAM, NOT YOU, ME!' before raising his arms to a sea of booing fans.

"This is terrible."

CPZ Promo

Casey Pierro-Zabotel steps through the curtains into the backstage area after his match with Doozer, he pauses and hunches over for a few seconds to catch his breath. As he looks back up he sees three police officers in front of him.

CPZ: Can I help you gentleman?

Officer: Mr. Pierro-Zabotel?

CPZ: Yea that's me, what can I do you for?

Officer: We have a warrant out for your arrest. You're being charged with assault.

Casey in enraged by this accusation.

CPZ: Assault!! Who in the fuck!!!

From behind the officers emerges the cameraman his head bandaged up that CPZ had assaulted in one of his recent promos.

Cameraman: There's the man right there! He assaulted me!! I want him arrested.

CPZ: You have to be fucking joking me!!

One of the officers reaches for CPZ's arm, CPZ tugs it away aggressively.

CPZ: Get your fucking hands off me!!

Officer: Sir, if you resist arrest we will have to use force.

CPZ extends his arms forward as the police officer slaps on a pair of handcuffs. The officers accompany CPZ over to their police cruiser.

Officer: You have the right to remain silent, anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney or lawyer.

CPZ glares into the eyes of the officer and then in the direction of the cameraman charging him for assault.

Cameraman: Lock him up, and throw the key away.

CPZ looks in the direction of the cameraman and smiles rather sinisterly, and then gets into the back of the police cruiser. The officer gets into that car, and the other officers get into theirs as they drive off.

Level-One vs. Travis Williams

The lights in the arena dim, as the steady sound of a phone being left off the hook beeps throughout the arena. The hollow sounds of a woman’s voice saying, "House Keeping, HELLO" followed by some knocking and another "HELLO?". The guitar strums ever so lightly.

"You Find Me
But I Don’t Know
What You Wanna Say
Well God Is Great
And God Is Good
But God Didn’t Help Me When He Could
And Love Dances Slowly By!"

As the sounds of Sixx AM’s "Courtesy Call" slams into the arena, the lights come back partly as the man of man personas known only as Travis Williams, The Dark Shadows, walks out on top of the stage. The crowd tosses mix reactions towards the veteran of the sport, as he stands perfectly in the center of the aisle away from the fans’ fingertips.

"This Is Just A Courtesy Call
This Is Just Matter of Policy
This Is Just An Act of Kindness
To Let You Know That

Travis walks down with his arms beside him, elbow to his palms out in front of him with his palms open facing towards the air. He walks to the ring, where he stands for a second. He looks around the arena, and grabs the middle rope and steps up on to the apron. He wipes his feet on the apron, and then steps between the top and middle ropes. He enters the ring and walks over to a corner awaiting the opening bell, never blinking.

''Put you on game'' By Lupe Fiasco ruthlessly attacks the stereo system with little regard; shaking the ear drums of the crowd of thousands. Red smoke seeps through the upper ramp; and ripping through the curtains Level-One finds himself on top of the ramp; taunting the booing fans. Creating a ‘’L’’ with his left hand he places his index finger behind his thumb forming his initials ‘’L1’’ as the red and white pyro shoots up in the air indiscriminately.

Level-One lowers his hand looking into the crowd; whom craves for his entertainment, even as they boo relentlessly. Slow and methodically he works his way down the ramp, before sliding under the bottom rope. Level-One paces around the ring, his red eyes capturing the essence of his surroundings. This is where he belongs; he smiles.

The two champions circle each other as the bell sounds. As Level-One goes to lock up with Travis Williams, Williams simply shoves him back.

"Travis Williams with the size advantage, yet again, in this non title match up. Level-One attempts to lock up again, and is denied once more."

This time when Travis Williams shoves him, Level stumbles back into the ropes, grabbing the top one to hold himself up.

"These two men have not faced each other before, so along with Travis Williams having an opportunity to say he is able to pin the DREAM World Champion, we have the opportunity to witness a new and exciting match mixture this week on Slaughter."

Level-One lets go of the top rope and runs at Travis Williams who throws his boot up, catching the World Champion in the face sending him to the mat.

"Level-One meets the mat after a big boot by Travis Williams, who so far has Level-One thinking he may have found his toughest opponent yet."

Travis grabs the back of Level-One's head and pulls him to his feet. He directs him to the nearest corner post and slams the World Champion's head into the top turnbuckle. As he lets go, Level-One bounces up and stumbles a few steps back.

"Travis Williams leans down and scoops Level-One up, followed by a quick slam to the mat. Williams now with several angry stomps."

He stops stomping and leaps up, dropping with a leg drop across the chest of Level-One.

"I don't think I've ever seen the number one rated singles wrestler, Level-One, dominated like he has been in this match to this point."

Travis Williams lifts a leg of Level-One up and crosses his in, turning Level-One.

"Half way over, Level-One is now fighting with all his might, trying to climb away. he's reaching."

Level-One is able to grab the bottom rope and pull hard enough to pull out of Travis Williams' grip. He quickly rolls out of the ring and to the floor.

"Level-One taking a moment to gather his thoughts and come up with a new offense to try."

Travis Williams leans over the top rope and yells at Level-One to get back in the ring. Level-One reaches in under the bottom rope, and yanks Williams' foot, causing him to fall to the mat.

"Just the break Level-One needs."

He grabs both of Travis Williams' feet and pulls, bringing Williams to the outside. As his feet hit the floor, Level-One begins to lay into him with a fury of rights and lefts.

"Level-One has Travis Williams pinned up against the ring as he finally is able to get an attack going."

He stops with the fist long enough to kick Travis Williams in the mid section, grabs his arm, and whips him.

"Travis Williams is sent head first into the ring side barrier. Level-One runs at Williams."

Travis Williams holds himself up on one knee by the barrier as Level-One connects with a rising knee to his head, laying him out.

"Level-One now heading back to the ring. he rolls in then back out to restart the count. Level-One now in control of this match."

Level-One walks over to Jason Whiteside's booth and picks up a bottle of water. he opens it, takes a drink, then pours some on his head before walking over to Travis Williams who is pulling himself to his feet. As he gets up and turns, Level-One splashes the remainder of the water in his eyes, catching him off gaurd.

"Travis Williams whipped again, this time he meets those unforgiving steel steps."

Travis Williams crumples to the floor. Level-One walks over, casing him, contemplating his next move before stomping Williams a couple of times. He lifts him up, and rolls Travis back into the ring.

"Level-One entering himself now. He has shown why he is the champion, being able to dominate in almost any situation against almost any adversary."

Level-One picks Travis Williams up. Once he is halfway, Level locks his head and grabs his trunks.

"Level-One appears to be about to attempt a suplex on the big man."

He lifts, but Travis blocks it with his foot. Level-One tries again, but is once again denied.

"Travis Williams is able to pull out of Level-One's grip, boot to the World Champion. Williams now grabs him, knee to the stomach of Level-One. Travis Williams now pulls him through with a hard hitting short arm clothesline."

Level-One meets the mat yet again. Travis leaps up, dropping his knees .

"Level-One moved! Travis Williams plants his knees into the mat hard."

Level-One quickly gets to his feet and runs to the ropes, as he comes off of them and heads back towards Williams, he leaps with a drop kick to the back of Travis Williams' head, who falls face first to the mat.

"Level-One quickly turns Travis Williams over. He goes for the pin, denied at two as Williams is able to kick out."

Level-One rises to his feet, lifting Travis up with him.

"Hard chop to the chest of Travis Williams by Level-One, followed by another."

Travis takes a step back then comes foreword with his own hard chop.

"Another big chop from the big man, he now follows up with a big right. Level-One returns the favor. We have an all out battle as both champions are exchanging fist."

Travis Williams grabs Level-One's arm and whips him into the ropes.

"Williams ready as Level-One is on the return. Wait... One leaps, shoulder block takes the big man down!"

Williams quickly to his feet, as is Level-One who runs and hits the ropes as he returns, he leaps again.

"Another big shoulder block!"

Both men to their feet, they turn to face each other.

"Level-one with a big boot to the gut of the Anarchy Champion."

He tries to lift him, but is unable to.

"LOOK! From the back is Jak Nemesis and Mike Polowy!"

Nemesis gets up on the apron and the referee immediately runs to tell him to leave.

"Polowy in behind the referee!"

He quickly joins Level-One, helping him lift and drop Travis Williams before sliding out of the ring.

"Double team big vertical suplex!"

Jak Nemesis throws his hands up and drops off of the apron, allowing the referee to turn in time to see the cover and drop to make the count.

"The bell sounds, Level-One pulls off a big win with an assist from his partners!"

Polowy and Nemesis enter the ring. They raise Level-One's hands up as the camera zooms in on Travis Williams on the mat then them, before fading to black.