WARPEDLIVE 10 - "FNX" 8/1/2010

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You open the DVD of WARPEDLive! #10 - FnX and enter it into your favorite DVD player. The sounds of "Pogo" by Digitalism play as the WARPED Wrestling logo floats down from the top to the middle of the screen. Underneath that fades in to words "Play DVD". You click... and the show begins.


The show fades in as we see "South Philadelphia, PA - August 1, 2010" on the bottom right of the screen.

The lights in the arena go out and "Headstrong" by Trapt hits the PA System as the rabid fans in the Former ECW Arena are anxiously awaiting some exciting WARPED Wrestling! Out from behind the curtain steps Joey Matthew, President of WARPED, decked out in blue jeans and a white shirt with a black tie over it. He smiles as he listens to the crowd and his music dies down. Matthew brings the microphone up in his hand to speak.

Joey Matthew: "Tonight is a special night, because WARPED has hit a milestone of 10 exciting shows. We've had ups, and we've had downs, and we're still struggling, I'll be honest with you. But, the one thing that hasn't changed is you - the fan. You tell us what you want, you cheer when you like somoene, you boo when you don't. Its because of you that we've achieved 10 shows, and while to some that might be laughable, to myself, to the guys in the back, it means a lot."

The fans applaud briefly.

Joey Matthew: "Tonight is a special night. The World and Evolution Titles both get defended tonight, as SwitchBlade puts his title on the line inside a Steel Cage against The Rough Ryder, and of course T.G. Grundy will finally battle PKA one on one."

"Tonight also marks the debut of something I created in 2003 - The FnX Division. It all began in 2003 in Headstrong Wrestling, when I told those guys to go out there and show the world why FnX isn't just hardcore, its F'n eXtreme! We had guys like Tyson Steele, guys like Devon Jacobs, and especially men like Kris CarMicheal go out there week in and week out and put their bodies on the line for the division and to keep their FnX Championship. Tonight, we start anew. We take the proverbial FnX puzzle out of the box and spread the pieces about... and slowly begin to put this thing back together. Chris Razor and J-Money have the spotlight on them tonight as they kick off the WARPED era of FnX. So ladies and gentlemen of Philadelphia, I won't ask you to sit back and enjoy, I'll instead ask you to stand the hell up, scream and yell, and let's see some FnX Wrestling!

The fans go wild and begin a "F n X! F n X! F n X!" chant. Joey steps back through the curtain and the lights go out.


Match #1: The Debut of FnX- Chris Razor vs. J-Money

Randy Long stands in the middle of the ring to begin the announcing.

Randy Long: "The following contest is a FnX Match scheduled for one fall! In this match, there are no rules, there are no countouts, and pinfalls count anywhere. Introducing first, from Satan's Kingdom, Vermont, weighing in at 175 pounds, Chris...Raaaaazoooorrr!"

The lights dim down and the crowd goes silent. The guitar to "Underdog" by Kasabian is heard. Chris comes out with his arms extended out in a crucifix pose. In his right hand he has a chair that says "Your Face Is Welcomed Here". He shows it to the camera and then walks down the ramp. He walks to the corner and then sets the chair up. He climbs on top of it so he can climb on the barricade. He stands on it and looks around raising his right arm in the air. He tight rope walks on the barricade and then leaps onto the ring apron. He gets in and spins and holds his arms out with a small grin. He walks to his corner and bangs his head on the turnbuckle once. He sits on the turnbuckle as the fans chance "SYCK! SYCK! SYCK! SYCK!!"

Randy Long: "And his opponent, from Baltimore, Maryland, also weighing in at 175 pounds.. J-Moneyyy!"

"Like A Boss" by Slim Thug hits as J-Money emerges from behind the curtain. He walks down to the ring, grabbing his crotch and walking like he's gangster. He mouths off to some of the fans that direct insults towards him. He rolls into the ring and gets ready for the match.

The bell sounds and both men have their eyes locked on the other. Both men lock up in the middle of the ring and J-Money immediately takes control by twisting the arm of Razor. Razor twists out and elbows J-Money in the face, then wrenches the arm of J-Money. J-Money tries to escape but Razor instead whips him into the corner. Money hits the corner and stumbles away as Razor charges in but J-Money counters with a drop toe hold, and then floats over into a front facelock. Chris Razor pushes up off the mat and grabs the arm of J-Money and twists out, wrenching the arm. He backs J-Money into the ropes and sends him running. J-Money hits the ropes and Razor drops down onto the mat.. Money leaps over and hits the ropes.. Razor up.. leapfrog over Money.. off the ropes.. Razor goes for a clothesline but J-Money rolls under and gets to his feet. Irish whip attempt, countered by Razor, and J-Money hits the ropes.. Razor ducks down for a backdrop but J-Money flips over his back, goes for a Russian Leg sweep, but Razor elbows out and brings Money in for a Tiger Driver, but Money drops down to one knee and pulls the legs out from under Chris Razor. He flips over into a bridge pin 1...kickout. Money gets to his feet and Razor trips him and covers 1...kick out. Both men get to their feet.. Razor with a right hand - blocked. J-Money with a right hand - blocked. Chris Razor goes for a kick to the gut but J-Money grabs the leg and uses it to turn Razor 180 degrees. He backs into the ropes and returns, looking for a bulldog, but Razor ducks and J-Money crashes onto the mat. Razor then gets in position and hits a Frontflip the mat! J-Money moves just in time and gets to his feet, hits the ropes and returns with a knee drop.. and Razor moves! Razor rolls out of the way and gets to his feet as J-Money gets to his feet.. as both men stare each other down and the crowd applauds the opening moments of this match.

Kris Red: "THAT is wrestling, Tony D."

Tony D: "That it was, and at the opening moments of a FnX style match, even!"

They meet in the middle of the ring and lock up again and J-Money applies a side headlock. He takes his free hand and delivers repeated punches to the face of Razor before releasing him. Razor backs up against the ropes and J-Money approaches and Razor kicks him in the gut and sends him through the ropes to the ringside area. Razor gets out on the apron and leaps off onto J-Money with a flying forearm shot. Money crashes into the barricade from the shot. Razor picks him up and kicks him in the gut and sends him into the barricade back-first as the fans cheer. He continues the assault, bringing JM up to his feet and slapping him across the face and slamming his head off of the ring steps. JM is dazed and Razor irish whips him into another barricade! J-Money grabs his back as Razor approaches him. He brings him to his feet and rolls him into the ring and slides in after. Razor brings Money up and hits a snap suplex then rushes to the ropes, bounces off and returns hitting a Frontflip Leg Drop. He covers... 1... 2... kick out.

Tony D: "Just a two count for Chris Razor."

Kris Red: "These guys are nearly identical.. both the same weight.. only one inch difference in height.. hell I'm gonna guess the only difference between these guys is the kind of music they listen to. Razor likes rock, J-Money is of course a fan of the country and western..."

Tony D: *laughs*

Kris Red: "Obviously I'm a kidder.." *laughs*

Razor gets to his feet and brings Money up with him, and delivers a forearm shot, backing him into the ropes. Irish Whip.. Money blocks and goes for a kick to the midsection but Razor grabs the leg, spins Money around 360 degrees and J-Money delivers a hard knife edge chop to the chest of Chris Razor then hits an Inverted Double Underhook facebuster! He rolls Razor over and covers... 1... 2... kick out.

Kris Red: "Nice Unprettier there as ol' Christian would call it.."

J-Money gets to his feet and brings Razor up then snapmares him over and delivers a kick to his back. Razor grabs his back in pain and J-Money brings him to his feet and looks for a Russian Legsweep and nails it. He sits up and looks around at he fans and he stands up and grabs his crotch at the fans and flips them off and they boo and tell him to Fuck off! J-Money smiles and brings Chris Razor to his feet and delivers a knife edge chop, backing him into the ropes. Irish whip.. Razor counters.. J-Money hits the ropes and Razor goes for a discus elbow smash but Money ducks under.. Razor turns around and into a Drop Toe Hold followed by an Elbow Drop to the back of his head from J-Money! Here's the cover... 1... 2... kick out!

Tony D: "Smooth transition and combination shot there for J-Money but it wasn't enough to put down Chris Razor."


J-Money rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and folds it up.. he pushes it into the ring and then grabs another chair and folds it up and brings it back into the ring with him.

Kris Red: "And we finally see a weapon brought into the mix!"

He places it on the mat and brings Chris Razor to his feet and looks to hit a DDT on the chair but Razor spins out and pulls Money in, kicks him in the gut, double underhook on both arms.. Tiger Driver onto the chair! He holds on for the pin..

Tony D: "It Came From Yubari 2! Chris Razor covers.. 1.. 2.. kick out!"

Razor gets to his feet and stomps the body of J-Money, getting him off of the chair. Razor lifts the chair up and slams it on the mat as Money gets to his feet holding his back... Razor swings and Money ducks out of the way.. then kicks him in the gut. Razor drops the chair.. Money picks it up and Razor kicks it up in his face! He then picks the chair back up and cracks J-Money over the head with it! J-Money stumbles back into the ropes and falls through them, dropping onto the apron and rolling to the floor. He pushes himself up off the floor at ringside, grabbing his head, and Chris Razor has the chair in hand still and waits til the right moment and when its time he throws the chair and it hits J-Money right in the head!!

Tony D: "He throws the chair, how unorthodox!"

Chris Razor then stomps the mat and runs the opposite direction, bounces off the ropes and flips through the middle and top rope with a Tope Con Giro, sending him into the front row of the fans! He stands up and raises his arms as the crowd cheers! A fan hands him a chair to use and he thanks him and as J-Money gets to his feet Razor throws the chair at him, Money catches it, and Razor jumps onto the barricade and leaps off with a sidekick to the chair right into the face of Money!

Kris Red: "F- Yo Face!"

Chris Razor looks under the ring and pulls out a wooden table and begins to set it up adjacent to the ring right at the end of the aisle ring entrance. He goes back to J-Money who is getting to his feet and delivers a right hand to the face, followed by another for good measure. He goes for an irish whip on J-Money and sends him toward the barricade but J-Money leaps onto the barricade and Chris Razor follows through only to get taken out with a moonsault! The fans are soaking this up as J-Money brings Chris Razor up to his feet and slams his head off the ringsteps and brings him around ringside and slams his head off of the announce table where everyone from ringside sits. The guys scatter except for Kris and Tony and J-Money picks up the ringbell and cracks it over the head of Razor. J-Money tosses the bell back on the table and looks under the ring apron for some weapons. He pulls out a kendo stick and Chris Razor is on all fours on the floor.. perfect for J-Money who whacks the kendo stick over the back of Razor, who drops to the floor and rolls on his back and we can see that he's been busted open!

Kris Red: "And the first red of the night goes to Chris Razor! He's all sorts of bloody."

J-Money continues the assault with the kendo stick, striking the midsection of Razor twice before Razor rolls onto his stomach, and J-Money cracks it over his back. The kendo stick starts to bust up in half, so its tossed aside. J-Money rolls Razor onto his back and covers him...1 ... 2... kick out! Razor will not give up yet!

Tony D: "Just a two count and falls count anywhere so we could literally have a match end anywhere at any point."

J-Money brings Razor to his feet and hits another one of his usual hard hitting knife edge chops to the chest. He rolls Razor into the ring and climbs up onto the apron and gets in as well while Razor crawls to the corner. He pulls himself up as J-Money approaches. Razor with a kick to the gut.. Money with a chop. Razor with a kick to the gut.. Money with a knife edge chop... a kick from Razor.. and another.. and another. He grabs the head of J-Money as if for a Cutter but he steps up the ring apron for Sliced Bread #2 and hits it! Razor doesn't go for the cover though as he gets to his feet and looks to inflict more damage with the steel chair that he's picked up.

Kris Red: "More damage on the way!"

Suddenly, Chris Razor tosses the chair down and rolls out of the ring and looks under the ring apron.

Tony D: "Perhaps he didn't want to use the chair..?"

He then pulls out a ladder and slides it into the ring and gets in after.

Kris Red: "Now that's more like it!"

J-Money gets to his feet as does Chris Razor who picks up the ladder and charges in and nails Money in the face with the ladder, dropping him! Chris Razor puts the ladder on the mat and brings J-Money to his feet and kicks him in the gut then hits an Arm Trap Belly to Belly Suplex onto the ladder! Razor covers... 1.. 2.. kick out!

He gets to his feet and brings J-Money back up and looks to hit a suplex onto the ladder but J-Money blocks it with midsection jabs. Knife edge chop to Chris Razor! Razor bends down and turns away, grabbing his chest, and J-Money hits the ropes and returns with a bulldog right into the ladder! He gets up and pushes the ladder aside and rolls Razor over and covers...1...2...kickout! J-Money now sets the ladder up against the ropes and goes back to Chris Razor and brings him up to his feet and delivers the hard knife edge chop. He then sets him up for The Flatliner but Razor elbows out of it. Razor looks for a right hand but J-Money blocks it, kicks him in the gut, and sends him toward the ladder but Razor baseball slides under it and under the rope to the floor. Chris Razor raises his arms in the air to brag and just then J-Money does his own baseball slide under the ladder and ropes and latches onto the neck of Razor and hits a headscissors!!

Kris Red: "That was a badass move!"

Tony D: "Baseball slide headscissors and it was under a ladder too!"

J-Money gets to his feet and drills away with chop after chop to the chest of Chris Razor, and J-Money looks at the table that was previously set up right next to him. He grabs the head of Razor and goes to slam it off the table but Razor elbows him in the midsection then picks up a chair right there and whacks it right over the head of J-Money! This sends him right onto the table and Chris Razor makes sure he is in position on the table, delivering multiple right hands. He quickly rolls into the ring and begins climbing the ladder...

He gets to the top of the ladder and looks down at J-Money and says 'THATS IT!' then leaps off with an amazing, death-defying Double rotation Shooting Star Press! CRASH!

Tony D: "OH MY GOD!"

"Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!"


Tony D: "He calls that Don't Try This At Home!, and please do not!!"

Chris Razor is on top of J-Money and the referee makes the count... 1... 2.... 3!!! The bell sounds, and that's it!

Kris Red: "Its ova!"

Randy Long: "The winner of the match - Chris.. Razorrrrr!"

"Underdog" by Kasabian begins to play. Razor rolls off of J-Money and the broken down table and looks up at the ceiling as the fans erupt in cheers.

Tony D: "Oh My God, Kris, I can't believe what we just witnessed here tonight... the first ever FnX match in WARPED history and wow, that was.. wow.."

Kris Red: "Something tells me we're gonna be sayin' that a lot in the future FnX style matches, and hell, tonight we have a Straightjacket Match and a Cage Match.. what in the hell are we going to see in those matches!?"

Chris Razor uses the ring apron to bring himself up to a vertical base and he rolls into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, raising his arms in the air as the fans chant 'SYCK! SYCK! SYCK! SYCK!' over and over.



Earlier Tonight, Before the Show...

Evolution Champion, T.G. Grundy storms in to the arena locker room with Maverick behind with a unhappy look on his face.

Maverick: So what you going to give me the silent treatment now look kid you have to realize I am just looking out for your best interest that is all.

T.G. Grundy: Mave now is not the time or the place I got a big match and I can't worry about you or Thron right now I want to put all my focus on PKA right now.

Maverick: I know but you seem pissed off more then normal kid you have to focus.

T.G. Grundy: I tell you what I am facing somebody tonight that thinks I am a nothing and that I am something that he can just delete.

Maverick: Look kid some people just look past what is in front of them , and PKA is one of those people look kid focus your rage clam down. I am going to a bottle of water you want anything.

T.G. Grundy: Yeah I will take one too.

Maverick leaves the locker room then Grundy's phone starts to ring.

T.G. Grundy: Hey man (pause) just getting ready for my match (pause) Maverick is telling me to be clam (pause) yeah I think you are right I should let the beast out tonight on PKA(pause) cool man I will talk to you when I get home.


WARPED cameras are alerted to a disturbance in the back. Not wanting to miss the action, they begin running towards it when they hear interviewer Sean Armstrong scream, followed by a succession of loud bangs and one final, blood curdling scream...

Tony D: "What's.. what's going on? That sounded like Sean Armstrong shouting out.."

The camera crew creep up to find Armstrong unconscious in the hallway, beaten and bloody.....and a disturbing laugh in the distance...

Kris Red: "What in the hell just happened?"

Tony D: "I have no idea..."

Fade out.


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Match #2: Four Corner Survival- Kurtis Hyde vs. Jason Mercy vs. Adam Gordon vs. Kolton King

Randy Long: This next match is a Four Corner Survival Match! Making his way first, from Pensacola, Florida weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is ADAM! GOOOOOOORDOOOOONNNN!!!

Is it worth the can you even hear me
Standing with your spotlight on me
Not enough to feed the hungry
I'm tired and I felt it for awhile now
In this sea of lonely

The taste of ink is getting old
It's four o' clock in the fucking morning
Each day gets more and more like the last day
Still I can see it coming

While I'm standing in the river drowning
This could be my chance to break out
This could be my chance to say goodbye
At last it's finally over

Couldn't take this town much longer
Being half dead wasn't what I planned to be
Now I'm ready to be free!

The Taste of Ink by The Used revealing Adam Gordon standing at the top of the ramp. He stands for a moment and then heads to the ring. He slides in and goes to his corner. "The Taste of Ink" fading away.

Randy Long: And the second participate, from Aberdeen, Washington by way from New Scotland weighing in at two hundred and twenty-four pounds! He is the "Main Attraction" KURTIS! HYDE!!!

A Wolf howling sound is heard over the pa system as smoke begins to fill up the small entrance way, after a few seconds it's replaced by Downstrait's "Bully Beatdown". Out steps Kurtis Hyde to loud boos from the fans but he just smirks and raises his middle finger in the air and walks through the smoke. He struts down the ramp ignoring the fans wanting to touch greatness, once he reaches the ring he slides under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle and again raises his middle finger before climbing down to looking at Adam Gordon. Hyde requests a microphone and his music dies down...

Kurtis Hyde: "Ladies and Gents just incase you have been living under a rock for ever allow me to reintrouduce myself to you all, My name is the "Main Attraction", The "Evolution of Excellence" Kurtis Hyde."

The fans boo louder than before at Hydes cockyness.

Kurtis Hyde: "I would like to take this moment to clear up a few small roumors floating around the place. At the end of our last show Malik Logan was left lying on ther floor, motionless and he was carried out of here on a stretcher and taking straight to Hospital. Now the roumors are that somebody like P.K.A, or Rough Ryder or even our World Champ did it they did not touch him it was all me. I took Malik Logan out of action and he will never return to this or any other company."

The fans boo.

Kurtis Hyde: "Logan if you're awake now and watching Kurtis Hyde then listen close... I did it."

The fans boo as Hyde tosses the microphone away.

Tony D: "Wow, so Kurtis Hyde takes responsibility for the attack that happened after WARPED Number Nine? This is shocking news."

Kris Red: "Nothing phases this kid.. nothing.. and nothing surprises me.."

Randy Long: The third participate, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds! He is JASON! MEEEERRRRRCY!!!!

As "My Way" plays over the sound system, Jason Mercy walks out from behind the curtain to a mixed reaction, he walks down to the ring, stopping at ringside looking around at the crowd, before sliding into the ring. He then walks around, leaning back over the different ropes stretching out.

Randy Long: And the final participate, from Tarzan, Texas by way of Metropolis, Illinois weighing in at two hundred and fourty-nine pounds! Making his Warped debut, he is the self proclaimed "King of Comedy" and "King of Wrestling" ladies and gentlement...KOLTON KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!

“Just because I've been reserved, playing things you've never heard
Doesn't mean I'm not aware, if you push I'll take you there

Hey you, better watch with the stare
I see you coming undone
Come on, come on, come on and get some”

As the song picks up, Kolton comes stumbling through the curtain to a massive ovation, looking out at the crowd with a large grin on his face. He makes his way to the ring with his over-vest that has a “KK” symbol on it, clapping hands with fans and chatting with them. He makes his way all the way around the ring, clapping hands with everyone in the front row, even stopping to take some pictures with them. He begins to get into the ring, but then drops down off the apron and takes a few more pictures before finally sliding in. There he stands taking his vest off and waiting for the match to begin.

Kris Red: This match is going to be an exciting one.

Tony D: Four guys in one ring spells for some great wrestling! Let's get it on!!

The referee tells Kurtis Hyde and Jason Mercy to stand in opposite corners. Adam Gordon and Kolton King start this match off as the bell rings. Kolton goes in for a handshake, Adam smacks it once. Kolton smirks nodding his head as the two circle around. They lock up quickly and Kolton gets the upperhand locking in a hammerlock. Adam tries to fight out of it, but Kolton keeps the hammerlock in tight. Adam quickly thinks and spins around Kolton locking in a waistlock. Kolton acts like he's straining to get out. He looks at the crowd...

Kolton King: NAW I'M GOOD!

The crowd laughs as Kolton spins behind Adam and locks his head into a dragon sleeper position. He drops down and hits the inverted DDT!

Kris Red: King is really giving this crowd there money's worth.

Tony D: Guy seems talented enough, and he's got charisma, things that make a great competitor!

Adam drops and rolls out of the ring. Kurtis waits for Kolton to turn away and get into the ring. Kolton turns around and Hyde goes for a clothesline, Kolton ducks and Hyde goes after him again, but Kolton lifts him up with a backdrop. Kurtis rolls out of the ring and Jason Mercy tries his hand at attacking him. Kolton raises his hand...

Kolton King: STOP!

Jason stops and looks at King for a moment. Kolton kicks Jason in the gut and then takes him down with a snap suplex! Jason gets back up and gets taken down with a clothesline! He springs up again and Kolton kicks him in the mid-section again and a spinning neckbreaker! Jason rolls out of the ring standing alongside the other wrestlers in this match up.

Kris Red: Kolton is on fire!

Kolton measures them up as they stand around. Kolton claps his hands and then storms towards the ropes! Kolton looks to go over the--nevermind, he stops short.

Kolton King: PFFF!

He walks back to the center of the ring as the fans laugh and cheer him on! The three look angry, they all nod and enter the ring and beat down on Kolton. The ref tries to break it up, but Kurtis scares him away. Kurtis picks him up and throws a hard elbow into Kolton's face. He places a hard right hand next towards his mid-section doubling Kolton over. Kurtis goes towards a corner and Adam slaps his back for a tag. Adam grabs Kolton and flings him off into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Kolton ducks and hits the other side. Kolton looks to go for something, but Adam is quick enough to counter him hitting spinning back kick to his face! Kolton goes for the pin! 1! 2!! thr-- Jason Mercy breaks the count up as Kolton goes to the outside trying to get his composure back.

Kris Red: That was just cheap.

Tony D: You can't blame them, Kolton was treating this match like they weren't even there.

Kurtis gets in Jason face and starts to yell at him. Kurtis pie faces Jason who comes back with a stiff right hand to his jaw. Kurtis staggers on his feet as Jason goes after him. Jason grabs Kurtis by his neck and slams his head into the nearby turnbuckle. He mounts it and starts to rain down shots. Kurtis pushes him off. Jason goes to attack again, but Kurtis slithers behind Mercy and lands a backbreaker! Jason drops and rolls out, giving Adam the opportunity to fling Kurtis up a hit the Spin Cycle! Kurtis drops hard and rolls out slowly. Kolton slides in and kicks Adam in the gut, he locks him in a hammerlock and then hits The Punch Line!

Kris Red: The Punch Line!!

Kolton covers! 1!.. 2! .. 3!!! That's it!

Kris Red: "Its Ova!"

The bell sounds.

Randy Long: Here is the winner of this match, KOLTON KIIIIIIIIIING!!!!

Kris Red: And Kolton gets the win!

Tony D: Great, great match from this guy! I wanna see more of him in the future!

Kolton gets up as Coming Undone by Tantric begins to play. The referee raises his arm in the air and and Kolton slides out of the ring and raises his arms as the cheer begin to pick up. Kolton slaps the hands of the fans as he makes his way up the ramp.



The scene opens backstage where we see Kelly Calloway, who wears a very sexy low cut top and a skirt, with her hair down to her shoulders, is standing with a microphone and next to her is PKA and Korrupt. PKA is shirtless but wears black shorts, black shoes and white socks, along with a black bandanna over his head. He pulls up his elbow pads as Kelly begins to speak.

Kelly Calloway: "I'm standing backstage with the man who will challenge T.G. Grundy for the WARPED Evolution Championship, PKA."

PKA cuts in..

PKA: "Those things... there... are they real?"

Referring to her breasts, of course, PKA points at them.

Kelly Calloway: "They uh, what, why?"

PKA: "They look ridiculous, fake, ugly. You've got foreign bodies in you."

Kelly Calloway: "Its none of your business..."

PKA: "You look like some Vegas Bitch, some Vegas Whore..out in your tight clothes.."

Kelly Calloway looks offended, but PKA shakes his head and waves her on.

PKA: "Go on, go on.. whatever.."

She takes a breath, and composes herself, then continues.

Kelly Calloway: "Well PKA, before you talk about your match tonight, I want to ask you - have you any idea the condition of your cousin, The Mighty Agu-"

She is quickly cut off by PKA who puts his hand up.

PKA: "Really? REALLY? You're asking ME, the guy who beat him to a bloody pulp, the guy who put him on a stretcher then flipped said stretcher over? The guy who DESPISES everything that kid is about? You're asking ME... how his condition is? Really..."

Kelly shrugs...

Kelly Calloway: "I- I just thought that perhaps-"

PKA: "-WHAT? That we hugged, shook hands, made up and are best buds now? What, did I have a change of heart after seeing my own family writhing in pain? Ha.. seriously, you must be out of your mind."

He looks to Korrupt.

PKA: "She MUST be out of her mind..."

Kelly Calloway: "Now PKA, T.G. Grundy has had some words for you recently where he all but called you a glorified wannabe poet...your thoughts?"

PKA gasps..

PKA: "Wow, really? You're putting words in his mouth, Kelly? I saw the promo, and he didn't say that exactly, probably because he's too stupid to put those simple words together, but who are you to put things into his mouth? If anything, a whore like you should be the one getting things shoved in her mouth!"

That comment completely shocks Kelly and PKA takes control over the microphone

PKA: "As far as T.G. Grundy goes and his simple-challenged mind, tonight is going to be a breeze. Grundy, you like to talk about me reading too many Edgar Allen Poe writings? That's it, criticize me because I can do something you can't, read. Sure, be mad at me because I'm better than you in every way - I'm a better talker, I'm a better wrestler, I'm more "FnX" than you..

He rolls his eyes..

PKA: "Oh yeah, I heard you wanted to be involved in that division.. ha..."

PKA looks at Korrupt and shakes his head in disbelief, a grin on PKA's face.

PKA: "And most of all.. I'm better looking than you."

He hands the microphone over to Kelly and crosses his arms, nodding his head with a cocky grin on his face. Kelly Calloway takes a deep breath to compose herself from the 'all about me' talk from PKA to step toward Korrupt to get his thoughts.

Kelly Calloway: "Korrupt, about a month ago you came to the support of PKA in a brutal attack , I just have to ask you, because the world wants to know, what's the reason behind your alignment with PKA?"

Korrupt scratches his head and tilts his head at Kelly. She blinks and gets a little uncomfortable staring at him.

Korrupt: …You’re pretty…

She smirks lightly and gives a hesitant giggle.

Kelly Calloway: Thanks?

Korrupt: I hate pretty…it’s so mushy and slimey…like a slug after you sprinkle salt on it… Kelly frowns as Korrupt chuckles to himself.

Korrupt: See, PKA and myself have something in common, we’re…what you might call visionaries. See, I-I’ve got this little thing…with frauds running around here, claiming they’re hardcore…but the reality is, they have no clue of the word brutality. PKA on the other hand…oh he’s just right. He’s got that GLEAM in his eye I hadn’t seen in any of these pathetic pieces of shit since I got here. In fact thinking of the destruction we can do…God it makes me wanna drool!

Korrupt sighs out and shakes his head chuckling.

Korrupt: Why I aligned myself with PKA, is obvious: we seek a world full of violence. Once we fulfill this utopia, Warped—scratch that—THE WORLD…will be covered in pools of blood…and that’s the type of world I want to live in…

Kelly Calloway: "Well guys-"

PKA interrupts Kelly.

PKA: "Seriously, you ask some of the stupidest questions. You fit right into the blonde, skanky stereotype. You know nothing, but you want to pretend you do. Look at you, with your fake boobs. Your tight dress. Your low top. You go around sashaying around in your tight clothes and pretend to be a professional reporter. You're out in public and you're an embarrassment, you look like a bitch on heat, and if you get raped by a pack of fellas it'll be your fault, then we'll be down one more reporter that doesn't do her job worth a shit. You ask me some stupid fucking questions, you know that? Get the hell out of my way!"

PKA pushes her aside and storms off set.


Match #3: StraightJacket Match- The Midnighter vs. Crowbar

Kris Red: Now I can say without uncertainty that this is going to be the strangest match on the show. The rivalry between The Midnighter and Crowbar continues, but this time they face off in a straightjacket match.

Tony D: That’s crazy!

Kris Red: Stupid puns aside, this one could get violent. Between Crowbar’s anger fueled insanity and Midnighter’s ego fueled talent, this match could go either way.

Tony D: I dunno Kris, I think I have to side with Crowbar on this one. This is going to be home sweet home for the guy, and Midnighter may be in over his head.

Kris Red: Only one way to find out. You know the drill.

The camera cuts back to the ring. Randy Long is standing at the center of the ring. An extra referee is on the outside holding the straightjacket in his hands. Soon "Voices" by Rev Theory hits the speakers as Crowbar slowly walks out to a mix of cheers and boos. He stops and looks at the ring and begins to grab his head. He heads towards the ring eyeing off fans with an angry look on his face.

Randy Long: The following contest is a straightjacket match. The man who successfully puts his opponent into a straightjacket will be declared the winner. First making his way to the ring, hailing from parts unknown and weighing in at 191 pounds…CROWBAR!

He steps into the ring and eyes off the referee before pounding his fists angrily into the turnbuckle.

Kris Red: Crowbar looks ready to take on the world tonight.

Tony D: That’s because he believes the world’s always against him. You don’t want to fight a man like that. I feel bad for Midnighter.

The lights in the arena go out as "Playa What" plays, the Midnighter enters the arena and taunts with four ladies. Blue, white and black lights are flashing all around.

Randy Long: And his opponent, from Jacksonville, Florida, weighting in at 295 pounds…THE MIDNIGHTER!

The Midnighter gets in the ring and taunts again as he removes his entrance attire and stares daggers at Crowbar. Crowbar just grins at him. Once the music dies down the referee calls for the bell.

Kris Red: Here we go!

Suddenly, “Headstrong” by Trapt begins WARPED owner Joey Matthew comes out with a mic in his hand.

Tony D: Hang on, Kris. Looks like we have some extra news coming up.

Joey takes a moment to wave to the fans before he begins his announcement.

Joey: Hello again, WARPED fans. How are you enjoying the show so far?

The crowd cheers like crazy for the awesome show.

Joey: Now THAT’S what I like to hear. Now boys…yes, you two. I know you both want to beat each other’s brains in, so I’ll make this quick. It has been decided that the winner of this match, the man who puts his opponent into that straightjacket, will not only get bragging rights, but will also become the number one contender to the WARPED Evolution Championship!

The crowd cheers once more. A smile appears on Midnighter’s face and he nods in complete satisfaction of this news. Crowbar looks rather indifferent.

Joey: Let’s see if that little piece of cheese can get you guys motivated. Now start the match!

Kris Red: Woah! Big news by our owner! Either The Midnighter or Crowbar will become the number one contender to Grundy’s title.

Tony D: Don’t call it Grundy’s title. It may not be his after tonight.

Kris Red: That’s true, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s see how this match goes first.

As Joey makes his exit, the bell rings and the match begins. While Midnighter is watching Joey leave, Crowbar comes at him from behind and pummels him with forearm shots to the back of the neck and shoulders. Midnighter reaches for the ropes and grabs them, but Crowbar continues his assault knowing that there’s no disqualification in this kind of match. After awhile Midnighter falls to one knee and looks almost out of it. Crowbar takes advantage of this by grabbing Midnighter’s arm and whipping him into the ropes. On the rebound Crowbar goes for a clothesline, but Midnighter ducks and bounces off the ropes again. Crowbar turns around only to be met with a powerful spear that sends him hurling to the other side of the ring. Crowbar clutches his ribs while Midnighter taunts his crowd looking to still be in good condition.

Kris Red: I think Midnighter may have played a little possum with Crowbar. Smart move.

Tony D: You don’t want to play mind games with a crazy man, Kris. Midnighter needs to be more careful and try to end this quick.

Midnighter goes over to Crowbar and lifts him up by the neck. He then grabs hold of Crowbar’s side, lifts him up, and drops him on his knee for a backbreaker. He almost goes for the pin, but remembers what kind of match this is, and rolls outside.

Kris Red: Looks like he’s taking your advice already.

Midnighter goes to the referee with the straightjackets and grabs it from him. He then slides back into the ring and unfolds the jacket so that it’s ready for being put on. As Midnighter reaches down to grab Crowbar’s arm, Crowbar raises his head up and heatbutts Midnighter. This causes him to drop the jacket and hold his nose. Crowbar gets back up, jumps on Midnighter’s back, and applies a sleeper hold on him. Midnighter reaches for the nearest set of ropes, but Crowbar keeps the heavy weight on his side and soon Midnighter starts slowing down. Crowbar’s eyes and grin widen as the thought of putting Midnighter in the straightjacket is starting to come true. Midnighter falls on his ass and lowers his head. Crowbar sees that the damage has been down and grabs hold of the straightjacket. After a minute of fumbling with the straightjacket’s arms and belts, Crowbar finally manages to get the straightjacket around Midnighter’s front. He grabs the left arm and starts putting it in the left sleeve of the jacket.

Kris Red: Could it be happening already?!

Tony D: I told you this was Crowbar’s specialty.

Crowbar finally manages to get the left arm in. While he tries getting the right arm in, Midnighter starts to awaken. Crowbar notices this and goes back to applying the sleeper hold, but Midnighter’s adrenaline is already pumping. Midnighter takes his jacket filled left arm and whacks Crowbar upside the head with. The steel belt supports manage to make contact and Crowbar lets go of Midnighter in order to protect his face. Midnighter shakes off the dizziness and quickly pulls the straightjacket off of him.

Kris Red: He got out! It’s not over yet.

Tony D: Very close call. If Crowbar has gone for the sleeper ten, maybe even five minutes later I think Midnighter would have lost.

Kris Red: It’s all about endurance, and Midnighter has a lot of it. Can the same be said for Crowbar?

Midnighter gets up and makes his way over to Crowbar. He throws a few right punches at his face, then whips him into the turnbuckle. Midnighter runs right at him and connects with a powerful clothesline that knocks Crowbar down on his ass. Midnighter runs the ropes, and on the way back he drives a foot right into Crowbar’s face. The crowd cheers as Midnighter appears to be getting his second wind. He lifts up Crowbar and tosses him across the ring with a clothesline. Crowbar slowly gets up only to be met with a running clothesline. The impact lifts Crowbar off his feet and straight into Midnighter who finishes off the combo attack with a vicious spinebuster that shakes the ring! Midnighter points at the straightjacket and the crowd continues to cheer him on. He grabs hold of the jacket, brings it over to Crowbar, and starts putting it on him. First the left arm, then the right. Right as Midnighter goes to wrap the arms together Crowbar shakes himself off of Midnighter and rams his head right into Midnighter’s sternum. The force the impact causes Midnighter to grab at his chest. Crowbar wiggles the jacket off of him, and the crowd boos.

Kris Red: Another close one. I think the arm tying part is going to be difficult for both men.

Tony D: Makes you wonder if these two practiced putting a straight jacket on other people beforehand.

Kris Red: I have a feeling Crowbar knows how to do it quite well.

Crowbar lifts up Midnighter’s head, drags him over to the nearest turnbuckle, and tosses him into it. Crowbar points out the sternum to the crowd who unanimously boo him. He responds by sending chop after chop after chop right on Midnighter’s chest. Midnighter howls with pain and quickly pushes himself away from the turnbuckle. Crowbar is still on him though, and proceeds to throw kick after kick right into Midnighter’s ribs. Midnighter lowers his head and starts breathing heavy. Crowbar takes this time to head over to the turnbuckle and jumps straight to the top. He balances himself, lifts off, and goes for missile dropkick, but Midnighter catches him in mid flight. And to top it off, he cradles him in his arms, and lifts him over his head for a fallaway slam all in one fluid motion. Midnighter, however, is unable to take advantage as the move took everything out of Midnighter. He clutches his bruised sternum as the referee goes over and checks on him. Once it seems that Midnighter is fine, he allows the match to continue.

Midnighter makes his way over to Crowbar. He lifts up and drags Crowbar along with him. Midnighter lifts Crowbar up again, and goes for what appears to be a brainbuster, but Crowbar is able to prevent the move from happening by kneeing Midnighter in the head. Midnighter releases him, and Crowbar continues the assault by grabbing Midnighter by the back of the head and hitting him with a knee lift. Midnighter holds his jaw in pain. Crowbar finishes things up by running the ropes and connecting with a high knee right on Midnighter’s nose. Midnighter falls to the floor and Crowbar quickly scatters for the straight jacket. He grabs hold of it, makes his way back to Midnighter and applies the straightjacket on him. Crowbar wraps the arms around each other, then goes to set the clasps in place, but Midnighter starts moving again. He pulls his arms away from Crowbar and elbows him in the side of the head. Crowbar stumbles back and Midnighter quickly takes the straightjacket off of himself.

Kris Red: Serious back and forth action going on. I love it!

Tony D: I think the longer this goes on, the more it’s going to favor Crowbar. He’s lighter, and he can go quick if he wants to.

Midnighter lifts up Crowbar, grabs the back of his head, and tosses his over the top rope. Crowbar falls and lands on his lower back. Midnighter decides to kicks things up a notch and exits the ring. Once outside Midnighter lifts up the ring apron and looks under the ring for a weapon he could use. He finally manages to pull out a steel pipe. Midnighter looks at it and can’t help but grin at the thought of how he intends to use such a weapon. Midnighter goes over to Crowbar and raises the pipe up over his head. Unfortunately Midnighter is unable to get the killing blow thanks to a well timed kick to the gut from a rising Crowbar. Crowbar slowly lifts himself back up clutching his lower back as he does. The champ charges at Crowbar and goes for a wild swing to the head with the pipe, but Crowbar ducks the swing and spins behind Midnighter. Crowbar grabs hold of the pipe in Midnighter’s hand with both of his own hands and pulls it into Midnighter’s neck by choking him with his own weapon. Midnighter struggles to breathe, but the pressure from the pipe pushing down on his throat is causing him to lose oxygen. The fans at the guardrail close by boo Crowbar as Midnighter start to slowly lose consciousness and his face turns a shade of purple. Midnighter is soon dead weight, and Crowbar drops him on the floor face first. Crowbar raises the steel pipe up in the air and the crowd looks heated up. Crowbar drops the pipe, heads back into the ring and grabs the straightjacket.

Tony D: This has to be it. I don’t see how Midnighter could come back from this.

Crowbar exits the ring and makes his way over to Midnighter. He drapes the straightjacket over the front of Midnighter and easily puts each arm in the jacket. He wraps the arms around each other and goes to clasp the jacket in place. The secondary referee checks to make sure it’s official. Suddenly, a loud roar can be heard coming from Midnighter’s mouth. His eyes open up and he looks pissed. Crowbar looks shocked and fumbles with the clasps. Midnighter manages to lift himself back up. He pulls the arms out from the clasps of the belts and smacks Crowbar in the face with the steel. Crowbar stumbles back into the barricade and a small cut shows up on his face.

Tony D: How is Midnighter getting this energy?

Kris Red: Something is driving him to win. Maybe it’s the idea of getting a shot at the Evolution title.

Tony D: Or maybe he’s crazier than Crowbar!

Kris Red: I highly doubt that.

Crowbar notices the blood on his face by wiping it off and…smiles. He licks the blood off his hand while folks nearby gag at the sight. Midnighter grabs hold of Crowbar by the back of his head and tosses him back into the ring. He then grabs the straightjacket and tosses that in too. Midnighter enters the ring looking pumped, and waits for Crowbar to get up. When he does he is met with a kick to the gut followed by a hooked DDT right on the steel clasps of the jacket!

Kris Red: He hit the trademark!

Tony D: Does he have enough time?

Midnighter quickly pulls the jacket out from underneath Crowbar and starts applying it on him. Both arms, then he twists the arms around, and soon has the clasps snapped on. When the final clasp is in place, Midnighter gets off of Crowbar and looks at his impressive straightjacket work. The referee checks and Crowbar is definitely locked in. He calls for the bell.

Kris Red: He did it!

Tony D: Holy cow, I can’t believe Midnighter beat Crowbar in his own match!

Kris Red: If my sources are correct that means these two will face off once again, but in a match of Midnighter’s choosing.

Tony D: And don’t forget that this makes Midnighter the new number one contender to the Evolution Title!

“Playa What” plays once more as Midnighter gets his arm raised by the referee. Crowbar is just now coming too and notices that he is trapped in the straightjacket. But instead of being upset, he actually looks really happy. He has a smile on his face as he lifts himself up to his knees and looks up at Midnighter. Midnighter looks creeped out by this, waves Crowbar off, and exits the ring. Crowbar falls on his side and watches Midnighter leave, the clasp marks imprinted on his forehead. The referee tries to help Crowbar get out of the straightjacket, but Crowbar rolls himself out of the ring and willingly exits to backstage.

Kris Red: did Crowbar WANT to be put in the straightjacket? It sure looks like it.

Tony D: Who knows…that guy is getting nuttier with every show. Let’s move on to something normal.

Kris Red: Normal?

Tony D: Well normal for WARPED.




Match #5: Evolution Championship- T.G. Grundy(c) vs. PKA w/Korrupt



Randy Long: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WARPED Evolution Championship! Introducing first, the challenger.. being accompanied to the ring by Korrupt.. from Wichita, Kansas, weighing in at 201 pounds, "Grade A" P..K..A!"

The arena goes dark and the spotlight shines on the entrance stage, with blue strobe lights mixed in with the white, bright spotlights. From the entrance comes PKA, clothed in black boots, and black shorts, and he also sports a black bandanna. PKA stops on the stage and holds both arms in the air, fists touching, before dropping them to his side and continuing down the ramp. He looks lost, depressed, unhappy, as he walks down the ramp. From behind him now comes Korrupt, who walks down the ramp slowly, stalking his way towards the ring with his eyes glued forward. PKA reaches the steps and walks up, then heads up onto the turnbuckle, and holds both arms out in a crucifix. He surveys the crowd with a look of sorrow on his face, before hopping into the ring from the turnbuckle. Korrupt enters the ring and crawls to a corner and sits in it as PKA leans up against the ropes next to him, awaiting Grundy's entrance.

Randy Long: "And his opponent, from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 345 pounds, he is the Evolution Champion... T...G... Grundyyy!!!"

As "A Shogun Named" by Clutch hits T.G.Grundy comes running out of from behind the curtain with the Evolution Title. He stops mid stage throws up both arms then jumps up and down a few times the runs to ring. He poses for the fans before handing over his title to the referee.

Tony D: "Well T.G. Grundy is always so excited to come to the ring..."

The arena is excited for the title match as the referee holds the Evolution Championship up in the air for all to see. PKA points to the title and says 'all mine, all mine' as his pal Korrupt exits the ring. The bell sounds and this match is underway! PKA and Grundy lock up in the middle of the ring and struggle for control, but neither man is able to take control, so they release.

Tony D: "These men have had their issues in the past month or so, ever since T.G. Grundy became the Evolution Champion in that 3-way match at Electric Six. PKA was knocked out cold in that match and has since then said that he never truly got a shot at the title."

They take a few steps around the ring, keeping an eye on each other... then meet in the middle of the ring and lock up again. PKA applies the side headlock on Grundy, both men going down to one knee, as the fans begin to chant "Lets Go Grundy!" repeatedly.

Tony D: "The fans here tonight firmly behind T.G. Grundy it seems."

Kris Red: "And that I don't understand. PKA is known for being hardcore, FnX, Ultraviolent if you will, and these fans grew up watching that in the old ECW days, yet they boo one of their kind? I don't get it."

PKA shakes his head to get all of the cheers for his opponent out of his head. Grundy gets up to his feet and backs PKA into the ropes and pushes PKA away. PKA hits the ropes and returns to Grundy and knocks him down with a shoulderblock. PKA flips off the fans who continue to chant "Lets Go Grundy!".

Tony D: "And there ya go.."

Kris Red: "I guess PKA thinks Philly is number one?"

PKA hits the ropes and Grundy rolls to his stomach and PKA leaps over and hits the ropes as Grundy gets to his feet and PKA slides under the legs of Grundy. Grundy turns to face PKA and PKA slaps him in the face. Grundy with a headbutt, irish whip by the big man and PKA hits the ropes and comes back into a big boot attempt from Grundy but PKA ducks under, hits the ropes and returns with a big crossbody but Grundy catches him and hits a Fallaway Slam!

Tony D: "PKA tried using his speed and that's a smart idea but eventually T.G. Grundy caught him and the overall power that he posesses was completely on display there with that big Fallaway slam!"

The crowd cheers as PKA rolls around holding his back. T.G. Grundy gets to his feet and PKA gets up and Grundy backs him into the corner and delivers a big knife edge chop to the bare chest of PKA and the crowd lets out a big "WOOOH!". Grundy grabs the arm of PKA and irish whips him into the opposing corner and charges in but PKA grabs the top rope to his left, pushes his feet off of the bottom turnbuckle and wraps his legs around the neck of Grundy, then snaps down and sends Grundy face first into the middle turnbuckle.

Kris Red: "Headscissors saves the day!"

The crowd boos as PKA gets to his feet and Grundy turns himself around, laying up against the corner, and PKA begins to stomp away repeatedly. PKA stops to laugh at Grundy, pointing and all, as Grundy begins pulling himself up.

Tony D: "PKA's gonna have to stay on T.G. Grundy, not waste time.. he should know that, being a 9 year pro..."

Kris Red: "Mind games, Tony D, mind games."

PKA helps him up the rest of the way and delivers a forearm shot, and another, and another, before going for the irish whip, but the big man overpowers and sends PKA into the opposing corner buckle. PKA let's out a scream as he hits the buckle hard and Grundy doesn't even have the chance to follow up as Korrupt grabs the leg of Grundy and almost trips him, and the referee had his back turned for that brief moment so he didn't notice...

Tony D: "And there's reason number one why Korrupt is out here tonight - things like that."

PKA charges in and hits a spinning wheel kick, but Grundy catches him and threatens to toss him over the top rope but PKA starts punching away as Grundy is about to dump him over but PKA manages to be dropped to his feet on the ring apron. He delivers a forearm shot to Grundy, then grabs him by his long beard and pulls him down and through the middle and top rope to the ring apron. Grundy pushes PKA back into the ring post and he drops off of the apron, down to the floor, clutching his back.

Kris Red: "Ahh damn that had to hurt!"

The referee begins the 10-count... 1.....

Tony D: "He could be paralyzed after getting his back driven into the ring post, wow."

Grundy drops down off of the apron and Korrupt approaches, but Grundy notices before he can get too close.

Tony D: "And the referee is administering the mandatory 10-count now.. both men could get counted out and then what?!"


T.G. Grundy brings PKA to his feet and slams his head off of the barricade... 3... He then delivers a hard right hand and PKA stumbles back into the barricade, using that to hold himself up. 4... Grundy then delivers another hard right hand, and PKA drops to the floor. 5... T.G. Grundy brings PKA up to his feet and sets him up against the barricade and delivers a big open hand palm chop! The sound of flesh to flesh echos throughout the ECW Arena as the fans let out a resounding 'OOOHHH!'.

Kris Red: "Oohhh is right... my God..."

6... Grundy brings his hand into the air again... pauses... SLAP! "OoOOHH!!" once again from the hardcore fans. 7... Grundy brings PKA up to a vertical base and grabs him by his hair and rolls him into the ring. 8... Korrupt now approaches T.G. Grundy with a chair in hand, ready to swing, and Grundy tells him to come on!

Tony D: "And again Korrupt gets involved..."


Kris Red: "He isn't doing anything!"

Grundy realizes that he's about to be counted out, so he gets up on the apron and enters the ring to break the count, but this was enough time for PKA to recooperate as he drills Grundy in the face with a roundhouse kick then grabs his head from behind and brings him down and into a Reverse Falling DDT! PKA wipes the sweat from his brow and looks delirious now like he was lucky to hit that move and makes a cover... 1... 2... a big kick out by T.G. Grundy!

Tony D: "PKA looks like he's off his marbles still after that beatdown at ringside."

PKA sits up and looks at the referee with disgust on his face. He grabs T.G. Grundy by his hair and begins to pull him up but the referee tells him to knock that off, so PKA puts his hands up and says 'okay, okay...' and shakes his head. He brings Grundy up and backs him into the ropes.. Forearm shot, forearm shot.. irish whip, Grundy counters, PKA gets sent off into the ropes and bounces off and right into a big spinebuster from Grundy!

Tony D: "What a Spinebuster by T.G. Grundy!"

The ring shakes as Grundy drops PKA to the mat and then covers him... 1... 2... kick out! T.G. Grundy brings PKA to his feet and delivers a hard kick to the gut and places him under his arm for a suplex then lifts him up but PKA starts to wiggle out. He drops down in front of Grundy and goes for the irish whip into the corner but Grundy puts on the breaks and brings PKA in with a big clothesline!!

Tony D: "Perhaps PKA should've just let T.G. Grundy hit the suplex there because he almost got his head taken off by that clothesline!"

Grundy grabs the left arm of PKA and drags him to the corner, then brings him up to his feet and sets him up top. He grabs the head of PKA and delivers a hard right hand, followed by another, and then starts climbing up as the fans are anxious to see what's coming up.

Kris Red: "Ah hell, Tony D, the big man is going up top. This can't be good for ol' Peeks!"

At ringside, Korrupt scrambles to figure out how to help the situation so he hops up on the ring apron but Grundy was ready as he drills him with a right hand! PKA then delivers a forearm shot to the face of Grundy but Grundy returns with a bit headbutt! He hooks the head and arm, setting up the suplex.. and... SUPERPLEX!!!

Tony D: "Superplex off the top rope from the Evolution Champion! Oh my God!"

PKA hits the mat and starts flopping around, grabbing his back and rolling around, screaming in agony. T.G. Grundy crawls to PKA and brings him to his back and covers 1.... 2.... kick out!

Tony D: "Wow, somehow PKA kicked out at two there after that devastating superplex!"

T.G. Grundy gets to his feet and acknowledges Korrupt who is getting to his feet at ringside and Grundy tells Korrupt to back the hell off! PKA slowly uses the ropes to bring himself up to his feet as Grundy measures him off in the furthest end of the ring. PKA pulls himself up and takes a step back before turning around and seeing Grundy charging at him with a running big boot and it connects! He then bends down and brings PKA to his feet and brings him up onto his shoulders in a fireman carry, then drops him with a Death Valley Driver! He covers... 1... 2... 3-KICKOUT! PKA kicks out just in time!

T.G. Grundy now brings PKA to his feet and puts him in the corner and drills him with a right hand, taking him down to the mat. He then rubs his foot across the face of PKA, face washing him... He does this about four times until he hits the ropes and comes back with a big mega facewash that rattles PKA's brain a little as he looks dazed and confused. Grundy pulls PKA away from the corner and covers... 1.... 2.... 3-ropebreak! PKA's foot is under the bottom rope!

Kris Red: "Rookie mistake by T.G. Grundy there by not making sure PKA was away from the ropes enough."

Grundy brings him up to his feet and sets him up for a Powerbomb! Korrupt then gets up on the ring apron and taps Grundy, and he turns around and Korrupt swings but Grundy blocks and brings Korrupt into the ring by his hair! Korrupt gets up swinging like a wildman but not hitting anything as T.G. Grundy sidesteps every punch and finally delivers a big kick to the gut of Korrupt and hits a Full Nelson Slam on him! Korrupt grabs his back as he rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope as the fans cheer. Meanwhile, PKA is still recooperating on the mat and Grundy brings him back up for the powerbomb. He lifts PKA into the air onto his shoulders and PKA counters into a hurricanrana, sending Grundy into the middle rope. PKA gets to his feet, hits the opposing ropes then returns and feints through hitting the "FeintScissors" otherwise knwon as the 619 and Grundy stumbles back. PKA is on the apron now and he leaps up, springboard.. Shooting Star Press ~ onto the shoulders of Grundy ~ Rana attempt ~! POWERBOMB! T.G. Grundy with the huge counter into the powerbomb there off the Shooting Star-Rana from PKA and T.G. Grundy makes the cover! 1.. 2... 3!!!

Tony D: "NOOOO! Its not over! PKA kicks out just in the knick of time!"

Kris Red: "Christ!"

The fans chant "Lets Go Grundy! Lets Go Grundy!" repeatedly as he brings PKA to his feet and sends him into the corner, but PKA leaps up onto the top and leaps off, and Grundy catches him in a Firemans carry! He tries to bring PKA over for a DVD but PKA lands on his feet then nails a quick Superkick to the face of Grundy that doesn't quite take him off his feet. PKA hits the ropes and comes back at Grundy, leaping into an inverted wheelbarrow, both legs caught by Grundy. PKA pushes off the mat and spins 180 degrees, grabbing the head of Grundy and hitting a DDT!

Kris Red: "Bigtime move there!"

Tony D: "PKA covers... 1... 2.... kickout!!"

PKA slaps the mat and brings Grundy to his feet then signals that its all over as he brings Grundy's head in under his arm and hooks the trunks, setting up for the P-Krusher Implant DDT. Suddenly Grundy twists out of it and goes for a Monster Lariat~ but PKA ducks that, hits the ropes, looks for the Yakuza kick but Grundy grabs the boot, turns PKA 180 and applies a double chicken wing and lifts PKA into the air... but PKA wiggles out of it, drop behind Grundy, spins him around, kick to the gut - P-Krusher!

Tony D: "P-Krusher! PKA hit it! This could be it!"

T.G. Grundy is out! PKA covers, hooking the leg... 1... 2.... 3!!!

Kris Red: "ITS OVA! New Evolution Champion!"

Tony D: "WAAIT, NOO!"

Just a two count says the referee! JUST A TWO COUNT!

Tony D: "Its not over! PKA didn't get the three count. Grundy kicked out just in time!"

PKA shouts at the referee who waves his arms saying NOOO its not over and PKA is irate and can't believe this! He gets in the referee's face and the referee pushes him back and without a second of thought PKA kicks him in the gut and hits the P-Krusher!!!

Kris Red: "Welp, there goes the referee..."

Tony D: "PKA just laid out the official! What to do!?"

Kris Red: "Here's an idea - panic. He's coming right for us."

PKA rolls out of the ring and goes toward the wooden table that the announcers broadcast from and grabs a microphone and taps it to make sure its live, and finally it becomes such. PKA breaths heavily and angrily into the microphone for about ten seconds before speaking.

PKA: "Do you SEE what I'm talking about?"

More heavy he walks around at ringside.

PKA: "Listen to me! Listen to my ranting. Listen to what they do to me!"

He points to the referee in the ring. T.G. Grundy is beginning to get to his feet..

PKA: "They make my life so fucking difficult! I am sick and tired of them screwing me over, and I am sick and tired of all of you not deserving me or respecting me. All you do is suck off of me, that's it! I give, and I give! What do I get in return? You treat me with no bit of respect! I TREATED YOU WITH EVERY BIT OF KINDNESS BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY! FUCK..YOU!"

The fans chant "Shut-The-Fuck-Up" *Clap clap clap-clap-clap*..."Shut-The-Fuck-Up" *Clap clap clap-clap-clap*..."Shut-The-Fuck-Up" *Clap clap clap-clap-clap*... PKA stands next to Korrupt, watching T.G. Grundy get to his feet.

PKA: "Shut the FUCK UP!"

He runs his hands through his hair, almost pulling it out..

Tony D: "PKA has.. lost his mind.."

PKA: "You can all kiss my ass, because my career is important to me. You make me wanna smoke... you fuck my day up... you only care about yourselves... "

"Shut-The-Fuck-Up" *Clap clap clap-clap-clap* ... "Shut-The-Fuck-Up" *Clap clap clap-clap-clap*...

PKA: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Get the God damn ref, get him!"

Korrupt reaches into the ring and pulls the referee out of the ring and holds him up. PKA gets up in his face and slaps him.

PKA: "You have no fucking soul! You have none, ZERO!"

The referee is completely unaware of his surroundings. PKA begins breathing heavily again, a lunatic, a crazed man on the microphone.

PKA: "Now, you get back into that ring, and you do your God damn job!

T.G. Grundy sneaks out of the ring while on the other end PKA does his thing.

PKA: "Now.. you have ONE... MORE... CHANNNNNNCE!"

Its almost a growl when PKA speaks... Korrupt pushes the referee back into the ring and he is out... trying to get his wits about him. "Shut-The-Fuck-Up" *Clap clap clap-clap-clap* "Shut-The-Fuck-Up" *Clap clap clap-clap-clap* continues the fans... PKA gets up in one of their faces..

PKA: "You just fucking expect shit from me, don't you? You HAVE NO FUCKING SOUL! And my soul is screaming because you can't give a fuck!"

The fans continue.. "Shut-The-Fuck-Up" *Clap clap clap-clap-clap* and the fan PKA is in the face of continues to talk shit.. PKA loses it..


With that, T.G. Grundy comes up from behind and clubs PKA in the back, taking him down to the mat, the microphone making a loud thump sound as it hits the floor. T.G. Grundy stops Korrupt from doing anything and hits him in the face then whips him into the ringsteps. Grundy brings PKA to his feet and picks up the chair that's on the floor and slams it over PKA's head then tosses it to the floor and the fans are going wild! He rolls PKA into the ring and follows in as the referee slowly begins to come to. T.G. Grundy brings PKA up to his feet and from behind applies the double hcickenwing once again.. he lifts PKA into the air, fully extended arms, then sits down and drops PKA's face first to the mat..

Tony D: "The Sweet Relief!!"

T.G. Grundy covers, and the referee slowly begins to count... 1.......... 2........... 3!!!!!

Kris Red: "Its Ova!"

The bell sounds, the match is over!

Randy Long: "The winner of the match and STILL Evolution Champion - T. G. Grundyyy!"

"A Shogun Named Marcus" by Clutch hits the PA system as the fans go wild for T.G. Grundy. He is given the Evolution Title and he holds it up proudly as the referee holds his arm into the air as well.

Tony D: "What a match between PKA and T.G. Grundy, Kris... and my goodness, what a rave out from PKA near the end there..."

Kris Red: "I'm not sure what happened with PKA, but he's gone mad.. but let's look at the man standing there in the ring, T.G. Grundy, still Evolution Champion. And we now know that his next challenger will be none other than The Midnighter. But tonight, T.G. Grundy continues his reign, tonight on WARPED 10 - FnX, he retains.."

PKA rolls out of the ring now, clutching his head, as Korrupt comes to as well... both men having a discussion at ringside while T.G. Grundy exits the ring and continues to celebrate up the aisle way.

Fade out...






The scene opens up with Hyde walking in the back after he just lost his match and is looking pissed off. He's walking and talking to himself until someone gets in his way and stops him as he is looking down at the ground.

Hyde looks up like he saw a ghost from his past that's been bothering him forever. He saw something like that as he looks up and sees Malik Logan staring him down. Hyde's jaw is dropped and tries to run away but Malik grabs him by his throat and starts talking to him.

Malik: You thought you got rid of me Kurtis? You thought that I was done with in WARPED? You thought I was done with wrestling for good? Oh you are clearly mistakin'.

Malik: You thought I'd be out longer? Well you obviously didn't do the job right. You know I have the right mind to kick your ass bitch!

Malik lets go of Hyde and brushes him off like he was going to let him go free but instead clotheslines him down. He picks hyde up and body slams him on "The Arena's" concrete floor. Hyde is pleading for Malik to stop but Malik has no mercy. He picks Hyde up and throws him against the wall. Hyde falls unconsious. Malik picks his head up and yells;

Malik: See you at WARPED 11, IN THE RING!

Fade out.


Match #6: Main Event Cage Match for the World Championship- SwitchBlade(c) vs. The Rough Ryder w/Jessica Reyes

The ring is shown now, covered in a steel cage, and its time for the World Title match! Randy Long stands on the outside to make the ring introductions.

Randy Long: "The following contest is your main event of the evening. It is a Steel Cage Match for the WARPED World Heavyweight Championship. In this match, the only way to win is by escaping the cage and touching both feet on the floor. And by special orders of WARPED President, Joey Matthew, there will be nobody allowed at ringside in support for either competitor."

Randy Long: "Introducing first, the challenger... from Portland, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds, he is Double R.. Thhhhhhhhhhe Rough... Ryyyyyyderrrrrrrrrr!"

"Show Me A God"- by TechN9ne hits, and the crowd begins to boo instantly. After a few moments, Jessica Reyes makes her way through the curtain, standing on the small metal ramp. The fans boo her, and she shrugs it off, raising her arms and pointing towards the entrance curtain right as the song in the background blares out "I'm at 99, but I need 100% proof! Show me a God!". When those words are spoken, The Rough Ryder makes his way through the curtain in his wrestling attire, black sunglasses, and a black pleather, sleeveless hoddie. The referee approaches him and says that Jessica has to go to the back, and he argues. The ref says that she either goes to the back or he forfeits this match. Ryder doesn't look pleased at all. He has a private conversation with Jessica with his back turned to the camera, and they exchange a kiss and she walks up the aisle toward the curtain. Ryder takes off his black sunglasses and sleevless hoodie and hands them over to the ring assistant and looks up at the cage. He walks up the steps and gets into the ring through the cage door and climbs up onto the turnbuckle, testing the sturdiness of the cage wall as his music dies down.

Randy Long: "And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 192 pounds, he is the WARPED World Heavyweight Champion... SwiiiiiitchBlaaaaaaaaade!"

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven. SwitchBlade slowly steps through the curtain to a large number of cheers, the WARPED World Championship around his waist. He is dressed in his usual attire of a black short sleeve shirt with a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He also has on his trademark gold belt and sunglasses, but this time also has a necklace with a switchblade pendant on it. Upon making his way to the ring he high fives a few of the fans. The referee at ringside asks for the championship, and he takes it off and hands it over. He also removes all of his ring entrance attire and hands it off to a ring assistant. SwitchBlade walks up the steps through the door and begins to get into the ring but The Rough Ryder immediately goes on the attack, pulling SwitchBlade in after delivering right hands. The bell sounds and The Rough Ryder stomps away at SwitchBlade on the mat.

Tony D: "Oh what a slimeball move there by The Rough Ryder, not even letting SwitchBlade enter the cage before he starts the match."

SwitchBlade fights up to his feet and Ryder delivers a hard kick to the side, and another, as SwitchBlade strattles the ropes.

Kris Red: "Was it a slimeball move or a smart move? That's what I ask of you..."

SwitchBlade continues to fight to his feet as Ryder continues the assault with punches to the head.

Tony D: "Perhaps you have a point, but there's a certain level of respect you should have for your opponent in a match of this magnitude."

SwitchBlade drops to a knee and Ryder delivers another right hand, and another.

Kris Red: "Its a Steel Cage Match, there is no respect in a Steel Cage Match."

Ryder brings SwitchBlade to his feet and points to the cage and then sends SwitchBlade towards it but SwitchBlade delivers a back elbow to the face of Ryder. Irish whip by SwitchBlade, and Ryder hits the ropes and runs back into a knee to the midsection from SwitchBlade. Ryder flips forward and gets to his feet, clutching his midsection, as SwitchBlade comes at him with right hands. Ryder battles back with his own, and both men trade punches.

Tony D: "These men are both giving it all they have early on in this match."

Ryder then stops it all with a poke to the eyes and SwitchBlade grabs his face.

Tony D: "Oh and The Rough Ryder puts a stop to any offense that SwitchBlade had easily there with that poke to the eye."

Kris Red: "That'll getcha every time.."

Ryder grabs him by the head and slams his face off of the top turnbuckle. The Rough Ryder now quickly starts climbing up the cage and SwitchBlade grabs him by the trunks and pulls him down and delivers back body drop and the fans cheer the champ on!

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade ain't havin' the match ending that fast.. no way.. nice back body drop by the champ."

SwitchBlade brings The Rough Ryder to his feet... Irish whip... and a clothesline by SwitchBlade. Ryder gets to his feet and SwitchBlade delivers a knife edge chop to the chest of Ryder. SwitchBlade brings Ryder to his feet and kicks him in the gut.. Irish whip.. bend down.. Ryder off the ropes.. kick to the face of SwitchBlade! Ryder charges in with a clothesline but Switchy ducks.. go behind.. Release German Suplex!

Tony D: "Release German right there and SwitchBlade is showing why he is great at what he does - wrestle."

SwitchBlade looks back at Ryder who is on the mat and in pain. SwitchBlade gets to his feet and walks toward Ryder who starts pushing himself up, and SwitchBlade delivers a kick to the head. He brings him up to his feet and places him in the corner then delivers multiple punches to the face. SwitchBlade grabs the arm of Ryder and irish whips him across the ring, into the corner, and charges in, but Ryder moves and SwitchBlade goes for a shoulderblock to the midsection but finds himself head first into the steel cage!

Tony D: "Oooh!! SwitchBlade went for that shoulderblock to the midsection but The Rough Ryder moved just in time.."

Kris Red: "Yeah and SwitchBlade hit his head hard on that steel cage wall.. yeeouch.."


SwitchBlade grabs his head as The Rough Ryder points to his head while nodding. He delivers a hard kick to the head of SwitchBlade, and another, and another, as SwitchBlade holds the middle rope to try and bring himself up. As the camera gets a better shot we see that SwitchBlade is in fact busted open!

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade is seeing RED!"

Ryder brings the WARPED World Champion to his feet and drives him face-first into the top turnbuckle then puts him up in the corner and delivers a hard right hand, and another, and another. SwitchBlade drops to a knee and Ryder delivers an elbow to the back of his head. He signals around his waist that the belt will be his before bringing SwitchBlade back up to his feet and placing him up against the corner. Ryder climbs up and begins delivering the 10 Punches... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... Ryder pauses, leaps up, and drops an elbow onto the nose of SwitchBlade. SwitchBlade clutches his nose while The Rough Ryder hits the ropes and comes back with a big running boot to the face!

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder hits Whiplash on SwitchBlade and the blood continues to pour from the head of the champion."

SwitchBlade strattles the ropes in the corner and The Rough Ryder brings him away from the corner and hits a backbreaker. He then hops up onto the second buckle and comes off with a Diving Knee Drop right on the money. He goes for the cover but quickly realizes that pinfall is not an option tonight... so he looks up at the top of the cage and gets to his feet, then begins climbing up the turnbuckle. He grabs the cage wall and climbs, as SwitchBlade gets to his feet. Ryder continues to climb, inching just past halfway to the top, and SwitchBlade climbs the turnbuckle and grabs the right boot of Ryder and begins tugging. Ryder tries to kick him away, also balancing himself on the top rope with one leg. SwitchBlade gets higher and grabs the tights of Ryder and pulls, and Ryder gets crotched over the top rope!! He falls down between the ropes and the cage as SwitchBlade gets down onto the mat and begins stomping away at the midsection of Ryder. He then pushes his boot up against the face of Ryder, driving the back of his head into the steel structure!

Tony D: "That cage can't be pleasant in general, but I imagine when you're head is getting pushed into it with the bottom of someone's foot, yeah, its gotta hurt a bit.."

SwitchBlade releases his hold and grabs The Rough Ryder by his hair and pulls him through the ropes and gets him up to his feet. He sets him up against the ropes and delivers a hard chop to the chest, followed by another. Kick to the gut... SwitchBlade hooks Ryder's arm and gets his head in position now for a suplex... and hits the Snap Suplex! SwitchBlade sits up, going back to favoring his head and wiping the blood from his eyes as it continues to drip. He brings Ryder to his feet and grabs him by his head and sends him face-first into the steel cage! Ryder stumbles back and SwitchBlade grabs him again and sends him face-first into the wall once more! Ryder drops to one knee then pops back up and SwitchBlade delivers a right hand before once again tossing him face-first into the cage wall. Ryder stumbles back and face-plants on the mat. SwitchBlade now sees this as an opportunity as he begins to climb the cage, scaling to the top in hopes of keeping his championship. Ryder looks up and sees this and starts to get up and SwitchBlade continues to climb. Ryder reaches up and grabs SwitchBlade by his tights and pulls him down. SwitchBlade stumbles back and charges at Ryder, hitting a Running STO out of nowhere!

Kris Red: "Quickfast moves by SwitchBlade!"

SwitchBlade now grabs the leg of Ryder and steps over, turning him over onto his stomach and applying the STF Submission!

Tony D: "STF applied now, Stepover Toehold Face as it'd be known.. now he cannot win by submission but I'm sure he has a good reason for using the move."

Kris Red: "Tony D, think outside the box...he's wearing down The Rough Ryder so its harder for him to climb the cage. Easy. This is why they put me at the table with you."

SwitchBlade pulls back on the neck of The Rough Ryder as he screams in agony.

Tony D: "Oh, so that's why you're here.. I was sure you were here to be an ass."

Kris Red: "Real nice, Tony D, real nice..."

SwitchBlade continues to lock the hold in as Ryder grabs the ropes, pleading for a rope break, but SwitchBlade does not have to let go as he shakes his head back and forth, then front to back, the look on his face making it clear that he is putting all of his power into this! Finally, he releases the hold, and gets to his feet, as Ryder lie there, motionless. SwitchBlade looks up... then down at Ryder... then up... then he wipes the blood from his brow, and looks at Ryder and decides to bring him to his feet. SwitchBlade brings Ryder to the cage wall and starts to rake his face across the unforgiving cage! He continues to do this over and over until he feels its been enough about 10 seconds later. Ryder drops to the mat.

Kris Red: "SwitchBlade is showing a sadistic side tonight.. The Rough Ryder just got an idea what a block of cheese feels like on a cheese grater!"

SwitchBlade now grabs the legs of Ryder and applies an Inverted Cloverleaf and The Rough Ryder lets out a scream. The camera gets a close up of Ryder's face and the blood is now pouring from his head as well. His mouth is gaping wide open, the scream continuing, as he shakes his head back and forth, trying to block out the pain. SwitchBlade puts pressure on the legs and Ryder reaches the ropes trying to pull himself to safety.

Tony D: "That shot right there shows the true pain that The Rough Ryder is in right now."

Kris Red: "Ryder is seeing red and not a whole lot more as that has to be obstructing his vision, but I doubt that's what he's worried about right now, seeing.."

SwitchBlade realizes this and releases the hold, but immediately brings Ryder to his feet and delivers a hard right hand. Ryder stumbles backward into the corner, and SwitchBlade lifts him onto the turnbuckle and climbs up. He brings The Rough Ryder up with him, and applies both arms around him as if to administer a Bearhug...

Tony D: "This could be a top rope Belly to Belly Suplex!

...but as he snaps it off, Ryder grabs onto the cage wall and SwitchBlade crashes on the mat!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade crashes to the mat and The Rough Ryder holds on for dear life!"

Ryder sees the downed champ and looks around... and up... then down...

Kris Red: "Decisions, decisions..."

Then he turns toward the cage and instead of climbing he stops. Ryder looks back, and up.. and executes a Moonsault! SwitchBlade rolls out of the way! Ryder crashes on the mat and SwitchBlade is safe!

Tony D: "SwitchBlade made the move just in time and The Rough Ryder has to be in a world of hurt right now."

Kris Red: "Well its high risk and we don't normally see The Rough Ryder take to the top like that and it did not pay off for him this time around."

SwitchBlade grabs the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet, the blood still coming from his forehead. He climbs the turnbuckle and grabs onto the cage, and begins to slowly climb.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is looking to end this here and now!"

SwitchBlade continues the climb, reaching the halfway point. He looks back down to the mat where The Rough Ryder still lays. He continues the climb as the fans cheer him on, and the blood starts to get in his eyes, causing him discomfort. He pauses briefly to wipe his eyes and its at this time that The Rough Ryder gets to his feet, clutching his midsection. He climbs the turnbuckle and starts climbing, and SwitchBlade continues his climb, reaching the top of the cage! He pulls himself up with all his might, as The Rough Ryder attempts to scale the cage, but its obvious that his legs are hurting and causing him pain every time he gets higher up the cage. He fights through the pain and continues to climb as SwitchBlade hoists himself up onto the top and sits in the corner of the cage, both feet inside the cage. The Rough Ryder grabs his foot and tries to pull him down, but SwitchBlade kicks and kicks. Ryder reaches up and punches SwitchBlade in the groin and SwitchBlade bends over, almost falling down to the mat but thankfully he grabs ahold of the top of the cage with one hand just in time. Ryder climbs up a little bit more and grabs the head of SwitchBlade and delivers a right hand, and pulls him closer.. hooks the arm... SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!

Tony D: "Oh My God that was wild!!"

Kris Red: "A near twenty feet Suplex off the cage.. my God.."

The fans erupt in "Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! chants as both men lay lifeless in the middle of the ring. The referee doesn't know what to do! He checks on both man to make sure they are at least still breathing and its apparent that they are.

Kris Red: "That was incredible.. wow.. "

Tony D: "These men are putting their bodies on the line for the one title that means the most to them - the World Heavyweight Championship."

Kris Red: "Neither of 'em are movin', Tony D... what's going to happen next?!"

Both men slowly begin to stir, with The Rough Ryder looking to be ahead of the curve slightly. He lifts one hand up and tries to roll himself over onto his side. He does so, then gets onto his stomach, resting his head on the mat. He looks up and there's a crimson stain on the white ring mat. He grabs the middle rope and pulls himself up, then drops to one knee. He looks at SwitchBlade who starts to roll himself over now onto all fours. Ryder breaths heavily now as he is obviously spent after this match and that huge move.

Ryder looks across the ring and sees the cage door, and signals for them to open it as he drunkenly attempts to walk toward it.

Tony D: "This could be it! The Rough Ryder looks to escape through the cage door and that is completely legal as long as both feet touch the floor."

The door is opened and Ryder grabs the top rope and begins to go through the ropes while SwitchBlade gets to his feet... Ryder pauses and looks back at SwitchBlade, then out at the floor...

Tony D: "Wait, what's he doing? He's stopping..."

Ryder shakes his head and tells them to close it, as he gets back completely into the ring, grabs SwitchBlade by the head and tosses him face-first into the steel cage!!

Kris Red: "He wants to apply more damage, that's what!"

The Rough Ryder grabs SwitchBlade up off of the mat and yells at him, shouting "I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU REGRET YOU REQUESTED THIS MATCH!" and then he tosses him into the cage wall once again. SwitchBlade drops to the mat, clutching his head as The Rough Ryder raises his arms into the air to a chorus of boos from the crowd. SwitchBlade grabs the ropes and The Rough Ryder backs off and runs at him with a big kick, sending him through the ropes. Ryder reaches down and brings SwitchBlade up to his feet and drives his head into the cage once... twice.. three times.. four times.. five.. six.. seven.. eight.. nine... Ryder pauses, looks around, looks at SwitchBlade, spits in his face, then slams his face off the cage one more time! SwitchBlade collapses in a heap of nothing as The Rough Ryder backs off, signalling that the title will soon be around his waist!!

Ryder brings SwitchBlade into the ring and paintbrushes him, just toying with him now. SwitchBlade fights back, pushing Ryder away, and Ryder stumbles back but returns with a huge Superkick!

Tony D: "Side Swipe!"

SwitchBlade stumbles back into the ropes and comes back.. Ryder sets him up for a Pedigree but lifts him into the air but as he does that, he lets go, dropping one knee, clutching his legs!

Tony D: "The legs of The Rough Ryder gave out there, and I could only assume its from the work SwitchBlade did on them earlier in this match!"

Kris Red: "I'm glad you now figure it out, Tony D. Good job. This is really good for SwitchBlade."

SwitchBlade pushes himself up off of the mat, the blood gushing out of his head and onto the mat below. He gets his wet, bloodied hair out of his face and looks up at The Rough Ryder. SwitchBlade gets to his feet just as The Rough Ryder does and both men, bloodied, battered, beaten, trade punches. Slow.. punches.. slow.. punch.. es.. SwitchBlade... Rough Ryder... Switch...Blade...Rough...Ryder...Blade...Ryder...until both men fall into each other and seem to be the only thing holding each other up.

Tony D: "Something has to give... I'm not too sure how much longer these man can go!"

The Rough Ryder pushes SwitchBlade away and he backs into the ropes and returns with a low dropkick to the knee of Ryder and he drops to one knee. SwitchBlade gets to his feet, grabs the head of Ryder and hits an Implant DDT! The crowd goes wild and chant "SwitchBlade! SwitchBlade! SwitchBlade!"

He now grabs the head of Ryder and brings him to his feet. He places him between his legs and lifts him up.. SwitchBlade jumps up and.. Cradle Piledriver! He then immediately applies the Crucifix Neck Crank on The Rough Ryder, pulling as tight as he can and with all his might.

Tony D: "Enter the Darkness! SwitchBlade has locked in his trademark move that he's made numerous opponents tap out to! He's inflicting more damage with each second that he has the hold applied."

Kris Red: "He too wants to make The Rough Ryder suffer, just as Ryder wants to do the same to SwitchBlade, but this is a different kind of suffering, Tony D."

The Champ releases the hold and brings himself up to his feet. He stumbles toward the cage and grabs ahold, pulling himself up... placing a foot on the middle rope... climbing... top rope... climbing... The Rough Ryder lays on the mat, not moving. SwitchBlade climbs... slowly... as the fans continue to cheer and stand up, watching every second as it slowly passes.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is slowly making his way up the cage now, and you can tell that he's had a lot taken out of him in this match. Can he make it to the top?!"

Kris Red: "Well he has to do more than just get to the top. He's gotta go over and touch both feet to the floor in order to win this thing."

He gets halfway up.. Ryder still lays motionless on the mat. SwitchBlade grabs the top of the cage and pulls himself up and sits atop the cage now, while The Rough Ryder doesn't move.

Tony D: "The Rough Ryder looks to be out.. "

SwitchBlade looks down at the floor below and puts one leg over, and another..

Kris Red: "There he goes!"

He stops.

Kris Red: "Or.. not.."

Tony D: "What's he doing? Why is SwitchBlade stopping?!"

SwitchBlade puts both legs back over to the other side of the cage and puts one foot on the top of the cage... then another.. and stands up, keeping his balance.

Kris Red: "Oh sweet Jesus..."

He then leaps off with a flying elbow drop and lands right on the sternum of The Rough Ryder!!!

The fans go wild! "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" and the venue rumbles with fans pounding the chairs and stomping the floor.

Tony D: "That was insane! He just hit an Elbow Drop off the top of the CAGE!!!"

Kris Red: "This is WARPED Wrestling, Tony D! This is how a cage match is supposed to be done, damnit! This is where its at!!! THIS IS FOR THE WORLD F'ING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!"

Both men are laid out on the mat and both men check on their conditions. The camera gets a shot of Jessica Reyes stepping out from behind the entrance curtain with a look of concern on her face for The Rough Ryder. She looks to be in tears now, with her hands cupped over her mouth.

Tony D: "Jessica Reyes looks concerned for Ryder, and rightfully so."

Kris Red: "She most definitely is, but she's been banned from ringside, so that's as far as she can go."

The fans are still going wild, clapping their hands for both men to get to their feet. They slowly start to come to... SwitchBlade gets to his feet and grabs the cage and starts to climb it again... One foot on the bottom rope.. middle rope... top rope.... cage wall.. as The Rough Ryder lifts his head up and sees SwitchBlade climbing. The Rough Ryder rolls on his side, clutching his body. He is aching so badly right now from the elbow drop.

Tony D: "SwitchBlade is looking to win this yet again, or so I'd hope!"

Kris Red: "He can get this if he goes a little faster.. a little faster.."

SwitchBlade inches his way up.. halfway to the top... while The Rough Ryder still lays on the mat, barely moving. SwitchBlade grabs the top of the cage and tries to pull himself up, but he stops, and grabs his ribcage.

Tony D: "That bigtime move he pulled off might've cost him there.."

SwitchBlade winces in pain, then reaches back up and pulls himself with both arms.

Kris Red: "He's champion for a reason, and look at him, fighting through the pain."

Meanwhile, The Rough Ryder rolls onto his stomach and looks ahead at the steel cage door. He starts to crawl toward it from the middle of the ring, slowly. The official on the outside opens the door and he continues to crawl as SwitchBlade brings one leg up onto the top of the cage, then pulls his other leg up. The Rough Ryder continues to crawl.. past the halfway mark.. and SwitchBlade places one leg over the cage top... The Rough Ryder inches closer to the door.. SwitchBlade puts the other leg over the top of the cage... The Rough Ryder grabs the bottom rope and uses it to pull himself closer.. SwitchBlade grabs the top of the cage and begins his ascension down... The Rough Ryder gets half his body through the ropes... SwitchBlade drops.. Ryder pulls himself out.. and...

Ding ding ding!

Kris Red: "Its ova!"

SwitchBlade is on the floor, and Ryder drops down just after...

Randy Long: "Here is your winner and STILL WARPED World Heavyweight Champion - SwitchBlaaaaaaaade!"

"Lost My Way" by Finger Eleven plays as the crowd erupts in cheers as SwitchBlade picks up a huge victory by hitting the floor before The Rough Ryder did tonight in this steel cage match! Blood continues to cover the face of SwitchBlade as he looks ecstatic for the victory. The referee raises the arm of SwitchBlade and another referee comes over to award the title to him as he raises it in the air while on the floor. The Rough Ryder is sitting against the barricade, blood dripping down his face still. Jessica Reyes comes to her man's aid and bends down next to him to see how he is. SwitchBlade ,on the other end of the ring, gets to his feet, WARPED Title resting on his shoulder. The fans give a standing ovation now as SwitchBlade backs up and rests against the cage.

Tony D: "What an amazing match by two amazing wrestlers, Kris."

Kris Red: "You're not kidding.. this was one of the most exciting matches I've ever witnessed or called, and its been a pleasure. Congrats Switchy, you're still the champ."

Tony D: "For Kris Red, this is Tony D, thank you for joining us on this very special night where WARPED celebrates its 10th show. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been WARPEDLive! #10 - FnX - Goodnight!"

The last shot of the show is of SwitchBlade holding his WARPED World Title up in the air with the cage behind him and the fans erupting in a chant of "SwitchBlade! SwitchBlade! SwitchBlade!" and the scene fades out as does the audio of the chant... Fade. To. Black.