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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #12 and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.


The show fades in as we see "Plymouth, MA - September 11, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.

Text fades over the screen that reads Pre-Taping Match - Six Man Mayhem along with footage from the six Man Mayhem match featuring the debuts of Cameron MacNichol, Mark Dalton, Kris Chamber,s Isabella Clamenti and AJ Sully, along with The Rough Ryder also being in the match. This was a very quick match that took place prior to the official DVD taping that saw Cameron MachNichol steal the match and stand out the most over the rest. The match ended with The Stranglehold applied by Cameron to AJ Sully and made him tap out via the Cobra Clutch submission maneuver.

The scene then quickly fades to Immediately After The Match... backstage where we see crew congratulating Cameron MacNichol on a victory when suddenly a large 6'6", 255lb. man hits a clothesline from behind on MacNichol, taking him down to the floor. The man wears torn up blue jeans with a cowboy hat on, and he stomps away at MacNichol with his cowboy boots! The man brings MacNichol up to his feet and pushes him into the wall and MacNichol stumbles forward, grabbing the back of his head and the cowboy looking gentleman hits a running bicycle kick to the face of MacNichol, taking him down. The unidentified man looks proud of his work, and he snarls at the crew standing around, who are all scared to interfere. He brings MacNichol to his feet, places him between his legs, lifts him up and powerbombs him onto a nearby concession stand table! MacNichol is out as the man surveys his work briefly before stepping away, the click of his cowboy boots echoing down the hallway as he walks away.




Outside in the parking lot a rental pulls up and Maverick gets outs and starts walking towards the building. When a man comes running out of no where and hits Maverick in the back droping him to the ground, and starts kicking and stomping on him. He wears a hoodie that hides his identity. He then pulls out a bottle of booze opens it and pours it all over Maverick.



LOCKER ROOM T.G. Grundy is sitting on a bench looking at his phone.

Grundy: Where is man?

Thorn: Who, oh yeah Maverick.

Grundy: Who else man, I got a few minutes before my match and he is not here.

Thorn: Man look who knows where he is at don't worry about it he will be here.

Grundy lets out a roar and slams his fist in to the wall leaving a huge impact spot.

Grundy: Man i am pissed.

Thorn: Well look man save it save the rage and anger for that hack The Midnighter he has your belt , the belt you worked so hard for. He is not fit to be the champ you are , you are the real champ.

Grundy: You know what Thorn you are right I think to night i am going to let a little bit of the monster out.

Grundy storms out of the room.

Thorn: OH my little puppet after to night you begging to let him out, but i wont let you till the time is right.

Fade to logo.




Jeepers,creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes...

Suddenly the lights go down and "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold begins to blare through the arena. Korrupt and PKA come from the back looking around at the crowd as the lights are throbbing a blood red. The crowd boos as they walk down the ramp slowly. Korrupt's eyes are glued forward, as PKA also ignores the fans, both men making their way toward the ring. Korrupt charges and slides into the ring, he crawls forward towards a camera and mouthing things to it. When he gets closer he licks it. PKA walks up the steps, and onto the apron, before climbing the turnbuckle and looking throughout the crowd as they continue to boo. He hops into the ring off the buckle and grabs a microphone from Randy Long who hands it off from ringside. PKA and Korrupt meet in the middle of the ring and the music cuts.

PKA: "Plymouth, Massachusetts, how the hell are you!?"

The crowd pops for the city reference! PKA grins and looks at Korrupt.

PKA: "Good, now sit down, put your hands in your laps, and SHUT.. THE HELL.. UP!"

The crowd boos as PKA and Korrupt smile widely at how easy it is to get through to the crowd and under their skin. "You Suck!" chants start up.. PKA shakes his head...

PKA: "Didn't you idiots hear me? I said sit down, put your hands in your God damned laps, and shut the hell up!"

The "You Suck!" chants continue to get louder, as PKA charges the ropes and points to people in the front row.

PKA: "You and you! Be quiet!"

He puts half his body through the ropes, threatening to come out there to ringside and woop someone's ass. But he backs through the ropes.

PKA: "Why don't you all shut the hell up and realize who is in the ring right now? You are in the presence of GREATNESS!"

The crowd continues to boo. PKA drops his mic hand to his side and looks around, happy with how riled up they are. He speaks again..

PKA: "Last month, the show was named 'We Go to 11' and let me tell you why - this man here did just that. When everyone else only has the 10 notches on their dials, this man had one more notch. He took it higher than anyone else and showed why he is the biggest rising star in WARPED history. This is a man who took a Four Corner Survival match and the World Champion SwitchBlade and made them his BITCH!"

The crowd boos loudly. PKA slaps hands with Korrupt.

PKA: "Did you see how badly your prescious SwitchBlade was bleeding? Did you see how hurt he was? Its called opportunity. Korrupt took what was a golden opportunity to be in the ring with three other men, one of them being the World Champion, and he made sure that he was the star that shined the most. SwitchBlade, you're in an entirely new world now in WARPED - the age of FnX is upon us, its a hot new commodity, and you found out what it's all about last month. This man is FnX, this man is insane, this man is Korrupt..."

PKA hands the microphone over to Korrupt as the fans continue to boo. The fans begin a chant for SwitchBlade. "We Want SwitchBlade!" *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* "We Want SwitchBlade!" *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* ...

Korrupt:'s okay guys. You don't need to do all that, REALLY, don't stop because honestly it makes me happy!

The fans boo loudly and begin to chant "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" clap, clap, clap-clap, clap "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" clap, clap, clap-clap, clap. Korrupt smiles and sits on the canvas, flashing a bright smile, loving the crowd's heat.

Korrupt: See once a upon a time...WARPED use to be a place where you had ALLLLLLL these big time guys. ALLLLLLLLLLLL these guys in the spotlight, and then a cloud formed over WARPED.

Korrupt looks up at the crowd slowly, hearing one random fan shouting "GET OUT OF HERE!" He chuckles and wipes his mouth with his left hand some.

Korrupt: Now this cloud that was cast upon WARPED was a black cloud. This cloud was filled with truth, an undying realization, that the veterans here, the so called "top guys"...have no place here. And by all means, you can sit in your little shells of bigotry, you can call me a WHATEVER fuckin' name you want, but you can't fight what I gave you all!! NO! NO! NO MY LITTLE SHEEP...! You all were so happy when you say Ol'Switchy pick up that win weren't ya?! You all smiled, and you all cheered and you-- SHUT THE HELL UP I'M TALKING YOU NEW ENGLAND FUCKHEADS!!!!!!!!

The fans begin to try and outtalk Korrupt, jeering and taunting him and booing. Korrupt eyes them all with a dark glare in his eyes.

Korrupt: EACH and EVERYONE OF YOU...are being led away from the truth one day at a time! You all believe in your heroes, well your heroes don't give two sacks about ANY OF YOU! Want to know why?! Because all of them are successful, they leech off of you, they FEED OFF OF YOUR CHEERS YOUR "CHEAP POPS" YOUR MORBID OBSESSION OF PROPAGANDA! THAT'S...what...they're paid to misguided souls.

Korrupt pauses, grasping the mic in his hands tightly, raising to his knees. PKA smirks on listening, urging Korrupt to keep going.

Korrupt: Switchblade is no exception, oh no, YOUR hero isn't who he think he is. See, h-he TRIES to be the good guy, he tries to please ALL of your needs! And he does flashing that pretty little title belt in from of you. And you all GAWK at it like it was his penis or something, WHICH tells me that you all desire him. Each and everyone of you idiots wants to be like Switchblade admit it! You porky jamming a footlong down your throat! You, the geek with those cockhugging skinny jeans!! ALL OF YOU ARE NOTHING BUT SHEEP! But I'm different, I'm different OH SO MANY ASPECTS! And it eats you all up inside that I won't lay down for someone who I don't believe in? Does it make you boil that you can't be me? Does it eat ya up inside?! WELL GOOD!

Korrupt looks at them all with his cold expression, his eyes glowing a dangerous color.

Korrupt: I don't care about you, which makes me stronger. I don't care about others which makes me more likely to succeed in life. I DON'T CARE ABOUT SWITCHBLADE...and that's...why he laid in his own pool of blood. That is why your "hero" he busted up, and it's me. All of it was because of me, and NONE OF YOU...can do anything about it...HAHA...NONE OF YOU! So save your little jeers, and your wittle boo-hoos, and save it for someone who cares. Korrupt...and you wish you lived in my world!!

Korrupt drops the mic on the canvas and stands in his kneeling position, looking on at the crowd who continue to boo him nonstop. He smirks and cackles, looking up at PKA who laughs and compliments Korrupt on his work.


FnX MATCH: Crowbar vs. Korrupt w/PKA

Voices by Rev Theory hits the arena to a loud chorus of boo's. Crowbar steps out from behind the curtain holding up a black ski mask and laughing as the boo's get louder.

Randy Long: And introducing his opponent! From parts Unknown, standing at six feet, five inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and ninety-one pounds! HE IS CROWBAR!!!!!

Crowbar walks down the isle and throws the mask into the crowd, he walks around the ring and grabs a mic, eyeing off members of the crowd trying to take swings at him, and keeping an eye on Korrupt and PKA.

He steps in the ring and looks around. He raises the mic to his mouth and begins to speak

Crowbar: Well well well....i can see i'm loved here in Plymouth..oh well, i'll fight you all later.

There are mixed cheers and boo's from the crowd

Crowbar: So I guess i need to explain the whole 'masked man' thing, yeah? Why I did what I did? Truth be told, Hyde was never the masked man, he was just my patsy.

The crowd look confused

Crowbar: I knew damned well when the unmasking would happen, so, i set the whole thing up to make Kurtis Hyde look like it was him..why? Management forced my hand. Joey Matthew, you forced me into anger management, you forced me to slowly but surely get even angrier than i already YOU sir brought this on. YOU are really the masked man.

Crowbar stops and composes himself

Crowbar: You wanted to control me, to train me, well guess what? Not happening.....thanks to you, i know who i am now....and it isn't mister nice guy....and why Logan? well, why not? He seems to get some special treatment around here so he was the best target....oh there were other targets, but i figured my final statement should have been him.

Crowbar smirks

Crowbar: By the way Joey, hows your staff doing? I heard a few of them had some accidents.

Crowbar smiles darkly, rolling the mic between his hands.

Crowbar: If you think i'm done here, you're wrong. Welcome to the beginning WARPED....theres lots more to come....Don't think i've explained myself properly? Just wait...

Crowbar begins laughing hysterically before throwing the mic into the crowd.

The referee motions for the bell, Korrupt stalks around on his knees, looking at Crowbar with a sick glare. Crowbar cocks his head to the side, waiting for Korrupt to stand up. When Korrupt gets up he steps up to Crowbar who looks him up and down and laughs at him. Korrupt blinks and laughs along with him, He places an arm around Crowbar and then plants a punch to his throat, that happy smile now turning to a cold scowl. Crowbar clutches his throat and Korrupt picks him up. Korrupt throws him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Crowbar ducks and hits the other side of the ropes, Korrupt hits the ropes following Crowbar who turns after stopping his momentum. Korrupt goes for another clothesline, only to have Crowbar duck under that attempt! Crowbar hits the ropes and comes back taking Korrupt down with a hard shoulderblock. Crowbar smirks and runs at the ropes behind him again. Korrupt turns on his stomach and lays lateral on the ground. Crowbar leaps over him and hits the other side. Korrupt stands up only to hit the ground again so Crowbar to leap over him again, gaining more speed. Crowbar comes back and Korrupt takes him down with a snap hurricanrana! Crowbar scrambles to his feet and eyes Korrupt who sits in the corner behind him and eyes Crowbar with a cold expression. The fans give both men a clap, some boos were being heard for Korrupt.

Tony D: And Korrupt shows off his quickness with that sequence of action!

Kris Red: That was a great, Korrupt might be creepy, but he’s got some very great skills.

Crowbar and Korrupt lock up in the center. Korrupt gets the upperhand with a headlock, wrenches it hard. He brings Crowbar down to one knee and tries to pry Korrupt off. Crowbar flings him off into the ropes. Korrupt leaps through the top and middle rope and lands on his feet. He sticks his tongue out at the crowd, taunting them. Crowbar runs at the ropes and then leaps off of the bottom rope. He hits a baseball slide that makes Korrupt head face first into the barricade! The fans cheer as Crowbar picks Korrupt up and lands a right hand into his face. PKA is on the outside, shouting at Crowbar. Crowbar ignores PKA’s taunting and continues to take control of the situation. He nails Korrupt in the head which drops him, and goes to look under the ring. He pulls out a trash can full of weapons and reaches inside for something. He pulls out a golf club and looks at it with a big grin. PKA tries to take the club from Crowbar, but only gets a kick in his gut! Korrupt from behind lands a lowblow!

Tony D: What a cheap move!

Kris Red: Hah, well it IS anything goes, a low blow is like getting a punch in the face nowadays.

Crowbar is on the ground and Korrupt goes to see if PKA was ok. He grabs the golf club and looks at it with a tilted head.

Tony D: I really, really, really don’t like that look on his face.

Korrupt walks towards the downed Crowbar and then looks like he’s trying to make a shot. He adjusts his hands on the club and slowly wags the club.


Korrupt cocks back and rams the club in Crowbar’s groin! Crowbar jumps around on the ground while Korrupt sits on the ground and watches him. Tears of pain pour from Crowbar’s eyes as he tries to catch his breath.

Tony D: OH GOD!



Korrupt smiles and licks his lips. He turns his attention to the trash can and throws it in the ring. He grabs Crowbar by his neck and rolls him inside. Korrupt slides inside and looks around inside of the trash can. He pulls out a “Stop” sign. Crowbar is gingerly getting up clutching his crotch. Korrupt turns and swings at him with it, but Crowbar ducks under! Crowbar leaps and drills the sign into Korrupt’s skull with a standing dropkick! The fans cheer and Crowbar hooks a leg!

1... 2... Korrupt kicks out!

Crowbar slowly starts to recover now. He turns his attention from Korrupt who slowly sits up and glares at him rummage through the can. Korrupt slowly stands and picks up the sign again. He taps Crowbar on the shoulder. He turns and gets cracked in the skull with a THUD! “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!” the fans exclaim as Crowbar titters on his feet. Korrupt cocks back again and cracks him one more time!


Korrupt throws the sign down on top of Crowbar as the fans laugh Korrupt hooks a leg.

1!... 2!... Kickout!

Tony D: Korrupt not being able to finish Crowbar off.

Kris Red: I think he’s starting to lose it.

Korrupt picks Crowbar up and plants a stiff elbow into his jaw. He grabs him by his neck and brings him to the trash can. Korrupt blinks and then laughs out loud. He turns Crowbar towards the camera in the ring and shows his face is pouring blood. He laughs, getting a kick out of this and then looks through the trash can. Crowbar tries to fight out, but Korrupt digs his fingers until Crowbar’s cut weakening him down! Korrupt slowly pulls out...A SCREWDRIVER!!! The fans begin to make a commotion as Korrupt cocks back and tries to stab Crowbar in that wound! Suddenly Crowbar stops it with his strength, Korrupt keeps trying to, but Crowbar fights him off. Crowbar headbutts Korrupt which staggers him back! He holds his nose and Crowbar picks up the screwdriver. He swings Korrupt around and starts to jabs him in the forehead repeatedly in a blind rage!

Crowd: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9...!

Crowbar stops and Korrupt starts to bleed uncontrollably falling limp on his knees staring up at Crowbar. Crowbar hits the ropes and comes back and drives the screwdriver into Korrupt’s skull for the final time!

Crowd: 10!!!!

The fans cheer Crowbar on and start to slam their hands on the barricade getting into this match.

Tony D: This has turned into a blood bath!

Kris Red: Crowbar just went ape nuts and started to lay into Korrupt with that screwdriver.

Crowbar smiles at the crowd, the blood masking his face. He drops down and pins him.

1!... 2!... th--NO TWO!

Crowbar sits up and looks at Korrupt. He grabs him by his hair and slams him down with a body slam. PKA watches on, shouting for Korrupt to get up. Crowbar slowly slithers out of the ring and checks under the apron. He pulls out two black bags and slides them into the corner. He searches some more and pulls out two chairs and a Singapore cane! He throws him inside of the ring and then slides back in. He goes to Korrupt who tries to sit up, and starts to rain down right hands into his skull. He decides to let Korrupt up again. He grabs a near by steel chair and swings it....only for Korrupt to duck it! Korrupt picks up a chair of his own and smacks it against Crowbar’s which rebounds off into his face! Korrupt takes a running start and hits a echoing running big boot to Crowbar’s jaw! He goes for the pin!

1!... 2!.... three?!


Korrupt slams his fist down in anger screaming and shouting. He grabs Crowbar by his wrists and starts to stomp on his face viciously using the Mindfuck to it’s fullest! He looks at the bags Crowbar had left in and slowly starts to go to them. PKA smirks and watches at Korrupt pours the first back down with tacks. His eyes light up and he goes to Crowbar. He picks him up and goes for a body slam, but Crowbar squirms out of it! Korrupt goes for a punch, but Crowbar catches his arm underneath his own! He grabs the cane near them and smacks Korrupt in the head with it! He grabs Korrupt to him and lands a sick Belly to belly suplex into the trash can!! PKA stands on the apron and waits for Crowbar to turn around. Crowbar turns and PKA springboards off and goes for something, but Crowbar catches him in the air with a jumping cutter!!!!!!


Tony D: That was...

Kris Red: AMAZING!

Tony D: EXACTLY!!!

Crowbar slams his fists on the ground and turns to see where Korrupt was! Korrupt was behind him, waiting and slams a chair into his skull! Crowbar stumbles back towards the tacked area and then drops down! The tacks piercing his skin! The crowd gives a groan. Korrupt walks over and sprinkles the other back, which was full of power takes. Korrupt takes a running start and leaps on the second rope near Crowbar! He leaps on the turnbuckle then and then comes down with the Asbury: We Have a Problem!!!! Korrupt sandwiches Crowbar in the tacks and hooks a leg weakly!

1...!!! 2...!!!


“Nightmare” begins to play and Korrupt sits up, bloody and weak. He stands up and licks some of the blood off of his hand and then looks down to see he had some tacks in him. He chuckles and pulls one out and throws it down. PKA is still down and Korrupt goes to check on him. Suddenly from the crowd Switchblade comes and slides in with a bandage on his forehead. He takes up a cane and WHACKS! Korrupt in the gut with it! The fans cheer as Switchblade beats Korrupt with the cane over and over!

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade!"

Tony D: "Its time for some redemption!"

SwitchBlade continues to whack the cane over the back of Korrupt as he tries to roll away, and eventually rolls out of the ring. SwitchBlade goes through the ropes and comes out only to be met by a right hand from Korrupt but SwitchBlade kicks him away and cracks him over the head with the cane again! Korrupt drops up against the barricade, hunched over halfway into the crowd, and SwitchBlade raises the cane high in the air as the hometown crowd of his cheers him on. He charges at Korrupt and Korrupt brings his body up and pulls a chair up with him and throws it at the face of SwitchBlade and the chair is wedged in his head as the fans go OOOOH! Korrupt smiles and picks up the cane and whacks SwitchBlade in the gut and he drops to all fours, the chair falling off of his head finally. He then whacks SwitchBlade over the back repeatedly with the cane, and SwitchBlade drops down.

Korrupt raises the cane high into the air, mocking SwitchBlade, and the fans erupt in boos. He yells at SwitchBlade to get to his feet and SwitchBlade is very slow to push himself up. Korrupt gets up on the apron and holds the cane like a baseball bat. SwitchBlade pushes himself up and Korrupt charges on the apron and drives the cane down onto the top of SwitchBlade's head, cracking him hard over the skull and SwitchBlade drops to both knees, grabbing the top of the apron to hold himself up. He is bleeding prefusely from his head, the bandage halfway off his head now.

Korrupt now tosses the cane down and punches SwitchBlade in the face. Korrupt wipes the blood on his body and grins. He grabs the steel chair now and puts it in SwitchBlade's previously injured arm on top of the apron. SwitchBlade looks out of it as if he doesn't even know where he is. Korrupt now climbs the turnbuckle and measures off the chair and leaps off, a double stomp, crushing the arm under the chair!!! The fans gasp and SwitchBlade lets out a loud shriek, screaming with pain shooting through his arm and the rest of his body.

"Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!" chants continue as Korrupt stands tall, watching SwitchBlade clutching his arm and backing into the barricade. Korrupt approaches him and SwitchBlade kicks away, and Korrupt grabs one of his feet and pulls him away from the corner and delivers a stomp to the injured arm and SwitchBlade screams again. SwitchBlade kicks Korrupt in the gut but Korrupt comes right back and kicks SwitchBlade in the ribs. He grabs the injured arm and drives it into the floor. SwitchBlade pulls it in, in excruciating pain. Korrupt then does this again another time! The fans start throwing things at Korrupt and he dodges cups and food, bottles flying his way. PKA now comes to the side of Korrupt and they rush around the ring to the isle way to escape as the fans continue to pelt items toward both men. Paramedics rush down to check on SwitchBlade as SwitchBlade clutches his arm in pain.

Tony D: "Well this is just ridiculous... I can't believe the actions by Korrupt here tonight after his very intense FnX match with Crowbar... but wow... SwitchBlade even has a title defense later tonight."

Kris Red: "Or has... will he be able to make it? Look at the guy."

Fade to WARPED logo...


SINGLES MATCH: Blake Straker vs. Jesse Styles

We fade in from the logo and cut to the ring. Randy Long is standing at the center with another wrestler standing close by.

Randy Long: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Already in the ring at this time…JESSE STYLES!

Jesse waves to the fans who mildly cheer for him.

Kris Red: Hello folks, we’re back at ringside after paramedics helped SwitchBlade out, and we’ve got a double debut match. It’s always great to see newcomers looking to make a name for themselves here at WARPED.

Tony D: It’s only great if we get to see anything interesting out of them. We want the ones who stand out the most, the unique individuals of professional wrestling. Quite honestly, I don’t see that in this Jesse Styles.

Kris Red: Well unlike certain federations out there, WARPED wrestling isn’t just about how you look, it’s how you perform in the ring!

Randy Long: And his opponent…

"I'm Da Man" by Plies ft. Trey Songz plays as Blake Straker makes his way to the ring. He comes out, wearing a bandanna and sunglasses, along with a big, black boa, which he taunts the fans with as if it were a phallic item.

Randy Long: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 290 pounds…”The Black Snake”…BLAKE STRAKER!

Straker walks up the steel steps and slips himself inside the ring. He taunts the referee, and even Styles, with the boa before finally throwing it over the ring to an official along with his bandanna and sunglasses.

Tony D: Now THERE’S a unique individual. I like this guy already!

Kris Red: Erm, well he does seem to have the attention of the ladies in the audience.

Tony D: I hear it’s because he has a black di—

Kris Red: We don’t know that! And quite frankly, I don’t wanna know!

Randy exits the ring. The bell sounds, and the match is underway. Both men grapple in the center of the ring. Almost immediately Blake applies a headlock to Styles. He grinds the neck of Styles for a few seconds before popping him with a right hand to the head. Styles covers his face and stumbles back. This gives Straker enough time to grabs Styles and connects with a number of forearm shots to the back of the neck. The crowd starts cheering for the early action.

Tony D: I managed to gather some research on this Straker guy, and his strategy in the ring tends to be complete focus on the neck of his opponents.

Kris Red: It’s a smart but very controversial move, Tony. The neck is a very sensitive area for more wrestlers, and if enough pressure’s put on it, it can lead to spinal damage and possible paralysis.

Tony D: Those are the risks in this sport, Kris. Every move can lead to permanent injury.

Kris Red: Seems like Straker is hoping for it!

Straker spins Styles around and then drops him with a snapmare. He soon sticks a knee right into Style’s back and pulls back on the neck with both hands. The referee goes to Styles, but Jesse doesn’t quit. Straker continues to pull on the neck, but still nothing. He adds to the damage by hitting Jesse’s sternum and side of his neck with an elbow a few times before going back to the hold.

Kris Red: Styles needs to find a way out of that hold or this one’s going to be over quick. The fans clap for Styles, and in a sudden burst of energy, Jesse manages to get to his feet and break Blake’s hold on him. Jesse comes back with a few elbows to the gut, then runs the ropes and connects with a clothesline that knocks Straker back down. Styles taunts the crowd before lifts Straker back up and hitting him with numerous chops to the chest. The crowd goes “wooo!” after each chop.

Tony D: Is that ever going to die?

Kris Red: I hope not.

Styles whips Straker into the ropes. Straker returns and Styles connects with a back body drop. Straker gets back up only to find himself the victim of a body slam. Straker points to the top turnbuckle and the crowd cheers him on. Styles climbs the turnbuckle and perches himself at the top. He leaps off and goes for a frog splash, but Straker manages to roll out of the way and Styles hits nothing but mat. Styles clutches his chest as Straker gets back up. Upon seeing Styles down on his stomach, Straker quickly goes to the neck of Styles and applies a guillotine choke on him.

Kris Red: And just like that the tide turns back to Straker.

Tony D: More neck attacks. This guy is focused!

But before Straker can keep the hold on Styles long enough, Styles gets back on the defensive and lifts Blake over his head for a northern lights suplex. The cover is made. 1…2…

Kick out. Styles tries to get up, but he quickly grabs the back of his neck.

Kris Red: It looks like Styles is hurt from those attacks from before.

While Styles is slowly getting up, Straker has already gotten himself up and he quickly gets behind Styles. Once Styles is on his feet, Straker leaps in the air and connects with a jumping neckbreaker.

Tony D: And THAT’S not going to help him…

Straker lifts Styles up, wraps an arm around his shoulder, and connects with a spinning uranage.

Kris Red: A spinning uranage, but he likes to call it the spellbinder.

Straker lifts Styles up again, wraps an arm around his neck, and hits a cravat suplex!

Tony D: The undertow is hit. Looks like the beginning of the end for Styles.

Straker taunts the crowd who are now cheering for Straker this time. He lifts up Styles, who seems out of it, puts him between his legs, and connects with a cradle piledriver.

Kris Red: Is this ANOTHER move he named?

Tony D: You know it! Piledriver ’69! And if I’m right, this leads to…

Straker, now confident, picks up Styles and tosses him into the nearest turnbuckle. He then lifts Styles up on the top turnbuckle pad and climbs up with him. He brings his legs to Styles’ head and hits a top rope frankensteiner that delights the fans!

Tony D: Incredible Frankensteiner by—

Kris Red: uh uh uh! It’s call a Blakensteiner, and that specific version is called the Anacondanrana.

Tony D: Who did he hire to make these names for his moves?

Kris Red: Does it really matter, Tony D? It, much like him, kicks a ton of ass.

Blake wipes his hands clean of Styles before covering him and hooking the leg. 1…2…3!

"I'm Da Man" plays once more re Straker gets back up and his arm is raised by the referee.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner…BLAKE STRAKER!

Blake looks down at the knocked out Styles and laughs as he playfully kicks Styles in the head. He waves him off before exiting the ring to head to the back.

Tony D: I really like this guy, Kris. He knows how to make a lasting first impression!

Kris Red: Oh really? I couldn’t tell. I can tell that you have a little brown on your nose though.

Tony D: Don’t hate, appreciate! I got a good feeling about the future of this guy.




Crowbar walks through the backstage hallways with Jessika after another hard night of fighting. The staff all look at him with worried expressions but he pays no attention to them.

A WARPED camera crew runs up to get an after-show interview, but Jason Mercy appears first. The camera starts to roll.

Jason Mercy: So, whats this pussy shit i hear about you being the masked man?

Crowbar: Fuck, you again. What of it?

Jason Mercy: I don't think you've got the balls to do it. You're trying to take credit for someone elses work!

Crowbar: Am I now? what makes you say that?

Jason Mercy: Kurtis Hyde was revealed, then suddenly its you? yeah, right.

Crowbar: Either shut up, or i'll shut it for you.

Jason Mercy: Why would you do it then?

Crowbar: Really wanna know?

Jason Mercy: sure, tell me pus--

Before Jason Mercy can finish his sentence Crowbar right hooks him and sends him flying into a wall. He kicks him in the guts and pummels him into a corner. He picks him up by the throat and holds him against the wall, Jason Mercy turning blue, as Crowbar yells in his face.


Crowbar throws Mercy down the hallway, his face sliding along the ground. Crowbar puts his knee to Mercys throat and suddenly softens his voice

Crowbar: Joey Matthew thought he could control me....thought he could use me as an example of what would happen if you went over the edge....well...i'm way beyond the edge now.

Crowbar picks up mercy and drags him into the car park, he lifts him up and drops him, head first, onto the boot of a car. He picks him up, drags him around and gets up on the bonnet, still holding Mercy by the throat

Crowbar: I paid Hyde to take the fall, don't you get it? I paid him to be the masked man the night he was unmasked...I'm not stupid...everyone in this company deserves what they get. Anger Management? Please. All it helped me do was focus my anger on people like you Mercy. People like Logan...people like...

Without warning, Crowbar hits a jumping cutter on the windshield of the car. He rolls Mercy inside, the camera crew can see Jason Mercys face, it's cut and bloodied from the encounter.

Crowbar turns around and looks into darkness opposite the car and a smile comes across his face. He begins to walk towards the darkness but stops, turning and grabbing the camera and staring directly into it.

Crowbar:'re on notice....this is only the're targets....oh and "Mr Joey Matthew", that includes you. You wanted control out of me? I'm in control now. Don't believe me? Just wait to see what i'll do next.

Crowbar turns and walks into the darkness, about a minute passes before a thunderous roar of an engine is heard. Jason Mercy can be seen looking out the window. Headlights beam out from the darkness, blinding Mercy, as the roar increases. Out of the darkness, Crowbar comes speeding out in a garbage truck, slamming straight into the car Jason Mercy is in. He slams the car against a pole, splitting it in two.

Crowbar steps out of the truck with a glazed over look and a sadistic smile on his face. Jessika is nowhere to be seen. He looks at the camera and points before turning around and walking away.

The camera pans to the car, which is split in two and now burning. As WARPED staff run to try and help, the car explodes. Laughter can be heard in the distance.



EVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP: The Midnighter(c) vs. T.G. Grundy

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the rematch for the Evolution Championship! Making his way to the ring, the challenger, from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds - T.. G.. Grundy!"

As a shogun named Marcus blast though the pa system Grundy steps out from behind the curtain with Thorn by his side. He cracks and rolls his neck and then throws a couple of punches in the air and then runs to the ring sliding in under the bottom rope with Thorn walking behind him smiling and pointing at Grundy claiming him to be the future.

Randy Long: "His opponent, originally from right here in Massachusetts, and now residing in Jacksonville, Florida, weighing in at 295 pounds - he is the NEW Evolution Champion, Thhhhhhhhe Middddddddnighterrrrrr!"

The lights in the arena go out as "My Time" by Fabulous plays, a new theme song for new Evolution Champion. the Midnighter enters the arena, Evolution Title over his shoulder, and taunts with 4 ladies. The crowd erupts in cheers for their hometown hero and he soaks it up. Blue, white and black lights are flashing all around. The Midnighter gets in the ring and taunts again as he removes his entrance attire. He nods his head to the referee as the belt is taken away, then shown to T.G. Grundy. The referee holds the belt up, and T.G. Grundy rushes and punches The Midnighter down and begins kicking him away in the corner. The ref calls for the bell then pulls him away and he brings The Midnighter to his feet and delivers a right hand to him again.

Tony D: "Here we go! This match is on!"

Kris Red: "Let's go let's go!"

The Midnighter gets to his feet and T.G. Grundy pushes him into another corner and delivers kicks to the stomach repeatedly, then pulls him away and cracks him in the head with a punch. The Midnighter goes to one knee and T.G. Grundy brings him up.. off the ropes, irish whip, T.G. Grundy goes for a kick but The Midnighter ducks under and grabs on for a schoolboy pin 1..2.. kick out. Both men get to their feet...T.G. Grundy goes for a clothesline, ducked by The Midnighter, roll up 1.. 2.. kick out. Both men get to their feet and T.G. Grundy decapitates The Midnighter with a clothesline and covers 1.. 2.. kick out.

Tony D: "What a series of pin attempts!"

Kris Red: "These guys are big but they can wrestle a match and that's something you'll find only here in WARPED!"

At ringside, Thorn cheers Grundy on. T.G. Grundy gets to his feet and brings The Midnighter up and kicks him in the gut, then sends him through the ropes to the outside. T.G. Grundy takes a moment to boast to the crowd and they give a mixed reaction, but mostly cheers. He looks around, confident. T.G. Grundy slides out of the ring while The Midnighter is pushing himself up off the floor. Grundy grabs The Midnighter and irish whips him into the steel steps. He gets in his face and says that he's getting his title back!

Kris Red: "Tell him what's up!"

Thorn now approaches The Midnighter and the referee tells him to back off, and Thorn begins backing up, giving Grundy the opportunity to kick The Midnighter in the face into the steps!

Tony D: "Ohh come on!!"

The crowd boos as Grundy grins. He brings The Midnighter to his feet and pushes The Midnighter into the ring and Midnighter gets to his feet, grabbing his head,as Grundy slides in. The Midnighter swings but Grundy ducks and kicks him in the gut, then snap mares The Midnighter over and locks in a headlock and the ref kneels down to check and see if The Midnighter wants to give up. The big man holds the submission on, trying to cut off the air and blood circulation. The Midnighter begins coming to, as he gets to a knee, and elbows T.G. Grundy in the gut. T.G. Grundy takes a step back and The Midnighter punches him in the gut and gets to his feet and swings, but Grundy ducks and hits a belly to back suplex! He covers.. 1.. 2.. kickout.

Tony D: "What an exploding belly to belly suplex from the former Evolution Champion! But it only equals a two count."

Kris Red: "T.G. Grundy is stepping it up big time here tonight and I don't blame him.. he was the first Evolution Champion and it was all good until he lost the belt..rough break. He's gotta turn things around so he doesn't continue on a path of losses!"

T.G. Grundy slaps the mat and gets to his feet, grabbing his head.

Tony D: "And he looks a bit frustrated now. He can't let it get to him."

The Midnighter rolls over and starts pushing himself up, and Grundy grabs the hair of The Midnighter and pulls him up as the ref warns him. Grundy shakes his head and kicks Midnighter in the chest. The Midnighter stumbles back into the ropes and off of them, and T.G. Grundy takes him down with a right hand. T.G. Grundy laughs and slaps The Midnighter in the face as he tries to get up. He raises his arm in the air and the fans give a mixed reaction, as they are moreso in favor of the hometown hero, The Midnighter. T.G. Grundy ignores the fans and brings The Midnighter to his feet.

Tony D: "The fans here love them some Midnighter."

Kris Red: "Yeah, and he has a lot. Were you at the parade earlier this week?"

Tony D: "Can't say that I was."

Kris Red: "The Midnighter is a big deal here and the honeys were out in full force I tell ya!"

Grundy looks for a belly to back suplex once more, but The Midnighter elbows out, T.G. Grundy turns around and The Midnighter hits a clothesline! T.G. Grundy up again, and The Midnighter with another clothesline! T.G. Grundy gets to his feet once more and The Midnighter backs him into the ropes.. irish whip.. and The Midnighter meets him in the middle of the ring with a Roundhouse Kick! Midnighter boasts to the crowd while Grundy gets back up to his feet, and The Midnighter is all fired up as he hits a backbreaker and covers.. 1.. 2.. Thorn puts the foot of T.G. Grundy on the bottom rope and the ref sees the foot and calls for a rope break!

Tony D: "The referee didn't even notice Thorn's involvement there causing the rope break!"

Kris Red: "This is sort of somethin' we don't normally see in a T.G. Grundy match but Thorn is all about helping him tonight."

The fans in the Plymouth Memorial Hall boo as they aren't big fans of seeing their hometown hero getting cheated like that! The Midnighter gets to his feet and measures T.G. Grundy off as he gets to his feet, a little flustered. Kick to the shin, kick to the shin, and then a kick to the gut but Grundy counters, grabbing the leg and pushing The Midnighter to the mat. He gets back up to his feet and Grundy ducks a clothesline and goes for a Full Nelson Slam, but The Midnighter breaks free... he runs and hits the ropes and returns to a back elbow from Grundy, and Midnighter drops. T.G. Grundy takes a moment to get his thoughts together and The Midnighter is able to push himself up off the mat. Grundy hits the ropes... Big Boot! Midnighter ducks under and hits a German Suplex! He then rushes into the cover...

Tony D: "One twoooo annnnnnd kick out!!"

Kris Red: "This is all about the Evolution Title and these guys are putting it all on the line! As my boy Diddy says on Twitter- LET'S GO!!"

The Midnighter looks frustrated now as he pushes himself up to his feet... T.G. Grundy does as well.. The Midnighter off the ropes and T.G. Grundy hits a big boot. Grundy stands up and tells The Midnighter to get to his feet! Midnighter does so, and Grundy looks to hit the Monster Lariat, but The Midnighter ducks and then kicks Grundy in the stomach and lifts him up and drops him with a huge powerbomb! He covers... 1... 2... kick out!

Both men up.. Grundy irish whips Midnighter into the ropes and returns with a Spinebuster! He covers.. 1.. 2... Midnighter kicks out. T.G. Grundy looks frustrated as he holds up three fingers to the referee. He looks back at The Midnighter and grabs his hair, then slams his face off the mat. The Midnighter crawls away from Grundy as Grundy gets to his feet. T.G. Grundy brings him up to his feet in the corner and slaps him across the face.. irish whip... Midnighter crashes into the corner back first and Grundy follows with a charging spear but Midnighter moves and Grundy hits shoulder-first onto the steel post. He steps back and Midnighter wrenches the arm of Grundy and brings him to the mat and applies the armbar!

Tony D: "90210 locked in! Will T.G. Grundy tap?! Will he tap?!"

Thorn shouts out for Grundy to not tap! DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

Kris Red: "Thorn with words of encouragement but there's not much words can do when you're in a hold like that!"

T.G. Grundy fights to get to the ropes as The Midnighter shouts out NO and holds on tight. T.G. Grundy reaches, inches away from the ropes, and gets the bottom rope!!! The Midnighter is forced to break the hold. Both men get to their feet, as Grundy strattles the ropes... and Midnighter charges in, but Grundy pulls the ropes down and Midnighter crashes at ringside. Grundy smiles and points to his head as the crowd boos.

The Midnighter grabs the apron and pulls himself up. T.G. Grundy reaches through the ropes and grabs his hair, bringing him up onto the apron and brings him up onto the turnbuckle, setting up a vertical suplex perhaps, or a falcon arrow to the ring, and he lifts Midnighter into the air..

Tony D: "Oh my God this could be dangerous.. is he gonna suplex him to the outside!?!"

Kris Red: "I dunno but look out!!"

Midnighter escapes and plants both feet on the ropes and delivers a right hand to Grundy, then a headbutt. He grabs T.G. Grundy a DDT position..

Kris Red: "Oooh nooo a DDT from the top!?"

He hooks his right leg behind Grundy's left leg and slams down to the mat, driving the head of Grundy into the mat with a DDT!

Tony D: "Super TradeMark!!!"

And he quickly locks in the 90210 Arm Bar!

Tony D: "90210 locked back in! Will T.G. Grundy ta- yes! He taps!

Kris Red: "Its OVA!"

Grundy is tapping! The bell sounds and The Midnighter immediately releases the armbar and gets to his feet, strattling the ropes.

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL Evolution Champion - Thhhheee Miiiiiiidniiiiighterrrr!"

The 4 ladies that accompany The Midnighter to the ring get in and gather around as he is given the Evolution Title by the ref and has his arm raised. The crowd goes wild for the Massachusetts hero and he looks quite confident and proud of his win.





Maverick stumbles in to the locker room. Thorn and Grundy stare at him with digust in their eyes.

Grundy: Where the fuck were you!

Maverick: I got jumped in the parking lot.

Thorn: He smells like booze's

Grundy: Booze's you where drinking you son of a bitch!

Grundy grabs Maverick by the throat and slams him in to the wall and draws back his massive fist. Thorn steps in and grabs his arm to stop him.

Thorn: Whoa! big guy claim down go get some air.

Grundy storms off thorn looks at Maverick as he slides down the wall.

Thorn: You are sad old man.

Thorn walks out leaving Maverick sitting on the floor mummbling about a masked man.





The camera cuts to the back. We see SwitchBlade standing close by the gorilla position taping up his arms, one arm in a cast. Soon we hear WARPED reporter Sean Armstrong make his way over to SwitchBlade with a mic in his hand.

Sean Armstrong: SwitchBlade, if I can just get—

SwitchBlade cuts him off.

SwitchBlade: A moment of my time, Sean?

Sean Armstrong: Er, well yes. Earlier today Korrupt once again took you down, and it looked like he hurt your arm pretty badly.

SwitchBlade scoffs the remark and shows Sean his arms.

SwitchBlade: As you can see, I’m still able to use them. They’re a bit sore, but I can wrestle. And as for Korrupt, he’s going to get what’s coming to him as soon as I finish with Malik Logan. So don’t worry about it, Sean.

Sean Armstrong: But aren’t you afraid that Malik will try to take advantage of your injured arms?

SwitchBlade laughs.

SwitchBlade: I doubt it. Malik’s a good guy, but he’s not that smart. Tonight I’m going show him why he doesn’t deserve a title shot. And I’m going to do it by taking him to school…old school.

Sean Armstrong: Well good luck, champ.

SwitchBlade: Thanks, but I won’t need it.

SwitchBlade turns and heads to the ring as Sean faces the camera.

Sean Armstrong: Looks like SwitchBlade’s still on top of his game. Let’s take it back to ringside!



MAIN EVENT: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - SwitchBlade(c) vs. Malik Logan

"Act a Fool" by Lil Jon plays as the crowd goes nuts for another Massachusetts native. Malik "The Hitman" Logan comes out of the curtain and puts his arms in the air to the left, then looks to the right, and the crowd gets pumped.

Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WARPED World Heavyweight Championship! Making his way to the ring, weighing 220 pounds, he hails from Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS!!!.. Malik "The Hitmannnn" Looooogan!"

He starts dancing down the ramp and as he makes his way toward the ring while slapping some crowd members hands. He gets in the ring and does JTG's taunts as his music fades.

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays as the Plymouth crowd pop loudly for SwitchBlade's imminent entrance!

Randy Long: "And his opponent, from Boston, MASSACHUSETTS! He weighs in at 192 pounds and is the reigning and defending WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - this.. is.. SwitchBlaaaaaaade!"

SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a batshit crowd going wild for their homestate/hometown hero. In addition to his usual attire, he now sports a cast on his arm and a bandage on his head. Also, he is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans, and then slides into the ring. He gets up, takes off his sunglasses and necklace and tosses them aside. He waves to the fans, and then offers Logan a handshake with his good arm. Logan shakes, and they nod at one another. The bell sounds as both men stand in their corner. They back away and begins circling...

Tony D: "There's the bell, and its time to find out which one of these men will walk out of their home state with the World Title that is currently held by SwitchBlade, who has a very badly wounded arm and we aren't sure if its broken or what but it was already wounded before tonight's attack by Korrupt."

Kris Red: "They both reside from this state of Massachusetts, so they have that going for them... And they have a couple more things in common.. both are coming off a victory at the last event and both are coming off an unexpected beatdown as well, with SwitchBlade being attacked by Korrupt, and Logan being attacked by Crowbar."

Tony D: "True, but SwitchBlade isn't entirely 100% in more ways than one, as he also suffered another attack earlier tonight from the hands of Korrupt and PKA once again... He's a wounded and injured World Champion and this could be dangerous!"

They lock up, Logan with a side headlock. SwitchBlade takes him down to the mat and they stare each other down. Lock up, Logan begins wrenching the arm of SwitchBlade, and he drops to one knee, grabbing at the injured arm.

Tony D: "Very smart move by Logan, target the injury.."

SwitchBlade gets to his feet and reverses the arm submission, and brings Logan down to his feet, applying a headscissors to his head and locking the casted-arm.

Kris Red: "And just like that, injury and all, a reversal from SwitchBlade."

Tony D: "SwitchBlade has held the World Championship since May 30th and definitely knows his way around a ring, and that's why he's been able to hold onto the World Title."

Logan tries to get free but he cannot. SwitchBlade slaps the chest of Logan and squeezes tightly as Logan kicks and tries to free himself.

Kris Red: "Well not only is he a damn good wrestler, but this is only his second title defense! Come on!"

SwitchBlade slaps him across the chest again and releases the hold, a smile on his face as Logan looks on at him, holding his chest, an unhappy look on his face. Both men get to their feet and circle the ring..

Tony D: "But his win - loss record speaks for itself. With only two losses on his record, and both of those losses being in tag team matches, not singles, he's the best in WARPED, bar none."

Malik Logan asks for a test of strength, lifting his hand in the air, and SwitchBlade reaches up, but Logan delivers a kick to the stomach, then a right hand, and another, and another right hand, causing SwitchBlade to stumble back to the corner. Logan throws another right hand and SwitchBlade drops down to the mat. Logan with a kick and another kick, then stands on the head of SwitchBlade as the ref counts 1... 2.. 3.. 4.. and Logan steps off. Logan smiles as SwitchBlade pushes himself up off of the mat.

Tony D: "Malik Logan has got the opportunity of a lifetime in front of him here.. he has to be careful that he doesn't get disqualified like he almost did!"

Logan brings SwitchBlade up to his feet and SwitchBlade puts him in the corner, delivering right hand after right hand. He goes for the irish whip, and sends Logan into the opposing corner and follows up but Logan gets up an elbow and SwitchBlade drops and rolls out of the ring. Logan grabs his elbow, shaking it off, as SwitchBlade lays on the outside. Logan steps through the ropes and down to the ringside area, bringing SwitchBlade to his feet. Right hand first, and second is rolling SwitchBlade into the ring. He gets up on the apron and hits a slingshot senton and covers.. 1.. 2.. kick out.

Tony D: "Malik Logan with an impressive move there but it only got him the two count."

Kris Red: "But you gotta be honest, he wasn't gonna win with that, this early... you gotta do more to win, kid!"

Logan brings SwitchBlade up to his feet and delivers a right kick, and a left kick, and big roundhouse kick, dropping SwitchBlade. Cover... 1.. 2.. kick out.

Tony D: "Another pin attempt, but only two!"

SwitchBlade rolls away as Logan gets to his feet, and SwitchBlade pulls himself up in the corner. Logan measures him off and charges in with a back elbow, stunning SwitchBlade. Logan allows SwitchBlade to stumble out of the corner, and he then kicks him in the gut and hooks his arm and head in for a vertical suplex perhaps... he lifts him up.. .Brainbuster!

Kris Red: "Brainbustah~!"

Malik Logan makes the cover... 1... 2.. kick out!

Tony D: "And a kick out!"

Logan brings SwitchBlade up to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulders in a firemans carry, setting him up for a Death Valley Driver, but SwitchBlade delivers elbows to the face of Logan, and drops down to safety. SwitchBlade is behind Logan now, and looks for a Reverse DDT, but Logan escapes, and snapmares SwitchBlade over. Logan runs ahead, hits the ropes, and comes back with a kick to the chest! He covers.... 1.... 2.... kick out!

Tony D: "Malik Logan with a two count once again and he is really giving SwitchBlade all he has!"

Kris Red: "And to be fair though SwitchBlade isn't exactly 100%... he's obviously got an injured arm there and that beating he took earlier tonight from Korrupt couldn't have helped matters."

Logan now pulls SwitchBlade into position as he then turns to the turnbuckle and begins climbing up.

Kris Red: "The Hitman is gonna fly!"

Logan gains his balance up top and faces the ring now.. and leaps off with a Shooting Star Leg Drop!!! ...But SwitchBlade moves out of the way! SwitchBlade gets to his feet and Logan rises, clutching his backside... SwitchBlade with a clothesline! Another clothesline! shoulderblock from SwitchBlade!

Tony D: "The champ is making a comeback!"

SwitchBlade clutches his injured arm as Logan rises to his feet.. SwitchBlade then hits the Reverse DDT! He covers... 1.. 2.. kick out!!

Tony D: "Just a two count!"

SwitchBlade gets to his feet, still favoring the arm, and Logan slowly rises. SwitchBlade hits the ropes behind him, comes back and Logan goes for a clothesline, but SwitchBlade ducks, both men quickly turn to face each other and SwitchBlade takes him down with an STO!

The crowd is back and forth with "Let's Go Logan! - Let's Go SwitchBlade!" chants as these men put it all on the line. SwitchBlade brings Logan to his feet and kicks him in the gut, then goes for a DDT, but Logan spins out, grabbing the arm of SwitchBlade and wrenching it, causing SwitchBlade to drop to the mat onto his chest. Logan now goes to the apron and SwitchBlade gets to his feet.. Logan with a Springboard Spinning Heel Kick! He takes the champ down!

Tony D: "The move he calls Straight From Wortown, named after his hometown of Worcester, Mass... could this be it!"

Logan pulls SwitchBlade away from the ropes and covers, hooking the leg.. 1... 2... 3! NOO! Kick out!"

Logan now goes to the apron again, and calls for the Worcester Tornado! The crowd cheers as SwitchBlade slowly rises... Logan leaps into the air doing a 180 turn, lands on the top rope, then leaps off, turning 180 degrees again toward the champ for the DDT, but SwitchBlade stops him in his tracks with a big kick in the gut!

Kris Red: "An amazing move but it cost him!!!"

Logan goes down, SwitchBlade brings him up and.. Implant DDT! SwitchBlade then applies the Crucifix Neck Crank and wrenches the body of Logan, trying to make him submit! The crowd goes wild!

Tony D: "This could be it !!! ENTER THE DARKNESS is LOCKED IN!!"

SwitchBlade has it locked in tightly annnnd.. Logan reaches! He reaches for the rope with his feet!!! He has no other choice but to submit!

Kris Red: "Its OVA!"

The bell sounds and this match is finished!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade has retained the title!"

Randy Long: "The winner of the match, and stiiiiiiiiiiill WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - SwitchBlaaaaaaaade!"

The crowd cheers loudly now as SwitchBlade gets to his feet, holding his injured arm, and having his other arm raised in victory. He's handed the World Title next and holds it in the air for all to see. He reaches his hand down to Logan and helps him up and they shake hands in the center of the ring to a very positive reaction from the Plymouth, Massachusetts crowd. Logan raises SwitchBlade's arm in victory and then steps away, nodding at SwitchBlade. Logan slides out of the ring, clearly in pain after Enter the Darkness was applied. He slaps the hands of fans along the aisle way as he makes his way to the back, giving SwitchBlade the limelight here. SwitchBlade holds his injured arm and winces in pain as the fans give him a standing ovation to end the show.


Fade. To. Black.